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    Sonic Adventure 2 Comic!

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    Misty Milo

    ROFL (pic)

    ROFL (pic)
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    I have one. Sonic Boom's citizens. Every one of them. They share the Spongebob problem of all of them being a bunch of apathetic entitled idiots who treats Sonic like dirt, and then as soon as he either complies with their demands, or when they are thrown in trouble, they all get in some kind of trouble as expected, and suddenly they all expect Sonic to come and save their lazy asses. I could give so many examples of how fucking infuriating they are with their hypocritical and idiotic attitudes. How about Don't Judge Me? Eggman has placed them in danger fifty times over, and Sonic has saved their asses every single time, and yet they're all ready and willing to believe Eggman's word that Sonic attacked him during one of his own attacks on their village. How does it end? OF COURSE EGGMAN ATTACKS THEM AGAIN EXPECTING SONIC TO SAVE THEIR STUPID ASSES. Then comes one of my most hated episodes/characters in TV history. Blue with Envy, featuring my personal most hated character in the series, right next to Elise and Chris, Swifty. I get his joke. He's a parody of the 90s. He's meant to be the Sonic of that time, and meant to look lame because of how dated it's become. Unfortunately, that one joke falls flat on it's face when he's actually seen as cool, instead of lame, meaning the joke gets ruined in the first minute they try to pull it off. The townspeople are even bigger idiots. Sonic has saved them at least 27 times over by the point this episode aired, and yet this asshole comes in, says a bunch of unbelievably awkward words from the 90s, and gains their admiration (Are we sure they didn't hire Ken Penders for an episode? This is sounding like one of his fan characters from Archie Sonic). So what happens? Sonic gets jealous thanks to all of the townspeople, and even his fucking friends falling in love with Swifty for just skateboarding, and saving one person, something Sonic has done fifty times over may I add. This coaxes Sonic into a race in which Swifty cheats, and successfully exiles Sonic out of the village. Of course the townspeople don't give a shit that their hero has just been exiled, the only exception being one line from the mayor of the town. But what happens? Turns out Swifty was an army of Eggman robots that wanted to exile Sonic, and the second Eggman comes into the village, they are of course begging Tails, Knuckles and Amy to bring Sonic back to rescue their useless faces once again. But the worst episode hasn't even come yet. The absolute worst, and most fucking hateable these pieces of shit have been is easily Just a Guy. Where they all single handedly ruin an episode with a few good jokes. So what do they do? There is a normal guy. No powers, no abilities. No strength, speed, fighting technique, weapons, nothing. Knuckles is his friend.This guy is called Mike. Eggman pulls another attack, and Sonic blasts into Meh Burger, telling Knuckles that they need him, only for Mike to want to tag along. Sonic doesn't act like an asshole to him either. He simply states that Mike would end up getting hurt due to his lack of abilities needed to fight Eggman and his robots, stating that Mike is "Just a Guy". Little does Sonic know, the entire world now hates his guts for thinking about Mike's safety. Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, and Tails (I think, can't exactly remember, but I assume he did due to the others doing it) all turn against him, and start calling him out for his "supposed" insensitivity towards Mike's abilities. But things increase from there. The entire town turns completely against Sonic for doing it, and force him to join one of Amy's stupid sensitivity classes. Throughout this, Amy basically gets to indulge her control freak tendencies, and just speaks a lot of stuff that Sonic really doesn't care about. He manages to pass the class, and he says sorry to Mike, despite him doing absolutely fuck all wrong, and agrees to allow Mike to tag along to the next battle. Mike then proceeds to act like a five year old, asking can they go yet. So, predictably, Eggman attacks, and Sonic & friends blast into action, and what happens? BIG SHOCK, MIKE GETS HURT. So, when they get back to the village, what is Sonic's friends, and the entire village telling Sonic? "What were you thinking taking Mike into action! He got hurt! "HE'S JUST A GUY". If that one line doesn't prove how fucking hypocritical this asshole of a village is, then I don't even know what else to say. Sonic gets absolutely pissed off, and flies into a rant against the village, and says he's done saving them. Of course, the village doesn't give two shits until surprise surprise, The Lightning Dolts Bolts attack them, and they of course come running up to Sonic with their tails behind their legs, begging him to save them once again. Sonic gets them to say sorry to him, and beats the lightning bolts. But one line. Just one line managed to make them absolutely irredeemable to me. After the entire mess their idiotic shit talking of Sonic throughout the entire episode, and after what happened when they started giving Sonic shit for calling Mike "Just a Guy", they prove once and for all that they are not one bit sorry in the slightest by flat out starting the entire thing over again with The Lightning Bolts, telling them to stop because every one of them are nothing more than "Just a Guy". Just fuck these assholes. Sonic, come Season 2, I think it's time to relocate your base of operations to Station Square.
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    I don't think you understand how this works. Archie is not available easily outside of the US. How do you expand recognition when you have to rely on mainstream newsagents to suddenly decide to import and stock a comic book and hope it sells in such numbers that people would be interested? <----This is something you really need to answer otherwise any master plan fails from the outset. Also I think a lot of archie fans greatly over-estimate the books appeal to Sonic fans. I for one know of archie Sonic, I know who some of the main characters are in it, but that's where my interest in it starts and stops, I know of some of their names, that's it, can't really back this up, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the mindset of the vast majority, we know of the characters and that it exists, but that's where the interest starts and ends. Every time a new game is announced, other than some archie support groups you never hear mass rally cries for the inclusion of Bunnie or whoever else is in it. You do hear mass calls for core characters to the Sega series. There is just no interest to justify it at all. lol.
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    Wow long time no see, what's up nerds?
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    Nah. I want 3D and 2D games, sure, but a 'style split' isn't necessary. Granted that may be what you're getting at, since the Adventure games (at least for Sonic) and the Advance games play very similarly and coexisted as part of the same exact series, but for the sake of making another point altogether that needs to be addressed: I'd rather us not have a huge style divide amongst the games. For example, taking modern Sonic and classic Sonic's gameplays from Generations and making them two coexisting 'series' (which is something loads of people suggest as a reasonable answer) is a decent idea, but it doesn't really fix any issues with series consistency as much as push the problem somewhere else. Plus, it'd only cause people to side with which one they prefer, thanks to how having two different 'series' of sorts is just going to have them file certain completely different design decisions into one style or the other instead of trying to find a proper core that brings it all together. So while it'd definitely bring better games, it'd retain that same old divide the series and it's fanbase has always had to put up with. Which I think is something the series should be working towards mending together instead of building walls around.
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    Right I'll love you, and leave you SSMB. I'll swing back around again sometime, nice to see some familiar faces again c: xoxoxo
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    *opens youtube* "Recommended for You: 'Top Ten Female Anime Perverts'"
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    I feel like if Shadow /had/ to come back after SA2, that it should've been a few games later, not the one right after SA2. Maybe even saved his return for the next (7th) gen or something. Should've made it a big event story-wise too, unlike in Heroes when it was just like *bloop* "hello, i am here. again."
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    Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    This Art Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1diDw54q-8
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    Dee Dude

