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    So......I had the pleasure of playing Green Hill from Sonic Mania at Summer of Sonic. A few hours later I played through Studiopolis. Soon as I sat down and put the headphones on (so that I could hear the music) I was blown away by just how good the music sounds. We all know it sounds good from the gameplay footage we've seen, but fuck me it sounds even more impressive when you are actually playing the game! This will give Sonic CD's soundtracks a run for their money! Green Hill I made sure that I tested all the moves to see how Sonic feels and performs. It took me - and I'm not even exaggerating when I say this - 10 seconds to be perfectly at home with the controls. The momentum physics are superb, spot-on just like the classics. Sonic moves fluidly both in the air and on the ground akin to how he feels in Sonic 3. The spindash works just like in Sonic 3 in how the more you rev it up the faster Sonic moves upon release. The Spindash is a bit more powerful in Mania and I loved using it. The drop-dash is very easy to use. You press and hold the jump-button in mid-air and keep it held down until Sonic hits the ground which then unleashes the drop-dash effect. It's a nice move (the animation kind of reminds me of the original charge-up spindash in Sonic CD). Something to note is that the drop-dash appears to release at the same speed regardless of how long you have held down the jump button whilst in the air. Green Hill's design is impressive. I made sure I explored as much as I could. I went up high and explored below where parts of the stage take designs from the underground section from act2 from Green Hill in Sonic 1. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into making the new layout in GH as unique as possible. None of the new layout felt like a rehash. The elemental shields work as you expect. Feels like you can move with the bubble shield a bit more easily than in Sonic 3. I found a few of the hidden giant silver rings. I love the animations of the normal shield, when Sonic is invincible and the sparkles you get when Sonic collects rings. There is an invincibility box shortly before the boss fight which makes it a walk in the park. Sonic's animations; when he balances over an edge, when he looks up and the victory punch in the air when he finished the act look so cute . The gameplay appeared to run at a rock-solid 60fps. I actually received praise from one of the staff members who was watching me. I finished the act with 289 rings (didn't get hit once) and he said I had the highest score out of anyone so far who had played GH. Wish I had taken a screenshot to show you guys my score! Studiopolis The music track in this act sounds so good. The level is very bright (has a Sonic CD good future kind of vibe). The Eggman dancing animation is really cool. There are lots of multiple routes. The stage often likes to push you through fast. I resisted the urge to just speed through and by taking my time found some high up routes which I didn't see any other players find (you can use the powerful spindash to good effect). It's got plenty of gimmicks but the stage does flow nicely. Once I beat the act (had about 140 rings) I just wanted to play more! Mania feels like a combination of Sonic CD/Chaotix superb visuals but with much better level design and Sonic 3's excellent control. It was an absolute pleasure to play Sonic Mania and I am confident it's going to be an excellent game, that it will be well received. I really believe you guys are going to love it. EDIT: I forgot to mention. They announced at SoS that there is going to be an optional mode in Mania where you can have a "CRT filter complete with scan-lines" which will make the game feel/give the visual appearance as if you were playing it in the early 90's.
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    Seems I never post here much anymore other than to post cartoons I've made of Sonic for Summer of Sonic. Well, better than not posting, I suppose. And here was my contribution for Summer of Sonic, what I thought would be fitting to celebrate 25 years by focusing on Sonic 1, told in a somewhat familiar manner. Enjoy!
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    I was hyped at first, but the more I think about Classic Sonic being in this, the more I'm like "eehhhh..." I really hope the "not a sequel" thing is all in the title and I want his differences from Modern Sonic to just be playing like classic Sonic. If it's something like a buddy system or switching styles at any time, it's gotta be done well enough. Hopefully Lost World showed Sonic Team that they've gotta be extra careful with experimentation in Sonic games.
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    I myself still find it particularly rich how he goes on about how the games don't have enough for a film, when he has gone on record as being proud of the fact that he never played any of them to begin with. It will never cease to amaze me that he feels entitled to make that kind of judgement while simultaneously admitting he has no idea about what he's talking about when it comes to the games to begin with.
