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    Brawl in the Family posts a tribute to Mr Iwata ;___;
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    Things are gonna change in the house of Nintendo. I just wish it wasn't going to happen like this... Satoru Iwata was an extremely hard working individual, who ended up hospitalizing himself just last year over a combination of this same issue plus the overbearingly stressful subject of the financial / quality state of Nintendo. And even with all the odds against him, he stood up and fought for another whole year before it finally had taken him. This man was behind so many games... EarthBound, various Kirby games, Smash Bros Melee, and an endless supply of others. His energy and enthusiasm to get the job done is what pushed them to even finish EarthBound, which was almost lost to time completely due to the development hell that he pulled them out of. Iwata was a powerhouse. He seemed like a legitimately kind, hard working person and his contributions to video games are timeless. He was a hero. A gosh-dang hero. God dang it I'm tearing up like hell right now. Rest in peace.
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    I'm still shaken. Been on and off sobbing all night because of this. I know it sounds ridiculous, but like... this man has done more for me than I could have ever hoped and dreamed anyone to. This man gave me some of the greatest little moments I've ever had with any sort of media, and this man's work ethic is probably one of the most inspiring I've ever heard of. Just... thank you, Mr. Iwata. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you thank you. Thank you.
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    Reggie comments on Iwata's passing. http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/07/5667201/nintendos-reggie-fils-aime-on-satoru-iwata-he-always-challenged-us-to-push-forwar I wonder whether he knew how much time he had left.
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    I heard about this late last night, as the story was breaking. I'm still not sure how to handle it. I didn't know him personally, but I (as do many other people) sort of feel like I do through the games he made and his personality (via Directs, his approach to fans and gaming in general, development philosophy). He was truly a unique leader in the games industry - a CEO who knew all about the development scene and had a real innovative spark. The Wii and DS remain two of the most important game hardware releases ever, and it was all down to his leadership that they came to be. More than anything else, he just had fun with it. He had the best job in the world, and he was the best man for that job. I hope he's still smiling on the other side. He deserves it, for all he's accomplished. We won't ever see the likes of him again. RIP Iwata-san.
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    "Mr. Iwata was a major contributor in the development of the game industry. I pray that he rest in peace."
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    I went on his Wikipedia page just to look around and noticed this: I'm not sure who did this, but I'm sure it must have been recent. In any case, I suppose they aren't entirely wrong. Iwata's affect on Nintendo and all of gaming in general is something you don't get everyday and will leave an everlasting mark on just how much he was able to bring with innovative and fresh ideas for an audience he cared so deeply about as much as they cared about him.
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    So, Shigesato Itoi wrote this about Iwata and someone had the courtesy to fancy it up for maximum feels~
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    "An unusual day, an unusual state of mind, yet I go to work as usual, devote myself to development as usual. This too is for Iwata-san's sake, isn't it? I will do what I must."
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    ... You know, I came on here a bit earlier, expecting to catch up on what others were doing on here. I probably was just going to look around, post on a few topics and leave to do whatever... But no, The first thing I see when I come on here was the title of this topic and it made me do a double take because I literally... I-I just refuse to believe that Satoru Iwata died. So I had to get off the computer and just think about what happened here... I mean, I knww he was ill, and missed a lot of events because of such, but it just seem so surreal to know that the man is gone. And even though the Digital Event was recorded sometime before E3, it seemed like he was in great shape at such a recent time. At least great enough to where it wouldn't escalate to this... But even at 55, still with plenty of years to go in life, it's moments like this that is a sad reminder that life is truly short and unpredictable. And it hurts, because Iwata was truly a great man. He always tried his best to make new paths for Nintendo to take and bring new things to the table, hoping to gaming to exciting new ventures. Not everyone agrees with his methods, sure... Even I think that his drive to revolutionize gaming in every console to be a little too much at times, but I've always respected one thing about the man. Be it something for family, something for the hardcore crowd... Mini-games collections to massively epic titles... Retro and modern... No matter what anyone says, the man gave a shit about games and he gave a shit about how fun they were no matter what the norm was. That belief right there is what makes me smile, and is what I believe as a gamer, myself. You can make a console with the most bleeding edge of tech... Graphics so detailed that I'd felt like I could reach out and touch the worlds... So advanced that I would never need another console again... But if your games aren't fun and feels restricted in what it's trying to achieve, I'd toss that console aside without a second thought. I own a multitude of different consoles form all of the big three, and each one hold a massive amount of titles that I love. Everyone of them has something great that stands out, but I'll always remember the great times I had playing the games, because fun software last forever. And no matter how frustrated I got with certain decisions that were made, I'll just play some of my favorite Nintendo games a feel a little better. And besides games, I always found myself hyped up for the Nintendo Directs just because of how entertaining their Directs/Digital Events were. They went from Nintendo Big Wigs standing around and talking to full blown skits with awesome anime fights, Robot Chicken and Muppets! It's great to see all this happen when he was in charge, but what made me like it more was that he was apart of skits themselves! I don't care what anyone says, the fight scene between him in Reggie was one of my favorite E3 moments of all time and it wasn't even in the damn building! Stuff like this, plus the development commentary, shows me that he cares about the hard work his employees put into their games, and that he wants gamers to feel the same way and enjoy themselves. And the man cared about his employees, even willing to take a massive hit in his paycheck just so no drastic decisions would have to take place. Now that's an example of putting your heart into your work. The man was in charge of a company... He wore a suit and ran a business... But he loved what this industry was about at it's core and he loved to have fun and for others to do the same. So thank you, Iwata-san. May you rest in peace, and may your contributions continue to be appreciated as time goes on.
