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    My favorite meme of 2016:
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    The weirdest thing about the plot in Generations is at first, it actually did seem to be trying. Like it wasn't the greatest plot set up of all time, considering the Time Eater just randomly appears, no rhyme or reason, but then we have cutscenes with Sonic and Tails actually looking through the worlds, referencing past titles, trying to show that they happened and they remember it fine (Although personally, I wish for this one occasion, we could've had Sonic's model wearing Chip's bracelet from Unleashed because that would've been the perfect reference). I mean we even get Sonic and Tails remembering about the different levels in Green Hill and Chemical Plant Zone, making references to the different aspects remembered by the fans (Like the rising water making Tails nervous for example). But then all of it's just thrown out. They completely half ass it from that point onwards, and everything ends up just wasted potential, which is a shame, because honestly, I would've loved it if every level had a short scene of Sonic, and the friend that he rescued remembering their past together.
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    You know, I at least figured it'd be a few more months or so before this happened, not two freaking weeks. Even when I see Ken's reaction coming, he still surprises me. Well, as long as I'm making wild predictions, here's another one: The "jaw-dropping" revelations Ken plans to write about will be mostly stuff we figured anyway about Archie being dicks, plus one or two things that are actually interesting. I guess we'll find out for sure when he releases this tell-all book in 2021, when he's supposed to be working on TL-SC Volume 2.
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    Was looking around the shops today and to my surprise what song they played in one store... Pumpkin Hill!
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    On one hand, Roger really got to show off his voicing talent again, which turned out to be fantastic. On the other hand, now I will never get Roger soothing people to sleep with his voice out of my mind. I'm not sure whether I should be creeped out or amused.
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    Ice Cap wasn't bad at all. I'd like to see more done with pushing the sliding blocks and hopping onto them for a ride, as well as those upwards swingy spin dash platforms that isn't just like "do the thing to progress". Like give us something to think about with them. I actually think the music for Ice Cap is overrated. It's like just a 7 second loop repeated over and over followed by another 7 second loop with a main instrument instead of none - repeated over and over. I get why it's so popular, it's a good loop, but there's really not much to it at all. If Ice Cap gets into Mania, Tee Lopes would have my complete blessing to add more original melody or somehow put some of the PC soundtrack into it without losing the beloved melancholy atmosphere of the Mega Drive version.
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    Oh, they're cutting Ties alright but not with Sonic.
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    Ratcicle King

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    Can I just start billing him for my desks after he makes me hit my head on them? Also, he never said that the book would end in 2016. What? There are tweets? Tweets are inadmissible, as they don't count as true statements. And even if they did, you probably just misinterpreted the true meaning of what he was saying. ... ...what, you expect an explanation of what he was saying? Don't be silly, he doesn't have time for that; he's got books to write, you know. Very busy with all of that book-writing for books that aren't actually books. He's a seasoned professional industry veteran with very big ties to the mainstream, you know.
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    So thanks to @Hero of Legend turns out Nintendo Power predicted the Mario/Rabbids crossover years ago
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    I went to a New Years' Eve party last night and had a really great, and totally unexpected, Sonic experience. It turns out that the kids of the family hosting the party are Sonic fans, a fact I was only dimly aware of before. The older brother (who's close to my age) had some Sonic games on his PC, and so I played the multiplayer mode with him on Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I always won, too! Haha! x) (Especially impressive for Dr. R's MBM since I rarely play that game...I guess that comes from watching my younger sister, who's GREAT at it.) Not only was it fun, I think it actually meant a lot to both of us, since apparently neither of us know a lot of people in real life we can play Sonic games with. It's just special to unexpectedly meet someone you share a major interest with that means a lot to you, but which isn't necessarily super-common.
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    I can't wait till Mario Kart 8 Switch introduces us to the Baby Metal Pink Gold Koopalings in both Tanooki and Cat forms.
