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    Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, I gotta tell you something... I'm thankful for you guys! My entire time on SSMB has been amazing! Here's to more good times ahead!
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    No fucking way... I'm just playing Metal Gear Solid 5 and it told me "Get back to base immediately! I mean it!" Returned to base expecting a mission... But instead all the characters just sung me happy birthday!
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    The original meaning of "the Sonic Cycle" refers to fan reactions to Sonic games, a cycle of getting one's hopes up and then having them dashed. It doesn't have any relevance to the discussion of a game that was never hyped up by large numbers of people to begin with, which is exactly what Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is. And using the term to mean "Sonic games haven't been good for a while" is needlessly confusing, since many people have a different idea of what the term means in their head. It's better to just say "this can be the start of Sonic games being good again" if that's what you mean. Basically, don't talk about "the Sonic Cycle" here. The term is far more confusing (not to mention emotionally charged) than helpful.
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    I haven't even watched Super and I still think this prick might be the most unlikable and irredeemable Dragon Ball villain to date.
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    Damn, that was fast.

    Damn, that was fast.
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    Before jumping to anger, I think there's a few factors you have to keep in mind: The media tends to analyze statistics poorly. The poll isn't saying that people want Putin as a leader more than Clinton or Trump, but rather that more people claimed to strongly dislike Clinton or Trump than those who claimed to strongly dislike Putin. There's a subtle but key difference in the wording there-- just because people don't like a person doesn't mean that they don't trust them to be able to run a country. If the question was asked if they would rather Putin, Clinton, or Trump run a country, I bet the answers would be quite different. Familiarity is important. People in the US are likely more familiar with Clinton and Trump than Putin and feel more affected by the words and actions of Clinton and Trump than those of Putin, and as a result, have stronger feelings about them. This translates to poll results. Even if the poll is to be taken at face value, people still prefer Clinton to Trump. The results are actually pretty close though-- which would indicate that all three are hated. (Granted, I don't see any statistical analysis-- the scientist in me wants to analyze the heck out of those results.) The Wall Street Journal includes stuff about Russian polls, but well, Putin is a dictator. He'd be dumb not to have some system in place to pressure the Russian people into voting in favor of him. Heck, you can already see his troll army in action in the comments section of the article you linked. So I'm disregarding them. --- Oh boy, what Trump supporters remain at this point as going crazy trying to justify this. Throwing everything out there-- "But Bill also sexually assaulted people!", "Hillary is a rapist too, look at all these ladies I found on Google Image Search reliable news sources!", etc. But they can't deny this is real, which makes it all come off as terribly hypocritical. The hilarious but kind of sad part is when people claim that Trump has still got this because he's still got his supporters and will probably get more, when in reality he hasn't gained any from this and lost several influential ones like John McCain. Not to mention that he doesn't have any funding anymore nor any campaign organization that receives and stores funds-- unless he's got an angel investor somewhere, continuing his campaign is probably going to lead him to yet another bankruptcy rather than help his cause. But he's too prideful to leave-- either that or he set out to take over the GOP and destroy it for his own purposes from the very start. Not to mention that he's just divided the Republican vote. That's going to make it harder for votes to accumulate for him.
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    I'm not gonna lie, I'm not much of an artist. But that's not to say I don't at least try! For instance, here's some Boss Concept Art I did: I've also dabbled with Sonic himself: I drew this one based on some concept art from Sonic the Fated Hour, using it as reference. That's all I really have to show at the moment!
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    The House is rated as secure for the GOP majority, but it's likely they will lose at least a few seats. We can at least hope that the coattail effect does its work and the GOP majority shrinks enough that Ryan has to work more closely with the Democrats. I really don't want a repeat of the last 6 years. A narrower majority also means it's possible for Democrat leaders to peel off a few GOP House members; I'm sure there's at least a few of them who would love to be kingmakers and sell out the Party for the sake of their district getting a little extra. And dear God, I'm hoping there's good turnout for the 2018 midterms. Again, we really don't need a repeat of the last 6 years. The GOP needs to just GO.
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    Katii is in awe at the sight of the piles of snackfoods. She begins to stuff them in her packs. "Hmmm... to eat or not to eat?" The thief muttered to herself. "Gah, focus... focus! Maybe later..."