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    Had an amazing time at SOS '16 yesterday, it's the first Sonic convention I've attended and boy did it not disappoint! Even the British traditional pastime of queuing to get in was enjoyable with everybody throwing jokes around and playing up to the various video cameras floating around. To see a sense of community amongst people who are basically strangers was really brilliant. The event itself was no slouch either. The place was surprisingly roomy, even with everyone inside and the air-con seemed to do it's job great. I've heard stories about the heat at previous SOS events and while I could maybe say I felt the heat a bit in the late afternoon, which was going to happen no matter what anyone did, the place was perfectly comfortable to stick around in for the whole runtime. I was really happy to get to try Sonic Dash Extreme, I love the mobile game and there's just such a cool novelty about playing on a ridiculously-sized D-Pad. I did manage to make the top 10 leaderboard on the Green Hill Hard Mode stage so I was pretty chuffed with that, if anyone else saw my username on there then that was me! A couple of the Hardlight guys were sat right beside the game for the whole day giving out signed posters. When I went over there was only the QA tester (his name escapes me just now) and bless the guy for how humble he was. He gave me one of the posters and the first thing he did was admit "the producer's on lunch right now, I'm not...I'm the QA tester, but I can sign it if you like". Of course I took him up on it, I mean he could have been the janitor for Hardlight and I'd have been delighted to have his name on there. We ended up chatting for a few minutes about how amazed the team are about the massive support the game still gets from fans three years later and shared our mutual excitement about the recent Classic Sonic & Green Hill update, the team got really excited when they got the order through for that one. I did go over again when the rest of the team were back. They signed the poster too and were just as humble about how appreciative they are about the support their game gets. I did get to play Mania (WOOHOOHOO!) but I'll give that its own post in the Mania topic later on. All I'll say is the game plays even better in person, there's this buttery-smooth fell to both the movement and visuals that tops any previous Sonic side-scroller. If you don't get to try it before the release, trust me you're in for a treat. Jun and Johnny...I mean I mention them out of principle but, come on, you know. These guys absolutely rocked the place. I've seen videos of them performing live but being in the crowd of raving, singing fans was just something else. The Club Sonic guys did an amazing job too, both acts together made a fantastic two-hour concert to wrap up the show. My biggest hope for the event was to manage to get Yuji Naka to sign my Sonic 1 sleeve. I was in the morning signing queue and got as far as a bit away from the ropes before they had to close it for the morning. I tried again with the evening session and it gradually became more apparent that it was becoming a pipe dream. I can't praise the queue staff enough though, they were up and down the line multiple times being completely honest but sincere about the likelihood of getting through. In the last ten or so minutes people were being sent in one by one so it was clear things were wrapping up. I made it all the way to the front, next in line and then, with the most sincerest of apologies I've had in years, the line closed. Now really, it was a no harm no foul for me. We'd been giving plenty of warning that it might not happen and these guys are human being after all, you can't ask them to sit there for hours at a time. So, I move aside to enjoy the Club Sonic hour that had started a few minutes earlier. I'm there for a couple of minutes and then I notice out of the corner of my eye that there's a few more people trickling through the line. I look over and sure enough they've somehow managed to keep the signings going! Now my first though was how cool it was that more people were getting let through, then there was the obvious realisation that I'd ejected myself from the line at the wrong time. The guy who'd been running the line (I'm gutted I didn't get his name since I wanted to thank him one more time, he was the one using the clicker) happens to make eye contact with me. I felt a bit cheeky for asking but I asked if there was any possibility of being slid in since I'd been next in line when they'd announced the line to be officially closed. Extremely kindly he was nice enough to let me hop back in. In the end? Well... I'll never be done saying how grateful I am to the organisers for this. I hear Iizuka and Naka were there for something like an hour after they said they'd finish. I've no idea if this was something they just did or if the organisers asked nicely or maybe both but it was an incredible generous gesture from both sides to do this for guests. All through it the staff as well as Iizuka and Naka were smiling away, never showing a sign of a frown or grumble which really speaks volumes about their kindness. EDIT: Have to give a shoutout to our own Hogfather who was also working the signings area. The guy just oozed hard-work all day. Seriously, great job man! The organisers have more than outdid themselves this year. I didn't see a single hitch all day and, for an event of this size and ran by fans for the fans no less, that's simply incredible. Now, they did say that "mmmmmaaaaayyybbbeeee" they'll back back in the future but hey I'm happy to play the party line of "One More Run" for now. This wasn't another Summer of Sonic, this was THE Summer of Sonic. If it came to pass that this is where the story ended, it couldn't have had a better swansong. You threw one heck of party guys, we'll all be waiting to play with you some other time!
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    It's simple: he once watched his son play one of the early Genesis games with a TV remote or something and saw no story in his glimpses (supplemental material doesn't count), which means video games have no story at all. This is a pure, solid fact that has not changed in two and a half decades-- save for that one time they stole all his material and made a game out of it, of course.
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    Most of it's just normal Ken talk, especially the whole it needs to be based on the comics to have a good chance of being greenlit nonsense. It barely even fazes me anymore. No, the part that baffled me was how he started out by saying that the movie may not even be happening because they haven't given us a cast list yet...but then less than 24 hours later turned around and mentioned that it took "2 studios & 20 years" to get the Watchmen movie started. I'd like it if he picked a point and stuck to it. Instead, he tries and dip his finger in both pots by simultaneously claiming both that the movie needs to be started already or it isn't happening, and that it could take years for it to get off the ground in the first place. These feel more like points two people arguing would use against each other.
