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    As of 14min ago I became 32.... Christ....
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    Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, I gotta tell you something... I'm thankful for you guys! My entire time on SSMB has been amazing! Here's to more good times ahead!
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    Felt like drawing Marina from Mischief Makers again. Here's the inks done. I'm coloring it in right now. But yeah, despite not really committing to it, I'm counting this for Inktober.
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    I'm going to Arbys today just for this.
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    Best Ace Attorney Gif ever!
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    >When someone says "Sonic Adventure Battle 2"
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    as of today i am once again an uncle for the fourth time
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    For anyone still on doubt about Super, I'd say now is the best time to jump into it, maybe skip the two arcs if you already watched the two movies, they help giving you a bit more insight on what happened, but are not vital to understanding everything. Right now these last few episodes, heck, this entire arc, reached the hype levels of the original DBZ, Super finally found it's footing.
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    Damn, that was fast.

    Damn, that was fast.
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    My favourite Skype feature is probably the one where, every once in a while, it stops responding for no discernible reason.
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    I want thank you guys for getting me to 50 likes.
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    ....theory. The checkerboard hillsides in Green Hill aren't natural. They're brick structures made by the ancient civilization on South Island but over time grass has grown over it and the tops have been weathered to make slopes. The loops are also unnatural. Now that's certainly not the case. But could ya imagine?
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    Hey now, you're a Staryu.

    Hey now, you're a Staryu.
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    oh look at me i can say things with my big fat mouth and i can type things with my unusually enlarged fingertips
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    So they're finally herePerforming for youIf you know the wordsYou can join in too
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    I forgot how hilarious some of Mariotehplumbers videos can be.
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    Watched a video of the final boss of the new Gears of War and couldn't help noticing how the music was completely drowned out by sounds and dialogue, on top of being pretty generic orchestral composition. When music is almost unnoticeable I do wonder what the point of having it there is in the first place. Compare to, say, Transformers Devastation, where the sound effects are satisfying but the music is super hype and always able to be heard over the action, that kind of sound design just gets me so much more invested.
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    Once I stopped mindlessly following the crowd, I felt much better. I will never do that again.
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    I saw a Freddy Fazbear costume at Target today. When I came home, I saw a kid's birthday party outside. I'm tempted to get the suit, and then crash the party and take a huge bite out of that kid's head- I MEAN cake.
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    It's ya boy, Bastet!

    It's ya boy, Bastet!
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    in a desperate attempt to save face, at tonight's debate, republican presidential candidate donald trump will reveal the nintendo nx
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    First Paper Mario, now Sonic Adventure 2? Bless you, Arbys social media manager.
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    This guy does Bruce Faulconer-esque fan tracks, and with Black being relevant...
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    http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/e/ec/Zodickthehellhog.png/revision/latest?cb=20140131185607 Zodick the Hellhog. The true evil Sonic. No seriously, WTF is that shit.
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    Arby's for best Facebook page, seriously.
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    SeaWorld makes me happy with its cheesy songs that remind me of playing Sonic games. :v
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    After this episode... Black > Frieza > Buu But still... Cell > Black
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    Me right now.

    Me right now.
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    Oh fuck me, they're doing another Resident Evil live action movie. Supposedly the last one.
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    Holy shit, I just realized that it's 2:43 AM where I live. Got to go! Have to get rid of this habit of mine. See ya!
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    i have a new story posted: EMERALD COLLECTION : END OF A SAGA (Sonic and Amy imperfect future timeline) Hope you like it!
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    Warning: Very scary image, do not look if you don't like to be spooked.
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    Today I learned that Pepper Ann and Angela Anaconda were created by the same person.
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    http://www.indiewire.com/2016/10/trollhunters-trailer-guillermo-del-toro-animated-series-netflix-1201734742/ Animated Netflix series by Guillermo del Toro? There is not a single word in that sentence I dislike.
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    But that's just a theory! A game theory! And I'm just a:
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    Tbh, I wanna play Unleashed Wii again. I don't like it as much as the HD version, but I remember having fun with it. It was also one of my first Sonic games as well. Might either emulate it on Dolphin or get a physical copy.
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    heheheh sonic heheheheh the hehehehedgehog hehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehhhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehhehe sonic adventure 2daloo
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    Xenoverse 2 music is amazing oh my god
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    Some transparent Tyson Hesse Knuckles for all your Knuck related needs
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