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    I want thank you guys for getting me to 50 likes.
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    People keep saying that but it bothers me because they've have how many years to focus on just Sonic? People who want a 3D game to play exactly like the classics did will be impossible to please because that's just never going to happen. No other franchise has to deal with anything like this. I'm gonna be like everyone else and use Mario for comparison since it's the easiest to compare to. Mario 64 feels completely different to the Mario games before it. Nobody complains about that. Sonic Adventure Sonic controlled just fine for the time it was released. It's not 1:1 with the classics but it gets the job done, and it felt like Sonic. But then people go and act like if they were to return to a style more similar to Adventure, that it'd have the same twitchy controls. SA1 came out 17 years ago. Stop acting as though they can't improve upon what they did. If Amy was made playable again do you think she'd be just as slow and hard to move around as she was in SA1? With all this classic pandering SEGA has been doing I'm gaining confidence that they're understanding what makes Sonic feel like Sonic. At first I was under the impression they were just using the classic look to win back the older fans, especially with how off Classic Sonic felt in Gens. But now with Mania being a real thing, it gives me high hopes. I mean, I know with a new 3D game people still won't be satisfied that you can't perfectly replicate the way you could roll in Sonic 1 but you can't win 'em all. Funny thing is that I've even heard people say that things don't have to be 1:1 with the classics, just make something that feels good to play. And they've come up with so many different styles of games like Advance 2 & 3, Rush, Heroes, Boost games, Lost World and people just don't like it. To be honest I'm not sure what I'm complaining about or what my point even is anymore. Oh well.
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    That's why he probably works so well as a villain. When everyone heard about ''Goku Black'' they were probably expecting the old ''Oh so it's just an evil Goku, they'll play up how Goku would be if he never hit his head on that rock like every single fanfic ever.'', but nope, what we got is a pretty interesting psychopath with a clear god complex and a LOT of kick the dog moments, I think more than all villains before him, not only that, but we got to see his beginning AND thanks to time travel, how fucking scary the difference between him in the past and future is, making clear he has some serious issues he hides behind a mask of sanity and politeness. It's weird how they somehow managed to keep it different from Freeza, as when you think about it, what I just described is basically Freeza.
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    I can understand Mechs in Adventure 2 didn't really control that well, but that's really just two characters. Every one else controlled fine. And, it's not like it can't be smoothed out or anything. In fact, Gamma in Adventure 1, who's gameplay is basically the same as the Mechs, controlled much better than the Mechs. That's just a case of Adventure 2, butchering playstyles that were fun in Adventure 1. Also, don't remember Amy controlling that badly in SA1. I only remember my issue with her was that she was a bit too slow, that's really about it.
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    A while back now; I decided to write a Sonic themed '12 days of christmas' parody that I intended to make a video about for december but couldn't find support to help make it. I'm gonna try and do it again this year; but I thought that people here might like to read the song just in case I fail (again), hope you enjoy it! Here's some music to go with it... Sonic: On the first day of Christmas, my sidekick gave to me… Everyone: A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Tails: On the second day of Christmas, my idol gave to me…TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Knuckles: On the third day of Christmas, my bad luck gave to me…THREE HEADED-(JESUS!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Shadow: On the fourth day of Christmas, Maria gave to me…FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: 3 HEADED-(OH GOD!) Tails: 2 STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Sonic: On the fith day of Christmas, my jet plane gave to me…FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(NO!!!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Knuckles: On the sixth day of Christmas, my rival gave to me…SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(DON’T LOOK!!!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Amy: On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me (son: what?)….SEVEN GEMS OF POWER Knuckles: SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(WHY!!?) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Rouge: On the eighth day of Christmas, Knuckles “kinda” gave to me (knux: Hey you! GET BACK HERE!)…EIGHT GLOWING SHARDS Amy: SEVEN GEMS OF POWER Knuckles: SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! YEAH!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(DAMMIT!!!