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    I cannot believe CNN used this as a way to say "is the US in danger?" I mean good god, from what I heard, UK news broadcasters are showing nothing but concern for France. We really shouldn't be discussing our well being atm.
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    Okay, I finally got hand of my cousin. He said that he's fine
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    Holy shit!!! Even TSS staff are not safe! https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/665303405552754688
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    SS's upgrade system was so balls though. Customization can be fun, but it's not worth running around the world grinding for junk items. Why can't we just get concrete rewards for completing concrete tasks? Or at least let us buy things with rupees instead of adding a dozen different super-specialized currencies and still having barely anything worth spending rupees on.
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    Incidentally, that's likely going to put a rather neat bow on the ISIS problem. Doesn't really matter if they claim responsibility or not.
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    Alright, before anyone jumps on my back and starts asking why this isn't in the Archie Sonic thread, I honestly felt it's enough to warrant it's own thread, especially since it's effecting both Sonic and Mega Man at this point, so in general, I feel this thread is good to discuss those GN delays, as well as hopefully provide a guide on which GNs are still to come, and which series aren't. So first off, a guide. SONIC/MEGA MAN GRAPHIC NOVEL RELEASE GUIDE Sonic Archives: Status: Hiatus/Cancelled(?) Sonic Legacy: Current Status: Hiatus/Cancelled Sonic Universe Graphic Novels: Status: Hiatus/Cancelled(?) Sonic Universe Sagas (Post Worlds Collide Stories): Status: Upcoming Sonic Genesis: Status (Complete) Sonic Select: Status: Hiatus/Cancelled Sonic Saga Series: Status: Cancelled(?) Sonic the Hedgehog Post 252 GNs: Status: Ongoing Best of Sonic the Hedgehog: Status: Cancelled Sonic Boom GNs: Status: Complete Knuckles Archives: Status: Cancelled Sonic Super Digest: Uncertain Sonic Super Special Magazine: Status: Ongoing Sonic Comic Spectacular: Status: Ongoing Sonic/Mega Man Worlds Collide: Status: Complete Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Unite: Status: Upcoming/Ongoing Mega Man: Status: Hiatus/Cancelled(?)/Short Demand So ultimately, why do I believe this warrants a thread of it's own? Well, quite honestly, my above guide should be easily able to explain that. Look at the amount of delays and cancellations that's been going on with the GNs for the past year. Not only does it affect Sonic, but it also affects Mega Man as well. There hasn't been a GN release in at least 6 months, and there's got to be something wrong at this point to justify the constant delays for all of these GNs. It also doesn't help that Archie recently decreased the quality of Graphic Novels, and the paper is now much lower quality. Many speculate that it's due to the infamous Archie Kickstarter disaster from a few months ago, which has also lead to the cancellation of Sonic Boom, and the hiatus of Mega Man. If that is indeed the reason for so many delays, and a good three or four cancelled Graphic Novel series, then I think it's time Archie got their fucking minds together, considering that every issue of Sonic and Mega Man is still getting variant covers every issue, and the first issue of the Archie reboot got well over 20 variant covers, so if they have the money for so many different variant covers, exactly why the fuck are we still waiting on so many graphic novels?
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    "If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have." Hnnngg...SONIC '06 deserves a lot of the hate it gets. But that line is fucking amazing and no one can convince me otherwise. I really enjoyed Shadow in this game. His portrayal was genuinely great.
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    Of course Sonic is moving in the right direction. Dash pads only go one way so that's why they put dash pads all over the next game!
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    I'm still planning on going to Paris in 3 weeks, I'm not going to let them win.
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    Was looking at the twitter...fucking Kel Mitchell from the old show Kenan & Kel got a good response from Eggman (with the icing of "who loves orange soda" on the cake!): That made my day...
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    I know some are wondering "whos Sonikku going to go as?" dont know which one. so I did a poll. But I have these guys I drew along time ago. The top one I did a month ago. So here's the poll: http://goo.gl/uHytrl Which one do you think I should go as?