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    I kinda like to think that Sonic and Amy's first meeting was the catalyst for Sonic not really being into the idea of a relationship. He probably doesn't mind a relationship persay, but Amy's clingy, overbearing and jealous tendencies probably causes the much younger Sonic at the time to believe that all girls would be like this and that his freedom would be completely compromised if he ever considered getting a girlfriend. It isn't until he's much older and has met other girls (Blaze, Rouge, etc.) that aren't like Amy that he mellows on this somewhat. For the record I'm not ragging on Amy, but she was/is young and impulsive, and younger Sonic probably didn't get the nuances of a relationship like his older self.
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    Eh, nevermind. At least you had a good time there
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    Suffice to say, Summer of Sonic was crazy. Excuse the blurriness.
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    Unless he misspelled it on your merchandise, he was actually writing "Prope", which is the name of the indie games development studio he currently runs. ------------ I will be doing a big write up recounting my thoughts for another forum some time this week. I'll paste it here when it's done. For now, I'll just share my favourite piece of signed merchandise I came out with. I'm so glad the base of this statue was detachable so I could bring it abroad with ease.
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    Man he's still really stuck on this movie thing. Won't accept its been greenlit, won't accept any of the currently known staff are actually working on it, won't accept that Sony will bankroll it. Most of all he can't seem to accept that it would be based on the games. He still maintains that the games have no stories that would make a good film, and that the characters lack and personality or defining motivations and traits. Even tho he has previously said he hasn't played any of the games or researched its materials. So you have to wonder how he knows none of it would be any good. Besides the fact Sonic's underlying traits, motivations and personality in the comics all come from his base character in the games. His remarks on 23 years of reasonably well known, moderatly earning American comics being more of a draw card for a movie studio that has to distribute a film world wide, than 25 years of multi-million dollar, sucessful, world wide known video games is also rather laughable to me. His reasoning that because comic book movies are popular at the moment means they should draw from the comics is also kind of grasping. Seems he will come up with any reason to try justify why they should use the comics as a base. Without taking into account even if they did, they would use the current setup and not his purged material anyway.
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    Rey Skywalker-Ren

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    Yeah, you look at Penders various statements over the years and his weird focus on franchising and merchandise tie-ins before he actually has a product to release, he starts to come off more and more as a man who wants to create the next Chia Pet- an effortless fad that he can cash in on and whose residuals he can live off of forever. It's an incredibly cynical mindset for any kind of individual involved in cretive efforts to have, yet it is nakedly apparrent that this is precisely what Penders wants from his work.
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    I'm stating the obvious here, but I think he only cares about the fame and glory that comes from being a famous and respected movie director/maker, not the actual work involved to BE respected. Everything to him is just a shortcut to fame.
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    Doubly rich, given that he insists that his Lost Ones film is happening, despite the very obvious quality issues of the trailer and the fact that nobody, and I mean *nobody* remembers it and it never got past it's first issue. Yet he claims that 'people are interested'. Triply rich though is him seeming to imply that Sonic has no motivation to do what he does in those tweets of his, seeming to not be able to grasp altruism for it's own sake... all the while coming up with what has to be the most singularly odious take on Sonic's personality, as outlined here. There have been many takes on Sonic out there, and yet out of all of them, Penders seems to miss the mark entirely about what drives him. You're not the first to point this out to him. Someone once pointed out that the Pokemon franchise was spawne from games, and he blew that off as well, as well as any mention of the fact that storytelling in gaming had progress beyond 'get to the end of the stage, bonk the enemy, rinse, wash and repeat'. Penders holds a weird kind of nerd snobbery that leads him to believe that comics are an intrinsically superior medium, nevermind the sheer mountains of *garbage* that have appeared in superhero comics over the years- an individual seeing the infamous story of Avengers #200 could easily become convinced that superhero comics should never, ever be made into movies for permitting such a hideous story to be made. The fact that Superhero movies were regarded as unprofitable for a while due to movies like Steel, The Phantom or Batman and Robin doesn't really seem to enter the equation either. But you know, at the end of the day? It's not really about the comics themselves or the 23 years of continuity. It's specifically about those portions and ideas penned by him and him alone. He's not talking about Bollers or Flynn when he talks about studios mining the comics- he's talking about himself. Why the idea of a Sonic film being made by somebody other than him using his sources offends him so much, I have no idea, but this magnanimous proclamation of the Archie comic's worth is only because of what *he* worked on.
