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    So......I had the pleasure of playing Green Hill from Sonic Mania at Summer of Sonic. A few hours later I played through Studiopolis. Soon as I sat down and put the headphones on (so that I could hear the music) I was blown away by just how good the music sounds. We all know it sounds good from the gameplay footage we've seen, but fuck me it sounds even more impressive when you are actually playing the game! This will give Sonic CD's soundtracks a run for their money! Green Hill I made sure that I tested all the moves to see how Sonic feels and performs. It took me - and I'm not even exaggerating when I say this - 10 seconds to be perfectly at home with the controls. The momentum physics are superb, spot-on just like the classics. Sonic moves fluidly both in the air and on the ground akin to how he feels in Sonic 3. The spindash works just like in Sonic 3 in how the more you rev it up the faster Sonic moves upon release. The Spindash is a bit more powerful in Mania and I loved using it. The drop-dash is very easy to use. You press and hold the jump-button in mid-air and keep it held down until Sonic hits the ground which then unleashes the drop-dash effect. It's a nice move (the animation kind of reminds me of the original charge-up spindash in Sonic CD). Something to note is that the drop-dash appears to release at the same speed regardless of how long you have held down the jump button whilst in the air. Green Hill's design is impressive. I made sure I explored as much as I could. I went up high and explored below where parts of the stage take designs from the underground section from act2 from Green Hill in Sonic 1. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into making the new layout in GH as unique as possible. None of the new layout felt like a rehash. The elemental shields work as you expect. Feels like you can move with the bubble shield a bit more easily than in Sonic 3. I found a few of the hidden giant silver rings. I love the animations of the normal shield, when Sonic is invincible and the sparkles you get when Sonic collects rings. There is an invincibility box shortly before the boss fight which makes it a walk in the park. Sonic's animations; when he balances over an edge, when he looks up and the victory punch in the air when he finished the act look so cute . The gameplay appeared to run at a rock-solid 60fps. I actually received praise from one of the staff members who was watching me. I finished the act with 289 rings (didn't get hit once) and he said I had the highest score out of anyone so far who had played GH. Wish I had taken a screenshot to show you guys my score! Studiopolis The music track in this act sounds so good. The level is very bright (has a Sonic CD good future kind of vibe). The Eggman dancing animation is really cool. There are lots of multiple routes. The stage often likes to push you through fast. I resisted the urge to just speed through and by taking my time found some high up routes which I didn't see any other players find (you can use the powerful spindash to good effect). It's got plenty of gimmicks but the stage does flow nicely. Once I beat the act (had about 140 rings) I just wanted to play more! Mania feels like a combination of Sonic CD/Chaotix superb visuals but with much better level design and Sonic 3's excellent control. It was an absolute pleasure to play Sonic Mania and I am confident it's going to be an excellent game, that it will be well received. I really believe you guys are going to love it. EDIT: I forgot to mention. They announced at SoS that there is going to be an optional mode in Mania where you can have a "CRT filter complete with scan-lines" which will make the game feel/give the visual appearance as if you were playing it in the early 90's.
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    Seems I never post here much anymore other than to post cartoons I've made of Sonic for Summer of Sonic. Well, better than not posting, I suppose. And here was my contribution for Summer of Sonic, what I thought would be fitting to celebrate 25 years by focusing on Sonic 1, told in a somewhat familiar manner. Enjoy!
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    I was hyped at first, but the more I think about Classic Sonic being in this, the more I'm like "eehhhh..." I really hope the "not a sequel" thing is all in the title and I want his differences from Modern Sonic to just be playing like classic Sonic. If it's something like a buddy system or switching styles at any time, it's gotta be done well enough. Hopefully Lost World showed Sonic Team that they've gotta be extra careful with experimentation in Sonic games.
