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    .... and hasn't the line "What if Classic Sonic continued on the Saturn?" been dropped once or twice? ... Sonic Mania is sequel to Sonic Jam... within Sonic Jam itself!
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    I've been working on a manual for Mania, this clearly gives me authority on the plot. So BEHOLD: There, sorted. Nailed it. 100% accurate prediction.
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    This is why I'm predicting/advocating a sort of collision or merging of the islands to accommodate that organic flow from one Zone to another. If Sonic just warps and boom, he's gone from Green Hill straight to Studiopolis, what's the fundamental difference between that and just cutting to a black screen and instantly moving to the next Zone? For example, Green Hill might be on South Island and Hydrocity in Angel Island, but it's a cooler prospect to see Sonic end GHZ Act 2 by falling down one of those big bridges (also, some GG/MS Bridge Zone references would be cool) and he falls down into the ruins of Hydrocity Zone, then at the end of that level, Sonic gets flushed into an ancient drainpipe that launches him out of the water reserves in Studiopolis Zone, which is actually the background city of Casino Night Zone. Stuff like that, yknow?
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    crossed arms watch out

    crossed arms watch out
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    Well, the Musical Spectacular just ended, and that means the surprise is ready to be unveiled! Here's the SSMB Community Celebration Videos that just debuted on Motobug! It's been a month in the making, and a lot of care went into it from myself and the rest of the Motobug team. Big thanks to @Galabance @The Deleter and @风之Klonoa for all of their efforts in helping make the spectactular the success it turned out to be, and special thanks to @Ruccy for creating Motobug in the first place! Now without further ado, the main event! I hope you all enjoy!
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    Volunteered to build a small shelter for a homeless man today and had the cops called on us twice by rich people because fuck us. Despite having the legal right to be there we were told to stop building. Now the homeless man has nowhere to go. I hope karma's real.
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    Why did Rouge become so mean?

    Too many characters in this series are nice and friendly. I don't expect Rouge to be completely heartless, but I can appreciate her being selfish and kind of mean to help balance things out and add variety to the cast.
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    Well. That went well.

    Well. That went well.
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    yay it's a fall

    yay it's a fall
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    Unless it's "Sonic World" from Sonic Jam? ...wait. That may actually be a plausible scenario. ohno
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    Much as I like some of the more complex ideas given here, I wonder how they could be eloquently explained using pantomime textless cut-scenes, while also not alienating those who don't know/remember any of the lore established in the classic games - in or out of the backstories. Speak for yourself this is exactly what the Sonic series needs if you ask me. "Why are you wearing that stupid hedgehog suit?" "...Why are you wearing that stupid egg-man suit?"
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    okay, this is amazing haha

    okay, this is amazing haha
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    Jack / Joker

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    Why did Rouge become so mean?

    Free Riders was awfully written for most of the characters, don't get too hung up on it. Both she and Shadow were weirdly jerk-ish and I couldn't stand it after the rather cute, deep-down quite affectionate comradery they had shown in 2006.
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    New trailer. Also, Shovel Knight makes a guest appearance. Cool.
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    Well, done my research for the day. Got some good material. Anyway, sorry I was unable to stick around for the whole stream, @Ryannumber1gamer, but I am glad I at least stayed for a while! And @Galabance, Ryan and everyone else, great job with the videos! It was touching seeing what we accomplished as a community.
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    Speak With Your Wallet?

    Speaking with your wallet can work in some cases, but it's an awfully blunt way of communicating. A game not selling well doesn't tell the devs why people are disappointed in it, only that they are disappointed. In some cases, that can be enough to set them back on track; if a series has been consistently good but suddenly puts out a bad game, it's easy enough for the devs to figure out that something they changed isn't working in their favor and they should go back to what worked. But in a case like this, where you're overall pretty satisfied with what Mania is doing but have some small complaints, avoiding the game entirely sends the wrong message.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