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    To be fair to Penders, a lot of Sonic games' stories are terrible and would have to changed at the conceptual level to be made good. But he makes a major leap in logic when he implies that Sonic has never had a story good enough for film ever (Sonic 3, Sonic Unleashed, the Storybook series, and a few others would like to speak with Penders regarding that), that Sonic as a franchise could never produce a story directly adapted from the games that's worthwhile, or that a Sonic movie not penned by Penders will never work. Its all about hiring the right people for the job, using the right ideas from the games (even most bad Sonic stories have at least a few good ideas in them), and keeping a good eye on them. Its rich hearing Penders complain about how the movie will never come out and won't be good because Sonic games can't have good enough stories when he's barely made any progress on the Lara Su Chronicles, his own Sonic-themed project based on a comic book based on the stories of the games.
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    <<image>> Drew Goat just because
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    The very first solicit mentioned Nixus being an echidna, only for that tidbit to be removed in later versions. I believe that's a safe assumption.
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    I agree that they should be more challenging, but I don't want Arid Sands Day level bullshit difficulty, like walls and spikes being thrown my way in boosting segments at random or falling into a pit for not turning at just the right angle.
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    What. A. Day! i can't even begin to describe he incredible SoS was! You guys truly have outdone yourselves and it was so great see to everyone there again! Getting the opportunity to play Sonic Mania was a real treat and from what I've played of it, I'm really looking forward to it now and can't wait to get the full game when it comes out! Getting to meet both Mr. Naka and Iizuka was the highlight of my day (I'm still laughing at how Mr. Naka wrote the title of "Pope" in his autograph) and I also got the chance to meet both Mike Pollock and Crush 40 as well. Speaking of Crush 40, they gave an amazing concert towards the end of SoS! Thank you so much to all the crew wh out this together! I'm glad to have been able t attend and if there's another SoS in the future, I'll be sure to come back again!
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    I read that link, and one thing in particular that stood out to me was this little gem. (Bolding mine) That's the kind of missing the point I'd expect from somebody who has little familiarity with the franchise. Sonic does have a large ego and lots of attitude, but that's not the only personality trait he has going for him-- and even in the darkest moments of Sonic's flanderization, Sega understood that Sonic is more than just those things. He has a lot of compassion, using his abilities to help the helpless like saving the Flickies from roboticization, or if we look at later Sonic games, being willing to talk to and comfort Merlina after he defeated her when he had every reason in the world to ditch her considering that she just tried to plunge her world into hell. He also hates bullies like Eggman, and most of his jerk antics and bragging are either directed towards wrongdoers or meant as a friendly jab rather than asserting his dominance. I'm more familiar with the game continuity, so do correct me if I'm wrong, but last I checked, Sonic took Tails in because he thought Tails needed a friend and wanted to protect the kid from bullies, not because he saw Tails as a useful subordinate. If anything, Sonic wants to empower Tails, not cow him into submission like Penders implies. This is an unfortunately common misconception in the movie industry, as movie companies really do tend to gauge the success of a film based on how well it did in its home country. This is steadily losing ground as companies are starting to focus more on worldwide cumulative sales for, well, stuff like the example you gave. Plus, the popularity of the misconception doesn't make it any more right. I think you've got it. Though you neglected to mention money, something else he wants to get lots of in a quick and easy way.
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    The telling remark in that interview quote is "Let's see how Generations did." Pretty clear implication that they'd think again about Classic Sonic if Generations did well. Of course, the remarks about the game's timing also apply equally to the 25th anniversary.
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    So apparently now if a movie doesn't do well domestically, aka in the United States, it isn't worth mentioning. That was his response to me regarding bringing up Warcraft as the current #1 grossing video game based movie. Because it made the majority of its money overseas, it is a failure to him, regardless that it made back 4x it's production costs and hasn't yet released on home media. Even when the Top 100 movies globally all made roughly 70-80% of their income via the overseas markets. It's actually more an exception than a rule when the USA domestic has a even or higher gross rate than the other markets. Not to mention terrible video game movies, ones that hardly broke even, and in some cases made low percentage gross in the USA domestic market like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc all managed to get sequels. So I don't see how Warcraft can be a bad example of a video game movie being a relative success and won't get a sequel due to its bad USA domestic intake according to him. I'm thanking the heavens that he won't be getting his mitts on the Sonic movie. He doesnt seem to get movies let alone gaming franchises.
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    I'm gonna go home tomorrow
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    I'll forever argue that Banjo-Kazooie/Yooka-Laylee is the key to making this idea work, because you're forced to think about what is effectively one entity and how it would handle obstacles and enemies from each respective series instead of two separate ones with disparate abilities that either don't match up at all or align with each other too much. It invites more strategic platforming and justifies even having the two characters in the same game in the first place. Have the Mario half as the default Banjo where he deals more with more methodical platforming, static/slow enemies, and more binary jumping obstacles, and the Sonic half as the activated Kazooie where he allows you to run, perform long jumps, and get higher with the Homing Attack or LW's wall-running stuff. Allow switching to Sonic to be performed with a trigger button. For shared abilities between them like the wall jump, just have the animations alternate between the characters to have the visualization of team work. Keep power ups character-specific (or don't; whichever works best). Give it to Nintendo EAD or Playtonic and there you have it.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Someone said before that Archie made it easy to guess Nixus=Naugus because they probably don't want to get in trouble with SEGA about adding an echidna character. Maybe not saying the term 'echidna' is part of the attempt? To me Archie seem to be saying "hey look he looks like Boom Knuckles, talk as if he is one of his kind, who is this guy??? can we trust him????" to the reader and "hey we didn't confirm him as an echidna (and we made it very obvious he is not one) so don't get us into trouble" to SEGA.
