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    more Harley doodles

    more Harley doodles
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    c'mere, puddin'

    c'mere, puddin'
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    I wanted to practice doing some lineart. Here's some art.
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    Sonic Mania's intro scene!

    Sonic Mania's intro scene!
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    Monkey Destruction Switch


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    Despite the destruction, the trailer had very bright colour design, and the cheerful way the two Sonics speed off together also kept it from being too grimdark. I'm expecting something like the final chapter of Sonic Unleashed here. Maybe the stakes will be high and the scenery grim, but a positive attitude will pervade the setting, and we'll have plenty of upbeat moments like how non-seriously Sonic and Chip took their arrival at Eggmanland. It didn't take anything away from the grandeur of the location, but it wasn't depressingly dark and serious either. Naturally I HOPE the stakes are raised or there are twists in-store that knock the characters onto their asses, and that positive attitude is put to the test towards the end of the game, but yeah. All this aside I imagine not every stage/part of the game will be as wrecked to hell as the location in the trailer either. I know that's hard to imagine right now, but yeah, it could completely go either way, this scene could be based off the midpoint of the game (I hope not though, destruction on this scale happening later on but being shown off early would be a lame spoiler).
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    Windmill Isle is a seaside location while Planet Wisp is an alien forest. Of course the focus on vegetation is going to be different. A fairer comparison would be Jungle Joyride Day, which has far more cohesive elements and in general is still prettier to look at. Seriously, Planet Wisp in Gens is hard on the eyes, and I don't know if it's the lighting or the color choices; in general it just looks washed out with blue and kinda gross looking:
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    I feel performance and graphical direction and visual pleasantness are separate issues despite the effect that one can have on the other; that a game that doesn't perform at its best doesn't necessarily look worse than a game that does. The fact is, Unleashed has far more impressive lighting and color usage, which I feel leads to a more pleasant direction than Colors which for some reason has this whole thing where everything is washed out in brown (on top of being, well, a Wii game) and Generations where there's a shitload more aliasing and flat lighting that results in things like no shadows and lipstick on the characters. No one denies that the later games perform better; the question is, in terms of how they look, what does that have to do with anything?
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    I want another level like Lava Reef where shit just goes completely insane at the end
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    I drew the red sanic I took a few artistic liberties, decided to go with a more realistic direction but I was careful so that my changes would mesh into the original design seamlessly and I think I did well.
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    Ratcicle King

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    Just on the subject of Jungle Joyride vs Planet Wisp. Jungle Joyride might well have a few more iffy-looking textures and maybe Planet Wisp does have more foliage in places but here's the thing. JJ does its best to maintain all of the water, greenery and lighting for an entire 4-5 minute level. PW might well have a more consistent framerate but you're barely in its natural environment for 45 seconds before you're sent into Rocket Rocket Spike Spike Factory Zone. Jungle Joyride is definitely the more visually impressive for me overall. I do think it's a particularly extreme example of Unleashed's framerate issues though. Actually, on the subject of framerate, am I the only one that didn't seem to see as much of an issue with it as much as you'd be led to believe online? I would say that Unleashed is quite a different experience between the 360 and PS3. The 360 locks the game to 30fps which leads to a more consistent framerate with stutters here and there with JJ's jungle chase sequences probably being the worst of it. The PS3 meanwhile lets the game try to get to 60fps and while I hear that works out in a few places like Holoska, the game as a whole isn't up to it and so you get an experience that fluctuates wildly between the 30 and 60 marks. I've played the 360 version since Christmas 2008. I did get to try the PS3 version once a year or two later and the framerate issues were immediately apparent to me compared to the seemingly smoother 360 version. I've been trying to describe the issue with the characters' mouths in Gens for years now and I could never get it down in words so thanks for the lipstick comparison! That weird brown fill to Sonic's mouth is really off compared to how natural it looked in Unleashed.
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    There was probably an incentive or a genuine desire to get the franchise back on track after Sonic 06, and the team simply pulled together to make that happen. You can glean the attitude from the PR. Hashimoto was the first guy outside of Iizuka and Naka to put his name and face to a Sonic game in the public eye in a long time. We also saw Sega producing interviews and side material with their own employees. There's an interview of Tomoya Ohtani out there, along with a blog by two female employees who played around with Sonic merchandise. It just seems like they all came together around a common cause and were having fun at the same time, until the game got ripped apart.
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    I drew these a year ago. With all the free time i had i don't know why i didn't bother learning how to draw.
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    To answer the OP: A lot of the old people in the Adventure-06 era got fired, others got moved around / eventually found their way back in through other means, new young recruit (many which grew up as Sonic fans IIRC) were added to the team, and Sega gave them a big budget and marketing campaign to push as hard as they could that the series wasn't dead. This gave Sonic Team huge ambitions, and we got developer's blogs that talked about working on the Hedgehog Engine, creating the concept art / translating it into the game, interviews with specific members of the team, and other things that shown that they really were putting all the love they could into this. Everyone developing Unleashed seemed legitimately happy about it and eager to show people what it felt like to work on it; a thing the company hadn't done since Sonic Adventure. The only problem is that, going unfiltered, Sonic Team made half the game about an alternate gameplay style wrapped around a bizarre concept in itself, and then put an overwhelming amount of focus on it in the marketing, leading to an all-around disaster on their behalf. That said, I don't believe the quality of nearly anything in Unleashed made for a bad game (except for the Tornado sections...), and I do feel like the amount of hate it got was extremely unwarranted, but I also couldn't blame people for being so turned off from such strange ideas in the first place. I believe a 'Sonic World Adventure' with no Werehog and twice the daytime levels would've been so far better received than what we got with Unleashed that it (rather than Colors) would've been seen as Sonic's big "return to form" or whatever. And maybe we'd be in a timeline right now where Sonic's public perception is far less sour, since people would've seen Sonic's fall from grace quickly picked back up (what could've been) rather than dug deeper down (what we got), but there's no way to really know that would've been the case. Can't time travel and all, you know.
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    super saiyan weegee