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    Had an amazing time at SOS '16 yesterday, it's the first Sonic convention I've attended and boy did it not disappoint! Even the British traditional pastime of queuing to get in was enjoyable with everybody throwing jokes around and playing up to the various video cameras floating around. To see a sense of community amongst people who are basically strangers was really brilliant. The event itself was no slouch either. The place was surprisingly roomy, even with everyone inside and the air-con seemed to do it's job great. I've heard stories about the heat at previous SOS events and while I could maybe say I felt the heat a bit in the late afternoon, which was going to happen no matter what anyone did, the place was perfectly comfortable to stick around in for the whole runtime. I was really happy to get to try Sonic Dash Extreme, I love the mobile game and there's just such a cool novelty about playing on a ridiculously-sized D-Pad. I did manage to make the top 10 leaderboard on the Green Hill Hard Mode stage so I was pretty chuffed with that, if anyone else saw my username on there then that was me! A couple of the Hardlight guys were sat right beside the game for the whole day giving out signed posters. When I went over there was only the QA tester (his name escapes me just now) and bless the guy for how humble he was. He gave me one of the posters and the first thing he did was admit "the producer's on lunch right now, I'm not...I'm the QA tester, but I can sign it if you like". Of course I took him up on it, I mean he could have been the janitor for Hardlight and I'd have been delighted to have his name on there. We ended up chatting for a few minutes about how amazed the team are about the massive support the game still gets from fans three years later and shared our mutual excitement about the recent Classic Sonic & Green Hill update, the team got really excited when they got the order through for that one. I did go over again when the rest of the team were back. They signed the poster too and were just as humble about how appreciative they are about the support their game gets. I did get to play Mania (WOOHOOHOO!) but I'll give that its own post in the Mania topic later on. All I'll say is the game plays even better in person, there's this buttery-smooth fell to both the movement and visuals that tops any previous Sonic side-scroller. If you don't get to try it before the release, trust me you're in for a treat. Jun and Johnny...I mean I mention them out of principle but, come on, you know. These guys absolutely rocked the place. I've seen videos of them performing live but being in the crowd of raving, singing fans was just something else. The Club Sonic guys did an amazing job too, both acts together made a fantastic two-hour concert to wrap up the show. My biggest hope for the event was to manage to get Yuji Naka to sign my Sonic 1 sleeve. I was in the morning signing queue and got as far as a bit away from the ropes before they had to close it for the morning. I tried again with the evening session and it gradually became more apparent that it was becoming a pipe dream. I can't praise the queue staff enough though, they were up and down the line multiple times being completely honest but sincere about the likelihood of getting through. In the last ten or so minutes people were being sent in one by one so it was clear things were wrapping up. I made it all the way to the front, next in line and then, with the most sincerest of apologies I've had in years, the line closed. Now really, it was a no harm no foul for me. We'd been giving plenty of warning that it might not happen and these guys are human being after all, you can't ask them to sit there for hours at a time. So, I move aside to enjoy the Club Sonic hour that had started a few minutes earlier. I'm there for a couple of minutes and then I notice out of the corner of my eye that there's a few more people trickling through the line. I look over and sure enough they've somehow managed to keep the signings going! Now my first though was how cool it was that more people were getting let through, then there was the obvious realisation that I'd ejected myself from the line at the wrong time. The guy who'd been running the line (I'm gutted I didn't get his name since I wanted to thank him one more time, he was the one using the clicker) happens to make eye contact with me. I felt a bit cheeky for asking but I asked if there was any possibility of being slid in since I'd been next in line when they'd announced the line to be officially closed. Extremely kindly he was nice enough to let me hop back in. In the end? Well... I'll never be done saying how grateful I am to the organisers for this. I hear Iizuka and Naka were there for something like an hour after they said they'd finish. I've no idea if this was something they just did or if the organisers asked nicely or maybe both but it was an incredible generous gesture from both sides to do this for guests. All through it the staff as well as Iizuka and Naka were smiling away, never showing a sign of a frown or grumble which really speaks volumes about their kindness. EDIT: Have to give a shoutout to our own Hogfather who was also working the signings area. The guy just oozed hard-work all day. Seriously, great job man! The organisers have more than outdid themselves this year. I didn't see a single hitch all day and, for an event of this size and ran by fans for the fans no less, that's simply incredible. Now, they did say that "mmmmmaaaaayyybbbeeee" they'll back back in the future but hey I'm happy to play the party line of "One More Run" for now. This wasn't another Summer of Sonic, this was THE Summer of Sonic. If it came to pass that this is where the story ended, it couldn't have had a better swansong. You threw one heck of party guys, we'll all be waiting to play with you some other time!
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    It's simple: he once watched his son play one of the early Genesis games with a TV remote or something and saw no story in his glimpses (supplemental material doesn't count), which means video games have no story at all. This is a pure, solid fact that has not changed in two and a half decades-- save for that one time they stole all his material and made a game out of it, of course.
