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    Spongebob's already finished his essay by the time Penders did the letter T.
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    Ken Penders: There is no escape. Don't make me destroy you. [beat] Ken Penders:: Lara-su, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your merchandising. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the multiverse. Lara-su: I'll never join you! Ken Penders: If you only knew the power of The Lara-su Chronicles. Ian Flynn never told you what happened to your father. Lara-su: He told me enough! He told me you killed him! Ken Penders: No. I am your father. Lara-su: No. No. That's not true. That's impossible! Ken Penders: Search the legal settlement, you know it to be true! Lara-su: [anguished] No! No! I can't wait, personally.
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    Sorry to double post but this is too grand, what happens when you play Lost World on a laptop from 2008? well... Rom Lim Sonic returns with ocular vengeance!!
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    Or long story short: Penders has been talking out if his ass for three years straight.
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    JoeTE, creator of the already fabulous Metal Sonic Generations, is starting a Metal Sonic Lost World repalcement mod:
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    You know what I really hate? How damn tedious it is to unlock custom moves. And when you do unlock some through playing 1P modes, it gives you customs you already have unlocked. So bloody annoying.
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Bowbowis never said that the Adventure games did not employ realism at all. He said he's tired of people disparaging the Adventure games as drab in general and ignoring the specifics of their art design, as well as acting like the classics didn't employ more muted colors and ignoring their specifics. Which is indeed annoying.
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    Oh, I'm sure he's been doing that for far longer. It just took a while for most of us to realize it.
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    Sigh. "Won't release book until I get a multi-language track for the project. And until I finish the app. And I personally design the digital delivery. And I go to court for another multi-month lawsuit. Don't ask for a real date, tho." I still find it odd that ol' FuhrerMustang can honestly claim that LHT was Flynn scamming and flipping off his fans, yet Ken is saying the above with nary a peep from him. And Stephen Carnaggio is a troll for pointing out how long Ken has been claiming LSC's release. Ol' Roy keeps saying that phrase, "Hipster welfare". It astounds me that he is so clueless about so many things, yet claims to be in college and voting age (if his Trump supporting is any indication...). I just had to point out the Undertale story; how it got a Kickstarter and is now one of the most popular games on Steam and the internet. Not bad for "e-begging", huh?
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    He even pulled that with Sonic and Uncle Chuck by having the latter withhold the truth about the fates of the former's parents because the truth that they were alive would compel Sonic to do "foolhardy" stuff and would likely result in his capture by Robotnik, resulting in him getting major pissed at Chuck for a few issues. Uh, I think Sonic's more intelligent than letting his heart rule his head Penders. Then again, you had absolutely no idea of how to write Sonic as a character well anyway so no suprises there.
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    Check out this guy

    If you've never heard of the YouTube channel TheRetroReplay, I highly suggest that you do. He's really professional about his opinions towards games, especially Sonic ones, and really seems to have a firm grasp on the franchise as a whole. Case in point:
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    Amen to that. I've looked over archived statements by him from years ago, specifically a preserved page from the time when he and Bollers were feuding. It's freakish that he sounds EXACTLY the same then as he does now.
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    Yeah, as I've said before, FuhrerMustang is precisely the kind of fan that Penders deserves. That said, we really should not be discussing him, given that he's just a screaming fanboy with an unnatural grudge against Flynn, and this is a thread meant for Penders and the Lara-Su Chronicles.
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    (image) Gwen ends up in the Meme Universe.
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    Also, surely I'm not the only one who think's Charlie's mech looks pretty similar to Eggman's from the game?
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Well isn't them not being similar the point? CD is a bit of an outlier compared to the rest of the classics, sure, but I don't think it's invalid to compare how it and SA interpret the highway/city trope.
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    I'm just going to add my two cents on this: I find it far more likely that anybody who has such claims and acts in such a manner is simply a troll who finds it very easy to get a rise out of angered people. People like this know it's a sensitive subject and will attack whenever possible. i doubt he's a fan, probably doesn't really care about Sonic or Penders. Just knows it's easy bait. Really, it'd be better to entirely ignore him, don't engage him even on Twitter.