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    *OLD* Meet the Hyrax Family! Stonio & Conicree are Rocku and Graff's parents. Uncle Pebb is..well Rocku and Graff's uncle, and Granny Boulda is the grandmother of the hyrax brothers.
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    When the scam works out:

    When the scam works out:
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    This is basically a retrospective about my study abroad trip this summer. I would have liked to turn this into an actual story but...eh, kinda too late now. Maybe next round
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    >Receive email from school telling you how to enroll >Gives you a web address to visit >The web address is cut off from the margins of the page.
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    I think it's a bit underselling the game to say that it's not ambitious in any sense or has no appreciable scale when a little less than half the playable content was a new gameplay style that is exceedingly inefficient to develop for due to the amount of land that must be accounted for alone, something a Sonic Team artist lamented in an interview themselves and something people constantly point to as a negative against the boost gameplay itself. The fact that it was developed on schedule doesn't seem to have much to do with that; almost every game has a schedule that it's roughly bound to.
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    SA1 has so many flaws, but I love the way Sonic controls. It's just so free and responsive. It lends to 3D platforming better than any other Sonic game, and the homing attack is snappy and unobtrusive.
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I hope we'll at least get a proper follow-up to the Silver Age sooner than later.
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    Super Saiyan Rose, everyone!
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    Jack Riley dies at age 80

    http://deadline.com/2016/08/jack-riley-dead-bob-newhart-show-rugrats-mel-brooks-movies-1201806165/ Okay, so he wasn't exactly the most prolific voice actor ever, but he did voice a character in a show that practically defined my very early childhood. Though he's done other roles and continued to make guest appearances on various TV shows, he was most well known for voicing Stu Pickles, the father of Tommy Pickles, on Rugrats, one of if not the most nostalgic shows for me. He died on August 19 of pneumonia. I always loved his take on Stu, and I always thought how even as cartoony and weird as the show obviously was, the way Riley voiced Stu made him sound believable as a man and as a father. When you listened to his voice, you really got the impression that this guy could easily be your own father, which is what really helped make the more emotional moments of the series just... really tear-jerking. I actually had no idea he was in his SIXTIES (and up into his early 70's) when he was voicing the character. I'd always assumed that Stu was played a relatively young man. Someone in their 30's or maybe early 40's. Anyway, I don't much about his other roles, so I can't really comment on them. But with there being talks of Nick possibly reviving old franchises, including Rugrats, the show just won't be the same without him. Rest in peace.
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    It'll be so hype if Project 2017 gets a new Crush 40 theme.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    I wish they could too...but I sense some of them are far more "Japanese" than what the comic would want to convey. Like imagine having an issue where the Freedom Fighters turn up to the Chaotix's door and Vector's there in the robe performing Setsubun duties. Little kids would be like "what the heck is the croc doing???" More neutral costumes like that one above or the various Western outfits of Amy and Rouge? Probably have more of a chance.
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    Gotta disagree with you there, just the first few seconds of the trailer tells me as a fan that this comedy shit is being put aside, that now Sonic has to step his game up. Doesn't feel like there's much room to joke around. Of course, like most have said time and time again, it's just a teaser. The game could be completely different. Hate to be that guy, but look at how Halo 5 ended up. I have to say, this teaser screams (in the face) Unleashed at me.
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    The user posting this status took the gold while the two previous statuses were bickering about who stole the gold.
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    Metal Gear Solid

