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    This is in that Tyson Hesse pose but it's more how I like Sonic to look or whatever idk
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    It was a tongue-in-cheek response. edit: Not that I particularly feel the pressing need to elaborate pertaining to the current discussion, but since it's a little bit of a museum piece, BTS and ATS soundtracks were very much our collective demo reels as they were a fan-game soundtrack. There was a very deliberate decision to basically have a variety chocolate box of genres represented, and ATS had a brief discussion about going completely YM2612-compliant, or period-specific approach, similarly discarded in favor of presenting the same variety box. Half the reason it worked is that Sonic's music has been all over the place (while being consistently good in general) - from 'cinematic YM2612, to the funk-loaded S3&K tunes, to the pop/disco stylings of SCDJP (which I list after 3&K purely for technological reasons, not chronological) to the butt rock of the Dreamcast games, to the more open/understated tunes of the modern era when it's not going full-blown orchestral. Considering those of us most involved in those soundtracks have gone on from that springboard to careers involving Final Fantasy, Harmonix, DJing across the United States, international orchestral tours, and composition for numerous JRPG-inspired titles, and after a long meandering road, myself working on a Sonic title based on these subsequent credentials, I think none of us particularly regret it Tangentially, In some ways, the variety box approach also became something of an identifying factor of LakeFeperd's work, such that when we reconvened for Spark the Electric Jester, the fundamental approach again right at the start was to make sure a bunch of genres were represented, even if that product started off solidly in the digi-rock/chiptune realm for its first few stages. Anyway, that's a long digression. Tee has put together something really special for Mania and I really, really cannot wait for people to hear more of it.
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    Something that gives me hope of Forces story being better than past games is that there is dialogue and character interaction in the stages (Like Star Fox) and instead of Sonic just going through levels without too much story besides plot mcguffins (Animals, Wisps and Emeralds) we already know that Sonic is trying to find Shadow in the first level, Tails is with Classic Sonic for some reason and not with the resistance so far, and the Avatar is protecting the Chemical Plant from that giant crab bot, and saving some civilians that couldn't get out from Park Avenue. Also, every character already has more lines than Generations. They feel like they are in the stage with Sonic and the Avatar. They are not playable, but they feel important and present. And I'm glad about that. See? We already know a lot of stuff, but still I feel we know so little.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Yeah. Calling out people with screenshots, saying they need to "think about what they're saying" just because they didn't like an episode of a cartoon show and reasonably explained why, and trying to characterize them for hating the entire season (not that there would be anything wrong with that) when they end the post saying "this episode from season 2 was great" is utterly preposterous. This behavior of people personally ganging up on individuals for not being as positive as others would like them to be is such a turn-off that I made an extension to the Upcoming Games subforum's rules that this behavior is specifically banned now and will be subject to strikes on the spot. Since this thread is out of jurisdiction, I will not be striking anyone for this today; however, I have absolutely no problem in extending jurisdiction and putting this thread on notice, particularly since the thread in general has been a noted problem in the past. So you all are warned. Any of this crap in the Sonic Boom thread will be subject to immediate strikes from this point on, no questions asked. People are allowed to feel however they want about Sonic and express that in a way that does not break the forum rules.
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    (Copy and paste of my status) Something that gives me hope of Forces story being better than past games is that there is dialogue and character interaction in the stages (Like Star Fox) and instead of Sonic just going through levels without too much story besides plot mcguffins (Animals, Wisps and Emeralds) we already know that Sonic is trying to find Shadow in the first level, Tails is with Classic Sonic for some reason and not with the resistance so far, and the Avatar is protecting the Chemical Plant from that giant crab bot, and saving some civilians that couldn't get out from Park Avenue. Also, every character already has more lines than Generations. They feel like they are in the stage with Sonic and the Avatar. They are not playable, but they feel important and present. And I'm glad about that. See? We already know a lot of stuff, but still I feel we know so little.
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    So this is basically what it's like in the UK right now.
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    Its some kinds of hellish irony that the comics are stuck in an unexplained limbo while the talent for said comics is potentially serving as a lightningrod of positivity for mania and forces. Is this the Twilight Zone?
