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    ^This is me right here. I could be upset, but I'd rather focus on the roller coaster of hilarity that was this Kickstarter. It's as if the Sonic Boom experience came in crowdfunding form. Be like me, lean back and enjoy your tub of popcorn.
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    Dude, no offence but there's really no point of asking. We have no way of knowing when characters are going to be introduced, or events or such. We know as much as you do at this point and we won't know anything else until Sega themselves announce it.
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    I made a Wordpress blog and wrote a first impressions for Windows 10. https://meltingcomet.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/hello-world/
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    i feel real shame of myself about this XD haha..but at the same time i laugh of myself.. .....the another day.. i was sleepy and waking up.. and suddenly called my cat .. "Knuckles"... then i was like.. wait what? i guess i was still half asleep heh
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    Probably along the lines of Konami: You need to ask Kojima about it, we're all up for it! Kojima: Yeah sure, Smash is co- Wait a sec, Konami want this? LMAO the answer is no, sorry! Konami: Kojimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kojima: *Kermitsippingtea.jpg*
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    What in doggone tarnation?! What happened to my beautiful, beautiful beak! *attempts to puff up cheeks to fly, failing. later tries to inhale* What kinda jank dimension is this?!
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    I got Caliburn and Rouge today on the Roulette, I am a happy camper
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    I didn't mean to say that was your argument; rather I was using the post as a springboard for my thoughts in general. xP And while a lot of mainstream gamers don't get it, I would wager a lot of others do. It's anecdotal, but everyone in my life who plays FNAF also plays Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty, and that extends here to this topic too. Just as well, mainstream consciousness is how projects like these blow up to the point that families are coming into amazing windfalls, how Youtubers are having their lives changed by playing it, and how Warner Bros. is making movie deals. There is a mainstream appeal to the franchise, and as such debate of its merits is lively. I also didn't mean to paint a picture that all of criticism is meritless. Horror is a very opinionated subject and I'm sure the series' use of jump scares has been better scrutinized than I can defend them. However, people who are drawn in can still articulate why the jump scares work for them, even while understanding contemporary examples where the technique fails. And that goes for other aspects of the games too. So I don't blame you for not being interested, nor would I if you tried a game in the future and didn't like it. At the same time, the franchise was bereft with criticism that simply didn't make sense, such as Scott being a bad person for stumbling upon a formula that was easy enough for him to quickly turn out finished games! being construed as predatory milking. Moral arguments were being levied upon the franchise that were easily toppled by applying context, such as pointing out the large mechanical differences between each game that would make it impossible for each sequel to be a simple copy and paste job that milking implies. I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll end by saying my general point is that I think we look at hype backlash in a simplistic way sometimes. xP
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    I'll always love Mario Party 3.

    I'll always love Mario Party 3.
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    Kaze no Klonoa

