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    Lord of the Switch.

    Lord of the Switch.
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    Tail: "Making robots is the same as breaking them." Wat?
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    Haalyle's Drawings! [ART]

    Wow, it's been a whole year since I've updated this thread. Decided I post some sketches I've done over the year, mainly as jokes. Things I drew over the last two months: And what I drew today: (This was a joke in a Discord server I'm in, since everyone was drawing this one pose in different styles, so I did it in my terrible sketch style.)
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    The deed is done. I now own DOOM '16 and the first three Quake games (expansions included). Time to get my old-school on.
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    Thank to @Soni I can now continue my adventures of Cute Genie Hero Changeling Animal Lovey Girl Alladin. Thanks a bunch!
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    Reaction: You stand in rain, and your butt somehow bursts into flames.
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    Been considering going back to playing Sonic and the Black Knight. Think its worthwhile?
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    Another bomb ass topic coming soon hold on to your asses
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    I would ask what's been happening but who gives a damn
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    We all hate that nasty fleeeeeeeeeeea
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