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    I don't have many favourite fight scenes, but one of my favourites of all time is maybe Saitama vs Genos. The level of detail and intensity is just awesome.
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    There are three things I look for in a good fight scene: 1. Characters we care about. You can have all the special effects and kickass choreography in the world, but if I don't care about WHO is punching each other or WHY they're punching each other, then I don't care HOW they're punching each other. 2. Visuals. If you've got #1 down, now it's time to make the fight look cool, or at least fitting of the story. If it's a fun action movie, make it fast-paced and exciting. Show what the characters are feeling through their movement and facial expressions. Have a good backdrop with an appropriate color scheme to fit the level of intensity. 3. Music. I almost started this section with "not as important as the other two" but to me, music is very important. Great music can propel a fight scene to new heights, and bad music can ruin one. And sometimes no music at all is just what a fight needs. It all depends on what the story has been leading up to, and what tone they want to set. And the fight that I think embodies these three attributes best is (AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER SPOILERS)
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Sooo, have these been posted yet? :V Haven't been in the thread since my subs expired and I most likely won't get back in the comics until next year. Source: http://comicsalliance.com/archie-action-sonic-the-hedgehog-releases-for-march-2016-solicitations/
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    1. Change Sonic's attitude. The guy has an ego, but he would never, under any situations tell his best friend's parents that Tails worships him. Sonic would never do that, and would never refer to his little brother like that. 2. The Prower's stance. They honestly act like jerks in my opinion. The idea was to create a story where neither side is right, but considering Knothole was completely fine under Elias' control, and his father had no power, the Prowers' problems with Knothole aren't well thought out, and end up coming off power hungry because of the fact they're pulling this right after the Knothole siege. They leave their son to possibly be arrested by his best friend just to go on their idiotic quest for power as well. 3. Fiona. That element needs to have been removed. It makes no sense in the story context. By this point, Fiona backstabbed then all, and took pleasure in hitting Tails. Tails is meant to be the smartest of the characters, he wouldn't still be hung up on a fox who hurt his best friend, and took pleasure in attacking him. If Fiona was a reason, until the betrayal, it might have been fine, but Tails basically says she's the entire reason he's fighting Sonic. 4. Fairer Fight. Tails generally overpowers Sonic during the battle. Tails is my favourite character of the series admittedly, but the fight most definitely shouldn't have been so one sided in order to show Sonic getting his ass kicked.
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    If you can't answer properly analogous questions or actually detect the argument within the question, then you've already demonstrated how weak the foundation of your argument is. And nowhere in this conversation did you utter the word "language" before this. Your literal quote was, "When correcting others you are holding youtrself to a much higher standard than you normaly would," which colloquially translates out to "as a person." No one has any reason to believe you meant in terms of language and not a person's morality or self-worth.
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    What are Your Favorite Fight Scenes?

    Note: It can be from anything. Games. Movies. Anime. Cartoons. Whatever. As long as guys and gals beating the crap outta eachother. Everything is filled with fight scenes nowadays, but at the same time it's rare that one sticks out in your head as memorable, or even the highlight of an entire work. Even in action movies a lot of the action can wind up being considered forgettable. Makes me appreciate the ones that stick out much more. I have a lot of favorites. Here's one of them: Daredevil is really different from most of Marvel's output. Instead of the fast paced, breezy feel of their movies, Daredevil is a slow burn. A very raw and real show in contrast. I like how Daredevil just barely manages to take out the five thugs, stopping and resting every chance he gets. It's really creatively shot too. I also love how the thugs don't go down in one hit and keep standing back up. Daredevil's powers give him an advantage, but barely. This is only one of my favorites though. There was a lot to like just looking at the past few years alone. What are some of your favorites?
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    For a minute, I thought they had mistakenly placed Roxas into the picture twice before I realized it was Ven.
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    So let's say another terrorist attack happens in, say, Japan to make it more relevant. Sega makes a message that they stand in solidarity with the people directly affected and condemn the terrorists or the act of violence. Or any company or PR representative says this. This is out of line because they're appealing to morality and putting themselves above people performing a behavior they don't condone?
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    this is my favorite post in the world <3
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Is it just me or is the Rabbit, Bear and Wolf on SU #86 Carroteia, Bearnger and Fockewolf? Cool redesigns!
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    I'm really digging this new Archie Sonic cover. It reminds me of that "Fight for Freedom!" cover from a little while back. I kinda want this a poster.
