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    I've played this game a bunch of times when I was a kid but now as an adult I can't believe this joke was in this game
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    I didn't even realize that the 3rd was my 5 year anniversary of joining SSMB o.o
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    It feels good to make someone laugh somewhere out there in the world. It really brightens up my day.
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    Alright I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys: Sonic Forces isn't going to be a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I'd say it's probably going to on par with colors with it's reception(although considering how many folks hate it that's not saying much). It's just not the game I want. There's a huge difference. I feel as if Sonic Team is capable of doing so much more it's just that this is the first major console Sonic game since Rise of Lyric or if you want to be specific since Lost World which was 4 years ago.
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    Good to know there will be an anime stream going on, I haven't seen the anime that's being played.
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    So this is an image from Super Mario Odyssey! Looks heavily like Planet Wisp.... I guess the tables have turned!
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    Radiant Hero Ike

    Nice, I made a comic.

    Nice, I made a comic.
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    Speaking of fists:

    Speaking of fists:
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    You are acting that Sonic songs were never cheesy to begin with.
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    So this game just got announced: City Shrouded in Darkness. The setup? You're a civillian in the middle of a Kaiju attack/battle. run bitch
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