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    You know we're in the strangest timeline when Mario has better vocal themes than Sonic. Whew, lads.
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    "Hey, Ferb... I know what we're gonna do today!" "Don't worry about me, child. Just flee!"
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    So now we're entertaining the possibility that Sega is deliberately taking things out on Adventure fans over a single shitty song. #SonicFans.
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    Sonic Forces Impressions

    Sweet, I'm only in my mid-twenties. I've got another decade left in me, guys.
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    The SOnic Twitter has been kind enough to give us a sample of the vocal theme. It's uh...I need to give this a few listens but I'm not sure if I'm feeling it.
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    Yo. Considering this is the first Crash game I've ever beaten (never beat Wrath of Cortex), I'm feeling good. First Platinum trophy too.
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    Still having hope for Forces like:
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    I think the differences the songs before now were good enough on a technical level that you bought into the cheese. Open Your Heart and With Me end up being some powerful stuff for me even though I don't like a lot of the other vocal themes. This song has nothing on those though. The lyrics are the least of it's problems
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    I regret asking for vocal themes back.
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    Sonic Unleashed - Perfect Dark Gaia (100% complete) A project that only took 10 days! That's what happens when you're in the Zone. I'm currently proofreading it and doing final edits right now. The question is . . . Do I post it now, or should I hold off until tomorrow evening? Cause at least you guys will have the word now. STAY TUNED! Tomorrow evening it's on!
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    Forget the lyrics and everything. I didn't even hear them or try to make them out- mainly because the quick switches in tone just annoyed me. The actual composition of this is just...bad. It's so fast and loud and bombastic without any distinctive melody or bridges that it almost sounds like a parody. Cheese and cringe is a hard line to walk and the fell into the fires of the latter side.
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    Jeez, can we please get Crush 40 back? Sure they were cheesy, but at least they sounded GOOD. Johnny isnt getting any younger. Actually, didn't Johnny say they were working on something for a Sonic game? Which would be this game?
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    I don't know how many times I've said this in regards to Forces, but everytime I think we've hit the bottom, they drag me further down. The instrumental was fine, why this?
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    My god the singer sounds rubbish. The lyrics are meh... The instrumental version sounds way better, lol.
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    And on his first attempt too.
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    Sonic Forces Vocal Theme - "Fist Bump"

    Love the instrumentals, the lyrics are cheesy but thats Sonic, but that SINGER is what kills it for me man. Gonna have to wait for someone to do a cover of this down the line and make that my go to version bleh
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    The comics are mediocre they say Sonic characters don't any personailty they say Seriously, look the potential that this series has with the modern era
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    It sounded aight. In all honesty it sounded like lyrics to an anime song, but probably a Shonen (Jump) anime song if I'm being honest. Maybe that's why I don't feel so negative towards the lyrics themselves. I will admit that the final line about one last fist bump just...no. That wasn't needed. Now, that vocalist. Wow. He ranged from sounding decent at some points to outright making me go "Yikes" at specific points, and I could barely even hear what the heck he was saying because of how loud the music itself is.
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    ...Wha? Now we are going to say that the composition that sucks? Nononono. No. The instrumental is awesome, it got stuck in my head for a long time... I... Respecfully disagree. I love the instrumentals, it just changes the tone a lot, which I like... In my opinion it has more soul into it more than everything after BK. (Not counting stages music) Reach for the Stars is annoying and Wonder World is the most forgettable main theme ever.
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    The three games I'd want to make as the perfect culmination of Sonic as a split series: The purest and most creative, fun, and charming yet rad 3D game possible based around Classic sonic An expansive pixar-esque adventure with sprawling journeys and good character development with Modern Sonic and the cast And a full on heavy metal, all attitude and action packed game based around dreamcast era Sonic All equally ambitious in their execution If any of those games ever get made by SEGA before I can get around to it, I'll die happy tbh
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    I thought the original instrumental was forgettable. I literally don't remember a single thing about it. It worked in service of "We need a rock theme song because that's what Sonic games do," but it doesn't stand anywhere near pretty much every rock ballad we had before. Even Knight of the Wind at least has a distinct opener with the Medieval-esque strings. Fist Bump is just noise. That's all this game is. Noise.