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    And hopefully we'll have actual fucking dialogue next time around, Uprising is a demonstration of the horrendous missed opportunity caused by making everyone mute.
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    The SSE was basically wasted by having a rather generic world rather than just a huge amalgamation of Nintendo locations and whatnot. The actual gameplay wasn't really any worse than Melee's adventure mode, though, and the original cast of enemies were gloriously trippy as hell. Tabuu was also a pretty crazy final boss. Though Rayqauza got jobbed. Hopefully the next Smash gets in a better adventure mode. Smash Run and Smash Board aren't exactly great substitutes, the former is a nice diversion, but the latter is just awful.
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    Yeah, House of Cards is far from being unsalvagable if you ask me. Just...not done well. Everything Ryannumber1 and biznizz addressed would have made it much more believable and interesting, because honestly we had yet to see Sonic and Tails of all characters actually and legitimately go at it, at least from what I know. Same with Tails's parents being more active characters, but the timing of their actions and Rosemary's continued distrust of the monarchy when the Council was formed that was doing rather well under Elias seems more of a power grab. And that isn't helped by Sally somehow ending the fight between Elias and Amadeus so quickly - Sally may be diplomatic, but the speed she apparently did this was too much for her character to be believable. Only goes to show that, despite Ian being the best Sonic writer we currently have, even he can make some pretty messy screw ups in writing a story. If you're going to change up some things in your project, then the above points are definitely things to consider.
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    It's not an "opinion" when you're bashing someone for simply enjoying a game because, get this, enjoyment is subjective and bashing is not an opinion. You can't resort to the "Opinions are holy and uncontestable!" as defence because not only are they not any of those things, bashing is not an "opinion". Seriously, if you're the sort of person to class someone as 'delusional' for enjoying something, the mere action of which not even affecting you on any level, then you're the intolerant douchebag and someone whose reaching beyond your station, not the dude who called you out for saying it.
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    Is this a joke post? Would you mind explaining exactly what is wrong with that? If a media outlet is saying that 'you are deluded if you like a certain game' and the official account of said game defends the fans of it by effectively saying "Please don't insult people for liking something you don't" now a bad thing? Edit 2: and now it's back. Edit 3: .... .... ... ... ... ... ... What?
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    Yeah, either that or the son had friends who had a Genesis with Sonic games. The issue is that, regardless, Ken claimed to have first hand knowledge of the series, which he'd later use to proclaim himself an expert on all things Sonic, even to this day. ...Despite the fact that IIRC, he once stated that he had never played a single game in the series. But I do remember the days when you could rent a console or VCR from a rental place (born in 89). But that just raises the question on why he didn't bother renting one or getting his kids to borrow a friend's system. I would also like to remind people to not make this about the Penders family personally. This pic is to serve as an example of Ken's previous work on the series, the laziness which was a part of it, and to point out his grossly inflated self importance to the franchise when evidence showed that he was not familiar with the games and had (IIRC) never really watched a whole episode of SatAM.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So this reference happened. I can't. XD
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    Anyone brought this up yet? (Source)
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    new update makes game so much better 10/10 goty
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    Story can be considered somewhat secondary to marketability if we're talking strictly about box office sales and memorability. The most discussed CGI movies that have come out of Disney recently have simply been the ones with the most significant marketing campaigns. Tangled is fondly remembered but not actually all that merchandised and talked about, despite being a much better movie and musical than Frozen (which, I need to remind people, is the most profitable fucking animated film of all time). The reason for this is because Disney changed Tangled's name and was ashamed of showing off a movie with a female protagonist so much because "omg boys" that no one even knew it was a musical until they went to see it. But Frozen Fever has been and is still inescapable; there's a new Olaf toy coming out every week it seems. Compare Inside Out to Good Dinosaur in a similar vain. Inside Out was everywhere in terms of just the TV ad space alone. Disney even made reaction videos to Star Wars featuring the emotions. Meanwhile, Good Dinosaur had like...one Subway ad that I remember...and a few toy commercials. S'bout it. I told my mom the first time I went to the theater that that was what me and my friend were going to see and she was like "Huh? The Good Dinosaur?... There's a new Pixar movie coming out?!" If Disney can catapult Frozen- again Frozen- to the status of the best-performing animated film of all time, then there's no reason TGD shouldn't have made its money back easier. Let's take this outside of Disney to hammer the point home. While Frozen is the first highest-grossing animated movie of all time, Minions is in the number 2 spot. Minions. Guys.... Minions. Are you going to sit here and tell me that fucking Minions is a better movie than The Good Dinosaur?
