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    That's one of the things I've been heavily against in general after Heroes cemented this as a thing--treating characters as a group first and individuals second. Characters that are strong, colorful, and layered on their own often make the group stronger as a whole given how the dimensions of each one builds and synergizes (or competes) with the others. I don't care if they "served their purpose," a collective group of three-dimensional characters would have far more to offer than a two-dimensional one.
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    Outside the Academy, yet another portal opens up in the sky. This one's purple and circular. And three small blue Angry Birds come flying out of it, spinning through the air and looking like they're having fun! Their tongues stick out of their beaks and flap in the wind! Jay, who is one of the Blue Birds, shouts, "These portals are crazzzzy fun!" Jake, another one of the Blue Birds adds with eyes widening, "If only we didn't" Jim, the last of the Blue Birds, finishes while yelling with, "have to deal with the landing!" And the trio of Angry Birds slam into the ground, making holes in the ground upon their impacts. The trio crawl out of the holes, and Jake sighs, saying, "Ugh, the landing" Jim finishes up the thought up for Jake. "always sucks..." Jake and Jim look around the surrounding area in awe. They say at the same time, "Woah... what is this place.... It looks super cool and nice!" Meanwhile, Jay watches the portal they came out of, wondering, "Hey, where's the portal machine we were using? I thought you had it, Jake." Jake shakes his head and says, "No, I didn't have it when we left the portal. Where did it-" Jake is cut off by a small device falling out of the portal and whacking him on the head. Jake loses a few feathers and falls over, while Jim catches the device. The device is a small grey control panel with one purple button as well as one green pig snout shaped button, and it's hooked up to to a bubble containing a Golden Eggsteroid, although it's significantly duller than normal. Normal Golden Eggsteroid: Jay and Jim struggle to hold in their laughter over Jake's bad luck, even puffing up their cheeks, but they end up laughing anyway. "Bwahahahaha! You got hit, Jake! And we didn't!" Jim hands the device to Jay and says, "We got the device, Jay! We're fine! Though Jake still isn't!" Jake groans while he gets up, and Jay and Jim laugh again. Jay then turns to face Jake and Jim, saying, "Okay, we still have this thingamajig, so we're good. I'm still wondering how Professor Pig even got one of these Golden Eggsteroids since they are supposed to be in a whole other galaxy...." Jake speaks up to attempt to explain the situation. "Well, maybe this one drifted too close to our planet and got sucked in. Wouldn't surprise me. Piggy Island is a magnet for these kinda things. You guys still remember what happened when the EggSpark came out of a portal and smashed into Piggy Island, right?" Jay smiles and adds in, "And then it turned everyone into awesome robots with limbs that could transform into cars and other vehicles! It was so cool! But then it got out of control, and we had to send it back where it came from...." The trio all say together, "Good times, guys. Good times...." Jay points his beak at the Academy and states, "And I think we just finished step one! Now we need to know where the in the world, or rather, worlds we are! Think that building there has some answers?" Jake and Jim both nod, and the trio walk over to the front door. The portal closes as they arrive Jim interrupts Jay and Jake before they open the door. "Hey, wait! Shouldn't we play a prank on them first before we start meeting and greeting?" Jay and Jake nod and say together, "You're right, Jim! We're getting way ahead of ourselves! We can't miss a chance to play a trick on people!" Jay pulls out a roll of toilet paper before saying, "So are we going to TP them? These kinds of grand buildings are the best for that!" Jim shakes his head and points his beak at the doorbell. "No, we should ding-dong-ditch them! That's a way better prank, cause you know that whoever lives here will come out and see!" Jake gets between Jay and Jim and says, "Why don't we just do both? We'll cover the place in toilet paper, then use a ding-dong-ditch to lure them out and make them see our handiwork!" Jay and Jim both smile and respond with, "That's a brilliant idea, Jake! You're a genius!" Jake nods and requests, "I know, guys. But can we throw in a box of TNT too? We can make whoever lives here think they got a package, but if they handle it too harshly, it will blow up in their face! Boom! And then it will be a triple prank, and three is way better than one or two!" Jay jumps up and twirls in the air. "Even better, Jake! The people who" Jim finishes Jay's sentence. "live here will never know