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    I present - Sonic Mania: The SEGA Saturn Trailer.
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    I don't even really know what to say, Kintor, besides that I think you're completely overreacting. I'm not about to deny the necessity of Nintendo stepping into the mobile space (one of several ways they've been increasing their brand awareness lately) or that the 10 dollar price point was probably a mistake. Those are givens, and they have been for quite some time. But to call a game that saw 21 million dollars of gross revenue in the first 4 days a "dismal failure" is completely backwards to me. It's clear that their release strategy was flawed. How Nintendo adapts and reacts to this remains to be seen.
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    Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    I think Venom and Blackheart have a good chance of coming back mainly because aside from Thanos and Shuma-Gorath(who themselves also have good chances of coming due to the former's role in the upcoming Avengers movie, and the latter's assets from MvC3 being reusable) their the only Marvel villains from the early Vs games, and Capcom may try to bring them back out of nostalgia to make up from the loss of Doom, Magneto, and Sentinel.
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    We all hate that nasty fleeeeeeeeeeea
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    If i wasn't so tired I'd start another music project. I came up with a good remix idea involving Sonic and xylophones
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    On my way to see Passengers. Can't say I wasn't warned...
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    Um...this post is more or less equivalent to "bumping", which is not exactly what we consider a good contribution around here. If you want to get discussion going, it's better to actually post something new, especially since I don't actually think it's that likely that people missed your previous post just because it was on the end of the previous page. I mean...if people are actually trying to keep up with this discussion, something that minor isn't going to make a huge difference. This part isn't a moderator action, just a suggestion: Your "game" seems a little...demanding. And specific. I don't think there's going to be a ton of people on this forum who can think of two characters they want to be in the game that fall under each of those really specific categories. It's not the Marvel Stadium Message Board, after all. I mean, to answer that post you have to be a fan of Marvel movies, Marvel TV shows, AND Marvel comic books. That's kind of a lot for a forum that's not specifically about comics, Marvel, or superheroes.
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    and by adapting to the mobile market you mean something like this?
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    Heroes' manual begs to differ:
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    To make things easier on everyone I've made a table of all the characters' heights, from shortest to tallest, and other pertinent information. Hopefully this will save people the trouble of running to the wiki every time the need to find something. It's late here so I apologize if I missed anyone.
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