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    Dear Pesky Plumbers, There really is a difference between a character (THE MAIN CHARACTER, at that) being snarky and having a giggle at times, and being snarky and having a giggle all the time. When the former happens, it lightens up the situation. When the latter happens, it can ruin any immersion or weight that the plot is supposed to hold; especially when the rest of the game surrounding it fails to combat this with higher stakes or twists that make the player feel like anything going on is ultimately worth a shit. And especially especially when the writing lets the giggles and snark fall flat because it's either corny or just not funny. And especially especially especially whenever the only thing the characters do is stand in place and nothing happens besides lame dialogue. Also, to the elephant in the room: are we STILL doing this thing where we talk shit about modern Sonic and praise classic Sonic at a constant? I hope you guys realize this is the equivalent of having a conversation with a group of friends and then your racist grandpa comes in and talks about how Trump won the election fair and square and that women need to know their place. Sure, we can "respect his opinion" and be civil adults about it, but it's not gonna stop the fact that someone is angry about people with different views and thus wants to go out of their way to step on people's toes about it in a smug and self-important manner.. Do you realize how non-fun of a person you are to be like this? Because it ain't cute, my dude. To the person being referred to in the second paragraph, open your mind some. To the person referred to in the first paragraph, stop splitting hairs and ignoring half the argument to form strawmen in response as if that's gonna improve your argument. ANYWAYS I just decided to come in here because surprise! After about a month of not paying attention to discussion in this very topic, the discussion is about the same, featuring the same people arguing over just about the same things. Can we just not and talk about something else? And if this is followed by "well there's nothing else to talk about" then okay! Go to another topic! Talk in the status updates! Be kind and courteous, share stuff you like and stop focusing on what you don't like so much. Talk about other subjects, go outside, and learn to spread joy and love with your fellow colleagues. Ya dang dumb dummy idiots. Love, Azoo
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    Thinking that classic Sonic is way better than modern Sonic is a completely reasonable opinion, sure. But you're being freakin' obnoxious with the way you're repeating the same opinions over and over again in the most over-the-top fashion you can muster, barely bothering to back them up or give reasons why classic Sonic is so glorious and modern Sonic is so bad which amount to much more than rephrasing or being more specific about the statements that "classic Sonic is glorious" and "modern Sonic is bad", making you come across as treating your own opinions as facts and trying to ram them down everyone's throats at every possible turn, even when it's barely relevant. The problem isn't your opinion, the problem is your absolutely terrible way of expressing it. It makes it seem like you either have no idea how opinions actually work, or just don't care. At this point, it's hard to believe you don't know how annoying you're being. You're in extremely hot water right now with your unremittingly poor posting habits and unless you do a literal 180 immediately, I have to warn you, I don't think your chances around here are very good at all.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Translation from usual source and--oh, there's Cream yelling about homing shots missiles.
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    Sonic Channel

    Well, this was fun series... I hope "See ya soon" means there will be more of this someday
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    My nephew made me this Christmas card Poor Eggman!
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    Honestly, I have a few problems with Hyper forms. First of all, it's falling into the same power level one-upmanship trap that DBZ pulled - by falling into a habit of layering a brand new level of power on top of the ones that already exist, you quickly run out of ways to make that increase interesting and convincing. There were characters early on in DBZ that could blow up entire planets and dodge so fast their movement was literally un-perceivable, and that was before they'd even shown the first super form. In how many ways can you convincingly upgrade a Sonic character before they plateau? They're already completely invulnerable to all but a select few sources of harm, and can usually hit Unleashed Boost levels of speed completely unassisted on top of that. And that brings me to the second problem I have - that it's completely fucking redundant. Hyper Sonic is just Super Sonic with a screen clearing move. What's wrong with just folding that ability into Super Sonic himself to start with? Super Sonic alone is already so broken that the majority of any given game will pose no challenge anymore, so separating him into whole extra layers of broken that make the game even more trivial than that is kind of pointless when you can just have a singular cheat mode and a Super boss and that's already more than enough. Hell, just having the screen clear attack at all is enough if you're only doing this for nostalgia points.
