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    To add to the comedy RED ASH's new publisher is a Chinese digital production company. What does this mean exactly? It means Red Ash is literally a Chinese Legends knock-off.
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    Every time I miss a red star ring that Engman drops, I die a little inside.
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    ^This is me right here. I could be upset, but I'd rather focus on the roller coaster of hilarity that was this Kickstarter. It's as if the Sonic Boom experience came in crowdfunding form. Be like me, lean back and enjoy your tub of popcorn.
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    You didn't. I did. I did so to make a specific point of comparison between the two games. See, here's your post: And here is where it was first brought up: I do have a second account on SSMB, but it's not named "Diesel"; so your still continued insistence on the supposed real reason I brought up two different games that happened to be in the same series simply gets more and more meaningless. Along those lines: As shown above, you said nothing about Spyro 1 either, so you can take your high horse right the fuck off this forum. The only reason Spyro 3's release is irrelevant is because it's more convenient for you to claim it is, but you're going to have to have a better basis for doing so than "I didn't bring it up so it doesn't have to be discussed". That ship sailed when you didn't bring up Spyro 1 either, but then proceeded to debate it so much that you eventually claimed you started the discussion in the first place. With that out of the way, it's also laughable that you keep insisting that Spyro 3 can't be compared in any way Sonic Adventure just because you didn't personally bring it up. The game came out fucking 13 months after Adventure International. The time between Spyro 3 and Adventure International is almost identical to the time between Spyro 1 and Adventure International. YotD was still explicitly a contemporary game to Adventure, just like Donkey Kong 64 was. Just like Banjo Tooie was. Just like Toy Story 2 was. Just like everything at the time that was (and has continued to be since) compared directly to the Mario game that came out in 1996, all the way up to when the heavy hitters on the Gamecube and PS2 started landing in 2002. Are you going to now claim that the journalistic standards of game reviewers changed so drastically in those 13 months that none of them can be compared either? What's the exact cutoff date between "hopelessly naive period reviewers" and "intelligent and cultured modern reviewers"? Which they did, and you were already told: The reason I didn't go into detail with the first game rerelease was because of that part at the end: And the reason I went into detail with Spyro 3 was because I knew exactly what they fixed for that rerelease. This isn't hard. I shouldn't have to directly quote what was said to you. I certainly shouldn't have to quote what you said to show what you said. Two things: Simply repeating things over and over again doesn't make them more true. You need to add the word hypocrisy to that list of words you need to learn definitions for if you think it applies in this context. It's impossible to provide evidence for claims if you dismiss anything that goes against your worldview as evidence simply because it does so; or outright ignore it like you've blatantly been doing half the time anyway. And since you've even gone so far to say this: After spending your entire time demanding reviews and claiming nothing else (not reviews, not technical breakdowns, not contemporary comparisons, not modern retrospectives that explicitly comment on the game enjoyment after all these years and how it is hurt by shitty port jobs) was worth your time because you posted a Metascore intentionally divorced from all context and without even a single line from an actual review, and now you're going to even say that that isn't enough? False.
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    >Literally mfw I watched that preview: It wasn't even hilariously bad, just...boring and trite. So based on the info I got, I can probably predict the entire plot: For the sake of simplicity, I'll refer to our main characters as: Pretty boy, Goth girl, bad boy, fashion girl, and Spanish bad boy. So pretty boy tries to show Goth girl and her friends how good "being good" is, but they're like "fuck you", but then goth girl starts to develop a crush on pretty boy and her posses are like "bitch u goin soft", so then goth girl and her friends do something dumb and pretty boy's parents are like "U SHOULD HAVE LISTENED", but then Goth Girl feels bad and convinces her friends to help cuz "they're gud peoplz". They show up, all five guys beat the evil guy's parents. Pretty Boy's parents forgive everything goth Girl and her friends did and her and pretty boy live happily ever after. Cue ending musical number. There, I probably saved you two hours of your life by not watching this. I
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    The Extras/Options Menu music for Sonic Mega Collection will never be anything short of lovely to me.
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    waking up tomorrow morning like
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    If I had backed this project I would have revoked my pledge right about now. A failed Kickstarter means backers normally don't get charged, but now Comcept is straight up swindling people. Nobody knows where their money is going and the KS ends in a few days. This isn't even hilarious to me anymore; this is a fucking scam. To any backers on this forum, I strongly urge that you reconsider how you use your money, as this kind of business practice should never be supported.
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    "I'm here! I feel more plastic-y." "Oh look a computer, maybe that can help." "Or maybe not."
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    The Deleter