    Some more info on Survive: Sounds like the project is being headed up by what remains of the team from Phantom Pain, whatever comfort that may be. The more I think about it the more Survive is starting to sound like a metaphor for it's own development: After a blindside by the powerful evil force of XOF (Konami) takes Big Boss (Kojima) away from them a strange sequence of events thrusts the remaining members of MSF (The Phantom Pain's dev team) into a bizarre new world (the restructured Konami) where they must struggle to survive and pacify a horde of creatures which will rip the limb from limb at the slightest provocation (Metal Gear fans).
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    This gag always cracked me up for some reason
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    still baffled that there are people who defend SatBK's gameplay and controls. I can understand story and music and such, but come on. Come on.
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    The Introduction Topic

    Uh, hey there. I am a 17 year old dude who loves to make 16-bit Sega Genesis music for my SoundCloud. I also love Sonic games ever since playing Sonic 2 on my Sega Genesis. I recently learned how to port songs onto the SMPS engine so I can make music specifically for Sonic ROM Hacks. I also am planning to learn 68k assembly, as well as z80 assembly. I'm also a member on SSRG and a Trial Member at Sonic Retro, so yeah I decided to join SSMB because why not.
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    *bumpity bump* The music video is available now! Thanks to everyone who contributed! If you didn't submit your art, then... well, it's not there. (If you submitted gameplay footage, but the game is not there, your name should still be in the credits). It's my first time doing a video of this nature so it's not super amazing, but I hope you guys enjoy it as a labor of love if nothing else!
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    Well at least the memes make up for it
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    Sonic Channel