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    I kinda like to think that Sonic and Amy's first meeting was the catalyst for Sonic not really being into the idea of a relationship. He probably doesn't mind a relationship persay, but Amy's clingy, overbearing and jealous tendencies probably causes the much younger Sonic at the time to believe that all girls would be like this and that his freedom would be completely compromised if he ever considered getting a girlfriend. It isn't until he's much older and has met other girls (Blaze, Rouge, etc.) that aren't like Amy that he mellows on this somewhat. For the record I'm not ragging on Amy, but she was/is young and impulsive, and younger Sonic probably didn't get the nuances of a relationship like his older self.
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    Suffice to say, Summer of Sonic was crazy. Excuse the blurriness.
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    Rey Skywalker-Ren

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    To be fair to Penders, a lot of Sonic games' stories are terrible and would have to changed at the conceptual level to be made good. But he makes a major leap in logic when he implies that Sonic has never had a story good enough for film ever (Sonic 3, Sonic Unleashed, the Storybook series, and a few others would like to speak with Penders regarding that), that Sonic as a franchise could never produce a story directly adapted from the games that's worthwhile, or that a Sonic movie not penned by Penders will never work. Its all about hiring the right people for the job, using the right ideas from the games (even most bad Sonic stories have at least a few good ideas in them), and keeping a good eye on them. Its rich hearing Penders complain about how the movie will never come out and won't be good because Sonic games can't have good enough stories when he's barely made any progress on the Lara Su Chronicles, his own Sonic-themed project based on a comic book based on the stories of the games.
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    <<image>> Drew Goat just because
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    So I took the bait and did one of these.
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    From my point of view, here's what happened for the event when I was there. I saw and met a few people I knew such as Tanner, Jason, Jamie and so forth. Once in the event hall, the first thing I did was to go towards the merch table and see what they had on offer. I bought a few things such as the Spinball canvas, a bag (there's more to this later), a t-shirt and a sonic 25th anniversary sketch. After that, I went over to the Hardlight table and asked for a signed poster. I thought that I would need to buy it, but they were free which made me happy. I decided to take to Tyson Hesse to get my Mega Drive comic signed, buy a few bits from him and request a drawing. But at the time I got there, he had to go to the community panel which I went to (hard decision if it was to see either Mike's Q&A or that). Not a lot of people were there to start with, but as time passed it packed up a bit. My question was to be said for Tyson himself, but that was already answered. Was going to question him about if they could get Arin to ever complete Sonic 06. After the panel. After, I went back to Tyson's Table and did the same. Once got there, I finally bought his posters, Sonic’s Big Fat Adventure and requested him a drawing of Knuckles in a top hat (was originally going to be a fedora, but I like to keep it classy). A lot happened on the day, picked up a few things and so forth. But what I was going to go for was to play Sonic Mania. That changed when the Jump Fever event was coming up. I thought it was going to be a new character added, but turned out to be Apple accessories for the Macbook and iPad. I gave a shot of that and got a total of 340,431 points which I was declared the winner of. In couldn't write everything down, but even if I missed a few and never got my signed copy of Sonic Heroes from Iizuka, Yuji and Jun, I loved the event so much. Everything and everyone there were amazing and I can't wait to see and meet you all again. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    The BBC have done an article on the event!
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    it feels nice to reconnect with old friends after years have gone by it's like...finding that part of you that's been missing from you for so long
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    Lost World would've been a lot better if all the levels were designed like the first part of Legend of Zelda Zone.
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    Crow is president of SSMB, Speederino is Prime Minister of Speederino Island... What am I senator of?
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    I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who attended SoS without all of the fans turning up this wouldn't have been possible. With regards to the signing queues; I'd also like to thank everyone for their patience with us, we tried to get through as many people as possible as quickly as we could but in the end we could only get through so many. Other than that I hope you all had a great time, I certainly did helping to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.
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    Think this week's Robot Wars heat was the best so far. Felt sorry for the Over Dozer guys before they even began and it was really nice to see old vets like King B and Dantomkia return. However, not having Craig back sours things a little bit for me.
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    Guess what a Puffle does is all up to interpretation.
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    A random question for you SSMB since I've honestly thought about it. Do I come off more as a girl than a guy? I'm just curious.
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    Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope today is a great day for you all and that we can all relax today :). If you are playing games, which ones do you plan on playing today :D?
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    Wave your paws in the air like you just don't care!
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    Just searched it up, yes, there is already a Quake Champions topic. And yes, the opening post here is miles better. Ooh, I believe MachineGames are up to something...
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    Sonic 2017

    We already have a megatopic dedicated to Sonic 2017. Please redirect all discussions there.