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    What exactly does this have to do with Sonic 2007, which has classic sonic in it (tbh i think it's weird he is now considered a separate entity but whatever) and is big budget anyway? Would you want a game without the current on the go Sonic and to just revert to the old design entirely? You might not like it man but Sonic in it's current iteration sells fairly well, and people like it. The bit about mania throws me off too, man. What would a big budget main release "classic" sonic game look like if not Sonic Mania? I actually think, for the first time in history as someone that grew up on the mega drive titles SEGA are finally handled the split in design well but having an old style game and a new style game in development at the same time, which reminds me of NSMB and the Galaxy/3D World/Land games. If anything, I like Mania better than NSMB because it's preserving the charm and style of the old games without gutting music or art direction. What is it about mania that isn't good enough?
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    I'm not very up to date with the dub episodes but I've just found out about this:
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    We can fight this the same way we fought bans on gay marriage-- kick up a massive fuss. The bigger the better. Unite. Noelglivie is right in his assessment that Trump is like a selfish child-- and that means that Trump doesn't want to have to fight too hard or face too much criticism during his presidency. Also, make sure the Supreme Court sees this ASAP-- as of now, its still in a good position to fight social injustice and shoot stuff like this down and prevent it from coming up again, but it might not be in the future if somebody dies as Trump will likely replace that individual with a regressive like Sessions. Don't let Trump get away with this if it does manage to pass either-- never let anybody forget how Trump and the Republican congress once used the First Amendment as a cover to restrict the rights of LGBTQ+, and push for repeal until the cows come home. Barring that, the US's federalist system will be very helpful. Maybe Trump will cripple the federal government in the fight against anti-LGBTQ injustice, but the law is apt not to affect the states' ability to pass laws-- and depending on how its worded, may even prevent the federal government from being able to do anything about it. So keep kicking up that fuss and push your state government to take counteraction. Everything that law brings up can be countered-- for example, while the law doesn't allow the federal government to pull funding for discriminatory organizations, the state still can and on top of that can pour funding into organizations that aren't discriminatory. The state can also make it as difficult as possible to get a lawsuit relating to these discriminatory businesses to qualify as valid in court-- requiring an incredibly specific set of standards that's unlikely to be fulfilled, or simply adding a clever stipulation like "Plaintiff must prove that the removal of the customer was not on the basis of race, sexuality, or disagreement with the lifestyle of the customer" (which of course, won't be possible to prove as this is discrimination, but would be worded in a way that's pretty difficult to justify fighting). I'm not a lawyer, so I'm well aware that lawmakers would probably have to go about it differently, but you get the general idea. That, and judges can still rule against the discriminatory businesses for much of the same reasoning-- while by law, you can't directly influence the judge's decisions unless you're a lawyer, witness, or something like that, you can be vigilant of attempts to prevent discrimination cases from reaching the courts, and no matter what the result, you can use the cases to fortify your arguments and galvanize support. And of course, you can continue to be supportive of LGBTQ+, spirit days, etc. Homophobes like to pressure non-homophobes into not speaking out-- know the pressure tactics and, obviously with respect to personal safety, don't fall for them. These include making large shows of kicking out or calling out people who are LGBTQ+ and/or have pro-LGBTQ+ sentiments (eg the Christian bakery discrimination awfulness, or using bathroom laws to publicly humiliate non-conformist females), making veiled or not so veiled threats (eg close family claiming that they'll disown anybody who is gay and/or supports gays, or that God will judge those who speak out in favor of LGBTQ+), performing terrorist attacks against LGBTQ+ and its supporters (eg the Orlando shooting), or more recently implying (or outright accusing) people who are not homophobic of putting all their focus on LGBTQ and not caring about anything else (eg claiming that somebody who participates in a pride parade meant to spread awareness of bullying to LGBTQ+ individuals is actually erasing people who are bullied on the basis on mental illness, race, or *insert group here*). Again, personal safety is key and unless you're willing to risk death, if you have any reason at all to believe that a person making the threat really intends on carrying it out or if the person is physically hurting you, don't immediately come out, claim support, or identify yourself if you haven't already. Get out of the dangerous situation, get a support group or other safe place, then make your stand. Strength in numbers is a powerful thing. Homophobes know this and will try to isolate