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    Mikyeong's Situation. Please keep her in your thoughts.
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    How to know you're fairly unpopular on Youtube: 1) When your own videos show up in your recommended videos feed
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    Hey, look, a new trailer for the LEGO Batman Movie: Coming from someone who has no connection to Batman, and wasn't the biggest fan of the LEGO Movie, I thought this was pretty hilarious. I think I might actually be looking forward to this one.
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    The Cream theme is so sweet and bubbly.
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    batman would probably get a decent living as a mexican wrestler
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    Hey everyone, welcome to my topic of music. I will show some SMPS I've working for some time, some music ported / converted to Mega Drive. Enjoy and feel free to send feedback! Before post my stuff... For who don't know, "The Sample Music Playback System (SMPS) is a sound engine used in several games for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Sega 32X, including all major Sonic games except Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, which uses GEMS instead. The engine's name has not been completely confirmed, as a large group of users have come up with serious doubts about it and no concrete proof has been found". If you want know more, click here and here. Now, I can post it, hope you guys like that (the SMPS will be into spoiler)! When (if) I do more, I'll post more, right? Here's my Soundcloud if someone have interest. That's it, for now. I hope you guys enjoyed it, just remembering I am not the best guy at this job (I love do it though)! Cheers~ EDIT: How I can make Soundcloud box smaller in the posts?
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    I imagine Sonic is like his Boom counterpart when it comes to residence: He does have a house, but he isn't very attached to it. He prefers traveling the world and exploring. Same with Tails: His official house is in Emerald Town, but he spends much more time in his workshop in the Mystic Ruins.
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    Well SatSR depicted Sonic living in what appears to be a house though personally, I like to think it's the upper level of Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins; See? There's a chimney for presumably the fireplace shown in SatSR's first cutscene and a platform on top of the domed roof where I presume they use the telescope that is also shown in SatSR's intro.
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    I do not want another Generations any time soon. It served its purpose 5 years ago and streamlined things and put focus on the high points. It's not a perfect recreation of the Genesis Sonic by any means, and Boost is still not the best variety of gameplay for Modern Sonic, but it was more than serviceable as a "then and now" romp through notable points in Sonic's history. You can only pull the "hey, remember when..." nostalgia card so many times. That being said, whatever this mystery game is, I wouldn't mind a reference here or there, maybe a flashback even. Unlockable Green Hill or something, maybe. But at the end of the day, I'm wanting something new. I want a fantastic set of levels that could be in the next Generations, you feelin' me?
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    Where are other mobians in games?

    I used to think they were just offscreen, cohabiting with humans across the world in varying amounts but this X-Theory bullshit actually being true dashed that hope to pieces. It would've been simpler to just have them cohabit even if it means the antros are a sparsely populated because they've already shown Amy, Tails, and Rouge doing exactly that in Sonics Adventure and Battle. Additionally, that makes it seem like there's an Angel Island on both worlds or that it was transferred over to Earth. It just needlessly complicates the already confusing canon.
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