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    To think we've had the current Sonic voice cast for 7 years now. It's so refreshing to have a consistent cast for this long which I feel will stay the same for quite a long time.
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    Well, would you look at that. I'm a supportive sidekick. Nice. Thanks for the likes folks!
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    Not as much of an overwhelming workload as it would to create an entirely new werehog system of gameplay. Or to create an entirely new avatar character creation simulator, that manages to do exactly what Iizuka proposed with it's gameplay seemingly well enough on its own. It has it's own advantages as well as limitations. It plays similarly yet differently. It's not even as though they really need to do too much from the get go. I apologize, but I don't buy that it's something they literally can't do. Or so much as attempt. When I look at all the crazy shit the wisps can do and how this avatar functions, putting in a Tails skin and giving him an ability as basic as "You press a button and the little fucker starts to float" isn't going to lead to that being something I'll pass off as an acceptable answer as a consumer. I know there's more to it then just that (like level design and character animations) but it's all pretty basic stuff that they're already doing in this game with three different playstyles. I'm done making excuses for these people.
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    So I've decided to draw Wonder Woman after reading her origin comic. Going to see the movie tomorrow. Heard great things about it.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

    Sonic Forces Impressions

    Then it's a shitty tradition? It's a bad thing, bottom line. Sonic games are already easy, but lives and game overs just add an extra layer of tedium to the players who are bad enough at the games for them to matter, and trying to claim that a bad idea is okay in the name of tradition is basically the furthest you can get from the idea of progression in design and mentality. "We should stop sacrificing virign women to giant snakes! It doesn't actually cure disease!" "What!? But that's the way we've always done things! We have no reason to stop!" Besides, lengthening the time you play a game isn't worth a thing when the extra time you spend is all just sluggishly redoing things that were easy enough for that player to get past in the first place. If your artificial lengthening isn't fun, there's no reason to include it at all. That's why the werehog was so revilved, and why Colors is better than Unleashed. And even if dull repetition of easy levels was fun why should people who suck at the game get privilege of a longer playthrough over those of us who are actually good? Surely if it was actually fun to die and repeat things you just did, it would be seen as a reward, not a punishment, right? (it would, but that sort of logic is actually genuinely insane in the first place, so I can forgive anyone who follows it for not understanding that)
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    Mog may not be the strongest member of SSMB Heroes but she sure knows how to rock a tie!
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    Maybe she's born with it, maybe she's just a good hero!
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    I'm safe

    I'm safe
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    Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)

    Mania interview with Brad Flick (which many of you know as Slingerland), Stealth, and Hunter Bridges
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    Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)

    Here is another interview that caught my eye. Especially the part where Nakamura talks about how the story will be told from playable characters' perspectives, somewhat similar to SA2.
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    I love the artwork for ARMS not gonna lie.
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    Sonic Forces Impressions

    If anything, abandoning lives might encourage the designers to actually challenge players more. Besides, even when the games were tougher and game overs were...slightly more likely (I can't say even from Adventure thru Unleashed it happened to me more than maybe a handful of times, but I digress), it was still pretty pointless. You don't have to start the whole game over, understandably enough, just the stage you left off at. It's such a mild punishment that you might as well get rid of the lives system...and here we are. (Possibly. Like I said, could just be a demo thing.) And something else I realized after making my previous post: Sonic games already encourage you to Not Die with the ranking system.
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    Sonic Forces Impressions

    Where the hell are you dying in colors? lol
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    "I'll have to make the first move since everyone is so eager." "I play the Field Spell! The world of SIN, Malefic World!" Paradox's D-Wheel dyes the entire area with stars. "I'll play something interesting for you all" Paradox said gloating, "I play the Dragon of the Elements, The Ultra Dragon!" Paradox slammed a card down and from the sea of bricks a large multi-headed dragon appeared before the Skylanders. The dragon roars at the Skylanders. "I'm not done yet!" Paradox boasts, "I next summon the Hateful Dragon of Rulers, Scorn the Dragon King!" Paradox summons another large dragon against the Skylanders. Scorn looms over the Skylanders. "My deck is made of the strongest I could find in the Multiverse. Now go my dragons! Attack!" Paradox points at the Skylanders, siccing the dragons on them.
