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    EHUHUEHUEHUEHUHUEH nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic ay luigi i hope she made lots of spaghetti luigi look it's from bowser dear pesky plumbers the koopalings and i have taken over the mushroom kingdom we have kidnapped the princess and escorted her to one of our seven koopa hotels i dare you to try and find her and YOU gotta help us if you need instructions check out the enclosed instruction book
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    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    So here's something the guys at Vicarious Visions made just for the holidays
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    I don't think I'd mind Classic Sonic getting a voice if him being silent got in the way of the plot. They could easily make a joke about his first line as everyone expresses surprise that he can talk etc. It could even be a very self-aware running gag that Modern Sonic finds it annoying that Classic talks all the time now, or at the very least Classic could occasionally let slip a bit of outdated 90's slang and Modern could find it embarrassing (followed by ironically using some 00's slang that's on the verge of being outdated already). As for expressions in the classic games, doesn't Sonic have the same facial expression throughout the entire intro to Sonic CD? He just looks serious/focused the entire time, with a dash of surprise when he first sees the state of Little Planet (or the rock falling, the camera cut doesn't quite make it clear which he was looking at but yeah, same difference). http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/glorious?s=t Please
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    It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea. Good Idea. Talking to friends and like minded fellows on the internet. Bad Idea. Deciding the place to do it is on a Sonic fan community message board.
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    So. to try steer the topic to another direction, there is one common thing I keep noticing about the criticisms, and I think it comes down to this. Some people want Boom to be something that it isn't. Like there's instances where Boom does go too far with making characters unlikable, or does do some jokes but really bomb hard, but when I see people complaining that characters aren't being nice to each other or this isn't some hard hitting drama, or people are shrugging off what others do, you're kinda asking for a different show altogether. Boom is a comedy show, first and foremost, and sadly, that's just what a lot of comedy boils down to. It boils down to people taking potshots, taking the piss out of each other, and more. Doug Walker puts it best, comedy needs to have some kind of misery to work, let it be pain, or something as simple as a character not getting the reaction that was expected from them. Take the latest episode for example. If Tails captured Sonic legitimately, and Sonic acted heartbroken, and destroyed, and all of that, not only would it be completely out of character, but there'd be no comedy to come out of it. However, if Sonic has a sarcastic or snarky attitude to the situation, like patting Tails on the head when one of his traps failed, that's not only showing a reaction not expected, but also Tails' plan going wrong, therefore adding comedy. It's why Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry are so funny. If Daffy Duck acted like he was legitimately about to die after Elmer Fudd shoots him after a Bugs/Daffy skit, you won't laugh, you'll just be like "This is a cartoon, this shouldn't be taken so serious". But if Daffy makes a sarcastic comment, and looks pissed, it shows him in pain yes, but not overly saddened or depressed, which allows us to laugh at it. There's a point where you genuinely just have to lighten up with this series, and I'm not saying this in a harsh or mean way, but people have to realize that there's different tones for different series, and that will determine how all of the series as a whole is meant to be looked at. Sonic Boom is a comedy. When you see Tails trying to trap Sonic on a bet, you need to have a little bit of suspension of disbelief, and realize that this isn't meant to be taken as a total betrayal of friendship. It's meant to be a stupid bet between friends based on their own ego, and that leads to comedic situations. If it was Archie Sonic, then you'd have more of a point because that's more based around story-telling, action, and a little bit of comedy. But in a pure comedy based show, a lot of it needs to be taken lightly, and when that's how all of the situations is portrayed, well you can't really blame the show for being overly harsh or anything. It's not like Modern Spongebob where it literally shows a character in actual real long-lasting pain that was actively malicious.
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    Most of his sprites in 1 and 2 don't have a visible mouth at all, and while it might be debatable I've always interpreted his neutral expression in 3&K as a smile. Plus there's plenty of examples of him smiling on the title screens, signposts, the endgame poses, things like that. Again it's kind of that issue of action scenes vs more casual or victorious scenes.
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    This is straight up false. The brand awareness being raised by Pokemon Go directly translated to sales for other, main-series Pokemon games, including Sun and Moon.