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    An tweet I seen tonight that resonated with me especially. RIP Iwata san, you brought generations of gaming to millions of people around the world, you were the true embodiment of work ethic and fun, the very lifeblood that all CEO's for gaming should be made from.
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    “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer” Say what you will of Iwata's decisions, but goddamn if this man wasn't truly driven by passion for his craft above all else. Man was much more than a corporate suit, he was like a friend to all of us fans. When he asked us to please understand, we did, and when he laughed, we laughed with him. He was our boy through and through and Nintendo will never quite be the same without him. We'll always miss ya down here, Mr Iwata, but I know you're being awesome up in vidya heaven.
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    I know that he has missed a lot of events lately due to health but to hear that he has passed is shocking still. People give him a lot of shit but I think the man had great vision. I'm really going to miss Iwata Asks, it was a funny and interesting look inside games development. He had a lot of personality, which I feel came through in his work, both when coding and as a president. RIP Iwata.
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    He really does look skinny there... <=( But even with his health deteroriating, he never lost his dignity. EDIT: Awwwwww </3
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    Wow. I can't believe this. This is one of those rare moments I actually started to feel tears being shed. This is LITERALLY one of those "Didn't think will ACTUALLY happen, but it did" moments. I'm...I'm shocked. At only 55 years of age he time on this Earth has come and gone. To see my Twitter blowing up about this, saying how Iwata meant more than just the President of Nintendo and more like one of your family members...I can agree. This is a real blow to many fans, Nintendo and the general gaming market alike. For real this legitimately came out of left field. This is not just a dark day for Nintendo. Nonono...his is a dark day for the entire video game industry & its history. I honestly never seen someone of his position put in so much time and effort; so much blood, sweat and tears into turning a company around. To me that showed just how much Iwata cared about this industry and the company he worked for. To think his story is one that many in the industry couldn't achieve. From a programmer at HAL Laboratories to CEO and President. Years of hard work he gave to The Nig N. He was even willing to cut his pay in half because this is how much he cared about the company. He sacrificed hours & hours to make Nintendo as best as he could to the point of illness. Despite that you can still feel his influence throughout the Nintendo Directs he couldn't be apart of, the events he couldn't make it too (which makes this year's E3 even sadder in hindsight). He does leave a brilliant legacy, one not many can get.. Iwata was..no IS a PILLAR to modern-day Nintendo, and it came crashing down. He had a passion for this business that not many can replicate. I hope personally very next Nintendo Direct shouldn't be about the upcoming titles or whatever. Rather it should be for him; his legacy to the company he gave his heart and soul for. I do wonder without him how Nintendo would have functioned to this day. I hope Nintendo World does something to remember Iwata's passing. I really feel bad for Masahiro Sakurai; those two were close when they were part of HAL; and today they lost one brilliant mind. I hope for those on the SSMB, play whatever Nintendo console you own. This may sound cheesy but I don't care; play those games for him, because that's what he would love to hear; people around the world playing the games he wants the public to enjoy. In fact; he helped create on the best games I ever played. Pokemon Gold and Silver. So I want to personally thank Satoru Iwata for that. Fans of Super Smash Bros, Earthbound, Kirby, Mario it doesn't matter. As from what Twitter is telling me, Miyamoto is temporary President until they can find someone with the qualifications in charge. I ask though, who can step up? That's some big shoes to fill. Nintendo will literally not be the same about this, especially with their new 'NX' system close on the horizon. On a closing note, I do want to say he left us with Super Mario Maker; so we can create our own levels and make our inner game designer dreams come true, like Iwata did. So with that...I'll leave this: Satoru Iwata: A Corporate President on the outside, a Game Developer on the mind, but a pure Gamer in his heart. We Finally Understood. Thank You for what you gave to us, not just as Nintendo fans, but to video games as a whole. RIP.