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    (video) robotnik's tea party finally has a sequel
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    Xenoblade Chronicles X [Wii U]

    And people are getting up in arms over changes made to Fatal Frame and Skullgirls, despite the former involving 13 year old girls and the latter being a personal choice among the artists. The end of 2015 is just full of gross gamergaters tbh
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    Okay, I'm going to lay it down for you; back in December 2011, he announced that the Lara-Su Chronicles would becoming soon in 2012, which was jumping the gun a bit since the trial wasn't really over, and only finished in late 2012. After that he has been unclear as to when exactly it would come out, and earlier this year he insisted that it would be out in time to see a release for Comic-Con. So far, this has not manifested itself, and he is now instead talking about an App, the prototype of which he claims was a big hit, though he hasn't given any info about it or even provided a screenshot. Earlier this year, he announced a prequel comic called 'The Storm', giving a preview page and then promising that more pages would follow within the month. They did not. Basically it's all part of the same project, but the Storm was developed after LSC's production began, and thus far any and all announcements he's made regarding their release have not been seen through, and now he is claiming that SOMETHING will be ready during this year's winter period. Given his history, its unlikely that we will be seeing either The Storm or LSC itself released within this time.
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    It always irks me when people act like the levels in the classic games were all a bunch of bright and wacky Green Hill Zones or that the Adventures were somehow defiling Sonic's art conventions by (apparently) being super drab and realistic, as though they didn't have their fair share of strange and/or colorful levels too. Sure everybody is quick to remind you that Green Hill Zone looks like this: But the all too often omitted fact is that, as a whole, Sonic 1 looked like this: So for those of you keeping score at home the oh-so bright and wacky levels of Sonic 1 consist of: 2x Dark ruins 2x Polluted industrial zones 1x Urban cityscape 1x Checkerboard grassland So now that we've gotten the gaudy surrealism out of our systems let's take a gander at the Adventure game's oppressively desaturated realism: My god I'm just drowning in photo-realistic despair. So with the Adventure games we've got: A brightly colored theme park A neon pinball casino A bright cityscape full of colorful utilities and adverts A lush jungle packed with giant fauna A haunted mountain range with rock formations shaped like pumpkins A futuristic space colony full of neon lights with a vista replete with stars and punctuated by the sight of a bright blue Earth Sarcasm aside I'm not going to pretend that the Adventures didn't have some more toned down and realistic levels like Lost World or Iron Gate. Nor will I deny that the Classics had some other weird and colorful levels like Wacky Workbench or Launch Base. But can we please stop acting like the visuals did a complete 180o with the jump to 3D? I mean even the "dark and gritty" Shadow the Hedgehog had some levels like Circus Park and Mad Matrix which could more than match anything from the Classics in terms of sheer surrealism.
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    I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who sent a Birthday wish today, I've read them all and they're all appreciated. Not had the chance to answer individually as I've been surprisingly occupied, apologies.
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    Yo, if you're gonna make comparisons, can you not be fallicious about it? Stardust Speedway and Speed Highway are so obviously different from each other that it's not even a genuine comparison when other examples like Speed Highway and Star Light Zone, Final Rush and Death Egg, or S3&K's Ice Cap to the SA1's version would make more sense. Plus, it's not like the classics didn't delve into rather non-wacky territory if the tropical Angel Island, realistic egyptian-styled Sandopolis, or the steel gray-as-fuck Chemical Plant are any indicators. Nor were all the Adventures' levels based on realistic locations: Twinkle Park isn't a realistic place, the Sky Deck isn't a realistic place, the Final Egg isn't an actual place, nor are the ARK stages or Pumpkin Hill. Come on now people, stop disregarding parts that don't fit your argument.
