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    Hopefully this is better than what Lara Su looks like in that book. No coloring though.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Don't let the door hit you.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Dude, it be the ultimate comic series if they have both Archie and Fleetway characters! Btu sadly, unlike SatAM and post-Gen Archie chars, they are not owned by any branch of Sega.
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    Hey, what do you guys think of my drawing? I think the eyes are a bit weird, the expression I think is fine. She is supposed to make this "eye rolling"/ "impatient" expression.
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    As I've said, this is still too toony to actually BE the inevitable Sonic-Ripoff for the book, and Penders' words here make it clear that this is indeed meant to be Sonic proper. While what happened to his friend is infortunate and its sweet he made time for his son, I'm not really sure how either of those things excuse the fact that he failed so miserably to draw a character whom his career was built on.
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    I continue to hope that Sonic Mania will not have any DLC and will launch as and remain a complete product.
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    I haven't watched the videos yet so I'll just give my thoughts on why Shadow was more "popular" at his introduction. One, SA2 came out at a different time than the classics did. Most of the people who grew up with Sonic 1/2 were now teenagers or young adults and had probably moved on. The Adventure games kinda introduced Sonic to a new generation of kids, and so many many kids grew up with SA2 and have a fondness for Shadow and SA2 as a whole for that reason since for many of them it was probably their first Sonic game. They were also quite young so a "badass dark evil Sonic" seemed pretty cool for the time. Remember this was the time when DBZ's Funmation dub was at it's peak and darker action based shows and media were on the rise. It fit in quite well for the time, and so Shadow and SA2 were a big part of that whole scene and somewhat defined the childhoods for a lot of kids then. Also, the stigma against edgy characters and fancharacters, at least in the Sonic fanbase didn't exist yet. You know why? Because they didn't exist yet. Shadow was the one to kickstart the whole thing. That's the reason why Shadow was more well-received than Infinite, the people who would go on to make all the edgy Sonic fanart and ruin the whole thing were kids when the Adventure games came out. And the whole reason why Shadow ended up as the joke character running around and swearing was because SEGA was looking for what was popular (and horribly failing obviously), that's about it. Most people know now that Shadow was originally never supposed to come back after SA2, but it coming out at the right place at the right time gave this character a new lifespan. Most of which is filled with stuff that most people have been happy to get away from. And one more thing, I'll just say that SA2 is NOT the peak of Sonic for most around here.
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    ...except for the fact that plenty of those Universe arcs had non-Sega characters in leading roles, or co-starring with game characters as equals when they made the narrative for them, and they hardly sold any different. So that certainly isn't true. As for the news, yeah it's great and many of us knew this was coming, but I'm personally not that excited for it yet until it confirmed the characters from Archie are gone for good. Me and many others read these comics not just for the game characters, but for older characters from the cartoons that have come aboard, the Egg Bosses, and the scrapped game cast like Nack and Bean that only saw any real light in the comics. Each had varying levels of focus, sometimes more, sometimes less, and that was something I enjoyed more than the games-every character got their chance to shine, then took a break before coming back. Yeah, the FF appeared more often, but contrary to what their opposition wants to paint as characters who stole focus from the ones they preferred to see, their presence was one that they shared with the game cast--and I'd argue Universe actually helped even that focus out more, so barring any chance of us getting stories told from two views with separate comics in the same setting, I don't see how this can't be done again here. I don't mind a fresh start as long as I can have them back, otherwise this is gonna be a flat read with me. Oh, and Ian Flynn. Can't ever forget that guy.
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    Got the base of my Tracer costume for MCM today!
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    They're more than welcome to, so why not? *nice job with the mockery, by the way*
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    Selfish then. Not much of a difference from where I stand given your wants actively shun and mock that of others upset over what they loss.
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    And in all fairness, this level of spite because of fan attachment and loss doesn't do you any favors either.
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    I'd be careful saying this, because that's not necessarily true. At the same time, the Freedom Fighters and Flynn have a following whether people like it or not. I'd at the very least hope Sega and IDW realize that.
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    Oh the beautiful possibilities when changing names in a RPG
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    officialunitedstates is still the best blog on tumblr after all these years jfc
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    SA2 is actually a very polarizing game, especially today. It MAY (may!!) have once been considered the "peak" by the majority, but times they are a-changing. Don't get me wrong, there's still a significant segment of fans who think that, but there's also very many who either have looked back and re-evaluated and seen the game's significant flaws, or who were never on board to begin with. There are also those who are still quite fond of it but wouldn't call it "the peak". So yeah, I haven't watched the videos yet either but I hope you realize the premise you're starting from is very questionable.
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    Because nothing in any of the words "A Sonic comic without the Freedom Fighters & Flynn isn't much of a book at all" can even be compared to the phrase "This new comic belongs to me and they owe me the stuff I like" or anything along those lines. At best that was a statement at how empty a Sonic comic would be without the FF and Flynn and how big these things were to some people, not a personal ownership. Really? Cause I was poking fun at how that doesn't work when you try to reverse it on those that are more open-minded to such things. Coulda fooled me.