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    There's a pretty clear difference with writing a comic book and writing for a TV show. Also the comic's tone is a light-hearted action adventure while Boom is straight up comedic, you can't really compare the two.
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    Looks like Sonic Runners players also recieved a message from Dr. Eggman. Nice job, Eggman.
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    A little more than a year since Sonic Boom made it's debut and we've now gotten to the Season Finale by means of "It Takes a Village To Defeat a Hedgehog". Even though this episode was spoiled for me long time ago via the French version it was still awesome to see and hear it in English. It was a really good episode with familiar faces, a nice blend of comedy and action, fourth wall jokes, and of course, Shadow (whose voice I'm still not feeling btw), who made his debut in the Sonic Boom cartoon Additional observations for this season finale of Sonic Boom are as follows: Dr. Eggman having a meeting with the "villains" of the village, including T.W Barker, the Stuntbears, the Lightning Bolt Society, and Charlie! Shadow! "He's only the second most popular character in the whole canon!" It's time for these villains to learn the Power of Teamwork! Team Sonic sticking together doing things together...This time they are building a bookcase! Or trying to anyway as this isn't looking good at all! During the teamwork segments Tails roasts some marshmallows Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman had some while camping out in Episode 11 ("Cowbot") Sonic and Shadow being Sonic and Shadow by fighting. This battle was more interesting than the one Sonic had with Metal Sonic! Say Cheese! Who knew that a selfie of all things would be the catalyst to Shadow losing the battle to Sonic? A celebratory brofist-Team Sonic-style! And Season 1 of Sonic Boom comes to an end with Orbot and Cubot with a fourth-wall breaking commentary. Jabs at the limited cast and locations of the cartoon FTW Again this was a very enjoyable episode due to the humor (especially Dr. Eggman being such a fanboy of Shadow) and action and the nice balance of the two along with the great moments of breaking the 4th wall, the cameos of the villains, and of course, Shadow. Great episode to end Season 1 on IMO. And that's it! 52 episodes of fun, action, comedy, plenty of discoveries via cameos and references to previous episodes, excellent character interaction good characterization for the most part has come and gone by means of the first season of this awesome Sonic cartoon. But that means no more getting up early on Saturday mornings and no more of these lengthy takes of mine that took me several hours to do for each one ...For now anyway as we have Season 2 happening at some point! Definitely looking forward to doing this again as I had a blast. Among several things I am hoping for I definitely hope to see more of Shadow, Metal Sonic, and other characters that were introduced to us in Season 1. It was a fun ride as for ALL 52 episodes I made these takes that were very time-consuming yet it was worth it as well as a lot of fun. Bar some derailments it was fun participating in this topic for the Sonic Boom cartoon throughout the entire season. But at least now I can go back to doing this later on Saturday mornings : Finally, to everyone that contributed to and supported this topic for Season 1 of Sonic Boom: Thank you! Take a bow! And see you when Season 2 debuts!
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    Now that Cloud is added to Smash, there is a certain character they also have to add in"
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    I'm uploading the episode right now (without commentary )
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    the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!
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    And now Pewdiepie is a nominee of the gaming awards for a second year in a row. I seriously hate how overrated Pewdiepie and his entire thing is. I see so many different Youtubers like SomeCallMeJohnny, Antdude, and more putting in so much more effort and work into making great videos every week, and Pewdiepie basically gets along by screaming into a microphone and doing over the top reactions.
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    I think I found the correct preview, from the same wiki.... ^I really feel for Bunnie for that one. Also, NEW SOLCITS ALREADY?! Those main covers are real winners!
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    So far

    So far
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    Alright, alright! Imma go ahead and draw Boom Shadow wearing a Hawaiian shirt. xD
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    This was a good distraction for me.
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    This is horrifying. Absolutely awful. Thoughts and prayers. I'm speechless. Stay safe, everyone.
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    i'm crying http://gabe495.tumblr.com/post/133213872827/pardonmewhileipanic-trained-chimpanzee-if
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    i can't believe cool cat's fuckin' dead
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    He's always watching, always...

