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    This is a man who, because Robo-Robotnik transformed into Eggman in the comics, believes he owns the concept of Dr. Eggman. He's always been unhinged, and I'm sure he'd become desperate enough regardless of whether the game had been made or not.
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    Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]

    Co-op being restricted to the amiibo is absolute garbage. Everything else sounds fine but that is way too major of a mode to be tied to a toy that costs almost as much as the game itself and is guaranteed to be swiped up by scalpers, thus guaranteeing that most fans will be barred from ever playing it.
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    I love how literally 95% of the hate for Skylanders is just ''THEY RUINED SPYRO!!!!11'' And if people try playing the games they'll just bash the first thing they find to justify their hate.
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    If my memory serves right (better than Penders own I suspect) he had never said he'd been asked to help work on it and was, like others pointed out, learned about Chronicles from fans and so began the legal saga. I suspect he suddenly says this nonsense for two reasons. 1) After all these years, he may actually have forgotten it's what started his legal crusade and 2) most likely because he's desperate to say to the world that he's a very important figure in the franchise's history, no matter how many contradictions he'll make in the process.
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    Chili Dawg

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    How are we this far into the topic without a mention of the best Garfield related thing to ever exist? pure poetry. puts the comic strips to shame. this one's my favorite tho.
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    Sega is the Wizard, Dorothy & pals are Sonic fans hoping it'll be good, TSS/SSMB/Me is Toto. The way this game has been handled reminds me of this scene from the Wizard of Oz. Sega have been like 'Here is our new game, it'll be much better than the last one" shows us some sign of it and drops one suggestion of it having less 'exploring' (Despite their original press release saying otherwise). Well sorry but... I'm going to look behind that curtain, I want to see exactly why this game will be 'much better than the last one' but if I can't find any reason why, give me one reason why I should buy the game? Or why anyone should buy it?
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    Radiant Hero Ike


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    And it's-a me, WAH HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (I don't know if the size code works lel just testing)
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    So my Mom bought Kinder Surprise Eggs and there was a little Dinosaur inside and he kind of looks like a brother or cousin of the singing Dinosaur in the "Yee" Video: (pic)
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    Electric and Game Night staff had a discussion about timing, and such and Electric agreed to move Cartoon Nights until tomorrow so she can take part in Game Nights, and we can take part in Cartoon Night.
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    Legofied SSMB, everyone:

    Legofied SSMB, everyone:
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    Yoshi gets deep.

    Yoshi gets deep.
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    Updated to include Shade's long awaited entry! I am glad to officially announce that I finished 52 games! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What is my 52nd game? It is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Published by: #FucKonami Developed by: Kojima Productions My Proof: My Verdict: https://meltingcomet.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/finishing-metal-gear-solid-peace-walker-the-new-monster-hunter/
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    Penders says lots of things. And like the stories he writes, they don't always gel together cohesively.
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    An amiibo's cool and all but I'm going to be kind of disappointed if a bunch of stuff is locked behind a moderately expensive piece of plastic.
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    Kaze no Klonoa

    Is it ok to like sonic?

    The better question is, Why not? You should like what you enjoy, not take answers from anybody who question your favorite interests and desires.
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    So, are all of Sticks' toys from the Sonic Boom toyline ... Stick Figures?
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    I hate it when I have one of those dreams where I learn a tonne of information about something and then I wake up and find all of that information doesn't exist.
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    How to snap your fingers

    How to snap your fingers
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    Police Brutality Thread