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    Sign me up to the "I want to see Chrome Gadget in Mania" club as well. Even if it's unlikely to happen, It'd be amazing to see the S3 multiplayer levels (as well as those of Chaotix and/or the 8-bit titles) get some love in one form or another. The level music was (mostly) intact in S&K collection and Pocket Adventure, so if nobody was claiming the rights to it then, I'm not sure who would be doing it now. As for the 2P levels' canonicity, I always assumed they were probably other areas of Angel Island that weren't part of the route that Sonic/Tails/Knuckles took in the main story. Red Mountain doesn't appear in S3&K either. I'd love to see Flying Battery in the game. It has one of my favourite music tracks in S3&K and I'm pretty certain Sega has the rights to the tune. Plus, with it being an airship, its placement in the level order doesn't really matter a huge deal. **Warning: unrealistic speculation and rambling ahead** I believe it was mentioned earlier in the thread that the reimagined S3&K level(s) will go against the player's expectations. At first I considered the idea of Sonic stumbling across the airship, crash landed from when it was abandoned in S3&K, and the level is overgrown and falling apart. Of course, the only things wrong with this are: a. The battery is no longer flying, and b. As per the discussion re:Scrap Brain, having badniks in a completely abandoned environment would leave some dark implications. Perhaps, after a boss battle, Robotnik could retreat to the abandoned battery, without really having time to think, and take to the skies. However, after years of disuse, it's suffering from flight problems so, as well as falling to bits, it's rocking and swaying about. An extra challenge could come in the form of trying to keep your balance on the dying airship. Imagine a frantic, scrambled remix of the Flying Battery Zone music and you've got a pretty intense and interesting reimagining of the level.
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    And my birthday is just full of these fun KP tweets. I think he believes if he @'s them enough they will respond though I feel they already have him on mute. Also as much as I hate it, I had to check the responses to Ken's tweets (I wouldn't recommend it because you could go brain dead). However, some supporters feel he lead them on with the whole #300 BS so some people aren't too far gone...
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    Guess who got accepted for transfer to big top-tier university guys! 2016 did end with quite a few bangs for moi.
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    It may not have had the best level design in the game, but I definitely wasn't bored by it. Not that it really matters since the developers would be rebuilding the majority of it anyway. And I love the foreground tiles *shrug*.
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    Hey now, I didn't say Volume 2 will be out in 2021. I said he should at least be working on it by 2021. ...Seriously, if he's not finished Volume 1 by then, I'm going to honestly start thinking this is all one elaborate, decade-long prank. Echyd'nya.
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    Or he's going: "This cannot be! I, the Great and Powerful Penders, was wrong?! I can't be wrong! My superior com-graphic novel about blue furred echiwhatchamacallits and scantily clad Star Trek echydinners (whatever his alien species was called; I can't remember) cannot have that furry filth in it's way! How else am I going to avoid being obsolete - I mean, recognized for my oppressed genius by the corporate comic hierarchy?"
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    2021? That's a rather generous estimate for him to come out with volume 2. I had him pegged as releasing that one some time in 2030 That aside though, we have yet another declaration of the comic's imminent doom. Really now. Even though they have months worth of previews lined up for upcoming books and have recently expanded the books by re-introducing the Super Special Magazines? These are the things a company does when they are ready to 'cut all ties'? Especially because Riverdale's success will somehow make them forget all about the comic they spent the last twenty years publishing? At this rate, he's almost starting to sound desperate. I wonder if he even remembers that last year he said the book wouldn't last past 2016?
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    Alright thanks. I liked pretty much everything about The old sonic the hedgehog adventures cartoon, so the humor focus isn't an issue.
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    Mad Convoy

    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Unfortunately, my TV didn't record the two episodes before this one. Which makes me really sad. Am trying to find legal means of watching them. But I did watch the most recent one. Wow, that was really good. Easily my favorite of season 2. Mostly because it shows my favorite character Sticks in a really good light. Seriously, she was awesome in this episode, successfully resisting the mind control device. I felt so bad for her when she thought that she really was going crazy, though I immediately thought something was up when her friends were willing to throw her in jail. It didn't seem like them... but something like that would be very Eggman to do, wouldn't it? Sticks the "martial artist" was good too. The pictures didn't turn out that bad either! And sugarplum dreams lol.
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    This actual, officially licensed card game by Nintendo:
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    ....and now I'm left to wonder if Penders created that account JUST for the purposes of using it to look like he's calling out Archie Comics when he isn't.