you, make you believe that you're alone in your point of view, and target you when you're alone, with the aforementioned pressure tactics. Don't let them-- you have allies online and offline, even if they don't always make themselves obvious. Haven't found one yet? If I haven't made it obvious yet, I volunteer myself as an ally. Gee, a known self-absorbed, winning obsessed liar... lies to people!? How shocking! My guess is that the supporters in attendance don't really care or didn't really want the swamp drained in the first place (gah, I still hate that metaphor. Can't we call it flush the toilet or something that doesn't insult interesting, diverse, and necessary ecosystems?). The kind of person who shows up to a tour that's blatantly happening just to gloat is probably themselves too smug to admit they made a bad choice or likes the idea of a regressive kleptocracy. I imagine the Trumpgretters are just hiding and dreading IRL right now. Which, now that I think of it, would probably explain why so few people have been attending these speeches.
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    Been playing around with brushes and effects, have a shitty cloud who's triggered by bags:
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    Look at the most recent terrible drawing I did. It's terribly beautiful.
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    I don't think I'd mind Classic Sonic getting a voice if him being silent got in the way of the plot. They could easily make a joke about his first line as everyone expresses surprise that he can talk etc. It could even be a very self-aware running gag that Modern Sonic finds it annoying that Classic talks all the time now, or at the very least Classic could occasionally let slip a bit of outdated 90's slang and Modern could find it embarrassing (followed by ironically using some 00's slang that's on the verge of being outdated already). As for expressions in the classic games, doesn't Sonic have the same facial expression throughout the entire intro to Sonic CD? He just looks serious/focused the entire time, with a dash of surprise when he first sees the state of Little Planet (or the rock falling, the camera cut doesn't quite make it clear which he was looking at but yeah, same difference). http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/glorious?s=t Please
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    Lord of the Switch.

    Lord of the Switch.
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    Sonic Channel

    I love how Silver uses his telekinesis to prevent the missiles from coming. And lol at Shadow in the last panel. He doesn't give a dang. Overall, this was a fun comic series. It was nice to see several characters coming after quite a long time, (Blaze, Silver, Tikal) and most comics showed some lore, (like Knuckles' comic in brief). The art and expressions and colors were really nice! It's sad to see this end now, but I do hope we get these kinds of comics again in this site later on.....
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    Soooo my newest track Sonic Unleashed Cool Edge (Day) was just listed as one of this week's top music tracks on Newgrounds! Nearly 500 listens in three days! Thank you guys so much! It's an honor! If you haven't heard it yet, please check it out at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/717942
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    Yeah, even though Yuji Naka no longer works at Sega his departure has been a lot more graceful then Penders’ eternal temper tantrum. I mean, Yuji Naka's new studio Prope has done some great work, including a fantastic game based on the first season of Digimon for the PSP. Yuji Naka, seen by many as the father of Sonic the Hedgehog, has more prestige then many in regards to the history of the franchise. However, Yuji Naka has never said a malign word about Sega today and by all accounts is supportive of Takashi Iizuka’s efforts as the current head of Sonic Team. Yuji Naka represents the best of what a former employee’s relationship with Sega should look like. Now granted, there is a great deal of difference between a programmer and writer but there's no still no reason to excuse Penders for his behaviour. In the end Penders is no tortured artist, struggling to express himself in a hostile world. The man was recruited by Archie to work on their new licenced property from Sega; while being given considerable creative scope to write whatever he liked, so long as he managed to combine and adapt the limited amount of lore already established in the games and SATAM. The stories of Sonic the Hedgehog were never his to begin with; nor were the stories of Knuckles of the Echidna, no matter how many branches of Knuckles’ family tree Penders chooses to write. Penders is a fool if he thinks that anyone will want to read his Lara-Su Chronicles after his behaviour since leaving Archie. He no longer has the backing of the biggest video game franchise of the 90s to support the launch of a new comic. Neither does he have the Archie name to lean on in order to gain the interest of general comic book readers. While any sympathy he had with the Sonic fanbase has evaporated since his lawsuit directly caused the reboot. I doubt Sega is preventing him from publishing, Penders probably realises that the Lara-Su Chronicles are doomed from the start and is stalling for time. A settlement with Sega to regain the rights to those comic characters is Penders only chance at making money.
