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    This needs to happen someday

    This needs to happen someday
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    I like Sonic because that games that are good are, well, still good. Even if Sonic were to crash and burn, I'll never forget the impact this series had on my life.
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    This doesn't sound good. https://mobile.twitter.com/KenPenders/status/656380045171122176
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    So, I just figured out how to make an account here after commenting on the news articles for ages... o_o
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    Oops, wrong greeting. Back from school! Hi, guys!
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    *on a news site* *sees standard clickbait links at the end* "you'll never believe this health-related thing!" *photo of someone's hand full of tiny holes or something gross like that* *skin crawls for the rest of the day* jfndbshbd
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    What is that Trucy avatar from?!

    What is that Trucy avatar from?!
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