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    So the 6 stories in SA1 are slightly different because they're being told from the POV of their respective characters right? Well my question is what kind of concieted assholes are these guys? Tails: "...I asked Knuckles what the problem was, and the jerk tried to hit me! So naturally I kicked the crap outta him for it!" Sonic: "I'm sorry what?! Knuckles tried to attack *me* and *I* kicked the crap outta him!" Knuckles: "I attacked SONIC with GOOD REASON" Sonic: "See?!" Knuckles: "and *I* was the one who kicked HIS ass!" Sonic: "WHAT?!" ... Tails: "I almost had the robot taken care of, but Amy stepped in and begged me to spare its life, so I graciously complied." Sonic: "Are you SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!" Gamma: "Correction, the male hedgehog engaged myself in combat, and I was successfully able to subdue him, with the female hedgehog begging for his life." Sonic: "That's right I...hey, WHAT?!"
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    I present - Sonic Mania: The SEGA Saturn Trailer.
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    Gonna grab the punch faster since the master of hoaxes, @Tracker_TD, made a pretty kickass commercial thing for Mania.
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    Pretty sure Classic Sonic wasn't tarnished by Sonic OVA, STC or Sonic SATAM and he spoke in all of them. He also had a personality, and actually felt like an interesting character in many cases. Definitely wouldn't say he had a bad voice actor in Sonic OVA either. The Classic Sonic in Generations really doesn't feel like the actual classic Sonic in Triple Trouble and CD. Sonic was never so cheerful in his older games. Look at Sonic CD's OP and ED where he hardly ever smiles.
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    I don't even really know what to say, Kintor, besides that I think you're completely overreacting. I'm not about to deny the necessity of Nintendo stepping into the mobile space (one of several ways they've been increasing their brand awareness lately) or that the 10 dollar price point was probably a mistake. Those are givens, and they have been for quite some time. But to call a game that saw 21 million dollars of gross revenue in the first 4 days a "dismal failure" is completely backwards to me. It's clear that their release strategy was flawed. How Nintendo adapts and reacts to this remains to be seen.
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    Look at the most recent terrible drawing I did. It's terribly beautiful.
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    Not that I'm a fan of the blatant baiting of staff, but this is not helping. Also even if they wanted to include Super Emeralds, I'm not so sure if SEGA would let 'em. Which I think is fair since they always seemed like a non-canon bonus (which, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure has been confirmed).
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    Speaking under the assumption that other classic depictions of characters do appear in this game, I don't mind if classic Sonic speaks or not as long as it's consistent with the other classic characters. Classic Sonic being silent but classic Tails and Eggman being able to talk fine in Generations was a strange attempt to have it both ways that didn't work well IMO. Either have all the classic characters speak or have all the classic characters silent.
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    Honestly, the interest in Nintendo's products on mobile is still there; the fact that Mario Run received a record number of downloads should prove that. To say that they're paying for their "arrogance" is an unusual spin on things for several reasons. Nintendo misread the market, which isn't unexpected, since they're still getting their feet wet when it comes to mobile gaming. I don't think Mario Run's price point was deliberately deceptive, but it was poorly communicated. I don't expect one game to have a long term effect on Nintendo's shares. Investors are notoriously fickle, especially Nintendo's, because every time the company manages to catch lightning in a bottle (pre-release Switch hype, Pokemon Go) they expect them to do it again and again, which is never going to happen. Underperforming game =/= failure.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'm gonna guess she forgot to add Big. EDIT 1: Well, got the answer to that (maybe...): Me: So, that cover looks amazing! ...But just one little question: Where's Big? ES: What, you don’t see him? EDIT 2: True response: Me: XD Dang! But in all seriousness, did you just forget to add him or is there another reason? ES: No pun intended, but he was too big! I kinda ran out of space. I vaguely remember asking about a list of required characters, and he wasn’t on it. I dunno I find it kind of fitting that he’s only kinda-sorta an FF and wanders in and out as he pleases. Nobody’s quite sure how he got there, or where he goes. So mysterious.