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    Sonic Forces Vocal Theme - "Fist Bump"

    Agreed. Take out the singing (it doesn't matter what the lyrics are; the singing in itself is annoying regardless of the words) and the actual production is just a clusterfuck of fast-paced, excessively generic guitar chords with no memorable melodies. The lyrics only compound the problem.
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    Have you read any of this thread at all? Anyway, just the fact that the song is called "Fist Bump" makes me wonder if they're deliberately trying to out-cheese the Adventure games. Also, why the lead singer of Hoobastank, of all people?
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    Good lord, these lyrics have about as much flow as an amatuer's first fandub of an anime opening. They destroyed a perfectly good main theme that had absolutely incredible instrumentals for something sounds like it was made by a 14 year old fan of SAO. I've defended Forces for a lot of shit, but no, not this time.
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    Wow! It's garbage! Like, Ohtani's backing music is still pretty good but why on earth did you hire the Hoobstank man. I saw Hoobastank live, opening for Linkin Park. I was 12. POD was there. It was a very bad time for music. "one more last fist bump" what IS this y'all this is irredeemable
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    Personally, I prefer this version.
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    It's alright, but I think it was a mistake to let us hear it without vocals first, there's no way whatever they did in the end wouldn't sound "tacked on". The only thing I really hate is the title, somehow it's cornier than the likes of "Sonic Heroes" and "All Hail Shadow", but more than that the phrase "Fist Bump" just doesn't really flow or suit the "serious" vibe this song gave before we had the vocals for it. Like that sombre piano ending... that's not the ending of a song called "Fist Bump".
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    But really, what's with all the "I hope Sonic Mania will succeed so Modern Sonic/ 3d Sonic will die" stuff? The ultimate baffling point to me is that Modern Sonic has been PRIMARLY focused on bending over backwards to merge with Classic Sonic for a decade now. 3d gameplay barely had a guestrole in their own games, the side cast has been irrelevant for over a decade, we got Green Hill zone shoved in our faces at every turn... We HAD prodiminently 2d Classic style gameplay for the majority of the games since Sonic 06. The fact Mania is treated as THE GLORIOUS RETURN of 2d Sonic instead of "Well, here's another one of these awesome games" just shows you that Sonic Team emulating that style is meaningless if they don't focus, don't truly buckle down and NAIL these games, instead of treating it like a magic cheatcode that will make their games sell better. If Sonic Team's recent games have been dissapointing to you, what do you expect to change? Less Shadow ruining the series? Because those 2 bossfights and one Lego sidequest really dragged the series down. So I really have to wonder what folks rooting for Mania's succes are hoping for? Well, yeah, for Sonic Mania 2 of course, good reason. Or like me and hope Sonic Team learns to focus, TAKE a stand, embrace a vision and Go for it instead of having another Mad scientist pinball rollercoaster labyrinth of several gamestyles and attitudes. Then yeah, whoo, go Mania! But if you're rooting for Mania Just because you want to see the death of 3d Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog? Yeah, hooray, moral victory. Take THAT, other Sonic fans and your stupid tastes, haha! But other then that, nothing substantial will change. Get ready for Sonic Forces 2, except with flying donuts instead of destroyed cities. But hey, at least all the 3d sections will be gone! All... 2% of the game they'll occupy. Look at Classic Sonic's gameplay in Forces. That IS Sonic Team embracing and celebrating Classic Sonic. That's what you're fighting for here. If you like it, great! But, well, you already got it, so what are you fighting for? If you hate it, then clearly just getting Sonic team to make Classic Sonic stuff by itself isn't the answer. What I want Sonic Team to learn from Mania is about It's attitude. This focused passion and relentless optimism in creating the game that represents their values. Take a fun concept and then build on that, expand it, explore it. Sonic Mania happens to take the classic games as it's vision. And who knows what magic can happen if the same focus and energy is extended to other visions. Go make a 3d Sonic game with the attitude Taxman's team has with Sonic Mania. Who knows what wonders we'll receive? 2d gameplay has nothing to do with it. Classic Sonic has nothing to do with it. Sonic's friends have nothing to do with it. Physics has nothi...Well okay, physics has something to do with it, if only because it might lead to them realising that having a stronger and deeper core main gameplay can create endless variaton on it's own without relying on weird side activities. Point is, Sonic Team themselves is the problem, no matter what particular direction they're pursuing.
