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    Knux hasn't snickered since Sonic 3. No wonder he's such a dummy in the modern games, he's not himself when he's hungry. Grab a Snickers™
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    I welcome it. The biggest problem with the marketing of Sonic games is that Sega liked to show everything before release, leaving no surprises in store. I'd be okay with it if they reveal no more zones at all and just leave the rest of them as a surprise.
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    New LEGO Sonic screenshot from the LEGO Dimensions Twitter. Bask in LEGO Sonic's glory as he goes through Chemical Plant in the Sonic Speedster!
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    When you walking away and they try talking shit under their breath
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    Well, I've noticed that this new reality still hasn't been completely stabilized. The planet's been fixed, but there's still the matter of the Genesis Portals- the last remnants of the old multiverse, which will tear all of Sonic's reality apart unless Pothead the Porcupine can seal them all up. I'd like to see Sonic and friends team up with him and travel the multiverse, introducing us to these new realities and finally sealing the deal on this reboot.
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    I suppose this would fall under advertising. Remind me, how many adventures has Lara-Su really been in circa 25YL? We both know 30YL ain't happening anytime soon, and that whole 'Evil Future Knuckles' storyline that she was introduced to was pretty much nullifed by the existence of 25YL proper, soo I'm kinda drawing a blank about how many legit adventures she's been into before now.
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    Yeah, I'd be up for another Silver story, perhaps taking place in the present with the other characters. Especially if it means more time to develop Gold. Poor lass
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    This Paper Mario: TTYD retexture that my friends and I are doing is going fantastic so far~ That's me at the bottom as Ms. Mowz lol
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    So it was my pal @Dr. Crusher's birthday a while back, and since he liked Lumina I figured I’d have her bake a cake themed after his favourite egg-shaped evil bastard. Though given her size it’d probably about the size of a large cupcake. Oh well, she tried :U And now, more sketchbook sketches: I like Jess's Mystic Armour. Haven't drawn it in a while. "I hope you're not planning on stabbing that horn into me..." Look at this cute cinnamon roll that's too good for this sinful genocidal android-filled world. I always wondered what Voidica would look like with her pigtails down. From this pic, I think she did, too. "*munch* *munch* Mmm, cookies are so good~"
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    well manged to whip up more pixel art enjoy ^-^
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    I'm shocked I'm as active as I am. I thought I was only going to be here for a week or two and then unexpectedly leave. Glad I didn't, though. This place is fun.
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    I wonder if that punching animation will destroy enemies, like how it did in the Advance games. I always thought that was a funny detail.
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    A vocabulary lesson:
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    Not sure if anyone's seen this, but Sonic: Genesis of a Hero preview: https://t.co/44wdnUZvmT Now with speech bubbles!
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    Sega DogTagz