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    You keep hammering on the animations, but that's a completely different matter. Reusing an old animation is nothing more than a cute visual reference, there's no greater effect than that. Super emeralds and hyper forms, on the other hand, have both gameplay and story consequences. Including them in the game raises the question of why they've never appeared anywhere else and makes Super Sonic feel less significant since it's no longer Sonic at his strongest. It also requires extra work to make 7 more special stages and to program the Hyper forms' abilities, as well as to test it all. And considering they seem dedicated to one-button gameplay, Hyper Sonic's dash would have to override the drop dash, and I'm not sure how comfortable they'd be overriding the new unique ability they've made for him. I'm not saying that Hyper forms are definitely out, but there's plenty of reasons for them to decide not to include them, and no reason to assume they'll be in.
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    He's not over the top emotional but he is by no means "unflappably calm". And I'd wager if he showed much more emotion than that some people would be calling it OOC or "wacky". They tended to stick with his serious face, especially in the shots where you get the clearest look at his face, but he does smile a few times, most notably during the wallrun after he skims over the water.
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    That would be like if Yuji Naka or Shigeru Miyamoto had shat on everything their respective companies had done to their characters without their direct input and tried to "take back" the right to the characters they didn't even own, while ignoring the fact they always had a whole team to help bring their visions to life. (hypothetically speaking, this would probably apply to Naka's case more, as I think Miyamoto has overseen nearly ever major Mario/Zelda/Metroid/Donkey Kong title released since their inceptions.) Penders obviously knew anything he did that wasn't remotely connected to Sonic in anyway was practically dead on arrival, even if he wrote a beautifully written masterpiece. I can't blame homie for wanting a higher royalty rate for reprints and the like, but what do you gain out of screwing up twenty years of comic book lore (It was close to twenty years for the comic when the reboot happened, right?) and ruining several story arcs that were planned? You gain your characters, sure, but you not only lose the respect you had from longtime fans, but you also confuse and infuriate newer readers who were just getting into the comic. And you can't blame the hand for ruining your reputation when they actually tried to meet halfway with your demands, but you not only bit them, but ripped their whole arm off. I'm starting to think he knows what he's doing, but he's putting on a facade just to piss off everyone. And since we're on the subject of SEGA, any chance they're the reason he's delaying the book? He may have gotten lucky with Archie, but his character designs are still biting SEGA's IP way too hard no matter how deep in the Uncanny Valley he tries to go, and that's not even getting into the Geoffrey St. John thing, as well as his apparent plans to introduce Sonic and the other Archie characters. Ya'll think he's trying to wait long enough to fool SEGA into thinking he's off their radar to quietly throw the book up for sale to avoid getting pumped full of legal bullets by their lawyers?
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    You can do whatever you like but don't expect anyone to take you seriously. The folks on this forum tend to be more appreciative of those who at least make an attempt to engage in intelligent debate. Now, you're certainly entitled to your opinion and you're free to express it however you wish, but acting like every one-dimensional parody of Classic Sonic purists ever is not going to get you anywhere here. Either elaborate on your views and say something constructive so we can discuss it, or people are going to get real sick of you real fast. Don't say I didn't warn you. Now, on to the topic at hand: Regardless of how he was in the Classics, Sonic, like most characters, is at his best when he has a wide range of expressions and emotions to work with. Humans are complex creatures with complex feelings and we like to see that reflected in our characters because it makes them feel closer to us. That's a big reason why Sonic seems so much more likable and engaging in games like Adventure 2 and the Storybooks, where he's allowed to express feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, fear, etc., than he does in games like '06 or Colors, where he's perpetually locked into a state of either unflappable calm or snarky boredom. The more emotions Sonic gets to express, and the more frequently he expresses him, the more relatable he becomes. To be clear, when I say Sonic should be expressive I don't mean he has to curl up into a ball an suck his thumb whenever something frightening happens, or even that he has to be upfront with his emotions. He should however demonstrate an appropriate emotional response to the situation, and it should still be present in some measure, even if he's not open about it. Some good examples of this done right would be the ending scene of Adventure 2 and the scene in Secret Rings where Sonic realizes that the flame arrow is almost completely gone. In SA2 we see Sonic acting like his usual self with Amy, but with Rouge (who is more mature than Amy and doesn't look to Sonic as a pillar of strength the way she does) and in private he's noticeably more open about his sadness over Shadow's presumed death. Similarly, in Secret Rings Sonic is seen putting on a brave face for Shahra but, his immediate reaction after collapsing betrays some of the fear he feels knowing that his life is about to end, and although he is able to mostly regain his composure he's still pretty clearly shaken up by the ordeal.