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    Can't find the original video, sadly but: Also these: And the immortal (anyone from Radio SEGA should know this way too much!): Well crap, I forgot about Sonic Xtreme.. Here's some I love from that too: And, of course, Space Queens, as above. Damnit, I forgot that too, love it! I also forgot how much I love this:
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    Man, this season just keeps getting better and better! I've found that most of my favorite episodes are from after the summer hiatus, especially Battle of the Boy Bands onwards, and this one is no exception. Counter Productive is a fantastic episode, but the crazy thing is that I almost hated it. The episode started off strong, with some really funny moments (especially the ballerina joke), and seeing Knuckles feel bad about something he did so long ago was great, as was seeing him try to fix his wrongdoings. Charlie is a great character, a new favorite for me, in fact. He has a great design, great voice, and great background. He has a wife (who was also pretty funny for her little bit of screen time) and experience in archaeology, which provides him with knowledge about the Ancients that he uses to get one of their old mechs running again. He went to the dark side after being pushed too far, and by the end of the episode, his wife joins him. This all makes for a very interesting villain, much more so than T.W. Barker or the Lightning Bolts. What almost killed the episode for me was Knuckles' attempts to help. They started off funny, and his intentions were good, but when he got Charlie fired and thrown out of his house by his wife, I was suddenly no longer on Knuckles' side. Intentions don't matter much when someone's life is being ruined, the episode just starts to feel mean-spirited. However, the episode managed to pull itself back out of the pit it had dug itself. Charlie going bad and bullying Knuckles was funny. Knuckles realizing what he did wrong and still trying to help Charlie, despite Charlie being the bully now, was nice and earned Knuckles back my sympathy. The fight at the end was actually pretty awesome, with awesome music to go with it. Knuckles offered Charlie a truce after winning the fight to show there are no hard feelings on his end, showing Knuckles to be a pretty big man (er, no pun intended). Finally the ending was hilarious, putting Charlie back on top as a supervillain, one that should definitely show up more in season two, because I feel there's a lot they could actually do with his character. In short, great episode with great humor and a great new character. I can't wait to see the season finale in English.
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    Rey Skywalker-Ren

    oh god lol

    oh god lol
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    pffffttt (undertale spoilers)

    pffffttt (undertale spoilers)
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    Well I've got a whole list of 'em, including "Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity)", "Waking Up", "Chosen One", "His World (Zebrahead)", "Blue on the Run", "How it Started", "It Has Come to This", and any vocal track from SatBK not named "Knight of the Wind". But when all is said and done the topper has got to be "Supporting Me" because... well just listen for yourself:
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    Huh, Good call, NoA. Honestly, creepiness of dressing up a 13-year-old in an outfit that wouldn't even qualify for swim wear aside, I actually find the localized version to actually look cooler and more action-oriented anyway where at best, the other one is boring.
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    Heh. Real talk though, probably this; "When We Reach For You" from Sonic Remix. Surprisingly the singer isn't Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, but they're bloody good.
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    Counter Productive was funny. We got an episode that did more than portray Knuckles as just a goofy numbskull. We also got an episode where Knuckles saves the day all on his own. The concept of Knuckles having a realization of being counter productive, only to try fixing it with more unintentional acts of counter productiveness. I'd say the episode especially got good when Knuckles notices he made Charlie into a bully. I couldn't help but laugh at Tails' admiration for Charlie's weapon. He claimed he's never seen a weapon like this before, yet built a laser that did the same thing in Designated Heroes. I also found it a bit strange how after the opening scene, Sticks was cut out of the rest of the episode. Well, Amy was barely included at the opening, and was the only one who didn't speak during that scene, so maybe the writers thought it would be fair to have Amy be with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles for the remaining group scenes? It still seems strange for Sticks to not be included. I guess that realization of how she too was staying up late to see if Knuckles and Sonic can stay up the longest, must have made her crash asleep for the following days, lol. I kind of laughed at Knuckles unintentionally making a bully, instead of a friend, like he intended. There's just something strange about a jock like character getting bullied by a nerdy stereotype. I liked how his friends were concerned for Knuckles, instead of laughing at him, or mocking his situation. I liked how Amy tried giving Knuckles helpful advice, that's the Amy I like in this show, not the one who's bossy and sarcastic. It was also shocking to see Knuckles actually take her advice for once, instead of pulling the whole "you're not the boss of me" act he would normally give her. The part where Knuckles stood up for himself was a fun scene. We finally got to see Knuckles do something heroic on his own. I liked Mike's 4th wall break on how they're spoofing off a school yard fight. Also, Eggman's cameo was funny. The ending would have made M. night Shamalon proud, lol. I can't believe we're down to one last episode for the season. I can't wait, it's just a shame Cartoon Network is too "counter productive" to bother promoting the finale.