    The Ape Escape Thread

    I should have made this thread a while ago. Ape Escape is a video game series made by Sony Computer Entertainment in which started the franchise in 1999. The gameplay in general of this series is that you must use your set of gadgets to capture mischievous trouble making monkeys that are loose. There are currently 3 main games set in the main story and core gameplay. I'm ignoring all the spin-off games for now. The first Ape Escape game was developed by SCEI Japan Studio. This game was known for being the first PlayStation game to support the use of the Dual Analog Controller which features 2 analog sticks required for the gameplay. A remake for the PSP was made in 2005. Ape Escape's gameplay was very different and unique from usual platformers, the left stick moves the character while the right stick uses whatever gadget the player is currently possessing. Rather than pressing X to jump, you must use both the R1 and R2 buttons to do it. The shape buttons are used for selecting your gadget. Let's move on to the story! The whole thing started when a white circus monkey named Specter puts on a experimental Pipo helmet which increases his intelligence but unfortunately also turns him evil which causes him to free all of the monkeys at an amusement park thus causing a rampage for world domination. Our main hero Spike along with his best friend Jake arrive to the laboratory to check out the new Time Machine created by the Professor and his granddaughter Natalie only to find them captured by Specter and the monkeys sending Spike back time. Spike is assigned by the Professor with his gadgets to capture all the monkeys, save his friends and stop Specter! The game was a big hit and was on par with Super Mario 64. Ape Escape 2 was made in 2001 in Japan and 2003 in Europe and America. Obviously being the sequel to the first game, nothing has changed much gameplay wise aside from a new gadgets. A few years after the first game, the Professor goes on vacation assigning his granddaughter and Spike's cousin Jimmy to watch the laboratory and deliver a pack of pants for the monkeys at the park. Unfortunately, Jimmy accidentally also sends Pipo helmets to the park causing the monkeys to wear them and Specter becoming evil again to once again take over the world. This is our new protagonist Jimmy who happens to the previous hero Spike's cousin. After his mistake, he must stop Specter ruling the world once more! He also has a cute lil monkey partner named Pipochi. The game also introduces a Quirky Miniboss Squad of monkeys called the Freaky Monkey Five who are all more stronger and intelligent than the average monkey. Last but not least... Ape Escape 3 is the third installment in the franchise released in 2005 in Japan and 2006 in America and Europe. The gameplay has added quite a few new features. Instead of playing as just one character, you can play as two characters and to make up for fewer gadgets. The game introduces transformations which are limited but can make fighting bosses and catching monkeys a breeze. The story this time is that Specter has once again returned but has also hired a human scientist named Dr. Tomoki because.....sure why not? Anyway the monkeys are back but this time their plan is to broadcast their tv shows worldwide to hypnotize everyone including the Professor and the previous protagonists leaving our new heroes siblings Kei and Yumi assisted by their aunt Aki to stop Specter and Tomoki and save the world once more. Kei (right) and Yumi (left) are a brother-sister duo who are the new main protagonists of Ape Escape 3 who were the only ones capable of stopping Specter since Spike and Jimmy were affected by the broadcasts. Yumi has a slight advantage, she is a rather popular pop star in training so some monkeys will be stunned by amazement if they see her. Fun Fact: A Metal Gear Solid parody mini game called Mesal Gear Solid appears in the game after beating it and Snake and Colonel guest star in it. Again, I have no interest in discussing the party and spin off games, maybe next time. What are my thoughts on the games? Being honest I never played the 1st or 2nd game but the 3rd I used to own and I LOVED it! It was so fun and addicting, not to mention the music was great, very anime feel to it. So yeah, I really want Sony to revive this franchise, It was really popular in Japan but even then they didn't have any new games either. This series has lot of potential to be popular in other countries too and I would really love an Ape Escape 4 for the PS4 to see if the series can leave an impact not only in Japan but in the U.S. and countries as well to give the popularity it deserves! So what are your thoughts?
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    No. Mainly because the entire basis’ for these characters don’t even exist in the games. A lot of the appeal of those characters revolves around the circumstances they found themselves in within their own continuity. To shoehorn in canon foreigners from a vastly different continuity is a disservice to the characters as well as the continuity because it practically demands that certain aspects be ignored that were instrumental to those character’s backgrounds and it muddles-up aspects of the games. It muddles up the character’s dynamics as well if you had Rotor for instance leeching Tails’ mechanical aptitude or detracting from it and in order to make them fit the way they do in SatAM and the comic’s, you’d have to meddle with them so much that they wouldn’t much resemble the characters whose traits defined them and contributed to making them so loved. You’d also have to meddle with the premise of the games too in order to make them believably relevant. For a series that has one hell of a time trying to settle on a series-appropriate identity regarding it’s storytelling and any premise beyond “Stop Dr Eggman!”, we don’t need something like that complicating it even further. For instance, in order to preserve Bunnie as she is, you’d have to incorporate the unwelcome concept of roboticization that doesn’t really have a place in the games or in Eggman’s modus operandi. A big part of Bunnie’s character development focused on her struggle to accept her roboticized body and use it deftly. Remove the cause that led to that development and you no longer have Bunnie, the highly sympathetic part of her character and her main schtick. Sally is another one. A big part of her character especially under Bollers and Flynn settled on her romantic relationship with Sonic that bogged-down the comic with a romantic plot tumor that it didn’t need and morphed Sonic’s character into the opposite of what it truly was to facilitate it. Another big part of her character is the fact that she is a princess who not only was afforded authority because of that position (Hello spotlight stealing squad) but also gave her another very important motivation when it came to what she was fighting for - Her own throne, her family’s birthright. There's also the reasoning that there is no place for her leadership. The hero characters in the games don’t act like Freedom Fighters. Nor do they need to. And the position of Sonic’s right hand and brains has already been satisfactorily filled by Tails. Whatsmore, what I always disliked about the Sonic-Sally dynamic was that she acted as the leash that prevented Sonic from doing unwise stuff. This was something of a stopper on Sonic being more fallible by diminishing his recklessness. And if Sonic didn’t obey Tails regarding not punting that Conch out of Eggman’s grasp in SLW, what’s going to make him listen to Sally? I’m against gratuitous introduction of characters from other continuities that really have no business being introduced, especially given that the cast that already exists in the games is not getting the focus that they deserve. I mean, if SEGA/Sonic Team/Pontac and Graff can’t adequately take advantage of the sort of potential the characters they already have to work with and can’t even bloody write the ones they are using competently then what makes the fans who are clamouring for the introduction of their beloved Freedom Fighters think they’re going to get treated any differently should they be introduced in the games?
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    In other news.. Sonic seems to struggle at getting decent photos done of himself every time someone else tags him. Likely Eggman Nega's doing..
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    Dee Dude