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    With the Great Maze, I think it would've been far better if it served as the sole "level" and the entire Subspace Emissary map, instead of essentially being the sudden Metroidvania level in what is otherwise a typical platformer game.
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    Hell, they don't even need to have everyone speak the same language, for certain characters who Nintendo is really not keen on having proper voiced dialogue. Zelda, Shiek and Ganondorf could speak Hylian so they don't even need to speak in any comprehensible language (which is pretty much what Midna did in TP). Mario and Luigi could use their fake Italian nonsense from Superstar Saga, and so on and so forth. Might be interesting to have Peach be fully voiced again for the first time since Sunshine, and Samus' Other M VA actually having proper voice direction to work with.
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    Eh, I still think an expanded take on Melee's Adventure Mode would be the ideal thing to have for a Single Player mode. Just make every level have a platforming section instead of just a fighting section and things should be just peachy.
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    SSE I'm mixed on. The cutscenes and character interactions are great, but actually playing the thing was a load of crapola. Especially the Great Maze. Fuck the Great Maze. Wasn't a fan either of how they used generic locales (forest, desert, temple) and enemies rather than ones from various NIntendo universes like Melee's Adventure Mode had done.
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    Mmmmmhmmmmm.... And how about you now explain what exactly you wrote instead of... whatever that post was? I believe you accused the tweet of somehow pandering towards men? Would you care to explain how exactly it does that, or why that tweet is somehow bad... or wrong?
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    So StarlightAurora shared on Twitter his Quick mode score... My god Big is legendary!
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    Game Grumps is a YouTube comedy channel with multiple people of differing opinions on it that has the cultural sway of anime, eg., no one gives a shit because they are not worth giving a shit about in the grand scheme of media to bother making a big deal about some tenuous philosophical contradiction between the two in order to shit on Aaron and Sega for having the audacity to give out sound advice. And the only way Sega would get torn apart by being connected to a terrorist group is if it were proven that they were knowingly aiding any individual or group's operations which is the actual context I was operating the metaphor in, a metaphor which I don't know why you're bringing back up in this manner since you've already agreed to the point that metaphor was made to explain. Like, you know how reasonable people don't mess with the family members of mass murderers, because despite their association to that person it's not assumed that they actually knew anything about it until they got caught? This happens all the time in terms of PR disasters. No one blames the company for being involved with someone who turned out shitty unless the company was reasonably proven to have known beforehand that the person was awful. So no, no one would look at Sega for accidentally hiring a KKK member or something, if they came out and said this person's history didn't come up on their radar and they made concessions to the public. Again, none of this shit is remotely realistic with which to be bashing Aaron over the head with. And let me be clear about this conclusion: We have managed to turn a benign statement about tolerance of different opinions about harmless art- stuff people on SSMB have been preaching for years- into a dumb argument about social justice and hypocrisy and ridiculous hypothetical scenarios simply because one guy at Sega said it. This is mindblowing and it's why the fandom actually sucks.
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    my reaction to the sonic tumblr thread ;p
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    To this day one of the most baffling things I've seen out of Penders regarding this special is that he keeps putting it at the forefront of his convention stands. Like, this thing was very vocally reviled even back then, and yet he treats it like its a milestone issue or something like that. I just don't get it. Even something like the Image Crossover at least has the 'yes, this actually happened' factor in its favor, despite being just as lousy and self-indulgent as Sonic Live.
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    Before it heads down that road, I'm going to ask that we not making this a Gamergate topic or any other sociopolitical topic. Especially when the basis is as far as I can see some petty trollbait garbage.
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    Yes. I for one would like to know how advocating that people treat each other with some basic fucking decency, some basic respect has any relevance to Aaron's position.
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    As a feminist, I'm appalled that a statement that was obviously about not being a jerk to people who like platform games you don't was misconstrued into an anti-feminist, pro-Gamergate stance. This shit is why we can't have nice things.
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    ... This isn't some deliberate attempt at appealing to Gamergaters. This is a saying that one should refrain from acting like a jerk over someone liking a game that they don't. Being a fan hater, as TV Tropes would call such a person, is just being needlessly mean and should be avoided. I know that this recent social media move can be rather annoying to see past a certain point if you're the sort who prefer to see things taken more seriously, but saying that this has something to do with Gamergate is just overstepping things a tad, to say the least.
