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    This thread is more about arguing with Chris Knopps about whatever he dislikes about Sonic than it is about Sonic's 25th anniversary.
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    Fans wanted Shadow to return after SA2. SEGA brought him back in Heroes. Fans wanted Shadow to have his own game. SEGA gave him his own game. Fans wanted Sonic to drop the realism, seriousness, and overall feel that Shadow & 06 gave. SEGA put out Unleashed. Fans wanted SEGA to drop everyone on the 4kids cast, except Mike Pollock. SEGA did exactly that, and hired folks like Roger Criag Smith to the team. Fans wanted SEGA to drop the Werehog and focus on the day levels. SEGA released the day level-focused Sonic Colors. Fans wanted Super Sonic playable in levels again. SEGA gave Colors, Generations, and Lost World this feature. Fans wanted a game like the classic games again. SEGA made Sonic 4 and included Classic Sonic and his gameplay in Generations. Fans wanted a refined Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing game, with more fan service. SEGA and Sumo Digital then made All Stars Racing Transformed. Fans wanted something new from the franchise that wasn't the boost formula anymore. SEGA brought in the parkour mechanic for Lost World and the Sonic Boom branch. Fans wanted more playable characters again. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal were given more playable characters. Fans wanted SEGA to stop rushing games and take their time with them so they can focus on making the game good. SEGA slowed down on Sonic game production and 2015 did not see a single Sonic console release To say SEGA never listens to fans...I just can't agree on that.
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    I'm surprised the replayability vs content debate is happening when any franchise worth a damn has at least a decent grasp on both. We shouldn't need pick our poison. A fun, well put together 6-10 hour sonic game that you actually want play again is what everyone wants, I think.
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    CD is like the most abstract looking Sonic game though I mean what the fuck, the level is literally a trumpet
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    *deletes 5 paragraph response* I hope Sonic is fast in the new game.
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    Sonic's most focused and best games can be completed in under 6 hours, often within 2. Replayability is key, not padding.
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    Playing 06 in Xenia is an experience. The game only saves when it feels like it, I had to do some crazy shit in cheat engine to get past Dusty Desert and then there's just
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    The reality is that, typically, when a Sonic game is successful, it is primarily because that people find the gameplay and other systems therein very appealing to them. Sonic has traditionally been a platforming game first and foremost, and as a result, the focus tends to be on the aspects that drive the moment-to-moment platforming gameplay. How does the level design look? What new stage concepts will there be? What new mechanics are the developers bringing to the table? These questions aren't unique to Sonic games, they're what many use to gauge interest in other platformers as well. It's fine to be attracted to Sonic games by virtue of the content of their narrative and the like, but you can't misconstrue your own specific point of interest with the interests of the general public. Most people decide their potential investments in platformers through gameplay-related facets. That is the reality. That is not to say, however, that your interest in other aspects of Sonic games other than their core systems are not warranted nor valid.
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    So Generations only sold well because the only people who bought it were fans of the classics. And colours was luck and magic. You've not done much critical study on things have you?
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    Spin Attaxx

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    Tired of hearing stuff like this too. Sega never listens to the fans anyway. They largely just do whatever the fuck they want and we follow their lead. That's how most franchises work. People follow this franchise because they're a fan of what Sonic Team does, so all they have to do is play to their strengths and deliver a solid game on top of it. You're not going to get exactly what you want, but you'll be hard pressed to find any developer that works like that. People will appreciate it regardless as long as it's well put together. Besides, it might just be me, but what everyone wants isn't all that different when you actually look at it.
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    I almost forgot how much I loved that video. Thanks for making Monday a lot better.
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    Mikyeong's Situation. Please keep her in your thoughts.
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    Not really, at least from a design standpoint. Aside from the part where you took out the shield (which was really cool), it was just QTEs, which generally are pretty lame. I'm not saying Perfect Chaos is the pantheon of boss design, but I value something that keeps the player in control and on their toes. I DO admire the scale of Perfect Dark Gaia, however. If future games can offer mechanically interesting bosses with the gravitas that fight had, I would be most pleased.
