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    Jack / Joker

    Major Force Awakens spoilers

    Major Force Awakens spoilers
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    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I get hella use out of the gamepad's screen, personally. I like being able to take the controller anywhere in my house and be able to play most of my games.
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    Birthday happy!

    Birthday happy!
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    Yo!Yo! Guess who got the lead role in Ace Attorney Abridged!
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    So I played Sonic and the black knight... I have to say.. I haven't had this much fun since sonic adventure 2 battle
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    yay i reached 100 likes. Thanks guys.

    yay i reached 100 likes. Thanks guys.
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    And the winner of the popularity tournament is:
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    No problem man. Also, I don't think the term "brony" actually means that you think it's the best show ever. I always took the term as to just meaning that you like the show. Though, these days I think it has less and less of a defined meaning around the web. I mean, you may have not been around for it but a year or so back the term was under a lot of fire because someone started using it to refer to the part of the fandom that takes EVERYTHING to the extreme. Now people often find any connection to it as a negative one. I think it's just safer to say that you like the show rather than claiming to be a brony now since the meaning is different for everyone. Also, I can't speak for anyone else but I will say right now that I don't think this is the best show ever. Nope, there a quite a few other shows that I would claim to be better in just about every way (Batman: Animated Series, Avatar, the original Teen Titans, ect.). Honestly, there's no clear winner there. I know my avatar and insane moon shouting could throw anyone off with me but I just simply enjoy the show. Nothing more than that. Do I think that some episodes could contend with some of the best other shows have to offer? Hell yeah, but I do realize that there are quite a few stinkers mixed in there that keep it from hitting that mark with me.
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    I've kind of gone off of Boom. Veiwing the cartoon as a whole, I can't help but feel there's an "attitude" from the writers that makes the whole thing less funny, the jokes alone seem innocuous, but they form a pattern that I dislike. I feel like they're patting themselves on the back for being subversive and I just can't unsee it when I watch it anymore. At first I thought Sonic Boom was supposed to more closely resemble a domestic-setting comedy (Ie, centered around characters being at home or going to work or a "slice-of-life" setting) than a hero-villian show, but the show seems to continuously bring this up in jokes along the lines of "It's like our job or something." or other gags that highlight the fact that this is just day-in and day-out for the characters. Is this an established staple of the show or is supposed to be "subversive" when the writers pull something like this? As far as I can tell, this only works if you're aware of the original canon. There's also moral messages that feel like they try to be subversive, but miss the point, misunderstand the complicated nature of the issue or seem suspiciously one-sided. For example. Role Models seems suspiciously meta, and I get feeling it's a straw-manning reaction to some criticisms the writers experienced(possibly involving their writing) or at the very least delivering a "complainer is always wrong" message. Holding people to a perfect standard is wrong (and perfect characters can't tell a story), but so is a knee-jerk,fallacious reaction to criticism. If this isn't what they're trying to do then I don't think they delivered their message well. There's also Sonic's characterisation, I used to like it but now I don't really know, because I'm seeing an annoying trend. He's lazy, he hates "cool" lingo, he lacks enthusiam, he's grumpy, he's a "subversive" Sonic, all in the name of being cool, he's literally a hipster. That's not so bad in-universe, but it's meta. He's subversive to "other Sonic's" and Blue with Envy made it clear that he's better than other Sonic's. Even IF it's only a jab at Aosth Sonic and nothing else, it still struck me as bad taste, it's hypocrisy. Having him be a lazy, edgy hipster for the sake of being cool (and "better") is no better then him being a hyperactive, extreme dude for the sake of being cool. Sonic Boom really needs to stand on it's own merits and stop trying to "subvert" main Sonic or Aosth/SatAM. Taking a good look at their "social commentary" would help too.
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    Mediocre? Oh man so many to chose from. Does this count? The main problem with this game really comes down to the controls. I got this game the same year I got my Wii and me and my family were playing Wii sports and that game controlled great so when we got this game I was baffled. How the hell do you mess up something a glorified tech demo got right a year later? The only events that actually worked for me were the racing ones, trampoline and the javelin throw. Even then sports don't feel as fleshed out as say the mario sports game these feel like Mario Party mini games without the board to keep things interesting.
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    Which Sonic game(s) do you find mediocre?

    Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) is a game I wish I could say wasn't mediocre, but here we are. The Saturn version in particular has wonderful visuals, a top-tier soundtrack, and some of the best special stages in the series. Heck, even the level design for the normal stages is fun! It's just that the game itself plays like a load of poop, and that's mostly because of the Flickies. Now, the Flickies wouldn't even be a bad thing in the game either if they were optional (or were required to go into the special stage or something, rather than ring count). This would've meant that there was a reward to collecting Flickies rather than being forced to get them, as it meant getting the good ending (getting all emeralds) was tied to getting all the Flickies or something. But instead, the game becomes a collectathon that moves at a pretty slow pace despite the name of the hedgehog on the tin. Does that mean it's bad? Nah. Like said, the game is still fun and has some semblance of goodness from almost all corners. But it is pretty mediocre. If the game were centered around getting to the end, combined with slightly longer stages, then this could've been a more than reasonable middle step side-game between 3K and Adventure imo.
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    I think Hyp3hat is on to something really. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a "mature" story despite what the medium may be. But first and foremost it's got to be y'know... good. : P
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    Not like Shadow himself really fit into the Boom world... They kinda just tossed him in there for fan service, same goes for Metal-Sonic really.
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    Spin Attaxx

    Gala's Art

    Aw, thanks man! Jess looks cute! Funny thing is, I actually do plan on TSOTS having a portrait-style dialogue system (though it's more like Undertale than KH:U or something), but because I have more ambition than sense, there'd be a lot more than just "normal face", "sad face" and "smarmy-prick face" :U
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    http://www.itsamike.com/meet-greet The stars have aligned once more, friends! Mike Pollock, the voice actor of Dr. Eggman, Fastidious Beaver, and many other characters, will be a special guest on the show floor. Youtube Sonic fandom sensation BalenaProductions will likewise be joining us the day of.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    It also ain't comic canon, nothing before #252 is anymore.
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    Today I've been surprised to see that two Sonic Boom DVDs have been released in French. Each contains 13 episodes.
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    This song is no longer available anywhere. Please delete this topic.
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    Wrong. Thunderbolt society
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    10/10 aligning

    10/10 aligning
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    You wouldn't download a Chaos Emerald
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    Back from my sister's party! We got Pokken Tournament and I dominated the bowling game!
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    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I like this idea on paper but I doubt Nintendo would be willing to put it to practice, and I'm speaking as someone who likes the Wii U GamePad and Off-TV Play. An NX GamePad being touted as more of an bonus "deluxe" item I could see turning out to be a Kinect or PS Move situation--whereas most consumers would go straight for the traditional console instead, and the actual audience that buys it would be probably too small to justify the (long-term) investment. I imagine Nintendo would probably take an "all or nothing" scenario--either the NX has a screen controller as the primary controller, or they ditch it completely and go with a traditional controller instead. If Nintendo is sticking with a second-screen controller as the primary controller for the NX, they would really need to pull a Microsoft Windows situation with it, i.e. make a vastly improved iteration on it that makes everyone consider it "the Wii U GamePad but done right" (at least, to those who were even aware of the Wii U anyway :v), like how public perception was with Vista to W7 and --to an extent-- W10 to W8(.1). The existing GamePad concept would need to be extensively streamlined (smaller form factor and supplementary functions like the built-in camera, sensor bar, and TV IR control may have to be cut entirely) and massively improved functionality (console streaming and battery life), while also be produced on a much more modest budget, which I'm having some trouble picturing, given how the Wii U GamePad drove up the cost of the entire Wii U package. Doubly so if the NX is also going for power parity as well; though if it's going for more industry-standard middleware hardware (no PowerPC), then the cost shouldn't be too bad of a strike. I can also see the public being more receptive to the GamePad concept the second time around if Nintendo doesn't fumble their marketing and public perception with the NX iteration. The GamePad likely would have had a more enthusiastic response if the console it was attached to didn't have a misleading continuation of the Wii brand for the name and if Nintendo was explicitly and consistently upfront about the GamePad's functionality being entirely dependent on the console.
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    Shira's COMIC - THE SHINE

