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    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    The official Sonic Tumblr just posted this very cool thanksgiving art
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    [Image] The official Sonic Tumblr just posted this thanksgiving Sonic art. Very cute!
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    Can I just say first of all that I think it's fucking annoying that we're considering something as mundane as selecting one of multiple characters to play as a "gimmick"? Seriously, I can't think of a single other franchise that gets shit for this. Seemingly the only reason Sonic does is because SA1 and 2 felt that characters should have almost nothing to do with each other gameplay wise for some reason, and that doesn't even have anything to do with the concept of multiple characters - subsequent games proved perfectly capable of splitting gameplay into completely unrelated styles even with just Sonic alone. Speaking of which, I can't really stress this enough - if you're going to stretch an alternate form of gameplay over the entire length of a game, it's important that said gameplay is at least tangentally related to the standard of the series, let alone within the same genre as it. Of course, right now the biggest problem is two main issues that feed one another: the games don't have a standard to follow because there is little consistency between them, and because there is little consistency between games there is no standard. In a way this probably sounds like stifling innovation at first, and I'm going to be blunt about this: Fuck. That. Noise. You can be plenty innovative within a strictly defined core gameplay scheme, and in fact one of the main reasons the original trilogy is held in such high regard is exactly because they didn't feel any need to reinvent the fucking wheel between games - the original gameplay style was already solid to begin with, and any place it wasn't, Sega could just polish up on for the next game. So ultimately when it comes to gimmicks? I'm not saying I'm not open to them - I'm saying you shouldn't compromise the overall feel of a Sonic game to accomodate them at all, if anything it should be the other way around. Why make the Werehog a God of War clone when you could make him Spiderman with a rolling jump and a basic punch button? Why make mechs slow and clunky to compensate for their firepower when you could just make them powerups? Why introduce Wisps at all when nearly every possible application for them is already covered by monitors and other characters, or at worst, a stage gimmick? It's horrible game design to introduce traits like these that virtually require the game to twist and contort to unrecognisable degrees to accomodate it when at the end of the day, they should ideally be working to the benefit of everything we're already familiar with. That all being said, Special Stages are kind of an odd exception - being bonus stages by nature, it's not unusual for them to have such wildly different gameplay, especially when they're largely distractions that for the most part don't require their own learning curve (about the only thing that's never obvious right from the start is the ability to create rings in Get Blue Spheres by creating a square of red spheres), and unlike say, Treasure Hunting, it's not an absolute necessity towards completing a level so much as a bonus for straying off the beaten path, nor is it often something you really have to go out of your way for so much as something you can just pick up on the way to the goal when convenient. I would like it if they controlled more like the Starpost minigames in S3&K, though - honestly, those were a lot more fun in my eyes, and worked off the existing core gameplay to boot.
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    You know what else references things? Making a few references doesn't equal out to comedy. Showing that you know something exists doesn't automatically make it a funny joke. There's no punchline to it other than "OH, YOU REMEMBER THAT EXISTED :D". Sonic Boom put actual effort into it's humor to set up the jokes with punchlines and comedic timing. Teen Titans Go has a bunch of "heroes" (It's a disgrace I have to quote that when I mention this show) are a bunch of fucking pricks to themselves and everyone else who are completely and totally out of character compared to every other version of them. Sonic Boom's jokes may not hit all the time but there's still effort put in them, certainly more effort than Beast Boy and Cyborg acting like babies who can't handle responsibility, Robin acting like a prick and attacking his friends for no reason whatsoever, Batman and Gordon literally laughing when a crime is happening, and Beast Boy and Cyborg shouting Waffles for an entire episode.
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    I see Ken is on about Chronicles again on his Twitter. Maybe I missed something somewhere along the lines, but didn't Ken originally say that he didn't even realize Chronicles existed until a "concerned" fan brought it up with him on his forum, and pointed out all the supposed similarities to his comic work? If I'm remembering that right, then where did this current idea of his that he was personally contacted to be on the team making said game come from? How can you be oblivious to its existence, but also have been previously invited to work on it and be told that it was going to use assets inspired by the comics at the same time?!