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    I find it ironic how you're telling someone these things, when this is the problem I feel that lies in your argument against mine. Yes, we've been over this. So why do you keep coming off as a broken record, even though I've explained that if they could showcase anything, they would? SEGA doesn't want to take any chances. What they show publicly is going to be judged, critiqued, and more. It will also heavily reflect on the game's future, too, including when the game finally releases. With all that has happened, it's understandable that SEGA would be cautious about revealing anything. Part of what contributed to Rise of Lyric's failure was what they revealed on the game looked nothing like the final product. The game was rushed too, especially in the latter half of its development cycle. SEGA's addressed both of those problems. Layoffs were only part of the restructure, you know. The company had to completely migrate their HQ to another city in California. The company rearranged its divisions. That's why it's called a restructure. SEGA was completely changed from the ground up. The change was so drastic that, even now, they're still not completely settled. That's why I keep bringing it up. The restructure has done more to SEGA than I think people realize. Not to mention SEGA's still doing well in the markets, large in part due to SEGA Sammy's wealth and the continued success of other divisions.. Few companies have been in this situation. A complete company overhaul following a disaster of a game on the scale SEGA has done is an uncommon occurrance. AMD may not be in the best situation right now, but it's nothing compared to SEGA's video gaming division. ...They told us a release date for Fire & Ice during the SXSW panel. And now you want a press release explaining exactly what they're doing to the game? This isn't a Kickstarter project... No. No it's not. It was very experimental. That's what ultimately drew the quality down. Not the "Mario ripoff" (which I still feel is not actually a thing) argument that people have to bring up every single time Lost World is even mentioned the slightest bit, like games have never been inspired by other franchises before (Yuji Naka has said Sonic was very inspired by Mario)
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    Off to Tokyo tomorrow with T-Bird, will report back about the Sonic Adventure Music Experience!
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    It was completely functional, it was just up to whether you liked what it did with it's gameplay design or not.
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    The fanbase can't even decide what they want from SEGA, let alone SEGA actually delivering it.
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    Why? You don't get to decide in the end. Its just kind of tiring watching you guys argue over stuff like this when everyone ultimately wants the same. Modern fans don't WANT 2 hour games and Dreamcast fans don't WANT unfocused, unpolished mechanics. Take what works from both sides instead of arguing one half measure vs another.
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    Okay, so red rings are tedious, and medals aren't? Only one of those is required just to fight the final friggin' boss. Content means nothing if none of it is good. Why must I keep saying this? Show me a long Sonic game that at no point drags, where every mission is fun and the core gameplay is perfect enough that you don't need to explain why it's good, and then you'd have something to use against Colors for only having good core gameplay. But no Sonic game like that exists, and so you don't have anything.
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    That's rather ironic, coming from you. Yes, because merely debating with you is "poking someone with a fork". It's "lucky" that over two million people bought Colors? It was a fanboy/girl fest with Generations? And yet, you call me close-minded.
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    How to know you're fairly unpopular on Youtube: 1) When your own videos show up in your recommended videos feed
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    Are we going to pretend that ShtH and '06 never existed? Sonic was a joke long before the series' current direction. One of the reasons that the series is in such a shitty state is that it never properly recovered from that era.
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    Where's this idea come from that Sonic is supposed to be all things to all people, anyway.
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    No, I get why people are antsy. Really. But I just think it's funny that some people are getting hostile to downright disrespectful about it. None of this is really that serious, so why even get that mad? People are having fun, so those that don't find this as fun don't need to be poor sports about it. Your time will come soon enough. I personally encourage those that are discourage to use their time elsewhere more productively. It'll be much more enriching. E.G. That's how I learned how to program in a number of programming languages in the span of about two years~
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    Wave Ocean looks quite nice. I'd totally have a holiday there, if I didn't die in like a foot of water!
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    Pretty much what Sonic is about! Running, jumping and speed. Have you ever played a Sonic game before?