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    You mean the same Eclipse that you claimed to enjoy? I agree and that was the point I was getting at. Him and his black arms are world building. That's funny. Because its hard to fail at "ALL" attempts at world building, if you succeeded at building up a part of that world. but it does make, at the very least, that one plot thread good. In your own words no less. Which again is funny, because I could have swore not a day ago you claimed there were none. Ian fails at "ALL" attempts mean that none are successful, but here you are telling me that Cassia and Clove are worth your attention. Imagine how confused I must be reading your responses at this point. All opinions are subjective. Its only a problem when you start talking about them in absolutes -- like you had been doing. Sure you did. You said -- and I'll go grab the quote word for word -- "than Ian has failed at every time" Opinion or not, you spoke in absolute terms with that statement. Absolute terms that have been contradicted by your own words multiple times before and after you made that statement. Your defending yourself like someone is shaking you down for having an opinion when that couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm simply pointing out that your positions do not add up. You seem to be intent on defending this position here, regardless of the fact that your other opinions cut down your words for me. I could care less about how you feel about an individual topic or character. What I care about is how you can claim that Ian did a good job with the Egg Bosses, how he did a good job with Eclipse, how you concede that Cassia and Clove have an engaging plot line going for them at the moment, -- but somehow Ian Fails at all attempts. Failing at all attempts means that there is no success. None at all. You can't hide behind your words by labeling them as opinions. Those statements do not work both ways. You dug your own grave with that one. No you didn't. You just said Cassia and Clove had a good thing going and that you enjoyed what had been done so far with Eclipse and the Black Arms. You can't claim to rebuke anything and everything after 252 and then claim affinity for some of it. If you do, you clearly are not rebuking all of it. Your just fibbing to save face. Like I said before. In order for your Ian Fails claim to be true, you'd need to be willing to frown on anything and everything post 252. All the world building efforts. All the plotlines. all the characters. EVERYTHING. We already know you can't do that. You've already owned up to being happy with the Doe's and Eclipse. So either you pulled a wicked 180 on your stance on those characters in the last 2 hours, or you are not telling the truth with that previous statement. Nobody is attacking you for having your opinions. I'm more concerned about giving you flak for half-baked statements and bold faced lies.
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    Ugh, Cartoon Network. Stahp. I'd say more, but I'll put those remarks on hiatus instead. TAKE THAT, CARTOON NETWORK. YOU SCRUBS.
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    When writing that tweet, he was probably thinking along the lines of "This is going to be the biggest story yet for my characters!", and didn't really realize what he was doing when he specifically called it Lara-Su's greatest adventure. This is why you shouldn't use the "______'s greatest adventure yet!" cliche, kids. Meanwhile: I have to admit, while I'm not a fan of his art style in the slightest, this is rather nice of him.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So, Mega Drive The Next Level arrived for me today, and I really hope they get Tyson Hesse onto the main comics, because I love his artwork. I love how expressive it is, and how much effort he places into the expressions. They're a big part of what makes the humor in Mega Drive work so well. The comic is as well written as the first issue, and has a better sense of pacing thanks to the additional pages. Eggman, Knuckles, and Amy in particular are my favourites thus far. It's comedy gold how fast Eggman switches from his over the top hammy evil performance to a "oh crap, time to bargain" performance. I think the best one was when they catch him trying to kill them with lava, and all he can possibly he reply with is (paraphrasing) "Well, to be fair, Lava is a more dangerous trap than water right?". Amy's expressions and her crush on Sonic leads to some really funny moments where she's trying to figure out ways to keep Sonic doing romantic stuff for her, as seen at the end of the comic. Honestly, Mega Drive is the best case I've ever seen where they handle Amy's crush because she still acts like a levelheaded and fun character, and she doesn't constantly scream for Sonic to marry her, and constantly do nothing but say "ohhhhh sonic~ *insert marriage/romance reference here*" while trying to trick him into marriage, or trick him into a date or whatever. It's portrayed really realistically and in-character for the Sonic franchise, where it's just small moments like Sonic holding Amy after saving her, and Amy not wanting it to end, just leading to a small annoyed expression on Sonic. It's how I really want Amy to be portrayed in all elements of the franchise, and while I think her Archie version is really damn good, she still has some of those fangirl moments for Sonic that leads me to think this is the best version of her to date, just slightly above the Archie version. Ironically, I thought the Boom Amy was one of the best versions until it got to a few episodes in and she turned into a real control freak, and nag, as well as having a really annoying self-righteous attitude. Knuckles is my favourite of the Sonic characters (His normal version anyway, specifically the Archie version) and I like how he's portrayed here. I like how they show off that Knuckles isn't an idiot character, but rather that he's just really naive, and egotistical, and that mixture of personality traits just leads to him being tricked by appealing to said ego in order to convince him. The funny moments and expressions with Knuckles were in full drive here, but just like how the main series had Knuckles and Sonic having a real rivalry friendship, with each of them teasing the other (Which was one of my favourite things about post!reboot Knuckles), I'm so happy to see that again in Mega Drive. Between their arguments and looks of annoyance, to the two teaming up and treating their fights against Eggman's mechs as competitions, it's just so fun to watch. Small final thing that I want to mention, but as disappointingly short as the Metal Sonic fight was in this issue, I loved how well done the art was, and it's a main reason that I'd love if we can get Tyson Hesse onto the main Archie Sonic line because he does some really well done fight scenes with a lot of energy.
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    A bunch of unfinished characters have been found in the original Virtua Fighter. Really interesting stuff; particularly how Jeff and proto-Akira are dead ringers for Tekken characters, a game VF1 devs had a considerable role in.
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    Olive the Other Reindeer best Christmas special that's not Grinch or the Peanuts Christmas special
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    I would like to introduce you to a cartoon series I've had planned for more than 15 years. It's called Knick Knack the Squirrel, which is an action adventure comedy. It stars a young adult squirrel named Knick, along with his best friend Clunk, and his girlfriend Treela, as they are gifted with special powers to defeat an army of evil beings known as the Darxins, which are lead by a deadly lord named Scorpneon. I've spent most of my life dreaming of making this concept into a reality someday, and I decided to try and get a start now, by turning it into a still image video series. It unfortunately is not getting much attention, and I would really appreciate it if you would take your time to give this series a chance. Here are links to the comic “Knick Knack the Squirrel” is created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX. For more Knick Knack the Squirrel, look up “Knick Knack the Squirrel” on “SpongicX’s” Youtube, Tumblr, Deviantart, and DailyMotion accounts. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7
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    Welcome to the Sonic Cutscene & Trailer Archive topic! This topic is dedicated to the archiving of Sonic game trailers and cutscenes across the years for the sole purpose of public sharing, all while making sure they're in the highest quality available! And yes, the Sonic Unleashed opening & Night of the Werehog are on the list. Q&A: Where are these videos being hosted? I am using Google Drive to store these videos. What are the sources of these videos? All sources will be displayed under the link of each video. What about audio options? If different audio tracks are available, they will be displayed under the link. Subtitles? While I'd love to include subtitles, they are currently not possible. Due to being unfamiliar with the file format the games use for subtitles, I'd have to make them from scratch and that would be extremely time consuming. Can I help in any way? While not looking for help when it comes to cutscenes, it would be greatly appreciated when it comes to trailers. If you find a trailer in a higher quality than the one I have here, then please let me know so I can replace it. Will you upload these on YouTube? Yes, I have a separate YouTube channel I'll use to upload cutscenes. Sometimes, I'll upload things on there before here. I'll also note though, it won't just be Sonic things I'll upload on there. Here's the YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3AcCu64Y9q_qVTU79_J9nQ Cutscene Info: Trailer Info: Other Info: Legend: Without further ado, here they are! Sonic Unleashed Trailers: Sonic Unleashed Cutscenes (360/PS3): Sonic Unleashed Cutscenes (Wii): *NEW* Night of the Werehog/Sonic & Chip House of Horror: Make sure to check back as I'll be updating this list frequently.
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    "So you figured out the items' purpose huh?" Hazama said as he snuck in Tails' office, "this is an interesting development I must say." "At least this makes my job easier. I'll confirm the Shield's acquisition for you then." Hazama left while pulling out papers to file.
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    I really like the idea of having more environmental elements in Sonic levels. When it comes to seasons, I think Autumn/Fall is something that hasn't been done too well or extensively, hence me mentioning it. Rainy days, apples, acorns, pumpkins...I want to see a Sonic level that screams Autumn/Fall as opposed to a single symbol or two of the season. Having bright leaves of various colors and the wind blowing throughout the level would bring a nice and pretty effect to the level IMO and maybe have piles of leaves that Sonic or whomever is playable could jump into not only for fun but to find some goodies hidden underneath . What about an art zone of some sort? Aside from art props and tools such as crayons, paintbrushes, pencils, ink, and paint all over the place and thinking off the top of my head, the art-style could change depending on whatever "power-up" is selected or maybe if the boost is involved whether it is the composition of watercolor, oil painting, even artwork that is drawn by crayon! Or it could simply change gradually as you progress through the level. There are many possibilities with this level trope and I am sure it would look amazing as the beauty of art knows no bounds .
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    No, they're what's left of the old reality, as Professor Von Schlemmer explained:
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    Oh boy, that Adventure 3 Facebook page keeps on getting shittier and shittier by the day. The most recent thing they said really pissed me off.
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    Super Boo: Knock knock. KNOCK KNOCK!! Vegeta: Who's there? Super Boo: Boo. Vegeta: Boo who? Super Boo: Aw, don't cry, everyone has to die sometime.
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    Well you have an incredibly bizzare way of showing it giving how dismissive you've acted about it. For one, I've said repeatedly that I don't care if you don't like what I do, and this has been on deaf ears with you at least three times. And this makes it even harder to believe you're being anything respectful in return - I've argued with plenty of people here that don't care for the things I like, but are far more respectful and not dismissive about it compared to you. On top of that, they've been far more tolerant and open-minded compared to what you have shown me, willing to accept things rather than wanting things excluded just for their sake while disregarding the thoughts of others who happen to like said things. Even when they show that they'd rather something be their way, most of them have the tact to get it across without coming off as entitled about it, which is the key difference I'm calling out about you. Yeah, that doesn't stop it from being selfish, dude. Trying to paint that as "realism" is obnoxious at best and doesn't make any less of what it really is, whether people like what I like or not. I thought Ian said he had that on hold for now because reasons? After that, only thing I can imagine is a Silver arc or something involving Eclispe and his Dark Arms, but other than that I'm waiting to be surprised at what we'll get given how much we're in the dark on his plans. If you ask me, I'd like to see more of the Egg Bosses threatening shit if anything and having Eggman gain more ground to conquer.
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    The General American Politics Thread