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    (Images; Undertale spoilers) Results from last night's stream!! I'm actually really excited about these pieces, and that's a rare sensation when it comes to drawing. (DA Link) (DA Link)
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    (Image) Finished Muffet sketch. Will color later. (DA Link)
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    [Project] The SSMB Parade

    Ahh, who doesn't love parades? So, I'm bringing one to you! I will animate a whole SSMB themed parade and post it on a video for everyone to enjoy. I need some help though, I need some floats and balloons and bands, just give me a description of what best fits you and I'll put in the parade! If you wish to assist me in some other way, go ahead and send me a PM and we'll talk in there. Cut off date to join the parade is New Year's Day.
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    It really annoys me that people still treat Boom like it was a reboot with how much it was pushed that the original universe remains
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    Happy Thanksgiving guys. Whether you're in a loving or argumentative atmosphere with your families, working today/on Black Friday, or simply spending today by yourselves, I hope you all can find some good to focus on, no matter what your situation may be.
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    Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving. I know I am. *is being fat right now.*
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    Just read someone's fanfiction that told the reason behind why Sonic wears sports tape (Boom universe obviously). Apparently, he used to get bullied because of his speed and so he cut his arms and legs. So, he decided to hide the cuts with sports tape. As soon as I read that, I gave up and closed the tab.
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    there, a lineup of characters and characters upcoming
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    Presenting SSMB For Wii U.

    Presenting SSMB For Wii U.
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    everyone's favourite eggman and his original robots do not steal
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    2000 likes. I am now a dedicated friend.
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    Why did this make me laugh so hard
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    a murderous robot and his hedgehog friend. no arms yet since I've not done them yet
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    I'm not usually someone who's all that into making statuses about likes and that, but 700 likes in just over two months, to me that's a little surprising. I don't even have that many posts on this forum! I would like to thank my family, friends - Just kidding! But thanks guys and I'll be sure to come up with... other stuff, ya know.
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    tfw when you see you get popular stars on your posts
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    ShroomZ's drawings of Sonic and stuff

    Well, I might as well put some stuff from my statuses here. Another STC Sonic ALCO FA Classic Sonic expressions Sonic holding hexagonal Chaos Emerald And yeah that's it. Oh and if you are wondering bout that one thing that was to be coloured, well I can't find it. I'm sorry that I promised to do that and I lost it like an absolute incompetent.
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    Yeah, I'm still not convinced. Sonic Boom has effort put into its characterization and story-telling, whereas TTG just shoves juvenile humor into the audience's faces, because, according to them, only kids watch cartoons these days, so the best way to reach out to them is to play to their stereotypes.
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    So, I'm just chilling out with my folks right now, waiting for my dinnermeal. It feels good to have this, SSMBers.
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    (Gif) I wish this was real:

    (Gif) I wish this was real:
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    Ah, Thanksgiving. That one time of the year where you can finally hang out with all your friends and family and eat a huge, boundless feast, partaking in the wonderful festivities around you. And after that, you can celebrate the true meaning of thanksgiving any way you want to by PICKING UP GREAT DEALS AT WALMART!! NEW and HUGE SAVINGS ON TVS, LAPTOPS, AND KID'S TOYS!!! Don't wait any longer and CELEBRATE the TRUE MEANING OF THANKSGIVING by being thankful WE HAVE ALL THE DEALS THIS SIDE OF BLACK FRIDAY!!! callanylocalwalmarttogetopeningtimesqueueinformationandstampeedinsuranceforonly9.99asecond
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    Wow this place is dusty. *cough* I've not been drawing much recently, so there isn't much I could update. I have been working with materials I haven't used before to make brand new things. I can't remember if any appeared in my original topic, but years ago I would work with a material called Plasticine. It's a clay like modelling material that is most famously used in stop-motion animation. It always stayed soft and I would make character models with them, but since they remained soft, they eventually would fall apart. A clever chap I've been working with, told me about a material called Fimo, which as it turned out, feels and performs just like Plasticine except of one major difference. It hardens when baked. So I got some and the batch I purchased also came with a colour that glows in the dark. So, I wanted make a test model...somebody simple, who could glow in the dark...hmm... Did-Did you all see what I just did?? Oh no! It's a g-g-ghost!!! And he's solid, I tested it...accidentally. I was showing it to Keith, the man that told me about Fimo. He did the universal gesture of throw it and I'll catch it. Basically, I threw him too high so it got nowhere near him and crashed on a table and bounced on a tiled floor. Proving that he is a ghost and can't die, he didn't even get a scratch. Name: Boo From: Super Mario
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    (Image) [WIP] Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet.
