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    Why? Why tie this anchor around your neck, instead of just making new games? These games can't be redeemed, they're always going to be shit. Why taint a new project by making any association with such toxic garbage? If they would ever again make a Shadow spinoff, they should only be doing it if they have an actual good idea, not because of the one they fucked up. This is just...I can't even comprehend what possible benefits could come from this.
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    Anyway, here's my edgy Sonic the Hedgehog theory:
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    Why do these exist?

    Why do these exist?
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    That feel when I don't feel like wasting my Super Premium Roulette spin because it means Growing Wings goes away. Also, bless whoever programmed platforms because I love it when I fly to a platform, get stuck in it, lose my flight power, then get thrown back halfway across the screen and into a pit. Whoever is doing the music selection in this game is likely the only competent person on the team.
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    My first entry into the world of character design.
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    Being honest, I think Sonic Unleashed is the best example of giving Sonic a actual world. The characters have a style that just fits in perfectly with the normal style of Sonic games, looking a little less over the top than Eggman but still looking animated and cartoony. I honestly prefer these to Lost World's recent all small animals crap.
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    Kaze no Klonoa

    Well then

    Well then
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    And that's as close as it's gonna get, folks. I'm amazed that you can personally edit Taima to such large lengths, really. All I was gonna do was add a banner and be done with it, but one background-color change and this happens.
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    Boy I sure do love how Super is basically making me re-watch a way worse animated version of Battle of Gods, I look forward seeing that for the next several weeks instead of new stuff. Thank you based Toei :/// (King Kai's voice still sucks)
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    First time I'm listening to this outside the show. Jesus, this is unsettling as fuck.
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    I'm going to echo Nep's post from the last page entirely and say that the game doesn't need to fit exactly into Sonic's formula to continue feeling like a Sonic game. It's honestly all the more fun making a game where characters fit to the boundaries of the main mechanics and then experimenting with how far that can be pushed without losing it's essence. That's the very heart of what makes an ambitious game, and I think Adventure did that for the most part very well. Except Big, in which I ape Nep again. Big being turned into some really goofy / laid back platformer with the most basic of Sonic mechanics would be fun as-is. I like the idea of Big using his fishing rod as a grapple to swing from bars and off of enemies with, and I almost can see Big's gameplay being designed in a way that almost pastiches Billy Hatcher. Imagine Big's moderately low running speed mixed with rolling down hills involuntarily, or using his stomach to bounce around, all while using the grapple fishpole mechanic (oh yeah, and his ability to swim and float with his floaty pack, since he is a fisher). There, we made a working little Big game that isn't bad to play. Just make his old fishing stages be mini-games a la the snowboard sections, Twinkle Circuit and Hedgehog Hammer, and there you go.
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    I don't find the gameplay of anyone aside from Big troubling on a theoretical front; instead I find the pervasiveness of the belief that any deviation from Sonic's gameplay or goals is "genre roulette" and thus an automatic negative is both an impediment to more creative, less restrictive Sonic games and a hypocritical stance in light of the fact that other platforming series like Mario, Rayman, Crash, and Donkey Kong easily get away with having different gameplay styles and/or gameplay content in their platformers without complaint. Even if you put everyone in a bog standard A-to-B platformer, if you took this mode of thinking to its most logical conclusion you'd be cutting out some of the more interesting parts of Sonic's gameplay out which would leave the game a little less exciting and a lot more soulless. You'd have to gut the humor and charm of Casinopolis' front as a pinball casino (not Sonic gameplay) which punishes you for losing by throwing you in the sewers (the actual Sonic level), you'd have to take out the Twinkle Park go-kart section because that's a driving mini-game and thus not "suitable"- same with the Tornado stages- and you'd also have to take out Ice Cap's boarding half. To make these cuts would be to eliminate some of the logical context of the settings and story, some of the interactivity from the more story-based moments, and the general playfulness and energy of the game that says it's harmless fun for Sonic to drive around a little bit versus some super serious, egregious violation of game design principles. It goes against Adventure's very spirit. Furthermore, considering everyone is basically already working under Sonic's general framework whether that be in their controls, level design, linear gameplay goals, or some of these things, I don't see why having Amy being chased or having Knuckles find three items is out of bounds. Change some parameters, sure- Make Amy faster and more maneuverable, or give Gamma more platforming-oriented obstacles to contend with in comparison to the shooting. But to simply constrain them all to Sonic's gameplay robs them of their narrative relevance and autonomy as characters, as well as present situations that wouldn't make much sense. For example, why wouldn't Knuckles be looking for the Master Emerald shards? Why would you put such an important facet of his character and goals off into the story and not in the gameplay? What logical sense does it make for Knuckles' end-stage goal to have the Emerald shards already there in a neat little pile instead of scattered all over the place, as that's the only way I'd feel his arc would work in the context of Sonic's gameplay? It's kind of ridiculous. So ultimately, I would give everyone the same gameplay but just update it for modern standards and sensibilities, with the exception of Big who can most easily stand to be thrown into a generic platforming vehicle and have Froggy at the end of his stages. Make his fishing pole the basis of a swinging or grappling mechanic, throw his fishing back in as an optional mini-game (or even more creatively, something optional to also do in-levels since Big isn't a particularly focused character) and be done with it.
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    "Should" implies obligation, and I don't think Sonic Team is obligated to remake any game, especially since I more so crave new games than seeing old ones remade in any capacity. However, my argument mirrors Azoo's: If they were going to remake any game at this point, the best candidate is Sonic Adventure considering it's old enough to be considered irrelevant (tosses out all of the 7th and 8th gen games), it's aged badly and its ports have done the game no real justice on a technical front (tosses out the classic games and SA2), and yet it still has enough good ideas that could exist comfortably in a modern context and not require totally changing what the original product was (tosses out Heroes, ShtH, and Sonic 06).
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    I still love Brawl's menu theme

