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    Hey, what do you guys think of my drawing? I think the eyes are a bit weird, the expression I think is fine. She is supposed to make this "eye rolling"/ "impatient" expression.
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    Got the base of my Tracer costume for MCM today!
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    Oh the beautiful possibilities when changing names in a RPG
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    SA2 is actually a very polarizing game, especially today. It MAY (may!!) have once been considered the "peak" by the majority, but times they are a-changing. Don't get me wrong, there's still a significant segment of fans who think that, but there's also very many who either have looked back and re-evaluated and seen the game's significant flaws, or who were never on board to begin with. There are also those who are still quite fond of it but wouldn't call it "the peak". So yeah, I haven't watched the videos yet either but I hope you realize the premise you're starting from is very questionable.
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    Anime forums in a nutshell

    Anime forums in a nutshell
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    Yuji Naka visited SEGA

    Yuji Naka visited SEGA
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    I really just don't want SEGA to sweep Archie Sonic under the rug and pretend it didn't exist. Doing that to a record-holding series, it was bad enough they wouldn't allow it to end properly, but doing that would be downright disrespectful. I don't care if the pre-reboot stuff gets included or not, this series deserves better than to be forgotten.
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    If it extends the life of the game I say give me dlc
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    @Failinhearts Chi chuckled at Kyubey's remark. "Heh. Can't go wrong with a bit of rock, I'll say." @Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon "Sounds like you two really know your multiverse," Chi said to Phoenix and Maya. "Though I'm still kind of confused by this '4th wall' you keep mentioning."
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    I'm still alive! And I had a great birthday the other day. Here's to hoping we can find a stable place to live soon. Anyway, Infinite the Edgelord is basically my new favorite character. I just drew an awesome pic of him last night~
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    Yes, hello, it's me, I think that. It made a degree of sense in 3&K because of how it was a game broken in two, but it's completely unnecessary and detrimental outside of it. There's no benefit to having two levels of "super", anything they want a Hyper form to do can simply be given to a Super form, keeping the whole thing much cleaner. It is a good thing that the Super Emeralds and Hyper forms are gone.
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    "Ahhhh.. Kids experiencing young love again. The beauty of puberty..." the school nurse seemed to go off into another drunken babble. "Oh and please don't forget to send me all your medical records. I do need to know your medical history after all. And make sure to spread the word. I'd like to get work done."
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    "Ahhh, got it. Don't worry, don't worry. I won't egg the kid." Kyubey nods in understanding. "Makes me wonder about that Kaede, though..."
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    "He does?" Lumina asked. "Aww, that's so sweet!" "I'd heard of humans getting attracted to things that aren't real, but the other way 'round?!" Shade exclaimed. "Looks like Tesla was right; once the Mystics fell, the whole of reality went and lost its grip!"
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    "Nick! Did you hear that!? We are so getting paid!", Maya whispered to Phoenix in realization. "Uh, well, yeah, now that you mention it, we kinda did get dragged into the Skylanders on lawyer duty...which does make us personnel too!", Phoenix said in a hushed voice. "Of course, we'd need to put the claim under a franchise name-" "How about an extension of the "Wright Anything Agency", your...firm of sorts? Oh! I've got it!", Maya whispered back. "Well, I do suppose I've been needing an official name for business with multiverse parties", Phoenix admitted. "Then I've got it! WAAHOO (Wright Anything Agency of Heroic Obligatory Operations)!", Maya said. "That sounds almost like a team name, Maya", Phoenix said, "Maybe we should wait on-" Raincheck? Just for how long!?, Phoenix thought. "Yeah, about that. I've kinda got a fiancee and a kid back home to help raise and take care of." "And when you get to know that Togami kid. Well, he's quite stingy with his money of you ask me! Not to mention that not nearly ALL those damages were our fault!", Maya said. "Though that's what lawyers are for in this world to prevent, ain't that right Nick!?" "Okay, first Maya, settle down. Second, yes, I suppose that's one of our many lawyerly functions. I'd hate for it to come to a civil suit though, really".
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    "Wait, we're getting paid to do this whole thing?" Shade asked. He didn't have much of an understanding of, nor need for, the concept of money, but he did know (at least from what he saw of Earth TV) that people were willing to do evil, wicked things if it meant getting their hands on large amounts of the thing.
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    "He's a bit of an asshole if I remember right. I wonder what he's getting from funding us to go off into adventures..." "Hey I don't care as long as I get my paycheck" the nurse said as she grabbed another glass of red wine.
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    It took him a moment, but Chi finally realised what had happened... "GAH! I knew it!" he said, sounding rather annoyed. "Eggman's Kill Switch! I thought I'd gotten rid of it by now, but I guess all this talk about the 4th wall re-triggered it." Chi looked back at his cards. "I should get someone to look at removing it. But first... I fold."
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    "Trust me, I've been a Disciple for 4 years. You'll get used to it." Sayaka chuckles. "I was just like you once, you know?"
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    "That's two posts he's done that Nick." "I think his writer is going with the whole cannot compute thing for robots, Maya", Pheonix deduced. "Well we've gotta ease him in someway!" "Perhaps we should just start by telling him, how we got our knowledge of the 4th wall?", Phoenix Wright suggested. "Not for nothing, but in my experience, stating all the things that could go wrong or the villainous foes we could end up facing....well that often jinxes the universe to see it through or have said villainous foes attack us", Phoenix said exasperated. "Not really a fan of those kind of inevitable prophecies either....kinda gives you a bad feeling of getting caught in the crossfire", Maya said. "Hey that's not all! Their comic cons are pretty keen! They even dress up like us there too!", Maya said. "We even have our own conventions back home to mirror 'em", Phoenix said, reminiscing. "And thanks to the 4th wall, well, we get to interact with them every now and then!", Maya said.
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    "Wait... are you implying that we're all just fictional characters created by--" but before Chi could finish his question, he had seemingly shut down for a couple seconds. He soon began to reboot, however... "--Though I'm still kind of confused by this '4th wall' you keep mentioning." Chi looked around at the confused faces, unaware of what just happened. "...What?"
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    Oh boy, could this confirm Marble Garden? I know it could only confirm its zipline gimmick, but..... c'mon. Also there's a star on the bottom, Metropolis confirmed
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    "Oooh! Oooh! I am! I am!" Lumina said, jumping up and down. Her sugar rush wasn't as big as Kyubey's, but the lemonade did make her more energised. "You're not part of the game, bog off," Shade said. "Besides, don't you prefer that peppy poppy Your-Oh Dance trash or whatever it's called?" "I like rock and roll too..." Lumina pouted.
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    "Not really. I'm more of a dark classical kind of girl. Toccata and fugue basically." Celes said as she took another pot to herself.
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    Super Emeralds Deconfirmed for Mania

