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    Radiant Hero Ike


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    How to snap your fingers

    How to snap your fingers
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    I am taking it upon myself to re-write the Spider-Man Clone Sage. Ahem: "And then Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker all kissed each other. The end."
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    There's not a single conversation on this forum that will change a thing about how Sega operates and treats the franchise. Acting is if anyone is operating under the belief that they can is pretty unnecessary.
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    Police Brutality Thread

    No, your phrasing is simply shit. You keep trying to frame "assault" as always a life-or-death situation in order to argue for officers' impunity to kill everything that doesn't want to cooperate (not even touching upon the actions of shitty officers who provoke fight-or-flight responses with their shit training and attitudes), when all assault is legally is getting hit hard enough to get hurt- there's no clarification of the extent of assault there- which is not something the normal citizenry is able to kill for except in very specific circumstances with a shitload of more telegraphing of intent and willingness to kill than what officers are allowed to get away with. In short, under the current parameters of your argument, if a mother calls law enforcement on her mentally-ill son who lacks reasonable self-restraint and they hit an officer, the officer should absolutely kill them, nevermind the legal rights to kill that mom or the mental health workers probably had who already were hit before calling law enforcement. If someone assaults an officer in order to run away and avoid arrest, the officer should absolutely kill them while they run away. If a child is in a high-stress domestic situation and hits an officer, then that child should get shot to death. Race does matter in the fucking real world where white people are able to aim guns at officers with intent to kill and statistically walk away alive more often than minorities do.
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    There's a snake in my boot! Wanna see?
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    It's simple, Gabz. It goes to show that not always is the budget that counts, but the people involved in it. Wayforward knows what its doing. Comcept probably doesn't.
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    Spin Attaxx


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    K, ya know what? I'm gonna go ahead and take the bait this time. Cuz this is something that'll at least help everyone else understand. Because black lives happen to matter so as to not get shot like the white guy. Something which you clearly seem very blind to for asking such a question like that. Yes. Unless that boxer had a gun himself and was about to shoot the officers or innocent bystanders, no he wouldn't. There's a reason we invented tasers and mace for that kind of thing, ya know - barely anyone can resist searing pain in the eyes or thousands of volts of electricity surging from their body. And there's always their baton. Killing should always be a last resort, or not even an option if the attacker is unarmed.
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    Police Brutality Thread

    You continuously saying officers have the right to kill anyone who ticks off their fragile fear response will forever be nonsense until the public gets that exact same impunity. Officers should actually have submission and negotiation training, as well be encouraged to use non-lethal options (they also need severe anti racism training, demilitarization, and neutral oversight at the least). This shouldn't even be argued against.
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