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    Really cool animated gif created by JoeAdok
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    To put things into perspective, this is basically how the Sonic franchise has been viewed over the years: --- 1991 - 1994: The original Mega Drive games are released. They're cool and incredibly popular and Sonic is great everything is fantastic lets party 1995 - 1997: Basically nothing happens. There are not really any new Sonic games aside from spin-offs and people stop caring about Sega cause they did a shitty job with putting out cool games people want for the SEGA CD and 32X and Saturn. So really there's nothing for people to like or get mad about when it comes to Sonic, and a lot of people move over to the party Nintendo and PlayStation are having cause their consoles are cool and stuff. 1998 - 2001: Aw shit here comes the Dreamcast and it has Sonic Adventure and it is Sonic in 3D nothing has been like it ever. Also Adventure 2 is cool this shit is hype. 2002: Oh Sega went third party oh well Sonic still continues. Lets replay Adventure 2 it's out on the Gamecube now... ... oh this game kinda sucks 2003 - 2004: Oh cool Sonic Adventure is re-released that game was good ri- ooh oooooh Well Sonic Heroes is coming out and that looks cool... ...oh 2005 - 2006 2007: eeuuuuuuuuuugggh 2008: Oh hey Unleashed looks coo-wait what the fuck is this werehog shit 2009: eeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggh 2010 - 2012: What the fuck is this shitty Sonic 4 shi-oh hey Colours looks cool Holy shit Generations is great Oh my god Racing Transformed is fantastic I sure hope that this is the end of Sonic being shitty 2013: Well okay Lost World is kinda mediocre but it's not bad and certainly nothing as bad as Sonic 2006. As long as the next game is decent everything will be fi- 2014: 2015: eeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- 2016: The franchise is saved thanks to Big the Cat. --- But seriously, that's for the first ten years Sonic being considered good. Then that all going down in the nine years after, then three or four years of it being good again, then Sonic Boom happens and everything is shit again for the past two/three years. So that's 13/14 years of Sonic being good/okay and 11/12 years of Sonic being bad. And for three/four of those years of Sonic being good a lot of people have stopped giving a shit about the franchise. Now, think about when a lot of these Youtubers now grew up. They didn't grow up with the Genesis/Mega Drive games, they probably started playing these games back when Sega started becoming third party. Which also just so happens to be around the time Sonic began being shit. Aside from that, the most recent big Sonic game is Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, which was a disaster. So for the majority of the time these people played or knew about Sonic when they were a kid or in their teens, it was when people began disliking the franchise. And the most recent game people think of when they think of Sonic is Rise of Lyric. They also don't have much reason to defend the franchise, they don't really have much reason to care after all. Really though, I think that if or when Sega starts putting out good Sonic games again, people will start being more positive about the franchise. And considering that Sega has been putting more time into the development of their games, we should hopefully see this happen in the next year or so. Also people who go "Sonic has always been shit" are just being dumb. TL;DR: The current perception of Sonic by Youtubers is based on the state of the franchise when they would have spent the most time playing these games and the state of the franchise right now. The latter being based on the quality of the most recent game in the franchise, in this case that being Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
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    YouTube and the Perception of Sonic

    The Sonic series is a pit of wishy washy garbage, sure. And the irritation amongst the masses is justified, sure. But it does get tiring when the hate is coming from every direction for everything about the series, including things that were previously considered good. Most internet discussion of it has regressed into a circlejerk of "everything is terrible with very little redeeming qualities" even for the classic games at this point. It's almost as if people have taken the "huge mess with some gems in it" statement and claimed it applies to every Sonic game instead of the series overall. I mean it's a really rough situation. When a fair or positive assessment for Sonic leads to either everyone ignoring it or being lunged at for 'blind fanboyism', it really shows how skewed it all is. Bonus points to when actual blind fanboys try to defend the argument, making it look worse in the process.
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    I did it... YES

    I did it... YES
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic Adventure Concert

    Is this a joke post? It's a concert called 'The Sonic Adventure Music Experience' What the do you think they're going to play? The music of the Honky Tonk Man? Do you have any idea of the cost of an orchestra vs the cost of a band?
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    YouTube and the Perception of Sonic

