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    Something I made for an StC facebook page
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    they should make a sonic character thats a FUCKING DINOSAUR
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    New Year's diet be like:

    New Year's diet be like:
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    Why do we, as a species, keep letting Mr. Cicierega get away with this
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    you guuuuuyyyssss my new favorite thing
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    Oh, there's something that has a high possibility of coming to switch but hasn't been announced yet: Cruis'n Blast, it even has bonus cars in the arcade version
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    Eggman in his mech from SA2 and spin-dashing... Ooook that looks very strange. xP
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    I'm sure Sonic '17 will be fine but regardless of the game's quality there will almost certainly be very bad discourse over it and I, for one, [robotic voiceover replacing my actual words] am looking forward to that.
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    Playing TLOU for the first time on my PS4s

    Playing TLOU for the first time on my PS4s
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    Feeding and petting Chandelure in Refresh is adorable guys
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