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    Penders likes to take advantage of the fact that Twitter's format makes it difficult for him to really be properly called out or contradicted about his statements (it's why he stopped posting on his forum), as well as the fact that neither ARchie nor Ian Flynn, whether out of legal obligation or professional courtesy, will strike back at him for his various innaccurate and self-serving statements. As to why he does this, Penders is at once overly invested in his time on Sonic and incapable of moving on, as well as hellbent on being seen as 'the good guy' in this entire mess despite many of his legitimately shoddy actions after the trial and during his time on the comic. He wants people on his side, and he refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing on his own part. Case in point- For context, this one started with Penders mentioning that he owes Bollers a 'huge apology', which is a rather nice gesture... but it does not excuse him from the fact that the 'disagreement' was a bit more severe than he's making it sound. In the past, Bollers stated that the 25YL storyline Penders was doing was an Elseworld's type of story, merely one future of many. Penders was adamant about the idea that 25YL as he wrote it was *the* future of the book, no ifs, ands or buts. He went so far as to delete threads that brought up the fact on his forum (and lying about doing it), and would later accuse Bollers of trying to undermine him and of throwing a hissyfit. Sufficed to say, 'disagreement' is a tad euphemistic to describe what actually happened. So in short? Penders is an egomaniacal, willfully deceitful, and self-serving sorry excuse for a person. This is a guy who claimed that SEGA and Archie were somehow responsible for the fandom turning against him, despite neither of them having said anything about him on their social media or anywhere during the trial and after it, and later went as far as to accuse Ian Flynn of stealing ideas from him under the flimsiest pretences imaginable. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions, and is too invested in the idea of being the 'best' Sonic writer to really entertain the idea that other people might have done things better than him or have been just as important to the book.
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    So fun fact, I just realized that Disney's movies followed Sonic's games for a while, stopping only with Wreck-It Ralph and Lost World Home on the Range - Shadow the Hedgehog: Presents a huge shift in tone that's too much to one side, and results in them feeling completely off. Shadow was too try-hard dark, while HotR was too light and too kid-friendly, with nothing for families. Both movies present the warning for their series' worst entries to date. Chicken Little - Sonic 06: The film/game that was a total fucking disaster for each retrospective series, having terrible characters, terrible stories, terrible comedy/drama, and were all around the biggest downfall. Both caused audiences to lose respect and trust in their retrospective companies. Meet the Robinsons - Sonic Unleashed: A game/film that was seen as perfectly alright by many people. They came out right after the lowest points of their main series and had a lot to prove, needing to win back the crowd after their previous mistakes. They both made some mistakes but were a noticeable step up from their last products. An attempt to win back the crowd and rectify past sins. Didn't do their jobs completely, but did successfully make an important first step. The Princess & The Frog - Sonic Colors/Colours: The game/film that pretty much won back the crowd fully after their past sins, and pretty much worked to ensure that they've learned their lesson, and wants to make products that are filled with quality again. They went back to the past and took an element that people loved (2D) and using that, and a lot of hard work, and feedback, won back their retrospective crowds. Tangled - Sonic Generations: Pretty much took everything before and upped them to new levels, improving a lot of elements, refining elements, bringing back a lot of past elements (levels/fairy tale story), and is regarded as the crowd pleaser product that officially brought back a lot of attention back to their retrospective series.