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    So, an earlier post I made in the Sonic X Discussion seriously made me look at what I saw as the serious issues of Sonic X's third season. A season that had plenty of potential, but ended up quite possibly being the worst season of Sonic X. However, that has led to me feeling rather inspired, and I decided. I'm gonna try a fan rewrite of Season 3 in an attempt to make a better story. There will be major changes, attempts to tie the X Canon closer to the video game roots, and tie some of the Genesis titles into the story, as well as trying to improve character arcs and developments. There won't be a real schedule to this as when I write these stories, I tend to write them when I've got the inspiration for them. With that said, constructive criticism, and general thoughts are more than welcome. I also recommend reading the below bios, as it contains character descriptions, and locations/backstories, some of which are widely different from what was present in the original Sonic X Season 3. I will be adding additional bios as new characters are added to the story. With that said, Hope everyone enjoys. Character Bios: Chapter 1: Campfire Stories *Windy Valley* It was 3am, and the moonlight shined down brightly around the grassy fields of Windy Valley. As the wind blew throughout the fields, a small flame blew with it. A campfire was burning, as a blue hedgehog, and a red echidna was sound asleep around the heat of the blazing fire. In the center of the small camp was a yellow fox. Tails had been up for the last hour, silently thinking. He thought about what had happened over the last six months, and the mess that Chris had nearly caused, freezing them all in time. It had been a week since the three had departed from his workshop in search of the Chaos Emeralds, and Tails couldn't sleep. He hasn't been able to sleep very well since they arrived back to Mobius. He had a lot on his mind, and Tails did what he always did when he couldn't sleep. He tinkered with his inventions, This time though, he had no inventions to tinker around with. He was in the wilderness, in a forest that reminded him a lot of his old life, where he was bullied for his gift of two tails. "....Emerooolds" Knuckles muttered as he laid sound asleep in his sleeping bag. Tails was surprised that Knuckles decided to join them, thinking that he would be protecting the Master Emerald. According to him however, Rouge hadn't been seen in weeks, and the chaos emeralds needed to be safe. Tails poked the campfire with a stick once again, as he thought about the events that led up to this. It had been six months since Sonic returned to Mobius, and while they were on speaking terms, Sonic and Tails' friendship had been strained to say the least. Sonic had a lot to account for after agreeing to stay on Earth with Chris, and while Tails thought his best friend was the coolest thing alive, Tails had grown increasingly more frustrated by Sonic's silent act, and always running away to explore when he wanted to talk to him about what happened A few flickys flew over to Tails as he greeted them. "Hey little guys..." Tails said, as he pointed one of his fingers out, allowing one of the flickys to rest on it, "Sorry little guys, I don't have any food for you tonight". The flickys remained with Tails for a few minutes later, when he heard Sonic stirring. "...Tails...?" Sonic said, as he awoke yawning while the flickys flew off. "Tails, shouldn't you be asleep? It's 3:30am dude." Sonic asked, with a yawn, still clearly awakening fully. "I couldn't sleep...I have a lot on my mind Sonic." Tails replied, distantly. Sonic got up and stretched a little in order to wake up while Tails just kept looking down at the campfire. Sonic was originally going to go for a quick run to make himself tired again, but seeing Tails like this, he quickly decides to sit back down. "Listen bro, I know things have been a little rocky since I got back, but if you have a problem, you can talk to me about it". Hearing this seemed to anger Tails a little. "Sonic, I've wanted to talk about this for months. I've wanted to talk about it as soon as I found out who closed the portal and why they did it. But every time I tried to talk to you, you keep running off". Sonic looked down, feeling a bit bad after realizing he was a main cause of Tails' stress. After a few moments of icy silence, Sonic decided to speak up. "I'm sorry little bro. I guess I just didn't realize what I was doing til it was too late. I know you're angry about Chris. You have every right to be, but I wasn't planning on remaining there. I didn't think he would have made that choice. Honestly, it was a test of character". Tails looked at Sonic and replied "If that was the case, then why did you keep running? Why didn't you come back and tell us?" Sonic looked up towards the moon "I guess I was just worried. Worried you guys wouldn't understand. Running's always been my way of clearing my head. I just thought if I ran fast enough, maybe it'd become clear". The silence returned as the fire burned brightly. Sonic decided to break the ice once again as he began to chuckle slightly, as Tails looked at him curiously. Sonic walked over and sat beside Tails on the log Tails was using as a seat. "Hey Tails, do you remember that April Fools Day prank we pulled on Amy?". Tails nodded in response, laughing a little "Yeah, I sneaked up behind her with a Metal Sonic costume on and you pretended I was a new model of Metal Sonic. She got so angry that she chased us both with her hammer for an hour!" Sonic laughed in response "She waited outside with her hammer all night just waiting for a swing at me". Tails poked the fire again and looked at Sonic, "What about the time we introduced Knuckles to Amy, and Knuckles thought Amy was a jewel thief?". This story caused Sonic to burst out laughing, falling off the log in the process. "...A-and then