    Here we go. To be fair, attacking people out of emotion is a common manga joke. I thought it was funny Rogue wasn't taking his attack seriously. I like game Omega because he is more serious and robot-like. Translating this made me want to listen to different Omega's voices, and I didn't realize how I liked Japanese 06 version of Omega: sounding very human but still keeping it robot. Fun Fact: the Japanese version of Omega's dialogue is written differently from all other characters, separating words and using katakana. Japan do not separate their words or use spaces unless something like indenting or writing someone's name in a letter, and separating words in sentences acts somewhat like a period, pause, slowing down or a missing word/letter. While katakana was common in the old days it gradually died out and was dominated by hiragana; now it is mainly used for certain words, and long phrases using katakana are rare and difficult to read even for native Japanese. Long katakana makes even native Japanese stumble and sound broken if read out loud. Both are commonly associated with broken language and robots.
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    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Damn, I mean say what you want about Skylanders or its treatment of Spyro, but they are giving Crash the best possible treatment at Vicarious Visions right now. They're treating him like a fucking god. Those designs, though a little unrefined at E3, look PERFECT in action. Crash and Cortex have pretty much never looked better, save for CNK's cgi cutscenes I suppose. The level aesthetics look perfect, they're trying to please all Crash fans, not just the ND ones, by bringing back Greg Eagles and Lex Lang (whose actually my favorite Cortex). They brought back Fake Crash for goodness sake, only hardcore fans even know about him. Not to mention, everyones' models are pretty much 1/1 with Charles Zembillas' original drawings, save for some extra details like Crash's fur and gloves. It's a shame that people are shitting all over this cameo appearance just because it's Skylanders. I never cared for the series either, but last month I caved and bought Superchargers with Donkey Kong for $20 and it honestly wasn't horrible. I not going to buy a million figures, but the game was solid to say the least with just DK. Vicarious Visions, you've gone above and showed that you care about Crash's fans, and I whole heartedly await your remakes.
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    I have some fanart to share > u < I hope you like them { I drew Classic Sonic once the Project Sonic 2017 trailer debuted! } { I made this as a joke idea XD but I'm thinking of genderbending the other Sonic characters for fun! } { An Amy doodle I did last week with one of her recognizable poses. I miss the old SA art style they did before. } { Elise isn't the strongest character but I actually like her design. } { Doodle of my favorite characters > u < This is a part of a meme I'm completing and so are the next images at the bottom. } { Doodle of my two favorite games! The Unleashed one is a screenshot redraw. } { I actually like the Sonic Boom show for its cheesiness XD } { These are also a part of the meme I'm completing. They are screenshot redraws too and they're suppose to be favorite moments from games There's more but I'm still coloring those. }
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    "You may have some support from this audience but 95% of them are idiots" -Vice McMahon to Donald Trump 8 years ago That is so funny hearing that today
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    A port of Sonic Unleashed that just tweaked a few things would be really, really nice.
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    I can tell you from my own experience with learning Game Development, Unleashed really isn't something huge and massive. They come up with ideas, concepts, then storyboards and the like. Seriously, when you're given a time-limit, then you go by it and that's all Unleashed happened to go through (although, I'm pretty sure the engine was made with even more years, so they had things to off by, so really, they already had some tools down). It really doesn't surprise me that they managed to make this game in a two-year deadline. I going opposite with the example, I actually think Gens Planet Wisp looks better than Jungle Joyride. I love the colours of Planet Wisp and the lighting of Jungle Joyride. But there's something oddly beautiful with Planet Wisp that Jungle Joyride is missing.
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    F1 2016 does such a good job at going against the whole "yearly sports games are always the same" thing. Loads of differences, way more features, handling model completely overhauled, and many more general improvements that make it so much better than 2015. Trust me, if you played 2015 and 2016 back to back, it's a totally different experience. Especially if you're an F1 fan.
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    Don't do puppet shows on top of buildings, kids.
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    Kubo is a great movie. Like, go see it now. It deserves more attention than Suicide Squad or Sausage Party.
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    People are now complaining about me linking and supporting IGN in a news article... ... News article in question doesn't link directly to IGN.
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    Something I like to point out. The Natives in Skylanders are spot on with the original concept drawings Chalres Zembillas drew. If THAT'S not dedication then I don't know what is:
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    Time to give some more thoughts on characters I love! Who are we doing today? Good ol Dinobot! Now, Dinobot isn't my favorite ... Dinobot, that goes to Grimlock, but Dinobot is a massive fan favorite despite not having that many versions of himself compared to other Transformers characters, but in Beast Wars, he made a good enough impression to be the first fan voted entry into the Transformers Hall Of Fame! Let's go over some of the awesome things he does: Joining the Maximals ... on one condition: Dinobot was originally a Preadacon, the Decepticons of Beast Wars, but he became a Maximal since the first episode and been that way since, but, he did that in unique way, a fight to the death over who should be leader, this shows he has a bad side despite changing from villain to hero, he's realistically flawed and that makes him interesting when combined with: His sense of honor: Dinobot is no cowardly cheater, he does things the honorable way or not at all, when Optimus slipped, he could let him die and become leader, but no, he saves him because he did not die a noble way, he prefers to do things the old fashioned way: BRUTALLY! Dinobot's honor is the main thing that makes him so intriguing, because it's the one thing separating his villainous past from his heroic present, he also saved Optimus from a missile later not because it was the right thing to do, but since Optimus spared him, he had to do something to make them equal. When Dinobot acts unhornable, he feels terrible about it and is clearly conflicted. That brings up to... Code Of Hero: This episode is considered Beast Wars' best and one of the best in the Transformers franchise, simply because it gives Dinobot his most awesome moments, feeling he had dishonored his comrades in a previous episode, Dinobot seriously contemplates suicide,but no, that's not how he was going to go down, he goes after Megatron and the Preds and goes down like a true warrior, regaining his allies trust if not sacrificing himself in the process, he lived like a warrior and died a hero.
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