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    I have a lot of work to do tonight, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. Based on this, for those who don't know:
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    @VizardJeffhog Thank you so much! I spiffed it up as much as I could.
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    Only had MS Paint to work with, but with a pun in my head and laughter in my heart I birthed...this:
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    I did it.

    I did it.
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    When Willy Wonka decides to let five children into his chocolate factory, he decides to release five golden tickets in five separate chocolate bars, causing complete mayhem. The tickets start to be found, with the fifth going to a very special hedgehog, called Sonic the Hedgehog.
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    Only the greatest and most respected of literary works are worthy of being adapted by our favorite game series.
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    thank you so much!! my my! i've been away from this site for a long time.. ;_; i had to work for 3 moths to approve a requirement from my college.. so now next step is approve the final exam.. geez so well here goes not really fancy stuff.. just things i've done just for fun on Tumblr.. this one i did it to call the attention so people can help a friend that needs money.. its homeless so... if someone can help here is how ... http://xericstudios.tumblr.com/post/150373607060/last-ditch-attempt-to-sort-my-life-out Tiara B. Alex Kidd preview of BrotherhoodTwit i already set up the dialogues.. but i'm waiting a friend that is reviewing the english grammar to correct the mistakes hehehh Sonic Genderbends my Sonic Fan characters.. it has been like.. almost 3 years since i've been working on them.. i mean.. since the moment i came up with them.. they have changed a lot.. specially Lemon and Splash... i guess Lemon still needs some work.. i've been trying to make him look more like the bird species he belongs to.. a Cockatiel. XD but i'm getting closer to something definitive. Sonic Boom and Lazy Town Crossover More Sonic Boom doodles i did these one in particular after i discovered that the sport tapes can stand for a reason on their designs http://drawloverlala.tumblr.com/post/148599008296/zaneyboy2-0-drawloverlala-wheatley-blogs this one was a bit inspired on that one episode when Metal Sonic appeared.. whent Sonic said "i don't get tired" here i was reminding clumpsy Sonic from the mirror dimention XD i hope we can see more of it on the next upcoming season Zavok the Magical Girl (from an Ask) Zeena and Zavok Tsunami some Sonally and BunnToine (?) aaaaand that for now heheh sorry for the long post.. but i hope you enjoy these and i hope you are having good times on your lifes
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    Here is my entry for the Photoshop Contest. DISCLAIMER: This does not reflect the real events of Harambe, but a tribute to the beloved ape
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Here's a better quality version of the clip. The amount of salt/hate that the animation style is getting in the retweets and replies to this is kinda hilarious. Oh no, Pokemon is looking more cartoony and lively than ever before!! It's terrible!
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    Someone steal this idea from me for the contest, you can't submit twiceL
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    I wanted to do something based off Momotarō, but I couldn't really come up with a good name.
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    With Me

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    WOW that animation....
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    Here is my entry! Story: Sonic falls asleep and wakes up in a strange world. His house seems to have fallen on a Witch.... Nice landing , house! ( Tails must have forgotten the landing gear!) As Sonic leaves his house he meets some strange little creatures that tell him how to get home. Glinda the good witch comes, and, unsure what to do, tells him to follow a yellow brick road...."The wizard is powerful, maybe he can help you!" Half tempted to go down the red path just for kicks, Sonic follows her directions. He gets confronted by The wicked witch of the west. She tries full effort to stop him in his paths but she fails. Along the way Sonic meets 3 friends: A Cowardly Lion (Tails... ), a Scarecrow (Knuckles), and tin man ( Silver) . each time he met one of them they started singing some copyright infringed parody song and Sonic was getting sick of it!. Seeing her efforts to stop Sonic have failed, the Witch sent her trusted ally, and he can FLY! (shadow) . after a tough battle, Sonic and the three friends escape and travel into the poppy fields . They start falling asleep . "This is my chance!" the witch tried to jump on it, but suddenly it began to rain! and the poppy sleep powder wore off and Sonic and friends escaped! It is too late! Sonic made it to the Emerald city . the witches evil intentions failed! or perhaps.... Sonic meets with the foretold wizard (eggman) and wishes to go home. But Sonic is not sent home. He is trapped! he and his friends were thrown into a land of dreams. in this land all their deepest desires can be realized. it was an imaginary land where they thought they were happy. but in real life their life energy was being drained to power the Emerald bot. this bot was designed by the Wizard to destroy the wonderful land . The Witch of the West, knowing quite well that she needed to stop this evil from taking over the world, sneaks into the Emerald city, with her partners ( Played by shadow and Omega) . She is able to use her magic to infiltrate the dreams of Sonic and friends. "You have to fight this. it is not real! the world is going to be destroyed using your own life!" She helps Sonic and friends travel through their dreams. they fight a few battles and complete a few obstacles and finally awake. The scarecrow suggests teaming up and using the energy of the emeralds hung around the room to re energize themselves. they do it and fight off the wizard and his powerful robot. The wizard is destroyed and the land returns to peace. The Lion (er... fox that has a mane like a lion?? ) learns that he can have courage. He had it all along, he just needed to believe in himself. The Tin man realized he cared about everyone all along, and though people thought otherwise, he always had a heart. and the scarecrow learned he had a brain. He just needed to learn to use it... and Sonic was sent home by Glinda. She realized her mistake and apologized to him. and sent im off with an unwanted kiss. Sonic woke up ...getting kissed on the cheek by Amy in real life. The End.. It had been created for quite a while ! Thanks for looking/reading
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    Might as well post it here, too. My photoshop contest entry:
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    5-8 hours of main game content sounds perfectly reasonable to me. So long as the game's good enough to keep playing after reaching the credits, it's plenty; great games have gotten by with less.
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    I better get ready for a lifetime of disappointment, because it's unlikely anything else in my life will give me as awesome as a feeling as I got when I saw this unexpectedly on my Twitter.
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    Deleted scene for Civil War has surfaced up; This would've been very interesting story choice to go had they kept this scene, would've opened up interesting possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole
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    A brief history of those god damn hats. These hats are actually 20th Anniversary merchandise... and there are so many of the damn things that I believe Sega Europe is doing everything they can to try and get rid of them. Here are all the instances/places they have been given out, that I'm aware of * Promotional items for instore staff at GAME when Sonic Generations was coming out. * IGN gave away 300 of them in a competition (how I got my first one). * Summer of Sonic, each guest was given one in a goody bag (over 1000) * A random Sonic themed wedding saw a delivery of hats which allowed every guest to get one. * A make a wish sonic themed party had another delivery, every person at the party got one. * Pretty sure they were also at a Sonic Boom event. * Weston Super Sonic got a delivery of the hats, everybody who attended got one, there were around 100 left over on the day. And on top of that, ever since 2011 these hats have been up for sale at various stores and I believe you can still buy them in bulk at GE Entertainment. I have no idea how many of these exist, but I'm convinced that Sega Europe purchased so many of these that they have thousands of them somewhere in storage, at almost every opportunity they're still trying to get rid of them. As for the RRP of £10... lol I can't shift them for £1 when I got to conventions! In fact if anyone is desperate for one, I'll sell you one for £1 + postage. I've got around 30 which I've been given randomly over the last 5 years.
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    I actually really like how it looks. Almost Hosoda-esque. And Ash looks like he has more personality again. And the poster: Looks like Team Rocket might also be getting a Mimikyu? I actually really like that idea.
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    it's always disheartening when your work is reblogged but they erase the caption like your thoughts or commentary on the making of piece doesn't matter. like it's not end of the world sucky but kind of an "oh...ok." feeling.
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    favorite picture of me :)
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    hello and welcome to Aidan's doodle corner
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    Are you a bad enough dude to rub this cat's belly?
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    The KKM

