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    I present - Sonic Mania: The SEGA Saturn Trailer.
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    Gonna grab the punch faster since the master of hoaxes, @Tracker_TD, made a pretty kickass commercial thing for Mania.
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    I don't even really know what to say, Kintor, besides that I think you're completely overreacting. I'm not about to deny the necessity of Nintendo stepping into the mobile space (one of several ways they've been increasing their brand awareness lately) or that the 10 dollar price point was probably a mistake. Those are givens, and they have been for quite some time. But to call a game that saw 21 million dollars of gross revenue in the first 4 days a "dismal failure" is completely backwards to me. It's clear that their release strategy was flawed. How Nintendo adapts and reacts to this remains to be seen.
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    SEGA itself barely had a presence at E3 2015, never mind Iizuka and Sonic, but that aside I honestly don't remember him saying anything like that at any point. Have you got a source for this?
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    The bit about expressiveness wasn't specifically directed at you, although I can see how that wasn't clear in my post. At any rate this is what I mean by you acting like a one-dimensional parody of a Classic fan: You say the voice acting is horrible. Why? What makes you say that? Is there an issue with the quality of the performances themselves? In which case the problem could be solved by simply getting better voice actors instead of jumping to the nuclear option of eliminating voice acting altogether. Or do you simply believe that Sonic was better off without voice acting? In which case the voice acting isn't necessarily horrible, you just don't like Sonic having a voice and will never be pleased as long as he does, quality of the performance be damned. Is you're issue with voice acting specifically or are you opposed to text based dialogue a la Sonic Battle too? Voice acting and nonverbal expression are not mutually exclusive though. Here's another scene from Secret Rings. You'll notice that, somehow, through some sorcery, Sonic is able to emote non-verbally in this scene, despite the presence of voice acting. Furthermore there are limits to what can be said without words, language was invented for a reason after all. Sometimes speech, or at least text, is necessary to communicate more complex or abstract concepts. The last two scenes of Sonic and the Black Knight are an excellent example of a situation where voice acting is needed to get the point across effectively. If you were to remove all of the voice acting and subtitles from these scenes it would become nearly impossible to convey Merlina's sympathetic motive of wanting to make the kingdom immortal or Sonic's own philosophy of living life to the fullest. Sure you can certainly tell what the characters are doing and feeling in these scenes, but their reasons for acting and feeling the way they do is lost. Could it be done purely through visuals? Well, I suppose that you could show a map of the kingdom and have it turn into a snake, and that makes Merlina cry, so she waves the scabbard and causes the snake to turn into an Ouroboros, then, after the fight Sonic demonstrates that the Ouroboros is unable to go anywhere in it's current state, so he removes its tail from its mouth and lets it slither away. Thing is, that's extremely complicated, it requires the audience to understand the symbolism behind the Ouroboros, and ultimately it still doesn't convey things as clearly as actual written or spoken language could. Additionally body language, symbolism, and the written or spoken word are not the only way to communicate thoughts or feelings. Other elements of a scene, such as music, setting, and even lighting, can be just as effective at conveying feelings. Sonic Adventure 2 provides the most truly glorious example of this when we compare the levels Lost Colony and Eternal Engine. Both levels are set around the same area, and use the same (or at least very similar) textures. Neither Eggman or Tails really displays much in the way of body language while piloting their mechs, and the only voice acting consists of the same generic lines used in every level. However, by simply changing the music and lighting of the area the developers are able to convey two entirely unique moods which makes these otherwise similar levels feel as different as night and day. We agree on that much. Well, I didn't mean it quite so literally. Still, 27 minutes of pure snark vs. 3 minutes of everything else is not exactly what I'd call a frequent or varied expressions of emotion. Hell, Team Sonic's story in Heroes is only three minutes long and he still manages to emote just as much, if not more, there than he does in the entirety of Colors. For the record the unflappably calm bit was more in reference to '06 than Colors. Also, I don't know why you think that people would find a more emotional Sonic to be out of character. In my experience people who dislike Colors and it's ilk tend to dislike it at least in part because they feel that Sonic is too subdued. He's a daredevil who defines himself by his love of adventure, so why does he react to Eggman's plots like their a chore or a job he has to do, instead of an exciting new challenge to enjoy? He's about to be sucked into a giant death vortex, so why does his reaction amount to little more than "Oh, bother". The Deadly Six just turned Tails into a robot, drained all life from Earth, and killed everyone else he held dear, so why does he react to them with little more than mild annoyance instead of going apeshit on them like he did on Erazor and Merlina (both of whom did far less to piss him off), or like anyone short of Jesus himself realistically would. True, people who dislike Colors generally aren't huge fans of uber-wackiness, but although Colors and the rest may be considered "wacky" overall the intensity of Sonic's emotional responses is not a major contributing factor.