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    I can't tell if he legitimately doesn't realize that that tag doesn't go to Archie Comics, or if he's just doing it to look like he's calling them out while not actually doing anything to draw their attention so he can appear more daring than he is. Either way, I feel sorry for whoever's on the other end of that link- they must be so confused about who this guy is and why he's so hostile towards them. Really, I just love how he neglects to mention the major component that led to the lawsuit- namely his desire to retain copyright over his characters, despite knowing it could result in Archie losing it's license to print Sonic comics. Funny how that part never seems to come up. Terribly ironic.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Thanks to Bill, we have the title card, writers, and plot of "Multi-Tails":
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    Ice Cap is a very pretty stage and has a soothing/peaceful piece of music. The discovering that the music was from the vocal track Hard Times by The Jetzons makes it even more interesting. When compared to the other zones in Sonic 3, Ice Cap - whilst still a good level - is the weakest in terms of it's design. Act1 is extremely linear when compared to Hydrocity, Marble Garden, Carnival Night & Launch Base. Act2 has more routes but offers little challenge. It's quite easy to blast through in 2 - 3 minutes without hardly stopping and there aren't any interesting gimmicks like the one's from act1 which JezMM mentioned. Although, the Eggman boss is a good challenge. So I do feel there's scope to make a more interesting and challenging snow-themed level. Of course with the passage of time they could perhaps make it so that some of the ice has melted, which results in a more of a split between underwater and snow theme. I want a snow stage in Mania and Ice Cap feels like the perfect candidate. If SEGA wont allow the music to be remixed then let Tee Lopes come up with a catchy new piece. Of all the Sonic 3 two-player zones, Chrome Gadget is the one which interests me the most. I love the aesthetics. It's naturally has a Star Light vibe with the night setting where you can see the outline of a city in the background illuminated in blue which looks lovely. You can even see the moon and the green color reminds me of Stardust Speedway's bad-future (as well as Star Light). I think Chrome Gadget deserves to be made into a full-length zone. Thought I'd give it a quick play: Taxman did say that the other new zones will have completely new aesthetics, so no more re-imagined cancelled stages, but hopefully that doesn't include the multi-player zones from Sonic 3.
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    And we've finally gotten a Trump comparison in the mix, how classy. Yeah, this guy really did just choose to interpret basic, obligated politeness as something it wasn't and then proceeded to blow it out of proportion from there.
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    RLS Legacy

    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    For the record, I would totally buy one of those relaxation/sleep CDs if Roger made one.
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    Gooood Morning! Hope everybody has a happy Monday!
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    As it stands we should be able to. Almost every other major country, including China and Russia, are on board with curbing our emissions so we don't hit that 2+ degrees mark. Trump and the Republican congress can TRY to fight the world, but it's not likely to end well for them. Shit, they'll have to fight corporations too. Big oil might have Trump's ear but it's a futureless industry, anyone with a brain is already looking into making money off of alternative energy.
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    SOMEONE PICK UP THE PHONE! Because I fucking called it! But yeah, kuddos on Roger for doing a super soothing voice for the Dreamacaster!
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    Even though I don't eat junk food and have a healthy diet, I've always had difficulty to lose weight, particularly in the abdomen. I feel like a bloated monster everytime I stare at the mirror. But ever since last year, I've managed to follow an exercise program which seems to be performing miracles. My abdomen has shrunk quite a bit - not as much as I'd like -,but it has definitely deflated. In three months, I lost the equivalent of 7.5 kg. My belly still looks swollen and flaccid, but it has visibly deflated and it doesn't look so bloated when I sit down. I've been struggling with this problem for 18 years. I have a very stressful routine and all the stupid fighting at home tend to increase my level of stress even further. All this contribues to weight gain and low self-esteem. But now, for the first time in almost two decades, I have hope to change my appearance and feel beautiful, not having to worry whether I'll look like a bloated, unshapely monster in my clothes or not.
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    (Image) "It's the start of a new year, and the possibilities are endless. Be everything you want to be, and have fun." My first go at digital art. I'm definitely just beginning to find my footing with this sort of work but I'm happy with the first attempt!
