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    Uh no. We know nothing about this game. In fact, outside of a Johnny Gioeli post, SEGA themselves haven't even said we're getting one. And everyone has been jumping to conclusions about a Classic-inspired game because SEGA's celebrating Sonic's anniversary with a lot of Classic Sonic-era toys when the toys tell us absolutely nothing about the game. The entire merchandising line is to celebrate Sonic's anniversary, not his next game. Not to mention merch and video games are two radically different markets. Is it bad that there hasn't been that much Modern Sonic merchandise? No, because it's not the anniversary of Modern Sonic. It's the anniversary of Classic Sonic (granted it's the 15th anniversary of Sonic Adventure 2, but SEGA has never celebrated anniversaries of post-classic games). Companies do this all the time for anniversaries. They celebrate it by putting all the focus on the games that started it all. Nintendo and Pokemon are a good example. It has been nothing but the original generation being promoted coming from them. It's not "nostalgia-pandering", it's celebrating an anniversary. Fans are so starved for news on the next game that they are taking literally every single thing as information on the next Sonic game. Even if it has nothing to do with it. I'm all for wanting news as well, believe me, but I'd rather not jump to conclusions about "Generations 2" or a "pixel art game" all because of some toys.
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    I've said this every single time this comment has been made, and I don't want to break my streak, so here goes: Power gems actually come from the Western Knuckles' Chaotix manual, and were merely introduced into the comics by Penders. This has been your daily pointless anal-retentive Sonic correction by Monkey Destruction Switch.
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    I definitely agree that Metal Sonic is a very imposing and badass villain like you say MSB, but let's face it; Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic are the only "Metal" series that are really necessary at this point. Yes, even Shard. Although, I wouldn't mind if he became a mink as a nod to Silver's early concept design. Seriously, why don't we have one of those yet? However, if Shard could be something other than a mink, then these redesigns could work too: Drawloverlala's artwork is so magnanimous!
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    Just for safety's sake, I don't think Shard has a chance due to his connections to old continuity stuff created by other writers. It may be playing it overly safe, but I know Archie doesn't want to take any chances. But those redesigns are glorious, I love Drawloverlala! <3
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    Sonic & Tails

    Right, so sorry for necroing this thread, but I felt it was probably better just to bump this one rather than creating a new one altogether. This one already is a good one, and I think it'd be better to just add to it. So, aside from the usual gushing about the on-the-surface dynamic that these two (being Sonic and Tails) being highly endearing, which it very much is, I was contemplating something else about it that I don't think people have stopped to consider, and the symbolic beauty behind it. I was trolling around on the internet one-day, when I randomly came across a random metaphor: “a fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one big thing”. An essay was written around it, which argues that there's a dichotomy of people who either draw from a wide variety of experiences and ideas, and those that have one, general overarching philosophy. The actual essay itself isn't really all that relevant, despite the rather obvious connections to traits that both Sonic and Tails possess, but I do think it rather illustrates how Sonic and Tails are almost opposites in many regards. They're two, clearly distinct individuals from one another, and yet their specific character traits complement each other rather excellently. Someone pointed out how initially they were orange and blue, due to color complements, personality traits can work the same. That's kind of why it irritates me whenever writers take a direction of one the two that doesn't really meld with this idea of complementing personalities, or outright works detrimentally against this. Tails being snarky, sarcastic, and egotistical is an example of this. Those are character traits that Sonic has, that's distinct to him. Nevermind that these traits don't even fit with Tails as an individual. I also want to bring up something else in a somewhat different tangent. Tails being a fox, and Sonic being a hedgehog. Species typically has no bearing in the Sonic franchise, beyond maybe some general personality traits (e.g. Blaze is very standoffish and aloof like cats in real life are), but I think this is one of those cases where it does, and not in a way that people expect at all. I think that some people have noticed this, hence a lot of parody comics and animations, but I don't think that they thought this all the way through. Think about the first thing you think of when you think of when you see a fox and a hedgehog in a cartoon. Just in general. You see a fox, they're generally predatorial, they're tricksters, mischevious, and often they're even villainous. Hedgehogs aren't very common at all in cartoons, but a common analogue for herbivorous prey animals are rabbits. Rabbits are generally shy and physically and emotionally vulnerable. Now, back to Sonic and Tails. Try to apply those common stereotypes to them. Not only do they not fit, but it's more like they're flipped around. Sonic is the more enthusiastic and is something of a prankster, while Tails is more shy and vulnerable. It completely subverts expectations that might be imposed upon the two if you know about their species before anything else. Compare and contrast this to something like the upcoming Zootopia. While Zootapia is very well made, it's characters are very... Safe, from what I've seen. I mean that in the general sense that they don't really do anything dangerous or subversive like this. There's a certain symbolic beauty to it all that I don't think a lot of people have necessarily thought all the way through (not even Sonic Team), and I think it makes their dynamic all the more fascinating on a different kind of level.
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    Spin Attaxx