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    It'd be nice if people would actually look at the games they're trying to criticize. Do this, this, and this not count as showing emotions beyond calm or snarky?
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    "...I already know most of this history..." Lupin says, looking through the book. Man's made many discoveries and found various historical artifacts. In many cases, stealing them just to prove he could. "Though the differenes are a bit interesting." "This stuff doesn't make too much sense, but I'll do my best..." Amitie never was the best at studying, though certainly not for a lack of trying. "What'd you find, Nep-Nep?"
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    Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    I think Venom and Blackheart have a good chance of coming back mainly because aside from Thanos and Shuma-Gorath(who themselves also have good chances of coming due to the former's role in the upcoming Avengers movie, and the latter's assets from MvC3 being reusable) their the only Marvel villains from the early Vs games, and Capcom may try to bring them back out of nostalgia to make up from the loss of Doom, Magneto, and Sentinel.
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    "So we find this Foundation Element thingy, it'll help to save this world, right?" Amitie says, but she's trying to do this and study at the same time "Bingo. And that's why we gotta find it."
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    This was going to be the case no matter what, just for battery/power usage reasons. The target threshold for a mobile device is usually 5-10 watts of power, meanwhile a console is allowed up to around 75 watts of power. But one part of the equation that needs to be accounted for is the resolution difference here. Let's think about it logically and realistically from a technical standpoint. In docked mode it runs at 1080p@60, and in portable mode it runs at 720p@60 (the built-in screen is 720pso it would be pointless and a waste of resources to run the game full throttle and then merely downscale the resolution). People take 1080p@60 for granted these days, but really- 720p@60 is a great accomplishment for a handheld device, and this is actually a pretty reasonable power drop to accommodate for how much less intensive 720p is for games than 1080p is. The full (docked) specs, as the patents go over, literally are just to mainly facilitate the push to 1080p resolutions. Let's put this another way. 1280x720 is 921,600 pixels, and 1920x1080 is 2,073,600, or more than double the resolution. A lot of people trivialize the hardware power necessary to make this jump- the GPU running at 40% of its performance in portable mode (compared to docked mode )is pretty much on par with that difference in power- "more than double".
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    I don't know if it was union or what, but David Humphrey should've been came back as Shadow. He's one of the best English actors we've had in this series, and that's saying a shitload considering he's from the Dreamcast era. My only consolation of him getting booted is that his legacy isn't attached to ShtH nor is he gonna be wasted in this current era.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Well, that just made my day.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Ratings are in for "The Biggest Fan" and the CN airing. I also got curious about Teen Titans Go's ratings, since people keep bringing it up as the reason the show gets heavily promoted so much, so I did a long Twitter thread about it. No, the show is not doing well with ratings anymore, and if Sonic Boom was getting treated better, the show would actually be getting more viewers than Teen Titans Go does!
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    Karma easily dodges the attack, and Irina quickly slashes the Kunai away with her own knife. Irina looked at him with cold eyes. "Attacking a student? Certainly, Korosensei would never stoop so low. Well, I'll leave this to Korosensei. These new students are too rowdy for my pleasure" Irina than left the class. Karma and the other students then began to study dilligently again. They were currently learning about Operation Barbarossa in detail.
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    While I'd still classify him as obscure, Nack's one of those characters that everyone knows of, at least. (As far as online fandom goes, anyway.) I always thought it was interesting how fans of the more obscure characters in this franchise managed to make them common knowledge. And it's impressive how that passion is probably the reason the wanted poster cameos in Generations + Mania happened. Also I'm not sure if number of appearances is really enough to determine importance. Using the Amy comparison, after CD she only really had presence in spinoffs, but with that one main game appearance as well as appearing in spinoffs even when Nack didn't (i.e. the first Drift, Sonic R), I'd say she was more "important".....but you could probably very easily argue against that. :V
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    Ninja Kirby was not happy with being referred to as one of Korosensei's kind. He turns to face Irina, with angry eyes. "Hey! Don't compare me to that monster! He wants to blow up the world, and I'd prefer to save it! And I'm going to prove it by bringing him down!" Ninja Kirby angrily grabs a yellow handled kunai and chucks it at Irina, and does it again to Karma. He returns to plotting his attack while fake reading the book in front of him.
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    Karma shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, a robot I guess. Anyway, is that pink thing some kinda baby korosensei?" Koishi, who was sitting by a desk looked downcast. As usual, nobody could realise her. She still had absolutely no presence. Koishi got up from her desk, as usual without anybody even noticing. She had come up with a whimsicle idea.