    Here is the page 10 !! Hope you enjoy !! LINK > http://shira-hedgie.deviantart.com/art/THE-SHINE-page-10-603570997
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    Dedicated Friend? More like Dedicated FIEND
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    Harley, a character from Fairy Fencer F, a game I’ve never played and know next to nothing about! But a friend showed me this character and well, yep.
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    Night, buddies.

    Night, buddies.
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    So aka, Beerus and Champa gonna pull a hissy fit...no puns intended.
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    ''The Conclusion at Last! Will the Victor be Beerus or Champa?''
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    Wasn't it "Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog," with Sonic as a nickname? Which is funny, since SEGA of America actually referred to him "Sonic The Hedgehog" with a capital "T" for his middle name.
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    Yeah it looks nice, but fucking hell...I wish it was purple.....
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    Post Your Amazing Desktop

    I edited a wallpaper together because the ones I had were on the left side of the screen, covered by my icons. And I like this Sonic render.
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    Eh, I do admit I have a bit of a soft spot for ol' "empty eye sockets of despair" SOA Robotnik. JP design is still superior though imo
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    SEGA Europe has responded on Twitter: Not really a confirmation of that the games will be released in Europe, but they are looking into it and are listening. So all the more reason to continue this campaign.
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    Generations, definitely. Even if it's one of the better entries in the series, it does nothing to stand out. The story may as well not even exist, and the settings are all retreads of old levels. The Modern gameplay is just Unleashed Day gameplay with a few tweaks of arguable benefit, while the Classic gameplay mostly feels like a super stripped-down version of the Modern gameplay; it's technically functional, but it doesn't mimic what it's supposed to and it doesn't do anything interesting to make up for it. Generations' success feels like it's more due to it being mostly acceptable rather than being a genuinely standout game.
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    Which Sonic game(s) do you find mediocre?

    I think most of the franchise falls within the "mediocre" range for me. There's a very small amount of Sonic games that I would honestly recommend to those who aren't familiar with the series.
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    Wow... Runners is really bad now... not even true events.
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    To all Spanish SSMB members: Sonic Boom has finally debuted in Spain's Clan TV channel last Monday the 11th! They air at 20:10 every weekday, -and again in the morning at 8:40, I think-. Any episodes you've missed can be watched in the series' Clan website in both Spanish and English. I actually find it funny, and potentially entertaining for all audiences despite being clearly aimed at children. What do you think?
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    Tornado plays games weird.