Knuckles tried to bust through Amy's hammer, only to get his fists stuck in it!". That last sentence seemed to cause Knuckles to stir a little, but not enough to wake up as Sonic and Tails continued their laughing spree. Sonic smiled and threw some more firewood onto the burning campfire. "You remember the time Cream was sad after going to the dentist, so we convinced Knuckles to dress up like a clown while I played the acrobat, and you played the ringmaster, and we put on a small circus for her?" Tails nodded in response, yeah, and we even convinced Amy to be another clown so her and Knuckles could do a routine. Cream was so happy by the end of it that she barely even remembered the appointment". Tails decided to speak up about something eating his mind. "Sonic, honestly, while I was mad at you, I was even madder at Chris. I mean, he was losing us, but he had his family, his friends, and an entire world that was looking up to him now due to helping us save the day all of the time. I just don't understand why he got so selfish that he wanted to risk all of our lives just to hang out with you, especially we all explained why we needed to leave." Sonic took a minute to think, and replied "I get where you're coming from little bro. Chris was our friend, but it really didn't give him a right to do what he did. He played with everyone's lives. I guess I just wanted to see if he was willing to really follow through with it just for my sake. Luckily, he didn't, and hopefully he's learned his lesson". This response seemed to make Tails' mood a little better, as he yawned, and looked at the time. 5am. Sonic gave him a thumbs up and went back to his sleeping bag. "Better catch a bit of shut eye bro, tomorrow, we're going after the final emerald!" Tails nodded and smiled, putting out the campfire, and crawling into his own sleeping bag, preparing to sleep. *Red Mountain, 5:30am* A mysterious figure walked through the mountaintop, looking through the world. "Hmmm, this world. It's so beautiful. So different from my own. But also so odd. One moment, you could be walking through a beach, and then a mountain." The figure looked down, seeing an entrance towards Windy Valley from a distance. "Prepare yourself hedgehog. Tonight, I fix my world, and my future." *CHAPTER 1 END*
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    https://www.sonicstadium.org/2016/08/yuji-naka-wishes-to-pitch-mario-sonic-action-game-to-takashi-iizuka/ (Read that news post for better translations). The two main names behind Sonic's birth have talked on the Famitsu magazine about the agreements with Miyamoto during the Gamecube era to make a M&S crossover, which eventually led to the Olympic Games series. These are Naka's words on the matter: This was Oshima's response to Naka's words: Not sure if this was more or less already known, but I found it interesting nonetheless.
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    Will be doing a bigger write up later... for now... try to spot yourself.
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    I'm so glad people enjoyed my Club Sonic set. Yeah, it was just me on my own - Pete helped out as my impromptu hype man, and Turbo passed me the SoS t-shirts to pass out. I worked quite a bit on the setlist and, on the whole, I think it went very well
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    Hey all, Pete "TitansCreed" Nethercote here. I just wanted to go and thank everyone who made it to the Community Panel first thing in the morning. Considering we started late, and were first in there, it was a scary prospect as too how many guests we'd have (especially as the Mike Pollock Q&A was on the main stage at the same time)! I want to give a shout out to all the guys who worked both the Mania line and the signing lines, they worked hard all day with extra signings on them, and it's an extremely hard job to do, especially with having to turn folks away to cut a line. Many, many thanks to everyone who noticed me and got a second to grab me for a hug, handshake or hello as I was dashing around the floor all day, or came and said hi upstairs after we all finished. It's a very difficult thing to get to see everyone you see who posts on the forum and online in general, but it is especially rewarding to put faces to names. So, many thanks for that. A note on the cosplay contest, it was EXTREMELY hard to judge this year. With returning winners from previous years (Evie with her Blaze Boba Fett) or to fantastic fursuits (Manic) and voiced big bads (Sally as Perfect Chaos). Overall, we think we picked a good winner, and I hope you all agree. To everyone who sent in entries for the "What Summer of Sonic Means To You" video, I wanna thank everyone here as well as others who submitted stuff. I had to unfortunately cut the video down to 3 minutes for the event. The good news however, is that I can submit the "Bigger, Longer, UNCUT" version to The Sonic Show and they'll be hosting the final version down the line once it goes through some minor changes. So, please, look out for that. I also hope that everyone saw their name in the Kickstarter credits video before Club Sonic To everyone in attendance, and to the hundreds who viewed at home, thanks for watching, and I hope I did you alright on stage towards the end. Especially when seeing a relative unknown with Gavvie from Club Sonic towards the end. Although, the entire crowd being super loud for Team Chaotix and Endless Possibilities was fantastic, so thanks for that. I hope everyone had a good time and got home safely. Peace out, and mucn love <3
  34. 2 points

    pacman stop

    pacman stop