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    Disney Comics

    A little late on this but there are new solicits out for February 2016! Silly Symphonies, Vol. 1: The Complete Disney Classics Writers and Interior Artists: Earl Duvall, Al Taliaferro, Ted Osborne, and Merrill DeMaris Cover Artist: Al Taliaferro Release Date: March 16, 2016 Price: $49.99 Pre-Order Code: DEC150502 Uncle Scrooge: Peril of Pandora's Box Writers: Romano Scarpa, Joe Torcivia, Arno Buitink, Daan Jippes, Tito Faraci, Gary Leach Interior Artists: Romano Scarpa, Bas Heymans, Daan Jippes, Giorgio Cavazzano Cover Artist: Michel Nadorp Release Date: Feb. 3, 2016 Price: $12.99 Pre-Order Code: DEC150503 Donald and Mickey: The Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 75th Anniversary Collection 75 years ago, Disney’s flagship funnybook–Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories–first landed in the shops. Now dive into its history and heritage with this thrilling collection of tales. Donald Duck, Mickey, Goofy, and even Big Bad Wolf, Scamp and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit make appearances in this landmark collection! Reprints segments of IDW issues #721–726 plus IDW's WDCS 75th Anniversary Special. Writers and Interior Artists: Carl Barks, Daan Jippes, Paul Murry, Fred Milton, William Van Horn, Gil Turner, Walt Kelly Cover Artist: Daan Jippes Release Date: Feb. 3, 2016 Price: $12.99 Pre-Order Code: DEC150504 And now onto the juicy stuff. Donald Duck #10 Writers: Paul McGreal and Carol McGreal Interior Artist: Giorgio Cavazzano Cover Artists: Giorgio Cavazzano and Patrick Block Now this story is a very pleasant surprise! It's one of the more recent stories produced in Italy, and with art by the legendary Giorgio Cavazzano. I love his style so much, I just associate him with Disney comics these days. It's got a classic Disney feel to it, but his characters are more "rounded" I guess you could say than others, but I think it looks very charming. Now, the story in this issue is Paperino e i segreti di Acquanera which actually had an original title in English, known as Bad Day at Black Water. In fact, it was written by US writers and illustrated in Italy, which I find very interesting. The story was first published in Italy in issue #2986 of Topolino in 2013. Original Publication Cover by Vitale Mangiatordi: IDW Regular Cover by Giorgio Cavazzano: Release Date: Feb. 17, 2016 Price: $3.99 Pre-Order Code (REG Cover): DEC150505 Pre-Order Code (SUB Cover): DEC150506 Mickey Mouse #9 Writer and Interior Artist: Romano Scarpa Cover Artists: Henrieke Goorhuis and Alessandro Perina Nothing all that new here. Just continuing the story Topolino e la collana Chirikawa from the last issue. But I will say there seems to be a mistake with the cover art credit, I think. This art is not Henrieke Goorhuis's. And I don't think it's Alessandro Perina's either. I haven't seen this cover before so maybe it's new? It does have an Italian feel to it though. Perhaps it is Henrieke's and he just changed his artstyle but I doubt it. For reference, he did the cover for #724 of WDCS, as seen here: As you can see, there's a distinct difference. However, there's not much art he's made. Really, he's only done two covers, with the one above being the only one in recent years. Perhaps it's just the colouring throwing me off, but I don't know. IDW Regular Cover by Henrieke Goorhuis: Release Date: Feb. 10, 2016 Price: $3.99 Pre-Order Code (REG Cover): DEC150507 Pre-Order Code (SUB Cover): DEC150508 Uncle Scrooge #11 Writers: Giovan Battista Carpi and Joe Torcivia Interior Artist: Giovan Battista Carpi Cover Artists: Mark De Jonge and Massimo Fecchi This issue features the story Zio Paperone e l'arca deposito which was originally published in Italy in issue #273 of Almanacco Topolino in 1979. I've never read this story, but it sounds downright hilarious! Also the solicits are wrong for this issue. The story was actually written by Giorgio Pezzin, not Giovan Battista Carpi. And I have no idea why they credited Joe Torcivia! He has nothing to do with this story! Original Publication Cover by Marco Roto: IDW Regular Cover by Mark De Jonge: Release Date: Feb. 3, 2016 Price: $3.99 Pre-Order Code (REG Cover): DEC150509 Pre-Order Code (SUB Cover): DEC150510 Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #728 Writers: William Van Horn and Jonathan Gray Interior Artists: William Van Horn and Massimo De Vita Cover Artists: Jonathan Gray and Marco Gervasio So.. William Van Horn is an American writer. And Woe Is He is a new story. That's all fine and dandy. But this issue is also continuing the story Alla ricerca della pietra zodiacale and that's fine but Bruno Sarda is not credited. Also let's look at the cover. IDW Regular Cover by Andrea Freccero: This cover is credited to be made by Jonathan Gray in the solicits. But, it was actually made by Andrea Freccero and used for issue 1 of the Paperinik Appgrande series in Italy, which to my knowledge collected past stories featuring Paperinik. Some new stories were supposedly added according to INDUCKS. In addition to that, they have Marco Gervasio credited. But he didn't do this cover either. And it's most likely for the subscriber's variant, but still. This mistake bugs me. I admire IDW's attempt at trying to bring over European talent to the American market but when they make mistakes with the crediting, it really bothers me. And there have been far too many in this month's released solicitations. Release Date: Feb. 24, 2016 Price: $3.99 Pre-Order Code (REG Cover): DEC150511 Pre-Order Code (SUB Cover): DEC150512