    You can never unsee it.

    You can never unsee it.
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    This video is a descension into madness. Bonus points to how this kid literally just made up some games along the way
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    New theme available!

    New theme available!
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    Why is it necessary to make a distinction? It's just Sonic's 25th birthday. I agree with everything else you said, though. We literally know nothing about this game, other than there probably will be one.
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    Well, my impression is that the power gems would be fair game, and that Shard is off-limits for other reasons. Most likely because he's a very specific version of Metal Sonic from a very specific story. You could even argue that that particular variation on Metal Sonic is the property of the writer of the story he appeared in (in StH #86); he had several elements different from the original Metal Sonic, such as an arm cannon, different spike-style, gem on his tummy, etc. - elements which were retained in Shard. (And of course, his specific history too, even if it was inspired a bit by the OVA.) If Scourge is off-limits, it makes perfect logical sense that Shard would be too, really. If they completely changed him to the point of getting rid of anything that connected him to that old version of Metal Sonic, I guess technically he could be permissable...? But at that point, maybe it's not worth the effort. It's possible that power gems might be off-limits due to being from the Western-only manual of a non-canon game, but I doubt that Sega cares that badly. I think the above explanation is a more likely reason.
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    Yeah, I'm already loving this! It looks much cuter and charming compared to the live-action Smurfs that tried to look too real. I can't wait to see The Smurfs on the big screen in CGI... this time done properly!
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    I got requests for it over on Twitter, so here's a follow up to my earlier status; SPECIAL TAILS EDITION.
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    To be honest I've spent quite a bit of time on that pinball table. I mean it had all those bright colours and lights, Sonic just kept spinning, the table went sideways at one point, I had to get all those chaos emeralds to light up even though they didn't do anything in the end and there's that slot machine that just won't stop... Uh, anyway, yes! Pinball! You guys just be careful.
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    I'd definitely argue against that (rolling working right and a non-OP Spindash would've made the gameplay / level design infinitely more fun), but I'm not going to say they weren't still very fun. Classic Sonic's stages in Generations were often more fun to me than modern's were, I've gotta admit. I found the layouts much more flowy and familiar to what I like and want from a Sonic game, the controls were simple, and the usage of gimmicks were impressive. If 2D sections in 3D Sonic games were as good as that all the time, I wouldn't have a problem with them being there at all.
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    Hero of Legend

    (pic) Poor Zygarde.