    For a game I've played maybe twice in 10 years I don't think I did so bad on it. Wish it didn't crash so often, but even on contemporary computers it wasn't very stable and the GOG release hasn't really fixed it any (though at least it starts off patched to the Gold edition). Definitely going to continue this one, though; if only because there are so few playthroughs of it online. Hey everyone, have you heard of RYAN COOPER!? This game honestly is a little shit (and the PC port is blatantly half-assed), but it does have some nifty stuff in it that the series hasn't tried again since. I actually forgot I was still recording when I was doing this one, which is why it's so long. Still, the game looks pretty good with those fan made HD texture packs.
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    I blame Sonic X and 06' for souring people on the idea we can human, nay, well-written human characters. Yes, Prof. Pickle was awesome and he served his role in Unleashed well, but let's face it, he's a minor blip on people's radar whereas the likes of Chris and Elise have been more infamous examples on how human characters can be intrusive and poorly done. Not to mention that both were actually major characters in their respective stories and not minor like Pickle was. It's a shame too since I don't mind having humans and anthros co-existing in the same setting. Though given with Hollywood and the likes of Transformers, I fear we might be just getting X all over again and make them have more prominence than the actual characters we came to see.
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    Heh, I WANT my crossovers to have extreme diffrences. Watching the heroes stumble around in fish-out-of-water settings is half the fun. I WANT Mario awkwardly running trough loops and stare dumbfounded at cities being destroyed by giant airships and aliens. I WANT Sonic in a goofy frog outfit and in weird abstract Mario stages (Even though the comedic effect has already been diminished by Sonic Lost World and such.) The only problem I have with a Mario and Sonic Crossover is that Sonic is already being half mutated into Mario latey, so they better focus on all the distinctive NON-Mario elements for Sonic in the cross-over, otherwise it feels pointless. That said, a Sonic and Ratchet Cross over sounds nice too, closest we'll get to a Jazz Jackrabbit 3d.
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    "There's even this sweepstakes thing."

    "There's even this sweepstakes thing."
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    Don't forget about the last story and having to collect all the chaos emeralds in those God awful special stages due to their horridness control and despicable physics.
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    The Deleter

    Community Open Discussion

    I don't think the like system should be scrapped, either, as I feel it does way more good than bad now. The like tally on user pages is a bit daunting to newcomers, though. Maybe keep the like system, but get rid of the numerical tally to make sure no one feels like they're second rate when their post-to-like ratio isn't the same? Also, I know I'm in the minority here, but I can't help but feel that all this talk of toxic atmosphere and "having to do something about it" is a bit of hoopla. Every community goes through it's phases, has highs and lows, and usually they come and go with or without any pushing or shoving. But this forum really doesn't feel all that toxic to me. In fact it feels like it's only gotten better and more chill than when I first joined here, funnily enough. So on the subject of these new rules incoming, while I'm not all that against the current guidelines getting revised to be less "Roary", I just hope it isn't on the more hand-holding side of things like "You can't repeat 'The Sonic series is in a bad place' more than once" or "No mentioning SA3 at all in threads from now on" or the like. Doubt it'll be that excessive, but still... But eh, if you guys really feel more rules are needed to make this a better place, that's fine by me. It is your forum after all. (Also I don't know about the situation with Palas entirely, but I must admit the idea of users being able to be banned without warnings, strikes or suspensions seems a little... sketchy.)
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Community Open Discussion

    You know I used to think that, but now I don't. I actually think it should be mentioned, aside from the whole accountability argument. Some people who I know on here I only have contact with on here so if all of a sudden they're not here I would like to know why, and can someone actually give a good reason why members shouldn't know about who got banned or the reason why? In all the years I've been on here, only once have I seen a member been completely banned unfairly and ironically, had people not seen it odds are it wouldn't have been overturned let alone known about, and this was back when we used to have chaos emeralds under our post counts. But also, knowing why someone got banned does actually help with how people act if you ask me. Take the reason why this topic exists, I had no idea who it was, I had a suspicion as to what topic events occurred in, but having no information as to who it was or why... well... how does that help get a message over as to what is considered over the line? Heck, I probably would never have figured it out had I not checked the TSS inbox and seen a 'why was I banned email' reading it I clicked 'yeah not that surprised at that one.' Not saying it should be banners with Banned on them or some kind of 'why X was banned' etc. But if someone says 'why was X banned' it shouldn't be a 'we don't discuss it! Locking status!' kind of deal. I'd kinda like to know if I'm not going to see people who I know and interact with in the future. It doesn't even have to be a huge discussion to follow it up either. E.g. "Why was X banned" Answer: either quote the forum rules or link to post. That's all the official line has to be.
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    Community Open Discussion

    Can't say I'm in support of a Dislike function. It just seems to have all the negative aspects of the Like function without any of the positive sides.
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    It's not blah. It's still a fun game. It's just got some design problems for later game.
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