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    i killed Zaysho guys please help I need to hide this from the copses ! ! !
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    A clearer version of that poster Tyson Heese did!
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    Sonic Unleashed - Perfect Dark Gaia (95% complete) (5 days remain) I'm hoping to finish this up tonight, proofread and edit tomorrow morning and afternoon, since I'll have 12 hours back at the gates, and upload it online tomorrow night, via Newgrounds and probably YouTube by Friday. Today was a bad day. But I'm SO EXCITED about this one. WHOSE READY FOR A SONIC CELEBRATION SSMB STYLE????
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    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Great...we finally get some new non-saiyan characters that look interesting and they might be the first ones to get eliminated. I swear if they don't get revived with the rest after the tournament with the Super Dragon Balls I'll hakkai someone.
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    Of course that idea, in and of itself, is not unusual but that's definitely not what we're talking about here. This goes a bit further than that. If you want to take it from an angle that says they find the characters a hinderance to Classic gameplay... that doesn't really make any logical sense to me either, since the gameplay they're given is dependant on the developer. He seems to like Mania just fine despite the fact that Tails and Knuckles are in it. I'm certain that if any others made appearances, and were given the classic treatment it wouldn't be so totally different as to completely destroy what he liked about the minor differences Tails and Knuckles had. When it comes to even the 3D games of today, the characters don't even get used anymore and yet the guy was still bothered by the fact that the goal of the level in Forces was to find Shadow. If his concern actually was to prioritize the gameplay over the story and characters, he wouldn't be lamenting about something that literally only affected the story and characters. Which means he must just not like them because ... they exist. I guess. I also don't wish to assume that prioritizing good design means you think the other aspects shouldn't exist. I'm certain there's tons of people who play the games for the sake of the gameplay but aren't bothered by or can enjoy the other elements. What you're describing sounds more like an extreme example of that though and that does seem a little unusual. Sonic's had more an opportunity to showcase it, certainly. I don't take that to mean the others wouldn't be able to as well, given the chance. However, they don't get used anymore so, fat chance of it happening in a way that showcases it well. The way the game's utilize themselves to express who he is, certainly is impressive. I don't think that means his actual personality would tower over any of the others in my personal opinion though. I, of course, never said he didn't have any of what you're saying he has either. Yeah. That's probably what it is. Nothing wrong with that but growing up with Adventure 2: Battle and Heroes had me view Sonic as one part of a cohesive whole. Recognizing him as the main character didn't win him any favoritism points from me. Which is good because despite that he's still one of my favorites.
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    I kind of hate that Dawn Best is working in this, if only because now there might be a "but..." when tearing it down. That is, assuming Penders doesn't lend his own "personal touch" to it again.
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    Parts of it sounded like Sonic was trying to sing. Don't mind a bit of cheese but I can't stomach it when it goes too far. We Can was the only song in Heroes I couldn't get into because of that, even when I was a kid. At least that one was sung okay but.. Dammit. I wanted vocal songs to come back too. You know if people hate it their reaction isn't going to be "We should have tried something else" but rather "We should get rid of all vocal songs forever again". Cause that's how they respond to criticism.
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    Sonic Forces Impressions

    I've just watched the Nintendo Life video and the guy just looked like he said whatever people wanted to hear about Forces. The game is bad, it's too automated and all that stuff we've been saying since the first reveal, BUT, he then goes on to say that Colours is the greatest 3D Sonic game and that even the 3D sections in that game were good. I mean. Ok. You're not wrong for liking something, Colours in this occasion, but shitting on Forces and then saying Colours is the greatest 3D Sonic game ever is a bit contraddictory. Colours is barely 3D, 80% of it is 2D and I'm not even going to go in detail on why I think it's not a bad game but a bad Sonic game for sure. If modern Sonic peaked at Colours for you, then I don't see why you should hate Forces, since it's doing more of the same and of all the modern games Colours is the one that looks closest to Forces.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic Boom RPG

    My little coding duck and I do not know how to respond to this.