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    "Well done Skylanders I knew you'd find me here..." Paradox then revealed himself. "I hope you all recognize this place." The area appeared to be a sea of bricks; Foundation Prime. "We're in the past still and I'm glad we can finally settle this." "Just what are you trying to do anyways?" Yusei asked. "Very well..." Paradox said, "let me formally introduce myself..." "I am Paradox, the right hand of the new God of the Multiverse." Paradox said as he took off his mask.
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    Indigo Rush

    What YOU Think of Sonic Forces

    I'll try and sum up my honest thoughts as succinctly as I can through categories without rambling. Presentation and Premise I appreciate the setting. Really. Sonic Forces is a game where Eggman has already won, and I didn't know I wanted it until I saw it. While Eggman has been the main villain for a while post-Unleashed, and has certainly been one of the more fun characters to watch, he didn't seem especially effective of a villain. There's been a poor balance between his comedic angle and his villainous angle; while I would never want him to turn into something like SatAM Robontik, it's just been difficult to take him seriously. Adventure 2 was the peak for Eggman for me, so a situation where he actually wins could make for a great story. Along with that, it's certainly a lot edgier looking than the past couple of games. Colors was a breath of fresh air after 06 and Unleashed, but Lost World felt confused... I really wonder if Forces is swinging the pendulum too far in the opposite direction of Colors' humor. I would've argued (especially early on) that the ruined city is just being shown to grab attention for the younger Adventure era fans, but every single trailer feels like a setup for a dark Batman film or something, and with the reveal of the latest baddie, some dark furry demigod with pixel powers (???), I'm now starting to think that the story really is going to be as edgy as possible. At this rate, with Aaron Webber's constant jokes that Tails dies in the next game, I wonder if someone actually does kick the bucket just to make the game feel more "intense". Also, now with Chaos and Zavok (and probably the rest of the D6) returning, I feel that the story is more of a clickbait now. "Hey look, Eggman won and all of the villains from old games are here again! Despite being good/dead now! Click here to find out why!" I'm a fan of higher stakes, but there's such thing as going too far for Sonic. Gameplay Classic Sonic is Generations Classic. It'll be decent, but with the power of hindsight and the presence of Sonic Mania, it'll have a lot less charm this go round. When Sonic 4 Episode I first hit the scene, a lot of critics lauded it as the return to form Sonic needed. Then Episode II came out, and despite being technically better, it was less loved; likely because Gens Classic was a marked improvement and Sonic CD's re-release reminded people what Classic Sonic should play like. This'll be a similar case thanks to Mania. Forces Classic may control better than Gens Classic, but with everything we've seen (you know how astute we are with gameplay footage) we can tell that the improvements aren't significant, if there are any. The level design is the bigger issue, it doesn't trust the player's ability to build speed or time their jumps, and honestly I believe it's because the engine that Forces is built on was coded to handle Modern Sonic gameplay and not Classic Sonic. They have to automate things, otherwise it'll break, or at the very least it'll look especially janky. Speaking of Modern... Modern Sonic is Generations, Unleashed and Colors again. Probably minor tweaks. Level design looks like a hand-holding rollercoaster. If that's your thing, that's awesome. I'll probably have some fleeting joy playing it. I'm just not itching to get it on launch day. Ya feel me? Graphics It looks really nice. Probably the only true positive here. Music Classic Sonic's pseudo-chiptunes sound like trash. With all due respect to the composers, "stop." Modern Sonic is whatever. The Custom Hero's lyrics are not especially catchy, a little cheesy which I appreciate, but... actually yeah let's address the elephant in the room Custom Hero I hate this, and not necessarily for the reasons you may expect. It's not that a custom character in and of itself is incompatible with Sonic; it could be, but the execution and presentation pisses me off for three major reasons: 1. It's impact on gameplay is shallow. A majority of gameplay changes matter to how you interact with rings or if you double jump or not. It's not like Tails' flight or Knuckles' climbing abilities, it's the difference between what kind of weapon you use and if you take path A or path B. Not especially imaginative. 