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    Okay, so I've finally settled back into home (ie I've made my bed), so I'll give a brief overview on my highlights and lowlights, both in and out of the event. Out of the event; -Travel was kind of a nightmare, especially on the way there. I booked a taxi for 12:30pm friday, but the company somehow put me down for collection from the wrong address and I didn't leave until over 20 minutes later. When on the train, I found out my reserved seat had been taken because there had been a glitch at Manchester Picc. so I had to find a different seat (but the seat and carriage I eventually got was nice, so at least the journey wasn't bad, and getting used to the Underground and it's various caveats is bloody difficult (and that one happened on the way back too!). -The hotel was nice. Didn't have a formal shower on the morning of the convention because the dial was completely jammed (I did wash all of the hair and body, it just wasn't quick and convenient), only for that to be fixed in two seconds when I called the reception and someone came up. The TV got a bit moody on the first night when I was looking through the hotel functions, but it was fine when operated for its TV functions. And I brought this up in the status updates, but for some reason my login for the web corner held over documents of a Sonic stock art and the queue sign from another user. Aside from that, had a good time with the hotel. -As for the event? Uh, only "lows" I can think of are how I queued for a sketch for two people (Hesse and Dobbyn) and they both were unfortunately cut off right as I got to the front of the line (Hesse because he'd been so wrapped up in the floor stuff he hadn't gone up for the meet and greet bless his heart, and Dobbyn because it was like 6:15pm and getting too dark for that business). To be fair, in the first case I did get the sketch and I'll have to show you guys later because holy shit it's amazeballs and more than makes up for the wait, and in the second case I knew I was hedging bets so it's not really a surprise. But mark my words that if I ever go to a convention where Dobbyn's doing sketches again, I'm going to him first. And any other "low" was me just messing up each and every time (like the Sonic Mania play...). Everything else? Just highs all around. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was friendly (and I kept running into this one guy I didn't catch the name of. Apparently he went to get something signed by Naka, if that jogs a memory for anyone), I got to do lots of stuff, I got my Japanese Chaotix manual signed by both Iizuka and Naka (Iizuka even asked who my fave Chaotix was...and was a little surprised when I said "and Espio" to his guess. Hope I managed to clarify that both are my faves), the look on Iizuka's face when he heard my question in full in the Q&A was priceless (and I'm definitely getting theories off his answer), Crush 40 were great, I got to play Sonic Mania in its rare quiet lull, the other guests were great, I got merchandise that I wanted (not a lot of merchandise per se, but it's not the quantity that matters), and after spending all day wondering where he was, I finally got to meet @Ernest-Panda in person. Funny story that one; I was trying to get a little artist card to go with one of the sketches since I can't recall who did it, didn't get that, spotted the Sonic the Comic Online physical books being signed en masse out the corner of my eye, and after gazing at that for a few moments spotted that the guy signing nearest to me had a Big plush in his bag. He was only there for about 15-20 minutes longer, but it was nice spending some time with a familiar friend. And of course, I went for the single person coin tier so I got my rare coin. I'm number 1476.
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    Wooow, been a while SSMB! Nice to see ya again! x
  37. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
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    So I took the bait and did one of these.
  39. 2 points
    From my point of view, here's what happened for the event when I was there. I saw and met a few people I knew such as Tanner, Jason, Jamie and so forth. Once in the event hall, the first thing I did was to go towards the merch table and see what they had on offer. I bought a few things such as the Spinball canvas, a bag (there's more to this later), a t-shirt and a sonic 25th anniversary sketch. After that, I went over to the Hardlight table and asked for a signed poster. I thought that I would need to buy it, but they were free which made me happy. I decided to take to Tyson Hesse to get my Mega Drive comic signed, buy a few bits from him and request a drawing. But at the time I got there, he had to go to the community panel which I went to (hard decision if it was to see either Mike's Q&A or that). Not a lot of people were there to start with, but as time passed it packed up a bit. My question was to be said for Tyson himself, but that was already answered. Was going to question him about if they could get Arin to ever complete Sonic 06. After the panel. After, I went back to Tyson's Table and did the same. Once got there, I finally bought his posters, Sonic’s Big Fat Adventure and requested him a drawing of Knuckles in a top hat (was originally going to be a fedora, but I like to keep it classy). A lot happened on the day, picked up a few things and so forth. But what I was going to go for was to play Sonic Mania. That changed when the Jump Fever event was coming up. I thought it was going to be a new character added, but turned out to be Apple accessories for the Macbook and iPad. I gave a shot of that and got a total of 340,431 points which I was declared the winner of. In couldn't write everything down, but even if I missed a few and never got my signed copy of Sonic Heroes from Iizuka, Yuji and Jun, I loved the event so much. Everything and everyone there were amazing and I can't wait to see and meet you all again. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    ^ I don't think anyone cares about alternate gameplay styles in a crossover. It'd be like complaining Smash had too much of a focus on fighting for Mario to be in it.