what hit them!" The trio get to work setting up their pranks. Jay puts the device down on the ground and starts to hop around the exterior of the Academy, wrapping everything he can find with toilet paper. Jim helps him out by passing him a new toilet paper roll whenever his runs out. Meanwhile, Jake takes out a box of TNT and sets it down gently on the Academy's doorstep. Then he rips off the TNT label and eats it. "Ew! Labels taste bad!" Jake spits out a crumpled up TNT label covered in saliva at the TNT box, which makes it explode. Jake is sent flying, and Jay and Jim start laughing while they climb. "Bwahahahahahaha! You so set yourself up for that, Jake!" Jake hops back over to the Academy's doorstep, shaking his head. "I know... but now I have a better plan!" Jake puts another TNT box on the doorstep, and peels off the TNT label. This time however, he presses the green pig snout button on the device. The device begins to shake as it drains energy from the Golden Eggsteroid, making it shine less brightly. Then the device shoots out a green beam that creates another portal, and Jay throws the TNT label into it. "That's on a one way trip to Piggy Island! Problem, solved!" Jake presses the green button on the device again, closing the portal. Jay and Jim have finished covering the Academy in toilet paper and come back down to the ground. Jay shakes his head and says, "That was cool and all, but did you" Jim looks down at the ground and says, "have to waste a charge on the device? What if it" Jay takes the metaphorical baton from Jim. "runs out? Then we'll be trapped without" And Jim takes said baton back from Jay. "a way to get back home!" Jay quips about why this is true. "Well, it's what we get when we steal a prototype device before it enters mass production, or whatever the Bad Piggies do in the place of mass production...." Jake sighs and says, "Okay, maybe I was a little irresponsible there.... But that shouldn't matter, we have a prank to wrap up here!" Jay and Jim both shout, "Right, Jake!"Jim hops over to below the doorbell. Then Jake jumps on top of him and Jay jumps on top of Jake, creating a three bird stack. From there, Jay easily reaches and presses the doorbell. "DIng-dong! There's a package for you!" Jay hops up to a low windowsill and says, "And the trick is live! I repeat, the trick is live! We gotta hide!" Jake jumps off of Jim to grab Jay's beak, and Jake pulls him onto the windowsill. Then Jay and Jake lean over the edge of the windowsill, with Jay holding on to Jake's tail feathers. Jim takes the device and grabs onto Jake, and afterward Jay pulls them both up onto the windowsill. Then the trio of birds start to climb higher up the Academy, sometimes using the toilet paper as ropes. Once they reach a high enough point, they stop climbing. Jay says, "Well, now our opening act is set up! Are we forgetting anything?" Jim speaks up. "Well, some of the people reading this might not know who we are! We should tell them!" Jay and Jake shake their heads. Jake says, "First off, don't break the fourth wall! That thing is" Jay hops on top of Jake and adds, "fragile enough already, and what if it really does break?" Jake continues with his reasoning. "And second off, everyone knows us! We're Angry Birds! We're at the top of the mobile game food chain! We have over 3 million downloads!" Jay keeps the ego train going by adding, "Everyone who owns a smartphone has probably played Angry Birds at some point in their lives! How could anyone not know who we are?" Jim decides to explain his statement further. "Well, just cause someone downloaded Angry Birds or one of our other games doesn't mean they'll keep it. We sorta haven't been doing so well lately, and other games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are pushing us out of the spotlight. On top of that, everyone knows what we are, but not necessarily who we are. The games don't really show who we are as characters, which seems importantish. I mean, we had a superstar movie, but that's the one where us Blues barely got any screen time!" Jay and Jake both nod. Jake says, "Well, I agree with you. We still need a repair crew to fix that significant hole you made in the fourth wall, but I agree! Jay?" Jay does a flip and says, "Alright, let's do it! We need to tell people who we are! And I have just the thing!" Jim shakes his head makes motions with his beak in the air. "That's not what I meant! This is what I meant!" Jake starts to complain, "But that Character Sheet took such a" Jay agrees with Jake and finishes with, "long time to write! It's boring...." Jim shakes his head and pecks them both with his beak. "Well, it was necessary, so we had to do it! But now that the boring stuff is dealt with, we can have all the fun we want!" Jay and Jake both shout, "Yeah! And we can begin by watching" The Blues all finish together, smiling. "a sucker come out the door and admire our handiwork!"