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    This is canon in Mario.

    This is canon in Mario.
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    Gonna grab the punch faster since the master of hoaxes, @Tracker_TD, made a pretty kickass commercial thing for Mania.
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    All non-Sega echidnas except Athair, Geoffrey St. John, Hershey, Elias, Queen Alicia Acorn, all of the Wolfpack except Lupe, Saffron, Sonic's parents, Antoine's dad, Hamlin Pig, Feist, Rob'O the Hedge, Frier Buck, anything Cat Country-related, Scourge and anything to do with Moebius (ludicrous, I know), and a bunch more I can't remember at this time. EDIT: full list- http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Characters_introduced_by_Ken_Penders
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    It's getting late for me. Time to do my impression of Silver. Where am I going to get seven Chao at this hour?
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    The bit about expressiveness wasn't specifically directed at you, although I can see how that wasn't clear in my post. At any rate this is what I mean by you acting like a one-dimensional parody of a Classic fan: You say the voice acting is horrible. Why? What makes you say that? Is there an issue with the quality of the performances themselves? In which case the problem could be solved by simply getting better voice actors instead of jumping to the nuclear option of eliminating voice acting altogether. Or do you simply believe that Sonic was better off without voice acting? In which case the voice acting isn't necessarily horrible, you just don't like Sonic having a voice and will never be pleased as long as he does, quality of the performance be damned. Is you're issue with voice acting specifically or are you opposed to text based dialogue a la Sonic Battle too? Voice acting and nonverbal expression are not mutually exclusive though. Here's another scene from Secret Rings. You'll notice that, somehow, through some sorcery, Sonic is able to emote non-verbally in this scene, despite the presence of voice acting. Furthermore there are limits to what can be said without words, language was invented for a reason after all. Sometimes speech, or at least text, is necessary to communicate more complex or abstract concepts. The last two scenes of Sonic and the Black Knight are an excellent example of a situation where voice acting is needed to get the point across effectively. If you were to remove all of the voice acting and subtitles from these scenes it would become nearly impossible to convey Merlina's sympathetic motive of wanting to make the kingdom immortal or Sonic's own philosophy of living life to the fullest. Sure you can certainly tell what the characters are doing and feeling in these scenes, but their reasons for acting and feeling the way they do is lost. Could it be done purely through visuals? Well, I suppose that you could show a map of the kingdom and have it turn into a snake, and that makes Merlina cry, so she waves the scabbard and causes the snake to turn into an Ouroboros, then, after the fight Sonic demonstrates that the Ouroboros is unable to go anywhere in it's current state, so he removes its tail from its mouth and lets it slither away. Thing is, that's extremely complicated, it requires the audience to understand the symbolism behind the Ouroboros, and ultimately it still doesn't convey things as clearly as actual written or spoken language could. Additionally body language, symbolism, and the written or spoken word are not the only way to communicate thoughts or feelings. Other elements of a scene, such as music, setting, and even lighting, can be just as effective at conveying feelings. Sonic Adventure 2 provides the most truly glorious example of this when we compare the levels Lost Colony and Eternal Engine. Both levels are set around the same area, and use the same (or at least very similar) textures. Neither Eggman or Tails really displays much in the way of body language while piloting their mechs, and the only voice acting consists of the same generic lines used in every level. However, by simply changing the music and lighting of the area the developers are able to convey two entirely unique moods which makes these otherwise similar levels feel as different as night and day. We agree on that much. Well, I didn't mean it quite so literally. Still, 27 minutes of pure snark vs. 3 minutes