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    Something I made for an StC facebook page
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    The sky had a hue of orange as two figures, stood before it. One was tall, wearing what appeared to be a chestplate, blue briefs, and an orange scarf, gloves and boots. The other one. much shorter and a bit heavier than the other didn't look as ready for an adventure, opting for a blue hoodie, white t-shirt, some black shorts and a pair of fuzzy slippers... In other words, it looked like he was going to sit around the house all day. ...It should also be mentioned that they're skeletons as well. "BEHOLD, BROTHER! THE SKYLANDERS ACADEMY!" The tall skeleton exclaimed with glee, "AN ACADEMY OF HEROES FROM OTHER DIMENSIONS! HUMANS, MONSTERS, ROBOTS, ANTHROMORPHIC ANIMALS... UM... ANIME CHARACTERS. BUT ANYWAY, IT HAS BEEN A LONG ROAD, BUT I'VE FINALLY MADE IT!" "yeah it;s pretty impressive alright." The short skeleton grinned, "it's not every day you see a t-rex juggling a cyborg with its tail." The short skeleton gesture to Rexy juggling Robrainiac around with her tail, while Kardia stood by and watched. "WOW. THEY WEREN'T KIDDING WHEN THEY SAID THEY ACCEPTED EVERYONE." The tall skeleton said, scratching his head "BUT NONETHELESS, I'M SURE THE ACADEMY WOULDN'T MIND IF i, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WOULD LEND A HAND TO THEIR CAUSE!" "hey, while youre at it, maybe you could give them the rest of your arm as well." *RIMSHOT* "SANS!!! NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR PUNS!" The tall skeleton, Papyrus said, "NOW IS THE TIME FOR ME TO GO ON AN EPIC QUEST TO SAVE ANOTHER DIMENSION!!! AND I, PAPYRUS, WILL LEAD THE CHARGE" Papyrus picked up his bags, and was about to walk into the academy, when he turned back to Sans. "SANS, ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T WANNA JOIN ME IN MY ADVENTURE?" "thanks bro... but i think i'll pass. im just not cut out for this hero stuff." Sans gave his tall little brother a smile "but and save a world or two for me, will ya?" "NYEHEHEH! I'LL SAVE MORE THAN THAT SANS! JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE!" Papyrus gave a thumbs up to his little big brother as he picked his bags up and walked into the academy. "later bro. i'll be hanging out at the inn if you need me." Sans turned around, down the path to the academy. "youre gonna do good bro, i know it..." Sans said as he looked back to watch papyrus enter the academy "but if i find someone's been mistreating you there." Sans' eyes turned a pitch black. "They're gonna have a bad time." CHARACTER BIOS: THE GREAT PAPYRUS (AKA Coolskeleton95) MAIN CHARACTER ELEMENT: UNDEAD, DARK CLASS: SORCERER CATEGORY: SUPERCHARGER BIO: Papyrus is a skeleton from a place called the Underground, a realm where monsters were banished after losing a war to the humans. Papyrus is very loud and boastful, often presenting a confident image of himself. Although a bit on the egotistical side, he's actually very easy to befriend, and will believe in his friends just as much as he believes in himself. Papyrus is a very hard worker and very dedicated, always working to achieve his goals. On his off time, he enjoys cooking spaghetti. Years after him and his friends were freed from the underground by a human child, Papyrus somehow had learned of the Skylanders Academy, and began to dream of all the fame and friends he would have there. So, after months of hard work and training, Papyrus finally gains the skills he needs to become a skylander. With his brother, Sans, Papyrus arrives at Forest Crossing, eager to live out his new dream and goal. sans THE EASYGOING BROTHER OF PAPYRUS DAILY LIFE CHARACTER ELEMENT: UNDEAD, DARK BATTLE CLASS: SORCERER CATEGORY: N/A BIO: Sans is the (Older?) brother of Papyrus, who's a lot more cooler-headed and laid back than his brother. If he joined the skylanders academy, he'd quite possibly be the weakest hero there, only being able to deal one point of damage and could possibly be taken down easily. Luckily, Sans doesn't consider himself the hero/adventurer type as he'd rather much laze about and take a nap. But like Papyrus, he's also very easy to get along with, with his easy going nature and sense of humor. Sans also has a mischievous side, often pulling harmless pranks on the people around him, and making skeleton related puns. Sans is also a rather mysterious person, keeping secrets even his own brother doesn't know. One thing is for sure, is that he is aware of the fourth wall, and he has a dark side to him that one should never think of getting on.