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    "It is an honor to have you among the Skylanders, but..." Nicole grabs Pixel's ear, preparing to walk out of the cafeteria. "You harmed a student, and for that, I must report you at once."
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    Amitie couldn't help but give a small smile to the cat. She was sad to remember those horrible events, but she wanted to help her friend. And it seems Robrainiac and the cat have at least called a truce. She wiped her tears and introduced herself. "Name's Amitie, and this is my boyfriend, Sig. What's your name?" "Good to meet you, kitty cat. I'm Sig." He introduced himself to the cat. "We'll stop LOSE from doing bad things, right?" He said with a bit of a smile.
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    Robrainiac walked out of the cafeteria, a tray in hand and a pile of food. The supervillain was in no mood for any holographic meatloaf, so he returned to the academy to see what they had. Robrainiac was practically drooling over the burgers and french fries they were serving today. "Ahhh, Burgers... truly the best invention ever made by the humans!" Sitting down at a table outside, Robrainiac rubbed his hands together in delight, "Mmmm! I can't wait!" Robrainiac stuffed the burger in his mouth, swallowing it whole. "Hmmm... I've had better." Robrainiac's moment of delight was interrupted by a voice from behind him. "Hey, brainy! Didn't your mom ever tell you to take smaller bites?" "Huh?! No... It couldn't be." Robrainiac shurgged. "Probably my imagination." Robrainiac was about to get started on his fries, when he heard someone land behind him. "Er... ow." The voice said, quietly... But Robrainiac knew where the source of the voice was coming from. A red fox kid with in a jacket and goggles atop his head. "Well, well, well... Fancy meeting you-" POW!!! Robrainiac was socked in the face, causing him to fall backwards onto the table and on top of his food "Cork it, Brainy!" The figure said, "I've been watching the news, and this place has been going through tough times. Giant robots, Mind control, (twice I might add) and some kind of Killing game? When I saw you among the others, I knew you were involved! What are you even doing here, anyway? I figured a smarty pants like you would have already graduated from school! "Ow... It's always the jaw with you." Robrainiac groaned, "But funny you should mention that. You see, when I first came here, I had the perfect plan to infiltrate a vault. In it, incredible artifacts with power beyond your imagination! My plan was simple: Break in, grab as many artifacts as I could, distract the heroes with my henchminion army, and join the nefarious villain organization, LOSE. But then I-" "Wait... LOSE?" The kid snickered, "So wait, would that make you a LOSE-er? Cause you don't need a villain organization to call yourself that." "Hey! No interuppting a villain's speech!" Robrainiac growled, getting up to his feet. "Cork it, Robrainiac," the kid said, "I know what's been going on... A killing game? Forcing kids to kill each other? I never thought you'd stoop that low." "Hey! Believe me, I had-" "Hey, what's that right there?" The kid pointed at Robrainaic's chest, "Wha-" WHACK! Another punch to the face from the kid, "Oh it was just my fist, " "Why you..." Robrainiac's hands turned into laser cannons, "If you're not going to listen to me, then I'm gonna have to force you!" "Shame I'm not a good listener huh?" The kid smiled, as he pulled the goggles over his eyes "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk..." Robrainiac chuckled "You're not going to get far with that attitude, Pixels." The two were ready to battle... But before any destruction could happen, the villain and the newcomer were stopped by the other Skylanders, all of whom had came out to check the commotion. PIXELS: A HERO OF COMICOPOLIS ELEMENTS: LIGHT, FIRE BATTLE CLASS: BRAWLER CATEGORY: SWAP FORCE Biography: Pixels T. Fox jr. is a superhero from the city of Comicopolis, and the son of an famous superhero, also named Pixels. The city of Comicopolis is the superhero capital of Pixel's world, and home to many famous superheros. Unfortunately, Pixels and his siblings learned the harsh moral of "Never meeting your heroes," as most of their idols only fought crime for the fame and glory of it. It was then that Pixels and his siblings made a vow to be superheroes not for the fame and fortune, but to save the lives of people who are in need. Pixels has faced off with many supervillains, including none other than Lord Robrainiac, mastermind and future ruler of the world. Pixels has a lot of fun with his job, and enjoys making snarky quips towards his opponent. However, he does have a side to him that is filled with self doubt, sadness and envy. However, the young fox swallows his pride, and aspires to help make the world a better place. Pixels proudly wears his superhero ID, 589. on his jacket and t-shirt, much to the confusion of his siblings. Pixels power is unusual to say the least; he has the power to generate burning balls of light, using them as projectiles and tossing them... They appear to have a green, pixelated appearance (Think the fireballs from Super Mario Bros). In addition, Pixels can "depixelate," himself, breaking up into tiny pixels and teleporting a few feet away. While it does sound useless, it works good for dodging. Pixels is also a skilled parkour enthusiast, able to jump, run and climb very well... If at a high enough point, Pixels can use his jacket to glide. However, there is a limit to the pixel powers... If used to much, Pixels will enter a cooldown period, in which he will have to rely on his feet and fists. In order to recharge, Pixels will have to dine on his favorite food, Sandwiches. Certain sandwiches can also grant him a different element to replace his fire element depending on the ingredients. Unfortunately for Pixels, he can never remember which sandwich enables him to swap elements.