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    Like everyone else, I'm at a loss for words. I've had to wake up at 5am for work today which is very unusual and being greeted by this news... beyond surreal. I'll be honest, I never knew he was behind so many great games until much later after he became president of Nintendo. When I play older games and see him around in the credits it always takes me by surprise. This is tremendously upsetting to hear, both in terms of the loss of he himself and it will affect those who worked with him at Nintendo. I wish his family, friends and colleagues the very best in this time. Nintendo wasn't the same before him and it won't be the same after him. The people who criticised that direct did it on basis of content and the fact that E3 gave people greater expectations than a normal direct when really that's all it was to Nintendo. No-one was hating on Iwata, he wasn't in control of the exact content of the Direct or which games were ready to showcase that month and which weren't. People already feel awful about this and this post seems incredibly mean-spirited and trying to give yourself brownie points for not hating on an announcement video or to make people feel bad when they already are upset about a great man's death. The last direct is completely unimportant right now, shame on you.
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    I get more and more sad about this news. The more I learn what he had a hand in, the more I see just how much he had an impact on my actual quality of life through the time I spent playing his games with my friends and family. On top if that, the loss is harder because he WAS such a shining beacon of positivity and fun in gaming. As Jim Sterling said, fun has become kind of a dirty word to all of us as we're in a period where we strive for gaming to move beyond its simple roots, and while there's nothing wrong with that, what made Nintendo relevant in a time where games must be huge, realistic blockbusters played on machines that cost as much as a car payment, Iwata and subsequently Nintendo were not ashamed of the fun nature of video games or of keeping it simple. When it comes right down to it, when I've gotten sick of all the bullshit plaguing this industry, the microtransactions and lazy F2P, the hypocritical disrespect of cartoony elements as lesser or not engaging, the pre-order nonsense, the annoying graphical and tech arms race that has failed at meaningful innovation, the broken promises, the lies and deceit about how a game is to look and play, I can go home, take off my coat and shoes, and remember why I'm even still here when I play Mario or Pokemon. We didn't just lose a great person, we last one of the few remaining guards of people in the AAA industry who respected us as fucking people and not brain-dead wallets.
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    Well here's my picture in honor of Iwata. Stayed up all night to finish it.
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    Saw this on Twitter, yup, right there in the feels for sure.
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    Found myself shocked to see this news. Couldn't believe seeing this kind of news this late at night, felt my heart skip for a moment until confirming through other media outlets his passing. A few days ago, Gabz and me were discussing about Nintendo's future ventures and how things like their mobile games, their hardware and software divisions combined, their Club Nintendo successor, their partnerships and expansions, and pretty much everything surrounding the company were gonna be very exciting things to look forward to. We believed that, regardless of the turbulent ventures in recent years, Satoru Iwata could still bring big changes inside Nintendo and the video gaming industry as a whole. But I would have never thought that his opportunity would have ended this way... As the man who founded one of my favorite video game developers (HAL Laboratory), who coded and brought timeless classics such as Balloon Fight, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokémon Gold & Silver and many others in such unimaginable fashion, who brought life, together with Masahiro Sakurai, to one of my most beloved characters of all time and which to this day, more than ever, I am so proud to be a die-hard fan of Kirby... As the man who stepped into Nintendo and contributed with his knowledge and passion to video games and changed the industry during the past 15 years, from the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Wii to the 3DS and Wii U, from his insights with developers (Iwata Asks) to his direct connection with consumers and fans (Nintendo Direct)... Thank you for showing your appreciation and love towards one of the most influential media in existence as well shaping the industry as we know today. Thank you for standing up through the past adversities and difficulties and giving your 100% to bring incredible products and games with the care and love you always gave. Thank you for making me spend countless hours playing all your games and for being a huge part of my love towards video games. Your legacy will always be remembered. God bless you and leave luck to heaven... Satoru Iwata (1959 - 2015) Rest In Peace
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    On an entirely different note, scrounged this out of 4chan;
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    Jesus Christ, this came out of nowhere. I'm not personally familiar with the games he worked on, and despite Nintendo 's tumultuous time I could tell he was a person who actually gave a shit about the company and the medium, from cutting his own pay to his general humbleness to establishing the tone and spirit of the Directs that I feel are exemplary of what Nintendo and gaming should be. Rest in peace.