    You know, I think I'm going to have to see some citation for this, because I simply don't believe it is true. Michael Brown had extenuating circumstances since in that case there was an attempted fight over the officer's gun, but I'm pretty sure police officers are not, in fact allowed to simply light up anyone who takes a swing at them; as you've repeatedly insisted to be an inarguable truth from the start. This part in particular: As someone who has a concealed carry permit, I know for a fact isn't true. An opponent doesn't have to be armed for you to be allowed to respond with lethal force, but you absolutely do not have a right to pull a gun on someone and shoot them just because they assaulted you. Absolutely do not. The only context that that statement is true is if they have done so after having broken into your house, and even then there are specific requirements that must be met that vary from state to state or you might be up shit creek when the police do arrive. Even ignoring that shooting people in the leg or arm or whatever is simply a movie thing (center mass is the rule), there's really no such thing as a non-lethal shot when you shoot a gun. Officers (or, really anyone who was trained to carry a handgun) aren't trained to act like there is, either.
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    No Mondays allowed in this topic. So, since SSMB can't stop talking about him, I think it's time for a topic of the King of the Sunday Funnies. Garfield is a cat that hates Mondays, loves lasagna and is super lazy and snarky. He lives with Jon, his loser owner who never has any luck and Odie, a lovable dog that wouldn't hurt a fly, other characters in the cat's life is Doctor Liz, local vet who has to deal with his antics, Nermal, the world's cutest kitten, some mice who's name I can't remember, the super loud Binky the Clown, Arlene, Garfield's sometimes girlfriend and some other guy ... Linemen? Anyways, Garfield is most known as a comic strip but he has two live action movies, a few animated specials, a couple of shows, way more direct to DVD movies than he should have and a lots of video games, since this is a Sonic forum and all, I have to bring up this one: What a team. Anyways, I find the animated specials and Garfield and Friends to be legitimately good but the rest of the stuff with the cat's name on it to be hit and miss, I was a big fan for awhile though. So, stop stuffing your face as usual and let's talk about Garfield!
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    Weston Super Sonic 2016

    We have less than 24 hours until this year's WSS Kickstarter funding ends! We're just £66 away from our £1600 goody bag stretch goal! Can you help us help every backer get goody bags?! We still have plenty of rewards left, including t-shirts, pin badges, tickets and a few of last year's goody bags! Meanwhile we've been chatting with our special guests, so expect an update on that soon! We're working with them on trying to set up something quite special.
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    I am taking it upon myself to re-write the Spider-Man Clone Sage. Ahem: "And then Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker and Peter Parker all kissed each other. The end."
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    There's not a single conversation on this forum that will change a thing about how Sega operates and treats the franchise. Acting is if anyone is operating under the belief that they can is pretty unnecessary.
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    I don't want to come off defending Inafune but Im sure that there's more to it than that. For starters 1/2 genie hero is the same engine used to make ducktales remastered and Mighty No.9 is coming on every console where has Shantae isn't as far as Im aware. I agree it's jarring but like I said I'm pretty sure there's more to it.
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    alright lets get this out the way too. i fucking own the gamecube version of charlie's angels. its right next to chibi-robo in my collection. i feel like i'm committing a crime worthy of the death penalty with this and i don't know why i bought it someone help me
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    fine let's get this out of the way hello, my name is rucdose and i'm a fifa09-aholic i own 11 copies of fifa 09 thus far and i currently have 9 more copies on the way through the mail. i dunno why i did it, maybe because they were so cheap at 20p a pop but, i feel trapped with these help
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    what if cream & cheese were added to smash and they were stronger than rosalina and luma
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    Police Brutality Thread

    The thing is that shooting limbs on a moving target in a high-stress situation is very difficult to do, particularly when the average level of accuracy of an officer is already embarrassingly low- I think it's something like 20%. And any gun safety class worth its salt will tell you that you don't even aim a gun at someone you don't intend to kill anyway, because the biggest part on a person contains too many vital organs for aiming in and of itself not to be a high risk in case you do shoot or the gun accidentally goes off. The kicker is that when foreign countries are forced to actually fire weaponry, they tend not to kill people because they liberally use warning shots first to calm people down and maintain their control over the situation. And while conventional American advice is that warning shots are super-dee-duper dangerous because they will hit someone on the way down or rebounding (which, to me, only raises the rhetorical question of why aren't we afraid of our current reality where over 100,000 people are allowed to raise their guns at people in non-lethal situations or fire a ridiculous amount of rounds for almost any reason and at any time), this has never really proven to be a problem in countries where they are used. So there's definitely non-lethal ways to brandish real guns and get people to back down, but America will never implement them.
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    Radiant Hero Ike