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Silver: On the ninth day of Christmas, a stranger gave to me…NINE CRYPTIC WARNINGS Rouge: EIGHT GLOWING SHARDS Amy: SEVEN GEMS OF POWER Knuckles: SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! YEAH!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(STOP!!!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Shadow: On the tenth day of Christmas, Sega gave to me…TEN POINTLESS ENDINGS Silver: NINE CRYPTIC WARNINGS Rouge: EIGHT GLOWING SHARDS Amy: SEVEN GEMS OF POWER Knuckles: SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! AWESOME!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(AHHH!!!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Tails: On the eleventh day of Christmas, my laptop gave to me….ELEVEN MESSED UP FAN ARTS Shadow: TEN POINTLESS ENDINGS Silver: NINE CRYPTIC WARNINGS Rouge: EIGHT GLOWING SHARDS Amy: SEVEN GEMS OF POWER Knuckles: SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! ALRIGHT!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-(UGH!!!) Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND A BIG CHILLI HOT DOG FOR FREE!!! Eggman: On the twelfth day of Christmas, the hedgehog gave to me…TWELVE FACIAL BRUISES Tails: ELEVEN MESSED UP FAN ARTS Shadow: TEN POINTLESS ENDINGS Silver: NINE CRYPTIC WARNINGS Rouge: EIGHT GLOWING SHARDS Amy: SEVEN GEMS OF POWER Knuckles: SIX DUD DETECTIVES Sonic: Say it with me now, FIVE GOLDEN RINNNNGS!!!! Shadow: FOUR DAMN EMERALDS Knuckles: THREE HEADED-oh. Right… Tails: TWO STRIPEY SNEAKERS Everyone: AND…A…BIG CHILLI- Sticks: -HOTDOG FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!!!! Boom Sonic: Uhhh…Sticks? Are you singing to yourself? Sticks: No! It’s to keep the turkeys from launching their revolution! They plan it every December! Boom Sonic: What? How does that even- Sticks: A verse for each day keeps the birds at bay! Now where was I? On the 13th day of Christmas… Sonic: Yeah, sure, you do that…
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    Watched a video of the final boss of the new Gears of War and couldn't help noticing how the music was completely drowned out by sounds and dialogue, on top of being pretty generic orchestral composition. When music is almost unnoticeable I do wonder what the point of having it there is in the first place. Compare to, say, Transformers Devastation, where the sound effects are satisfying but the music is super hype and always able to be heard over the action, that kind of sound design just gets me so much more invested.
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    I'm talking about gameplays here, not gamestyles. Classic Sonic was only a different style, but not a new genre or anything. Same with Sonic Heroes. They're clearly Sonic games, with the gameplay we're used to. Sonic the Hedgehog episode 2 had Metal Sonic (and Tails I think?). Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic and the Black knight are also examples. Also the Sonic Boom games, if you're willing to accept them. That's at least 6 games produced after Sonic 06 that have alternate characters without alternative gameplays. Add all the games around Sonic 06 and it quickly doubles. Judging new games based on a game made 10 years ago is just sad. Sonic Team have learnt.
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    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    This placement works fine on the Gamepad. It's pretty comfortable.
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    So on october 13th they'll air "Yuri and the Bear" A.K.A: "Ice Bear Origins" on CN
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    Speaking as a game developer, what I'll say is about good game design is...quite a few points, actually. Games Need to Play Fair. Take for instance, something like Crash Bandicoot's collapsing platforms. The platforms shake and emit a noise. The player thinks, "Hey, this platform is unstable. I need to get off of this and keep moving ahead." That's good! That works. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have notoriously difficult games like the Sonic Advance trilogy. Often times the player is moving too fast, or the camera wasn't cooperating because of the GameBoy Advance's small screen, or for whatever reason it may be, they may end up falling into a bottomless pit, or hit by an enemy that they didn't see coming, or will be blindsided and crushed by a moving block. Again, games need to play fair: this is where games like Sonic Rush improved upon the formula. The boost button pretty much eliminates the worry of running into enemies (assuming you keep your flow moving by destroy enemies, collecting rings, and pulling off tricks), but it's not TOO easy. 2. It Needs to WORK. This is quite literally the most important part of any game. To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd, This is what sets games about: those that work, and those that don't. And by work, I don't mean "Well, make the best of it!" No no, I mean, they need to FUNCTION. And properly! This is the biggest reason why games like Superman 64 are bad games: They don't work. Going back to my example of Crash Bandicoot, while it may not be mindblowing today like it was back then, it still functions and is a good, well designed, well made, fun game. Nothing about it is especially cheap or unfair. I had some more that I wanted to mention, but they're not really coming to me right now!
