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    I cannot believe CNN used this as a way to say "is the US in danger?" I mean good god, from what I heard, UK news broadcasters are showing nothing but concern for France. We really shouldn't be discussing our well being atm.
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    "If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have." Hnnngg...SONIC '06 deserves a lot of the hate it gets. But that line is fucking amazing and no one can convince me otherwise. I really enjoyed Shadow in this game. His portrayal was genuinely great.
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    I know some are wondering "whos Sonikku going to go as?" dont know which one. so I did a poll. But I have these guys I drew along time ago. The top one I did a month ago. So here's the poll: http://goo.gl/uHytrl Which one do you think I should go as?
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    i can't believe cool cat's fuckin' dead
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    That was a great way to end the season! Shadow was perfectly in character, and Kirk Thornton's performance as him was pretty good. Also, Shads still managed to lend a few laughs despite being in his usual mood. And this episode was way more action-packed than ever. Eggman's little team-up really seemed to have Sonic and friends on the ropes; they just escaped by the skin of their teeth. Wonderful job to the cast and crew! Can't wait for more Boom!
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    Aw, man... I feel so sorry for all the Parisians who have to go through this nasty, NASTY dilemma right now!
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    Okay, I'm taking a break from all this news. It's becoming a little draining. Take care, everyone!
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    The worst part in all of this, is that politicians will probably try to use this attack as an excuse to once again trying portraying all muslims/middle easterns as an evil mass with extreme prejudice, causing hate, disorders, more riots, controversies and escalations. Exactly what terrorists always wanted on the big scheme of things. And all because of the fear factor; in the end, we'll be all dead under the weight of the Yellow Lantern.
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    Finally saw the finale! Wow, I mean, just... WOW. This is how to do fanservice correctly! (The non-lewd kind, that is. Look to Deviantart for the other kind) Eggman captured the fans' reactions to Shadow perfectly, and I can safely say Kirk Thornton has earned his position as ol' Edgy the Hedgy! I loved seeing all the villains again (although Nominatus was gone for obvious reasons. ;n;7), and they did a surprisingly good job together, until Eggman ruined everything with his fanboying! And Orbot and Cubot absolutely killed it with the Self-Deprecation and Lampshade-Hanging! All in all, I loved this season, from the delightful satire towards pop stars, to the franchise nods like Angel Island, to the over-the-top silliness of the heroes, whether they're kicking butt or just goofing off! Sure, there was a dud here or there (Blue with Envy, Just a Guy), and Amy got a bit Flanderized mid-season, but there is not a single one of these 52 episodes that didn't make me laugh at least a few times! The voice actors make the Sonic characters sound more realistic and genuine than ever, and I can feel the fun they had reading these lines together! While the games bombed hard, the show more than made up for it by being so gosh-darn fun from beginning to end! Here's to a great second season!
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    Seriously, Internet: You had ONE job: upload the full Boom finale, unedited, with no commentary.
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    I'm Freeeeeeeee

    I'm Freeeeeeeee
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    I don't like Shadow's current VA, makes him sound too....what's the word for it? Suave? I believe Shadow should sound solemn. Like how Kōji Yusa portrays him.
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    I think Microsoft should be given a medal for worst technical support ever.
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    checked the poll. 88% of people think i should go as this character of mine i agree. shes fucking cute :3
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    Rover and Kapp'n are getting amiibos too!
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    Dude, no offence but it's a bit hard to watch the episode with commentary over it. That and there's already a Boom thread.
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    It would be funny if we got the shadow episode today, since we had metals yesterday
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    You had bigger ethnic cleansings after Hitler, just none so organized. Regardless, no conspiracy theory there, it IS the kind of thing that'd have caused a world war before. Nowadays most states are too agglomerated in economical treaties to be able to have a World War- you'd need to dissolve the UN, NATO, etc.
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    Jesus, all my prayers to France right now.
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    A friend of mine was making inappropriate jokes about the whole Paris incident I'm blocking him on Steam for at least 30 minutes and if he doesn't comply with an apology or at least any remorse for his comments then I'm going to promptly tell him to fuck off I'll head out and do something to pass the time then
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    I generally don't agree that the sexism in gaming is a recent trend. I've always felt a sense of segregation when it comes to the gaming community. The "fake nerd girl" meme definitely snowballed this problem into awareness, don't get me wrong, but I've always felt that gamers generally operated under the notion that women were a secondary demographic of sorts or that girls in gaming was a recent trend at the time, (EDIT - Thinking about it now, I don't remember a time when people haven't fallen back on the "Girls in gaming is a recent trend" excuse. As far back as the N64 days, I've heard people say that. That's almost twenty years of it "still being recent" out of the 30 years video games have even been a thing. But whatever, that's just an anecdote from me) and their actions typically reflected that. Granted, I feel the problem has escalated in recent years, but only due to the increased prominence of the internet in general. But that's only within the community. In the industry, I still feel that the media targets primarily men and women who have similar tastes to men. To this day, I can't think of a single game targeted specifically towards girls (or even "girls, with boys being a secondary demographic") that isn't some cheaply-made budget game. Using traditionally feminine traits purely as an example (meaning if you're a girl and these aren't your fancy, then this doesn't apply to you, so chill the hell out for a second), there's never a game about, say, a makeup artist that demonstrates artistic complexity in the same way that Mario Paint did with art and music. There's been very few to no fashion designer games that simulate the adaptation and strategical elements of, say, SimCity. Games based on doll lines, even doll lines that are actually adventurous in nature, tend to be hophazardly-made and also tend to lack in difficulty. Whenever a Barbie game is released, you know there's going to be at least one or two men reviewing or Let's Playing purely for the amusement factor. And I'm not saying that's wrong, or that the men who do that should be ashamed of themselves, (because those games are terrible) but that it shows a clear divide within the industry that has been there for a long time. It's not a recent ordeal, or the result of a financial crisis, although I'm sure that hasn't helped either.
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    Good intentions don't invalidate the harm a thing does, nor do they protect it from criticism. It's just as important to call out these sorts of problems as it is to call out "obvious" ones.
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    Yeah, I thought so. That's all good.
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    (img) this came out much better than expected
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    I feel like in any reality, Shadow is way more willing to humor anyone than metal sonic is. Metal sonic doesn't even listen to eggman half the time. All his best robots wise up and leave.
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    Season 1 | Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion

