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    It's like I'm really on SSMB

    It's like I'm really on SSMB
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    I always knew Sakurai was a hack https://twitter.com/theringofchaos/status/626610513401638912
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    They say you can't make a story out of characters that only have one piece of concept art, I proved them wrong:
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    Fennec Fox

    Fennec Fox
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    Mario Party is a example of life. No matter how hard you try, you'll always get screwed over in the end.
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    Not gonna lie: Sports fans scare me a fair bit.
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    Tails moaned and squirmed around. His passion was a steaming locomotive barreling down a hill. It traveled at breakneck speeds, shaking the ground underneath him as he tried to run, but fell as the shaking intensified. Eventually, the locomotive was so powerful and loud that he gave in and let it overpower him.
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    why go to mars when we can just lasso mars and pull mars over here
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    game idea: play as a decapitated anime girl robot (cyborg?). as a head, all you can do is slowly roll, and use your robot hair as a grappling hook. disable enemies and then attach yourself to them for a temporary body.
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    http://i.imgur.com/TqhGG9x.jpg I made a cool torpedo shark, what did you do today
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    Ahh, memories...

    Ahh, memories...
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    SMB3 is up next and me and SSF1991 are co-comming! http://hfc-nintendothon.co.uk/
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    The Mountain of Handkerchiefs line from Secret Rings is one of the most cheesy lines in the series. I always cringe when I hear it
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX1YzS_CYIw Reaction: Cats and kittens meowing.
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    Welp, the Sonic Dreams Collection is certainly nightmare fuel.
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    Ogres are red Oni are blue I can't eat bread I'll never drink glue
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    Does anyone remember when Nostalgia Critic's reviews weren't a plethora of unfunny skits?
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    Hi, I'm Timmy Turner and I-- CHEATED ON MY MATH TEST
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    "the blue badger will kick your ass" ~NGw00d, 2014
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    Felix x King Dedede Love Story AMV

    Felix x King Dedede Love Story AMV
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    Want a good laugh? http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&ftab=AllFeedback&userid=lukiegames&iid=-1&de=off&page=1&items=25&interval=365&which=negative&convFdkId=1186736750018&convShow=true#1186736750018 Look at how this seller responds to negative feedback. They don't even read the feedback. LOL.
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    person: hey I really love this game!! me: ooh! which game? person: sonic heroes!!!! me:
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    This is amazing!

    This is amazing!
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    (Video) Oh, Yamcha, why did you even bother...
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    Hm, Star Fox Adventures doesn't look that bad. Yes, it's an obvious Zelda clone, but it appears competent enough.
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    Bat Eared Fox

    Bat Eared Fox
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    You're welcome:

    You're welcome:
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    good lord this steam train, where am i
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    Check out this match I did on For Glory:
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    "You've become so strong, Fox."

    "You've become so strong, Fox."
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    http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/18453-aidansikes-mediocre-art-thread/#comment-962892 to anyone who isn't following me, I updated my art thread
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    Is this seriously a thing because ok (You'll only get the picture if you've played Fallout before)
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    https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/pap/WVW69iR2NUwnuWwOSC I have no excuse for how horrendous his hand looks but here's Mario anyways
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    You'd think being a TV show critic and aspring writer would make his videos pretty decent, but I'm surprised at how poorly made Mr. Enter's videos are. In fact, I sometimes find them more bothering than the actual episodes he talks about as a result, lol.
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    PERSIAN SWEEP? PERSIAN SWEEP http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen2randombattle-258081808 SERIOUSLY GEN 2 IS SO HILARIOUS
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    I had a dream where I found a device that hijacked every single radio station in the world just so I could shout, "It is I, Doctor Robotnik, the world's greatest conqueror!" And then stopped broadcasting. Soon heard several police cars, like they found me already. I think I was thinking, "Totally worth it."
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    why is this not already a show let's start a kickstarter guys what do ya say
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    I don't know why but If I get a option to play as either a boy or a girl, I always play as the boy even if his design is worst compare to the female counterpart.
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    Soi what did you all think of the SMB3 run?
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    Personally, I grew up seriously wanting to own a Gamecube with Super Mario Sunshine. When I finally got around to owning both, I had a great time. I still remember it. But going back to play Sunshine just seriously hurts sometimes. It's always felt unpolished for a Mario game and it's generally a really buggy game. It doesn't help that my Gamecube controller has worn for so many years. It's still a great game, don't get me wrong.
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    So, i made a channel trailer for the SSMB Game Night channel and it's awful terrible no good
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    (video) The new Fantastic Four movie in a nutshell:
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