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    This song gets me going.
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    (pic) me yetsreday morning when I entered my store at the crack of dawn to see "pre-black friday sales" signs:
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    (image) Clipart boxart remakes are the best.
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    When drawing Space Dandy, use this specific shade of red for his shirt.
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    I KNEW they were hiding something from the Moon Landing!
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    The difficulty in Smash 4 just goes way beyond the threshold of what I find fun. Stupid bullshit like Master Fortress, the entirety of Classic in general, and All-Star just isn't fun. It isn't. These modes were fun before but they sure as hell aren't now.
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    Xenoblade Chronicles X [Wii U]

    Good. Nintendo made absolutely the right call in editing something which should not have been present in the original game. Long may this policy continue.
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    Sonic Boom is a comedy sitcom. If you don't want the show to be this, and would rather it get more drama/action/seriousness then this isn't the show for you. Because obviously a comedy sitcom is not your preference in a cartoon.
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    Iizuka: "It is written: only Sonic can defeat Eggman!"
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    Yeah. It doesn't help that, let's face it, Penders really is an incredibly petty individual who would probably leap at even the most vague chance to get Flynn or Archie in trouble. It makes it hard to gauge. I'm MOSTLY certain that this is over the Impact reprints and he's just blowing smoke out of his ass, but given how incredibly vague he is about everything, I wonder at times, if, maybe, he really is getting into a bitch fit over LHT. Which would make no sense, but then Penders doesn't make a lot of sense a lot of the times. We're just going to have to wait until a credible source of information can confirm things.
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    So um, I made this thing. A thing of which people might hate me for. :V But when I said earlier today in the statuses that Zelda's CD-I design had potential, I thought I might as well show how I would improve upon it. It's still kinda similar but.. well, I think it's a decent design. Also, I suck at drawing poses. Especially when someone's holding something like a sword. :L But yeah, I haven't been posting that often because I'm currently trying to make this super busy, super exciting, massive art piece which I shall not reveal yet. So that's taking time. And of course, I need to find time to actually do this stuff. The past few weeks were horribly busy with school.
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    Lol, regarding some selections so far, I'm pretty sure character themes played during end credits and music from stages that are mandatory to finish a main platformer Sonic game are not considered particularly obscure? Anyway, two that spring to mind for me, both from tertiary Sonic soundtracks: I love the intimidating mood to this one, fits Metal Sonic's intense, hatred filled personality to a tee, and the lyrics are gorgeously sinister ("He's put together the wrong way..."). I consider Metal Sonic's theme from Sonic 4 to be his official main theme (solidified by it's reuse in SaASRT), but in my head this suits him great as a vocal theme. This remix is almost a bit TOO cool for Amy's personality as of Sonic Adventure, but it's a huge improvement over the original for me, which I honestly find a bit long-winded and plain to listen to despite one of my fave Sonic composers beind behind it. This one has a lot of cool attitude behind it that I could imagine as a theme song for one of those many fanart depictions of a more badass "grown up" Amy.
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    Oh man, that is hilarious! Have you seen the Burger Dance? I seriously love this guy's edits.
