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    Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, I gotta tell you something... I'm thankful for you guys! My entire time on SSMB has been amazing! Here's to more good times ahead!
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    Damn, that was fast.

    Damn, that was fast.
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    I want thank you guys for getting me to 50 likes.
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    Watched a video of the final boss of the new Gears of War and couldn't help noticing how the music was completely drowned out by sounds and dialogue, on top of being pretty generic orchestral composition. When music is almost unnoticeable I do wonder what the point of having it there is in the first place. Compare to, say, Transformers Devastation, where the sound effects are satisfying but the music is super hype and always able to be heard over the action, that kind of sound design just gets me so much more invested.
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    After this episode... Black > Frieza > Buu But still... Cell > Black
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    Warning: Very scary image, do not look if you don't like to be spooked.
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    But that's just a theory! A game theory! And I'm just a:
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    Xenoverse 2 music is amazing oh my god
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    Some transparent Tyson Hesse Knuckles for all your Knuck related needs
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