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    more Harley doodles

    more Harley doodles
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    Despite the destruction, the trailer had very bright colour design, and the cheerful way the two Sonics speed off together also kept it from being too grimdark. I'm expecting something like the final chapter of Sonic Unleashed here. Maybe the stakes will be high and the scenery grim, but a positive attitude will pervade the setting, and we'll have plenty of upbeat moments like how non-seriously Sonic and Chip took their arrival at Eggmanland. It didn't take anything away from the grandeur of the location, but it wasn't depressingly dark and serious either. Naturally I HOPE the stakes are raised or there are twists in-store that knock the characters onto their asses, and that positive attitude is put to the test towards the end of the game, but yeah. All this aside I imagine not every stage/part of the game will be as wrecked to hell as the location in the trailer either. I know that's hard to imagine right now, but yeah, it could completely go either way, this scene could be based off the midpoint of the game (I hope not though, destruction on this scale happening later on but being shown off early would be a lame spoiler).
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    I want another level like Lava Reef where shit just goes completely insane at the end
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    Ratcicle King

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    Just on the subject of Jungle Joyride vs Planet Wisp. Jungle Joyride might well have a few more iffy-looking textures and maybe Planet Wisp does have more foliage in places but here's the thing. JJ does its best to maintain all of the water, greenery and lighting for an entire 4-5 minute level. PW might well have a more consistent framerate but you're barely in its natural environment for 45 seconds before you're sent into Rocket Rocket Spike Spike Factory Zone. Jungle Joyride is definitely the more visually impressive for me overall. I do think it's a particularly extreme example of Unleashed's framerate issues though. Actually, on the subject of framerate, am I the only one that didn't seem to see as much of an issue with it as much as you'd be led to believe online? I would say that Unleashed is quite a different experience between the 360 and PS3. The 360 locks the game to 30fps which leads to a more consistent framerate with stutters here and there with JJ's jungle chase sequences probably being the worst of it. The PS3 meanwhile lets the game try to get to 60fps and while I hear that works out in a few places like Holoska, the game as a whole isn't up to it and so you get an experience that fluctuates wildly between the 30 and 60 marks. I've played the 360 version since Christmas 2008. I did get to try the PS3 version once a year or two later and the framerate issues were immediately apparent to me compared to the seemingly smoother 360 version. I've been trying to describe the issue with the characters' mouths in Gens for years now and I could never get it down in words so thanks for the lipstick comparison! That weird brown fill to Sonic's mouth is really off compared to how natural it looked in Unleashed.
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    There was probably an incentive or a genuine desire to get the franchise back on track after Sonic 06, and the team simply pulled together to make that happen. You can glean the attitude from the PR. Hashimoto was the first guy outside of Iizuka and Naka to put his name and face to a Sonic game in the public eye in a long time. We also saw Sega producing interviews and side material with their own employees. There's an interview of Tomoya Ohtani out there, along with a blog by two female employees who played around with Sonic merchandise. It just seems like they all came together around a common cause and were having fun at the same time, until the game got ripped apart.
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    I drew these a year ago. With all the free time i had i don't know why i didn't bother learning how to draw.
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    super saiyan weegee

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    >Receive email from school telling you how to enroll >Gives you a web address to visit >The web address is cut off from the margins of the page.
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    I think it's a bit underselling the game to say that it's not ambitious in any sense or has no appreciable scale when a little less than half the playable content was a new gameplay style that is exceedingly inefficient to develop for due to the amount of land that must be accounted for alone, something a Sonic Team artist lamented in an interview themselves and something people constantly point to as a negative against the boost gameplay itself. The fact that it was developed on schedule doesn't seem to have much to do with that; almost every game has a schedule that it's roughly bound to.
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    SA1 has so many flaws, but I love the way Sonic controls. It's just so free and responsive. It lends to 3D platforming better than any other Sonic game, and the homing attack is snappy and unobtrusive.
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I hope we'll at least get a proper follow-up to the Silver Age sooner than later.
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    This gag always cracked me up for some reason
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    still baffled that there are people who defend SatBK's gameplay and controls. I can understand story and music and such, but come on. Come on.
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    The Introduction Topic

