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    Sigh. Right let's get a little for realsies. No one likes to be made an ass out of. It's not really fun for anyone. In fact it can be pretty demoralizing on both ends of being a member and a mod. It's honestly a pretty big fucking tragedy that it got to this point where I see both members and staffers at each other's heads for the most seemingly mundane reasons and I'm honestly not sure where that communication fell apart and devolved into all of this. Passive aggressiveness or even just aggressiveness in general can be tolerated to some extent but quite frankly I'd have expected far more civil responses when it came to both sides no matter if it tests the patience of the people here. Making an ass out of yourself because of a hedgehog is not exactly anyone's idea of a good time, is it? It's easy to hide behind that thin veil of the feeling to provide some sort of justified response but it's really about time this stops. Especially in this topic of all places - a topic dedicated around a game that by all accounts should stand as a testament to how the Sonic fan base should be proud about something for once. Instead it just feels like we've regressed backwards. I just don't know dudes. It's not fun. Going to lock this topic for perhaps an hour or so because it's clear everyone here needs to cool down. Things here really beg for re-evaluation and I will be talking with staffers about general disposition from here on out. Come whatever may we shouldn't have to devolve to this point and if we have to reconsider staff attitude, so be it. If anyone has any questions feel free to forward them to me in a private conversation, since it's clear things need some working out.
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    So, since this is open back up, let's have a little civil discourse, shall we? -Should you be worried about the level balance old vs new? Nah. Yes, I'm quite aware what Iizuka-san said in that interview (I was there!), but Christian, Stealth, and the rest of the team have a good head on their shoulders. They know we've seen Green Hill Zone done more times than Mario's milked World 1-1. Putting a little twist to a certain marketing line, the levels aren't as you truly remembered them. :V At least, I have that much faith in them. Don't take it as me dropping hints (I know some of you are. Shame on you! At my position, I know as much as the rest of you. I just post memes, lol. (Fun fact: no comps, so I have my own order of the Mania CE filed. It's just roundabout coming back to me anyway~) -What are the special stages like? Man, I don't know, I'm just an intern! But what I do know is I'd like Mania to continue the trend from the Genesis games and do something new with the special stages without referencing the others. Part of the joy of the special stages is they were unique per game. So I say, as nice as it'd be to see Blue Spheres back, we already have 34 million ways to play the special stage, so... nay. I'm excited for whatever newness they have -Retro going silly Just hit them with a squirt bottle, lol. And besides... we all know I got the booty that breaks the snooty, and makes everyone grab their rooty-tooty point-n-shooties. :V -Why are you posting all this then? Because I love messing with and talking to the community at large. And Aaron is sternly looking at me as I type this waiting for me to screw up something.
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    Topic back open. We're still re-evaluating things internally here, including some actions taken and future disposition/openness/recourse. May or may not be more public disclosure on what that entails in the future, but we are looking into creating a better atmosphere. For now let's all be a little chill yeah? As an aside, as of this morning the topic has been pruned of yesterday's hoopla so as to not distract from the conversation. Have a good day fellas.
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    It was to be a proper final-boss in Sonic CD which would take place after Metallic Madness Zone 3. The idea I believe was that Sonic would only be able to damage the boss in the past version of the stage. So there would actually be time-travel in the boss fight. Edit: This is what it says on Retro:
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    Task: Letting it Get to Me > Aborted Task: Creep > Commencing
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    I doubt it. It's not normal for special or bonus stages to keep your timer ticking, and that background's used in other parts of the trailer which are just normal gameplay. I'm pretty sure it's just a gimmick for Studiopolis Act 2.
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    The children I'm teaching here in Korea are so adorable and my heart melted when I met some of them yesterday. I've been stressing out all week over this job but I'm determined to do the best I can while I'm here.
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    Jun probably made the food in those pics lol. More pics, are they selling soap shoes Sonic again? The plushes have different tags on them.
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    If you ever feel pathetic about yourself, at least you don't spend almost half a decade trying to bandodge a Sonic forum.
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    So uh. What do you guys say we watch something more positive related to SSMB
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    Here's a list of Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin's dad explains science. More in the link.