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    oh no (pic)

    oh no (pic)
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    Announcement!! So, in order to avoid any conflict and to get as many people as possible to view the stream, it will be moved to Saturday. And every Saturday (with the except of a few nights) from there on will be when I do the stream. I figured I'd do it during the afternoon. That way, I could actually get sleep normally, and more people would be able to join since it'd be a weekend. I know Felix has his Movie Nights and I will try and always have Cartoon Night (or.. now Afternoon) to end before Felix's stream. The reason I'm doing this is, because there ended up being a major conflict of this and Game Night. And it being a Friday meant I couldn't do it earlier as many would have classes, and any time later would be too late. So I'm really really sorry for this last minute announcement! I hate making them more than you hate receiving them! >_< But hopefully this new day and time setting will please more people! With that said, the new time for Ren and Stimpy is 5PM GMT and 1PM EST! Also please vote for next week's cartoon! Dave the Barbarian is currently tied with the original Pink Panther shorts! http://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/4209-electricangel/?status=727994&type=status Vote now if you haven't already!
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    I get a kick out of the fact that every time I go to this local Mexican meat market, they have a sign in both English and Spanish at the registers. In English, it says they don't sell alcohol to anyone under 21. In Spanish, it says they don't sell alcohol to anyone with less than 21 butts (not quite that word, but the actual word's a tad more vulgar). Needless to say I thought it was the best misspelling ever.
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    First up on Lego SSMB, Lego Sayaka!

    First up on Lego SSMB, Lego Sayaka!
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    Do we know how literal this whole two worlds thing is anyway? Perhaps it's all from a game developement point of view. like say, when planning the game, do you want there to be humans or not? Are there modern day cities or futuristic Utopias? Maybe we're all just taking this more literally than we were meant to.
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    I can't believe Nintendo sold out to the Game Grumps corporation.
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    http://yachtclubgames.com/2015/08/shovel-knight-amiibo/ Shovel Knight Amiibo officially announced, here's full details: Cooperative Multiplayer (exclusive to Wii U)! Join a friend’s Shovel Knight campaign and shovel together! Use new cooperative moves to help each other out along the way! Deep Customization! Level up by defeating enemies and finding treasure! Earn all-new relics, abilities, and powers you never thought possible! Customize the look of your Shovel Knight with cool and crazy cosmetic options! Use your custom amiibo seamlessly between 3DS and Wii U! Exclusive Challenge Stages! Battle your way through amiibo exclusive challenge stages that take advantage of the new amiibo relics and abilities! One amiibo, multiple games We plan to continue support of the Shovel Knight amiibo in future Yacht Club Games and Nintendo products! Stay tuned to amiibo.com for compatibility details in new games. I think Nintendo is probably going to confirm other games the Amiibo is compatible with this weekend at PAX. Probably at least Mario Maker will support it for sure. Its not JUST co-op, and it will be supported in future Yacht Club AND Nintendo products.
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    There's a snake in my boot! Wanna see?
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    I have exactly 300 likes. I must treasure this moment.
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    Yup, Lego City Undercover is still the best Traveler's Tales Lego game. It may still have a few issues here and there that needed tending to, such as the walking speed, non-qte combat, and setpiece scripting, but I could play around in the game's hub for hours collecting and exploring places. There's a lot more to it that makes it better than the other games, as well, such as the inclusion of bricks and super builds, the parkour system and it's trials, and several noteworthy campaign levels. (dat ending tho) Overall, though, the sheer amount of stuff to do in the hub is just loads of fun, and it brings back memories of those other really fun Lego games. Now if only the game had a skateboard somewhere in it...
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    Going with yet another Amitie avatar. She's cute here.
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    Shovel Knight getting an amiibo that isn't part of the Smash line doesn't really disqualify him from getting in completely, there is still a small, small chance that he would just get into the game but not receive a Smash-centric amiibo. Nintendo did say they had plans to release one for every single character, but plans in development change sometimes, and that could be one case of it. But just my two cents anyway.
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    Annnnd the best Spanish word award goes to "diaria." Here I thought embarazado was the most beautiful.
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    Look at this little guy, he would be perfect on anyone's shelf.
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    Now's a good time to get a Wii U, especially due to the popularity that Smash, Splatoon, and to a lesser extent MK8 are enjoying. We still have plenty of major titles coming soon, such as Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, Star Fox Zero, and Woolly World if you're American. SMM is looking to be the game of the year for me; I was barely interested in it at first until its showing at the NWC where I and countless other people had fallen in love with it. We also don't know if the NX is backwards compatible. If Nintendo is serious about putting out another console that can place itself alongside its competitors once more, then PowerPC and the gamepad are things they would surely have to drop support for, especially since they refuse to sell gamepad replacements. Last I checked, the Wii U is the cheapest of the big three consoles out now, and it has an extremely rich line-up of first party titles that has more than justified my purchase at this point. If you like Nintendo games, you can't go wrong with it.
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    Get hyped guys! Hope we'll see some of the BH6 world in action!
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