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    People also need to remember. We don't post rumours on TSS or SSMB without looking into them and finding stuff to back it up first. With this one. Some stuff was discovered to support it, but it's very weak and nobody can outrightly say "Yeah it's definately a thing" even with the supporting evidence. Hence why it's not on the main site. Now since this was originally posted some of that original supporting material is undermined. Such as the previews coming out despite a noticeable delay.
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    Yeesh, this art. I respect that this guy must work under some constraints but does he have to use those backgrounds? Isn't it kind of sad that the source images can be found with Google searches for "Night Sky" or" Lunar surface?" And yeah, Penders should try to avoid airing out his dirty laundry on twitter. It only makes him look bad, and he's only been pissing away his pity points.
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    You know, the sad thing is I don't even really doubt the possibility that Archie pulled something- they're a pretty legitimately lousy company, and it wouldn't surprise me even after everything that happened that they're still refusing to clean up their act even when it comes to this guy. But his continued refusal to flat out state what they did in favor of this cryptic nonsense, in tandem with him recently going on about how Archie had extended an 'olive branch', just makes it sound like he's getting upset because things didn't pan out like he wanted. Statements like this don't help matters in the slightest. Really now? A shame you couldn't have at some point or the other said that when you randomly brought up the possibility and cheerfully speculated over and over again about what you might do (Getting the hopes up of a few people who missed the pre-reboot in doing so). Yet throughout all of that, he couldn't bring himself to say "Oh it probably won't happen." Funny thing is, Tylinos called this when Penders first started spouting off his nonsense. And lo, Penders has more or less done precisely that.
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    Oh his tell-all 'book' needs to happen; it would be engrossing - i very much doubt 95% of it would be accurate or factual but I wouldn't be able to put it down. Ken, mate, if you're reading this - and there's a good chance as I bet you regularly Google your own name (who doesn't?) - sit down and just write. Tell us everything that happened as you see it. There is no downside to him doing this; hopefully it'll get a lot of it out of his system, it will entertain the Sonic fanbase no end, he'll be able to make some comic con appearances off the back of it (with camera), be able to say 'look I did produce something, I can finish a project' and the ensuing lawsuit for publicly breaking a Non Disclosure Agreement (and possibly profiting off of it) that if karma exists he will loose, might humble him or at the very least take away his 'I am always right because I won a lawsuit', maybe not though. Personally I can't imagine what Archie could have done - other than say they didn't want to work with him on issue 300 which of course does not break any part of their settlement that we know of but rather just annoys Mr Penders by making him momentarily face up the realisation that he's not as important to them or their comic as he's made himself out to be - oh hold on, maybe by not reprinting the old stuff they're breaking it somehow? Like they had to pay him so much per year in reprint royalties or something like that. I could see that really pissing him off because he has to get money to live on somewhere while he's not publishing The Lara-Su Chronicles.
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    It's project 2017. Also don't forget that if that list has come from Nintendo they're really funny with what they call a 'launch title'. With the Wii U and 3DS they didn't ever say launch title, but rather launch window. And that window was often 3 months if not more in some cases.
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    Alright: First status update of 2017. Time to make a good first step. Um....