    Now tis is a Mario Kart toy

    Now tis is a Mario Kart toy
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    You know what is becoming really hard to get? The normal companions. Ever since the game updated and they got put onto the daily wheel, I think I've had only 1. This is crazy, these are normal companions so why are they now so hard to get?
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    (now in non-Potatovision) Doodled Lily and Ivorn. I may have made Lily’s eyes too big.
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    (Image) I don't know how you guys feel about religion, but this is a picture of my messiah. Like if you follow this man.
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    Went to Captain Planet's Comedy show, wasn't too impressed, he recycled all his jokes.
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    I like it when generally mild-mannered characters get really angry and vice-versa
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    This is just the best thing
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    Ha ha! Sonic Boom never happened https://m.facebook.com/WiiU.co.uk/photos/a.361015913973149.81185.351440504930690/869189766489092/?type=1&source=48
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    Dude, no offence but there's really no point of asking. We have no way of knowing when characters are going to be introduced, or events or such. We know as much as you do at this point and we won't know anything else until Sega themselves announce it.
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    I made a Wordpress blog and wrote a first impressions for Windows 10. https://meltingcomet.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/hello-world/
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    That was confirmed fake weeks ago. It's just a shot from "Guilt Tripping" with Shadow's leg superimposed in it.
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    The director of the FNaF film posted this: And incase you're wondering:
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    i feel real shame of myself about this XD haha..but at the same time i laugh of myself.. .....the another day.. i was sleepy and waking up.. and suddenly called my cat .. "Knuckles"... then i was like.. wait what? i guess i was still half asleep heh
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    Probably along the lines of Konami: You need to ask Kojima about it, we're all up for it! Kojima: Yeah sure, Smash is co- Wait a sec, Konami want this? LMAO the answer is no, sorry! Konami: Kojimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kojima: *Kermitsippingtea.jpg*
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    Favorite Sonic Writer?

    Shiro Maekawa i.e The man who wrote SA2 and the two Storybook games. Apart from him being capable of absolutely nailing Sonic's character in particular far more so IMO than any other writer in the history of the franchise in any continuity, what I also like about Maekawa's writing style is his incorporation of themes that add weight to the narratives such as SA2's themes of realizing your own purpose and co-operation despite differences and SatBK's themes of eternity and living life to the fullest despite the inevitability of the end, that life would have no meaning if it went on perpetually. Not to mention SatSR's theme of selflessness and forgiveness. I also really love the little bits of symbolism he inserts like the meaning behind Merlina's strawflower in Black Knight and the meaning in the SA2 cutscene where Maria and Shadow are looking at Earth and commiserating it (He elaborated on both on his Twitter BTW) And yeah, as I said, Maekawa....just knows how to write Sonic. Cocky and confident and quite the little tease, short-tempered as well but ultimately a good guy with a heart of gold who follows no one's path but his own and who'd you'd probably really want as your friend. I miss that, when Sonic games had stuff like that D: Sonic game stories really lost their heart when he stopped writing them
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    What in doggone tarnation?! What happened to my beautiful, beautiful beak! *attempts to puff up cheeks to fly, failing. later tries to inhale* What kinda jank dimension is this?!
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    I got Caliburn and Rouge today on the Roulette, I am a happy camper
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    (Image) I don't know how you guys feel about religion, but this is a picture of my messiah. Like if you follow this man.
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    I didn't mean to say that was your argument; rather I was using the post as a springboard for my thoughts in general. xP And while a lot of mainstream gamers don't get it, I would wager a lot of others do. It's anecdotal, but everyone in my life who plays FNAF also plays Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty, and that extends here to this topic too. Just as well, mainstream consciousness is how projects like these blow up to the point that families are coming into amazing windfalls, how Youtubers are having their lives changed by playing it, and how Warner Bros. is making movie deals. There is a mainstream appeal to the franchise, and as such debate of its merits is lively. I also didn't mean to paint a picture that all of criticism is meritless. Horror is a very opinionated subject and I'm sure the series' use of jump scares has been better scrutinized than I can defend them. However, people who are drawn in can still articulate why the jump scares work for them, even while understanding contemporary examples where the technique fails. And that goes for other aspects of the games too. So I don't blame you for not being interested, nor would I if you tried a game in the future and didn't like it. At the same time, the franchise was bereft with criticism that simply didn't make sense, such as Scott being a bad person for stumbling upon a formula that was easy enough for him to quickly turn out finished games! being construed as predatory milking. Moral arguments were being levied upon the franchise that were easily toppled by applying context, such as pointing out the large mechanical differences between each game that would make it impossible for each sequel to be a simple copy and paste job that milking implies. I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll end by saying my general point is that I think we look at hype backlash in a simplistic way sometimes. xP
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    Mario tries to traverse Green Hill Zone: (video)
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    I think a more important takeaway is not that FNAF is hated because it's popular, but rather that a lot of the criticism leveled against Scott and the games was easily refuted. I feel there's an important distinction there; the prevalent idea that everything that will achieve popularity will be hated by default sooner or later implies that hype backlash is baseless to some degree. I disagree; a lot of flawed work is popular and can be shielded by hype, identity politics, and herd mentality from getting the criticism it may ultimately deserve. Scott's case just happens to be one where there's still strong arguments in favor of the artistic merits of the work, and I think that's more respectful to him as an artist and to FNAF as a franchise. FNAF isn't good because it's popular, it's popular because it's good. However, I think the most important thing he said is that he wants the world of art to keep turning, and that our generation should take the torch and make stories and games he will be able to appreciate. What will be the next FNAF? Who knows? Someone has to make it first, and let's pray they have the opportunity to do so and don't give up on achieving that goal.
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    www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGpJOfWNqtk My reaction to Seth Macfarlane claiming that the Family Guy episode "Quagmire's Dad" is "probably the most sympathetic portrayal of a transexual character that has ever been on television"
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    What Are The Most Underrated Sonic Songs