of everything else is not exactly what I'd call a frequent or varied expressions of emotion. Hell, Team Sonic's story in Heroes is only three minutes long and he still manages to emote just as much, if not more, there than he does in the entirety of Colors. For the record the unflappably calm bit was more in reference to '06 than Colors. Also, I don't know why you think that people would find a more emotional Sonic to be out of character. In my experience people who dislike Colors and it's ilk tend to dislike it at least in part because they feel that Sonic is too subdued. He's a daredevil who defines himself by his love of adventure, so why does he react to Eggman's plots like their a chore or a job he has to do, instead of an exciting new challenge to enjoy? He's about to be sucked into a giant death vortex, so why does his reaction amount to little more than "Oh, bother". The Deadly Six just turned Tails into a robot, drained all life from Earth, and killed everyone else he held dear, so why does he react to them with little more than mild annoyance instead of going apeshit on them like he did on Erazor and Merlina (both of whom did far less to piss him off), or like anyone short of Jesus himself realistically would. True, people who dislike Colors generally aren't huge fans of uber-wackiness, but although Colors and the rest may be considered "wacky" overall the intensity of Sonic's emotional responses is not a major contributing factor.
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    Not that I'm a fan of the blatant baiting of staff, but this is not helping. Also even if they wanted to include Super Emeralds, I'm not so sure if SEGA would let 'em. Which I think is fair since they always seemed like a non-canon bonus (which, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure has been confirmed).
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    To be honest, I personally don't really care about Super Emeralds or hyper forms that much. Super Tails would be nice, acknowledging an old bit of "canon" would be nice, but I'm not sure if it'd be worth the confusion that they created because it's not exactly clear what they even are and they haven't been clearly referenced elsewhere in Sonic media. If they're not included, I actually don't want Super Tails to be able to go super with the normal Chaos Emeralds, I thought it was interesting that he couldn't, especially since it makes sense to me that Sonic and Knuckles would be "special" (Sonic has a connection to the Emeralds, even if no one knows exactly why beyond him being the main character, and Knuckles is their guardian) and more able to utilize chaos energy. Basically, I could take or leave the Super Emeralds, really. I honestly don't care at all if they don't appear but I wouldn't mind if they did.
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    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    So here's something the guys at Vicarious Visions made just for the holidays
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    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    WHO SUMMONED ME? FFS. You know the rules. This? Oh God no I had to explain all about that once. It was a fun 30 minutes of my life I would like back please. Now, on with your memes... or whatever it is you lot do nowadays.
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    Sonic Channel

    And we have the first wallpaper of next year, RIP in pasta holiday themed Sonic characters.
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    He did indeed try to claim Boom would be the main franchise, and that the original would die out and IIRC, his reasoning was little more than "Well, Boom is on TV so therefore it'll take over the main franchise".
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    Tail: "Making robots is the same as breaking them." Wat?
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    Almost to 200 notifications! Just need 43 more. I think I'll meet my goal before the end of the year.
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    "Hey there friend! It seems that you have stumbled into a classified area! I suggest you turn around and don't look back. This is a very important area for us after all!" Hazama said to Black Death with his usual demeanor. Back in AssClass World... "Huh?" Korosensei said with a strange face, "there was something behind me and now its gone. Oh well." "He's awfully nonchalant about this."