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    That was awesome! It was very well edited and sweet to see all the member requests from the Musical Spectacular recognized for this! Give yourself a pat on the back and congrats on one year of Motobug! Here's to many more!
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    Not a personal comment, but it always disheartens me that the backstories of South Island and Westside Island are frequently overlooked. The game manuals often expounded on the places that Sonic and friends visited and added incidental detail to the worlds we explored without removing any of the mystique. Angel Island is given more praise, I believe, because it was given further development in Sonic Adventure. I wonder how many fans know that South Island is the only island in Sonic's world that drifts along the ocean and can't be found on a map, or how many fans know that Westside Island is known as the "Island of Illusions," and was inhabited by an advanced civilization with philosophers (of alchemic persuasion, we can assume) who studied the Chaos Emeralds and used them for evil, but the civilization vanished overnight for their deeds. It's nothing terribly deep, but there's actual lore to be found there. One of my hopes with Sonic Mania is that the histories of these islands and Zones are fleshed out a little bit more. If we're revisiting them, I want more details at the very least. I want to see the Classic Era come together in more ways than just gameplay and visuals.
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    I'm still super stoked that Mania has a Saturn-esque aesthetic. Saturn/PS1-style sprite work is ridiculously nostalgic and charming to me and I'd love to see more games with that look.
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    So we might have a new contender for "Ugliest Console of All Time"
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    I've had such a good time! You guys were amazing, and most of the choices were top-notch!
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    They wrote out Moltar for good without killing him, mad respect. See you, space cowboys...
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    Danganronpa 3 ending leaked!
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    after much time since saying I was going to bed, I have to share something. I have SFD. Don't look it up I will tell you. It is incurable and can not be mended. It tends to flare up and can come and go throughout life. Some are diagnosed as children yet many are also diagnosed as adults. I got it in 2004. Such an eventful year. It all begins with a general interest then develops into more advance forms in the form of creating theories . Some people advance quickly showing signs of fan fiction and fan characters. I have a very advanced form , and variant K . Sonic Fan Disorder is no joke. It never goes away and no meds can calm it. There are many variants and many don't have any variants, but I have variant type knuckles, in which I can never really stop liking knuckles. Thank you
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    Its like taking candy from a baby... WHICH IS FINE BY ME!
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    Mario might have made a cameo in the closing ceremony but Luigi has his own Olympic team!
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    I'm so glad the whole event went to plan. It took longer for me to edit the Community Special together that I thought it would, but thanks to the rest of the Motobug team's constructive input, it was better than it would ever have been had I done it alone.
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    Sonic 1 and 2 never really gave me the impression that the islands they were set on were important at all; I always regarded it as a throwaway detail. So long as there are S3&K-style level transitions, it'll be easy to explain how Sonic gets between islands and even to the Little Planet; long-range cannons, teleporters, just plain flying there, lots of options are on the table. The video pretty much confirms that we're just looking at 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, and CD. Even just five classic zones with three or four originals would be bigger than most of the classics, so that's my rough expectation.
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    Christ, the last thing I want from this series is more time travel stories. We've already got CD, '06, Gens, and almost certainly '17, that's enough for now.
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    Speak With Your Wallet?

    The problem with voting with your wallet is that so many publishers in the industry - and Sega is far from an exception here - react in such knee-jerk fashion that they'll view every single thing attached to the game in a negative light, even things that weren't really bad or broken. For example, notice how Sonic '17 is the first main game we've had in nearly ten years that takes a tone of the more serious kind? We have 06 and Unleashed partly to thank for that, games that received such a critical mauling that Sega decided they wanted almost nothing to do with them, and not always for the better. Appealing on a financial level only really works on a company that understands literally nothing else, and even if it didn't have all the subtlety of swatting a fly with a gatling gun most publishers that far gone are generally beyond hope anyway. Frankly, the problem if anything is the exact opposite - not that the fanbase has any problem trying to communicate the problems they have with the franchise (anyone familiar with our brand of pedantry knows they're very well documented by now), but rather that Sega's attempts to listen and comprehend what their audience is telling them is generally fleeting at best, and flat out lunacy at worst. The burden shouldn't fucking have to be on us to tell Sega what good marketing and game design is either, on that note.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Speak With Your Wallet?