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    As I thought, he's talkin' loud and saying nothin'. Tell 'em Godfather! For real though, does he get off on spreading misinformation? I understand, even though he didn't create Knuckles, that was his baby for a good chunk of his career till around 2005-2006 and he wants to take pride in it. But making boldface lies about it to the point where you seem to be drinking your own Kool-Aid? I don't think even Frank Miller would even stoop that low. He's allowed to take pride in his work, even if others think its crap. I get that. But that doesn't give him a free pass to be a throbbing, hypocritical and dismissive prick about it. The closest example I can think of to compare Penders to was when J. Michael Straczynski implied that the sales of the The Amazing Spider-Man comic went down after Dan Slott had taken over his position, and he ended up getting into a very public spat with other writers and editors, including Slott himself. And even then, he openly admitted that the "big" story he did for the comic at the end of his run, One More Day, was horrible because he was forced to do it, and he had tried to get his name off the covers to protect his rep. Of course there was the Sins Past arc too, but not even he likes talking about that... But here, Penders lacks so much self awareness, it's almost cringeworthy, and he's convinced any writer that worked on the comic that isn't him is an utter hack and didn't bring anything to the table. I know it's been said many times here before, but it's kinda sad he's acting out this way. I think if he had of simply used totally original characters for this project instead of trying to cling onto the one thing he had the most success with to the point of outright stealing it, he probably wouldn't have lost all the goodwill he had left with a lot of fans. As a writer myself, I hope I never reach his level of pettiness and delusion.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Oh yeah, here's the same cover but with Evan's signature in it for the people who care. Evan Stanley posted the full cover of Universe #93, papa bless. Also reminder that she also wrote some episodes for Boom Season 2 as well.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Can we please refrain from saying things like this? This is not constructive criticism in regards to something you don't agree with. Please don't do this as one is entitled to their opinion whether it is negative, unpopular or not. Either way one should always feel comfortable in expressing their opinion. While you are free to contest something you don't agree with, it should be done in a constructive manner like other members have already done on the matter as opposed to accusing them of overacting and telling them to "lighten up" in regards to how they feel or what they think. If people don't think Sonic Boom is funny or that they don't like what they see for whatever reason they should be able to express that. That said however, express your criticism constructively regardless of how incorrect, excessive or even absurd you think one's opinion or reaction is. This goes for everyone even though many of you are already doing that. Anyway, on with my take of "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er": I thought this was a really good episode. I enjoyed it a lot as it had lots of entertainment, laughs, characterization, interaction and chili dogs-all packed in this one episode that is definitely my favorite for Season 2 so far . Per usual on these takes of mine, additional observations are as follows: The episode starts off with a battle with Sonic, Tails, VaccumBot and Dr. Eggman. The Doctor mentioned "evil candy" at some point...I guess to go with that "evil ham"! "I think the audience would appreciate that!" More breaking of the 4th wall in Sonic Boom! Team Sonic having a meal together. Seeing the entire crew together even doing ordinary things never gets old! The shenanigans to trap Sonic begins...and so far things aren't looking good for Tails seeing that HE's the one trapped here! I know Sonic was teasing Tails here but I still thought him patting Tails on the head was kinda cute Cubot, Dr. Eggman and Orbot watching Sonic and Tails courtesy of the Flybot. Cubot is munching on nuts and bolts like it's popcorn and Orbot is sipping on oil like it's a drink-as if they were watching a movie! Looks like someone's got a temper! Tails absolutely destroyed those binoculars! I knew this was a trap. Tails' adorable sad face didn't fool me! The barrel is destroyed! Now if only we could do that in Sonic 3 with that infamous awful "Barrel of Doom"! The best friends engage in a friendly handshake. Love the interaction and friendship between these two as it is my favorite thing in the entire Sonic series! Tails singing at Meh Burger Karaoke Night. I thought that Zooey was going to be there but hearing how Tails sounded...that might of been for the best that she wasn't there "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er" was a really good episode in my opinion. From the jokes, 4th wall-breaking, the interaction, banter, and the competition and Tails (my favorite character in Sonic Boom mind you!) showing a big range of character and personality-even in admitting fault- this was an episode I enjoyed very much. Ian Flynn did a great job writing this episode putting everyone in the main cast to good use as well as another fine showing of Sonic and Tails being bros-even amid a competition that ended up getting out of hand. Definitely looking forward to the next episode!
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    In case any of you are wondering how big the CE statue is, from the Sonic stream earlier today: It's huge.
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    This is canon in Mario.

    This is canon in Mario.