    + =

    + =
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    The first few years of the Pokemon anime in a nutshell. (gif)
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    Young Justice

    Apparently there's hope for a season 3!! http://geektyrant.com/news/netflix-currently-reviewing-young-justice-stats-for-potential-season-3 3 Was not expecting that they might even be considering a season 3 to happen.
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    For 3D Sonic, I think the homing attack is pretty much a necessity. Since Sonic is (or at least should) be faster and more momentum-based than Mario and the like, not having it would make jumping on enemies a much more difficult task. However, I don't think any of the 3D games do a great job of making it an interesting mechanic. It solves the issue of precision platforming on enemies in 3D, but it doesn't make for an interesting mechanic in and of itself. I think a good way to fix this would be to make it more flexible. There aren't a whole lot of options once you've decided to home in on an enemy. You lock on, you press A, and the game pretty much just enters automatic mode. When there's a bunch of enemies in a chain that require several homing attacks, it basically just asks you to mash A a bunch. There isn't really any skill-based gameplay there. But what if it was more of a way to build up speed? Perhaps Sonic could gain MORE momentum from a homing attack rather than lose it and hop upward after the attack. I've said this many times, but I'd like the homing attack to behave on all enemies like it does on balloons in Colors and Generations, allowing Sonic to maintain his speed and keep going. And if the levels were more open-ended, this could make for some really fun situations - it could be a decision of what angle to approach the enemy from, and whether or not doing a homing attack from that angle would give you an advantage in progressing through the stage faster. I think Sega just needs to ask more questions about what the homing attack really adds to the core gameplay, and how they can make it something players really WANT to use rather than just have to.
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    http://bit.ly/1To0USM in case you guys missed it yesterday, i made a remix of this infectiously catchy song from an obscure game called "Mamorukun Curse!" spent three to four days making this, without even realizing it, haha
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    That's a great market, lets make games and sell them to people who don't care about the games.
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    Plus, if they add characters from Archie/Satam, there will be fans demanding them to add Sonic the Comic/AoSth/Underground/others characters too, and MANY (angry) discussions will arise from that.
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    I don't want Archie elements in the games period. I don't want the games to be influenced by a canon I don't care about, particularly in light of the fact that the games are still undergoing an identity crisis in the first place. This is a respect I afford to Archie fans in turn who feel their unique universe doesn't need elements from my universe butting in on what makes their universe enjoyable. There's nothing inherently wrong with my zero-tolerance stance either. There's no current problem right now to be solved by taking Archie characters and shoving them in the games.
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    Lady Soniko

    Star Fox Series

    Yeah Yeah YEAH F4F Totally went there and made the statue of my dreams.
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    What defines a good Fan-story?