    (pic) Poor Zygarde.
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    Who said I ever needed saving?! I can look after myself!
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    It's not. I'm all for Modern Sonic toy representation myself, but this is how the business works when it comes to anniversary marketing. The focus is put on a franchise's origins, not the brand as a whole
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    If you like status updates a bit too much, you should probably try clicking the "x replies" link...
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    Looks up "Sonic for Hire". Finds this:
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    Uh, dunno if we've got any more to save after what's already been brought back; -Mordred is already back, as are Bow and his group (although probably not Friar Buck), and Akhlut, and Conquering Storm managed to make it back as well (albeit while dropping the bride title). -Diesel, Matilda and Beauregarde were both derived from throwaway lines from other writers, plus he's basically confirmed them gone. -All his anti-characters are tied to an alternate universe that's not usable, same for any Zone Cops he created (ie. all but Zonic), and same for any future versions and children he made for Light or Dark Mobius. -Various other family mentioned in the Echidna history are also gone (eg Eli-Za, or some of the Fire Ants). -E-107 Theta is also gone...for some reason. I guess because it was so tied to Light Mobius? -Edmund from Silver's old future is gone, but you can that just from how Silver Age starts. -Ixis Vale is gone as she's tied to the Ixis idea. -The Krudzu Hybrid Hydra was an altered version of the original Krudzu which was from another writer. -The Roboticised Masters are likely cross-over exclusive (because, you know, a mix of Mega Man ideas). The closest we have to characters yet to be introduced that he brought in are Mina's back-up band, and that's because they're the ones from the Sonic 1 concepts
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    If there's one thing I think they should consider doing (although I doubt they will), it's to make modifications to Mega Evolutions and how they work, both for new and current ones. By this, I mean change the stat and ability buffs gained from Mega Evolving to make it either less powerful, or make it so that the Pokemon that gets Mega-Evolved has to use a different strategy from the regular version. The latter is because I think it would make it interesting to use Pokemon who operate one way in their base form, but operate differently when Mega-evolved. It would allow for entirely different strategies to be used thus keeping them more interesting than just being a pure stat boost. The former is due to how I feel Mega Evolutions have gotten kind of out of hand in terms of stat boosting. Granted there are a number of cases where it is necessary like Mawile, Sableye, and so forth, but then you have Pokemon like the Mega Mewtwos, and don't even get me started on Mega Rayquaza. I'm not saying to completely nerf them to the point of being only barely stronger than before, but there is really something wrong when getting a Mega means that the Pokemon ends up stuck in it's own tier where everything goes when trying to beat it. Also they really need to improve distribution of Mega Evolutions to more than just simply popular/powerful Pokemon. Farfetch'd, Delibird, Flygon, etc. need some love dammit.
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    I have faith, too. They're really emphasizing how they want to be much more faithful to the original cartoon and comics by Peyo, and they've got the visual style down, too. Combine that with the story they've got in mind, and I think Sony may be about to make their own "Peanuts Movie" (that is, a movie much better and with much more acclaim than most of their previous films). As for learning from their past mistakes, it's possible they're just going to basically strike gold with this one without even meaning to, because they've got a freaking Emoji movie in the works. Not even joking. However, maybe if this movie does well, it'll inspire a change in the company. I guess we'll see.
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    This topic needs a new title, @ElectricAngel, because the title of the upcoming Smurfs reboot is no longer Get Smurfy! On February 12th, 2016, a new (and, honestly, much better) title for the movie was revealed to be "Smurfs: The Lost Village." We also know a bit more about the plot. Apparently, our protagonist will be Smurfette, who is sad that she seems to be the only Smurf in the Village without a purpose, and decides to set off to discover her purpose: When she accidentally crosses paths with a mysterious creature that takes off into the Enchanted Forest, she follows, and sets off into the uncharted and strictly forbidden woods. Joined by her brothers Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy — and with the evil wizard Gargamel shadowing their every step — Team Smurf undertakes a wild journey full of action, danger and discovery, setting them on a course that leads to the biggest mystery in Smurf history. http://www.slashfilm.com/smurfs-the-lost-village/ This promises to be a much more fantastical, adventurous and, dare I say, even serious (that is, taking itself more seriously) movie than the Cloudy films or the Hotel Transylvania films, let alone those freakin' live action abominations. I was already interested in this one last year, but now I'm actually straight up hyped! I really liked the original Smurfs cartoon as a kid, and I definitely think this movie will do Peyo's creation justice. Also, enjoy this gorgeous new image:
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    I'm planning on writing a story for once and I want some feedback. What do you all think of this premise?
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    Yeah, Flynn confirmed that Shard's gone for good. We can "thank" Penders for that. It's a shame. He was my favorite old-reality character: not just because he's a heroic Metallix, but because he was funny and had some good character development. Ah, well. At least his last moments were spent making Metal Sonic finally look badass. ;n;7
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    What I liked about Generations Classic was the "hop" that Sonic has when he hits an enemy - while it's a fixed height, the game is designed around it and timing it right can result in some really satisfying playthroughs (especially that part in Green Hill right before that downward spiral) which, weirdly, emulate those ridiculous moments in the Classics where uber-skilled players can fly through the air, bounce on a random flying badnik, then keep flying forward really fast and cool-like. But while those games required immense skill and even a little luck, it's a bit easier to do stuff like that in Gens Classic because they're most certainly planned out to work that way - and it makes you feel and look skillful. Not to diminish the fun factor of it, though; I actually think those parts are some of the most fun bits in those levels, besides, y'know, running fast.
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    I'd say Classic Sonic was more then fun enough on console/PC Sonic Generations. The weak rolling physics and overpowered Spin-dash really didn't make the game any less fun for most players outside of super nitpicky fans.
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    Rey Skywalker-Ren