    The rape case was probably dropped after death threats were made against Lisa Bloom following the announcement of her press conference - surprise surprise! I'd hazard a guess that the plaintiff feels terrible about the likelihood that going forward will mean more threats of violence or murder made against her lawyer, herself and her loved ones, which could lead to tragic loss of life at the hands of a Trump fanatic. She doesn't want anyone getting hurt on her account, so she decided to drop it, rather than pursue what would surely be a grueling, heart rending case. It's very sad, because nobody should be above the law, or get away with deeds like that... and yet somehow here he is, getting away with it (assuming for a moment that he really did do it). Maybe, if Clinton loses the election, she should pick the case up - or bring together a fearless team to do so in her stead - and end Trump's presidency and his brand in one fell swoop.
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    Yo @Ryannumber1gamer for an SSMB stream we should go Grandma got ran over by a reindeer
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    Yukari looked around the flower field and shrugged her shoulders. She then asked Reimu "Hey, why don't you join the fray? I'm sure you'll win". Reimu rolled her eyes "Don't make fun of me". Seeing that the battle was ending Yukari summoned her shikigami to fight as well. "Ran, try to make things a little more interesting. Don't actually attack though." "Yes master Yukari. I will not put your powers to shame". She then healed and powered up Monokuma's minions and started setting up a seal.
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    The Introduction Topic