    Managing the characters and knowing how they act is really important in any fanfiction. I've seen way too much fanfiction out there that just paints 2D personalities onto Sonic and friends because that's all the author knows about them. Sonic isn't just WAY PAST COOL BRO, Tails isn't just that smart kid, Knuckles isn't just Way to go, Knucklehead and Amy isn't just SONIC X3!!!. If you're going to write Fanfiction you should at least learn what makes each everyone who they are and do your research into their behaviour. While light-hearted things like Sonic Heroes can afford to do this sometimes, don't go overboard with it because it may up bringing down the quality of the story as a whole. I feel that's why a lot of people don't like how Sonic and Tails act in Lost World. There's also the matter of what people are actually writing as Fanfiction. You'll notice if you go to Fanfiction.net's Sonic section these days that you're seeing things like "Shadow is a Ninja who has his life stripped away by the rival Sonic Clan. Can he get revenge?". Yes, more often than not these stories are shoddily written but the main point I want to make here is that if you remove the names from a lot of these pieces of fanfiction there's pretty much no resemblance to the source material at all. Stories like this that are just slapping Sonic's name on the cover are a lot of the time no different to thinking "What if me and my friends were Sonic characters?". As horrible as the stories themselves tend to turn out, they're much more better off being presented as original works than Fanfiction. This stuff really pollutes the contents of a lot of Fanfiction websites I've seen and it's turning me away. This is more personal taste for me but another thing I want to mention is the shipping. Oh god, the shipping. A good chunk of the stories on Fanfiction.net involve either Sonamy or Shadamy and it's really bad. I get that there's shipping in a lot of fandoms, but personally I consider both Sonamy and Shadamy to be almost as bad as the South Park pairings (Outside Boom anyway) and don't like reading them at all, so it's very annoying when these things flood the pages. (Seriously, look at how much the fic counter on Fanfiction.net drops when you do a search that excludes fics involving Amy or Romance.) I get that these pairings are the most popular, but tying into the points I made earlier they're pretty much almost never written any good from what I've seen, everyone is completely out of character for a lot of the story and most of the time it's not even set in Sonic's world, it's set in a High School or something. If you're going to include a ship, make sure it's a believable one, but if it's not believable you could still get away with it if you can write well enough, Oh yeah, there's also the OCs. I can get that some people create characters in order to build their story's world more like Ian's doing in the comics for instance, but it's annoying when reading about a mary-sue character who takes on the chris thorndyke role for their favourite character. I know that this is just pretty much wish fulfillment to the author, but personally I just don't see anything about a self-insert fic that sells to me as a member of the audience. I don't have a clue who the author is nor do I hold the same attachment to them as I do the main characters of the series, so why bother reading it? There's also originality when it comes to designing the characters. If you're writing an OC, don't just opt for Cinos the Hedgehog. Ideally, take a page from the comics and find something that hasn't been used for a character already, such as a Lion or something. I would absolutely kill for a solidly written Sonic Fanfiction. I'd love to read a fan-made Sonic story that writes the characters well enough and has a strong plot to go with but the truth is I just haven't come across that many and it's really saddening to see. Fanfiction gets a bad name for all the trash you see lying on the ground but it's just as possible to make Fanfiction into a truly amazing experience for everyone. I really just want to be able to read a Sonic Fanfic that isn't something you'd expect out of Ken Penders.
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    There's a few things I take issue with here. First of all, I don't personally consider the fact that the fandom's divided any reason not to try and glue the whole thing back together. Yes, many of them will be anal about it, that's a fact we've all come to live with - but I still believe there are very reasonable compromises to be made between all the splits Sega have created inadvertently or otherwise, to hell with what the elitists think. Secondly, most other franchises can afford to do this because they have a very strong set of core principles to draw from - the physics of most Mario games are damned near identical, Zelda at worst only differs in how intricate swordplay is, and Megaman, well... bar an outlier or two, the vast majority of them were completely interchangable. Most of the splits in Sonic's identity are only similar on an extermely superficial level, to the point that some apologists have to stoop as low as "he has a rolling animation at all" to draw comparisons. That's like ordering a meat pizza and expecting not to be disappointed when the actual meat is camel and rat - it's not technically wrong, but