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    I see where people are coming from with the "let the fans do it" suggestion, but it's not a cure-all. Particularly not for Modern Sonic. Whitehead and Stealth spent like, 10 or 15 years analysing Sonic, building engines, and reverse engineering the original games to produce their own content. And that content was solid, eventually getting to a point it exceeded the original engines (Remasters and Mania). There was build-up towards them ultimately being hired, hence why Mania is so good. That, and they're just incredibly good at what they do. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing like that for the 3D space, due to the inherent challenges of amateur 3D game development. That's not to say 2D is easy, but I haven't seen a single 3D Sonic fangame that a ) has gone anywhere b ) has been consistently good. Sonic Utopia is the one everyone jumps to - but if anyone thinks Lange would hand out his work to SEGA, when they'd likely use it for a Modern Sonic title (as he's the '3D Sonic'), they simply don't know Lange. He's basically Nicochi, except folks take him seriously. The only other one I've seen mentioned regularly is Sonic World, a putrid excuse of a fangame with a brazen focus on quantity over quality, and with a project manager who's got all the tact and maturity of a toddler. I couldn't see ozcrash last 5 seconds in a professional landscape. There simply isn't a 3D analogue to the Retro Engine's progress and development as it stands, let alone one with a project leader that'd be open to SEGA using it. And fair play, some folks don't want to give their work to SEGA (Lange) and that's absolutely A-OK, but until there's someone who does a la Whitehead, the "get fans to do a new 3D Sonic" thing is gonna be a pipedream for like, 15 more years. Bear in mind how long the Retro Engine had been in development when CD 2011 released as is - and after that it still took 6 years to get Tax and co's take on a new 2D Sonic (and one that even then, still reimagined previous content). And to be fair - I doubt it'd take that long nowadays, particularly with Mania's sucess and apparent changes in SEGA's structure, but still. I'm aware there's a group of fans making a Sonic Adventure Remake, but I honestly can't see that going far given how insanely huge an undertaking it is. Fangame devs need to be more realistic if they're going to have pitchable stuff - Tax only remade Palmtree Panic and a Special Stage for his CD pitch IIRC, then continued once SEGA picked it up. Setting out to remake an entire game, for instance, is only going to lead to burn-out eventually, especially with a large team. I recall Azoo saying he wanted to prepare an actual pitch document for his idea for a 3D Sonic title, and frankly if he got a gameplay engine and some kind of reasonable demo on board with that idea, he'd be the most set for success out of any fangame dev I've ever seen.
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    Sonic Forces Launch Trailer

    It might just be because the writing has been mostly trash for a couple years now, but hearing Knuckles narrate the trailer and sound competent as fuck while doing it may be the most satisfying thing I've heard from this franchise character-wise in a very long time tbh
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    I am really getting tired of people acting like my expectations are unreasonable for wanting more than a straight line with useless enemies and a bunch of automation. Standards in this fanbase are so low at this point that Sonic Team hardly even needs to bother making gameplay of any sort.
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    They can't do 2d either. Problem with Sonic team is bigger then 2d/ 3d. All they're good at is giving Taxman the keys once. Considering he calls himself friend of Pixels as well as polygons, might as well ask HIM to make a 3d Sonic game. Sonic Forces IS a 2d game in heart and soul. Don't take my word for it, it's how Sonic Team describes it, check this quote from this article: https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/19/16333174/sonic-adventure-3-will-never-happen "Instead, we’re likely to see more Sonic games that try new things in much subtler ways. Recent Sonic titles, like this winter’s Sonic Forces, reinvents traditional Sonic gameplay by molding a 3D space around it, as opposed to adapting the 2D action for a 3D environment." See, that's their gameplay at the moment. Start with "Traditional Sonic gameplay (Sic)", and then create the illusion of a 3d world around it, hence why most of the meat and potatoes of the gameplay takes place in 2d sections while the 3d sections are mostly straight corridors that might has well have been in 2d as there's rarely 3d movement required to navigate. So there's your answer to what 3d Sonic's future is, to be smoke and mirrors around an incompotent 2d game. What I would WANT, out of a 3d Sonic game, is them to go back to the drawingboard and make a compotent Sonic Adventure without the alternative playstyles and instead increase the length of the game either with an level editor system or an advanced 2 player arcade mode. I would also like to be a gazillionair and have a flying car. Let's see which happens first.
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    Context and timing have a lot to do with it, yeah. '06 was still a relatively fresh wound, and while a lot of people liked Unleashed's day gameplay, its night gameplay really dragged things down. Colors threw out the bullshit and focused on trying to do one thing right, which made for a much smoother experience. And while it's not exactly the direction I'd want the series to go and there's plenty of room to criticize it, I do think the game is a pretty fun experience if taken on its own. That the game slows down and puts more platforming in the way compared to the other boost games makes me feel more in control and thus more engaged compared to the mindlessness the others fall into. The wisps are generally all well designed and well used, acting as brief diversions to complement Sonic's gameplay rather than distracting from it. Aesthetically the game is one of the strongest in the series; it looks great even given the restrictions of the Wii's hardware, it's got plenty of creative and stylish environments, and pretty much all the music is great. And while some of the jokes definitely don't land, I still think it has some of the best dialogue in the series, and I find the smaller-scaled but more focused story refreshing compared to all the attempts at big "epic" stories that end up falling flat.
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    I have some fanart to share > u < I hope you like them { I drew Classic Sonic once the Project Sonic 2017 trailer debuted! } { I made this as a joke idea XD but I'm thinking of genderbending the other Sonic characters for fun! } { An Amy doodle I did last week with one of her recognizable poses. I miss the old SA art style they did before. } { Elise isn't the strongest character but I actually like her design. } { Doodle of my favorite characters > u < This is a part of a meme I'm completing and so are the next images at the bottom. } { Doodle of my two favorite games! The Unleashed one is a screenshot redraw. } { I actually like the Sonic Boom show for its cheesiness XD } { These are also a part of the meme I'm completing. They are screenshot redraws too and they're suppose to be favorite moments from games There's more but I'm still coloring those. }
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    Jun did the guitars on this.
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    "Getting worked over" it is what stopped it from happening. If we didn't "get worked over" it, then there's no reason they wouldn't attempt this trash on even more mundane itemized DLC. How about they bring back that roulette wheel from Runners? Or Loot Item Monitors? Chao Garden DLC! $20.00! We should never accept or normalize stupid decisions like this.
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    SEGA vs Capcom. C'mon, the choice is obvious.
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    a little comic thing i did with the custom characters that appear this magazine XD

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