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    We all hate that nasty fleeeeeeeeeeea
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    As it turns out, Ninja Kirby's kunai missed Neptune and embedded itself in the wall of the classroom. Kirby managed to see it through the cherry blossom petals he sent out. Dang. Well, that failed. I hope Korosensei doesn't see it, or he'll know part of the plan! I'll have to go fetch it later. While the kunai failed to get Ninja Kirby's classmates attention, the petals did. Yes! Now they just have to read the petals! Ninja Kirby uses his right hand to do the work while pointing at the petals with his left hand. He also looks at his classmates with a concerned look on his face. Come on, grab one out of the air and admire it! They're pretty!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    He was in Champions as an advertisement.
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    "Not me...hey, I see that pink puffball Kirby tossing them! What are you doing that for?!" Lupin is unamused by what has transpired. "Maybe he wants something?" Amitie observes this fact. Kirby does want something.
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    The level select says lava reef 3, so he could be going with that.
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    Fire & Ice was written by the writers of the show IIRC? Already, the new cutscenes and such is a pretty big step up, as well as directly tying it into the show more (Why the fuck does Knuckles live on a random volcanic mountain?)
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    I'm not denying that some of the jokes were pretty forced especially since there was a cutscene before and after a stage/race. Felt like Pontac/Graff/Guerrero just had to fill in those cutscenes with something and it shows. Good thing Fire & Ice fixed that problem.
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    "I've already learned enough in my lifetime." Tails says. "Although, these school supplies do look nice." He gets out a pencil case from his desk. "We got pencils, erasers, sharpeners and... knives. You know, the essentials?"
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    Nice returning choices, although we could see agent Venom mk 1 or 2 perhaps instead of standard, although he did return to the classic look recently. Also I still don't think Doom is gone, Capcom has a lot of pull with this being a legacy series, and I don't see them not pulling for at least the classic core characters, and even working on them until they get official approval(much like how Bowser Jr made it into Smash 4 on the part of staff effort). Especially since Doom has a current comic, and has been super active in the comics. In fact I could see X-23 Wolverine happening too, since that'd bolster the comic side with no major movie entanglements
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    If i wasn't so tired I'd start another music project. I came up with a good remix idea involving Sonic and xylophones
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    On my way to see Passengers. Can't say I wasn't warned...
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    Um...this post is more or less equivalent to "bumping", which is not exactly what we consider a good contribution around here. If you want to get discussion going, it's better to actually post something new, especially since I don't actually think it's that likely that people missed your previous post just because it was on the end of the previous page. I mean...if people are actually trying to keep up with this discussion, something that minor isn't going to make a huge difference. This part isn't a moderator action, just a suggestion: Your "game" seems a little...demanding. And specific. I don't think there's going to be a ton of people on this forum who can think of two characters they want to be in the game that fall under each of those really specific categories. It's not the Marvel Stadium Message Board, after all. I mean, to answer that post you have to be a fan of Marvel movies, Marvel TV shows, AND Marvel comic books. That's kind of a lot for a forum that's not specifically about comics, Marvel, or superheroes.
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    The kunai that Kirby tossed flew straight under Hiss' large eye. Fortunately for the blue cockroach, her body was made up of a hard shell, so the Kunai simply bounced off her face and onto her much-too-small desk. "Hm? I thought throwing things in class was against rules..." Hiss said to herself as she picked up the kunai, which was very tiny in her massive hand. Inspecting it, she noticed a piece of paper on it. She carefully took it off and looked at it very closely. "...Oh..." Hiss sighed "Hiss wish she could read Earth languages..." "Did Kirby really just throw a kunai of all things in your face?!" Katii , a little irritated "Good lord, this kid knows nothing about being a ninja! You're lucky your eye's too hard to poke out! It's like, stealth weapon 101!" Katii looked at the note Hiss was reading and lifted an eyebrow. "Hmmm... well, I'll give the kid one thing... He's clever."
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    "I resent that remark" Ritsu said as she moved back into place. "How does a giant computer actually learn anyways?" "I'm a machine capable of learning" Ritsu replied, "I was created to learn Korosensei's patterns to kill him but after a dispute I decided to go along with everyone." Ritsu then smiled.
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    Korosensei had to think about it for a second there. He then zoomed off and brought Neptune a bunch of books based on programming, game theory, and the ever dreaded math. "I always support my students with whatever they want to be" Korosensei said as he stood back at his podium. "I don't think anyone here is aware of alternate universes. Strange since he blew up half the moon."
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    I like Satam, and I like Kirby. Therefore my username is Saturday Morning Kirb. Simple enough.
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    and by adapting to the mobile market you mean something like this?
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    Heroes' manual begs to differ:
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    Radiant Hero Ike


    There's a new Overwatch comic! It's Christmas themed. It confirms Tracer being a lesbian, too!