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    Again, not including Desert Dazzle or R2 to Mania would be a huuuuge waste. Don't get me wrong, I would love to return to any zone in CD, especially Quartz Quadrant, I adore the aesthetics and the music (JP, Present) is also my favorite in the classics. But man, SEGA owns us Desert Dazzle, when Taxman wanted to add it to the Sonic CD remaster, they said no. But now? Now is the time! Desert Dazzle + R2 mix = ancient ruins burried in the desert, it makes perfect sense. Sonic lacks desert zones (well, up untill Sonic Adventure 2 ?), the R2 concepts display the ruins as mossy (green) and blue-ish, which would be a great color contrast with the orange and red tones of the desert. Even the scrapped badniks could fit a desert zone, see that worm thing with claws that comes out quick sand (CD ending animation). Please!
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    That boss battle isn't the last you'll see of the Sonic balloon. He's also part of the balloon restoration in the Adventure World: It looks like Carnival Night Zone (They confirmed at one of the Gamescom streams (IGN's IIRC) that Sonic's Battle Arena is based off this zone)
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    Come on we've lasted 2 years without any information for an upcoming sonic game the wait for the next trailer is nothing compared to this.
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    I think I could stand to see one more new and remixed level before digging into the game, a basic story synopsis and maybe some footage of Tails and Knuckles playing around, too. Just enough to whet the appetite a little bit further and heighten the expectations. If Green Hill is the tamest remix, I want to see how crazy it could get, and to see another new location just as a reminder that there's plenty of new content as well. Otherwise I really don't want to see a new level revealed every other week. It certainly kept the hype up for Generations, but left almost no surprises.
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    Who's an SSMB moderator and just received a Bachelor's in Animation from SCAD? Oh yeah. THIS GIRL!!!
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    Here's some pics the anniversary twitter is posting:
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    There's been an update to the Cafe page on Sonic Channel. More items have been shown off. They also confirm that the coasters and stickers shown are merely the first series, and that there will be a second series of them later on. So if you don't see your favourite game or character, they'll likely be in the second lot.
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    Indigo Rush

    ...... I want.

    ...... I want.
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    Something that doesn't really get mentioned about Sonic 3 all that often is how it reimagined and repurposed the Sonic 1 Special Stages. If Mania does get its own Special Stage concept, maybe Blue Sphere could come back in a simpler form to function as a new bonus round. Now, I say "simpler". I think most will agree that Blue Sphere is a pretty straight-forward scenario that won't really confuse anyone outside of occasionally trying to find the few remaining spheres you missed. What I really mean is scaling back. The Sonic 1 bonus round shrunk the spinning maze to just a single room with the gimmick now being how long you can stay in there instead of being able to navigate from point A to B and gave you the roulette wheel as a suitable motivation to want to stay in there. Maybe a bonus round version of Blue Sphere could be something like an endless runner scenario where the round goal is simply to jump at the right time to avoid red spheres while Sonic moves automatically. Every X number of blue spheres you collect would net you an item and if you're happy with your loot you can just hit a red sphere to bail out in the same way you'd hit a goal block in the rotating roulette stage when you'd had enough. I know some might find it sacrilege of me to change Blue Sphere like this but keep in mind that this is only something I'd suggest if it isn't coming back as the main Chaos Emerald Special Stages. Really, the normal gameplay, naturally, takes up most of the runtime, the Special Stages should be occasional detours that don't last more than a few minutes and the bonus rounds should be 30 seconds to a minute tops but are generally available slightly more frequently thanks to checkpoints. Blue Sphere would probably be slightly too long as it is now.
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    Not sure if I'd agree with that. Those moments where you're able to fly through parts of the level uninterrupted, while thrilling, shouldn't make up the bulk of the gameplay. Sonic is a platformer first and foremost, speed is an element that both separates his games from the competition and allow for unique gameplay opportunities. His speed informs the platforming elements and vice versa. The goal is fast-paced platforming with a skill ceiling that allows players who put the time in to fly through stages. Getting to the end of a level uninterrupted is a skill that one builds, not something that's handed to the player on a constant basis.
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    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    I love the fact that even though in the Boom canon Knuckles can't glide the games will inherently make it so he will. Hes born to fly, make it so SEGA!