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    Sonic Channel

    That's weird, because they're on the icon for the comic and on the Twitter post which both show a different version of the first panel. Must have been a space issue. Edit: They actually fixed that now and added them to the first panel. That's cute. Also, I would have liked to see the art without the speech bubbles. It seems Vector and probably Charmy and Marine are doing..something with Eggman Nega in the end. By the way, for some reason I've kept track of how popular each comic (and subsequently, character) has been on Twitter by writing down the Retweets and Likes. Not including today's comic, I've come to this list, and while it doesn't represent popularity 1:1, it should at least give as an idea who the Japanese Sonic fans like. 1. Shadow (375 Retweets + 451 Likes=826) 2. Knuckles (241+308=549) 3. Silver (245+261=506) (Co-star: Tails) 4. Tails (198+275=473) 5. Sonic (198+274=472) (Co-star: Cream) 6. Tikal (176+271=447) (Co-stars: Chao and Chaos) 7. Jet (202+240=442) (Co-stars: Wave and Storm) 8. Chao (173+229=402) 9. Amy (158+221=379) 10. Omega (168+206=374) 11. Blaze (152+191=343) (Co-star: Marine) 12. Rouge (140+199=339) 13. Wave (144+191=334) (Co-star: Jet) 14. Vector (148+173=321) (Co-star: Pudding) 15. Cream (141+178=319) (Co-star: Chao) 16. Metal Sonic (141+172=313) 17. Omochao (130+181=311) (Co-star: Sonic) 18. Espio (138+160=298) 19. Sticks (117+161=278) 20. Eggman Nega (115+160=275) (Co-star: Blaze) 21. Charmy (111+152=263) 22. Dr. Eggman (120+131=251) (Co-stars: Orbot and Cubot) 23. Big (93+130=223) (Co-star: Froggy) 24. Orbot & Cubot (97+110=207) 25. Storm (63+99=162) - By co-star, I mean what other characters can be seen in the panel that was posted on their Twitter account. It must have had some effect for Omochao and Eggman Nega, who I doubt to be more popular than some of the characters below them. - Shadow is ridiculously popular. Not news, anyway. - Eggman, why? - The Babylon Rogues must be very popular in Japan, except for poor Storm. He's disliked worldwide. - On the other hand, I expected Metal Sonic to end up much higher on the list. Omega is a surprise considering how little he appears nowadays even compared to the other side characters. - Guess we have an explanation for Tikal's appearance in Runners.
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    Big Panda

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Exactly how I feel. Especially considering I've seen American-made kids media where characters are held prisoner in that manner.
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    Alright, following Mando's idea. MCU Black Panther - with his upcoming movie and his sudden popularity from Civil War, his inclusion would be the most logical. Quicksilver - Come on, the guy was great on Age of Ultron and the X-Men movies made him memorable as hell, not including him would be a shame TV(ABC+Netflix) Daredevil - Obvious Choice. Punisher - Like Black Panther, would be a mistake to not bring him here, since he's a lot more popular now thanks to his Netflix incarnation as for Comic wild cards and Comic current fan faves, I'm sorry but I'm not well versed enough in the comics, let alone the recent ones to have a good opinion on these.
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    I wish we'd gotten a few more Prince of Egypt's and Road To El Dorado's out of Dreamworks before they dropped 2D animation entirely. (Yes I know there was also Spirit and Sinbad but still.) There was just something great about Dreamworks' 2D stuff, it was visually distinct from Disney while also being just as vivid, often rivaling Disney's 2D output at the time and standing on it's own.