    I still love Brawl's menu theme
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    sometimes i think about youtube comments i made a while ago and i just AAARGHFNSKSKCNEOODNCM MCMXKXK;;;;;
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    Kaze no Klonoa

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    So some new screenshots of the game were released that has the game boasting a new artstyle. Specifically, there are black outlines on the models and some cel-shading going on this time. More images, as well as the linked sources for them, in this Neogaf thread. ...in a lot of ways, I think this artstyle change actually makes the game look worse. The artstyle from the original screenshots wasn't really a problem IMO, it's just that the graphics they were presented in looked dated. But this artstyle change now makes the graphics and the artstyle look poor. Adding cel-shading to a game (series) depicted with a realistic art direction makes the characters look downright strange on top of still looking outdated. I mean look at Tony Hawk here (this is from the first picture above). In trying to sidestep one problem (poor graphics) rather than actually fix it, all Robomodo and Activision did with this change was just create another problem (poor art direction). EDIT: Meanwhile, at Gaf (thread linked above)... ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao
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    Tfw you have a wide variety of food in the house but not the one specific thing you suddenly have a craving for
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    The Fantastic Four (2015)

    My wild guess is that FOX fears that Marvel Studios may actually gain a profit with the movie rights, so they prefer be stubborn assholes rather than use common sense.
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    A trailer has been released for the SSMB movie. Coming Summer 2016.
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    improved my snoic famart
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    (Important image.)