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    I give my greatest condolences to the staff of Nintendo, Iwata-san's family, friends and acquaintances. Today is what could be one of the saddest days to be a Nintendo fan, or a gamer altogether. This was a man that persevered through innovation and led a company with a smile on his face. He has shown acts of generosity to both his peers and the members of our community. He has personally done so much for Nintendo and this industry, despite the mistakes made within the company's decisions. I'm going to miss this man's face being one of the first to see at a Nintendo Direct, I'm going to miss him showing up at E3s, just giving all of the others a good time with Nintendo games. I am just going to miss this man altogether, and I know I am not alone. I hope that whoever may succeed Mr. Iwata can follow in his footsteps well, for I wish to see this company strongly move directly ahead in the future, with or without Mr. Iwata. And I too, hope they may follow Mr. Yamauchi's footsteps, as Iwata did before. May this be a day to remember the loss of Satoru Iwata. Rest, Mr. President. Your quest is over.
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    I can't fucking believe he passed away. I thought it was a joke at first as I was in the middle of a Splatoon round but it ended up being very real. I knew he was sick but him passing away so suddenly is just incredibly shocking. He also had a pretty cool E3 with his puppets and you can't forget the Iwata vs Reggie fight scene. Just knowing that he was this bad ass while fighting cancer (?) is just incredible. This is also the same guy who cut his pay in half instead of laying off hundreds of workers. He was a very humble man and he always talked about he was a gamer first and a worker second. FUCK!
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    A twitter user in Japan saw a rainbow over Nintendo HQ today. "Leave Luck To Heaven" indeed.
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    Also found this fanart. Iwata is IMO the "Michael Jackson" of Video Games, and this is someone who isn't much of a Nintendo fan as I was 8 years ago. Nintendo wouldn't be where it is today without him. He left a huge legacy. He will be remembered for many many years to come. LEGEND.
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    Iwata meant allot to me because him and his ideas resparked my gaming fire back in the early 2000s, I had to read up on what he died from, its just something I do. This was full blown cancer not just a simple growth, must've been late stage 3 when he found out and got the surgery for it. he must've had a good remission but relapsed into stage 4 recurrent earlier this year. He walked around with stage 4 bile duct cancer and never made a big deal out of it, never wanted to freak anyone out or scare his fans or the company itself if they didn't already know how severe it was but i'm sure some higher up parts knew and already planned for this. but here he was all this year fighting until the cancer took him, promoting Nintendo and its products and having a good time. Thats how much he cared about his company and most of all, cared about us. This guy, we lost somebody who was a real gift on this world. this is sad, this is sick, this is wrong. he was taken far too soon. Rest well Iwata, you've earned it.
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    Tbh I am still disappointed with E3 nothing will change that. It was really underwhelming without any first party proper announcements, and the absence of Zelda U was also a major blow to the hype train. This doesn't reflect how I'll ever feel about Iwata san though EVER, He was still a fun guy who rests in the hearts of many as being Reggie's dynamic, because together they were the sole embodiment of "Fun" to me.
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    I have a lot of respect for a lot of businesspeople in the world and Mr. Iwata is one of them. He was charming, he made a lot of good decisions, he was one genius of a programer and all of all, a man who made being president of a company fun. I'll miss him dearly, and my thoughts go out to who know him personally.
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    I woke up in the morning, all set for the Stevenbomb 3, with Boom and GF in tow. Instead, A flood of saddness washed the place, for the tragic news broke out: Mr. Iwata has died. (goddammit he passed away two days ago! ;_;) I... don't know what to say. Losing him is like losing one of your family members. All the good times you had, and all the stuff you had seen, and all the games Iwata had in store for you... And just like that. He's gone. It wasn't going to last long. Think about it. He was no ordinary person. I mean COME ON! Remember this- Or this? Or this? Even this? (Okay that's a lot of gifs, sorry for making you sad) This man is a genius. He was friendly and funny. We need more people like him. I'm gonna miss this guy. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends and everyone in Nintendo who knew him so well. Never forget his legacy. Thank you Mr Iwata, for making Nintendo what it is today. Rest In Peace you dear soul.