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    And I was just here reading all the awesome info about the update and I was all happy and then this bullshit happen. im all like
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    Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song.
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    Proof that IMDB is nothing but lies.
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    So you don't question the iconic (no beating around the bush on that; the original tv show characters have become iconic in the eyes of many, practically on the same scale as Avatar the Last Airbender) characters' butchered appearances in TTG, which may I note, pretty much spit in the face of everyone asking for Season 6 of the original show. Appearances that either regress or just downright chaotically alter said characters and their personalities. Yet Sonic Boom is the one you fire on, even though the characters for the most part are kept intact, or even (in the case of Amy) actually competently expanded on. Heck even with making Knuckles a klutz they still retain his overall likability, and it's not like they make him insufferable either. Going off of this, I'm kinda left to assume to that your putting TTG on a pedestal over Boom is purely personal preference.
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    I'm not going to pretend I know anything at all about the DCU. I saw a decent chunk of Teen Titans, I liked it, and I thought I'd check out TTG when I heard it was going to have a bigger emphasis on comedy, which I like. So TTG makes references to stuff from beyond the first Teen Titans cartoon. Good for it. It's still a rather terribly written show with stupid, unlikable main characters that only superficially resemble the ones from the show it's clearly supposed to be a successor to. It has insulted fans of the first TT cartoon more than once and, by the creators' own admission, tries to avoid smart humor in favor of jokes that aim for the lowest common denominator. It takes more than a bunch of references to make TTG a good cartoon. As for your saying that you don't even like TTG (or the first TT cartoon, for that matter), yet feel it's still a far better cartoon than Sonic Boom, which you apparently do like despite believing it does everything wrong, I have to ask, why? If you're a Sonic fan I can understand liking a Sonic cartoon because Sonic's in it more than another cartoon that does pretty much the same thing, but if you think Sonic Boom is a bad show (worse than TTG, which is generally agreed to be a pretty bad show), I can't help but wonder why you're watching it or like it at all, even if Sonic's in it. Don't you have better things to watch?
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    Oh, really? So you're telling me that Sonic cracking jokes, running fast, smashing robots by spinning into them, and eating chili dogs isn't "Sonic-ey" at all? And how exactly are the games "pot-shots" at Sonic fans?
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    Alright, time for the game announcements for this week. With a total of 7 votes, the main event will be.... GAME NIGHT ON NOVEMBER 28th @ 5:00pm EST/10:00 GMT IS.... TEAM FORTRESS 2 MULTIPLAYER (PC, F2P) Then for the Encore event, which equally has 7 votes, it's of course... GAME NIGHT ENCORE ON NOVEMBER 28TH @ 7:30pm EST/12:30am GMT IS... MARIO KART 8! AND FINALLY, THE RETURN OF GAME NIGHT'S THIRD EVENT, FOR A SPECIAL TEST RUN....GAME NIGHT HANDHELD WITH... SUPER SMASH BROS FOR 3DS! ON NOVEMBER 28TH STARTING AT 7:30pm EST/12:30am GMT So there's this week's games! If you are coming, please let me know in advance so I can get things organized. Make life easier for everyone. Reminder that Handheld Night is solely a test drive tonight, and if you guys want it to keep happening, more than 4 players need to attend. Finally, I'll give a hint regarding next weeks games. There will not be a vote happening. You guys asked for new material, and we're giving it to you. Next week, we will be doing brand new games that haven't been featured on Game Night before but have been highly requested in the past! Keep an eye on here to find them out!