    I enjoyed the finale a bunch. I loved Eggman fanboying over Shadow and all the fourth wall gags. I can't wait for season 2.
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    Boomerang has this commercial for Sonic Boom that for some reason always has a really stuttery framerate and at first I thought it was just my TV lagging on the initial broadcast, but the fact that it happens WHENEVER this commercial plays is appalling. Like, you're really going to advertise the show with this kind of laggy framerate? D:
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    They guy talking in the video's ruining it, can you find one that has no commentary ?
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    *shares post about Sonic Boom monopoly in Summer of Sonic group; not a single response is positive* Tough crowd, tough crowd.
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    Happy birthday, Greg!

    Happy birthday, Greg!
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    Honestly, the only things Screwattack does right anymore are Death Battle and One-Minute Melee. At least their anti-Sonic bias doesn't carry over to those.
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    I will bet my entire gaming collection that you do not know what it's like for a location where you're going to be at to receive a bomb threat because of your upcoming presence at said location. Again, we need to stop trivializing what has happened to people seriously caught in Gamergate/4chan's crossfire. There is no "but" about it either. She's the victim in this scenario. Saying it's hard to empathize with that because she distances herself from people as a defense mechanism is bad. Full stop. And it's easier to spotlight bad behavior when 90% of it is indeed bad behavior versus an attempt to actually talk with her like civilized human beings. I would probably start doing that shit too- mocking and highlighting the people who are asswipes- both because it's satisfying to dog on jerks and because it might deter one or two people from doing the same. So I stand by my call to action: you want her to open up? Help foster a playing field where she won't be targeted by laser-guided missiles the moment she steps onto it by taking your indignant attitude to the gaming community who fucking started it. The fact that there are a few audience members who are doing fuck all except "not condoning the behavior" is nothing more than this:
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    And here we see the wild Screwattack in its natural habitat, desperate for likes and subscriptions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxC_PlPT37U
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    the spoon is probably the most OP table utensil ever
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    Do people not realize how hard it would be (actually impossible) for any one person to censor freedom of speech? Much less in American without a shred of tech the NSA has, and especially the UN which is a toothless organization that can barely do shit other than vent in regard to censorship. The only thing people like Quinn have done is (inadvertently or intentionally, doesn't really matter) stir controversy towards the portrayal of women in games and giving them attention - attention that certain gamers are too sensitive to hear and resort to acting like 5 year olds over. It's the typical problem of the majority, throwing hissy fits and temper tantrums when they're told they can't have everything their way and should share and tolerate other different people. How many times have we seen this play out in history? (And I fucking dare you to challenge me on this, because that list is huge) I'm a moderate critic of Anita, Quinn, and Feminisms when they don't seem to practice what the preach, but at the end of the day the childish reactions they've recieved highlights the very thing they identify as feminists for in the first place. And it's hilarious how much of an obvious self-fulfilling prophecy this ended up becoming when anyone remotely familiar with the internet, and humanity's inclination toward the most dickish actions for shits and giggles thanks to anonymity, could have seen this play out exactly how they'd claim it isn't while doing just what they don't want to be seen as. Gotta love hypocrisy - the primary reason why I think humans are bastards more often than not.
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    I'm still hoping for Donkey Konga Wii U, featuring all the songs from the TV show.
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    I can't wait to see a new trailer for the next Metroid!
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    Alright let me hear your hopes, dreams, wants, expectations, desires for the Nintendo Direct
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    I know it won't happen, but I'd really like for the nine Ancients' Crystals to show up again in the Boom series, be it in the show, comics, or a new game. I just really like their designs.
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    it begins

    it begins
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    Tomy's Sonic Boom toyline just got a whole lot EDGIER.
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    Rush vs Rush Adventure vs Colors DS, which one do you think is best?
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    I used half n half and butter for my mac and cheese and I'm pretty sure this changes everything
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    Arin: "Dude, this boss is too easy, you just go straight into it" *runs out of rings* "Okay nevermind" laughed at that
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