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    Alright, with these we are ready to roll! "Thanks Koishi!" Ninja Kirby waves at thin air before turning to his desk. Ninja Kirby took out his katana from his sheath and stuffed it in his desk. He put one of the knives in his sheath instead, and stuffs the pink knife behind his back somehow, in case he needs to remember Koishi. I might need this to remember who Koishi is... wait, who's Koishi? Weapons are good, now, I need a distraction to signal Katii and get to that corner of the room undetected. Ninja Kirby does what he does best. He pulls out three apples from behind his back. He puts papers inside two of them. He throws the papered apples at Lupin and Amitie. The papers say: ""When the mini-swords start flying, take them and march torward Korosensei point first." Ninja Kirby then puts another paper in another paper and throws it at Katii. That one says: "The plan is on. Throw the special swords instead of your own at Korosensei, they're better." Finally, Ninja Kirby throws the bag at Katii for her usage. Then he has to think of a distraction. What could I use to distract Korosensei so that he doesn't see me.... Wait, there was a game I played based on the concept of distraction.... That's it! If I fill the room with things similar to me, then Korosensei will never find the real me! Ninja Kirby takes out a gazillion more apples from behind his back and colors them pink with his crayon. Then he blows out tons of pink cherry blossoms around the room with his pink folding fan and throws the pink apples at everyone. He yells out, "Fruit Fight!" (Ninja Kirby is referring to the sub-game, Kirby's Curtain Call, from Kirby Mass Attack, in this post.)
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    Karma looked over at Kirby with his usual smile "You guys didn't get any? I have about ten on me, but I need them. You can get some more from the office. Good luck leaving the class unnoticed~" However, shortly after this, a bag appeared beside Kirby filled with a few dozen knives and a few guns with anti-korosensei pellets inside them. A familiar, but hard to remember, girl had appeared beside him, giving him the bag. "Oh HI it's Koishi! You Noticed me! That took you a while! I'll be helping you~ Oh, try not to forget me, nobody can consciously remember or see me, it's my power. Here, take this pink knife to remember me by! I'm going back to my seat, signal the empty seat when you wanna do the plan ok? Bye~"
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    (Just letting you know that I've put Ray's nightmare/terror in a spoiler since it's long and it might hit a nerve for some folks here. Don't worry about your characters being OOC, Ray's nightmares bring out the worst in everything.) Meanwhile back at H.Q. Ray awakens in a blood curling scream that could be heard through the entire building awaking and scaring off the digimon cosily sleeping on and next to him, rushing off to hide anywhere they could find. His scream is so loud it alerts the Metal Sonic's into thinking that the place is under attack. "Holy fish!" Gomamon yells. "Somebody's in trouble!" Yaya panics. "Let's roll Skylanders!" Marcus yells rushing to the source of the scream along with Yaya, Gomamon and the baby digimon close by.
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    I had a fun day out with @Joy and a friend! We went shopping and saw Moana, those songs are going to be in my head for a long time...
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    Don't people dislike the snark and jokes, because the jokes are bad and the snark is overdone? I doubt 'lack of seriousness' is the main complaint here. Since when was joking inherently emotive or exciting though? There's a whole subgenre of comedy dedicated to making jokes without any apparent emotion (deadpan).
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    Haalyle's Drawings! [ART]

    Wow, it's been a whole year since I've updated this thread. Decided I post some sketches I've done over the year, mainly as jokes. Things I drew over the last two months: And what I drew today: (This was a joke in a Discord server I'm in, since everyone was drawing this one pose in different styles, so I did it in my terrible sketch style.)
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    While I'd still classify him as obscure, Nack's one of those characters that everyone knows of, at least. (As far as online fandom goes, anyway.) I always thought it was interesting how fans of the more obscure characters in this franchise managed to make them common knowledge. And it's impressive how that passion is probably the reason the wanted poster cameos in Generations + Mania happened. Also I'm not sure if number of appearances is really enough to determine importance. Using the Amy comparison, after CD she only really had presence in spinoffs, but with that one main game appearance as well as appearing in spinoffs even when Nack didn't (i.e. the first Drift, Sonic R), I'd say she was more "important".....but you could probably very easily argue against that. :V
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    It'd be nice if people would actually look at the games they're trying to criticize. Do this, this, and this not count as showing emotions beyond calm or snarky?
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    Speaking under the assumption that other classic depictions of characters do appear in this game, I don't mind if classic Sonic speaks or not as long as it's consistent with the other classic characters. Classic Sonic being silent but classic Tails and Eggman being able to talk fine in Generations was a strange attempt to have it both ways that didn't work well IMO. Either have all the classic characters speak or have all the classic characters silent.