at the same time it's not really what anyone asked for. Goddamnit you guys I can't believe you made me make a food analogy It's funny that you should mention polish though, because that in of itself is a huge flaw in Sega's current approach. Much as I'd rather the Sonic games pool their resources into a single front, I still have to admit any one of them can technically be great on their own merit - we've seen this happen in two out of the three you mentioned, with the Boost games growing into an objectively good Generations by steadily identifying and ironing out the flaws of Unleashed with time and familiarity, and the Classics devising brand new tropes and tiny little fixes with huge benefits each successive game (unless you count Sonic 4, lol). But so far this has only happened in the relatively short term, because Sega has a bad habit of completely abandoning everything at the drop of a hat even when it makes literally zero sense to do so. There hasn't been an Adventure styled game for nearly a decade to this day, a Boost game for five years, and Sega's current understanding of the classics seems almost as superficial as the apologists paint it ("he can jump, roll and spindash! That's enough, right?"). Their obsession with reinvention comes at the cost of failing to recognize or acknowledge anything good they ever become known for, so if there's even a single thing I feel everyone should agree on, it's that something in this bloody series should become consistent enough for Sega to actually start learning from it again and for consumers to start identifying with that interpretation of it.
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    I decided to go with the couples theme. For how rough and grody this is, it sure took a distressingly long time. I blame it on 29 credit hours.
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    I think some kind of aiming assistance is necessary in the 3D games, and so far the homing attack in some form is the only idea I've seen that I think works. It's not necessary at all in 2D, though; a flat plane perpendicular to our line of sight is about as easy as it gets while still having a game to play. Look at any 2D Mario and see how easy it is to not just hit a single enemy, but to bounce from one to the next, defeating several of them without even touching the ground. It's viable enough a play mechanic that the games actually reward you for it with increasing points and eventually 1-ups. You look at a 3D Mario, though, and that just does not happen. You're lucky if you can bounce off two enemies in one jump, and that's usually going to happen when they both run at you and you just jump straight up, not because you expertly maneuvered yourself from one to the other. Having a third dimension to move in, and the difficulty of judging depth compared to the other two dimensions, makes it unreasonably difficult to pull off something that's fairly easy in 2D. So you might think now, "well that's true, but Mario still doesn't need a homing attack; why does Sonic?", and the difference is, Sonic is about speed, flow, and momentum, while Mario is not. Or maybe, Mario is, but to a much lesser extent. When you come up to an enemy in a Mario game (2D or 3D), you are usually not under much pressure to deal with it immediately. You can come to a stop, watch its pattern, wait for it to move into the ideal spot, and then strike. This fits the rhythm of Mario gameplay; ordinary gameplay is moderately paced and very stop-and-go. You'll run for a bit, stop to break some blocks, run a bit more, jump a pit, break some more blocks, stomp or dodge some enemies, etc. There's rarely need for immediate, accurate reactions. Sonic, on the other hand, is fast. He is able to run fast, and you want him to go fast. Stopping to wait for an enemy or to line up just the right angle to jump at goes against the expectations of the series. You want the ability to spot the enemy, decide how to handle it, and to do so without slowing down. And that's just not reasonable to do with only a basic spin jump, not with the inherent difficulty of hitting things in 3D, not while moving so fast that you only have a few moments to process and react to it before it's too late. So I think the real question isn't if Sonic needs the homing attack, but what kind of "homing attack" he should have. The attempts Sonic Team has made so far aren't terribly satisfying; they solve the problem of hitting enemies, but they bring you to a dead stop afterwards, which still breaks the flow, and makes chains of enemies into almost mindless button-mashing. I think the easiest solution to this is to have the player retain some of the momentum of the homing attack after hitting an enemy; instead of bouncing straight up, bounce forwards, like when hitting balloons in the boost games. This doesn't retain the same speed the player had beforehand, but it does keep them moving, and encourages them to think about the angle of their attack while still eliminating the excessive difficulty of attacking in 3D.
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    I don't think anyone's suggesting that the games be streamlined down to the level of mobile games. I think the ideal is for the games to focus on one core concept and explore it as fully as possible.
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    Spin Attaxx