    Mikyeong draws things

    drew mikyeong/mikgenes in a different style. i didn't like how i made her head huge ><;
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    I enjoy Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Yeah, it's a polarizing title for many, but I enjoyed my playthrough of it. I actually played it twice. I don't mind the inclusion of a run button, and I like the overall asthetics of the game. Some levels get on my nerves, I'm not gonna lie. Especially the really gimmicky ones like the snowball stage but overall, I found a heck of a lot of enjoyment out of it.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    -So that means Munch, Alan, and Thorn may hopefully return as part of Avalon's heroes. -Throwaway lines = Ownership. The power of logic... -Anit-World and the other alternate universes are somewhat-overused concepts anyway. Let's just stick with Sonic's World and Sol Dimension/Zone as the majorly-inhabited zones and there being minor pocket zones with little inhabitance. -If only they had access to the Nocturnus... -Ian did say that Mina's band is still fair game, so they have a chance... I'm going to assume Constant Vigil, Endless Reach, and Rich Nights are out -- especially Constant Vigil, given the whole SEGA-characters-having-a-family debacle. I really think Thrash should be given a second chance in the new universe.
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    It is extremely odd that out of all the Unova Pokemon, they chose the punching bag that is hunted to near extinction for EXP.
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    After all the game characters are done, I'm sorta hoping we might be able to get some brand new themes that wasn't on the old SSMB, like maybe ones based on the comics, like Sally, Nicole, Antoine etc. but we all know the one theme we need is professor pickle
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    Where's the Fair Use? #WTFU