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    Sonic Heroes with Mario/Sonic? I'm down
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Rhythm Thief had an amazing soundtrack. Kudos to Ohtani and Hataya.
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    AM2R is fantastic, I'm almost inclined to say it's Nintendo-quality. It's not just a great fangame, it's a great Metroid game.
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    I don't really care about getting a new Mega Man game after playing Shovel Knight, since Shovel Knight is better.
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    There's a wealth of sources indicating the GOP has largely thrown in the towel for President. Right now, guys like the Koch Brothers are concentrating on down ticket races, feeling them more important. Given the coattail effect, though, it seems kind of like a fools' errand. Where the GOP will be able to do the most damage is in 2018. They can easily render President Clinton powerless the same way they did to Obama if they have a surge of conservatives. The GOP is excellent at taking midterms, because midterms have lower turnout... which favors right-wing ideologies.
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    It took me a second watch to realize this was a Thomas homage. I just liked it for the presentation and character models! Excellent work as always, Frob!
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    Should I pre-order FFXV...?

    Should I pre-order FFXV...?
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    and another evening another doodle.figured I'd doodle one of the side characters for my original series and her pet thing.
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    I liked Thomas the Tank Engine as a child, and thought this was a pretty well-done parody/homage. Now all you need is a separate American narration and things will be complete.
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    Sorry guys I'm a bit drunk rn but I LOVED sos. Here's what we all did while we were there. I met a guy I've known online for years (Owner of Chao Island/Sonic Adventure website) and we had a really good time there. I came to London w/ my dad, but while I was there he went sightseeing around London. He met Yuji Naka and had a good convo with him while I was waiting in the mania line wanting to know about his Chao stuff lmao. He also got to talk to Dreadknux (Thought he looked like PC principal lmao) and that was cool. I think I also saw Hogfather on stage. I got two gens posters, the christmas sweater, two mini figure balls and a classic sonic figure. I also had another gens poster and a figure ball, but I already had them so I gave them to my fiend. I wish I could've gotten a signing from the GREATEST VA mike pollock but I got signs from Naka/Iizuka. The lines actually weren't that bad (AAnyone that's been to london before should know they were much shoter than the london eye lines at least, haha). and they killed a lot of time. They were supposed to stop at 515 but they were still signing an hour later, so good on them. The cosplays were cool too. My friend took a picture with the Chaos 0/Tikal cosplays, and I also noticed the Manic cosplay when I was streaming on skype to my friends, haha. I loved the Perfect Chaos cosplay, also the Blaze Black Knight cosplay, the Tails Doll cosplay and the Amys that were roaming around. Got to play Sonic mania (got told to turn my phone off when playing, but no big deal!) and it was GREAT. THere were no peelout, but I played studiopolis (I overheard a staff member telling a kid that it was better to play the newer level rather than the familiar one) and I loved the level desig. It was exactly like the old sonic games. I have to be completely honest, I laughed when I saw how short the Sonic Boom line was compared to the mania line. There were about 9 people in the boom line, compared to about 100 in the mania one. The staff were all friendly and I think they did a good job managing the convention, by the way. Props to them. They were actively engaging in conversations with the fans throughout the entire event. Johnny Gioeli was GREAT this time. I really have the urge to buy some crush 40 stuff now. Open your Heart was first, then Live and Learn was last then with What I'm Made of as a bonus song. I can't beleive I actually got to see Jun Senoue's guitar when I was moving through the line for signing, that was GOLD, man. I didn't really pay any attention to the STC stuff since I don't read STC, but they looked like they were getting a fair amount of attention there. They (and some other artists) were doing comissions, but the time I noticed I'd already spent the £50 I had on me. After I got out I met my dad and we went to a pub because we were both tired from the stuff we did lmao. I noticed in the tweets that the stream cut out during one of Naka's questions about why Sonic was made agaisnt mario. The answer was Sonic was designed with the fact that he was made so that he could beat mario to the goal lmao So yeah, loved the entire event. It was greaaat.
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    Summer WITH Sonic.

    Summer WITH Sonic.