    Uh, hey there. I am a 17 year old dude who loves to make 16-bit Sega Genesis music for my SoundCloud. I also love Sonic games ever since playing Sonic 2 on my Sega Genesis. I recently learned how to port songs onto the SMPS engine so I can make music specifically for Sonic ROM Hacks. I also am planning to learn 68k assembly, as well as z80 assembly. I'm also a member on SSRG and a Trial Member at Sonic Retro, so yeah I decided to join SSMB because why not.
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    Well at least the memes make up for it
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    Similarly to the Ratchet remake, all three original Crash titles is being remade from the ground up for PS4! Announced at E3, Crash Bandicoot, N-Sane Trilogy is going to be the first Crash title seeing release in nine years. It's going to be full on remakes of the original three Crash games, bringing a new load of features. Similar to Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection, Crash 1 & 2 will be further updated to have features that were found in the fan-favourite game of the series, Crash 3. This includes time trials, and multiple bonus rooms, with Crash 2's standard room, and Crash 1's Tanwa room both being present. The gameplay is full remade into a proper PS4 title. All I'll say is enjoy. Gameplay: Source: https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2016/12/03/crash-bandicoot-n-sane-trilogy-rebuilds-the-psone-classics-for-a-unique-ps4-remaster-package/
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    I'd thought I'd never make this thread.. Welcome to my new and improved art thread! This is where I present drawings of general fan art and art of a major original series of mine I've been working for quite a while now as well as some new ones I might have in mind for the future. The majority of my art will come from my very own original series called Jump-Wood (it was called Jump Stones at first but Wood has a better ring and I stuck with it longer).
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    I have some fanart to share > u < I hope you like them { I drew Classic Sonic once the Project Sonic 2017 trailer debuted! } { I made this as a joke idea XD but I'm thinking of genderbending the other Sonic characters for fun! } { An Amy doodle I did last week with one of her recognizable poses. I miss the old SA art style they did before. } { Elise isn't the strongest character but I actually like her design. } { Doodle of my favorite characters > u < This is a part of a meme I'm completing and so are the next images at the bottom. } { Doodle of my two favorite games! The Unleashed one is a screenshot redraw. } { I actually like the Sonic Boom show for its cheesiness XD } { These are also a part of the meme I'm completing. They are screenshot redraws too and they're suppose to be favorite moments from games There's more but I'm still coloring those. }
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    I want to hunt down a copy of Mario Power Tennis someday because from what I've seen it has some of the funniest moments in the entire Mario series
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    September combo celebrates the American theatrical release of Digimon Adventure tri. with some love to one of my favorite Digimon (and Digimon evolution lines in general) from the original Adventure series, Kabuterimon. Image comes from an adorable group shot of the kids and their Champion level Digimon just hanging out that...I honestly have no idea where it came from. I just found it on Google Image Search and it looks like it's printed on a bootleg DVD set or something, so...I dunno. Could be copped official art, could be really well done fanart. Not sure. Still adorable, though. Display name is a reference to Kabuterimon's attack and member title is a nod to the show's title. Simple stuff. Can't wait to see tri. in a couple weeks!
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    See? One time he says remakes, other remasters... I NEED PICTURES, A TRAILER, ANYTHING VISUAAAAAL.
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    http://logandeathblade1.deviantart.com/art/Xenoblade-Meme-622666312 Reyn's greatest day ever.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    So uh.. even with outcome of the league, anyone here still hyped for the Team Flare arc and inevitable SuMo season? I still am ._.
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    @Nepenthe I reckon its the lighting. The lighting in Unleashed is vastly superior to any subsequent game. The shadows are stronger and more natural, light source is less....incandescent/strobe-like and resembles sunlight more. Now in the case of Planet Wisp, it could be due to the fact that its an alien planet. But I do agree. Its a beautiful stage in terms of the way it was constructed (textures models etc.) but the lighting makes everything too bright and washed out. There is no contrast, which is what Unleashed did way better.
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    From my own experience, if you ever have trouble with something, listen to fanfiction readings. It helps.
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    Kubo is a great movie. Like, go see it now. It deserves more attention than Suicide Squad or Sausage Party.
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    People are now complaining about me linking and supporting IGN in a news article... ... News article in question doesn't link directly to IGN.
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    Yeah a slightly sad thing is the one big area where they really shouldn't have skimped; the gameplay, they kind of did. I don't ignore that.
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    One thing I always appreciated in big budget animated movies based on animated TV shows besides the improved animation, is how the characters and backgrounds have much wider color palettes that change completely depending on different lighting situations/ moods, which makes it all feel more cinematic.
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    The one thing I'm concerned about is why Dr. Robotnik wants to accelerate the sun's life-cycle to destroy the planet. Yeah I know you want every stage to be scorching/lava themed but why exactly does he just feel like destroying the planet? I know it's a bit nitpicky but it just seems a bit out of the blue for someone like Eggman to just decide to entirely destroy the planet out of nowhere.
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    Actually... that's not why they do it. It's an age rating thing. If you have a cartoon which shows 'guns' being fired, it can't be broadcast at certain times, but lasers are usually ok since they're completely fictitious. It's like how in the 90's spiderman cartoon, aside from the super villains, technology is quite '90's except for the police who are armed and readily fire laser pistols. I think the 80's/90's turtles suffered from this, for some reason I think in an early episode a machine gun is fired, then in later seasons the bullets are replaced by lasers.
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    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    So cool:
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    Something I like to point out. The Natives in Skylanders are spot on with the original concept drawings Chalres Zembillas drew. If THAT'S not dedication then I don't know what is:
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Hey, it differentiates him more from his Archie self. That version is okay with cute stuff, this version is embarrassed by it and doesn't take kindly to being laughed at for it. I definitely prefer game Omega more.
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    Metroid Topic

