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    This is still one of my favorite Iizuka memes
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    YouTube and the Perception of Sonic

    Because the Sonic franchise is shit. Seriously, at this point the entire series is a huge mess with some gems in there. You can't really blame anyone for being negative about the franchise when Sega has done such a poor job making sure the games they put out are actually any good.
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    New Ratchet and Clank movie poster, this time featuring the villains and a pun I'm kind of surprised they haven't used before now:
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    The current DKC games are pretty much what the New Super mario bros games should of been to be perfectly honest.
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    Select your fighter.

    Select your fighter.
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    Thanks to all who attended the Ninjago Season 1 finale! The stream is now open to everyone to add videos! http://taima.tv/r/NinjagoMonastery
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    Sometimes I wish I wasn't so critical when it came to stuff. Sometimes its hard for me to just turn my brain off and enjoy something
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    Following on from my earlier status about names, I had the same chat with some of my friends by coincidence more than anything else. One of them actually suggested I should change my real name to Joy. I mean it's a nifty idea and I almost prefer it to my real name at this point but I imagine the parents would flip!
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    Aw man, the Force Awakens Blu Ray disc doesn't have a picture of Rey coloured blue on it. I am disappointed.
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    I make a statement saying I know way too much about Disney and it's parks. Someone asks if I've seen the Classic Shorts. Dude... Animation class 101...
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