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    It's worth keeping in mind that Archie Sonic and Boom operate on different structures regarding their storytelling and narratives. Archie is a much more actionize verse that has a certain direction, things progressing in a path while having characters react to obstacles and setbacks that come their way towards a clear goal before moving to the next one - and different obstacles and setbacks often get different reactions when they get in their paths. Boom is much more irregular, a more slice of life story where the mishaps often come to the characters. It doesn't run on the same path as Archie, so what it does isn't easily comparable to Archie Sonic. This would be like comparing AoSTH to SatAM and complaining that the latter doesn't do what the former while ignoring the circumstances that make them distinct.
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    Take the Ubi art engine and make a Sonic game that looks like this: I want a straight up followup to Sonic 3 and K in this style, and I'm talking an ACTUAL follow up. Not a Sonic 4 style regression. - Does that mean 0 story? No. It means even more story than that game. Just make sure the story is told in a way that doesn't kill the pacing and is written well and you have a winner. - Does that mean Sonic is the only playable character? Nope. Ideally it would have 4 or 5 characters to choose from like an Advance game at least. - Use new locales. There's no need for the game to start in checkerboard greenery or have a casino level, or end in Robotnik's base even. Get creative! I want the same feeling I got blazing through Sonic Colors's more out there environments. That would be my dream Sonic game, I guess. Unoriginal, sure, but it's what I want. I also think Sonic Rush 3 for the 3DS would be cool. I feel like the Rush series are some of the better Sonic games out there and I wanted to see more done with it. Sonic Riders 3 would also be top priority too. How Sega treated that series was just tragic. Bring back the old artstyle, take the old gameplay and freshen it up, make more than like 5 tracks this time, and you have a winner.
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    Yeah, when you treat your closest friends like that, eventually they're going to do something about it. I felt Sonic did get what he deserved for pretty much mocking his friends' failures; being trapped in a cage with a singing Eggman is a simultaneously suitable and hilarious punishment. I'm sure he learned his lesson after a few minutes of that. His having an ego is perfectly acceptable; it's been part of his character forever. He just shouldn't take it to the point of rubbing his apparent superiority over the people he hangs out with in their faces. But honestly, the whole reason his ego was overblown was to make it clear it's his weakness-- the one that Eggman later exploited to trap him when he least expected it. There was most likely a better way of getting it across than tearing down his friends and saying he'll defeat Eggman because he's the best, but still...
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    PSI Wind

    Xenoblade Chronicles X [Wii U]

    Nintendo owns the rights to Xenoblade Chronicles X as well as Monolith Soft as a company. This isn't censorship. This is something that they just could not get past in places like the UK, so they instead replace it. And they didn't even remove the swimsuit outfits. All they did was change that one for when you equip it on Lyn. And I love how some of the commentators mentioned how "oh but XSEED got Senran Kagura through with no issue" even though XSEED removed the ages from the character bios in the games.
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    Seriously, I am getting flashbacks to 90s Image with that particular line. He's literally doing the same thing. For the record, Knuckles did TRY to call out the Brotherhood, but nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing came of it, and he never really tried again. And yes, Julie-Su DID have her mind wiped twice; once as a kid, and later again when she was a Legionnaire. The revelation of which did absolutely nothing to her and prompted no character development or personal crisis or any number of things that learning your life is a lie would do to you. She didn't even question how the guy telling her all this knew or called into doubt how truthful it was; just a random old guy who shows up, tells her her life, and boom, happy ending for all. Oh yeah, as an aside, he's given a rough estimate of when The Storm is gonna be released. You know, that prelude story that was going to have 'more pages the following month'? https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/662524833696104448 Sure it will, Penders. Suuuure it will.
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    Nah, not really. I mean, there's not a lot that I genuinely feel bad for in games. The cars in Sonic Adventure 2? Nope. Besides, some guy in the development team even said it was there as a joke because of the parking tickets he kept getting, lol.
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