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    Sonic Dreams Collection

    This is a thing I've been made aware of via twitter. The password is "grandpa". Part of it is oculus rift compatible, none of it is "safe for work", though it's not pornographic... unless you're into that sort of thing. You remember that browser based bubsy 3D remake for a while back? That's who made this, I think the best term would be, interactive fanfic, with everything that implies.
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    It's like I'm really on SSMB

    It's like I'm really on SSMB
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    It's definitely one of Wii U's best titles now, and has proven to appeal to both shooter and non-shooter fans thanks to it's decreased emphasis on direct combat gameplay. The single player is also good fun though not necessarily worth the price of the whole game, so I wouldn't buy it just for that, thus if you don't care for competitive games like, at all, it may not be for you. The regular games have a nice pressure-off feel to them though due to still rewarding you even on losses, and shuffling the teams each play.
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    Gala's Art

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    I always knew Sakurai was a hack https://twitter.com/theringofchaos/status/626610513401638912
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Speaking personally, it's not that I hate Worlds Unite. It's just that, compared to Worlds Collide, it's quite a bit more average and, frankly, overstuffed for its own good.
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    They say you can't make a story out of characters that only have one piece of concept art, I proved them wrong:
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    I made some new fan art today. Because I seriously couldn't resist. Powerpuff Girls Z is too adorable!! So I made fan art of Blossom. Might do Bubbles and Buttercup sometime.. later or in a few months. I dunno. I made two versions because I had no idea what background would be better. So I have a plain one and a flashy one. Plain BG: Flashy BG: Oh and I also did a small pencil test thing in Flipnote Studio. Since I do not possess any tablet, I can't really make use of any animation programs on PC, so for the time being, Flipnote it is. It was a very basic squash and stretch practice with a Donald Duck head but I thought I'd include it anyway. Just as a bonus, I guess.
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    Yeahsonic4ep1, theysa2remastered totally have a good handle on thingsgenerations when it comes to keepinglostworld secrets, and sonic games almost never get revealed before they're supposed to.
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    After more than a year of being on this forum, I'm finally ready to make my own topic. Like many of you guys, I've come up with my own series that I one day hope to make into a video game franchise. The codename is "Project: Avant Garde" because that phrase sums up how I want to base my career and my entire life. I don't want to make the next Mario or the next Halo. My goal isn't to be better than any other series. I just want to do something different and stand out on my own. Any way, let's start with the setting for this new world. Keep in mind that this is a major work in progress, no nothing's quite set in stone yet: (spoilered for size) Now for a little information on the main protagonist. He and his four friends (more on them another day) are college students who share a passion for video games. But one day, when a mad scientist threatens to turn the entire population into monsters and enslave the world, one of them steps up to stop him. (The others will join him on later adventures) That's it for now. Next time, we'll learn about Gamer's four teammates, and that mysterious scientist. I welcome any feedback so that I can improve this project.
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    Fennec Fox

    Fennec Fox
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    Sonic's Best Moments

    Hello my name is Billiam Thies, I am a youtuber who makes content about video games. I've made plenty of videos about Sonic and have posted my videos on plenty of general video game sites. One thing I haven't done is reach out to the Sonic Community to grab their opinion on both my content and help for making videos. My most popular videos are my "WTF Sonic" series in which I compile 10 moments in Sonic's history (in each video) that I consider either weird, bad, creepy, or just plain silly. If you choose to look them up be warned there is bad language in most of my videos. I am currently working on a Top 10 list of Sonic's best moments; the weird thing is I am a big Sonic fan yet have never talked about the positive aspects of Sonic. I was wondering if I could have some help with this video. What do you think Sonic's Best Moments are?
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    MAKIN' MY WAY DOWNTOWN I swear I'll make consistently good drawings one day
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    Sonic's Best Moments

    When it comes to Sonic's best moment I don't think anything can quite top Sonic and the Black Knight's "The Dark Queen/Excalibur Sonic" cutscene: * "Excalibur Sonic" sold separately. I'm having trouble thinking of anything to say that would do this scene justice (mostly because it's 12:00 AM), so instead of writing up a new explanation I'll simply link you to my explanation of why this scene (and the rest of my top 10 cutscenes) is awesome from the 30 Days of Sonic #2. Actually you might be able to get some more ideas by browsing there too.
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    .... What? Like I don't even understand the point you are making here.
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    and here we have a well designed video game
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    Mario Party is a example of life. No matter how hard you try, you'll always get screwed over in the end.
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    Not gonna lie: Sports fans scare me a fair bit.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'll reiterate my main problem with WU: It tries way too hard to be "bigger and better" than WC but not keeping what actually made WC good. WC was all about putting Sonic and MM stuff together as a love-letter for both franchises. WU's gimmick is shoehorning not only Boom and X, but also different Sega and Capcom IP's into the mix. Bigger, but certainly not better.
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    *X-Files Music*

    *X-Files Music*
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    Tails moaned and squirmed around. His passion was a steaming locomotive barreling down a hill. It traveled at breakneck speeds, shaking the ground underneath him as he tried to run, but fell as the shaking intensified. Eventually, the locomotive was so powerful and loud that he gave in and let it overpower him.
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    why go to mars when we can just lasso mars and pull mars over here
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    game idea: play as a decapitated anime girl robot (cyborg?). as a head, all you can do is slowly roll, and use your robot hair as a grappling hook. disable enemies and then attach yourself to them for a temporary body.
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    http://i.imgur.com/TqhGG9x.jpg I made a cool torpedo shark, what did you do today
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    Ahh, memories...

    Ahh, memories...
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    SMB3 is up next and me and SSF1991 are co-comming! http://hfc-nintendothon.co.uk/
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    If it turns up at TGS then my god this game has problems.
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    The game has several problems with character balance, but I still find it a lot of fun, especially with multiplayer. It has an awesome art style and cool music though. Those are easily it's best features.
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    The Mountain of Handkerchiefs line from Secret Rings is one of the most cheesy lines in the series. I always cringe when I hear it
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    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    It's been a while...
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX1YzS_CYIw Reaction: Cats and kittens meowing.
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    Welp, the Sonic Dreams Collection is certainly nightmare fuel.
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    An all-white security firm focuses on protestors and looks for every angle it can to demonize them. No surprise there. http://mic.com/articles/116680/11-stunning-images-highlight-the-double-standard-of-reactions-to-riots-like-baltimore Perhaps they should broaden their focus to white people. White people riot over sports games all the time... but they're just "fans" rather than "thugs" or "rioters."
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    Ogres are red Oni are blue I can't eat bread I'll never drink glue
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    Balding Spider

    The Fantastic Four (2015)

    Masterful troll Ed Boon weighs in on the Fant4stic debacle.
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    Does anyone remember when Nostalgia Critic's reviews weren't a plethora of unfunny skits?
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    Hi, I'm Timmy Turner and I-- CHEATED ON MY MATH TEST
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    "the blue badger will kick your ass" ~NGw00d, 2014
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    Felix x King Dedede Love Story AMV

    Felix x King Dedede Love Story AMV
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    Hey guys! Check out this video Rucdose made! 7.4/10 to much sanic
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    It looks well animated so far. I look forward to it. The rarest thing just happened this week; Scott posted a photo of himself, which is now his Twitter icon. Finally, we now have a clearer image of the appropriate face to imagine belonging to the phone guy and something to hush those who believe the bearded fellow on Linkedin is the same guy on FNAF Scott's Hope Animation bio image.
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    Oh my god, seriously? Fuck off Sony.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    For info: Boom Fire and Ice was not at gamescom. Or if it was, absolutely nobody in the world played it or reported it
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