    You guys do know the 1.1 update is out right? fixes the gravity suit bug: https://metroid2remake.blogspot.com/2016/08/am2r-update-11.html
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    Finished this I chose to do a different painting style to experiment with this time I was inspired by this: {x}
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    This is something I can get behind. This story is based off the weekend I experienced during Summer of Sonic. Specifically, the Sunday exploring London. Most of what happens is the same, but I've changed some things up for the story. And obviously I substituted me and my friend for two of my own characters. The Heat of London
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    Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

    Metal Gear Solid

    Gnnck! C'mon man, you gotta remember that the P.T. wounds are still raw!
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    Here's some Green Hill Zone footage from Gamescom. As you know from the trailer, in this level, all the studs are replaced with rings. The new things we learned is that any character (aside from Jake's transformations) can go just as fast as Sonic while in the level. Also, when a Badnik hits you, instead of losing a heart, you lose some of the rings/studs you collected.
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    I love the render to pieces, but I don't think it could really be considered much of a hybrid between classic and modern, it really just looks 99% classic to me. For the most part it looks very accurate to a lot of the Japanese classic art. I'm pretty sure the only differences of any note at all are the curvature of the eye and the shoe buckle being gold. And maybe an infinitesimally small spike-lengthening, I honestly can't tell. To be honest, it kind of hurts my heart when people act like classic Sonic was just all "cute" and that they just started emphasizing coolness and attitude when he became modern. I just...no?? I know this is sorta subjective but I've always been able to tell just by looking at him that he was bursting with attitude and coolness, most definitely including the classic form.
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    Metroid Topic

    First off, its been DCMA'd not C&D, 2 different things. Second, who gives a flying monkeys ass what Nintendo does at this point. its futile, it got taken down on Metroid Database but go to 4chan's /v/ and you'll literally find 100 download links to the game. what bothers me is that somehow the DCMA made people stop talking about it all of a sudden, and that really sucks because this game deserves more attention then whatever the hell Nintendo is churning out. Third, bugfixes are coming. hopefully that means the ports are being worked on too: https://metroid2remake.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-future-of-am2r.html
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    Metroid Topic

    My guess is that Super Smash Flash 2 technically does the Copyright Deadlock trick Jim Sterling does. It's got Nintendo stuff in it, yes, but Nintendo would also have to fight Square Enix, Konami, Capcom, Namco, SEGA, and even Toei Animation for "ownership" of the product. Does AMR2 do anything substantially different from the original, or is it a shot for shot graphical and technical upgrade from Metroid II?
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    Metroid Topic

    Surely nobody can be surprised by the Cease & Desist? The whole project is a naked copyright violation that not only undercuts Nintendo's sales of the original Metroid II but also those of any potential Metroid II remake they might themselves make in the future. These are classic grounds for a C&D, especially with the inadvisable publicity given to the project putting it in direct competition with the actual legal owners of the property.
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    More original stuff: I’m way too obsessed with seaside scenes so I should at least start to try and make them a bit more fun. I'm now on Instagram! I’ll mostly be using it for photography but will crosspost a selection of my art too. Follow me here: jez.mm Last thing today is safe for work but has some pervy double entendre humour, click to view:
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    First level syndrome

    Goddamn Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The first island is a damn near perfect example of open world platforming, but what follows it provided me no fun at all. There's Fire Canyon where you're forced onto that hovercraft thing, which controls horrendously both on the "ground" and in mid air, over the volcanic terrain to reach the next area, then onto Precursor Basin, where you gotta ride what's basically the same vehicle used in Fire Canyon, chasing that damn dragon for a power cell, that I swear is impossible to reach. All I got out of that was "oh, it's THAT kind of game." I only play around on the first island whenever I go back to the game, and I do not plan on finishing it.
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    Light's Sketchbook

    Some "new" stuff. I usually post lots of art on my Twitter so these aren't the newest.
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