    Sonic The Franchise is an easy thing to make fun of, because there's a lot of ammunition out there. And I definitely don't view Sonic as beyond reproach, by the way. Whether all of the criticism is deserved is one thing - Game Grumps SA1 'playthrough' could be summed up as 'Arin does something wrong, blames the game, Sonic is garbage'. The Big section in particular is just... I beat Big's story in about 30 minutes last night. The only stages that took me longer than a minute and a half to beat were Twinkle Park and Chaos 6. And I hadn't played Big in about two and a half years. But it's funnier to just get it wrong and scream at the television because Sonic is garbage. It's also just what the Game Grumps do. They aren't a videogaming channel as much as an improv comedy group with gameplay footage on top. A lot of 'youtubers' are really just comedians cornering the nerd market, and it's lucrative. Rooster Teeth may be literal scum of the earth, but they are hugely successful and have their product on Netflix. Angry Joe shouts at the camera, gets clicks. Seananners, Vanoss, and that scene are pretty much doing sitcoms, with regulars, cameos, running gags, and basically laugh tracks over Gmod and GTA footage. Pewdiepie's a billionaire trendsetter for the platform despite the fact his channel is him doing cartoon voices and shrieking at horror games. And it's incredibly good business, because youtubers fans are some of the most rabid of any medium. Comedians need punching bags, and it just so happens Sonic is a reliable target that guarantees thousands of clicks. Watch the first episode of Game Grumps Shadow The Hedgehog series - at least 25-30 people sent them that game to play, because Sonic games are instantly funny. It doesn't even matter if the games suck - Game Grumps will get someone who's good at Sonic 2 or 3, like Jirard, to play while they make fun of the game in spite of his protests. When I heard about RoL's poor sales, I idly thought that a not-inconsiderable percentage of those people bought that game just to make Let's Plays and glitch videos of it for Youtube, because a new, bad Sonic game is a couple of grand in the bank. That glut of 'LOL, Sonic' content (how I hate calling it content, such a garbage, non-term - everything is 'content') is hugely influential, because it's seen by millions, and as youtube is a giant vacuum/circlejerk/Community(tm), that content gets instantly reflected by other content creators. It's a marketers worst nightmare - your product is seen as a joke by the greatest force in videogame marketing on the internet. We complain about the memes in the current marketing, but it's pretty much the only way you can feasibly market Sonic now. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!
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    YouTube and the Perception of Sonic

    Sonic isn't producing content worth talking about positively. Without good, new content to talk about, we have to go back and mine the old bright spots for positive conversation. But there's a twofold problem; those bright spots become less and less relevant as they fade further into history, and we've largely run out of new things to say about them anyway. The world doesn't need more essays about the Genesis Sonic physics or the Adventure games' storytelling. It's all already been said, a hundred times over, and it's never changed anything anyway.
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    In addition to what MDS pointed out, it really just depends on your own individual tastes. Some people would rather be miserable than bored. A bad movie is a discussion starter and leaves a stronger impression, whereas an average movie is usually boring and bound to be quickly forgotten, and some people just prefer the former. Sort of reminds me of the argument I used to have with my mother when I was in grade school. Whenever I'd get bored during summer vacation, she'd ask "Now don't you wish you were back in school?" and I'd say, no, because I'd rather be bored than doing something I really don't like. My mother seems to have the opposite virtues, in that she'd rather be doing something she didn't like than just sitting around, bored. With movies, I actually tend to lean on the opposite depending on what type of "bad" it is. I definitely get a kick out of enjoying movies that are infamously bad. Plan 9 From Outer Space is one of my favorite movies for this reason. Whereas a movie that really doesn't make me feel one way or the other sort of just makes me feel like "wow, that's two hours of my life I'll never get back." So I personally prefer bad movies to average movies. So basically, what I'm saying is that this sort of mindset is extremely subjective depending on the person's tastes and attitudes, as well as a lot of factors such as what kind of "bad" the movie is (if you don't like gore, a gore-fest would be unpleasant to watch regardless of the quality of the movie, for example) or what attributes make it "average." (I.E. a movie can be "average" in a "it doesn't really introduce anything new, but it's still enjoyable" way or a "the movie is the same boring tripe throughout" way) Basically, it depends. If you wanted to go to even greater philosophical depth, we could discuss the argument as to rather or not it's more commendable to make a movie that is bad than average. After all, even the most infamously worst directors might look back at their work with reverence and take pride knowing that, regardless of the reception, they made their mark in history. So there's an argument to be made that it's better to be remembered less-than-fondly (especially on the off-chance that your bad movies will one day be considered either misunderstood genius or charmingly primitive) than to be forgotten about altogether. To that end, I still think the answer is subjective. It's less about what's "better" and more about what someone hopes to accomplish with their life. Do you want to make movies that capture audiences for countless generations? Or would you rather pursue your own passion and live your dream, regardless of fame? Either are valid goals, none really better than the other. I've always considered that on the off-chance I became super-famous, I wouldn't really care so much about my place in history but about doing the things that I love to do. But that's just me.
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    This is still one of my favorite Iizuka memes
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    YouTube and the Perception of Sonic

    Because the Sonic franchise is shit. Seriously, at this point the entire series is a huge mess with some gems in there. You can't really blame anyone for being negative about the franchise when Sega has done such a poor job making sure the games they put out are actually any good.
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    I'm back from a weekend long party. How's everything been?
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    Women don't hate Elise?