    (Important image.)
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    Watching Big Hero 6 and I'm loving it!
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    There's no U-turn. Remakes are not a reboot. A reboot would be to go back to the start, strip out most of the existing expectations for the series, and try to put the basic pieces together in a way that actually makes sense (rather than just accumulating over time like a katamari). If you wanted to include Shadow, for example, in the rebooted series, you wouldn't "remake" SA2, you'd rewrite Shadow to fit the new 'verse and write a new story to introduce him, one that has no obligation to even remotely resemble SA2's story. Shit, man, in the first post of mine you linked I said the most important thing is to not cling to the old continuity. Setting out to recreate/"fix" specific games is exactly that mistake.
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    The missiles/drill things seriously have got to be the worst hazards in the game. God it's like the programmers just had a field day with placing them all over the stage, cause dodging them at times I swear requires luck. Also, do the iPhone's or phone versions of this game suffer from screen crunch? Cause I feel like some of the obstacles appear before I can even react to them.
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    So, Sega put out a press release for 3D Streets of Rage 2 and all I can say is BUUUUUUUUUURN!
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    Hey, Vegeta... You okay there, buddy?
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    Thanks to everyone's support over the last week and to everyone who joined us for the last Game Night! Now then, I'd like to announce something different today - The SSMB Community Game Night now has a official Steam Group! look at how neat is all looks! A list of things you'll be able to do here: - Chat to your online buddies via the group's chat function! - Stay up-to-date on upcoming Game Nights and the like with announcement notifications! - Join right into our upcoming PC Game Nights as they take place! (which I may or may not have teased via our group's profile picture) - Discuss things like when's mahvel in the discussions area! So join today, don't dismay and we'll see you on there very soooon!~
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    SSMB and my Vita

    Web browsers on gaming devices - particularly those that aren't frequently updated with new web design concepts - will probably never function 100% with IB4. This isn't so much a problem on our end as it is with IBS not offering truly backwards compatible rendering methods for the design aspect of the forum. While I'd love to make it run more smoothly on these devices, there is little that can be done to optimize (outside of perhaps reducing the images it has to render, but you can do that by turning off signatures etc.) without causing more problems. IB3 ran pretty good on those devices because it was incredibly old relative to their design.
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    Thought of an idea for a 2D Sonic. Sonic 4D. Structured like Sonic CD where you go fast to travel though time, except instead of different time eras, you travel to different parallel dimensions (hence 4D) and each of the four dimensions (aside from Sonic's) has a unique quirk, like a different colored sky, two suns, a secondary planet overhead (like in Collision Chaos) or a giant space ring. To get the complete ending, you gotta save every dimension.
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    hey there everybody...this is ryu, from streets
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    Every bite of whole-grain bread feels wrong.
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    Tufted Deer are part vampire.

    Tufted Deer are part vampire.
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    It's aged alot, but I still think Toy Story was really advanced for it's time, visually speaking. Especially since it was the first of it's kind and Pixar got so much 'right' with that first try.
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    my new favorite reaction image:

    my new favorite reaction image:
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    IMO, if they ever remake Sonic Adventure, they should probably just use that as a jumping off point and make a "proper" sequel to Sonic Adventure using the same engine. Make a game that actually expands on Sonic Adventure 1 and what it did instead of continuing to remake the entire series. Most of the other games after that don't have many concepts worth revisiting, anyway.
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    Guys, I'm not quite sure about this, but I think Jim doesn't like Konami. And I'm also not sure about this, but I think Konami sounds like a craptastic place to be at.
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    Just beat Boiling point. Looking forward to some new levels!
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    So, I'm making a thing here's a teaser of it, full by the end of the year
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    bruh BLUE ARMS AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH Speaking of, Smiles & Tears is probably the best remix in Smash. Er, to me.
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    The first one looks like fucking Boris Karloff.
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    being sleep deprived like

    being sleep deprived like
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    (Image) Suddenly I feel a mixture of nostalgia and sadness. :c
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    It's pretty annoying to go to a school that is basically for the troubled due to people viewing it as a "school for bad people". Like yea, I go to classes that have that one or two gang bangers but they aren't shooting up the school or causing fights. Hell, during Freshman year, I had two different gang members in a same class who are basically having a "gang war" in a sense. Instead of trashing talk to each other or starting a fight, they were focusing on the class. It's pretty amazing actually.
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    I love how the splatfest are less of "Choose A or B" team and more of a "You're taking either Callie or Marie's" side. I just hate how you can't join a persons game while a splatfest is going on.....it makes sense to an extent but at the same time every weekend when they have one and I try to play with my wife since I'm over in Korea, it gets kinda annoying.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    For info: Boom Fire and Ice was not at gamescom. Or if it was, absolutely nobody in the world played it or reported it
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