2. This shouldn't be in a major Sonic game. This is the sort of thing you could make in a spin-off, or a subseries even. World-building. Maybe an online game where you join a team of other OCs and collect lots of rings in randomly generated levels. I don't know, but having an avatar interact with the main cast feels really off to me. 3. Thanks to the dialogue we've heard in the game, this feels like pandering. At every turn, Sonic's friends are talking to you like you're a kid, and when the "rookie" is a representation of 'you', that's especially aggravating. What's even more annoying is that they praise you for doing basic stuff, talk about how you're their last hope to do "X" mission. They marvel at your ability to defeat enemies. They laud you for jumping over platforms. Vector at one point says "Wow, how am I going to top that!?" Espio exclaims, "A fine display of skill!" The only thing worse than being told to avoid obvious hazards, is being told I'm a good boy for playing the game. On top of that, listen to the lyrics in Green Hill. It can basically be summed up as "I can do it if I try hard enough!" The Custom Character is being used to build self-esteem in players by talking down to them, and I really, really hate that. Sonic Forces presents itself as the edgy mature Sonic game alongside the cuter and more colorful Mania, but from a design standpoint, it really feels like Mania is for developed tastes and Forces is for the young and impressionable. Sonic Forces will probably fare relatively well in reviews and sales. It's a big Sonic game where the core gameplay isn't bogged down by major gameplay deviations. The Custom Hero's gameplay is about as different from Sonic's as Amy was in Sonic Advance. It's not a huge difference, and it'll work fine.The major hurdles will be the avatar character stigma, the really edgy story and confused presentation. Classic Sonic is probably the biggest deviation from the core Modern gameplay, to be honest, and shouldn't be there to begin with. We have Mania. Don't make it look worse by association, please.
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    Stardust roared as it took its place; along side the Skylanders. "It doesn't matter if you have Stardust Dragon back or if my curse has been lifted, my Dragon is still the strongest!" "Is that so?" Yusei said with confidence as he saw Jack's cannonball flying at Paradox's dragon. "Go Stardust Dragon! Shooting Sonic!" Stardust Dragon combined its attack with Jack's cannon as it flew towards the Dragon. The dragon got hit by the two strong attacks, causing an explosion. "Ugh!" Paradox is once again caught in the explosion, dealing damage to him. The Skylanders wait for the dust to settle.
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    FINALLY got into those Dreamcast Express discs! I gave the E3 2000 trailer to my girlfriend, who put them in a video that you can see here: I'll figure out what to do with the rest when I'm finishing ripping all 7 volumes. (I don't have Extra, but that's already available to begin with)
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    Alright, time to update with more SSMB Heroes goodness! These are my 3 posters presented for Season 3!
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    For me, Season 2 HAS been somewhat of an improvement over Season 1, "The Biggest Fan" and "Mech Suits Me" were both good episodes, the jokes have got a bit better, characterization has been improved. While there's still lots of bad it's a step. FriendBot wasn't good for me, it's just my opinion. Not everyone has to be 100% positive about this show.
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    my game, StarTower is coming out next Friday! yay
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    Akihiro Hino(The president,CEO and writer/creator of all Level-5 IPs) and Inafune have been big friends since 2009 when both started work on Layton vs Ace Attorney. Inafune even said in an interview he has alot of respect for Hino. Also Comcept has actually made a game for Level-5 before:
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    It's kind of amusing to think back when ol' Brad was here and was talking about how great Mania is shaping up to be and people are telling him how is he so sure about it and it now turns out he's one of the level designers for Mania. That's funny as shit. But yeah bless the Mania team, ALL OF THEM! Mania is gonna be such a treat of game to play!
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    If anything, an adaptation of Forces in the comics would be a motherlode of opportunities for Ian...depending on how Forces is, because it can go in many ways that would makes us go "WTF?!" even more like it's done several times now. I'd say the tone and stakes would allow a brief revisit to the kind of tension of the Pre-Reboot where Eggman controlled most of the world than he does Post-Reboot. And it would definitely make the Egg Bosses shine even more given they would be major figures in such a thing. If only Infinite wasn't such a wild card right now tho.