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    They released a pic of some of the stuff they cafe is going to serve. and some of the items they'll have
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    Original Opening Post for Season 1 Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Igor, and this is my assistant, Margaret. Welcome, guest. You see, we are contacting you from a land known as the Fictional Realm. A place where the imagination of you, the Writers who live in Reality, manifest into living beings. Indeed. The Fictional Realm is a land of endless multiverses. Where we reside, is a specific multiverse. This is where the events that happen in this very "Roleplay" take place. Here, many worlds used to revolve around a place we called: The Hub, a converging point where people from other universes meet. There, we were visited by a group of unusual individuals who call themselves... The Disciples. They come from a land separate from our realms known as the Golden Skylands. The Disciples are an elite team of Skylanders formed from fictional characters from all over to protect you, the Writers from any harm that threatens to break through into your reality. They also visit other universes in their war against the Metarex, a team of evil fictional characters hellbent on destroying you and ruining all the realms. Led by Sayaka Miki and an ancient creature who goes by the name of "Sonic The Hedgehog", the Disciples and the friends they met along the way have encountered many threats here. From the Daleks, to the Liberators, the deadly Link Jokers and the League of Super Evil (LOSE). The threats kept coming, that the decision was made to create an Academy for Skylanders in training to combat these foes. With the Hub now destroyed and the Skylanders now taking refuge on an abandoned island called Club Penguin, their operation to recruit new heroes to fight the forces of evil continue. And this is where you come in, to dispatch heroes of your own to join the cause... correct? If so, let us begin the registration... CHARACTER LIMITS: UPDATED FOR SEASON 3 - Each writer can have up to 9 Main Characters who can leave the Academy to go on adventures! However, only 5 can leave at a time. The other 2 must stay behind. - Supporting cast consists of 5 characters maximum. Cannot leave the Academy unless specified in PM announcements WRITING FORMAT: - Paragraphed based dialogue. Nothing script based! - Storylines will be created in the official PM, open to all participants MAIN CHARACTER ELEMENTAL AND BATTLE CLASSES: - In addition to your character's natural abilities, you will need to assign yourself to a Skylanders Element and Battle Class Elements: - Your character can harness the ten magical Elements of Skylands in addition to their natural abilities, which might come in handy on certain missions - Each character is allowed a maximum of two elements. Element Overview: Battle Classes: - Your character will also be classified based on the fighting style they focus on the most. These are called: Battle Classes - Your character isn't 100% limited on their weapon choice, but their Battle Class symbolizes their specialty - Each character is limited to only one Battle Class Battle Class Overview: Your Skylander can be further categorized in the following OPTIONAL categories: Swap Force - A rare breed of Skylander, who can swap their powers out with another. (Kirby and Mega Man's Copy Ability for example) SuperCharger - A master at driving, diving or flying. These Skylanders are at their best when behind the wheel! Sensei - A master of their Battle Class. They trained in their respective arts year after year until they are full blown experts! Registration Example: Sonic The Hedgehog (Sentinel) - Main Character Elements: Magic, Air Battle Class: Knight Category: Sensei Biography: An ancient hedgehog who lost almost his entire race to one of his kind (Mephiles) many years ago, Sonic and his family spent millions of years fighting Mephiles. Soon, he was drafted into the Disciples as a founding member to fight Mephiles and the Metarex once more. Sonic is a born leader, but doesn't mind having fun and acting more like a teenger when it's time to kick back. Like Sayaka, Sonic has a strong sense of justice and can be reckless. He can also be over-protective due to losing so many. Little does Sonic know, is that he is actually a fan-character, which is typically looked down upon by many Real Worlders. Sonic is also a mentor to Sayaka Miki. Sonic possesses the Sentinel Sword, which belonged to his father, who was the General of the Sentinels. The sword allows him to access the powers of fire, water and electricity. BADGES: Participation in certain events that take place in the RP will result in a new badge for your profile! Badge List ...Now then, with introductions out of the way, I wish you luck. The fate of the multiverse rests on your hands. Until we meet again... ...Farewell...
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    Daily reminder that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is one of the best 2D platformers ever.
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    Heroes wanted! A new RP is coming to SSMB, are you ready to take on the multiverse's worst threats?
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    I get the impression it's from act2 of Studiopolis. The background kind of looks like it's inside a studio/factory. Maybe act1 ends with Sonic transitioning inside a large building to act2? Also the Score & Timer shows at the top left which wouldn't normally appear in a bonus stage. It's a neat little gimmick though. I assume the ball numbers appear randomly depending how quickly Sonic runs, which could mean different rewards (item boxes & rings). Oh yeah, this background does appear 3 or 4 times in the trailer. At 1:40 in the video you can also see those red bouncy things from act1 of Studiopolis. So yes, surely that screenshot is from act2.