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    I would say that those other elements actually come into play way more than you think, especially on a thematic level. you mention yourself how the level looks, thatch not mechanics, that's themeing, visual story telling. The theme around a game, how it appeals to people is also a large selling point of games, and why I think people buy sonic shit in general. Because lets be frank, not every sonic game that sold well was exactly a winner, and if being a good platformer was the only qualifier for being a massive success, we would have a fuck ton more megaman, and metriod games. But we don't being good at your job isn't a qualifier. if so, sonic would have a died a long ass time ago. Being a good game, is important. But being an interesting a video game, is VERY important. Because if you wanna break shit down to just mechanics, sega could justs sell white unfinished polygons that go fast , and people would buy it right? No, you got to build something around that, something interesting. Something that draws folks,
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    aww thank you! *u* ---------- here something i drew on myeaster break i called it "Electric gals" Lien-da has a little touch of mine on her design.. nothing so relevant.. just simplyfied somethings .. (though i would put white on her sleeves and pants' edge)
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    Because they tried that and it sucked. Have you somehow missed all the discussions about the series' lack of identity or do you just dismiss them outright? Oh yeah, and I totally believe you're proposing "variety" for reasons beyond that what they're doing now isn't what you want.
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    Speaking as a guy who lurks on a lot of social media... Whenever Boom content is posted, there's a few guys who raise Hell over it, demanding cancellation or saying Boom sucks, but I've noticed there are a lot more Shares, Likes, etc. It's not so much the whole fandom hates Boom, so much as there's a very vocal minority. I've seen entire discussions in groups where everyone takes turns taking a dump on Boom, but these are people with the free time and passion (however negative) to spend such time on this. Most do not care this much either way, never mind hate is easier to express than love. As I predicted back in February of 2014, most people have long since accepted Boom. The fact it's not a full-on reboot as originally concerned did a good deal to help that. To say nothing of the fact this is NOT a fandom that values quality, so the fact Boom's had rather poor performance thus far means little. Even if the whole fandom hated it, SEGA would just shrug and release it anyway. They pumped millions of dollars into this. It'd be idiotic to not try to make that money back. Doubly so if they can build a new demographic around it, thus diversifying their market.
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    That....would actually be a rather dumb move. Outright just canceling a game, regardless of what it's a sequel to, not to mention the game in particular that official reports say to have been delayed for the very quality improvements that SEGA promised, would not only come off as an act of cowardice, but would also be used as a point that they didn't truly improve our despite promises. Not a place any smart company would want to go. And as for "nobody" wanting it, well ignoring the logical fallacy that absolute statements like that are full of, in actuality there are still a notable supply of fans with the games, in this case, particularly Shattered Crystal. With Boom still young as it is, turning off current fans and potential fans by just canceling Fire and Ice would be a horrific moral and business choice currently. I'd rather see them commit to their projects of this caliber than just outright abandon the efforts of refining something, which has been a issue in SEGA'S past.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Wendy joins the Eggman fangirl train, along with Katella and Thunderbolt. And people say Sonic is a babe magnet.
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    Hate to tell you Gene, but this is nothing compared to what lies ahead for you. Nothing. </ManiacleLaugh>
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    Eeeehhh I dunno about that one. Lost World kinda feels like they rushed for a variety of content rather than taking the time to nail down the fundamentals.
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    Colors only looks anomalous in hindsight, when all the game's flaws became apparent. Back when it came out there was a ton of hype about how it fixed Sonic, and it was the first good Sonic game since 06, and Sonic Team was finally listening, and the story was finally not awful etc. ... Like I said, in hindsight that doesn't make sense. Unleashed was a better game. Colors had the obnoxious wisps, the awful 2D platforming and It was a decent game. But not nearly worth deserving the praise it got. But at the time, we didn't feel that way.
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    There is an option. It's called Sonic X. Sonic has always been a comedy. Even in the "edgy" Adventure games, the games still had a lot of jokes. While the humor of the comedy may have changed to a degree (it seems to be more "in-your-face" than it was back then), the concept remains the same. By the way, Sonic Boom is also a spin-off. It may be a branch within the franchise, but that's how spin-offs tend to be.
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    Probably... not. Unless it's a leak. I think the first place well get it is youtube announcement followed by a simultaneous media launch on the blogs, social media outlets and maybe some sites which got 'exclusive' info.
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    They expressly denied this as soon as the characters were revealed.
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    I still managed to sneak out some quality memes that will promptly be leaked. You can't stop me now. More importantly though, was Ben Kalough at SoA today? The answer is
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    Here's a look at Ben Bates' thumbnail cover for the unreleased Sonic Legacy, Volume 5.
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