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    The bit about expressiveness wasn't specifically directed at you, although I can see how that wasn't clear in my post. At any rate this is what I mean by you acting like a one-dimensional parody of a Classic fan: You say the voice acting is horrible. Why? What makes you say that? Is there an issue with the quality of the performances themselves? In which case the problem could be solved by simply getting better voice actors instead of jumping to the nuclear option of eliminating voice acting altogether. Or do you simply believe that Sonic was better off without voice acting? In which case the voice acting isn't necessarily horrible, you just don't like Sonic having a voice and will never be pleased as long as he does, quality of the performance be damned. Is you're issue with voice acting specifically or are you opposed to text based dialogue a la Sonic Battle too? Voice acting and nonverbal expression are not mutually exclusive though. Here's another scene from Secret Rings. You'll notice that, somehow, through some sorcery, Sonic is able to emote non-verbally in this scene, despite the presence of voice acting. Furthermore there are limits to what can be said without words, language was invented for a reason after all. Sometimes speech, or at least text, is necessary to communicate more complex or abstract concepts. The last two scenes of Sonic and the Black Knight are an excellent example of a situation where voice acting is needed to get the point across effectively. If you were to remove all of the voice acting and subtitles from these scenes it would become nearly impossible to convey Merlina's sympathetic motive of wanting to make the kingdom immortal or Sonic's own philosophy of living life to the fullest. Sure you can certainly tell what the characters are doing and feeling in these scenes, but their reasons for acting and feeling the way they do is lost. Could it be done purely through visuals? Well, I suppose that you could show a map of the kingdom and have it turn into a snake, and that makes Merlina cry, so she waves the scabbard and causes the snake to turn into an Ouroboros, then, after the fight Sonic demonstrates that the Ouroboros is unable to go anywhere in it's current state, so he removes its tail from its mouth and lets it slither away. Thing is, that's extremely complicated, it requires the audience to understand the symbolism behind the Ouroboros, and ultimately it still doesn't convey things as clearly as actual written or spoken language could. Additionally body language, symbolism, and the written or spoken word are not the only way to communicate thoughts or feelings. Other elements of a scene, such as music, setting, and even lighting, can be just as effective at conveying feelings. Sonic Adventure 2 provides the most truly glorious example of this when we compare the levels Lost Colony and Eternal Engine. Both levels are set around the same area, and use the same (or at least very similar) textures. Neither Eggman or Tails really displays much in the way of body language while piloting their mechs, and the only voice acting consists of the same generic lines used in every level. However, by simply changing the music and lighting of the area the developers are able to convey two entirely unique moods which makes these otherwise similar levels feel as different as night and day. We agree on that much. Well, I didn't mean it quite so literally. Still, 27 minutes of pure snark vs. 3 minutes of everything else is not exactly what I'd call a frequent or varied expressions of emotion. Hell, Team Sonic's story in Heroes is only three minutes long and he still manages to emote just as much, if not more, there than he does in the entirety of Colors. For the record the unflappably calm bit was more in reference to '06 than Colors. Also, I don't know why you think that people would find a more emotional Sonic to be out of character. In my experience people who dislike Colors and it's ilk tend to dislike it at least in part because they feel that Sonic is too subdued. He's a daredevil who defines himself by his love of adventure, so why does he react to Eggman's plots like their a chore or a job he has to do, instead of an exciting new challenge to enjoy? He's about to be sucked into a giant death vortex, so why does his reaction amount to little more than "Oh, bother". The Deadly Six just turned Tails into a robot, drained all life from Earth, and killed everyone else he held dear, so why does he react to them with little more than mild annoyance instead of going apeshit on them like he did on Erazor and Merlina (both of whom did far less to piss him off), or like anyone short of Jesus himself realistically would. True, people who dislike Colors generally aren't huge fans of uber-wackiness, but although Colors and the rest may be considered "wacky" overall the intensity of Sonic's emotional responses is not a major contributing factor.
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    Project started: Sonic 2 GG - Aqua Lake Target: 6 minutes (0% complete) One hour to start this project before I have to start getting ready for work. As long as I can get the basic idea down before I forget this project will be a snap
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    The Super Emeralds/Hyper forms don't even really qualify as obscure, though; they were fairly significant mechanics in a popular main-series game, they've just been abandoned. They're not on the same level as an animation that never actually got used or characters that never appeared in a major game.