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    Personally I would say telling fans they don't deserve to have characters they like exist is just as much entitlememt as anything else. The whole mindset that only characters that have shown up in games from Adventure & on should appear/matter is a very narrow-minded way to look at a franchise about superpowered anthropamorphized talking animals. That's like saying Batman/DC should never have started using Harley Quinn or Marvel should never have used X-23 since they originated in cartoons instead of comics.
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    This is practically where the outrageous "I'm the savior of Sonic" came from. Despite the critical backlash in the dark ages of the comics, people came just for Sonic. Not because of Penders work, but for Sonic. It's kinda the same with the games; no matter the many disappointing games, people will come for Sonic. Penders just seems to refuse to accept that. But it's sad. I see more passion in his life-like work of superheroes and other people than Sonic, and he doesn't get much recognition in that or his own work such as Lost Ones (or whatever it's called. Never mind it sucks. He should probably stick with pencil n inking or just the guy who comes up with ideas.)
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    The only people who have ever thought Sonic Adevnture 2 was Sonic's peak are fans who grew up with the gamecube version of the game. But even then, the game did not fare very well with the gaming media even back in the early 2000's shortly after its release, scoring mostly mediocre reviews. SA2 was never widely considered the best Sonic game ever. A certain segment of fans in the Sonic fanbase believes that but no one else does. This thread has a false premise. Throughout the entire history of this franchise the only two games that I've heard in that conversation over and over again, are Sonic the hedgehog 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
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    Sonic Mania Special Stage Revealed

    Outside of the Sonic community I've seen Mania being constantly called as a throwback to the Genesis games but I think these special stages will further cement that this is more of a throwback to the Saturn and how a 2D Sonic game could have looked like in that system. I really love how they decided to basically use the 3D Saturn model design of Sonic for these special stages instead of using sprites. There is a certain charm to him that was only seen in that period before the Modern redesign took over. I also like how the special stages for Mania are combining aspects of the others like CD with the 3D track and UFO, the blue spheres of 3K, and ring collecting for more time from Chaotix. Heroes could also be considered since it was about racing for the emerald as well. For whatever reason this amalgamation suddenly reminded me of this very awesome piece of art that has been stuck in my mind for a long time now: Image Link: https://liris-san.deviantart.com/art/The-Frontier-World-Warps-of-Confusion-469026556 I now it's wishful thinking but I want something like this in a future Sonic game.
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    Anime forums in a nutshell

    Anime forums in a nutshell
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    Blue Blood

    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Sure, and I agree that it's very easy for companies to rely too much on ports.The GBA is a fine example of a platform that that was bogged down with a too high a port to new game ratio. Considering the failure of the Wii U and the fact that it did have some really quality games, like Bayonetta and TW101, it will be easy for it to fall into that trap. But the fact is that ports require significantly less time and money than entirely new projects. And especially in the case of somewhat poor-selling games, such as Okami or even the mobile remasters of Sonic 1, 2 and CD, sales of a port can be of paramount significance in getting new games green-lit. Theoretical ports of Platinum's Wii U games won't hurt anyone. Think of them as stepping stones. Of course new games would be really awesome, but at the same time it's worth considering userbases. People who never looked twice at the Wii U are buying a Switch, so they're a potential new audience for any ports. Who knows, if we're lucky SEGA might port Rise of Lyric!
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    "I can tell you this. The one who is losing is Byakuya since we're gambling his money away." Celes giggled at the thought.
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    Yea, IDW has reprinted loads of older Material. The origional Mirage TMNT comics & the Archie Adventures ones. The DC Cartoon Network Stuff, The Marvel & Marvel UK Transformers books, The Gold Key Star Trek books, the Dell Popeye books and when they had Doctor Who they did reprints of past runs of that as well. So its theoretically not impossible to do reprints of Archie's books. It all just comes down to weather they would want to touch anything pre-SGW with a 50-foot pole.
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    He can deny his attachment to the Sonic series as much as he wants but he's never been good at hiding how crucial he actually believes it to be in his heart. Or his twitter posts.
