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    I miss "Adventure" era Shadow sometimes
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    Wow... I really had a make-over!
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    A little post-Summer of Sonic cooldown pic. Decided to draw Amy in the cute-as-heck outfit my wife was wearing on the day (don’t read too much into that). ...I accidentally created an optical illusion here dunno about you guys but when I scroll up and down the text seems to move in and out lol.
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    "SHUT UP, DAWN!"

    "SHUT UP, DAWN!"
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    This would've worked better if it had a funny Sonic pic- oh wait-
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    This never happened... bye.

    This never happened... bye.
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    I think you guys are forgetting a very important cat.
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    I think our boy Gene might give us a look at a image that didn't make the cut to see who the third cat character is? Spoilers: It is Honey and also major kuddos on the DK rap reference
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    ...based on what? Are we even reading the same thread here? Sega's PR has repeatedly taken the piss out of '06 and the circumstances surrounding it. Sega themselves have already specified that the game releases in 2017, and prior to that already straight up said they're focusing on quality first and foremost. The trailer in the opening post is literally titled Project Sonic 2017 Debut Trailer. And even if for some stupid reason they suddenly took back everything they've already said and push forward the release date for Christmas money, I need to reiterate that Sonic Team has kept this project under wraps since 2013, which already gives this game a head start of over two years worth over what 06 was given. If you're basing this off anything other than childish superstition then I'd like to hear more, otherwise kindly don't make assumptions like this. To be blunt, it's obnoxious.
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    finally got all the year 1 sets for lego Dimensions.
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    The question is whether or not he meant it.
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    Yo, Rooftop Run, why are ya having a party at night? Go to bed!
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    Another Pokemon called Namakobushi was also in CoroCoro this month. It is a Sea Cucumber Pokemon that can regurgitate its organs and form them into a fist for attacking. Funnily enough, the Chinese leak did mention a Sea Cucumber Pokemon.
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    Makes sense. On another note, if you aren't following Peridot on twitter, here's her in-depth analysis of recent events:
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    It's not like they're presenting her as ACTUALLY EVIL ALL ALONG (ala fan theories *cough*), just that she wasn't perfect. Which you can say about nearly everyone in the cast, really.
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    Right... yeah... this was thought out well. So very hard...
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    A general rule on the internet is that if something exists, no matter what that something is, at least two people will be a fan. Though I'd be willing to venture that they're more interested in his official Sonic works than him. I admit that I have little experience with comic books of any kind, but I can tell that stuff like the idea of somebody with the mentality of Sonic being evil or giving the characters families makes for plots that are, if nothing else, interesting. If this doesn't prove that the lawsuit and creation of the Lara Su Chronicles had little to nothing to do with sticking it to Sega and Archie for stealing copyrights, I don't know what will. Penders can talk all he likes about how triumphant the Lara Su Chronicles is for artists rights, how it shows once and for all how Sonic is meant to be, but at the end of the day, its transparent how much of an ego project and attempted cash cow it is. How disappointing-- the concept of continuing the old universe is actually being attempted by some fans with little issue from Sega and much acclaim from the fandom, showing clear interest and support for the old universe on the part of dedicated fans and openness to the old universe on Sega's part. If Penders put actual effort into the Lara Su Chronicles and managed to produce something good, there'd be plenty of people willing to put aside their bitterness over the lawsuit to buy his comic and support more endeavors from him, because the appeal of the old universe is really that strong for a lot of fans. Plus he could've gotten a mention by Sonic social media or something-- Sega's known to be very supportive towards unofficial creative endeavors provided that they're really good, and that mention would basically be free advertising. But instead we get character designs and art which can be nicely described as uninspired, molasses-slow progress on writing, art, etc., and disappointment from the writing that we have seen. What a shame.