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    Well at least Smashified won't get the odd request for Boom Sonic anymore...
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    Verte (and a few others) hit the nail on the head. You just can't go around freewheeling and merging canons just because you want to. The characters involved in each are so different and require such diverse circumstances that any attempt to merge them will do little more than tarnish both sides of the coin, creating an offshoot that is neither here nor there. Merging the assets is simply not an option. Now on the topic of something completely "new and different" i.e. a stand alone spinoff game, thats still in the iffy territory simple due to the sheer amount of legal work that has to go into the licensing angle. You'd duck the problem of merging the assets, but you'd be establish yet another brand of blue hedgehog. It would be starting to be borderline ridiculous if some poor tyke had to read the back of the box in order to figure out what kind of Sonic he was actually buying. EDIT: and for the record, I say this as a huge archie fan who would snap up a videogame in a heartbeat.
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    The archie universe was straight up garbage for most of it's existence so I kinda get why people don't care for it or its characters
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    LOL! Seriously!? Outside of the fandom nobody knows what SatAM is, new fans sure as hell don't have that much of an attachment to it. You've gone from one minority group to an even smaller minority group with this one.
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    No, it wasn't. The Saturn version is the superior version when comparing the two: PC Special Stage Saturn Special Stage PC Final Boss Saturn Final Boss
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    On one hand, I can agree with the idea that the homing attack needs to have more of a forward movement to help give that sense of flow that the "bounce straight up" part kills off somewhat. But at the same time, I can see why it shoots straight up. Giving that brief stop in the air allows the player to think for a split second about what they should do next, while propelling forward from the hit makes it where the player has to premeditate what's gonna happen first. Granted, there's nothing wrong with that design and I kind of prefer it that way, but I can definitely find good reasoning as to why it shoots upward instead. That said, I've posted this video a few times before but I'll post it again: This is a mod of SA1 done by my friend SonicFreak94 (aka Morph on Sonic Retro). In this mod, Sonic's homing attack (as well as his regular jump bounce off of enemies/objects and his trajectory on an unscripted spring) retains speed and height from what it was last at. This allows Sonic to shoot high into the air if hitting an enemy during a large descent and carrying forward momentum if contacting something at decent speed. In other words, the 'bounce' present in the classic games. Granted, in SA1 it's a little unruly since most of the game's levels aren't built with the scale necessary to hold movements that dramatic, but it's a great proof of concept. Maybe if this could be implemented into a newer Sonic game in a way that's a little less overpowered, I can see it being a huge improvement to Sonic's aerial control.
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    Homing attack - wear it or spare it?