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    2016 has been one hellava year. I payed more attention to politics in 2016 than any other year in my lifetime. From the YUUUGE Birdie Sanders, to the size increasing Mexican Border Walls, the email scandals everywhere, facts getting sideswiped by emotions and ignorance, the sudden revival of white supremacy groups, the Russian Hacks, mass debates, protests following the end of the election, Brexit, and the approaching horror that is our new orange haired Overlord and his Legion of Doom. This will definitely be one crazy year of politics that we will never forget. But while there were some not so great moments, there was still plenty of cool things that happend in 2016 such as... Scientists confirm the existence of Gravitational Waves The Chicago Cubs, after 108 years, have finally won the World Series in a movie-like finish that even Screenwriters would find cliche Leonardo di Caprio wins his first Oscar Harriet Tubman is voted to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill Deadpool and Sausage Party helped make strides for more acceptance for R-rated flicks in the Movie Industry A Meme actually helped someone for a change (Stefan Karl GoFundme/We Are Number One meme) After many years in development, Final Fantasy Versus 13 (now called Final Fantasy 15) and The Last Guardian were finally released. Earlier this year, within a month after notable gaming newsite Gametrailers was shut down, many of the original staff and the support of the fans have started a brand new newssite/youtube channel called Easy Allies Movies like 10th Cloverfield Lane, Deadpool, Zootopia, Finding Dory, Kubo and the Two Strings, The VVitch, and Rogue One The Pokemon 20th Anniversary was fantastic with Sun/Moon, Pokken Tournament, Mystical PKMN distributions, Pokemon GO, and Pokemon Generations Many great Videogame announcements this year including Crash Bandicoot Remastered, Insominiac's Spider Man, Yakuza (0, Kiwami, and 6 plus they are all coming stateside) Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Death Stranding, God of War IV, Quake Champions, Sonic Mania, Sonic 2017, and last but not least The Nintendo Switch New Games like Overwatch, Doom, Fire Emblem Fates/ Birthright, NES Classic, Owlboy, Battlefield 1, Dark Souls 3, Firewatch, Titanfall 2, Uncharted 4, Watch Dogs 2, and Ratchet and Clank The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter feed of memes and secrets Big's Big Adventure 3 And lastly, Sonic's 25th anniversary livestream of Buzziness, Totinos' Pizza Rolls, and Earth-Shattering announcements like Hello Kitty in Sonic Dash. As for me this year, ever since moving here to Texas and moving into a city for the first time, the weather here is very different from what I'm used to with the winters being almost springlike and the summers too hot to handle at times. It is very nice how everything is more convient with more stores, resturants, and malls much closer to home living in the city(“You know have to surviiiive”). The resturants here are great (some of the best Tex-Mex/Southern Cooking I ever had) and there are a lot of cool videogame stores and arcades. Throughout this year, I attended many conventions such as Retropalooza & Fan Expo that were very fun and I can't wait for them next year. As for movies, I've mostly watched alot of older movies and some of them for the first time(Ex. The Neverending Story, Hackers, The Iron Giant, Nausicaa, My Neighbor Totoro, Animal House, and American Psycho). For games, I played My first Nuzlocke (Pokemon Y), Yakuza, Metal Gear Rising, Anarchy Reigns, Mafia 2, and Pokemon Sun. As for everything else, things were ok for the most part. 2016 was very rough for a lot people, lets hope and work for a better 2017. Happy New Year and Cheers to all of you!
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Just watched the episode myself, a pretty good first episode for Mr. Shriver. Just wished I knew this guy's resume. Nice to see that Eggman is becoming more of a threat in the past couple of episodes, granted he always was very cunning in my eyes but this and I Can Sea Sonic's Fear From Here is where it really shines Boom Eggman as a threat if Sonic and crew don't stop him. Also nice to see that Sticks has another episode to herself and she carries the episode pretty strongly, a lot of great jokes as well (Just got all giddy with that Thriller reference) from your classic bunch of people; Knuckles, Sticks, Eggman but heck even Wildcat got a nice laugh from me! And speaking of villagers, did anyone else caught that boar/warthog villager? Oh yeah, Dreamcaster; very subtle reference to the classic SEGA console but I get the feeling that either Kirk Thornton or Roger Craig Smith voiced him, it, whatever. But yeah, he's cool. And hey, we get to see more new baddies. I caught eye of one of those Flying Beetle Bots from the F&I concept art while the zombified villagers were building the satellite. Overall, a really good episode! Now let's see what next week's episode is, is it really Multi-Tails or is it some other episode? Only Bill Freiberger will know and he'll reveal it in due time.
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    Tomorrow should be interesting. An old friend asked me if I could appear at her house in my Spiderman costume for her kid! It's a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm gonna do it! Gonna surprise him by gifting him with one of my old comics and a mask too
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    Today, I found my copy of Sonic Rush Adventure after it'd been lost for so long!! It turns out it was actually with the other video games but in a box that had another box on top of it so I didn't know where it was...xD Kind of a lame place to "lose" it, but it didn't matter, I was absolutely thrilled to find it again anyway. I just finished the final boss on a non-Emeralds run, Ghost Titan (the boss of Big Swell), and I found it to be an extraordinarily fun one, with so many interesting attack methods and awesome music too. Not exactly hard, but it was still super satisfying to play, and considering my gaming skills (especially when it comes to bosses), easy is probably best Now to get all the emeralds I guess xD
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