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    I hadn't said anything last night because I plain and simply didn't know what to say, I never thought I'd read this headline with my own two eyes, I know he had health problems but I had no idea it'd boil down to this... Mr Iwata was a one of a kind person, no one comes close to being even anywhere near this man's work ethic and overall personality. He'd cut half of his own salary to pay others better, he'd reprogram entire games from scratch and he'd do anything to make sure a game hit its decided launch window, and as a president he just gave off such a fun atmosphere; he was professional, but he was such a goddamn memelord too and he fucking loved being that way. My heart just really aches as I try to type this and think of words for it. I'm sure you're elsewhere now, providing happiness to others in a different place. Rest in peace.
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    Gamexplain just made this
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    Alienrun, your first post was hidden by administration because, in a topic about the sudden passing of an influential artist and CEO from cancer, you decided to instead talk about yourself and your problems. Quoting people and responding with awkward diatribes about how you don't care about Nintendo products, how you don't know what to think, or how others' grief fascinates you like people are a sideshow is also not appropriate given the gravity of this thread. It's outright disrespectful. This thread is about Iwata's passing and how he impacted our views on gaming. If he didn't impact yours somehow, pay your respects like you just did and move on to personal discussion for the rest of your ranting.
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    You know, back in 1966, when Walt Disney died, the weekly Italian magazine "Epoca" had a sad Mickey Mouse crying near a Christmas Tree on its cover. Of course, I wasn't born yet at the time, but that cover is particularly famous among us Italian Disney Comics readers. And watching people posting their drawings, made in honour of Iwata, featuring characters who are normally either happy or cool and cocky with a sad frown on their faces is really getting to me. I am not crying, but my eyes are watery since this morning. And this comic, itself an homage to one of the saddest scene from FullMetal Alchemist, has just that touch that makes me want to close my eyes and think about everything Iwata had done for me, for us.
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    I need some new Steven to cheer me up after yesterday's news. Or make me cry harder, whichever one comes first.
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    In regards to Iwata, honestly, the things I care the least about are his achivements. Just the simple fact that he was a kind, hard working man who even took the time to talk to the fans bluntly and honestly gives me enough of a reason to respect and care about him, and makes me sad that he died so early in his lifetime But y'know what really gets me? The fact that he had to live out his final years under plenty of fire and hatemail, and how he's ridiculed so often for ruining Nintendo. In fact, the last message he sent out to the fans I'm pretty sure was an apology for the way E3 was handled, of all things. That makes me really sad. And then there are people who are still slinging insults and hate at him. Even after he's dead, they see him as nothing but a man who deserves every bit of contempt they give him... Why? Why are those people still so cruel towards a man and his lifetime, over video games? ... I need a good cry after stewing on this so much...
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    It honestly blows my mind that Iwata had been this sick the entire time and was still trying to work his hardest until the very end. That, along with all of his other accomplishments when it comes to programming, putting together out favorite franchises and shaping them into what they are today, and just generally trying keeping Nintendo relevant over the years, gives me an infinite amount of respect for him. The games he had a hand in continue to entertain me so much to this day. His passing has been pretty saddening to me, even if I didn't know him personally. One of the great things about Iwata was that he was always pushing himself and staying positive even when the going got tough. I'm gonna try and do the same thing. Rest in peace, Iwata
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    So... the Nintendo Direct was the last thing he was in and so many people just over blew it with hatred. The last thing Iwata gave us and people spat on it in disgust and demanded he apologized after that discovered the apology twitter was a fake. It makes me wonder how all those people are feeling right now at the fact they basically showed hatred toward Iwata before he died. RIP Iwata
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    Wha- N-no.. No! This has to be just a dream. Please tell me it's just a bad dream! I can't believe one of the most inspirational people just left like that. He was so young too... This news.. it will take a bit of getting used to. I still can't believe this happened.. yet the tears won't stop flowing down my face.. I should give thanks to Mr. Iwata. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be into gaming today. I admire how he always tried to do something new and different with video games. And it's not just consoles, but games as well. Maybe he didn't play a huge part, but he was Executive Producer in many of the games I played as a child, and those same games are the only reason I still play games today. And as sad as I am, I have to say I'm also concerned about his family at the moment. I really hope they're doing alright. I guess all I can do is give my condolences to his family and coworkers. I can't even imagine what's going on in their lives right now. And it's too heartbreaking to try and think. Rest in peace, Mr. Iwata, and thank you so much for everything.
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    Iwata showed that just because you're a CEO of a large company doesn't mean you throw away human qualities. He had passion and I'm sure loved his job, because part of that job was putting smiles on people's faces, young and old, controller in hand.
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    I owe my love for video games all to him. Thanks for everything, Iwata.
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    I think it's safe to say that if Mario Maker ends up being dedicated in Iwata's memory, I will cry.
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