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    lmfao wtf went down in here yesterday

    lmfao wtf went down in here yesterday
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    I had way too much fun doing this.
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    The cave thing is actually in Act 1 on an all new bottom path. You can see it in some of the PAX gameplay videos.
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    The Pokémanz Thread

    I actually have a bit of a story with this unicorn 'Mon: When I played through Black 2 and caught the other three Swords of Justice, I named them all after Knights of the Round Table: Lancelot (Cobalion), Gawain (Terrakion), and Percival (Virizion). When I discovered I missed out on my chance to get this guy, I decided to name him "Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-Game". But now I can add him to my collection!
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    So, I got Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice today, just got home like 20 minutes ago. And so, I was looking for my Tomodachi Life case so I could play it (can't find that case anywhere!) And I found this: And it still works! xD
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    Indigo Rush

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    Sonic 3 is in my school's art textbook.

    Sonic 3 is in my school's art textbook.
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    I've been working on a manual for Mania, this clearly gives me authority on the plot. So BEHOLD: There, sorted. Nailed it. 100% accurate prediction.
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    I'm not TOO fussed about Desert Dazzle - it'd be cool but also possibly one of those things where, due to the lack of Time Travel elements, it's not like we'd be getting the Desert Dazzle that would've been. On the flipside, Hidden Palace in Sonic 2 Mobile wasn't necessarily the Hidden Palace that would've been either so *shrug*. Honestly Final Fever sounded cool as hell and I've always been more interested in playing that, but that'd work as an inclusion even less than Desert Dazzle here lol.
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    Still the best portable Sonic game since Generations. I'm really enjoying it.
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    Oh, I remember that. I also remember some hints about the entrance to act 2 saying "it will be a big autumn- I messed that up!" or something similar to that. XD
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    "I leave for like, what, five minutes, and it all goes to shit?"
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    for anyone just interested in the eggman parade balloon boss here it is (was going to post this once my clip was finally up)
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    In Sonic Adventure 2, ALL of the game's cutscenes are canon, and none of them contradict each other (unlike in the original Sonic Adventure where cutscenes would show different results for rival battles, this game skips any cutscene that would contradict another)I've compiled a list of every cutscene in their general order... (broken up by Time Stamps, and by events... with references to the Game's chapter names as often as possible) 21:02 Eggman breaks into Prison Island; releases Shadow; Shadow fights Hot Shot 11:08 Enter Knuckes and Rouge as they fight over the Master Emerald only for it to be shattered to keep it from Eggman 13:27 Sonic escapes GUN in City Escape 20:22 Eggman goes to his Hidden Base Again and sees the news; Shadow's Past flashback to Maria's death; Sonic battles with Big Foot, meets Shadow, Shadow escapes as Sonic is recaptured by GUN 22:18 Rouge Infiltrates Hidden Base 22:41 Eggman breaks into ARK; Gathering of the Dark in central control room with Eclipse Cannon with Rouge joining 11:13 Invade Prison Island again, find Amy 11:56 Tails attempts Rescuing Sonic and finds Amy being chased by Eggman; Amy releases Sonic from prison Eggman has Shadow set Bomb countdown to 15 minutes Rouge has 5:00 of the 15m to Get Chaos Emeralds, gets trapped by Flying Dog distraction With under 10:00 left, Rouge radios Shadow to explain why she is holding up the Prison Island Escape; Shadow races toward her but instead winds up with a Face Off with Sonic With either 01:28 (Shadow cutscene) or 8:00 (Sonic gameplay) left before Bomb goes off Eggman radios Shadow to end the face off; Sonic races off to find Tails and Amy; Shadow runs off to finish his trek toward Rouge With just under 01:00 left, Shadow breaks into the vault with Rouge and the Emeralds and with under 00:07 left (around 00:04 actually) uses Chaos Control to get them out - the island then blows up as the Heroes fly away 