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    glorious glorious glorious glorious glorious glorious
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    Wow. All that expression. I don't know if I can handle it. I don't expect Sonic to have all the expressions in the world, but something that has a much wider range would work a lot better. The last thing I want is for Sega to abandon all the improvements they've made with expressiveness in more recent games (like Sonic Advance), just to revert to Sonic having 3 expressions.
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    Won't Stop, Just Go

    Sonic Channel

    Love the new style and we got plenty of art in the old one so I can't complain.
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    "So we find this Foundation Element thingy, it'll help to save this world, right?" Amitie says, but she's trying to do this and study at the same time "Bingo. And that's why we gotta find it."
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    Ninja Kirby begins focus on the lesson at hand, pink crayon held in a tight grip. He starts to read, but quickly confuses himself. Who was the leader of the Chinese Revolution? Uh, King Dedede. He leads everything, even when he has no right to sometimes. Ninja Kirby scribbled in the answer before realizing that the right answer is probably in the book somewhere. Nah, can't be right. Different dimensions have different history. Maybe the ancient Halcandrians were involved, they've been everywhere. The answer might just be in that book. Ninja Kirby takes his book and looks through it. When he puts it down, he's thoroughly confused, and his eyes are spiralling again. He suddenly spouts off some random Chinese history without even realizing it. "Communism is a government system based around the concept of everyone being equal. Mao Zedong became the ruler of the people's republic of China in 1949. Mao condemned old culture, old customs, old habits, and old ideas, wishing to destroy them. He created the Red Guard as a task force to help destroy these things...." Ninja Kirby scribbled all this down on his paper. Woah, I've never learned so much in this short of a time. This book is awesome! Definitely pocketing this for Pop Star. Ninja Kirby shakes his head sideways and his eyes return to normal. No, no, no, no, no! There's a time and place for learning, but it isn't this time! Now is time for action! Korosensei has to be destroyed! Ninja Kirby pulled out a bunch more sheets of paper. He drew on each: "When the mini-swords start flying, take them and march torward Korosensei point first." Ninja Kirby crumpled them up so that Korosensei wouldn't see the writing, then attached each one to his kunai very carefully, so as to not prick himself. He then threw one of the papered kunai at Hiss, Neptune, Tails, Nagisa, Ritsu, Karma, Kaede, Komaru, Celes, and Ragna. He specifically aimed at their faces, not knowing that in not-Dream Land, sharp weapons to the face are actually deadly. He throws a kunai at Ritsu's screen instead, as she didn't have a face. They won't mind the kunai to the face. These things barely even hurt. But they will get their attention, which is what I need.
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    If there's one thing I want DB Super to give me, it's a Goku/Grandpa Gohan moment.
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    We got the intro for Danganronpa V3!
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    Websites such as Comichron cover direct sales numbers for comic books, dating back to 1995. However, it only covers direct sales, not accounting for things like Subscriptions or Online sales, so really it's only one part of the greater whole with regards to how a book is doing. In fact, Ian Flynn himself was asked about this, and had this to say. Sales probably don't match what they did back when Penders was around, but the thing is, Comics in general have being doing less well compared to previous decades as tastes in media shift and as technology changes the landscape of entertainent. Further, what Penders doesn't like to mention (and dismisses out of hand when anyone brings it up) is the fact that he had the tremendous benefit of writing during the days when Sonic was a red hot property and nigh unstoppable juggernaut of a gaming franchise, and even better for a time had the fortune of writing for the book when the toon was cancelled and no new games were being made while interest in the franchise was still high. Once he was able to admit to this being a factor in the book continuing to sell well despite the show it was made to tie-in to being cancelled, but has since decided that it was all him, all the time. As Zaysho said, Penders has this very ugly habit of omitting details when presenting his own narrative. He likes to bring up facts when they benefit him, but doesn't like to bring up any other facts that poke holes in whatever narrative he's trying to sell. So in short? He's full of it. The comic is doing pretty fine despite Sonic's star having fallen as a franchise AND despite the Reboot gutting a huge chunk of the book. His passive-aggressive potshots at the book and its current staff doesn't change the fact that it was able to keep going without him, and will continue to do so for a while now from the looks of it. Edit: Ninja'd even after accounting for the earlier Ninja-ing. Ah well, the point still stands.