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    This is probably true. I could see it being much closer to Melee's style of Adventure Mode, while something on the scale of SSE would (hopefully) be saved for a Smash 5, if there ever were one. I enjoyed SSE overall (even though I haven't played through it again since Brawl came out so my opinions might have changed), but like Felix said, I would have preferred actual Nintendo-themed locations. Hopefully a future Adventure Mode in this game or the next will have that. A Xenoblade level/world would be insane.
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    I seriously don't get my friends logic. The four of us are in a commentary channel and we upload videos. He recently decided to change the password so only he can upload videos and the rest of us have to upload our videos on media fire twice(the raw footage and the commentated footage) so he can download the final product and then upload it on youtube. Essentially causing more needless work on his part. Do you get what I'm saying?
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    HAH! Silly SA3, nobody can't forget Webber. He won't let you.
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    http://oddshot.tv/shot/smashstudios-20151213182159593 Super Salt Bros for Wii U
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    You're showing an unwarranted level of smugness for someone who has no idea what is even going on. The debate which sparked this conversation started when you said that by telling people that you disapprove of their words or actions, you are placing yourself on "higher standards," which literally everyone in this thread debated under the rightful assumption that you meant as a person or in regards to the moral standing of another person. Why? Because the way you framed your sentence was said as such. If I said "Nepenthe likes cutting people," it would not be irrational for people to believe that I meant she enjoyed literally slicing human flesh, even though I meant that she likes hanging out with people who perform the act of cutting. Because that's how the English language works. I didn't say that your sentence could be perceived in numerous ways, because it couldn't. That's not how the English language works on a colloquial level. Why would I ask what you meant when my entire lifetime of speaking English has led me to believe that this set of words in this order refers to one specific thing? If you want to call that an "assumption," then that is the bare minimum definition, no more an unreasonable assumption than assuming that the keys I'm typing on this keyboard will probably output letters corresponding to the ones printed on the face of the buttons. Despite your own demands for a quote, you have yet to show me where I said that you said that Aaron was "above people," assuming I'm even understanding you correctly. I never made a statement on your opinion of Aaron Webber. I merely made a reply based on what I understood you to have said, which is that calling out bad behavior puts yourself on a higher pedestal. This translated to pretty much every other member here that you were accusing Aaron Webber and by extension Sega of arrogance. That they were trying to put themselves up on a moral high horse, so to speak. Then you retorted that you meant in terms language, and I merely said that this information was never brought up before, meaning a vital piece of your argument was missing, so it should not be expected that anyone would reply based on what this primarily-English speaking forum thought you meant based on their lifetimes of speaking English. I made no accusations that your intent was not important. You made that assumption yourself. See, I understand this point, although I don't necessarily agree. If that's what you meant to say, fair enough, but the entire framing of your argument was, frankly, rather poor. With that said, while I'm not denying there will be some petty people out there, the internet has a surprisingly short memory span. They forget things in like a week and I'm actually surprised that the tweet that started this whole debacle was even brought up to begin with. Let alone in some asinine attempt at provoking a sociopolitically-motivated flame war.
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    We have a concrete release date: this obviously means we're getting it tomorrow
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    ...is it bad that I prefer the Pacifist, then? I mean, don't get me wrong, the neutral finale was incredibly strong... but then it kinda petered out. After the end boss, the ending was so abrupt. Pacifist, on the other hand, struck me on a deeper emotional level. The buildup, the music, the presentation, the finale... It felt like a labor of love, and I was hooked from start to finish.