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    Loved it. My first convention. The atmosphere was out of this world. Time seemed to fly by. I will definitely go next year if there is a SoS (and by the sounds of it they really want there to be). @Dreadknux, @T-Bird and the rest of the gang did an amazing job. I was one of the lucky people to see the history of Summer of Sonic [presentation from Dreadknux, T-Bird and the former SEGA marketing guy (I forget his name). It was really interesting. Even @Roarey Raccoon was there. Bought some stuff from the merch table. Playing Sonic Mania was so enjoyable. I didn't play F&I, kind of wish I had. I also played a bit of Sonic CD & Sonic 3&K over on the Retro section. The guy looking after the Retro section was impressed with how he said I was "playing Sonic CD right" (going for the robot generator & time stones). I got all time stones by the end of Wacky Workbench and the game froze! Lol! I also got praise by a guy for collecting all Super Emeralds in S3&K. I guess I'm good at dem classics! I didn't meet any SSMB members (probably passed within two inches of you guys without even realising) and would loved to have met you guys. I was the tall guy with the orange t-shirt. Will make a much better effort next time. I highly recommend SoS it's such an enjoyable experience!
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    Metroid Topic

    AM2R is out!! http://metroid2remake.blogspot.com/ Go play the remake 6 years in the making!!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Crazy theory what's gonna happen in next "Shattered" issues.
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    This was not your initial argument. You said there's no concrete evidence that Michael Jackson had any involvement in Sonic 3's music. Even if there are conflicting reports on how Jackson was involved and to what extent, none of the sources I listed actually dispute that Jackson was involved in the game's development in any capacity. Whether Jackson's work made it into the game is a different argument; and while you go down that track if you want (speaking of which, I'll get to that in a bit), that wasn't what your original post was stating. From the Huffington Post article: "But Ben Mallison and his fellow Blues are right, Buxer says: The melody that appears in the end credits is also in Jackson's single "Stranger in Moscow." The Sonic song was written before Buxer and Jackson "ever started working on" the single, Buxer said. The chorus hook for "Hard Times," a song Buxer had written for a band he was in, was also repurposed for Sonic, he said. "These cues are all over the Internet," he said. "People have accurately matched the songs to the cues." Both Hard Times and Stranger in Moscow are listed by Buxer as references. And as for whether Buxer was or wasn't credited for Moscow; I don't know why this specific bit is serving as some sort of tie-breaker proof on whether Jackson was involved or whether if his work went into the game as you're framing it to be. Given how Buxer has confirmed the associations by fans of certain music to Hard Times are true, and how people other than Buxer have been confirmed Jackson's involvement in the music, it's not like people who are taking Buxer's word for it on him working on the song are doing so on an entirely unfounded basis. Even if they are assumptions by those who believed he was involved, at least they have some relatively tangible sources to support their case. Pointing out he was uncredited for the song and some sources that don't agree as to how Jackson was involved doesn't exactly make for a decisive rebuttal from the opposing side of the argument. It's not on every major digital store. You can't get it on PlayStation Network (PS3) or mobile devices (iOS/Android), and it is not part of M2's 3D Classics Collection for the Nintendo 3DS. Whereas Sonic 1 and 2 are available in all three cases, and Sonic CD is available for the former two. And all three of specific re-releases for the game happened after the last re-release for Sonic 3&K (the Steam port in January 2011). It's also the only main series console Sonic game from Sonic Team to not have a (genuine) release of the original soundtrack: disc, digital or otherwise. Every other major Sonic Team Sonic game has (unless you want to count Sonic 3D: Flickies Island, though that can be argued to be a spinoff). Even certain spinoff games like Sonic R and the Storybook games; as well as Dimps digital/handheld games like Sonic 4 and Rush, have had their OSTs released. The Sonic & Knuckles PC Collection replaces a handful of tracks in Sonic 3 with original compositions, which marks one of the few times a Sonic game has had its original music replaced. The only other two games to have this happen to them are Sonic CD (which had the entire original EU/JP OST replaced with a new soundtrack for the American release, both of which are available to select for the 2011 Sonic CD re-release and were released on disc) and the aforementioned Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (whose Genesis OST was replaced when the game was ported to the Saturn). And for what it's worth, Taxman and Stealth, who are responsible for the Sonic 1/2/CD mobile releases,made a pitch to make a mobile version for the game (which they later presented online), but they were turned down by Sega. Stealth in particular also suggested to a group who made a petition to Sega to greenlighting their Sonic 3 mobile pitch, to suspend their campaign for the time being. In light of the above, I don't see how it's a stretch by the imagination of any sort to conclude the game might have some legal barriers from Sega from doing another re-release of the game, or remixing/reusing certain music tracks.