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    // "Should I tell him...?" // "I should, but why am I dreading it...?" Nicole walks along through the hallways, and sees the whole commotion happening with Big and his frog. "...Uh...?"
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    I think I saw a prototype boss battle that was like this for Episode III, I think. I think I have the video somewhere, it's really rough around the edges so don't max out the volume and make sure to have your antivirus active. And if it asks for your credit card information, don't give it. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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    "Mr. Wright! I came as soon as I got your message, and I'm ready to go!" Phoenix heard a familiar voice running up to him. "Apollo Justice here and ready to take this case of the bootlegs!"
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    "Well that's simple Gumshoe..." "It's nothing but death, and crime, and the rage of a beast..." "I did want to ask about something. I couldn't help but notice my room's gone, given to that Hina girl, and I've got nowhere to stay around here, and I'm most certainly not planning to go couch-surfing" Meanwhile, far from the school... "Hm, it seems that punk's escaped that bear's game. He's still wanted on my list, and no pretty-boy lawyer or piano playing songstress is going to stop me this time. Boys, you know what to do, get into that school, steal something from that genie girl, and take it back here. I believe there's a saying with genies that "When you mess with one, you mess with us all..."
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    Hammer Kirby runs out of Edgeworth's room while smiling. "Of course I can! I just need to find something to clean with! Be right back!" As Hammer Kirby left, he throws his hammer away into a nearby trash can... and the hammer explodes. With that, Hammer Kirby's headband disappears, and Hammer Kirby becomes normal Kirby.... (Kirby lost his Smasher class and regained his Bazooker class!) (Kirby regained his Air Element!) Kirby stops as soon as he hears his hammer explode, and turns around to see the remains of the trash can. "Whoops... I forget that my hammer becomes explosive when it's thrown away.... Luckily, there's a closet right there where a broom or something could be!" Kirby heads into a nearby closet and spots a dustpan. It's good enough for what Kirby plans to do! Kirby sucks up the dustpan and swallows it, gaining a broom for himself. Kirby became Clean Kirby! (Kirby kept his Air element!) (Kirby lost his Bazooker class and gained the Knight class!) Clean Kirby comes back into Edgeworth's office with his broom and gets to work cleaning. "Clean's useless for everything else, but it's good at cleaning!" ******** The Blues look at Monomi and start laughing again, this time rolling around uncontrollably. "Bwahahahaha! Look at her face! It's priceless! It's too good!" As they roll around, Jim accidentally tumbles off the edge of the roof. He screams, but Jay and Jake don't notice it until it's too late. "Jim! Don't fall! You'll reveal our presence!" Jake shakes his head at Jay and sighs. "Nah, he's already too far down... we're done for...." Jim tumbles into windowsills, banners, and flags as he falls down, eventually landing in front of Monomi at the doorstep. A bunch of blue feathers fell off of Jim in the process, so Jim picks them up and tries to reattach them to himself. "Ow ow ow... Uh... we didn't do it?"
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    Edgeworth looked around at the mess. "Yes, I could use some help if you're able. The Metal Sonics are almost completely down, Welp would complain if asked, and I don't have Robrainiac's robots here to make a scene this time..." Meanwhile, Nightwing was walking through the hallways, having just finished a sparring match with Batman. He walks past Sayaka and Monomi. "Hey".