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    I've never found the "gotta go fast", Sanic , or ms paint fanart that funny in the first place. So it got old to me pretty quickly. I understand what the social accounts are trying to do. Embracing the jokes instead of running away from them isn't always a bad idea. However, I think they're embracing them a bit too much. It's becoming kinda lame and the memes are becoming more of an annoyance than anything hilarious. I feel like there needs to be a balance to all of this.
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    I'll field that question for ya. Basically, he knew a guy with connections with Archie, who then got him the job because, and I quote "His son loved the games". As for the reason why he managed to keep the job, basically Sega wasn't involved with the comic, and they couldn't care less about it. They had no reason to care about it. This was during Sonic's height of popularity, and the comic was, and still is just nothing more but a small blip on Sega's map. As much as Penders tries to hype it up, Sega literally don't care about the comic, and would dump it without a second's notice. Sonic's a big name already, and the comic is solely exclusive to the US, and the only way to get it in other regions is by tracking down a specialist comic shop. To put it another way. The USA isn't even where Sonic is most popular, the UK is. So the fact that the comic isn't even readily available in non-comic book stores in the UK should give you an idea of how important they believe it is. If you were a casual fan of the series who lives outside of the USA, you probably would have no idea that there even is a comic, and more often than not, if you did know, it would be Sonic the Comic, rather than Archie Sonic. That gives you an idea of how little of a blip it really is on Sega's radar, so they weren't involved much in the comic, and weren't slapping any mandates onto the comic at the time. To give you an even better idea, Sega have threatened multiple times to pull the comic's license if Archie were to attempt any bullshit. If there was any problems, Sega was in the right because it was Archie/The Editor's job to ensure that the comic is being kept up to a good standard, and that's where the big issues come in. In Archie's eyes, the critical reception of the comic where it was generally regarded as a furry soap opera didn't matter to them. It was selling, and therefore, they were just gonna go on their merry way. The reason it was selling was Penders wrote for the comic during the height of Sonic's popularity, between Sonic 3, and Sonic Adventure 2. Another factor is the comic started in 1993, with S3&K coming out soon after, therefore meaning there was a large gap in main Sonic content, meaning the comic was generally the main source of new Sonic content monthly. Since the comic was selling during this period, Archie didn't have a problem. The second problem came in is the editor. The Editor's job is to go over the stories, give suggestions, ensure they stick with mandates, and basically to ensure it doesn't turn into a fan-fiction. The editor during Penders' era was basically incompetent and ended up not bothering to do his job, meaning Penders got to do absolutely anything he wanted to do. The only times Sega/Archie would intervene would be if it ended up having a massive effect on their sales and profits. Example being Sally's death, where originally she was to die until Archie/Sega forced it to be retconned due to Sally being unbelievably popular during that era. The general answer to your question is an unbelievable amount of incompetence from all parties involved. Penders couldn't write for shit, half the artists on the comic couldn't draw Sonic for shit, The editor couldn't be bothered to do shit, and Archie & Sega in general just didn't give two shits as long as it made them money, which it was due to Sonic's popularity during that era. In general, most people didn't care about the quality because "Oh hey, ITS SONIC :D". All this meant that Penders got away with his idiotic bullshit for the better part of 10 years. Then a new editor came on board during the craptastic Mobius 25 Years Later story which was officially the point where the comic became a boring furry soap opera, and the new editor demanded Penders add in new elements into the story to get it closer to Sega's vision of the comic (Who I can only imagine began getting more stricter due to the fact Sonic games and his popularity in general was dying down), and Penders decided to act like a baby having a tantrum over not getting his own way, which lead to him leaving (Speculation on my part, but he probably thought that the comic would be unable to operate without him, and Archie/Sega would come crawling back to him), only for it to backfire beautifully with Archie hiring Ian to write the comics.
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    I disagree with calling people "retards" in general. Even Ken Penders.
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    Yardley treated Marine with far more respect than Sega ever did. In Sonic Rush Adventure she was a whiny, selfish little brat who's begging for attention and always got in the way. In the comics, she's Blazes' BF that Blaze lets captain her ship, but pulls her back if she gets too out of hand. A bit of a delusional self-braggart, but otherwise a good kid. Plus, she has more personality than that goody two-shoes Cream. "Sega needs Archie"? More like the other way around. Sega could easily dump Archie comics and go with IDW. Gee who could Sonic possibly crossover with at IDW? Ninja Turtles, Skylanders and MLP that's who. Sonic would have a much bigger audience IMO. The only downside is it could kill off the SATAM crew completely.
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