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    Terriful pressed a button next to the boarding hatch and was sucked into space. He made his way onto the top of the Dreamcast and got his sword ready to fight.
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    ON THE MASSIVE... Zim sat at the controls pressing buttons. Then he saw that people were coming to defend earth. "WHAT?! How DARE they challenge the awesome power of ZIIIIM! Nevermind that. Everybody start pressing red buttons and shoot them!!!"
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    After this episode... Black > Frieza > Buu But still... Cell > Black
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    Oh fuck me, they're doing another Resident Evil live action movie. Supposedly the last one.
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    wait what? 2:15 am?? off to bed with me! good night!!
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    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers™ Movie [TBA]

    Is that Lana Del Ray in the first song? Interesting choice... not really something I'd associate with the series but whatever. The trailer strikes me as odd for a few reasons, but for the sake of brevity, I'm going to just point out a couple of things that really resonated with me. For starters, the person who is supposed to be the yellow ranger is supposed to be bullied for being unattractive, yes? Then why is she... you know... not unattractive? Don't get me wrong, I get that beauty is subjective and I'm not trying to paint her as a goddess or anything, but traditionally speaking, she doesn't exactly look like the "loser" type. I mean, she has Hollywood done makeup and beautiful hair to match. Like, if you're going to go out of your way to ascribe the bullied nerd character, why would you choose the hot Asian girl? Made even worse is that the niche would have been filled better by the blue ranger, who in the original was a bit of a dork. Maybe the movie itself will give off a better explanation, but I feel like there's something a little off about this context. (Of course, I'm not saying that beautiful can't be bullied for their appearance, but the way the trailer presents it just affirms to me that Hollywood has no sense of perspective when it comes to what people consider "attractive" and "unattractive") The trailer really also doesn't do a good job explaining plot. In fact, I feel like this movie encompasses everything I dislike about modern film trailers. I feel like I've seen this movie already even though I haven't. There's little in the way of imagination and intrigue. No hint of personality or what even the movie is about. It's riding solely on the Power Rangers name, but not the personality. Where's the bombastic guitar solos and obnoxious rock music? Why does being darker and grittier have to mean the color scheme is equally as ugly? I just thought the trailer's overall presentation was really boring and it didn't seem to have anything that would identify it as Power Rangers aside from the title. Maybe the movie itself will be better, but the trailer didn't exactly intrigue me.
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    Warning: Very scary image, do not look if you don't like to be spooked.
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    Cats are the best, prove me wrong I dare you
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    Someone managed to get Skylanders Imaginators early. In his walkthrough, only Neo Cortex and Crash are played. But here, you get to see Crash's cutscene for unlocking his Sky-Chi at a Brawler Shrine.
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    Hey!! So in Knuckles' and Rouges future if they marry , they have two alternate futures (literally 3) (in my fiction) They have a perfect future. Perfect means that things work out pretty well but may not be absolutely perfect. Rouge disagrees with Knuckles' parenting style (he tends to be overprotective) so she sometimes works behind his back,and Knuckles likes to keep the youngest one with him while he works because he is afraid Rouge will spoil him ( because, well, she already does...) Rouge works in the city part time and just keeps the money for herself. Knuckles pretty much has everything squared away on angel island. He exports fruits and other stuff he grows for any money they may need. He puts his whole heart and mind into his family ... and of course still guarding the master emerald.( he essentially has the same dedication to his family as he has to the ME.) they can have 2 imperfect futures: the first is one where their family stays together but ahs turbulence. Knuckles and trouge work all the time and try to get away with each other from the kids. in this future the kids have no idea how to deal with each other and fight all the time. in this future Jasper and wrists ( the youngest two ) are twins, and jade and fists are always at each other's necks. the second one Rouge gets tired of being on angel island and Knuckles and she divorces him. She takes all but one of the kids with her ( she leaves wrists, as the future guardian) , takes away his right to see them, and tries to take the master emerald but the government ruled that the emerald was safer on Angel island with Knuckles. Knuckles is rather depressed in this future, because he gave everything he could to their relationship , but she simply got bored and to justify herself she goes around bad talking him. despite that, however, he tries to keep up a somewhat positive attitude for wrists. Wrists stays with rouge on the weekends and comes home a spoiled mess every monday morning .