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    "Hey! Yo Big! Long time no see!" SOnic said regarding his huge friend as he lumbered off. Name's Undyne! I'm the Spear of Justice as some might say!" "Heh, don't mind the theme music it tends to play up like that when I'm pumped. So, yeah, let's just say Sarge and I have had quite few close calls, looking out for each and all. Gotta say, he's a magnificent fighter! I've no doubt you're just as tough!", Undyne said beaming her sharp teeth.
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    "...Well, there he goes." Nicole shrugs. "Curious. But hey, that's Big. H-he's Big, his name is Big. What kind of name is that...?"
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    "Yikes, hey get out of the way you two!" @Mightyray Undyne shouted as she plowed through and halted Big by doing what she would with a boulder, physically lifted him off the ground!!
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    And we got the preview images courtesy of the head honcho, Bill Freiberger. And I guess, if it still matters the Sonic Tumblr posted about the episode as well.
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    As Kaede leaves the library, game in hand, she stumbles upon Sonic. "So. You found it, right?" He asks, leaning against the wall casually. Kaede points at the cover. "Yup. Right here. Although... it's in Japanese. I know, it's probably ironic knowing my apparent origins... but I don't speak that." "Yeah. We can't just make an English Dub appear out of thin air." Sonic shrugs. "But I can at least help." He zooms into the library and comes back with a fairly large book. "Here, have a Japanese to English Dictionary. It'll take a long time considering how dialogue heavy this thing is... but it's something, right?" "Thanks. Although, I won't spend the rest of my days playing video games, you know?" "I mean, saving the multiverse is a more important thing to do of course! I still need to train! I'm discovering new things I can do with my powers every battle I'm in!" "Besides, it's not my death that I'm worried about. It's how I got revived with these powers that should be our focus. And... that voice."
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    And also yes, I'm gonna have to agree with @Gabe with S3&K's stages being quite different than the preceding games. I don't think people realize how linear S3's levels are especially until they look at the broad map of them. Sonic 3 levels acted more as large pathways that twisted all up down and all around and occasionally had shortcuts but mostly gravitated around one path. There are obviously exceptions but Sonic 3 I would say actually was a big transition point to how Sonic levels would be more like in the future. That said, I'm glad Mania seems to recede on this choice a bit and decides to go with more of a Sonic CD feel. I know a lot of people don't like CD's style, but I do and it's cool to see stages that have pathways that sprawl and connect and throw all over the place, while managing to throw in elements from other game's design choices. The idea that some of Sonic 2's designs in particular returning is a correct one, especially in Studiopolis with it's ramped paths that remind first of Chemical Plant Zone in it's most fast sections. We seem to have a game here that has Sonic CD stages that are built up into more of a Sonic 3&K scale, if that makes any sense. What I mean is that there are tonnes of paths all over the place that connect and all that, but they are now larger and longer and don't feel so as cramped. It's like a more nuanced Sonic CD. And yeah, I actually can understand the complaint that this may come with the risk of the locations not seeming as natural, but I'm not seeing anything too bad yet, and on the contrary to that, I actually may say that having all these locations and hidden paths actually make the locations seem more real as like any real place, it's huge and sprawls out in all directions. Green Hill Zone actually feels more alive than ever, as you have the normal pillars, hills, and slopes, but now there are lakes and caves and higher up places and lower places. It feels fucking huge. And like I said earlier, Studiopolis does have shades of Sonic CD and Sonic 3's style coming together as the lower paths of the zone feel quite isolated from the rest, and advance on their own, feeling like a completely different part of the city, which could be like that to give you the feeling you are down in the dark gritty city alleys, constrained by narrow pathways with only the noisy subway passing as company. The upper paths are the opposite giving you a huge airy bustling city feel with all sorts of places to go like in a real city, with so much to see. It's actually pretty awesome and I hope more zones take advantage of using the setting of the zone to dictate how it will be mapped out, as Lava Reef was a zone that did this amazingly, with it's tight constraining cave mazes that open up into huge cathedral like rooms that show you the scale of the whole places as gratification and the level opens up as the response. I hope they are thinking about this and like I said make pathways act accordingly to the level. It's fascinating to see how Sonic 3 and Sonic 2's and Sonic CD's styles actually work well together in creating crazy natural environments and memorable places. This is really how you take all the good things about classic Sonic and make something truly extraordinary out of them. I hope this rant made sense lol kinda just a running of my brain in the excitement of all this
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    "Unfortunately, Desiree doesn't have the power or means. The Skylanders would already be against her. Another genie is needed for this, and I heard of a special one's birthday party coming up real soon..." Walker said, eager for payback on Wright. Meanwhile "So anyway, who is our birthday girl, or boy?" Nightwing asked.
