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    I never get tired of seeing Universal's shiny current logo in front of their movies
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    The Cartoon Cartoon Fridays stream rocked! Thanks @ElectricAngel for having me!
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    Deceived Voice is now ready for Game Night! All the package needs is to be uploaded online, it'll be up tonight at 9 PM EST.
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    Disney's Zootopia (March 2016)

    Yeah, the "this is so heavy-handed" complaint kind of annoys me because it almost always seems to come from people who either aren't affected or don't notice that a lot of this stuff happens on the daily. Almost every transgression in the film is either something that has happened to me or directly to someone I know, and in a way it reflects minorities' realities quite appropriately, particularly in this time of high political polarization. Nostalgia Critic particularly pissed me off. "I know racism is bad so why does this movie have to be about racism?" With a shitty attitude like that, I imagine he would be the last person to even think about examining internalized biases, or even assume he has any simply because he puts too much stock in conscious thought. He's a Judy without the ability to self-reflect.
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    How to beat the LR/Transended UR bosses! What is an LR/TUR? They are dokakned ssr with ca get to LVL 120. Until now, there are only 2 LRs/TURs: Cell and Broly. To get these 2 to the LR state, you must collect special medals which can be obtained only on dokkan events. Dokkan events have 2 stages: the first one where you can farm an SR which can be dokkaned into an SSR with the special medals and the second one, which consumes 40 STA, in which you get 1 special medal per win. The farmable SR will need 3 medals, while the SSRs will need 10 medals. Also, the SRs are very easy to beat. Now that we cleared that...I will tell you how to get the medals. 1. Broly- the Legendary Super Sayian Broly is probably the most hated DB character, but this game will make you like him: HIS SUPER ATTACK DAMAGES EVERY ENEMY! This is why hes the best character to use in the World Tournament. In rest, hes...meh. His defense is 0 when launching his Super Attack, so its not that good in rest. Soooo, lets start. a) Health bars All the LR bosses have multiple health bars. In Brolys case, he has 4 health bars, so prepare Dragon Stones. Special Ability All the LR bosses have a special ability. Brolys ability is called ,,Rampage'': the characters give Broly only 10 damage. This ability can be ignored by special characters: The above characters have the Rampage disable as the passive, so they dont need to link with another character for it. While these characters must link: Broly also can attack all of the three attacking characters with his group attack. c) Strategy Broly is an STR card, so you should make a team with at least 2,3 AGL types. there are 3 strategies for defeating the Legendary Super Sayian: 1. Using Blazing Battle and/or the special 4 characters This is the fastest way to beat him, so, if you have these characters, you can beat him in like 3 minutes. 2. Using Kaioken Goku There are two Kaioken Gokus in this game. An AGL one which you can get from summonings, and the PHY one which was the latest World Tournament prize. Since Broly is STR, i recommend the AGL one. You may ask why Kaioken Goku? Well, his SUper Attack become smore and more stronger everytime he uses it. So, for this strategy, you should get the oolong which changes orbs into blue ones and have a ki+ leader. 3. Using Devilman Devilman is very special. He has 1% chance to deal 99999999 damage with his super. Before he uses the attack , if his passive appears on the up left part of the screens it eans game over for Broly. If it doesnt appear, close the game before the attack hits and retry. 2. Perfect Cell - The Ultimate Life Form If Broly scared you, dont worry. Cell is more easier. But that doesnt mean that he isnt good. Also, what special about Cell is that, Unlike Broly, there are 2 Cells which dokkan into LRs. And both of them are ,,tank'' units. a) Health Bars I said that Cell is easier. One of the reasons is because he has only 3 bars. Special Ability Remember that Cell also has Piccolos cells? If yes, then you know that Cell can regenerate. Thats his ability here. It will appear like an attack but it will have ,,regeneration'' under it. But like Broly, and unlike Broly, there are some special characters that dont nullify the regeneration, but weaken it (the first four characters from the ext photo) and a special link which weakens it, Soul vs Soul.Its a reference of Gohans SSJ2 theme: And these are the link characters: The first four characters( Vegeta, Trunks and the Androids) dont need to link, as they have the passive to weaken it. c) Strategy The Cell youll fight is TEQ, so prepare some INT characters. 1. Using the Soul VS Soul/ special characters To be fair, the weakening regeneration isnt really needed , because it can be done in a more effective way, but you can still win easily. 2. Using stunners and heavy hitters This is why I said that theres a more easy way. Most stunners (and the best ones) are INT. They are very good since you can stop regeneration.Also, unlike Broly, they do normal damage. So, if you have General Blue, Babidi, Turles or Whis, heres where you can use them. Blue stuns for 2 turns with a 70% chance, and hes SR, so he wont be hard to get, as hes from the DB summon. Along with them, bring the most powerfull card you have, so you can stun and damage him as much as possible. 3. Using Devilman The same thing with Broly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was the guide. Hope to can defeat those two. Also, one more thing. Try to get the SRs to level 10 before dokkaning them. Click the spoiler if you wanna know who the next LRs are(in the order they will come):
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    On the topic of really pointless shit that bothers me in Sonic games, the Master Emerald in Sonic Adventure 2 is tiny compared to usual. I can buy that they just did that because it was easier, but the fan explanation of "Oh, Knuckles can change the emerald's size" is the worst fanwank shit ever.
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    Were there a lot of characters missing from Revolution? I only noticed Mecha Naruto's absence. Funny thing I noticed, the Revolution debut Obito has the Todd Haberkorn VA, whereas the new Jinchuriki version has Jet the Hawk's current VA instead. BY THE WAY I couldn't wait until we moved to play the Xbox version so I rented the PS4 version, and MY GOODNESS was this a good game. Like... Wow. I decided to read the last 4 or 5 manga chapters to see what was excluded (quite a bit but eh), but otherwise the story is great. The QTEs were, as always, really awesome. And the battle system is still really good. You can block in MID AIR. The leader switch mechanic is awesome too. So yeah, buy this game. It is GOOD, even if you don't care for the show much.
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    Deceived Voice's Production has been finished. It will release on-time (Will not be offering beta unfortunately) on March 13th! Those who participate in the SSMB Game Night Anniversary Event will receive a "Game Night" edition of the game, including a bonus item and exclusive easter eggs! Read the full announcement of finishing production here; http://gamejolt.com/games/deceived-voice/127678/news/news-update-3-11-16-production-has-been-finished/132967
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    *Me when I'm home alone*: I'm so lonely *Me when I'm surrounded by people*: Leave me alone!
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    ARTWORK: ebongrey's Art Binder

    Thanks Mightyray. :3 Well here's Shadow and Rouge. It took some time for me to finish this and I think this is one of my favorite drawings that I did.
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