    Because it would feel like a dick move if you got stripped of something you worked to earn and then had to do a bunch of work just to get it back.
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    "Oh! I wish! Then me and Larry Butz would be the champs....much to Edgeworth's disdain anyway regarding Larry", Maya said. You break those cards, you buy 'em kid, she thought. "No, folding means you believe your hand of cards that you have is weaker than everyone else's", Phoenix said, wanting a fair enough fight. "Then, you only lose the money you've bet already and nothing more". "But of course, where's the fun in that!?", Maya said enticingly while observing the card game.
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    Last Week "I can't gel with Forces' soundtrack." Today "Here comes the enemy, strike them down! We can’t let evil win, take them out!"
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    The complications, as far as I understand it, are from us not knowing all of the details. Such details could include them looking for a different publisher before telling us what's up. But I'm not the one digging into it, so carry on. Just my casual observations.
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    Now I want an It Doesn't Matter remix for Forces
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    "Hang on a sec there! Ummm, Miss Nurse, I guess! Staff are supposed to get paychecks here!?", Maya said. "Hmmmm, that does remind me, Phoenix said taking out a case file labeled B0-GU5 Incident. "If that's the case, he's skimping out on paying us for our legal fees for the Bootleg Turnabout". "Oh, just in case he's not available, you can also consult Tron Bonne on that", Phoenix told Chi. "Oh yeah! She was breaking the 4th wall since her own videogame well before the crossovers!", Maya said. "Persevere, shall we Nick?", Maya asked exasperated. "Now Maya. Let's give the kid a fair shot. Besides, it looks like he's making a call anyway", Phoenix said, doing the same, confident with his hand. "Besides, you know me, I don't give up on people easily."
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    "Ahhhh, kay!" Kyubey nods. "Byakuy-who?" "The super rich guy who funds this whole operation!"
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    There is/was some sentiment around reviewers when Unleashed came out that it was just a "slight" improvement over 2006. I read that a couple times. It pissed me of royally back then
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    Oh, God damn it, you can get the Fusion suit in Samus Returns, but it's locked behind Amiibo xO
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    Now that it's over, I have to say I expected a bit more, at least a new level. I understand they want to keep as much a secret as possible, but it was the perfect moment to reveal the Sonic 3 level. But hey, at least we're just 22 days away.
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    >classmate spends every writing workshop telling people their grammar and punctuation are bad, even use words like "horrendous" once or twice >she sends out her story >she doesn't know, how to use, commas, for the life of her,
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    "Don't forget, everyone! Danganronpa 3 is on Thursday AND Friday this week!"
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    A character I created based on comets in space. What? I told you I had primitive technology. Evil/possessed Santa clause. had this cool idea for a final boss in a modern sonic game. You fight this robot on a sphere and you have to dodge it's tail and hands. Some doodles for some characters I was gonna make for this videogame based comic I was gonna work on.
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    PC the Hedgehog