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    Manic and Sonia were created by DIC for Sonic Underground. He wouldn't be so stupid as to use them even if it's just their names. Then again, this is a man who thinks he can use Knuckles in his book and doesn't know how to make a fucking simple comic book without overdoing it.
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    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/846060969/spark-the-electric-jester For those who don't know me, I'm LakeFeperd, I was the guys behind the Sonic Before/After the sequel games! Me and our team of composers (Falk, James "KgZ", Funk Fiction, Andy and more) are coming back to work on Spark! More info on the kickstarter description, thank you.
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    Torture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VqELuUbidk
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    With the recognition of Sonic Lost World, I am perfectly okay with this being my head canon.
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    Guys, I found the NiGHTS story: Sonic Team:Sonic help us! Sonic:With what? S. Team:WE...WANT....MONEY!!! Sonic:Don' worry!We already set the hype with Shadow,Metal, and Blaze,people are already buying Red Star Rings for them, we will use the roulette and when they will find out the negative bonuses, ha ha!And we still have money from Team Easy! S. Team:We know that,Sonic!But we need your idea:We announced a NiGHTS even that will release tommonrow! Sonic:And? S. Team:We didnt do anything for it, we dont have any idea what to do... Sonic:Put NiGHTS,black NiGHTS... S. Team:Who? Sonic:Reala.... and a Nightopian in the roulette, put some random effects and add some music for them, we will make hundreds of dollars! S. Team:Yes!!
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    This is seriously one of my favourite Sonic tracks. So great.
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    I think i found a bug to get a lot of rings if you have enough achievements, if no one else has discovered it yet
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    How on earth is this gonna work without the gamepad though? That stuff was kind of all the game had going for it, take it away and you're left with a generic survival FPS. Honestly I never finished ZombiU, I got it with the Wii U because it was the only launch title that seemed to make frequent, creative use of the gamepad, but I regret buying it. The game had no personality, and the "start over with nothing" death mechanic became tedious to me the moment I first reached a difficult crescendo in the game. Yes you can go kill your zombified self to get all your stuff back but... that plan fell through after I got killed twice in a row before getting back to my zombified self. So I really had to start over with no supplies but still be expected to continue with the point I'd reached in the story. I appreciated the developer's intentions, but it wasn't for me. I do wish they had included a casual mode which allowed you to continue from the last save area but with your progress and items gained since that save intact, I might have finished it then. EDIT: Oh, I was also disappointed it how not-open world it was. I wasn't expecting a 1:1 replica of London to explore by any means, but I certainly didn't expect everything to be divided up into "levels" where you clicked to enter a manhole and then appeared halfway across the city after a dramatic loading screen.
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    Doodled Lily and Ivorn, I'll try to scan this tonight but for now enjoy it as caught on 3DS Potatovision.
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    Changed my avatar again since the last one was kind of a thing.
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    *Meanwhile, Sonic and BFZ find Sayaka. She's sitting on top of a hill* Sonic: "Hey buddy, you OK?" "What does it look like?" Sonic: "Feeling bad about what Homura said?" *nods slowly* "Yeah... I'm just reminded about the many times I've been called worthless. Homura, Mephiles, even myself." Sonic: "You don't... You don't seriously think that, do you?" "Maybe." Sonic: "Sayaka, look what you did! You helped save so many worlds by my side, you slain Witches and demons, you're even back from the freaking DEAD! You think someone as "worthless" as you say you are would have done that?" "What if I wasn't SUPPOSED to do all that? You know why I was written... To die. I have no other purpose. I'm breaking my writer's wishes, right? I'm not supposed to be special, I'm not made to do all these things! Before all this happened, I was the biggest burden to my whole team! My abilites aren't as good as them! I'm so mentally unstable, I was the first to die in that final timeline! In the real world, Madoka, Homura, Mami and Kyoko get ALL the love, I'm just shunned..." Sonic: "I know how you feel. I can tell in the real world, people won't like me. I'm just as much of a freak as you are. I don't know remember what wrote me, I don't know why SEGA doesn't acknowledge who I am... I have a feeling I'd be shunned too. Despite all that though, I'll continue to fight. The world may not want us, but they will NEED us. We'll make all the multiverses we've been to, and all we will go to, a better place." (He really doesn't know he's a fan-character, does he?) "What if Homura was right, what if wherever I go, the rules of my world follow? How could I make worlds better, if my mere existence makes things worse?" Sonic: "..... Maybe the rules of your world do follow, but one thing I know is that we'll overcome any threat together! Every one of us has your back!" "Heh, Homura's gonna hate us for this. Won't she?" Sonic: "Well hey, what are you gonna do?" *grins*
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    Oh. But I heard people say you can do a clean install... I'll go ask in the status updates in case a member that's done it can tell me how.
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    Or Sakurai just doesn't want to add another Namco character. Honestly I think he'd have been far more likely to add Lloyd than Klonoa, and even Lloyd was a slim chance at best.
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    I saw this the other day. Not really interested in the FNAF franchise at all, but Scott seems like a genuinely awesome guy. I'm happy for him and hope that he finds success in whatever he pursues after this. People shit on FNAF for being popular but that's usually how it goes when something takes off like this and some people don't get with it. Guy made something a lot of people really like and should be proud.
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    Well the Unholy Trinity of Jezza,, Hamster and Captain Slow are back on Amazon Prime. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be fistpumping with hope that it crushes Chris Evans' Top Gear.
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    First spin since the event and... :D
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    Defended Sonic 06 and it's design decisions for a brief period of time. Around late 2007 - early 2008 I believe? Yeah. That's okay, Azoo, I defended Sonic 2006, too. Got mocked for it after a while, though, but meh.
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    HOLY SHIT! Practical effects are going to be used in the FNaF movie! I sure hope this director can take Scott's words well and respect his thoughts. So who do we have behind this movie? I know that Scott is taking part of this production as well but who are the writers, producers or the director? Sorry, selective memory can be annoying.
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    Check out my cat.