    If we're going by the strict definition of what the Supreme Court ruling establishes, a typical TAS doesn't contain "some elements". Look at the Wikipedia page for the court case instead of the page that summarizes it into one sentence. That court case was about a parody song that used the melody and the opening line from a Roy Orbison song, and was commercial. The fact that it was done commercially was the only reason it was brought to the Supreme Court in the first place, as the case itself was "about" if a parody can be sold commercially without the original maker's consent. Nonetheless, they exhaustively detailed the four elements of fair use to cover their bases for that specific case as they related to each other: The parody song being commercial in nature did not inherently nullify fair use status, since being commercial is only a part of what the "purpose" of the song was, and the rest of the factors of fair use must still be taken into consideration (with different levels of importance depending on how different the derivative work is). The original nature of the copyrighted works doesn't really apply to parodic works. The parody song did not copy excessively from the original song. It recreated the melody for the most part and copied the first line of the song, but that was found to just make it clear what the song was a parody of and then it went off and did its own thing. It didn't interfere with the market value of the original song, and since the original was a Roy Orbison song from 1964 and the parody was a rap song from 1994 it doesn't really need to be explained I don't think. You want to compare DBZ:A to that court case, we can: A typical TAS would almost certainly breeze through the first two factors of fair use. It's a clear spoof of the copyrighted work and it isn't really commercial since TeamFourStar doesn't really directly profit off of it, and the second factor is largely meaningless to parodies. However, then we get to the third thing. Literally nearly the entirety of every episode of DBZ:A is made up of copyrighted material. It follows the same rough story as the copyrighted works. It even (occasionally) copies the writing of the copyrighted material when it fits whatever joke is trying to be told. There is no real deviation from what happens over the course of a DBZ episode and the DBZ:A episode following it other than how much less time the latter takes up. That doesn't automatically prevent DBZ:A (or any other TAS) from falling under fair use, but it sure as hell works against it if it ever went to trial. Then we get to the fourth thing. DBZ:A largely exists to poke fun of and mock (out of love, but that's not really relevant) the conventions, storytelling and tropes of Dragonball Z. TeamFourStar do so by appropriating most of the content of said property, and then putting a spin on it (generally) to show how ridiculous it can be. As you said, DBZ:A is a heavily edited and heavily cut-down version of the original show, with an original cast of voice actors and quite often a rather different style of writing and tone. It has become immensely popular in the process. Toei has, for the past half decade, been attempting to relaunch said property for a new audience. The centerpiece of this effort has been an attempt to remove many of the elements that DBZ:A has poked fun at ever since the show started, like the plodding pace and hopelessly irrelevant storylines; to be left with a new version of the show with much tighter writing and better action. They've, somewhat ironically, done so with the same methodology that TeamFourStar uses to create their videos; chopping up episodes of the original series, recording new dialogue for them and remastering on the resulting product. To put another way, DBZ Kai is a heavily edited and heavily cut-down version of the original show, with newly recorded dialogue from mostly the same voice actors and quite often a rather different style of writing and tone How can it be argued that the former can't interfere with the market acceptance/value of the latter? Even the section you quoted from Wikipedia doesn't say that just being a parody of something makes it fair use, because that's not what the law says. In fact, the Supreme Court said pretty much the exact opposite of what you've been saying in this thread: I mean, this is certainly subjective at this point because the Supreme Court specifically said that fair use doctrine has to be subjective, but I can't think of any way in hell that any typical TAS would stand up to the third factor of whether something can be fair use if a rights holder wanted to push the issue, even if the humorless Japanese companies couldn't already reasonably argue that it fails to do so for the fourth.
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    Mordred has, he was faffing about like a headless chicken when Eggman went by his base to get back to the Arctic. He was even on one of the #275 variants, which seems to strongly imply that he's the comedic buttmonkey of Eggman's Dozen.
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    Don't expect anything please. Because you will be dissapointed that nothing will be tomorrow.
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    HOLY CRAP! Roger Craig Smith liked my tweet! brb freaking out right now!
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    I am understanding the specific meaning behind your post. But just to say, physics are one of the many things that make up the "game-play" and they do influence how the player feel about how a game controls. Depending on what type of game you're playing of course.
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    If you think the physics are "screwed up" that's fine, but clearly not everyone agrees with you, so it would be totally cool if you'd stop advertising and bashing in someone else's threads/videos.
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    "That's not nightmare fuel. That is nightmare fuel you put into the nightmare bus, which drives off the nightmare cliff into the nightmare canyon." -Danny Sexbang
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    I think he meant in terms of background for Captain Metal i.e. he was supposed to be the Metal Sonic that was present in Hedgehog Havoc and Sonic X#40 before being blown to bits by a cannon, then somehow reappearing here rebuilt despite the fact that the reboot of the universe should have rendered him non-existent. Personally, I don't see why he couldn't just have a rejigged background. Maybe it's was Nega's first attempt at building his own Metal Sonic before he perfected it with Metal Sonic 3.0 (go look up Rivals 2 if you don't know what I'm talking about), and he just cast this one aside before it was rebuilt into the piratey not-Metal Sonic we know him as. And then the weird fuzzy memory effect is how Blaze can remember anything about the original origin at all, and it won't be alluded to again.
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    Eh, I was never expecting Genesis-style physics going in, so I quite enjoyed the Classic Sonic gameplay in Generations. Having the old physics when playing Sonic in 2d just isn't that important to me.
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    Treasure Team Tango is a weird one. Sure it was referenced and footnoted in during PPP, but then again there was a lot of bizarre continuity fluxiation going in that arc (which was said to be due to the Jeweled Scepter protecting the Sol Zone from the full brunt of the SGW). Blaze having memories of TTT maybe just because of her memories being scrambled. Of course if TTT did happen, that'd have to mean the original Sonic Rush didn't happen in the new continuity as closely to the actual game as we thought. Not to mention TTT itself would have loads of differences to the original (the Great Wastes). And don't even get started on Captain Metal and how he works in all this...
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    I think most of the cynicism we've seen already here is greatly born from the sheer uncertainty of it all. Since the last several outings have fared a meh-to-bleh reception, it's understandable for some folks to be weary as to whether or not the 25th anniversary game will be any better. Me? I've just been neutral. Not invested but not un-invested either.
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    I, uh... I know this seems to be an unpopular opinion around here, but... I like Classic Sonic's gameplay in Sonic Generations. A lot, actually.
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    Lost World radically reinvented Sonic's gameplay and they created an entirely new Sonic continuity with Boom; how exactly are they at a standstill and terrified of doing anything new?
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    The KKM

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    jesus fucking christ why're you trying to kill this beautiful possibility of a baby already by already going "oh yeah if they add the FF and shit" no if this gets to be a whole series let it just be the classic franchise as its own franchise and actually for one set it in the world of the games or close to it, man
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