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    Was looking around the shops today and to my surprise what song they played in one store... Pumpkin Hill!
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    Ratcicle King

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    I can't wait till Mario Kart 8 Switch introduces us to the Baby Metal Pink Gold Koopalings in both Tanooki and Cat forms.
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    Gooood Morning! Hope everybody has a happy Monday!
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    Good news, I got my steam account back and possibly two free games out of it.
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    It's project 2017. Also don't forget that if that list has come from Nintendo they're really funny with what they call a 'launch title'. With the Wii U and 3DS they didn't ever say launch title, but rather launch window. And that window was often 3 months if not more in some cases.
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    Huh, two of my chicken McNuggets were fused together. I shall dub it the nugget-rang.
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    The Final Victim of 2016 was 2016.
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    Eyy just registered for MAGFest
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