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    Watching Big Hero 6 and I'm loving it!
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    So, Sega put out a press release for 3D Streets of Rage 2 and all I can say is BUUUUUUUUUURN!
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    Sonic Dreams Collection was trending worldwide at one point... well damn.
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    (Video) lmao

    (Video) lmao
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    being sleep deprived like

    being sleep deprived like
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    Check this out! I'll make this pink cotton candy into a blue one! Close your eyes! *Switches it out* Ta da! Open them up!
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    http://marvel.com/comics/issue/5223/stan_lee_meets_dr_doom_2006_1 To be honest, the Fantastic Four movie should been an adaptation of this.
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    If you scroll through JonTron's video list, it's actually kinda saddening how many videos he's deleted.
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    I bet Cameron is fucking ecstatic that the Royal baby has turned up to distract the general public from this bollocks.
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