    Yeah, I think Sonic should keep wearing it. There's nothing wrong with being able to zip towards an enemy and instantaneously make that sweet *pop* sound. Hell, I even believe it could work in 2D as well- maybe not how Sonic 4 handled it, but if you look up Sonic Megamix that would be a better example of how it could be done.
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    So more like the bounce bracelet from SA2 then? I preferred the Homing Attack in the boost games. I never felt like I was going any slower in that game when faced with a line of enemies to homing attack and while it was kind of annoying to lock on to the wrong thing sometimes it's miles better than the homing attack in Sonic 4. I find Lost World plays far too slowly to do anything with its style of homing attack in a faster paced game. I mean oftentimes in that game I'm just hanging around in the air waiting for it to finish locking on to everything. The kick is a neat move to have with it, but I can easily see the player screwing themselves over by kick-comboing an enemy line they need to homing attack through unless they like, changed the angle or something. But yeah, I don't mind the homing attack and it's easy to know why they implemented it if you've ever seen someone go through a 3D Stage with Classic Sonic in gens before. I can't think of a lot they could do to the thing considering it's mostly just operating on "Go to Enemy", but maybe they could with keeping more momentum with it and relying less on chains in the 2D games. More like a homing version of the Sonic 3 fire shield boost or something.
  37. 3 points
    Xd she posted this gif.. hahah Sonic its like "nope nope nope nope"
  38. 2 points
    Exactly. Alternate play-styles in a single game isn't a problem. It's when they are poorly mixed in with no flow with the rest of the game or are just poorly made in general is it a problem I'd say.
  39. 2 points
    It's a bit of a sketchy subject to make jokes about. I'm sure he didn't intend it this way, but it's not a far jump to see "I identify as *absurd thing you could not possibly be*" as mocking people who identify as a different gender than they were assigned at birth, and implying that that is equally absurd as identifying as a helicopter.
  40. 2 points
    Nobody outside of a minority group would care/know who the characters are to justify going through all the licensing issues.
  41. 2 points
    So since Summer of 2015, I've been working on creating a complete and super-accurate Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 in Minecraft. I'm now done with the inside and most of the outside. In fact, I'm about 95% done with the whole build. I've been streaming it on my Twitch channel every day I've been working on it. Currently I've been building a new PC, which will be done Fall of 2016; so I won't be finishing up until that's done. This PC isn't up to the task of streaming anymore. I've attached screenshots, but here's also my YouTube slideshow: The home page for this build is my new Nintendo chat and message board at http://nintendosocial.com. After I'm done with this castle, I will provide it for download as a seamless schematic import package as well as a world download, with the castle set seamlessly into a normal 1.9 standard world. And after that? I create the entire world of Zelda: Link's Awakening, fully playable in Adventure Mode and very accurate. I wanted to make a Pokémon world, but there are challenges due to holes in the maps. Plus, other people have done a better job with functionality than I think I ever could. I do want to create other game worlds though, if I can find the right ones and the right ways to do them... I signed up at Sonic Stadium in hopes I could find ways to promote my new Nintendo message board, Nintendo Social. I was looking for affiliation opportunities or to do mutual content-sharing or whatever, but I don't know if Sonic Stadium is the right place for it. That's okay. I hope you guys will enjoy my work!
  42. 2 points
    Gravity Falls got John Oliver, Larry King, and Coolio to guest star in an episode together................. I feel bad for taking so long to watch this.
  43. 2 points