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    I really hope they don't give up on parkour just because it didn't work well in Lost World. Of all the gimmicks the series has tried, I think it's the best fit for Sonic; parkour is basically "extreme platforming IRL", with a focus on moving quickly and fluidly, so it seems like a natural direction to expand Sonic's abilities. It just needs to actually be quick and fluid, not stiff and awkward like in Lost World. I'd be interested to see more racing "boss fights" in the series. Sonic games aren't usually designed for combat; making bosses another kind of platforming challenge is probably a better test of your skills than a straight fight.
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    I took this two years ago.

    I took this two years ago.
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    for Thanksgiving I'm bringing back an old classic I made (img)
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    More news! All non-event characters will be added to the roulette permanently! This is how you rank their star levels up. Just like buddies they max at level 10. (They still have the old levelling up system too). Again! Stuff keeps on coming! Special login bonus for the first 5 days "Start Dash Login Bonus". It gives 50 RSR, a premium roulette ticket and Team Easy Silver (Not the new ESP Silver).
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    Tails' hand will be missed!

    Tails' hand will be missed!
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    Not really, if anything it's mainly just been proper questioning of one's preferences. No need to end things so prematurely. Anyway, question. Why are you trying to use that as a point scored for TTG when Boom also has references, which if you ask me, are also done better. Heck, in Boom, often the references, ala badniks, referential lines, and the like, more often connect and go out of their way to actually try and make the episodes more enjoyable. With TTG they're less connected, and quite a few times just make ya wish you were experiencing what was being referenced. Not saying that Boom didn't at some times do that, but never as often as TTG. And I can assure you that Boom does not stoop to the lows of a teasing reference like that stupid gag where they dubbed over the original show. http://youtu.be/1QXmpWB1FZg That has jack all to do with the actual quality of the show. And if by "being apart of a licensed property" you mean actually being faithful to the source it's spinning off of, than I'm going to have to object to that notion because you can bet you'll see less grief from Sonic Boom than TTG by far in that regard. Well, again it kinda says that you like Teen Titans Go, factoring how much praise over Boom you've been giving it.
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    What if one day we all have princesses as our avatars?
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    I honestly don't get why people still react so much to those "most popular lists". If the general public likes something I don't, honestly I don't give a shit. Doesn't affect what I like and don't like.
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    Work on SSMB For Wii U so far. Anybody else want to claim a spot?
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    (Image) So why is Sonic Lost Steam showing me the PEGI logo? I'm not in Europe. =|
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    Shade? Uhh... Stop. The creators had never even seen the original show when they began production on TTG, essentially made it out to be nothing but grimdarkness in an episode that was a response to fans who didn't like the direction of the new show, and literally dubbed over footage from the original show to make more stupid jokes. There is no love for the original show here. So, the only thing that justifies TTG being a successor to the original Teen Titans is references? Even if everything else about the show is completely different or even spits in the face of its predecessor, since it makes references that automatically makes it a good Teen Titans cartoon? And that's not exactly what TTG is? It's not just a stupid Johnny Test-esque cartoon with a superhero skin? Again, TTG has a superhero skin. How is that any different from the cast of Sonic Boom wearing sports tape? Every argument you're making can easily be applied to the show you're defending so fiercely. I really don't care if you prefer TTG over Sonic Boom, but your arguments for why it's so much better really don't give you much of a leg to stand on.
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