    Hey, I was speaking with my wallet before the classic/new split reveal.
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    Chrome Gadget for Sonic Mania, tho
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    I wouldnt say its unfair for a few reasons. One well...its still sonic, at the end of the day its a version of the character and still will be compared to that character. And if it fails to justify itself and how the character in relation to its world it will be criticized. I feel like the first excuse is to yell its for kids and its a different, but its still sonic. It still has to justify itself for being that, there are or were better comedic takes on things still respectfully present then its why you almost never hear folks shitting on batman brave and the bold but folks will shit on ttg and sonic boom because you can do that sort of thing well. I dont think its unfair, i think its up for discussion. But two outside of shadow, everyone in boom seems like how sega views these characters in end game. And on thst level I feel like its worth discussing, because you can make a legit argument that these characters may have an effect on the main versions at some point. I feel like they are worth talking about. Being in a different universe does not exempt you from criticism. If anything it makes you more susceptible because now you have to justify why you are a spin off rather than sonething new entirely
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    So sad I couldn't make it to this - the time difference in China meant it started at midnight. I hope everyone had a great time!
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    The event was amazing. Too bad I stayed only up to ShTH. I want to know everyones reaction to my Sonic Boom suggestion.
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    I'd like to see "Hidden Palace" as a 'new' Zone, being a merger between the Hidden Palaces from Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles.
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    I guess you could call it a...JAM-(CEPT)SSION! I'll be leaving now.
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    I put this together for a class project. The character designs were just sitting around doing nothing, so I figured I might as well put them to use. This was more to show off the font that I made using a website/program. I think I went a little overboard with the art portion of it.
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    I see you driving around town with the girl I love and I'm like:
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    Sonic escapes the relentless heat and bright reflective fauna of Desert Dazzle Zone and finds an entrance to the Mystic Cave Zone. Expecting a break from the heat, Sonic combs through the moss and damp stalagmites until he trips and falls into the legendary Hidden Palace Zone, but something's amiss... an ancient door in the Palace opens up and leads him to a completely new Act that warps him from Westside Island's Hidden Palace to Angel Island's Hidden Palace, but with a gaping hole where the Death Egg used to be, magma has been seeping into the palace, causing Sonic to seek higher ground until he reaches a totally reformed Lava Reef Zone. This is the kind of level progression I want to see in Sonic Mania.
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    Alolan Meowth: Alonen Meowth:
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    Speak With Your Wallet?

    I neglected to mention this last night because I kinda had to leave in a hurry, but I did want to add that I do think Sega as of late is visibly improving in interacting with their audience. A lot of this is down to Webber and Stealth, granted, but it's still a huge step up from maybe acknowledging the demand for a particular kind of game like 5 years after it ceases to be relevant, and otherwise just throwing random bullshit on people that nobody ever wanted or asked for. My argument was less a stab at current day Sega and more an analysis of the hole they'd dug themselves in leading up to this mess. Now hopefully Sonic '17 turns out alright and I don't end up looking stupid in hindsight! =D ;w;
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    Sonic Channel

    Did anyone see this one? I did not find it posted in the thread. It was from February 2015 : She is apparently late for her date. I wonder who she is going to see ! I really like the barret and cute coat she has . Anyone notice rouge is the only one who never changes her shoes?
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    Mad Convoy

    Speak With Your Wallet?

    What you've got at is one of the biggest problems I have with taking the consumerist approach, and ultimately what turned me off it in recent times. When people say "Just don't buy bad games so you won't get more crap.", there's the implication the people who did buy the game are primarily responsible for the company continuing to produce crap. Despite the fact that the customer had absolutely nothing to do with the games' development or the developer's and publisher's decision-making, and may well be the victim of dishonest marketing and/or incorrect assumptions about the game. Or lord forbid, might not actually think the game is crap and want to support it. It reminds me of a post (I wish I could find it) somebody made on NeoGAF, where the poster claimed that the Sonic fandom needed to start holding itself accountable for the fall of Sonic and stop buying Sonic games blindly. Briefly setting aside the fact that no, Sonic fans do not buy Sonic games blindly (look at the sales of Sonic 06 and RoL/SC for proof of that), its really unfair to expect fans to be held responsible for bad corporate decisions just for purchasing some products they think or thought would be good. Not to mention that its yet another flimsy attempt to paint Sonic fans as morons who need to be enlightened on proper buying habits... I mean, yes, if a game doesn't interest you, you don't have to buy it. If Sonic keeps disappointing you, you should move on to other franchises. Plus, I do encourage fans to give feedback and stuff-- Sega does seem to listen. But ultimately, its on Sega and Sonic Team to make good decisions-- and there's nothing you or me can do to force them to do that. Perhaps that's the true origin of the whole "speak with your wallet" thing-- it makes people feel like they can do something about this. Unfortunately, what it does generally ranges from absolutely nothing (because Sega has some other franchises and merch to fall back on) to encouraging bad decisions (because the low sales spook Sega and it assumes that everything about that game is hated). While it sucks to be so powerless, its better to accept that, move on if needed, and not be so judgy about people's buying choices than to fall back on ineffectual tactics.
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