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    While you're probably right, I very much hope that Sonic Team has paid at least some attention and there has been some inter-team dialogue between Sonic Team and Headcanon/Christian Whitehead. Also, the change for Lost World was probably because Sonic Team realised they were reaching the limit of feasibility with the boost gameplay. Those stages are huge and complex and beautiful, but the amount of work that goes in to a stage which has merely 3-4 minutes of actual play time is not efficient.
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    So a couple of years ago, SSMB user -Mark- found a couple of Sonic comics that most of us hadn't seen before. These comics turned out to have originated from the News of the World "Sunday" magazine in the early nineties, but unfortunately it was near impossible to track any others down as they were printed in the supplement and not the actual newspaper. A couple of us did eventually manage to get a few strips together, but the magazines were so hard to find and very expensive when they did pop up, so it was starting to look like we'd never get a complete series of them together, if it was indeed still out there. Around the same time I was in touch with Sonic the Comic artist Richard Elson who confirmed that he was also the artist on these strips as most of us had suspected. He also provided some additional information and it turned out that a few people who worked on the UK Sonic the Hedgehog yearbooks were also involved with these; all of the strips were written and edited by yearbook editor Barrie Tomlinson, and the last chunk were drawn by artist Sandy James. Many of the later Elson strips were coloured by John M Burns wh also worked on STC. Even more interestingly, he told me that he did in fact have an almost complete collection of these in his personal archives and that he would be happy to loan these to me under the condition that I scanned them in and shared them with the community as we thought it would be cool if people were able to see more of them considering how obscure they are. Richard was missing a couple of strips from the collection he gave me, but through the issues that myself and Hogfather had managed to collect, along with Mark's original scans and a few that were uploaded later by Tumblr user hypermikey, we've been able to get an almost complete collection together... so behold... The Sonic Sunday Strips Archive We believe that we're now only two issues away from a complete collection and the episodes that seems to be missing are from the 29th May 1994 and 13th November 1994 magazines. On the off chance that anyone here may have them or know someone who does, we would love to add them just to finish off the archive so everyone can have a look through them. The comics are quite interesting as it ran alongside STC and there are a few little things that seem to link both universes together, despite most people-- even those who were involved with the comic-- not knowing of its existence. For example, we have a strip from 10th April 1994 where Robotnik's new AoStH-inspired design debuts. This was the week after his AoStH design was introduced by Nigel Kitching in the April 1st issue of the comic printed that same year, which also happened to be drawn by Richard Elson. Another episode has Sonic being shrunk by one of Robotnik's inventions and during one part of the strip, he's trapped in a spider's web while miniaturised. I couldn't help but wonder if there was a little nod to this somewhere later in STC when Sonic encounters a giant spider and is trapped in its web during the Shanazar arc (all the way forward in issue #152 in 1999) and mentions that it's his worst nightmare, even though it's something that had never been brought up in the comic at all before. This was also in a strip drawn by Richard Elson. On the whole the comics are generally silly little things without much too detail put into them (as a lot of newspaper comics are), but as a Fleetway fan it's cool to see some small references that may have been nods to my favourite Sonic universe, and it's always nice when something obscure surfaces and is able to be enjoyed by everyone. Again, a MASSIVE thank you goes out to Richard for making this possible, and also to Mark and hypermikey for providing a lot of the pages we were missing. You guys all rock!
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    Hey gu-