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    But that's just a theory! A game theory! And I'm just a:
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    "It's not that easy to stop the Irkens, unfortunately. They have conquered many worlds before. Those guys probably have more sophisticated tech and still couldn't dent the Massive." Tails explains. "The only way to take them out is from the inside. Literally, actually. If we can raid their supply of snacks, their leaders, The Tallests will definitely retreat." "We're raiding a ship of snacks?! This is the best mission ever!" Neptune yells.
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    *Me and my date show up to the Yo-Kai Watch movie event* Movie ticket person: "Excuse me, sir, what are you doing to your Hovernyan medal?" Me: "I'm making it into a ring for my love!❤" Movie ticket person: "But then you won't be able to use it again and they're not making more." Me: "... SHIT! FUCK! DAMN IT! I FUCKED UP ... but I still love you, babe ❤"
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    MEANWHILE... Somewhere in space, The Massive and it's armada flies. Conquering planets, enslaving species, and eating snacks. Inside, the Almighty Tallest Red and Purple study their newest planet for conquest... Earth. "Ugh. This is the planet where Zim is..." "Can't we just skip this one?" "No. They make the Delishius Weenies and we must enslave them so we can have them whenever we want." "But... Zim.." "We can deal with him when the time comes. Plus, we still need to 'thank' him for our little episode with those locals, 'The Resisty'." "Should we let him know we're coming?" "No. Let him find out himself." ON EARTH: Zim watches the Almighty Tallest on his moniter as they plan out their attack on earth. "What?! They're coming to earth? Without telling me?! ZIM?!" Zim turns away from his monitor. "No matter. I must prepare to join them in destroying this mudhole. GIR! Come here. We MUST prepare for the Massive's arrival." Zim walks up to his attic/spaceship hold. Zim enters his Voot Cruiser and it takes off into the sky. SOMEWHERE ELSE ON EARTH: Terriful is sitting on a couch which is made up like a bed. Terriful just sat there thinking. He was thinking about what he was missing back in his own time. How is Primal doing? Did Sigfread take over the world? What about Dr. Drilook? Would he ever get back to his time? If so, what would have changed? As Terriful was thinking while everyone else was asleep, he noticed a shooting star. He looked up, eyes almost in tears as he made a wish. He wished nothing bad would happen while he was here with everyone. He wouldn't be able to save anyone if something bad happened. As he studied the shooting star, he noticed it was coming closer to him. Then it passed over him. It was Zim in his Voot Cruiser going to meet the armada. Zim sat at the controls, eager to meet his leaders again and help prove he was a real invader. Zim looked over at GIR. "GIR, can you believe it? The day has come for the armada to destroy the earth! I shall lead them to all of the earth's weak spots and I will lead them to VICTORY! And that horrible Dib monkey won't be able to stop me! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!" "OOH! I'mma sing the doom song again. Remember that song? It went like this. Doomdoom doom de doom..." THE NEXT MORNING... Terriful sat in front of Walter who was using himself as a TV. On Walter was the news. The news reporter was talking about an alien race that had managed to contact earth. But they didn't bring a message of friendliness. Instead, they vowed to destroy the earth and enslave it's population. As Terriful was watching, some of the other people came over and crowded around Walter and watched as the alien armada slowly descended towards earth.
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    Xenoverse 2 music is amazing oh my god
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    Sanae glanced at Terriful, with tearful eyes (while still shoving more food in her mouth) "Aww, but can't you be nice to me and let me have everything? Pleeease?" Blaze was striked by Sonics attack and flew back, but managed to gracefully land on the floor, making it seem as if she had suffered no damage. "Don't underestimate a princess, a hero and a guardian, my fires burn deeper than anything on this world!"
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    Terriful ran into the room where Sanae was. He screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT POPCORN! SHARE! NOW!"