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    Then we cut to Goemon (no pun intended), who is still outside the academy. He gets up, and decides that he probably should go team with Lupin once again. "It is time. I will join these...Skylanders in their cause." Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Lupin the Third) Element: Non-elemental Battle Class: Knight Skylander Category: Sensei Biography: The decsendant of the famous samurai Goemon Ishikawa, and the samurai in the Lupin gang, he has been involved in many of the gang's heists, he has a sense of honor and is in tune with Japanese culture, at least as much as his wandering ways will allow. Despite this, he finds thievery acceptable. He doesn't go on heists with Lupin as often as Jigen. He does get annoyed with Lupin and has been known go off on his own, but make no mistake, when the chips are down, he usually (though not always) goes to help. Though he didn't do anything in the last story; likely because he felt they'd be fine without him, or wasn't interested at the time. He is usually serious, but can be just as silly as the rest of the gang at times. End of bio. But then he bumps into a girl he never met before. "Hey, weird samurai guy. Have you been in this academy before? I've heard a friend of mine is here, and I wanted to see what she's been up to. Hope she didn't get herself in too much trouble." Goemon responds. "I have my own friends in there. I had intended to visit them before danger struck, but the danger has subsided." He said to the girl "And what is your name?" "Oh, me? My name is Arle." Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo) Element: Magic Battle Class: Sorcerer Skylander Category: N/A Biography: A girl who has been on various adventures since she was 4, she is a fair bit more skilled at Puyo than Amitie, being more experienced despite being around the same age. She is also not afraid to snark at her enemies, and even friends aren't completely safe from it, and doesn't so much as knock on doors as tears them down. She usually has at least one or two unwanted admirers following her, with Satan, or Dark Prince, if you prefer, being the most prominent one. They have a bad habit of underestimating her. She also has a pet named Carbuncle. "Why are you dressed like that, anyway?" Arle asked. But before he can respond... "Guu guu guu guu!" "Oh, this is Carbuncle. He's weird, but he's been my best friend since childhood." Arle explained. "What a strange creature." Goemon nonchalantly noted. "Gu gu gu..." Carbuncle responded to Goemon's comment as though to say he's upset. So they all walk into the academy to see how their friends are doing.
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    http://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2017/01/25/what-the-rogue-epa-nps-and-nasa-twitter-accounts-teach-us-about-the-future-of-social/#47037b6a5dc0 Trump's gag orders are backfiring spectacularly. A ton of "rogue" sites have formed to protest them, posting scientific facts and the like to fight the administration. So far, NASA, EPA, and NPS all have at least one protest account. Some are staffed by outsiders, but others by current (anonymous) or former staff members. The administration is trying to quietly shut them down by asking Twitter to suspend them for illegal usage of the government's intellectual property. ...Twitter apparently isn't bothering to respond. The result: they'll need to take this to court, and even then it's just a simple case of changing the logo, long after the follower counts have increased. There are possible criminal penalties, but the government doing this to protesters isn't likely to go over well. It will be a PR disaster to try any "tough" response, though knowing how Trump tends to be, he's probably going to tell his boy Sessions to get on it.