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    It's not an urban myth. This Huffington Post article posted earlier this year features the writer getting in contact with Brad Buxer, Doug Grigsby III and Cirocco Jones (all of them were part of Jackson's music team at the time; and are listed for music composition in Sonic 3's credits, even though Jackson himself isn't). All three of them in the article collectively describe not only Jackson's involvement, but also how Jackson got involved into the game's development, how they composed the music, and some of the specific cues/compositions they made that made it into the game. Roger Hector (former director of STI, where Sonic 3 was developed by Sonic Team) and Brad Buxer are both on record for mentioning the involvement of Jackson and his team working on the game in the past as well.
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    Yeah, no. I actually like having Big around as one of the main characters here than I would elsewhere, mainly because he defies the ridicule of him being useless to be around and shows that a character is as entertaining or boring as they are written. Otherwise, why even have Big around in an actionized setting if he's not going to do any action? That's one of the biggest problems with Big as a character in general, and why him being so chill to an extent that almost resulted in him being useless to have around and people mocking the character as such. Nothing wrong with us having non-action moments, or having characters chill out, but Big being more willing to be involved in action is one of the main reasons I stick up for him when I'd be hard-pressed to do otherwise. I don't mind Big being simple - he's not really any different aside from being more willing to get involved with what's going on in the same way he was more active in Heroes. Nor do expect him to just be around punching things all the time - I enjoyed the simple minded wisdom he gave Sally in Spark of Life over people being nice whether artificial/digital like NICOLE or flesh and blood. But being too simple to the point he shouldn't do anything more can be detrimental in it limiting the character to the extent Big was in the games. There is a thing as being too restrictive, and in all fairness, if Big's going to be around and not waste space then he should do some action with everyone else. And given how less I care for him in any other setting, the fact that I want him to stick around here says a lot.
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    Challenge isn't the problem with the boost, engagement and depth are. Boosting through nearly every enemy isn't bad because it's "easy", it's bad because it's boring. You're going to be boosting most of the time anyway, so it doesn't matter if there's enemies in your way or not. There's no decision to be made, there's no "do I dodge left, right, jump over, roll into, something else?". There's not even room to experiment or play with the game's mechanics, because Sonic's abilities are so shallow and anything besides continuing to boost means slowing way down for no benefit.
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    Well, since we dont have an Dragon Ball Heroes thread, i think this is the place to post this. We are getting a Super Dragon Ball Heroes manga. Soo, Dragon Ball will now have 3 official manga franchises: Dragon Ball (the series), Dragon Ball Fusions and Super Dragon Ball Heroes. I would love if we got a Xenoverse manga but make it longer. Like at least 10 chapters.
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    What I was expecting from this was a Quicksilver reskin, a run-of-the-mill level pack level, and a similar adventure level to the rest in the game, due to the platforming and physics in this game not being that versatile What we got, was a character that was entirely true to it's source material and breaks the mold of lego gameplay incredibly, a level pack level that is completely devoted to platforming and movement for a change and is really good at it, and physics and movesets that change up the game's level design and formula enough to give the adventure world tons of potential, as well as a great setup for the world itself, looking to play out like an entire Sonic game linearly Utterly floored Seriously, Sonic will break this game so much it's not even funny. He can jump as high as athletic characters, use airdash to skip entire puzzles, he can spindash across levels and down slopes to make adventure worlds less tedious, he follows his own physics which'll break previous level design in itself, he can homing attack, which'll boost the speed of offensive capabilities by a thousand fold and make combat/breaking things a lot more fun, and he can turn into super Sonic at some point, which'll give him who-knows-what powers that'll obviously be tied to rings/studs, giving them purpose during gameplay! Props to you, TT. You took something that could have so easily been reskin city, and made it the best and most unique thing you've ever made in a dozen years. Props. Also the graphics look stunning in his world, and it overall seems really polished for gameplay so new to the lego series. There seems to be a lot of passion behind this. Maybe the team still has a soft spot after working on his series once?
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    Has anyone ever Lucid Dreamed?

    Even when I'm completely aware that something is a dream, I can't really take control of anything. Like, my mind does not accept my visions for how the dream should be lol. My dreams are a little weird, though, in that I hardly ever feel like I'm in them or that I have control over anything I do. My dreams are more like watching an extremely fast-paced game (no, not Sonic) that takes place in the first person rather than feeling like an actual event that I am experiencing for myself. It doesn't feel like I even exist in my own dreams. So it's like, instead of having a dream where I finally destroy SSMB with my own two hands, I have a dream about Tara destroying SSMB and freeing the people from its chains. So maybe that's why I've never successfully done it.
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