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    TCB's Crazy Art Warehouse & Emporium

    New art alert; details inside
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    Make the strategic decision. Which one is the least damaging? Frankly, if you ask most Americans, they probably won't mind that. Bill remains one of our most popular Presidents. Nothing to stop 99% of politicians from doing it, either. Every single one of them is documented as lying and deceiving at some point. Her policies. If I wanted guarantees a President would do something, I'd never have reason to vote. I have to pick the President who promises the most of what I want, and if they fail to deliver, I don't turn out for them next time around. I've mentioned time and time again that Sanders could use his success to build a powerful progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He could make or break Democratic Presidents if he was willing to throw an election to the GOP when more conservative Democrats misbehave. If Trump is elected, we're going to have a party in power that embraces conversion therapy and repealing gay marriage on its platform. It's not going to happen. He's going to do what pretty much every President does: stay the course and have Border Patrol play cat and mouse with those entering illegally. If they get caught, they try again later. More than a few agents have said that border security is almost like a game, separated from being one solely because sometimes it's lethal for those involved. The moment the wall gets approved is the moment the Cartels start digging tunnels. Trust me, it's not going to be that much of an obstacle. The Cartels have submarines already. Because that's always been the trend historically. The Chinese laborers were the same way. I hear Mexico's actually calmed down a bit ever since the new President abandoned that dipshit Calderon's aggressive anti-drug policies. I have friends in Mexico. Despite the problems, they're not in a hurry to leave. It's not some third world war zone, even with the drug violence. Mexico is still the home of many people. They're not going to leave for America just because it's "better." Plus your mileage varies... while America might have a better job market, we also don't have shit for social services. Mexico, by contrast, has free tuition and healthcare. They come here to take advantage of the lucrative exchange rate, not because we're just that awesome. Most of them would opt to stay in Mexico if the currencies were equal. Businessmen and politicians who don't cut corners. This is why we'd need a crapload of oversight from Americans on any development program. This would be a problem given Mexico is insanely nationalistic. They insist on Mexico fixing its own problems, for better or worse, which ties our hands. Though, let's be fair. If you're in a largely non-white society, the words "we're here to help" from a white society are some of the most terrifying ones you can hear. They absolutely could. It's historically unprecedented, though. Plus unseating any President runs the risk of angering the electorate who put them in office, which explains why impeachment tends to happen when the opposite Party is in power. Republicans probably didn't care too much about angering Democrats while trying to impeach Bill.
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    Sonic Channel

    There were odd unique bits of character that made Nega a tad more unique, usually ones where they went for the 'sophisticated and affable but also a murderous nut' angle with him. The super charming dialogue he has in Mario and Sonic games merges well with the Sonic Rush Adventure ending, where he decides to just blow it all up, something even Eggman cries outrage to. That's not to say this all would have been way better implemented if he wasn't just a clone of the doctor role wise.
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/dbz/comments/56f142/toei_is_announcing_international_distribution/ It seems DBS will start airing in more countries next year. I hope this means all Europe, since im still wondering if they will air it here...
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    Pontaff are finding their forte, their sea legs. I like this development.
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    I want another Eggman arc just so we can see what life is like in the Empire and how one joins the Egg Army. Who's with me?
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    Some transparent Tyson Hesse Knuckles for all your Knuck related needs
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    Not a personal comment, but it always disheartens me that the backstories of South Island and Westside Island are frequently overlooked. The game manuals often expounded on the places that Sonic and friends visited and added incidental detail to the worlds we explored without removing any of the mystique. Angel Island is given more praise, I believe, because it was given further development in Sonic Adventure. I wonder how many fans know that South Island is the only island in Sonic's world that drifts along the ocean and can't be found on a map, or how many fans know that Westside Island is known as the "Island of Illusions," and was inhabited by an advanced civilization with philosophers (of alchemic persuasion, we can assume) who studied the Chaos Emeralds and used them for evil, but the civilization vanished overnight for their deeds. It's nothing terribly deep, but there's actual lore to be found there. One of my hopes with Sonic Mania is that the histories of these islands and Zones are fleshed out a little bit more. If we're revisiting them, I want more details at the very least. I want to see the Classic Era come together in more ways than just gameplay and visuals.
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    TCB's Crazy Art Warehouse & Emporium

    A request done for Rosa, I really do like Wednesday's design. I might as well add the rest of the stuff I've uploaded over the past few days.
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