    Sigh, I regret calling my show Dissected rather then "random brain farts" or something. I sell myself too much as a "Scientific" source then i really am. Sadly it took too long for me to figure out what exactly I was doing. But yeah, as mentioned by someone before, it's a casual observation I had. Observed it around me, talking a whopping 2 girls about it. (actually, one of them had brought it up to begin with) Had a brainfart fo a possible explanation I found amusing. I'd win a gold medal in the Kicked out of a university Olympics if I turned this in as actual research, of course. But in my full capacity of Internetclown, I found it an amusing/ interesting thought to share. Other then that, I think I agree with Hogfather, too small a pool of people to try from, not to mention all very specific minded (having to give a damn about a Sonic the hedgehog story to begin with). In hindsight I'm a little embarresed by the big Men versus Women things in the video, slippery slope. For what it's worth, I think there were at least 2 women strongly disagreeing with the Elise statement, so. Yeah.
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    When you're creating something, having it turn out bad may mean you took a risk, went out of your zone of comfort and, since bad is more noticeable than average, it brings in more feedback. Indifference kills artists more than hate, that's for sure.
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    The Tails Smashified artwork is also pretty cool looking!
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    New Ratchet and Clank movie poster, this time featuring the villains and a pun I'm kind of surprised they haven't used before now:
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    I have nothing to do but draw Scourge at 3 am. What am I doing with my life...
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    Obviously youtubers/streamers who rely solely on outrage aren't going to get much out of playing actually good Sonic games. But if the series can improve itself, make itself worth caring about again, and actually maintain that, the outrage will burn itself out much like the positive discussion has now.
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    Spiderman: He's always watching (gif)
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    Rey Skywalker-Ren