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    That would be like if Yuji Naka or Shigeru Miyamoto had shat on everything their respective companies had done to their characters without their direct input and tried to "take back" the right to the characters they didn't even own, while ignoring the fact they always had a whole team to help bring their visions to life. (hypothetically speaking, this would probably apply to Naka's case more, as I think Miyamoto has overseen nearly ever major Mario/Zelda/Metroid/Donkey Kong title released since their inceptions.) Penders obviously knew anything he did that wasn't remotely connected to Sonic in anyway was practically dead on arrival, even if he wrote a beautifully written masterpiece. I can't blame homie for wanting a higher royalty rate for reprints and the like, but what do you gain out of screwing up twenty years of comic book lore (It was close to twenty years for the comic when the reboot happened, right?) and ruining several story arcs that were planned? You gain your characters, sure, but you not only lose the respect you had from longtime fans, but you also confuse and infuriate newer readers who were just getting into the comic. And you can't blame the hand for ruining your reputation when they actually tried to meet halfway with your demands, but you not only bit them, but ripped their whole arm off. I'm starting to think he knows what he's doing, but he's putting on a facade just to piss off everyone. And since we're on the subject of SEGA, any chance they're the reason he's delaying the book? He may have gotten lucky with Archie, but his character designs are still biting SEGA's IP way too hard no matter how deep in the Uncanny Valley he tries to go, and that's not even getting into the Geoffrey St. John thing, as well as his apparent plans to introduce Sonic and the other Archie characters. Ya'll think he's trying to wait long enough to fool SEGA into thinking he's off their radar to quietly throw the book up for sale to avoid getting pumped full of legal bullets by their lawyers?
  48. 2 points
    You can do whatever you like but don't expect anyone to take you seriously. The folks on this forum tend to be more appreciative of those who at least make an attempt to engage in intelligent debate. Now, you're certainly entitled to your opinion and you're free to express it however you wish, but acting like every one-dimensional parody of Classic Sonic purists ever is not going to get you anywhere here. Either elaborate on your views and say something constructive so we can discuss it, or people are going to get real sick of you real fast. Don't say I didn't warn you. Now, on to the topic at hand: Regardless of how he was in the Classics, Sonic, like most characters, is at his best when he has a wide range of expressions and emotions to work with. Humans are complex creatures with complex feelings and we like to see that reflected in our characters because it makes them feel closer to us. That's a big reason why Sonic seems so much more likable and engaging in games like Adventure 2 and the Storybooks, where he's allowed to express feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, fear, etc., than he does in games like '06 or Colors, where he's perpetually locked into a state of either unflappable calm or snarky boredom. The more emotions Sonic gets to express, and the more frequently he expresses him, the more relatable he becomes. To be clear, when I say Sonic should be expressive I don't mean he has to curl up into a ball an suck his thumb whenever something frightening happens, or even that he has to be upfront with his emotions. He should however demonstrate an appropriate emotional response to the situation, and it should still be present in some measure, even if he's not open about it. Some good examples of this done right would be the ending scene of Adventure 2 and the scene in Secret Rings where Sonic realizes that the flame arrow is almost completely gone. In SA2 we see Sonic acting like his usual self with Amy, but with Rouge (who is more mature than Amy and doesn't look to Sonic as a pillar of strength the way she does) and in private he's noticeably more open about his sadness over Shadow's presumed death. Similarly, in Secret Rings Sonic is seen putting on a brave face for Shahra but, his immediate reaction after collapsing betrays some of the fear he feels knowing that his life is about to end, and although he is able to mostly regain his composure he's still pretty clearly shaken up by the ordeal.
  49. 2 points
    The whole episode was almost like a road runner/wily E coyote cartoon to be honest.
  50. 2 points
    Kirk Thorton is actually a fine actor. I've heard him in other shit. It makes me wonder what kind of fucked up shit he's on when he walks up to the mic to voice Shadow and where I can get some, because that's pretty clearly not his best efforts.
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