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    In the Ghost Zone Royal Prison, Dark Danny was spending his time having fun, the only way he knew how. Placing his prisoners in as much pain as possible. His first target was of course, Ember. He had the Skylanders' school cameras hacked, something about a later story according to that bear. He could use it to have fun however. "Hello Ember. I see you're still understanding the situation you're in?" The rockstar's fenton cage, specifically designed to hold ghosts was covered in several tears, a small food bowl, and water. "I just wanted to show you something Ember". He brought up the cameras to show her merchandise being burned by the Skylanders, as well as several of the insults, mudslinging and such that was being done. "Well, look at that, they're already forgetting about you! Wow, I must say, that was relatively quickly, I was at least expecting them to have some lingering worship of you, but looks like even your mind control is weak! Like you, your music, and every single aspect of your personality!" "..." Ember didn't reply. Dark Danny gave a final chuckle and prepared to leave to go for his next subject, Technus. "See you on the bottom 40 tracks Ember McLame". Meanwhile, Danny was looking for his bedroom, stopping at Sonic and Tails, who seemed to give him an odd look. "Yeah, hey. I need a place to sleep in this place".
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    Terriful suddenly waved to thin air. "Hey guy somehow I can sense is here. I can sense your fourth wall powers" he said looking like an idiot. Nice job Terriful.
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    they should make a sonic character thats a FUCKING DINOSAUR
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    "WOW! THERE'S A LOT OF FELLOW NEWCOMERS HERE TODAY." "LOT OF ANIME CHARACTERS WHO COME HERE TOO..." Papyrus scratched his chin as he observed his fellow heroes and future friends. "UNDYNE AND ALPHYS WOULD REALLY LOVE IT HERE." "REGARDLESS, HONOR TO MEET YOU, MY FELLOW HEROES! I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS, HERE TO AID YOU IN YOUR QUEST TO SAVE DIMENSIONS, LEARN VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS, AND SING A MUSICAL NUMBER TO FREE MIND CONTROLED SLAVES!" "You're... a little late to that last part." Katii chuckled awkwardly at the skeleton's loud voice, "But hey, my name's Katii, good to meet you!" "Oh great. Another loudmouth I have to put up with." Kardia rolled her eyes. "I know right? if there's anything this academy could have less of, it's loudmouths." Robrainiac scoffed "..." Kardia didn't make eye contact with Robrainiac. "I agree wholeheartedly."
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    New Year's diet be like:

    New Year's diet be like:
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    That news is really hard to digest. I'll show myself out.
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    "Huh, now we're getting skeletons?" Neptune asks. "I think it's about time we do." Sonic replies. "One of the most famous Skylanders is a skeleton. I think it's only fair we get one of our own."
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    Amitie and Sig notice one new person And then they see that he's a skeleton! Which kinda surprised Amitie, though she met a skeleton in the past. But she decides, wait, maybe he'll surprise them! "Hello! Name's Amitie, and this is my good friend, Sig!" She says, trying her darndest to smile.
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    "Ooof, thank the gods for that." Mayhem shuddered, "I get the chills thinking about who will stay and who will be taken to star in their own "Original maybe not related to the original source but totally is" spinoff RP..." "Oh yeah. I'm back from hiding. long time no see fourth wall cat guy who somehow knows I'm here." Mayhem greeted. "Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back into whisker's brain."
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    Edgeworth nodded, and walked on. Meanwhile, Danny was walking through the school. It was odd, but he couldn't help but feel he was getting shifty looks from the other heroes. I suppose they had just been through a lot because of ghosts, but still, Danny had gone through this once before, and most certainly didn't like going back through it once again.
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    A Metal Sonic walks up to the new recruits. "Your dorms are ready." He replies. "That was a fast expansion!" The Metal Sonic chuckles, twirling a hammer. "You'd be surprised what thousands of us can accomplish."
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    Square Enix/Marvel Games

    I don't particularly care for the Avengers, but this could be cool with those teams working on it. Just keep Nomura away from the designs ;D The announcement is crap, though. If you have nothing to show, don't bother. Don't just show a generic CG trailer and say "Stay tuned for next year!"
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    Why do we, as a species, keep letting Mr. Cicierega get away with this
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    Yusei walked around the Academy and noticed parts of it where wet. "What the?" "Please don't stand here Master. I'm busy mopping this up." "Very well. Who are you anyways?" "Kirumi Tojo" "Yusei" the two shook hands, "I should leave you to it since it looks messy."