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    more designs for the mega drive comic
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Honestly, I just want those characters that'll never appear in games to appear in some "official" form. There's currently no hope for Chronicles characters or Nega to appear in the comic beyond a mention. There's no hope at all for Tiara, Gazebo, and "Sister Sonic". But at least give the others a shine. Elise probably won't appear as '06 never happened. Sonic's Band and the Babylon Rogues have yet to appear in the comics. You could also say that the Deadly Six haven't technically appear in "official" canon, as Unite was erased, so Sonic technically never met the Deadly Six. Maybe when they do the Lost World adaption, they'll bring in Yacker (since he made a minor appearance in the game)! Then again, I may be just rambling at midnight.
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    Yeah, its no secret that it got abandoned. Sega ditched it in favor of the Dreamcast barley 4 years into its lifespan. No one in their right mind would have brought a Saturn as soon as the news of the DC hit, effectively killing it where it stood. All the development efforts and triple A games went over to Sega's newest console, even if a few stragglers stuck around for the Saturn for a while longer.
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    Well, sometimes works can be more entertaining when they're really bad, because the badness becomes a source of amusement in and of itself. It's just so horrible it's hilarious. That's one of the main reasons a work being bad can be better than a work being average. Another major reason may is that it's just plain interesting to look at an exceptionally poor work and contemplate "Wow, how could this have gone so wrong? What were they thinking?" It's actually sort of fascinating sometimes. Sometimes, a really bad work isn't entertaining in and of itself, but entertainment can be found in either picking it apart yourself or watching/reading someone else do so. Also, a certain level of badness can make actually make a work charming. I've found that often some of my favorite works are a mixture of genuinely good elements and amusingly/charmingly bad ones. A mediocre or average work doesn't have any of these extra sources of appeal, so that's why they can potentially be less entertaining than truly awful works. That certainly doesn't mean this is always the case. It varies a lot depending on the work and the person.
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    Oh, yeah, I'm not saying there's any kind of quick solution. Best case scenario it's still going to take years to drag the series out of the pit it's dug itself.
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    Oh yeah the director of Street Fighter 5 wants a Nintendo vs Capcom game. Thoughts?
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    Well done. The real jokes are the concepts, observing personalities clash, situations escalate, and how characters deal with problems out of their comfort zone/ skill level with creativity, just for the world to make things worse for them. Set up and pay off. Introduce a concept, then keep throwing twists on them or escalating it. Which indeed means I have to introduce it at some point. Quick and fast to keep the pacing up, and obvious jokes are very efficient in doing that. Many jokes in this cartoon aren't stand alone gags but once that propell characters forward or introduce concepts they have to deal with.Multiple layers at the same time. The jokes are constructed like a clockwork, individually they are weak but observing the way they interact and from a whole is what brings the more intellectual satisfaction that I was hoping to achieve. Character's bravado turning against them, as with the tornado and Sticks, is all about celebrating the personalities or harshness of the world, that all eventually pile up together. The puppy thing was kinda lame tough. Oh well. Very true. But jokes come from somewhere. Jokes aren't magic in a void, you get a emotional reaction because the joke triggers something in your head. Not to mention the "I'm just having fun" is not a strong defense against people who are upset. It trivializes them. I remember bullies at my school always using the "hey, I'm just having fun" argument. Oh well, sorry for being upset that i'm shoved into a toilet, please continue having fun. That's a hyperbolic comedic exageration of the situation, not saying that the Twitter is remotely the quilevant of a school bully (Altough obviously the more paranoid among us do think so, so the comparison has merit from that perspective. Just demonstrating the effect the "I'm having fun"argument can come across to the person who feels wrong'ed. Intentional or not, jokes have an effect. But yeah, a lot of SA3 peeps are a way too paranoid. As for me, I am kinda sad about the Meme overload. I wish Webber took it easier on Big the Cat, then his April fools gag could have had a much stronger impact. Now I'm just burned out. Too bad, they put a lot of effort into that game. I would have found that game very amusing and clever if I wasn't entirely burnt out by all the fake-outs and Big jokes already. I recognise a very smart constructed prank in their entire build up to the April fools joke, but the execution is off. Poor Webber, his excitement for his jokes are endearing and he means well but don't do the quality of his gags any good.
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    It's always funny waking up just as others are going off to bed. Good morning!
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    Even years after, I still find Adabat night really pretty to look at.
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    I can understand why someone who is a fan of Roger's videos might feel annoyed by what he perceives as everyone criticizing them unduly, but there's definitely been an overreaction which is getting this thread off-topic and derailed into a way-too-personal argument. shdowhunt60, you seem to be assuming the worst of people. I can understand why you're frustrated, but even if you suspect people are getting on Roger's case too much, bringing up your suspicions in the thread, even though it was just a tiny parenthetical comment at first, is a very bad idea and comes across as generalizing and accusing people without sufficient evidence, and that a healthy conversation does not make. And at any rate, whether or not people are "going after" Roger is not exactly the point of this thread and not a tangent that's profitable at all to pursue, so please, everyone drop this now.
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    I decided to draw walkers, similar to the ones that Tails, Eggman, and two chao used in SA2. Yes, I'm planning to make the full switch from Paint to Paint.NET one of these days. The Sonic Walker eats energy like a Game Gear, and you'll only get about 3 hours of use with 3 fuel tanks. But it makes up for it with it's speed. It is more vulnerable to attacks due to it's bad defense. It's attack, however, is phenomonal. The Knuckles Walker is fueled by the Master Emerald, so it never runs out of power. It's very heavyset though, so it walks very slowly. It's defense is amazing, and is highly resistant. It's volkan cannon is of poor quality though, and it's not very powerful.
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    The current DKC games are pretty much what the New Super mario bros games should of been to be perfectly honest.
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    I just had this vision of a new Mega Man game coming out before Mighty No. 9...
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    I personaly dont think webber is adding anything special that removes the sonic hate. The lack of games is still here and people are mostly laughing at how webber is "making fun" of the sonic franchise. Im not extreme enough to say that webber is a major problem either, he is just there. I think this kind of attitude would be more appreciated and healthy if sonic was in a healthy state as a whole.
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    I'm not really sure how to follow this response other than by saying I'm not sure what you mean. There are a few games in the Sonic franchise that truly do derive derision. Sonic 06, Rise of Lyric, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic 4 are the most prime examples. What confuses me is literally everything else though. Among us here on the Sonic Stadium, the Adventure series, the Storybook series, and to an extent, even Heroes and Lost World are controversial games with a lot of support from both supporters and detractors, but it seems only detractors for these games exist on YouTube. And then games like the original trilogy, CD, Colors, and Generations, which are unanimously considered to be great games by the grand majority, are almost never really talked about or brought up. I understand there's only so much praise you can give a game before you start repeating yourself, but doesn't the exact same thing hold true for negative criticism? That certainly hasn't slowed down. Not to mention, I'm heavily interested in varying positions. I think Sonic 06 is really silly, and so does basically everyone else, but do you know how interested I would be in hearing a detailed review or whatnot from a perspective that genuinely enjoyed the game? To understand somebody like that would be fascinating imo, and not simply so I can then go in and tear his opinion apart.
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    Spin Attaxx