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    I've played this game a bunch of times when I was a kid but now as an adult I can't believe this joke was in this game
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    I have not updated this thread in a couple of weeks... I really hate myself for that cause I want to get something posted at least once a week. :\ This is a new character I was working on, I named her Rocsi Mechanister. She's a 26 year old robot mechanic with a smartass attitude. And I guess I can link some of my early sketches of her since I haven't posted in a while. Sorry if my art sucks, I'm working on getting better.
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    "I climbed up the wall to take a look and it seems massive. The vents might be here for all the hot air coming through the place, so it would need to be pretty big. Bouncer meanwhile bounced happily as she got a devious smirk on her face. She took aim with a snowball, and hit the target with a bullseye, causing the pulley to go into effect, revealing the ice block and moving it down. Chirp listened to Jess' command, and played an elegant song on her flute, which created a massive musical note that shot towards the ice block. With that, the block shattered, revealing the grappling gun...which was still too high for the Skylanders to reach. However, when the ice block was shattered, releasing the weight in the pulley, a small waterfall began falling next to the pulley.
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    "Isn't time for you to go you weird polar bear?" Komaru said to Herbert. "Your plan is flawed. Warming up Club Penguin for your own purposes will raise the sea level, meaning you won't have much to rule with once its flooded. For that I shall stop you from destroying yourself." Sion prepared for battle with Herbert's best.
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    Pixels stood up, more confident than before. The sight of a villain losing their smug and boastful attitude always boosted his morale... Even if it was only for a moment and they regain their composure, Pixels always knew that this was a sign that a villain's plan was slowly falling apart. "I'm good to go." Pixels smiled, "Let's go up there and save the island and our friends!" "That's the spirit, Pix." Katii said, nodding in approval.
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    "W-Well...I-I-I guess we need to go deal with...the b-biggest threat Club Penguin and the E-E-EPF have ever faced..." Rookie said, as his knees began shaking heavily. "It'll be alright. We've beaten worse odds" Edgeworth said, looking towards the massive cannon shooting to the sky.
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    It doesn't even fully make sense to say stuff like that nowadays either. For one, this era where it was just Sonic and Eggman that these guys talk about lasted for about a year before Tails showed up. Even if he were including the Classic trio of Tails and Knuckles, at this point in time, Sonic's friends and allies have been around for an extremely long time. Silver, the newest permanent addition to Sonic's list of friends, debuted in 2006. It's 2017 now. He's been around for over a decade. Kids who were 10 when Sonic 06 came out are 20 now. Shadow's been in this series for even longer. You'd think by now there'd be at least a little tolerance for personality types different from just what Sonic and Eggman have to offer. At least on a small,level. It's not like that's the same thing as liking his character. You don't have to like Shadow but the way this is often expressed makes it seem like he and a few others aren't even considering who his character even is. Like it's working off of some weird "old versus new" mentality that shouldn't exist anymore. There's characters I like more than others too but that's just because some personalities just click with me more than some others. It's stuff like this that makes me wonder if better character writing would even matter. Probably not.
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    Quit the fanboyism. Dismissing criticism of the hit detection as whining by people who you conveniently assume would've also whined about hit detection more accurate to the original because you further assume people were determined to not like it, all in order to essentially paint all criticism of the jumping as invalid is unfair. Frankly, it's the kind of attitude that made the rumors and lead-up to what should've been a really celebratory occasion when Crash was finally confirmed at E3 intolerable in its own presumptuousness and elitism within this very thread. If Crash's hitbox is indeed a pill shape, then that's a dumb decision as nearly all of his obstacles are cubic in nature, meaning hit detection is not going to be as natural, solid, and pixel-precise as it once was. Anyone "can get used to this"- people are beating these games- but this doesn't mean the change was automatically for the better or that it doesn't deserve any criticism. So yeah, this attitude of yours is not helpful and will probably lead to strikes if it continues. If you really want to make an argument that the hit detection hasn't suffered in the translation, maybe instead explain why the change is actually somehow better than it once was.
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    Sonic Forces Impressions

    "No we are not calling him Eggman" Pfft.
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