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    Surprisingly covertly, a rather BIG fellow was listening in on the conversation. "Well, I suppose I'm not TOO BIG to offer me and my crew's services! Well now, it seems great fortune might be with me. Yet another opportunity to leave the after-life and strike anew! Though I must ask....what good will that item do you anyway? Besides, don't you already have a genie on your side. A Miss Desiree, I believe.Oh now where are my manners? That's no way to properly introduce myself. Hello! I'm something of a regular, you may recall me as the space pirate captain who's cheated death many times. The name's Ridley." "Oh and thanks to that prat, Starscream who owes me some big-time, I've learned a trick or two about form changing myself! Heh, heh." Ridley - Metroid Series - Villain Post Super Metroid Of Course, His One True Death Battle Class: Brawler Elements: Air and Tech Category: Swapforce (Between His regular form and Meta form) Bio: "Regardless, I can't let ol' Screamy hog all the fun in the land of the living".
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    Batman rolled his eyes. "Oh not to worry, the "Bat Credit Card" surely handled all that damage". "Heh, anyone who ever thought that the Dark Knight himself couldn't joke and snark are dead wrong!", Kay said. "I guess Nightwing had to pick it up for some role model of his after all a bit!", Phoenix said showing up. "I guess the winged apple doesn't fall too far from the bat tree!", Maya joked following Nick in.
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    "I'll give you mine own one there. But as of Batman Forever, I seem to recall you and Alfred collaborated on the first version of your cinematic outfit. And all that was changed later on was the color scheme.............. Now unfortunately, neither you or me had any business with Alfred's ahem "niece", Barbara's costume which means he made her outfit all on his own.......I honestly don't know what to make of that".
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    >tfw no-one will ever hear this public domain track the same way ever again
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    Yeah honestly though screw fishwife she's dead and has zero sexy birthmarks I wanna marry Paya. I mean... I want Link to marry Paya. Link.
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    "I found a frog and then a big cat came out of no where and chased me." Mog quietly told Ayna. "I think that cat is looking for that frog err... what's your name?" "Mog." "Well Mog I think you should take that frog back to the big cat." "He was looking for it." Ayna suggests. "He probably got really excited to see his pet safe and sound." "Oh." Mog then crawled out from under the table and decided to go back and find the massive cat. Ztar however decided to stay under the table...
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    "Oh. Right. This whole mutliple universes thing tends to get me confused at times." "Once again, I apologise, I'll go." Nicole says, as she starts to dematerialise.
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    "Wha-What the hell-" Nicole's sudden materialization startles Tails, causing him to jump back a bit to the table and making the cup of coffee spill. He clears his throat. "No, I didn't call you."
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    "Ribbit" Big heard the singing and a familar croak when he turned and saw Mog carrying- "FROGGY!!!!! YOU FOUND HIM!" Big yelled happily as he charged towards Mog and Froggy like a raging bull unaware that he might crush them.
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    "Will do. I'm sure Ayna will probably be joining you in dragging my ass back." Sarge smirked. Oh shit...I haven't told Ayna about this crap have I? He then quickly got to digging. **** Mog was walking around H.Q. with Ztar following her. She was in a really good mood since she found a huge green striped frog! "Big green frog!" "With skinny long legs it's a big green frog!" She waved the amphibian around with both hands being somewhat careful with it, singing her made up song rather loudly in H.Q. catching the attention of the newest Skylander. @Dee Dude
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    "Ok, thank you anyway." Big thanked Ayna politely. Big then noticed Phoenix getting his attention and walked over to him. "Uh...are you a lawyer? Can you file me a missing case of my buddy Froggy?" Big asked judging from Wright's appearance.