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    Yeah, Nintendo's PR has not been helping (it usually doesn't). It definitely has people talking but if it's primarily marketed as a home system people will end up having higher expectations about its power. I mean, people will do that anyway because they don't usually have realistic expectations when it comes to Nintendo, but you know. And yeah, $199 would be ideal. I don't think that Nintendo would do that though, because they never go for the loss-leading-profit strategy. They're too conservative.
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    To make things easier on everyone I've made a table of all the characters' heights, from shortest to tallest, and other pertinent information. Hopefully this will save people the trouble of running to the wiki every time the need to find something. It's late here so I apologize if I missed anyone.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    I think Roger and Travis probably sang that "Fight the Power" song. I know I heard Roger's voice in that.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    And I never said it couldn't be. In my post addressing you (that you previously quoted, mind you) included the words "while you are free to contest something you don't agree with," to prove this. The point is that it should be done constructively. Had this actually been done where you addressed what you were critical of constructively I wouldn't of had to say anything hence me addressing you on the matter at the beginning of my post. It was the way you said it. Not the act of contesting the opinion itself as you by all means can do so as long as it is done respectfully and constructively per the rules that we have established here.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Not finding it funny is fine. Saying gags where characters crash into walls "Torture" the characters and pitching some weird high drama thing for a silly show like this a whole other story. Just because it's "Their Opinion" doesn't automatically mean it can't be questioned.
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    It's still there, in all its... 'glory'. http://kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2454 One of the things that will always amaze me is how often he will deny having said or done something, but has taken zero steps to cover any of his tracks when it comes to this forum. Edit: I've been given the heads up by Tylinos that the Stadium currently has a weird glitch going on when it comes to links that causes parts of the address to get chopped off. If you wanna check out the topic at the end of that link, that verifies Ken stating LSC would be 'COMING SOON IN 2012', try copying and pasting, otherwise you're gonna be left thinking he deleted the thread.
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    No, Ken, this is you once again setting up for the chance to say later that Archie didn't want to play ball in the end and it's all their fault, while still not mentioning the part where you want payment for the use of your characters. (Which Archie/Sega wouldn't get much of a return-on-investment from doing, except maybe as a one-off "HEY BUY THIS ISSUE" thing.) Also, I wouldn't really consider insulting the series by saying it needs to return to its former glory "playing nice".
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    Well holy pepperoni! The Sonic Tumblr decided to promote today's episode with Sneak pictures again!
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    Ah, alright. And where's Mina gonna come in? Or Hope? Or any of the other characters better than yours that's now gone because of your nonsense?
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    Honestly, the only hard part towards fixing the continuity for me is the stuff that deals with time travel and Blaze's dimension.They really should have thought it over a little better on how they were going to include Silver in the mix. Their strategy for making him popular had quite a number of holes in it. This sounds harsh because I don't actually hate Silver but imagining him never existing is a comforting thought. The idea that Blaze's backstory wouldn't have been messed with for the sake of making him popular because he had relations with another popular character (as well as being a hedgehog) is nice. Eggman Nega not having his thing fucked over would have made me happy because the broken suspension of disbelief that comes with his motivation now being that "Eggman never wins" infuriates me. I can only hope that he's confirmed to be from a different timeline down the line. Hell, the only real issue with time travel continuity in Generations is all the stuff that deals with Silver. The 06 level makes no sense. Him fighting Sonic in Crisis City makes no sense. Blaze saying that it's been a while since she's been to Crisis City really makes no sense when you talk to her. If all that stuff were gone I don't feel like we'd be in this big a rut. Can anyone even remember what it was like before 2006 when we talked about continuity? Were the complaints about it only relegated to the moon? I remember a lot from back then but that stuff alludes me. Also, story continuity isn't hard. It really isn't. Literally all you have to do is not contradict what was already established in the past games and you're golden. You don't even need to make mention of stuff that happened in the past (although that'd be very much appreciated). Just keep things consistent with the state of the world and you're good. They're not going to remember every little thing but some of the things they forget and pretty big deals that they should know people are going to notice.
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    And to add insult to injury, they still don't care about origin stories and what not even when it's not continuous or story-driven in any way. The Wisps in Lost world seemed like the final nail for story. Why were they there? Why didn't they do anything? Why were they still in our faces? Runners did give a very weak explanation that raises more questions than it answers.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Just saw the episode thanks to some help. I quite liked it! It contained a lot of references, moreso than usual, with many pokes at the Sonic fandom. There were references to Casablanca ("Mark, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful assistance-ship"), the Sonic OVA ("SHUT UP, TAILS!"), and of course, Misery. Pretty darned good! Now, bring on the Ian Flynn episode!
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Anyone else wondering if the little pink shrew fangirl of Sonic's at the end was supposed to be a parody of Classic Amy Rose? LOL.
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    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    You get water. Is this SEGA's way of just holding Sonic's head under water until he stops twitching?
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