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    more Harley doodles

    more Harley doodles
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    I want another level like Lava Reef where shit just goes completely insane at the end
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    Ratcicle King

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    I drew these a year ago. With all the free time i had i don't know why i didn't bother learning how to draw.
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    super saiyan weegee

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    SA1 has so many flaws, but I love the way Sonic controls. It's just so free and responsive. It lends to 3D platforming better than any other Sonic game, and the homing attack is snappy and unobtrusive.
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    @Nepenthe I reckon its the lighting. The lighting in Unleashed is vastly superior to any subsequent game. The shadows are stronger and more natural, light source is less....incandescent/strobe-like and resembles sunlight more. Now in the case of Planet Wisp, it could be due to the fact that its an alien planet. But I do agree. Its a beautiful stage in terms of the way it was constructed (textures models etc.) but the lighting makes everything too bright and washed out. There is no contrast, which is what Unleashed did way better.
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    Kubo is a great movie. Like, go see it now. It deserves more attention than Suicide Squad or Sausage Party.
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    One thing I always appreciated in big budget animated movies based on animated TV shows besides the improved animation, is how the characters and backgrounds have much wider color palettes that change completely depending on different lighting situations/ moods, which makes it all feel more cinematic.
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    This is something I can get behind. This story is based off the weekend I experienced during Summer of Sonic. Specifically, the Sunday exploring London. Most of what happens is the same, but I've changed some things up for the story. And obviously I substituted me and my friend for two of my own characters. The Heat of London
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