17:30 Knuckles checks out the Ghost Mountain that is Pumpkin Hill Shadow has a short flashback before the Dark team readies the Eclipse Canon Day X 18:00 Eggman broadcasts globally his declaration of World Domination by The Eggman Empire and blows up half of moon Sonic and co spring into action to track down Eggman with Tails's Emerald 20:21 Knuckles checks out the Aquatic Mine 9:03 Knuckles joins Tails and Amy, Tails realizes he can track Where's Eggman from President's limo Sonic and Tails get into President's limo where Eggman is demanding surrender in 24 hours via communication signal, they cut Eggman's negotiations with the President off and trace the signal Eggman throws tantrum, Rouge reveals she found the Last Chaos Emerald is in Tails's possession, Rouge secretly places a call Simultaneously in President's limo, Tails finishes his trace of Eggman's signal to ARK, they leave just as President gets a call from his "agent" (Rouge duh) Rouge chases Tornado III; hands off to Shadow who realizes they are heading toward Eggman's Hidden Base 13:04 Heroes reach and begin infiltration of Eggman's Hidden Base 14:58 Knuckles completes the Heroes' infiltration of Eggman's Hidden Base, Eggman Intercepts them with Egg Golem; Sonic damages it and it attacks Eggman; Heroes get into Eggman's Shuttle for Blast Off; the shuttle collides with debris losing Master Emerald pieces Cannon Countdown 2 hours 11 minutes Rouge tricks Eggman into letting her hack into ARK computer and detects Master Emerald (or detects the Heroes getting into ARK in GC remake) which she goes after the Last Pieces; simultaniously, Heroes have boarded ARK and realize that Knuckles has also gone after the Last Pieces of the Master Emerald, they make their plans around Tails's fake Emerald Cannon Countdown 58 minutes Eggman detects an extra Emerald and deduces that there is a fake, Eggman's Plan is to transport up and take the Heroes on himself, Shadow is back up Cannon Countdown 45 minutes* Sonic shown in control room receiving call from Tails and Eggman about Amy being held hostage Rouge has her Face Off with Knuckles Cannon Countdown 33 minutes* Eggman finds Amy alone and takes her hostage; Sonic tries to exchange the fake Emerald for Amy but Eggman tricks the Heroes and jettisons Sonic out into space inside a capsule, Sonic in Trouble realizes that the fake Emerald is very similar to a real one Cannon Countdown 21 minutes 7 seconds Sonic's capsule explodes as everyone, including Shadow from another location, watch; Eggman begins fight with Tails; simultaneously, Sonic appears in front of Knuckles having used Chaos Control and races off toward the cannon During Tails vs Eggman battle, Shadow confronts Rouge having discovered she is an agent for the President, Rouge confronts Shadow about her research into him, Eggman doing multitasking in his battle radios Shadow to tell him that Eggman has found the 7th Emeralds but he's detected someone messing around the Eclipse Cannon Cannon Countdown 5 minutes 44 seconds Shadow catches up to Sonic and The Last Battle between them begins Cannon Countdown 1 minute 33 seconds Tails has defeated Eggman when Sonic calls on the radio, the distraction allows Eggman to sneak off with the last Emerald Cannon Countdown 40 seconds Eggman places final Emerald into the Eclipse Cannon, WARNING sign appears As Eclipse Cannon begins its big attack, parts of it explode as Sonic was aiming to do (though its superstructure is left largely intact and the what little damage is done appears to be mostly some explosive feedback - the FinalHazard attaches it self to the superstructure later) Last Story Begins There is only one minor issue with the time stamps which I marked above with asterisks: Sonic is shown getting the radio call from Tails and Eggman about Amy's hostage situation in the Hero story with the Cannon Countdown @ 45 minutes then Sonic makes the confrontation @ 33 minutes left; yet the Dark story shows Eggman finding Amy @ 33 minutes then jumps right into the confrontation - this is easily correctable by just bumping Eggman finding Amy to an earlier time stamp. Otherwise there are no other obvious contradictions within the game. Some fans claim that the final Hero side cutscene is not canon because the Eclipse Cannon still works in Shadow's game, but the same is true of the moon - which is still in one piece - and the CG animation of the Eclipse Cannon exploding shows so little actual damage done that it may have even been usable again.The lack of contradiction clearly means all SA2 cutscenes are meant to be canon. This guy summarizes it pretty well.
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    Now I wanna go to Tokyo even more. I wanna go to a Sonic restaurant! NO, NOT THAT ONE.
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