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    I miss "Adventure" era Shadow sometimes
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    Wow... I really had a make-over!
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    "SHUT UP, DAWN!"

    "SHUT UP, DAWN!"
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    The question is whether or not he meant it.
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    Right... yeah... this was thought out well. So very hard...
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    The walls will ooze green slime?! Oh wait, they always did that.
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    I find it strange that many people only want to count a character becoming nicer or stronger as real character development. FYI becoming a villain or weaker also can be acceptable as character development in a story. But I am also bias for unusual content in stories.
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    Oh my God! Pokemon Sun/Moon related
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    The only act in Frozen Factory that I enjoy is Zone 4, especially the side scrolling parts, even with the ice physics
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    Game Scoop? More like Game Pooper Scooper
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    I just thought I might tell you I started working on something for the writing challenge.
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    i made a lost labyrinth torch puzzle guide and ways to bypass it and ways people can fall into that trap!
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    I hate car races does that mean I'm racist
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    There's actually a fan-made server running for Sonic Runners, if anyone here gives a damn.
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    I love how Sonic 2-4 made such huge deals about the Death Egg, and Battle just randomly introduces a third out of nowhere, and no one thinks much of it.
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    Finally got these up. Fuck the quality losses, I'm happy they're finished.
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    This is surprisingly in sync with the music.
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    Now I'm letting the cavalry come for me here, and maybe it's because I only played both in the past few years but part of me just prefers New Super Mario Bros U to Super Mario World.
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    Six years later and the PA announcements from Colors still never fail to get a laugh from me.
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    Huh, 3 more hours until the first dubbed episode of Danganronpa 3 Future Arc airs. My body is ready for the despair.
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    Reaction: You have Sayian blood in you.
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    i actually lost this match (thanks a lot lag on sudden death mode) but 1:03 was just too hilarious for me to not save this replay. xD
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    All I see on the news

    All I see on the news
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    Been rereading the recent Knuckles arcs in Sonic Universe. Ian made Relic several times more interesting in eight issues than Penders did Julie-Su in fifteen years.
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    Contuinuing from this status, here's a comparison of D-Fekt then and now...
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    Jack / Joker


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    That's why it's called a watch, folks. If you don't watch it, it might just be turned against you.
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    Me after beating a cheap as shit fighting game final boss
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    I've come to realize this OP is perfect after reading the lyrics.
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    For those who have seen my podcasts, what do you think of them? Here's the playlist for those who haven't seen them yet:
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    I honestly kinda want Sonic Team to remake Sonic Adventure. It has a lot of good ideas but I feel like almost all of them were lost to the ware of time.
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    OH MY GOD @Speederino FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And theeeenn...??

    And theeeenn...??
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    Got some freash garlic bread from the local bakery, gonna put garlic powder, garlic salt, and chopped up garlic cloves on it. And cheese.
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    Seeing how Sonic '17 looks to be aiming for a more dramatic story makes me interested to see how Roger Craig Smith and the others will do when they have some actual material to work with.
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    "Sonic Boom..." "Sonic Boom..." "Sonic Boom!" "Trouble keeps you running faster!"
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    Faith in humanity: +50 (pic)
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    Two weeks since it was posted and the Sonic Mania debut trailer is still a thing of beauty. <3
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    Mom: *sees a pic of Knuckles* Why is Sonic wearing red?
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    The next DC movie should be based on this:
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    Anyone notice this yet? Nice touch
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