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    >looks like absolute shit It's the freshest and most interesting the anime's looked in years. The animation had taken a big improvement lately, now the designs are catching up.
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    Doctor MK

    Paper Mario Color Splash

    Pre-order the game at Nintendo UK Online Store and get a free sticker sheet and keyring Not a bad deal considering most sites are selling it for around the same price. It still irks me that they didn't localise "Color" to "Colour" for the UK though... even Sonic managed that! I guess SEGA really does do what Nintendon't. EDIT: GameXplain hands-on preview discussion
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    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    Wow I expected more FMV cut-scenes than last time but had no idea they were ditching the talking heads cut-scenes of... every handheld Sonic game ever aside from Lost World. And while obviously the fidelity is lower the in-game graphics cut-scenes don't seem to have had any shortage of effort put into them, that scene felt entirely chreographed, no repetitive stock animations or anything. Like the merchandise joke could have fallen totally flat without that aside glance and wink but the fact that they went to the effort to animate that really helped the joke land, nice. Even if the stage design is on the forgettable/boring side like SC with all the team mechanics/fire & ice stuff being "put round peg in round hole" style stuff, so as to not make this worth more than a single playthrough, it still seems like that single playthrough, all things taken into account, will be a solidly fun experience overall.
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    If you wear your pants inside out, it's like the entire universe is wearing your pants.
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    I'm really pleased that Sticks has become popular enough to make playable appearances in the main Sonic series- She even got a profile and wallpapers on Sonic Channel! I shudder to think of an alternate universe where Manic and Sonia or Chris got that much attention.
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    Words of wisdom.

    Words of wisdom.
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    Haven't seen the full series as of yet, but I fucking love this scene
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    Out of all other robots to operate the Death Egg, Eggman chose and trust Orbot and Cubot. At least it looks like they know what their doing lol
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    I've gotten back to tweaking my own take on the boxart. Not 100% done yet, obviously, but I think so far it's alright. Knuckles is, like Sonic, based on licensing artwork; but completely reshaded by me. Tails is based on Tails Adventure artwork, and reshaded, though not to the extent of Knuckles.
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    Even though CGI's continued to improve since 2010 (like the Young Tony Stark in Civil War for example,) Tron Legacy's CGI is still very impressive to me, especially any scenes with the younger CGI Jeff Bridges in them.
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    BTW...the Sun/Moon anime looks weird with the new style. Almost like a completely different anime. And the games make Bewear look so small and in the preview it's effing huge
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    SSMB when preparing for Halloween-
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    http://ponyboys-nipples.tumblr.com/post/149983241691/yesterday-at-sacanime-i-went-to-a-panel-with-roger Someone asked Roger to say "When in doubt, meme it out" in his Sonic voice, and do the dab. PPPFFFTJNGREDR
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    That's because it's just a teaser. And even if we wanted more information, Mania comes out long before 2017, so it really makes sense as to why Mania has more information.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    What's a good way to get those spooky scary floating effects for Halloween? Psychic powers might help.
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    Mania is probably coming out quite some time before Project 2017, though; I think that's the biggest reason for the relative paucity of information on Project 2017. If Mania is coming out first by months, then not only would you expect there to be more information available about it, it would also receive more focus as it's a more imminent prospective purchase. It is possible that the NX reveal is a factor in the quiet surrounding Project 2017, but not the deciding factor, in my opinion. If the NX reveal is planned to have some kind of early third-party sizzle reel - not unlikely, given that third-party content is one of people's bigger qualms about Nintendo consoles these days - then Sonic's a pretty good candidate for it, I should think.
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    talked out my problem and am feeling much better
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    In case it changes, so people understand, the site they linked to lists the platforms as 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, IOS and Android. That's what Stealth is getting at. Also, from the site:
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