    Check out my cat.
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    Happy birthday.

    Happy birthday.
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    The thing I don't get is, Smash isn't a game made for any single person. It's made for everyone. It's never going to make literally everyone happy (Spoilers: Nothing can or will), but they're including as much fanservice as possible to appease the widest audience. So why is it that people are so "toxic" to the idea of characters they don't like getting in? It's inevitably going to happen, it's just a fact that we're going to have to accept. I mean, you guys aren't as extreme about it as others elsewhere, but I've really noticed people seem to just completely blow a gasket over the possibility of K Rool or Ridley ever being considered for being playable. How is it actively harming people to have characters you don't like? It's not literally hurting you and you don't HAVE to buy the DLC or play as the charactter if you don't want to, meanwhile those who care about it are able to be happy. I mean, I get that everyone has their own favorite characters and their own wishlist for stages/characters/items/trophies/assist trophies/costumes, but there is never going to be a universally agreed upon roster, and Smash is never going to have EVERY character that EVERYONE wants. I get that we're only ever going to have "x amount of dlc characters/stages" for any given Smash game from now on, but that's applied for launch content in every Smash title before now too, except in that case, we had to DEAL with the initial roster, regardless if we liked the selection.
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    Real talk, what's with the stigma against K. Rool and those who want him in Smash? I'm not even interested much in DK as a series and it still reeks of bandwagoning to me.
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    Sonic Concept Art

    Shadzter's source has some SA2B and Secret Rings ads as well. This one in particular gave me a good laugh: The religious Sonic fanart all makes sense now! xD
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    Is anyone having the bug where you can't download any third-party apps from the Windows Store? I couldn't get a ton of apps downloading, including Minecraft, Twitter and SteamTiles. The bug seems to be Microsoft's fault and there isn't any way on the user side to fix it
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    Kaze no Klonoa