    Sonic Mega Collection - Extras/Options Guess this'd be a big one for me. The original music in collection games tends to get forgotten (by myself too) as those collections become less and less relevant over time due to digital releases, but this one will always stick with me as one of the nicest songs to come out of the franchise as a whole. It really really perfectly captures a feeling of slightly sad nostalgia while still being pleasant and relaxing to listen to with little spots of upbeat melody along the way to keep it from being an out and out sad song. While I have no personal nostalgia for the Archie comics due to living in the UK, looking through all the covers while listening to this song really had an impact on me for some reason, probably made the percieved storylines from said covers seem a lot more dramatic and exciting in my imagination than they probably are considering tales I've heard of some of the stuff the older Archie comics used to pull. But yeah, it's really gorgeous and I'd love to hear more melancholy menu music in the future for stuff like extras and options screens, it's the perfect place for them if the game is otherwise upbeat and action focused with no real space for sad chillout tunes. The Sonic music peoples clearly have a knack for them in the opportunities that have allowed. In a similar vein, I'll also mention the menu themes for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - okay yeah, the main menu theme is actually just an intrumental of the main theme remix featured on the soundtrack, and the options menu is just an instrumental of the ending theme, but at the time I first played I didn't know this yet, so the quality of the menu music just blew me away, what a first impression of the game's audio! Btw guys you should prolly be saying more than a single sentence about your song choices if you don't want this to get closed lol.
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    I found him.

    I found him.
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    Rise of Lyric never happened. https://m.facebook.com/WiiU.co.uk/photos/a.361015913973149.81185.351440504930690/869189766489092/?type=1&source=48
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    Spin Attaxx

    The world needs this.

    The world needs this.
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    I've been feeling iffy about this whole thing. I've been torn between "these guys are greedy assholes" and "these guys don't understand their fanbase." I'm now leaning towards the former. This whole thing sucks. Red Ash sucks. Mighty No 9 probably sucks. Inafune riding off of Mega Man's legacy (something he already gets way too much credit for) sucks. The way they're trying to force this shit into becoming a franchise before their fucking crowdfunded game is even released sucks. The way they're trying to basically replace the characters and worlds that people adore with new shitty imitations sucks. Fuck this whole thing. My enthusiasm for this whole thing is basically gone. As a diehard Mega Man fan, this is honestly a bit heartbreaking.
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    Hi. It's me. I'm the dog. My name is the dog. Everyone likes me. I'm cute. I think I will bark at nothing now. Bark. Bark bark.
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    I'll always love Mario Party 3.

    I'll always love Mario Party 3.
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    According to the guy's twitter, Scott is desired to possibly be the Phone Guy and new lore will be made for the film that'll connect to the games. The story won't be a retelling of a game already made. The guy's also already a big fan of the games and wants Scott to oversee the project. On a side note too, Scott also donated $19870 to St Judes for a skydive being done by Dawko, Razzbowski and 8-Bit Gaming.
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    Oh my god, he became Melee Mario.

    Oh my god, he became Melee Mario.
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    Kaze no Klonoa

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    Manic and Sonia were created by DIC for Sonic Underground. He wouldn't be so stupid as to use them even if it's just their names. Then again, this is a man who thinks he can use Knuckles in his book and doesn't know how to make a fucking simple comic book without overdoing it.
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    Best Video Game Music

    Has anyone mentioned Alan Wake yet, because
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    HOLY SHIT! Practical effects are going to be used in the FNaF movie! I sure hope this director can take Scott's words well and respect his thoughts. So who do we have behind this movie? I know that Scott is taking part of this production as well but who are the writers, producers or the director? Sorry, selective memory can be annoying.
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    "I refuse, I'm sorry." "The last time someone asked me to be their assistant... didn't go so well."
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    It's almost as if the PR team got so fed up with his buffalo chips antics they decided to quit the company, and he took their job. And he's doing as great as job on that aspect as well as Donald Trump is.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Previews for part 10 http://comicsalliance.com/sonic-mega-man-worlds-unite-recap-part-9/ I seriously can't post pics here without them getting small Also Fucking called it with the monster hunter thing
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    He's putting more and more money into something that will likely bomb. PUT THE BOOK OUT FIRST! If it does well, THEN do the app/Motion comic shit.
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