  44. 2 points
    I don't see how it equates to blaming people for complaining about a buggy games, that's an actual issue that affects all players. Street Fighter V in it's current state is mechanically sound and actually has more characters than vanilla IV. I wouldn't be saying this if it were any other genre, because the point of a fighting game is player versus player, so I don't see why people should whine now when they don't have to buy it now. This isn't some thing that came as a surprise, Capcom gave fair warning that the game was going to be updated over time, and would release in a basic state. This is what all Street Fighter games start as, the difference is instead of having to go buy another disc for the completely finished version, you can just unlock it all over time.
  45. 2 points

    What defines a good Fan-story?

    I think there's a lot of technicalities to what makes a good fanfiction, but I think that a lot of it boils down to personal preference. The first thing I like to look at at first is the concept. Do I think this story is a potentially good idea? If the story is yaoi, or somesuch, then I'm just going to automatically ignore it outright. I have to admit, part of the reason why stories like Ghosts of the Future just don't sit with me is because of this. I don't like arbitrarily killing off characters and contriving scenarios, just to get a group of complete unrelated characters together. It's wish-fulfilly in the worst possible way, I can't stand the concept of the "Hedgehog Trio" because it requires killing off or flat out ignoring the existence of character I care about. Then I start looking at the presentation. A lot of this is more of a feel thing, but I like to look at the basics. Are chapters too short or too long? Is most of everything spelled correctly, and is the grammar generally clean? Is the author even putting effort into this in the first place, or are they just slapping everything together in the better part of the night and throwing the end result online? I can tell you right now, that if %50 of what gets posted online turns me away because I don't like the idea behind it, then another %45 turns me away because the writer only has 500 words per chapter. And yeah, I don't do script format for those same reasons. Put some effort into your story; show me you care. Lastly, show me you really understand whatever it is you're writing by giving me some character. This is the big one in the end. I like characters in my stories. I want the stories to be about them. I want to get to know them. I want to see them learn. I want them to grow. I want to see them interact and have relationships (NOT shipping please). It's best to do this with established characters, because they're the reason why I even read fanfiction in the first place. If you want a good template for what I consider good story writing, I invite you to look at my favorites. I like to think that I'm fairly versatile given that I have pretty high standards. I'm sure that there's something there that's worth reading to someone. Well, unless you're more interested in having characters buggering, then you're out of luck.
  46. 2 points
    Lol, I think the Saturn version of the game is actually quite good, especially the special stages. Beautiful music and graphics and the gameplay isn't that hard to get used to. Anyway, I'd prefer having a fully 3D game, but if Sega can prove themselves I'd be fine with a fully 2D game. I don't want half & half though. I want the game to be either fully 3D or 2D. I'm sick of Sega trying to put the two together. We haven't had a solid 3D Sonic experience in....Oh, I don't know, Sonic Unleashed. Not dissing on Unleashed, but enough of this trend already. The boost gameplay and platforming can work side by side, reducing the amount of work that needs to be done on maps to make them longer and adding more incentive to make the game fully 3D.
  47. 2 points
    even if we don't go back to Adventure gameplay, is it too much to ask for a 3D Sonic game to make jumping not terrible. SA1 and 2 and MAYBE Heroes are like the only ones where the midair control makes platforming not stressful as fuck
  48. 2 points
  49. 2 points
    How is that, exactly? Anyway, just because you see 2D Sonic games as a mere diversion doesn't mean tons of other 3D fans (myself included) wouldn't love a fantastic 2D Sonic experience on consoles. Sonic 3 and Knuckles, while no longer my favorite Sonic game, is probably my most played because it is a great game that holds up really well (though I can see you don't have it listed as one of the 2D games you like, so feel free to disagree with me there). If SEGA could make a modern 2D Sonic game for consoles as great as Sonic 3 and Knux or Rayman Origins, you can bet I'd love it as much as any 3D game, and I'm sure many others would, too.
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    Sonic Adventure 2 Comic!

    Thanks guys! I'll see if I can get a non-logo version off my computer when I get the chance! Here's Page 1 of Issue 2:
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