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    Jun probably made the food in those pics lol. More pics, are they selling soap shoes Sonic again? The plushes have different tags on them.
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    Here's some pics the anniversary twitter is posting:
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    In Sonic Adventure 2, ALL of the game's cutscenes are canon, and none of them contradict each other (unlike in the original Sonic Adventure where cutscenes would show different results for rival battles, this game skips any cutscene that would contradict another)I've compiled a list of every cutscene in their general order... (broken up by Time Stamps, and by events... with references to the Game's chapter names as often as possible) 21:02 Eggman breaks into Prison Island; releases Shadow; Shadow fights Hot Shot 11:08 Enter Knuckes and Rouge as they fight over the Master Emerald only for it to be shattered to keep it from Eggman 13:27 Sonic escapes GUN in City Escape 20:22 Eggman goes to his Hidden Base Again and sees the news; Shadow's Past flashback to Maria's death; Sonic battles with Big Foot, meets Shadow, Shadow escapes as Sonic is recaptured by GUN 22:18 Rouge Infiltrates Hidden Base 22:41 Eggman breaks into ARK; Gathering of the Dark in central control room with Eclipse Cannon with Rouge joining 11:13 Invade Prison Island again, find Amy 11:56 Tails attempts Rescuing Sonic and finds Amy being chased by Eggman; Amy releases Sonic from prison Eggman has Shadow set Bomb countdown to 15 minutes Rouge has 5:00 of the 15m to Get Chaos Emeralds, gets trapped by Flying Dog distraction With under 10:00 left, Rouge radios Shadow to explain why she is holding up the Prison Island Escape; Shadow races toward her but instead winds up with a Face Off with Sonic With either 01:28 (Shadow cutscene) or 8:00 (Sonic gameplay) left before Bomb goes off Eggman radios Shadow to end the face off; Sonic races off to find Tails and Amy; Shadow runs off to finish his trek toward Rouge With just under 01:00 left, Shadow breaks into the vault with Rouge and the Emeralds and with under 00:07 left (around 00:04 actually) uses Chaos Control to get them out - the island then blows up as the Heroes fly away 17:30 Knuckles checks out the Ghost Mountain that is Pumpkin Hill Shadow has a short flashback before the Dark team readies the Eclipse Canon Day X 18:00 Eggman broadcasts globally his declaration of World Domination by The Eggman Empire and blows up half of moon Sonic and co spring into action to track down Eggman with Tails's Emerald 20:21 Knuckles checks out the Aquatic Mine 9:03 Knuckles joins Tails and Amy, Tails realizes he can track Where's Eggman from President's limo Sonic and Tails get into President's limo where Eggman is demanding surrender in 24 hours via communication signal, they cut Eggman's negotiations with the President off and trace the signal Eggman throws tantrum, Rouge reveals she found the Last Chaos Emerald is in Tails's possession, Rouge secretly places a call Simultaneously in President's limo, Tails finishes his trace of Eggman's signal to ARK, they leave just as President gets a call from his "agent" (Rouge duh) Rouge chases Tornado III; hands off to Shadow who realizes they are heading toward Eggman's Hidden Base 13:04 Heroes reach and begin infiltration of Eggman's Hidden Base 14:58 Knuckles completes the Heroes' infiltration of Eggman's Hidden Base, Eggman Intercepts them with Egg Golem; Sonic damages it and it attacks Eggman; Heroes get into Eggman's Shuttle for Blast Off; the shuttle collides with debris losing Master Emerald pieces Cannon Countdown 2 hours 11 minutes Rouge tricks Eggman into letting her hack into ARK computer and detects Master Emerald (or detects the Heroes getting into ARK in GC remake) which she goes after the Last Pieces; simultaniously, Heroes have boarded ARK and realize that Knuckles has also gone after the Last Pieces of the Master Emerald, they make their plans around Tails's fake Emerald Cannon Countdown 58 minutes Eggman detects an extra Emerald and deduces that there is a fake, Eggman's Plan is to transport up and take the Heroes on himself, Shadow is back up Cannon Countdown 45 minutes* Sonic shown in control room receiving call from Tails and Eggman about Amy being held hostage Rouge has her Face Off with Knuckles Cannon Countdown 33 minutes* Eggman finds Amy alone and takes her hostage; Sonic tries to exchange the fake Emerald for Amy but Eggman tricks the Heroes and jettisons Sonic out into space inside a capsule, Sonic in Trouble realizes that the fake Emerald is very similar to a real one Cannon Countdown 21 minutes 7 seconds Sonic's capsule explodes as everyone, including Shadow from another location, watch; Eggman begins fight with Tails; simultaneously, Sonic appears in front of Knuckles having used Chaos Control and races off toward the cannon During Tails vs Eggman battle, Shadow confronts Rouge having discovered she is an agent for the President, Rouge confronts Shadow about her research into him, Eggman doing multitasking in his battle radios Shadow to tell him that Eggman has found the 7th Emeralds but he's detected someone messing around the Eclipse Cannon Cannon Countdown 5 minutes 44 seconds Shadow catches up to Sonic and The Last Battle between them begins Cannon Countdown 1 minute 33 seconds Tails has defeated Eggman when Sonic calls on the radio, the distraction allows Eggman to sneak off with the last Emerald Cannon Countdown 40 seconds Eggman places final Emerald into the Eclipse Cannon, WARNING sign appears As Eclipse Cannon begins its big attack, parts of it explode as Sonic was aiming to do (though its superstructure is left largely intact and the what little damage is done appears to be mostly some explosive feedback - the FinalHazard attaches it self to the superstructure later) Last Story Begins There is only one minor issue with the time stamps which I marked above with asterisks: Sonic is shown getting the radio call from Tails and Eggman about Amy's hostage situation in the Hero story with the Cannon Countdown @ 45 minutes then Sonic makes the confrontation @ 33 minutes left; yet the Dark story shows Eggman finding Amy @ 33 minutes then jumps right into the confrontation - this is easily correctable by just bumping Eggman finding Amy to an earlier time stamp. Otherwise there are no other obvious contradictions within the game. Some fans claim that the final Hero side cutscene is not canon because the Eclipse Cannon still works in Shadow's game, but the same is true of the moon - which is still in one piece - and the CG animation of the Eclipse Cannon exploding shows so little actual damage done that it may have even been usable again.The lack of contradiction clearly means all SA2 cutscenes are meant to be canon. This guy summarizes it pretty well.
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    Oh, yeah, I'm having similar issues with those games as well. Sadly, I don't know a solution to it yet, but maybe if you try playing them on a Virtual Machine, it might work? If not, you might have to go back to Windows 7 again.
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    Hunks ? I imagine these two would get along really well.
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    There's not much conversation because the game got exactly what most people believed it would get. Had it scored 9's or 8's across the board or been another bomb... then this topic would be 20 pages long.
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    Public opinion on Sonic

    Indeed, we foster a very vocal environment here, so simply posting a video doesn't fly well here. Pro-Tip: If your topic is dependent on people watching a video, it's not a good topic, because not everyone has the time, patience, or indeed interest in watching a video to get your point.
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    Vector moments away from getting his pay for a job well done. I love this big guy so much, he's too cool. He's so hard to draw though. His design is so pleasing to the eyes, he really is a perfect specimen =)
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    A quick Espio sketch. I really love sketching. I don't really like inking though, and today I was in no mood lol. I was trying, but I just couldn't get in the zone. I don't want to make a habit of posting too many sketches, but we'll see hehe. Chameleons are the coolest.
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