    Rocko's Modern Life movie!

    It's like Rocko never even left. The dialogue, visuals and voices are as good as ever, and they even got Pat Irwin to return for the music! This is going to be great.
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    Dark Qiviut

    Sonic Mania talk:

    Sonic Mania talk:
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    While the Sonic X adaptations of game storylines were pretty cool I don't see the point in just doing game storylines over again, if they did get adapted I'd want to see it done in broad strokes, more like Sonic X's take on Sonic Battle than SA1 and 2. I'm down for a TV show that expands the vanilla Sonic universe with stories that wouldn't be as effective in a game but sadly you can't really do that without alienating those who aren't familiar with all the games.
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    King Koopa/Bowser from the cartoons will, as considerably different he was from the games will still be my favourite. The voice Mr. Atkin gave him was distinctive and how I wish Bowser talked like that more often. Yeah, King Koopa will always be my Bowser. RIP Mr. Atkin and thank you for making him what he was in the shows.
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    Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    At least five more months it is, then. Whatever shall I do with my spare time?
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    Yea Boom does books for a lot of the newer Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time, Amazing World of Gumball, Over The Garden Wall & Steven Universe. They also have a AT/Regular Show crossover mini coming out this fall. And they recently made a deal with Nick to start doing Rugrats comics in October. Though IDW has the rights to older CN stuff like Dexter, PPG & Samurai Jack, and TMNT is owned by Nick as well, but Oni Does Invader Zim & Rick & Morty..... TV networks are weird, they just throw their liscenses all over the place! XD
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    Agreed. Since ecspecially as you said they were able to bring ROM back and have had success with various liscensed properties from Transformers & My Little Pony to Ghostbusters & TMNT. If anyone could do the series justice it would be them. Heck they even managed to revitalize JEM of all things! So yes, please SEGA, for the love of all things Hedgehog go with IDW!!!
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    Well they are getting better. Their Smurfs stuff is decent and their CharmZ line has potential. But yes, Boom or IDW would be 1000x better!
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    The only good thing that can happen is if IDW does pick up the old comics as IDW does have a history of taking properties with characters with legal loopholes and still being asble to make a comic. I mean thats what happened to the ghostbusters comics. Out of all the companies I say IDW is our best hope for any good future for the continuation of the archie comics. I mean they brought back ROM space knight, a property with many legal issues keeping it from being rebooted for a long time yet they brought it back. Plus they did do a anniversary special with archie and its very likely Archie would let them use characters like Sally and Bunnie Its more SEGA I would worry about, would Sega deal with IDW?
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    Sonic Forces the comics to adapt the game's story. </meme> Edit: Sega really should have seen all these memes coming with a title like that.
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    It's probably not even remotely doable, but I'd love if the potential company was given the western reprinting rights to every existing Sonic comic, including Fleetway and localisation rights to the mangas and any other international obscurities like the French comics.
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    @Flyinpenguin117 I'm not assuming that this is what's going to happen, but I am hoping it's what happens. Prepare for the worst; hope for the best.
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