    Best Video Game Music

    This is a huge biggie for me. The entire Ori and the Blind Forest soundtrack is beautifully orchestrated and is really powerful. There are tracks in here that are bone-chilling intense, but it's such a beautiful soundtrack. If I had to pick a track, it would be the credits roll in the game. There's also Sonic After the Sequel's soundtrack, which is downright catchy and energetic. This is the kind of energy I want to see in a new Sonic game, and almost all of the tracks are my favorite. 3-17 is my personal favorite, although there are tons of really great tracks here. Hands down one of my favorite OSTs ever. Falk and his music crew really outdone it with the music
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    It's rather sad that I'm just now finding out who wrote the stories for SA1 and 2. If they haven't been writing the other plots of Heroes, ShTH, or Sonic 06, then it's no fucking wonder why the writing went to shit. That said, I'm gonna go with Ian Flynn as my favorite writer as far as those who are still writing for Sonic. I give him props because this is the man who took over writing of characters in the comics who've been around for years, yet some of them I flat out didn't care about them until he wrote them better. Hell, even elements from the games that I'm not fond of being around (like Black Arms as aliens) had something to captivate my interest more than the games have when he made use of them. And then when we were about to go through a reboot and trash almost 20 years of the comics history due to a nasty lawsuit, Ian still found a way to at least make the reboot something worth sticking around for. Don't get me wrong, he's had some fumblings if the House of Cards arc is one indicator, but this man writes what I've been missing from the games since SA2 and even Unleashed. He knows how and, more importantly, when to use certain characters, he uses characters as individuals first and groups second, and he mixes the character interactions so that everyone of them gets a chance to partner up with someone they're not often with (seriously, Shadow and Blaze? Rouge and Blaze? Shadow vs Knuckles? Big and Tails? Rouge, Sonic, and Shadow? Omega and Cream, come on guys!), and he alternates between characters so that each one has a chance to shine on their own. And don't get me started on the conflict, and how he makes it as intense as what I would expect from a Sonic game, if not more so! Fuck this guy made the Deadly Six the incredibly dangerous villains as their name implies. His writing is the most interesting to me in the entire franchise, not just in how it uses the video games, but how it blends the cartoons of SatAM and AoSTH into the mix to allow the comics their own separate identity. This guy and the many people working alongside him are the ones I look up to for this franchise. Now if only they could work on this stuff for the games...
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    All this debate of who's crazier now makes me wanting some one shot story starring Sticks, Bean and Marine. Maybe throw in Cut Man as well for good measure. See how well they can do in topping Deadpool's level of lunacy would only be a treat for the eyes. EDIT: Oh, and let Diana Skelly be artist and Jon Gray as writer. Then Wade can start worrying.
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    Click to view larger. Ugh I spent like 6 hours on this but I screwed up a lot of little things that only became apparent when I brought all the individual elements together at the end, weh. Not as strong an image as I hoped for overall. Anyway been thinking about one-piece swimsuits a lot lately I guess. Just for trivia: I decided to try out Design Doll to create a reference image for this pose. I’ve always shyed away from 3D model programs in the past due to finding them overwhelmingly complex to use, but this one is designed entirely around creating your own poses rather than 3D modelling and is ridiculously simple to use, almost everything about it I needed to create that pose I figured out just by playing around, the interface is pretty damn intuitive. Free Trial lasts forever, the only major downside is that can’t load up saved poses (you can save them though if you want to in case you do decide to purchase).
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    "I refuse, I'm sorry." "The last time someone asked me to be their assistant... didn't go so well."
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Yeah basically chapter 10 is chapter 9 but with different worlds. I don't understand this. There's only two chapters of the crossover left and it feels like very little has been done as a whole. It has been the same damn thing in almost every chapter now. And even now, where things are supposed to finally pick up, nothing has picked up. There's still very little interaction, the main factor that made Worlds Collide for me, and nothing but battles, the same repetitive thing we've had this entire crossover. And now it's made even worse because they're doing the exact same kind of battle every two pages! Where's the fun? Where's the inside jokes? Or the character development? Or anything that doesn't involve battling Mavericks every two seconds? Why is Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver even here? Or Cream? They've done absolutely nothing. At least Sticks has been going around doing things even if it hasn't been that much. Why has the art been so inconsistent? What happened here? It felt like everyone did something important in Worlds Collide. The art was spot on in every chapter. The interaction was amazing and hilarious. They kept you on your toes and didn't waste entire chapters doing exactly what they did in the last chapter. Something new always happened and everyone had a hand in saving the worlds. No one was there just to be there. I didn't expect this to be better than Worlds Collide. I expected this crossover to be good. And, in my opinion, it hasn't. I hate to be this negative and bring this up again but this crossover really has turned into a massive disappointment. At the very least when I brought this up last time there was still some hope that could be had. I'm not even hyped for chapters 11 and 12 now which is saddening considering that's supposed to be the finale. But it's even MORE battles just with the inevitable superforms. It just feels so half-assed and I don't like that at all in my opinion. There was so much potential. What a waste. Oh well.
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    So, Sega put out a press release for 3D Streets of Rage 2 and all I can say is BUUUUUUUUUURN!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Preview for part 10! Hmm. A scarf, huh?
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    He's putting more and more money into something that will likely bomb. PUT THE BOOK OUT FIRST! If it does well, THEN do the app/Motion comic shit.
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    THE RIDE IT NEVER ENDS!!! Gearbox's Randy says it was wrong for fans to sue/blame gearbox. http://www.destructoid.com/pitchford-fans-wrong-to-sue-gearbox-over-aliens-colonial-marines-295732.phtml Just fucking apologise for this mess of a game already!
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    wanna contribute to reviving a dead and niche genre without paying for such absurd ripoffs go buy solatorobo seriously, buying into this shit not because you don't mind the skeevy practices but because "what else can we do?" is just depressing to look at
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