    He's always watching, always...
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqs2wSIPlgM There you go EDIT: Sorry, don't know how to add the video player on this board, so here's just the link.
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    No you can't. Have an official preview link instead.
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    Welp the first season of this show is over. Overall Sonic Boom is an enjoyable cartoon to watch, although I've seen better ones out there. Not to say it's a bad show. In comparison to a handful of great cartoons on t.v right now, it's not that good. On the positive side, there wasn't one episode that made me roll my eyes in annoyance. Even the episodes I didn't like. That's something I can't say about Sonic x or Sonic underground. So yeah, I'm ready for season 2. I just hope they improve on it.
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    (image) This has been a public service announcement. Don't drink water, folks!!!!!
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    I find it amusing how half of the villains in this show are Kirk Thornton using the same basic voice...and now Shadow is among those ranks. "He's only the second most popular character in the whole canon!" Speaking of whom, enjoyed the fight with Sonic. It seems like the writers are hinting that he'll play a more significant role in season 2, which I am totes okay with. "Just think of all the hundreds more stories to be told using the same eight characters and four locations! The possibilities are limitless!" Unsure if just being snarky or hinting at at an expanded world/cast next season. I love how self-aware the writing staff is. I found the show kinda shaky at first, but they really found their footing and made the first season a hoot to watch every week.
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    waaaaah I should draw Lumina in a similar pose/outfit one of these days D:
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    Finished the True Pacifist route in Undertale. Aww <3
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    That was a great way to end the season! Shadow was perfectly in character, and Kirk Thornton's performance as him was pretty good. Also, Shads still managed to lend a few laughs despite being in his usual mood. And this episode was way more action-packed than ever. Eggman's little team-up really seemed to have Sonic and friends on the ropes; they just escaped by the skin of their teeth. Wonderful job to the cast and crew! Can't wait for more Boom!
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    It's just depressing, for both the civilians that died and their families as well as the refugees who actually came looking for peace and away from the violence. In my eyes, shaming every Muslim on Earth, calling them murderers or monsters, is not only helping ISIS, it's most likely one of their main goals. They call themselves the "Islamic State", so in my eyes, lumping all the Islamic or Muslim people with them both helps them by possibly getting more recruits, or actually creating an Islamic State out of fear.
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    My family is currently discussing the attacks and the old chestnut of "violence is an inherent part of Islam" has come up from some. This is a horrible misinterpretation of the Koran. The Koran has what are called "peace passages" and "sword passages." The former discuss pacifism and the like. The latter discuss acts of war and proper conduct in war. The latter are frequently quoted by both extremists and those who seek to denigrate Islam. However, the mainstream Muslim opinion, as far as I know, is this: the vast majority of the sword passages are only valid in a contemporary context. Muhammad preached in a time where he was being persecuted, and he responded accordingly. Whereas Jesus says turn the other cheek against oppression, Muhammad was very big on the idea of self-defense. And in that time, self-defense also greatly included being proactive, because this was prior to ideas like human rights, international law, etc. We are out of that time, however. Most Muslims reject the war passages and focus on the peace ones. It's rather like how many Christians will say the many rules in Leviticus are largely outdated and only applied to the ancient Israelites. Most Muslims are not violent people. For those who are, a lot of that is more a consequence of socioeconomic situations (Christian countries weren't exactly peaceful places until the last several decades, people often forget) than their beliefs. Any belief turns towards violence in times of desperation. I guess what I'm trying to get at is... I really hope the people of France will not go down the dark path of treating Muslims with scorn. All this will do is create more radicals, because Muslims who would have been peaceful will be under more pressure to pursue radicalism. We as Westerners know this more than anything: the American Revolution, for example, was not a case of the American colonists becoming cowboys, giving Britain the finger, and rising up. It was the end result of many unsuccessful attempts to peacefully resolve differences with England. Many Muslims will come forward and be eager to work with France and other Western countries. We should not slap their helping hand away. They might just be inclined to slap back. Dunno if France is like America, but in the United States, the leading source of tipoffs about Islamic extremism is the mainstream Islamic community. Wouldn't be surprised if such things as burning down refugee camps might have alienated a lot of those mainstream Muslims in France from being quite as forward with information. Even if they have good intentions, they probably don't want to worry about being lumped in with terrorists the moment they say "I'm a Muslim."