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    On the talk about the level layout, I'm gonna chip in with my two cents and (again) comment on how to me, Mania doesn't come across as following directly on a specific Genesis Sonic game with its level design. A while back, I brought up this rudimentary level map of Green Hill Act 1, fudged together from Zephyr (Retro) from existing footage. Again, emphasis on rudimentary, as it's very much incomplete and a bit choppy with its placement. Still worth bringing up as it paints a tangible picture of the level structure: Now compare it to, say, Palmtree Panic Zone 2, Good Future from CD. (I really recommend opening and viewing each map in new tabs for good analysis, rather than viewing them strictly through the thumbnails below.) To the recent comments on comparing the level design to Sonic CD, there is a definite link regarding Green Hill's platform/object placement being similarly packed /layered together. But note how Palmtree Panic, as squeezed together as it is, has clearly defined "boundaries" with the altitude for its lowest and highest routes that it doesn't break from. Green Hill initially starts out like this (in correspondence to the original level layout from Sonic 1), but around the point you get to the first loop, the level then shifts into something much more sprawling in comparison. Green Hill transforms from a level with two closely overlapping routes into into arguably three routes firmly spaced apart after that point, which are connected together through a series of several overlapping "smaller" routes. On the other hand, let's take a look at Hydrocity Act 2 from Sonic 3 (pic on my end doesn't seem to embed properly for some reason, so here's a link if it doesn't show): In terms of size, Green Hill looks arguably just as big, if not moreso. Both Hydrocity and Green Hill don't confine their routes to a specific altitude plane, unlike Palmtree Panic, and are very large in size. But like Palmtree Panic, Green Hill's routes are frequently overlapping with each other; which serves as a big distinction of what separates it from Hydrocity. Like many of Sonic 3&K's stage, Hydrocity's level structure is very much shaped like an "ant colony"--routes are relatively self-contained and rarely, if ever, blend into each other prior to the boss / end of the act. These routes are also more focused in direction compared to other games--whereas Sonic CD's levels can actually feel aimless at times, Sonic 3&K has very linear routes. In contrast, Green Hill's cluster of available paths to take gives the level a very nonlinear approach--the level obviously has a beginning and a end, but the game leaves you to your own devices in regards what path you take to get there. Anywho, I think this pseudo-review mostly applies to Green Hill, and not the game's levels as a whole. There hasn't been a map made for Studiopolis Act 1 that I know of, but in comparison, the platform/object layout and route direction I'd say is closer to the levels from Sonic 2, which are more streamlined and speed-oriented.
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    I'm still not that interested in Mania anymore.
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    Neptune runs up to Sayaka, holding a bag. "Hey, hey, hey! Sayaka, check what Sonic has in his bag other then that crappy movie!" Neptune eagerly digs into the bag and pulls put a pudding cup. "Tada!" She rips it open, grabs a spoon and takes a bite... only to immediately spit it out. "ACK, BLECH, UGH. What is that?!" Sayaka takes the label and reads it. "Nep... this expired weeks ago." "Really?! Why would Sonic put a movie with it, then?" Neptune asks, wiping the bad taste off her tongue. Then she snaps her fingers. "OOOOOH, now I get it! The movie's garbage!"
  35. 1 point
    One thing about this image... Who's piloting that Egg-mobile? Note that Heavy Gunner is hanging on the side. Some people think an Eggrobo will be after Knuckles as in in Sonic 3&K. But it seems more like a generic badnik, like those three flying by themselves. Could we see Eggrobos as regular in-level badniks again?
  36. 1 point
    "Alright, alright. I deserved that one..." "But considering it was non-canon, we don't think about that one...unless you want to point out the fact that in that terrible terrible version of our world, you created those costumes with Bat-Nipples, and Bat-Butts..." Nightwing snarked.
  37. 1 point
    Is it me, or is the Zora dungeon and its lead-up more fleshed-out than the others? I've only completed that and the Rito dungeon so far, but the Zora dungeon's leadup was considerably longer, you got a lot more time to know the supporting character, there were more challenges pre-dungeon... The Rito dungeon felt less challenging, but that's mostly because I had to do some weird parkour stuff to get to the last two terminals using the elephant's trunk. Though, if there's one fun thing about doing the dungeons at this stage in my playthrough...
  38. 1 point
    cross your fingers for me i am going to see if weight loss surgery is for me in order to help my health.
  39. 1 point
    Wow! As someone really nostalgic for that era of computing, I love this. I'd like to try do to something like this someday. Hope you find solutions to those nasty problems you ran into!