    Hey gu-
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    The walls will ooze green slime?! Oh wait, they always did that.
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    First off, no new episode. its currently at 83% according to the site. sorry guys. But I do have something neat to share: Super Abridged when?
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    I find it strange that many people only want to count a character becoming nicer or stronger as real character development. FYI becoming a villain or weaker also can be acceptable as character development in a story. But I am also bias for unusual content in stories.
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    That theme is the best thing to come out if this anime in almost a decade, it's such a sin the dub axes it
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    Ms Marvel cover art by Adrian Alphona. I fucking love this artwork.
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    He's always watching.

    He's always watching.
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    My moneys on Bewear hunting Marowak. Bewear can crush bones with a single embrace, and Marowak's head is a bony plate. Bewear is Normal/Fighting, which Ghosts are immune to. Bewear has the Fluffy ability, which Marowak's newfound Fire type can deal super effective damage on.
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    ...hasn't that been said for years now, or is my memory playing tricks on me? It would probably help considerably if every game didn't feel the need to radically alter the mechanics.
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    Oh my God! Pokemon Sun/Moon related
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    Big Amy fan, but I'm not keen on anything in the OP to be honest. I like that Amy has a crush on Sonic, it's cute, and I also like that she has grown as a person over the course of the series - from being a fangirl in CD/Adventure, to being a bit of an annoying friend in Adventure 2, to... complete psycopath in Heroes but let's let that one slide, to being a trusted friend of Sonic's who may still take any opportunity to flirt with him but is steadfastly one of the group in 2006 onwards, and knows when to put her feelings away to help the cause. To axe the crush entirely would be to throw all that development away. The mystic powers thing I've always found a bit of pointless thing that people gravitate towards almost just to get brownie points for knowing some lore from some old manuals that never get referred to in-game. If they ever do something with this, I think they'd need to introduce it as if it's a new thing she's begun rather than act like she had these abilities the whole time to not alienate people. But honestly, I like her being an all-rounder character with a bit of focus on fighting ability due to her hammer. It's so typical for "the girl" in a predominantly male cast to be the one with magical powers or whatever, I'm glad the core four Sonic characters subverts that to be honest. She's become a lot less hotheaded and empathetic compared to Knuckles (who has steadily gone in the opposite direction for better or worse), so I feel there is room for two "fighters" in Sonic's squad. The looking after flickies thing... honestly again while her care for those in need is a part of her character, the flickies have proven themselves plenty independant during times of peace, I feel Amy has her own life to live in this regard. Again it just feels like a bit of a "typical" role for a main female character and I like to see Amy subvert those expectations whenever possible considering her very typically girly character design. Finally, I don't really see any need for her to be able to keep up with Sonic. She has her own unique skillset and in most games she can run at pretty much Sonic's speed if necessary for gameplay anyway. I will say while I can't decide one way or another on whether I'd want her canon personality to go this way, I am very much a fan of her slightly more neurotic adult personality she has in Sonic Boom. She has basically become Monica from Friends and that's fine by me because it makes her a genuinely entertaining and funny character which is a kind of important trait in a sitcom. I guess my main disagreement here is that she needs fixing in the first place. I think the real issue is people writing her off due to her portrayal in her more psychotic/fangirlish appearances and not paying attention to any of the nuances the other games DO provide in their writing (which is of course sadly limited when it comes to quality, so like, I get it, just wish it didn't happen).
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    Dreamcast is best game console.

    Dreamcast is best game console.
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    I only translate to French, no other languages. He told me he works with other translators for other languages.
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    Team Skull Admin: The models in this game are really good.
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    I got this

    I got this
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    One thing I'd want in Sonic Mania is a better balance between the Flame, Thunder and Aqua sields, since in Sonic 3&K Thunder was almost always the best choice. However, I know that's very hard to pull off, since rings are everywhere but fire and water cannot be put everywhere.
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    I still for the life of me don't know why Mr Penders hasn't properly gone back to The Lost Ones and just stick with that. Hell, with someone keeping him check and ditching that terribly insensitive reason why Particle’s powers exist and giving her and others a more cyberpunk origin it could work. If Mr Penders put half as much effort in to this like he does goofing off on twitter he'd actually would have something decent on his hands. Makes me kind of sad since I'd like to see this get off the ground... Then again I unironically like Youngblood and Chicken Little so maybe I'm not the best at judging things.
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    I just thought I might tell you I started working on something for the writing challenge.
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    i made a lost labyrinth torch puzzle guide and ways to bypass it and ways people can fall into that trap!
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    I hate car races does that mean I'm racist
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    There's actually a fan-made server running for Sonic Runners, if anyone here gives a damn.
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    Its a collaborative effort, but balanced out by the fact that fans generally tend to have less access to money and investors than creators, not to mention that fanworks are typically free with little merch unlike official works (with the old universe continuation being no exception to this). Though this works in the fancomic's favor in some respects-- the only people who would find working on a project like this worthwhile are those who are truly passionate about Archie Sonic. Passion doesn't guarantee good quality work, of course, but its a good start. Meanwhile Penders's comic can be considered worthwhile without passion since it offers a potential monetary gain and potentially more fame. And it shows Though this does bring up a good point- Penders has been trying to be a one man band plus Adamis. I honestly don't think its working. He could use a crew to help him edit his writing, perhaps do the art for him, etc. Though I hear he's pretty tricky to work with so that might not end well. Its a sad truth that Penders would find some dumb reason to dismiss what's essentially his competition in regards to building off of what Archie built.
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    Sonic and the Game Gear