    @CuzEyeCan @Bauhaus Thank you!! Nice to meet you!!
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    The Introduction Topic

    @hairclipz Hello! Welcome to the forums! Glad ya joined us here. I hope you enjoy your time here! This is your first forum? Interesting. I hope you'll like this place enough to join other forums in the future!
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    The Introduction Topic

    Yeah I'd like to see your stuff too dude, I draw sometimes myself. This was my first forum too and I guess I was a little shy too but this is a relatively pretty warm and accepting place for newcomers so I bet you'll do just fine man. Just make sure to follow the rules and everything and you'll make friends fast. So anyway, Welcome!
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    The Introduction Topic

    THANK YOU!! Ill post some soon!!!!!
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    I love how he so proud of himself for his punches, these animations are beautiful.
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    Oh yeah, for those not watching the stream, Aaron confirmed that comic characters would not be put into the games because they're from another continuity and SEGA want them to stick to said own continuity. I mean, that much was obvious at this point but still. That said, Aaron did say he liked the comic and characters, and he isn't in the department that controls the merchandise licencing so has no idea what their stance on making merch for the comics is.
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    Sonic Channel

    I feel you’re applying your standard to people. Just because you think they’re worthless doesn’t mean all other people think that. To me, the Rogues are the same as all other characters I’m indifferent on: Chaotix, Big, Orbot&Cubot, etc...I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. To me they have the same level or importance as how they portray Sonic, or Knuckles, or Cream, or Blaze. I like the Sonic series not because of a certain favorite character(s), but because I like the world and mood they have as a whole. They may be minor, they may be hated, they may came from a spin-off that doesn’t affect the main continuity, but they are like the main characters and part of what makes the “Sonic” Universe. So to me it’s not “I only care about [character], I don’t care if the others are ooc.” it’s “Hey [something] is different than how it was established, that makes this ‘Sonic’ slightly different than it’s supposed to be.” This is how I think, of course. I know others may not care or hate them and I'm totally ok with that, but it bothers me that you assuming everyone have the same opinion on the Rogues. Also, you are underestimating fans...just because a character "has so little going for them" it never stopped people from loving and hating them,and it never will...you know that right...?
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    After seeing this thread and expecting it to be a PS1 case similar to what they did with Rise of the Tomb Raider, I made these for fun: Once the game is out, I could fix those serial code numbers.
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    Presumably, they made that particular bullshit up to excuse Trump for his possible mid-1990s rape of a 13 year old girl. Edit: OH HEY LOOK YOU GUYS A lot of fuss over nothing. A lot of nothing that hit Clinton hard in the polls just days before the election. Why did Comey even feel the need to announce anything before finding evidence? I think an inquiry needs to be launched to find out what he was up to, because frankly it looks like a political stunt.
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    Some of these designs are... interesting, to say the least
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    "Do we all sign it together?" Yaya asked. "I'm not signing anything that looks bad." Ember pouted. "I'll sign it..." Ray sighed and placed his hand up to volunteer. He'd rather take the brunt of everything than let these jerks put Sonic and Co through what he went through again.
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    I love your art style! It's very cute! I like the small amouts of coloring outside the lines. Subtle, but doesn't detract from the quality. Keep it up, it's looking great!
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    Oh hey look, Shadow is the only other character in that screenshot that's smiling besides Sonic. That's how you know this isn't canon.
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    I did a quick cut from this image of the regional dex: Go to Reddit for links to slightly higher quality images.
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