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    you guuuuuyyyssss my new favorite thing
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    "...Are we out of empty dorms already?" Sonic asks. "There's gotta be one lying around somewhere, I-" "This place needs an expansion..."
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    Aww. She had a good run. Frankly, there have been so many fake reports of her passing over the past 15 years that it doesn't have as much as an impact as it normally would. Still, I recall enjoying her body of work when I was a kid. And one can't deny the impact she had on women in the entertainment industry. RIP to the first woman who wore pants on TV.
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    "Yeah man! Not all ghosts are bad. Like, there's my big sister Mia! She's often a help!", Maya chimed in.
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    Roxas looked at her. "None of them are from the same universe as the ghost boy though, and considering he's from the same universe as Ember and the rest of the ghosts who attacked us, how do you know we can trust him?"
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    I don't really understand this mentality. I mean, I know Mania and Project 2017 were announced around the same time, but I highly doubt Mania was in development before Sonic Team's game. People want to act like Sonic Team greenlighted Mania and then said to themselves "Well, even though we've already got a classic-focused game in the works, let's throw classic Sonic in our game anyway", and that just seems silly to me.
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    Oh, there's something that has a high possibility of coming to switch but hasn't been announced yet: Cruis'n Blast, it even has bonus cars in the arcade version
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    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

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    Panda Claus

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I still don't understand why Sonic 291 and Universe 95 have been switched around.
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    I bet that ad was probably made by Saerom Animation, a Korean animation studio that actually worked on some SatAM episodes. They probably recycled background assets from SatAM and then spent the rest of the budget on new animation, hence the apparently high quality.
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    I am, because they're not really competing with each other. Digests are a big commodity for the Archie company due to where they are sold.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    well, since they announced the return of Super Special Magazine, i'm not surprised to see Super Digest end.
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    This is so true and it sucks so much. I've seen people talk about Mania and refer to Sonic as "Classic Sonic" instead of just "Sonic". We'll just have to see if Project 2017 does anything to actually fix this, though I doubt it will.
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    Panda Claus

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Source please?
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    If not for the fact something equally authoritarian would likely take its place, I'd consider that a good thing for the Communist Party to fall from power. If they became a democracy, it probably wouldn't be that hard to befriend Russia; one big reason Russia is wary of being too close to the USA is because China might view it the wrong way. I can only imagine the world (literally) of good China, Russia and the USA/EU could obtain if they were all mostly on the same page. Meanwhile, this happened: Former President of Mexico took the gloves off.
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    "Strange. For some reason... I feel like I know you." "O-Oh... there's no reason to call me Master or anything! Just Kaede will do."
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    Meanwhile, Monomi appears between the two Ultimates. "Hey, hey! If you're gonna burn something, please burn them somewhere safe outside!" "The sounds of the fire alarm hurts my poor, sensitive ears!"
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    Feeding and petting Chandelure in Refresh is adorable guys
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    "Not all ghosts are bad, Roxas." Sayaka explains. "There are plenty of Skylanders who are ghosts." "There's Grim Creeper, Ghost Roaster... to be fair, he's more like a ghoul, Krypt King is a ghost who controls an Arkeyan body, Night Shift's a vampire ghost..."
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    Ok this is starting to piss me off. Why the fuck is he still on about this? He won he should let it go and move on. Christ he's acting a child who's complain about getting everything he wanted for Christmas. What the hell?
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Pro fossil fuel/anti alternative energy findings will be more likely to pass if this becomes a thing, because fossil fuel lobbyists have a shitload of money to give out and we still can't let the coal miners in on the fact that their jobs aren't ever coming back.
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    Really gotta love that a guy with absolutely no experiance in the video game industry and who has in the past repeatedly stated that video game lack the substance to make for good film adaptations (as opposed to, of course, comic books) and who has himself stated to have never played a Sonic game, suddenly talks like he's an expert on the subject and on the way the industry works. All the while having claimed that HIS works were somehow the most crucial part of making Sonic into a hit franchise, to the extent of believing that his abortive film idea should have gone on to be the basis for the franchise. And now you know why Penders has never, ever had a real career beyond Sonic. As to that, I have no idea- supposedly it was on the Lost Ones website back when it existed, but even with the wayback machine there is nothing for it. If it ever existed, anything about it has long since been lost to the sands of time.