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    "Gender doesn't matter" Paradox snickered, "my god will make sure her rule will make sure you all back in your place." "Sayaka Miki I've heard of you. If its your role to die then so be it. I'll send you to your grave where you belong." "Paradox! What are you getting at?" "I'm here to defeat you all as intended so I may place you back in your roles. Haven't I said it before? Consider this a little experiment of mine. I can easily destroy you if I can just go back to the past." Paradox then pulled out a black hat that is identical to the one Kaede has before it blew off in the wind. "If I defeat you all here and now I can prove that I am capable of putting everyone back in their intended roles."
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    Latest piece of art, my contribution for Season 3 of SSMB Heroes. Inspired by Archie Sonic, how do you save the multiverse when reality itself is shattered?
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    It would appear Fox needs to go back to school for more "eductation" lol
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    As much potential as Utopia has it doesn't seem to have an overwhelming positive consensus either, probably because it's really open and fans are unsure about whether or not Sonic should even be in an open world at all. Regardless, we've outlined tons of problems over the years in really exacting detail, but the fandom has yet to implement a solution that's as clear and concise as Mania being a response to Sonic 4 is. Because it's harder, and we all know it's harder even underneath the hype that is the fact that a fan project essentially has Sega's blessing. This should probably provide an infinitesimal amount of empathy to anyone brave enough to work at Sonic Team proper, but whatever. Gotta stick it to our stuffy Japanese overlords and show just how much smarter we are, I guess. Ultimately, Mania is undoubtedly going to have a better reception than Forces. But then again Secret Rings had a better reception Sonic 06. Comparing the reception of disparate products with different intents and different developmental environments and needs just because they're under the same franchise banner isn't a constructive way to look at things.
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    Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)

    Considering the general complaints of modern park Avenue are note for note exactly the thing iIzuka said they improved I'm left to assume he's either lying or simply meant later levels. And considering Modern Green Hill got the same type of scrutiny before people saw the rest of the Gens levels in willing to give him the benefit of the doubt
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    At this time this Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event is over as far as the questionnaire is concerned. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated! And there will be more where that comes from when I make my final and closing post. In addition to making the announcement of the event's end, I also want to bring your attention to the badge for fully participating in this event. Or should I say badgeS? Remember question number 5 of this questionnaire: Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan? Curiosity aside, I actually asked this question for an additional reason. Depending on your answer, I wanted to give you a badge to coincide with your answer as I made both a Classic Sonic and a Modern Sonic Badge: The Classic Sonic badge includes the title ring with a Sonic 1 sprite. The "25" is made with the gold bordering the blue like some of the titles of the early Classic Sonic games The Modern Sonic badge includes the title ring with a Sonic 4 sprite. The "25" is made with the blue bordering the gold like the titles of the Modern Sonic games (and yes, I'm aware some of the Classic Sonic games had this too ). I changed the badge design SIX times before I settled with these. I hope you like them! Let's say that my first experience with Photoshop was definitely an interesting one... Now because I'm silly and actually didn't tally who preferred whom as far as Sonic is concerned that means I need to go back and read all the answers again to find out who gets which badge. That also means that will not be awarding badges shortly after this post like I had intended to and for that I apologize. As for those that didn't give a distinct answer between the two Sonics, I am going to have to flip a coin as I have to give you something badge-wise! . Expect me to get this done in the next day or two. So until then if you like feel free to give final thoughts, opinions, observations, feedback or whatever you like as we are about to wrap this thing up for good. I'll be back soon with the final post with my final thoughts, observations and stats and the like so stay tuned!