  40. 1 point
    Well, keep in mind the primary focus of Sonic Mania is going to be old zones with a new coat of paint basically. There aren't going to be that many more new zones other than what we've seen is my guess, so you have to go into Mania prepared to relive the past more than anything. It's not meant to be a new game. Just a remake basically by and large. What's old has to be your thing, otherwise you might be let down by the entirety of the game, especially since you don't really feel much of a spark for the baddies unveiled today. I think you're main issue might be... The whole "It wasn't Metal Sonic" argument perhaps? If that's the case I and many could probably understand. it would have been nice if it was Metal Sonic since, as I mentioned before, it could/would mean wiping Sonic 4 from the series canon with the series canon altered. I wouldn't expect to see much of Project 2017 even during the whole unveiling thing. My advice is to go in expecting the name of the game, a short CGi clip or two, maybe a few split seconds of game play, and there you go. That way if we DO get more, you can be all the more happy. (Edit) Am I the only one feeling like the way Sonic's sprite remains the same after releasing the zip-ines nags him/her? Kind of hope they change it so he switches to a running animation or something, looks weird to maintain that pose through the air... Also... Anyone else wondering if seeing Act 2 made Mr. Naka shed a tear? That's heart crushing nostalgia right there for a developer I'd think. (Found Knuckles in Act 2 by the way...)
  41. 1 point
    Largely agree on that regard. Eh, we cool there! I had the inkling you didn't mean it that way either. Also thank goodness for the merging feature, eh?
  42. 1 point
    "I know...but if what they said was true...about them being friends...we'd have to tell her what happened..." Amitie said. She nearly lost Sig. She didn't take losing Yusei well, even if he got revived. She lost some friends who never came back. And it is said the other her she met way back when lost someone important to her, too. If this Amitie still viewed Conker and Honker as friends, she, too, has lost friends. And that was a very sad thought, regardless of her own interactions with them being...less than positive. Sig was walking on his own, thinking about stuff, which was unusual for him. He was doing his best to recover; not just for his own sake, but for Amitie's. He loves Amitie; she is too important to him. And he wonders if he's doing good enough by her; he has certainly tried his best. And she still loves him; but he wonders if he deserves it. And then there was Danny. He knew Danny still wasn't taking the accusations and suspicions well, and Sig can only feel guilty about that. Sig apologized, but Danny didn't seem to hear him, or if he did, didn't care. Though nobody else seemed to be even trying to help him out, which also worries him. He kinda wants to do something nice for Danny, especially since he had given the ghost guy a few glares of suspicion, but what would Danny like? Would he even appreciate the effort? And what about Alter-Ego? His heart was broken regardless of how he and Kaede are. He hopes they remain good friends; Amitie certainly hopes so, too. When both Sig and Amitie look at Alter-Ego, they don't see a mindless machine; they see a good friend, plain and simple. This is all too complicated for Sig. He just wanted to go have fun with Amitie, but these thoughts do trouble him lately. Those events sure have affected him by a lot. He's just been through too much...
  43. 1 point
    Eh, I'd say so, yeah. I mean for one thing the teaser was the day before, rather than being drawn out, and we also got this a week or so before an event where we're supposedly getting info on both games. Fair enough if you were personally underwhelmed but I thought it was a pleasant little update. That's what he was doing, yes :V On another note, they might want to do something about uh...
  44. 1 point
    Take a close look at the lampposts in Studiopolis.
  45. 1 point
    Badnik Mechanic

    PlayStation 4 Discussion

  46. 1 point
    Brutal honesty doesn't mean what they say is correct--they're just giving their full opinion, if obnoxiously. They could very well be making shit up in the process.
  47. 1 point
    - Eternal Paradox -

    Sonic Concept Art

    It looks incredibly similar to this piece: Could it be the lineart for it?
  48. 1 point

    Sonic Concept Art

    Huh, this is really interesting. I never saw any sketches of the American Sonic artwork. This is a first!
  49. 1 point

    Sonic Concept Art

    Blue eyes, big nose, overalls, big brown shoes, and concerning the top-right drawing, a suspiciously familiar pose? Hmm..... Nope, definitely not a knockoff of a certain rival mascot whatsoever.
  50. 1 point
    Johnny Boy

    Sonic Concept Art

    That robot looks like it would be right at home in a Megaman game.
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