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    This was going to be the case no matter what, just for battery/power usage reasons. The target threshold for a mobile device is usually 5-10 watts of power, meanwhile a console is allowed up to around 75 watts of power. But one part of the equation that needs to be accounted for is the resolution difference here. Let's think about it logically and realistically from a technical standpoint. In docked mode it runs at 1080p@60, and in portable mode it runs at 720p@60 (the built-in screen is 720pso it would be pointless and a waste of resources to run the game full throttle and then merely downscale the resolution). People take 1080p@60 for granted these days, but really- 720p@60 is a great accomplishment for a handheld device, and this is actually a pretty reasonable power drop to accommodate for how much less intensive 720p is for games than 1080p is. The full (docked) specs, as the patents go over, literally are just to mainly facilitate the push to 1080p resolutions. Let's put this another way. 1280x720 is 921,600 pixels, and 1920x1080 is 2,073,600, or more than double the resolution. A lot of people trivialize the hardware power necessary to make this jump- the GPU running at 40% of its performance in portable mode (compared to docked mode )is pretty much on par with that difference in power- "more than double".
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    Oh goody, the return of *this* argument. Gotta love the fact that he doesn't actually address the point about Knuckles or the Lost Ones while he slags off the sale of the current run.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    There's a borderline between "expressing" and "overreacting". And that's what people are saying. They feel they're overreacting. It has nothing to do with being negative or unpopular or having an opinion. Whether you, or even I, feel they were overreacting is not the point. Others are going to interpret things differently, and regardless of how clear you may be on your points, they will always be up for interpretation. And to be fair, I can sort of see why people are saying to not look too much into this and to relax. Because that's exactly what the writers are intending with the show. It's not meant to be this complicated plot with massive character development, drama, and action. I'd say Sonic X goes that route more. But it's just meant to be a nice little comedy show to sit back and laugh at. Nothing more. To go on long emotional tirades about how so-and-so character was acting is the exact opposite of what the show's goal is. And to be honest, if the show were to go in such a radical direction, it's going to struggle even more than it already has. Clearly, they don't see eye-to-eye with the writers on what the show is, and that's fine. But I hope they at least understand the stance of the show nevertheless and, who knows, maybe a new Sonic show will come about that they will find more appealing! I do feel, however, that that should be explained better than just a simple "calm down" reply. Honestly, and I know I keep bringing this point up more than I should but I feel it needs to be repeated once more, but with what I've had to deal with on TSSZ in regards to Boom, the discussions that have ensued in this thread are nothing in comparison. In fact it's been very positive.
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    So we be hearing Tails sing more later down the line, hope your ears can handle it.
  47. 2 points
    I don't know if it was union or what, but David Humphrey should've been came back as Shadow. He's one of the best English actors we've had in this series, and that's saying a shitload considering he's from the Dreamcast era. My only consolation of him getting booted is that his legacy isn't attached to ShtH nor is he gonna be wasted in this current era.
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    So this is Ian Flynn's first episode and it was... pretty good I suppose! The Sonic and Knuckles putting hats on Monkeys scene was hilarious. The dialogue was pretty nice, Sonic coming up with puns after escaping the traps was funny, and I also laughed everytime he gave Tails a mocking pat. Amy was alright here as well, The two birds with one stone dialogue got me. The traps were pretty creative as well, even though Sonic escaped a few of them. There were some really expressive faces. This shot here was pretty cool- And TAILS' EARS CONSTANTLY DROOP WHEN HE FAILS LUL Animation was quite bendy, but it was alright. Vaccum bot's design was interesting as well. It was a really nice episode dialogue wise. And they brought back the GBU altered theme from Guilt tripping! Though there were other references that were already mentioned here... Reminder that Ian Flynn has got one more episode written down, (no we don't know what it's called yet.) So I'm looking forward to that, whenever it airs, and the next two episodes!
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Well, that just made my day.
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    Ratings are in for "The Biggest Fan" and the CN airing. I also got curious about Teen Titans Go's ratings, since people keep bringing it up as the reason the show gets heavily promoted so much, so I did a long Twitter thread about it. No, the show is not doing well with ratings anymore, and if Sonic Boom was getting treated better, the show would actually be getting more viewers than Teen Titans Go does!
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