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    Cross post from the E3 trailer thread. Well, I played it earlier. Modern Sonic is fun. A bit too close to Colors gameplay for my liking, but not bad. It doesn't seem like you can drift anymore. 2D parts are alright. Easier to platform with the double jump. Also noticed I ran out of boost very often, since you don't get energy from rings anymore. Classic Sonic I can't say much on since it was a boss fight, but I liked Drop Dashing around. The bosses were pretty fun. Just super easy. Custom Hero was surprisingly fun too. Being unable to double jump threw me off though. I think I was a wolf or something. The electric Wispon is cool, but from the gameplay I saw I think Burst is better (I only got to play as the OC once and I picked the electric one). It is fun zapping along rings and through enemies though. The platforming felt less stiff than I expected. It was pretty floaty. The chase scene with the crab thing had major slowdown issues though. So, yeah. I'm very excited to play it when it releases. Other details I forgot to mention: -The goal is a red Eggman symbol that turns into a blue star (like the one in the title) when you run through it, at least for Modern and OC. Since Classic had a boss stage he might still have the sign post thingy. -The stage clear music is great. It's a softer orchestra version of the main theme IIRC. Reminds me of the nice acoustic guitar version of 06's stage clear. -Shadow was at the end of the Modern stage. This isn't very important but I like Shadow so I figured I'd mention it. -GHZ for OC had some cool bleached out sections. I liked the look of it. The factory segments were pretty sweet too. -It actually seems tougher to get an S rank in this game. I didn't die as Modern Sonic but I still didn't get an S. -The grappling hook thing stops momentum when initially using it, but it's not as jarring as it looked in the video. I only used one though, so I don't know for sure. -There were multiple paths for OC depending on what Wispon you use. Since I had Lightning (?) I couldn't take the upper path. You need Burst for that. -Modern Sonic didn't have any Wisps other than the Boost ones. He may not use colored ones at all. But I'm not sure. I don't remember if Colors introduced colored Wisps in the first stage. -Tails unfortunately still lives. -I believe Sonic has his Generations stomp back. The one in Unleashed didn't stop him completely, this one does. -Amy sounds just like she does in Sonic Boom. Knuckles sounds more like the main series Knuckles, though, so I guess they just changed her direction. Which reminds me, Tails isn't voiced by Kate Higgins anymore. I don't think, anyway. I guess his Boom voice actress has taken over for the main series. -The OC sounded kind of familiar. But it was only grunts so I'm not sure. Personally hope Robbie Daymond is one of the voices you can choose.
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    "Its futile!" Paradox shouted, "you all weak compared to me!" Paradox's Truth Dragon fired its beam attack at the Skylanders causing explosions everywhere. "Guys... Not to interrupt but... Why are you all fighting for me?" Mai asked as the dust settled, "you're all getting hurt by this guy..."
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    "Its a stupid idea but I'm going to need you to boost me up to land on Stardust and I plan on ricocheting off of it to Paradox's machine." Kirumi then takes Sarge's shield. "Let's go!" Kirumi got a running start and ran at Homura.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    That would actually make sense. Divide and conquer. I mean Amy and Sticks on their may be able to take a few thugs but a mech suit would be a bit of a challenge for them.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    I wonder if the next two episodes are actually a trap. (not a viewer trap, but an actual trap within the plot) I remember a few months ago, when a French listing for the Sticks and Amy episode mentioned how Belinda would be plotting to attack Sticks and Amy, while they're relaxing at home. What if this whole band tour is actually a distraction set by Charlie and Belinda, to get rid of Team Sonic, and take over the village? Charlie was probably in charge of secretly sending Sonic and the guys on a wild goose chase, and get them lost, while Belinda is in charge of getting rid of the girls. These episodes are being teased at being linked together, so who knows? I think that would be a fun revelation. Who knows what will go down in these next two episodes?
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    I don't think I can answer any questions w.r.t Mania itself, but try tweeting Sonic social media about it.
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    "Ugh!" Paradox got caught in the blast, taking damage. "We've got him!" Yusei shouted. Only one dragon remained.
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    "Ultra Dragon! What are you doing? Keep attacking!" "I think your plan of brute strength isn't working" Kirumi stated towards Paradox.
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    "Very well" Scorn said, towering high about Kat and Raven. "You believe yourself royalty you commoner welp!?" Scorn shouted, as he sent a blast of fire directly down upon Kat.
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