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    Like I said, they won't do it, although that does highlight the main (and very obvious ) reason why: the character design. Modern Sonic as we know him now is just SA1 Sonic's design with a lot more polygons and maybe some tweaks. Like, imagine there had been a new Sonic platformer on the Saturn and it was drastically different from the classics, it'd still be baffling to have a "Saturn Sonic" as a separate entity because visually, you'd just have two Classic Sonics. Anyway, I'd rather Modern Sonic be used to represent Sonic Adventure-based gameplay if (shockingly enough) they decided to give it another shot. Sure, I'd really like to see that, but it'd be annoying if they brought in a third Sonic just for that, especially since it'd mean three different styles in one game. Yeah, no. On top of that, while I won't mind if boost is back, it's not what I want for Modern Sonic forever and always, and that'd just continue to validate that, y'know?
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    How's this for obscure, an Australian ad for Sonic branded ice cream: Plus, as it turns out, Sonic condones the use of 'enhanced interrogation techniques'. The CIA would be proud.
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    It really shouldn't require that much, honestly. In the Genesis games the minimum speed you needed was less than half his normal top speed. A little physics defiance makes Sonic interesting, they just need to be sure to enforce some limits so he can't just walk or stand on walls.
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    Not to mention you have almost no air control in Lost World - in most cases, once you make a jump you're committed to wherever it'll take you. You can either keep going forward as normal or stop dead in your tracks with almost no middle ground, so trying to control your arc with small, nuanced movements like almost any other Sonic game usually gets you killed. And while I'm at it, honestly, I like the idea of parkour as a concept but it really should not have needed its own button press in the first place - stuff like wall running should be as simple as jumping into a wall at an angle. Or hell, I give Heroes and ShTH a lot of shit for all manner of things, but homing attacking into a wall generally worked just fine too.
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Normally I wouldn't condone violence against someone because of their beliefs, but I'd make a limited exception for Nazis. Fuck those guys, they deserve neither respect nor credibility.
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    You know guys. It feels like it was yesterday when January 2016 rolled over and we were already grasping for Sonic news, targeting every special date and event. Only to get these news in JULY. Mania gave us a lot of stuff to be excited for, but the Sonic Team's game barely any. And yet here we are again, it feels like no game was announced at all. This is the longest development cycle in years. Unless Sonic Team's developing another game besides Sonic (oh my God please bring NiGHTS back), P17 is in development since 2013 (Lost World's release year). BUT, the trailer says from the creators of Generations and Colors, and Lost World was made by a different team within Sonic Team, so maybe this game is in development since... 2011?! Nah. They only said "Gens and Colors" because most people liked these games better than Lost World definitely. In any case, I truly expect and want, P17 to be as big, if not bigger, than Sonic Unleashed. Please God have mercy of their souls if this game isn't sucessful.
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    No. No it isn't. That is literally, objectively incorrect. They're the same gameplay styles, and you're literally ignoring that for a bogus argument. I at least want that made clear, if only for education's sake. ANYWAY, regarding that earlier discussion on the glitch thing: I think it's mildly interesting (and it looks nifty), but on the whole I'm assuming it's just to further the whole "shit's destroyed" thing shown in the first trailer. That and the whole "what is it" thing; ties into the mystery innit.
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    ...nah. Mario 64's world design was suited to what it needed to do pretty much perfectly: it gained its accolades for a reason. For comparison, I may see Sunshine's worlds as perfecting 3D open world Mario design, but I still see Sunshine as inferior overall due to a plethora of rather... unfun missions. From the Spyro games I've played, it works but it's not as memorable as Mario at all. That's a credit to the strong design in Mario.
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    Isn't that what Sonic Mania is trying to do?
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    Something neat I noticed. Good to see Sonic is getting nice promotion from the Big N, even after how Sega messed over them with the exclusivity deal.
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