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    Playing Sonic Classic Heroes (Sonic 2 portion) with my mom on chaotix ring band mode. She hasnt even seen Sonic in years so our playthrough is quite chaotic
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    Somehow, I knew they'd do something like this at some point. Nowadays, Cartoon Network just seems to treat a good chunk of the shows they air that aren't Teen Titans Go like this.
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    Aw, man... I feel so sorry for all the Parisians who have to go through this nasty, NASTY dilemma right now!
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    Kaze no Klonoa


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    Some more good news, no casualties from the police during the Bataclan raid Press are stating that the streets are a lot more quiet now, it's definitely died down. Still a mad hunt tho, stay safe
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    Oh, it could. There was an entire Hollywood strike some years back due to the royalties involving DVDs, streaming, all that fun stuff because it wasn't originally included in contracts drawn up by studios. I think stuff like VHS and cable/television were covered, but not newer media. But given the timing of the case and settlement, I wouldn't think much has changed since then, not to such a degree.
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    (Image) Five attackers reportedly dead. (from BBC's feed)
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    SSMB should make everyone's avatars Eggman.
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    The worst part in all of this, is that politicians will probably try to use this attack as an excuse to once again trying portraying all muslims/middle easterns as an evil mass with extreme prejudice, causing hate, disorders, more riots, controversies and escalations. Exactly what terrorists always wanted on the big scheme of things. And all because of the fear factor; in the end, we'll be all dead under the weight of the Yellow Lantern.
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    I can't believe how quickly the death toll has reached such frightening levels. Here's hoping these people are stopped one way or another as soon as possible. Horrible people, all of them.
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    That Fried Variant...ooooh shit! To think it makes you feel worried for an evil, world conquering dictator that has committed heinous war crimes. And Dark Gaia Pheonix! Fuck yeah! Can't wait to see this stuff! Especially Knuckles and Mighty vs Thunderbolt!
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    Yeah, that pretty much sums the guy up in a nutshell, along with his particular brand of progressiveness. He's the kind of person who wants a cookie for making a token effort, and in his case it's really, really token. And further, he wants praise and acknowledgement for simply DOING something rather than actually doing it well or with skill. He made Rotor gay under the basis that it would 'explain' why he was so socially awkward, and then claimed to be a trailblazer for Kevin Keller despite Rotor's homosexuality being so hidden that nobody at all figured it out until he said so. He claims Lien-Da as a 'kickass female villain' when under his pen, she had ONE impressive moment and then languished in the shadows of her male relatives, and would do so even in the future. He emphasizes that Locke and Lara-Le's divorce 'really spoke to the audience', even though Knuckles was not at all impacted and Penders himself gets incredibly huffy if you point out the more disturbing facets of Locke's story and character and his treatment of Knuckles. And then there's anything and everything regarding him and Sally Acorn. And you know, I'd almost forgotten about that incident. Or the time he DID take photos of girls without permission and then called people who called him out on it trolls. But hey, what about when NOT working on Sonic? What does his work look like? The Lost Ones. A book about an all-asian superhero team where only one asian superhero shows up, most of the story is driven by a white FBI agent, and the white supervillain's minions consist of three black guys and a single woman. Daamn man, slow down Ken, you might be going too far too fast with all this progressive stuff. I mean lord have mercy, a lady asian superhero? Whatever will they think of next! Yeah, sorry for ranting, it's just... it infuriates me that this guy can put himself on such a pedestal despite how patently wretched his work is on the subject. I sometimes think he only keeps up the pretense because it's what the 'cool kids' are doing and he wants to be noticed.
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    Well obviously Shadow went to look for news on Boom Fire & Ice.
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