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    You're allowed to express your opinion, but you're being needlessly insulting here. Plus, in general it would probably be a good idea to try to move most non-Elise-related discussion to the actual Sonic Dissected thread, or otherwise this thread will get derailed to the extent that there's no point of it existing separate from the other one.
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    Select your fighter.

    Select your fighter.
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    We have a thread dedicated to the first Sonic game you've played...where's the thread about the LAST Sonic game you'll ever play?! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN
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    Once Ken Penders explained this by claiming they were made of soybeans or "some form of seafood by-products" (source), albeit in what appears to be a semi-joking matter. Oh, Penders...a true American treasure. Seriously, though, I just think there are both anthros and non-anthros in Sonic's world. Not only are the little animals that come from the robots semi-anthropomorphic at best, there's even more realistic animals like SA's orca and of course, everyone's favorite characters Hatsun the Pigeon and Pele the Dog.
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    Sonic Adventure Concert

    Just because the current direction doesn't have the same feel or energy that the Adventure era provided (I wouldn't say that it's an exact polar opposite man), doesn't mean SEGA should just forget about it. It's an event for fans who loved the Adventure games, I mean heck the fact that they shown some beta screenshots of what Adventure 1 would've looked like if it was on the Saturn is something Adventure fans would've loved to see! And also wasn't there a musical event where Sonic Lost World's music was orchestrated around the time Lost World was the latest hubbub in Sonic so it's not ALL Crush 40. And it's not only just Crush 40 that's going to be in the 25th Anniversary Party at July 22nd, Hyper Potions is going to be there too! Porta Vista was the song used for Fire & Ice's reveal trailer and they also did some music for the trial version of Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3. I'm still very confident that Lost World's story is probably the closest to what the Adventure games provided. I just don't agree with that mentality, it's just not the case.
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    Fire Embtoad.

    Fire Embtoad.
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    Sonic the fighters 2 looks great! On a serious note that is pretty awesome.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Women don't hate Elise?

    And who in this topic is doing that?
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    Still trying to cheer up over what happened this afternoon. Busy playing some games and RPing to keep my mind off things.
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    What was the range and number of people he asked? Doesn't mean much if we don't know those numbers. I know some people preach these videos as if they're some kind of gospel of truth, but yeah this claim is very dubious, especially since we don't know the scope of the research. Personally my opinion of the character is 'Yes that's a character' I don't particularly have feelings for or against her.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Just wait. He needs time to explain himself. Anyway, asked Ian about Max, Mach, and Sharps, and got a response: https://twitter.com/IanFlynnBKC/status/716662392499920900
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    I don't know what to say about Elise myself since I've neither played nor watched the cutscenes for Sonic 06, but I just want to say that I find the notion that Elise is hated mostly by men and not very much by women to be extremely dubious. The Sonic fandom has a large enough proportion of females that, if this was true, Elise wouldn't be nearly as universally despised as she is.
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    The Sonic Boom episode was pretty great. The animation is better than usual, and I loved the joke about Knuckles in the tornado.
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    Lady Soniko

    Sonic Adventure Concert

    Totally bitching Merchandise from the event though.
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    Depends on your point of view. Better for the creator, or for the consumers? As a consumer, it's true that there can be a lot that's interesting and even entertaining about a work that's bad, and on top of that, a lot of what's bad seems to come out of a flawed attempt to do something original and radical. You can certainly argue that some of what's generally considered "bad" is really more a matter of unconventional style that isn't going to sit well with everyone - I'm sure we can all think of examples in video games where you can legitimately debate whether something is bad or merely unpopular. Changing tastes may also deal reputational damage to something which was once received well, and as Sonic fans, we should know a lot about that... As a creator, though, I don't think you can or should be proud of something which is genuinely lacking in quality rather than just being strange. If you cut corners, if you made mistakes, if you didn't try, that's not something you can be pleased about. There is a difference between being actually bad and simply unpopular. Sometimes the line between the two can be very muddy, though...
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