  41. 2 points
    Convincing Iizuka would be easy, imo. He's given the go-ahead on a lot of crossovers over the years, and though he's made some good choices over the years, (and a really good one in terms of Mania's handling) I doubt he's all that concerned about the smaller details of such a game. It's Nintendo that'd take the actual convincing. They're pretty protective of the quality of their main IP now, and after SEGA got a contract for exclusive games on their consoles and released some of the worst failures in the series when using it, either sales-wise or quality-wise? Idk. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some trust issues between the two after all this. Nevermind the actual logistics of how a game would work, what with how different their gameplay is and how poorly alternate gameplay is looked upon by the mass majority. Regardless, I'd like to see it happen if only for posterity's sake, and the result of it would get plenty of interesting discussion going as well, high or low quality. And Naka returning to Sonic would always be interesting to see. Hope something comes of this eventually...
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    The BBC have done an article on the event!
  43. 2 points
    I really hope Classic Sonic in PS'17 isn't a case like the Wisps in Lost World. "The critics actually liked a new idea we came up with for once! Throw it in the next game outside of it's original story context and hope it works just as well!"
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    Sonic Mania looks great

    Sonic Mania looks great
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    Now, now we couldn't have a Summer of Sonic without a minute long intro with some sort of gimmick to it, that's the Sonic way after all? XD This year's theme is about the main people of the community; from your news reporters like Donnie, to news channels like Tails' Channel, to Sega Scourge's (sometimes ridiculous) game theories, to your typical Sonic channels that expresses their opinions like SPD64/Nerdworld, to major players in the franchise like Bill Freiberger/Ian Flynn and the Yoshmaster Mike Pollock, your artists/animators like SonicpoX or Nibroc and 50 others to fill in those 50 seconds of course.
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    it feels nice to reconnect with old friends after years have gone by it's like...finding that part of you that's been missing from you for so long
  47. 2 points
    Lost World would've been a lot better if all the levels were designed like the first part of Legend of Zelda Zone.
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    On the train home, knackered but smiling. First, I totally called that Perfect Chaos cosplay. Knew it'd be either that or the Manic, which I saw a few times and was incredibly detailed. Even had his drumsticks ready! My first port of call was Richard Elson, always my favourite StC artist. Turned out he lives somewhat close to me, and Lew Stringer is even closer! We had a good chat, he also told me a story about how Nintendo tried to get them to make a comic before Sonic, but because the feedback took TWO YEARS to come through it never happened. And that's part of the reason we got the Marxio Brothers! I hightailed it to the Naka / Iizuka signing, and stood in the worst possible spot to try and see the Vector Knickers. What I did see was good, I'll keep my eye out on YouTube... Mike Pollock's Q&A was interesting, and BuzzBombers great as always. Then I made my way to Mike's signing, guy was so charismatic and chatted to everyone, brilliant stuff. Jam with Jun, loved the set list! I was talking to one of the stage staff beforehand saying it was my most anticipated part of the day because he always chucks in some surprises, and didn't he just! Sadly I didn't get to meet Crush 40, made it to the queue far too late. Listened to the Naka Q&A though. I took the chance to play Mania during the final signing, impressions to come in that thread! Had time to kill, so met Deborah Tate and Richard Burton. They were stunned at the love us fans still have for StC, and Deborah even asked me for a photo! Club Sonic was a laugh, and then Crush 40 rocked it! Kudos to Johnny for coming straight from Wacken, he was still all over the stage. Last sight as I walked out? Mike Pollock still taking photos by the stage. Awesome guy. Thanks to all staff for doing a great job, even the thankless tasks like queue management for signing tables. Loved the whole day.
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    The Drop Dash would like to have a word with you. If there are any other new items/mechanics, I don't at all expect a new shield type, it'll be too much of a hassle. But, would you like it if the Thunder Shield could 'zap' underwater enemies upon losing it on contact with the water?
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    The Mania topic isn't the place to debate about Sonic 3's soundtrack.
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