    Sonic 2 on Master System was my first ever Sonic game and remains a firm favourite. I adore nearly everything about it, the way it unconventionally puts the typical tropical stage halfway through the game, the interesting transportation gimmicks in each zone, the stellar soundtrack, the aesthetics, the introduction of water skimming (seriously why did that never make it out of the 8-bit games!?). Yeah. The Game Gear version is okay too, but Master System is the best way to play. Only play the Game Gear one once familiar with the Master System, there the Game Gear almost serves as a bit of a "hard mode". The only thing I disliked was how awkward to collect/find the Chaos Emeralds were in Sky High and Gimmick Mt respectively. I also never had the manual as a kid so I spent a long time looking for an Emerald that wasn't there in Scrambled Egg lol. Despite my frustration in being unable to access it for my entire childhood, kudos to it for being the only 8-bit game that gave a SIGNIFICANT reward for collecting all the emeralds in the form of a seventh zone. It's weird they went backwards from that in the subsequent games. Sonic 1 8-bit is great fun too though lacks the depth of the other games due to the lack of roll-jumping or proper physics play. Again, another great soundtrack and a fun platformer as is even if the team hadn't quite figured out what "Sonic platforming" really was from the one game they had to reference at this point. Sonic Chaos I have mixed feelings on. I'm not keen on how to get the emeralds you are whisked away from the level upon collecting 100 rings, and are sent to the next one after, meaning at least 5 of the 12 proper levels in each playthrough won't be played "properly" - but the funny thing is, maybe they end up being the ONLY levels played properly, because the levels are weirdly easy and short when you're not exploring them for 100 rings nor have any real threat to getting hit etc. This one has another great soundtrack on par with Sonic 2's in both quality AND style, which is weird considering it doesn't share Sonic CD's musicians like Sonic 2 did. They really captured their style perfectly (or the credits were wrong). On the downside it all falls apart when you get that true ending for getting all the emeralds. Totally boring and weird without even an awesome song to accompany it like Sonic 2's ending. Sonic Triple Trouble is okay. They made more of an effort to emulate the sprawling stages of the 16-bit games here, even if they were still a fraction the size of those in the end. The main issue is how the game constantly struggles to run at a consistent frame-rate due to how it pushed the system. Other than that I also really don't care for the soundtrack on this one. Even the ever-popular Sunset Park Act 3 song isn't all that amazing, it just has a kind of pretty intro. Sonic Blast looks and plays almost like a pirated game and I still struggle to understand why it happened, let alone why SEGA gave it a virtual console re-release on 3DS yet haven't given Sonic Chaos the same honour to complete the portable quadrilogy of the main 8-bit Sonic platformers that weren't shit. If we're stretching into spin-offs, pretty much all of them were boring cack for me apart from Sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2 which I got a couple hours entertainment out of in Gems Collection (yeah sorry I couldn't get into the much praised Tails' Adventure).
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    Nobody ever doubted that they were still around, just his claims that they existed in large numbers and were yet 'too mature' to try defending him on twitter and his forum cast some serious doubt on said fans' exact numbers. And in the category of 'things Penders is doing despite needing to finish LSC still', seems he's still determined to make The Lost Ones a thing. I should note that this is the exact same image he used over a year ago in a dig against the Josh Trank made Fantastic Four film, soo this isn't really saying a whole lot.
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    You guys ready for Alola Marowak to beat you senseless with physical Fire/Ghost moves? Don't forget that Thick Club is still compatible with it. Heaven help us if this thing get Shadow Sneak. @Gen 1 Pokemon being the only ones with Alola forms: 1) 20th anniversary stuff 2) People can get Gen I Pokemon for just 8 bucks on the 3DS eShop via RBY VC and transfer them directly over to Sun and Moon without need for a second console or repeated transfer for the first time in the series. Kanto Pokemon need something to stand out to justify the transfer, and making Gen I Pokemon in Alola completely different to require transfer to obtain the original forms is one justification. Also, Shirodesuna literally translates to "It's a sandcastle, isn't it?" in English. Awesome.
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    06 was made in less than a year. The last Sonic Team game was released three years ago, so it's pretty safe to say that this is a completely different case entirely. The only grounds for comparison between the two games so far is the tone, and frankly we still know far too little about that to draw a solid connection anyway. What we have so far isn't much better than judging a book by its cover, to be frank.
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