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    There's a fucking restaurant called Soupa Saiyan
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    Ughh, So many people are switching over to a new chat program called “Discord?” I know not everybody is… and I just can't leave friends behind and switch over to it. Skype wasn't the best, but at least almost everybody used it. this is the problem with people... Always hopping over to something new & trendy and making it hard to stay together in 1 place for long.
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    Did great at my job interview today, they want to see me again tomorrow morning. This better go well, travel to Edinburgh is a big dent on my wallet.
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    Preview of some character poses I’m planning on doing for Melonie. Even though I’m usually pretty busy, I want to take at least two days out the week to make progress on Fruits of Discovery. It’s a bit of a crawl now, but it will speed up overtime.
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    steven seagal is my current obsession right now. i never realized how much of a living, breathing meme he and his movies are. what a gift to mankind.
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    Regarding the Sonic Boom TV show https://t.co/hFG4HmduEH
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    Please tell me this ain't be another dull year for video games.
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    Try to make a pun off your username.
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    The Sonic cast switch roles with each other. Which role do you cast the characters with respectively? Ex: Tails is the last of the two-tailed foxes and is served his duty to protect the Master Emerald.
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