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    Yuji Naka visited SEGA
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    His face looks amazingly flat. Like, there's an inherent flatness to pictures like this due to their being two-dimensional, yet even with shading, this manages to look even flatter.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If you think "this new comic series doesn't inherently belong to you just because a comic you like ended recently" counts as mockery to you...I really don't feel like the mistake is on my end on that one. I think IDW Sonic should be its own thing even if the thing it decides to be isn't exactly what I want out of Sonic. And I don't think getting caught up in the fallout of Archie Sonic ending would serve that purpose. I'm not going to deny that I have no personal interest in the Archie Sonic cast so I'd rather they not appear, but that's not the only reason I'm making this argument. If IDW decides that's the direction they want to take, that's their choice to make. But you are not owed a comic with your preferred cast. You are not being betrayed if they decide against using the Freedom Fighters. I know it sucks to lose a series you were a fan of, but I don't think that trying to make this new comic into a direct replacement for it is in its best interests.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Agreed. A Sonic comic without the Freedom Fighters & Flynn isn't much of a book at all. Also one thing to remember the Freedom Fighters didn't just show up in Cartoons and Comics. They were in all kinds of Sonic merch back in the day, incuding chapter books and look & finds. Haters & SOJ can deny all they want but the FF are a staple of Sonic's Legacy just as much as anything else. I still have the merch to prove it. *Still regret never being able to find that SEGAWorld Sally plush or the Sonic Little Golden Book anywhere growing up & now they are all overpriced online.*
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    @VEDJ-F That all makes sense. It seems to me that gaming companies understandably care a lot less about anniversaries than their fans do, as evidenced by Metroid's whatevereth anniversary recently, which fans somewhat presumptiously expected Nintendo to celebrate. Companies care about anniversaries if and only if they stand to make money off them which would entail them just so happening to have a big game ready that they can hold for the anniversary and stir up fan hype in the meantime with various celebrations and sales. Sega apparently wasn't ready to release anything and therefore didn't draw out their anniversary celebration any further than they did, as you said, potentially lessening any anniversary hype that the comics could either provide or draw on. To be honest, I don't think that the video game production cycle and its uncertainties lend to anniversary planning very well, and it hits me as strange that fans of any given franchise would expect a tent-pole game every five years on the year. With how long it takes to make games, I feel like that would require at least every second main-series game in most series to be a big anniversary celebration, which seems silly.
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    Nah, if Penders has been consistent about anything regarding the aesthetic of his project it's that everyone has more humanlike proportions now. This... abomination... is still too toon-y to properly be the 'Blue-Quilled Erinacinae' he mentioned.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We have an editor!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    "If I don't care about a thing, they can just throw it away! I don't care about others opinions of it, mine is what matters." Give me a break.
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    "Well, I'm no Poker player, but I'd bet mucho dinero that she and then the new kid, Shuichi, have a lot more to share than just the game they come from, if ya know what I mean!", Maya said. "Oh yeah! Cloud mentioned some of what happened with those two while we were in danger of becoming sapphire zombies.......how screwed up are our lives that we can bring that up so nonchalantly, so soon after it happened?", Phoenix questioned. "Anyway, I'll admit, the only romance I haven't seen coming before it happened around the Skylanders Academy was Shantae and Roxas' relationship. One that has a weird combination of court drama, embarrassing photos, a genie girl nearly throttling a keyblade wielder's Nobody....oh and of course the meddlings of Captain Jack Sparrow", he finished groaning. "I do wonder where ol' Jack ran off too after the Season 2 finale ending", Maya said, a bit worried. "Probably still working on Project: Liberty with Tron, just more so off the books", Phoenix rationalized.
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    "I meant you have a big neighborhood" the school nurse then points to a map of the Multiverse. "Seems like we have too many neighbors around here." "You have a very shrewd sense of scale..." Celes said looking through her cards again.
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    I really just don't want SEGA to sweep Archie Sonic under the rug and pretend it didn't exist. Doing that to a record-holding series, it was bad enough they wouldn't allow it to end properly, but doing that would be downright disrespectful. I don't care if the pre-reboot stuff gets included or not, this series deserves better than to be forgotten.
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    Shade coughed and spluttered wildly, recoiling in shock. Then he let out a loud yell... "Why do you care?" Lumina asked. "You don't use money for anything." "THAT MEANS ALL THIS TIME, I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR NO GAIN FOR MYSELF!" "It's called 'charity', Shade," Lumina replied smugly. "It feels nice, doesn't it?" "FECK OFF!"
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    I'm not sure if anyone knows for certain (someone correct me). It all depends on who owns the stuff Archie made, if IDW would have to license it from them, etc. Anything is possible if they're willing to pay for it.
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    I think (correct me if I'm wrong) the big difference here is that IDW is a much bigger company than Archie, one who could potentially afford to pay royalties for reprinted material. I mean, they are doing just that with their other licensed properties, are they not?
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    Do you think SEGA's aware of the irony that their flagship character's all about freedom and yet the rules they put on license holders of the character allow very little of it?
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    https://clyp.it/h4pjgdin tried fusing infinite's theme with the sample from his trailer I really do like that small sample.
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    I would love to see the STC characters in a comic again as well actually and think it kind of stinks they never showed back up outside a couple of background cameos in STH. If SEGA Would ever let them use Tekno & Shortfuse in the new comic that would be awesome! Edit: @digones You know very well it was the legal mess caused by Penders & Fulop and Archie's incompitence that got the license pulled. It has nothing to do with giving up on the actual readers of the book or any characters within.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    They said, quote, I don't see how I'm wrong to read a certain degree of implied ownership into that. It may not be the book they're hoping to see, but a book of worth can absolutely be written without them, and there's really no connection thus far besides both being comics. In the sense that it's a new comic replacing the old comic, yes, but there's no indication that it's supposed to be a continuation of Archie Sonic. If they cared so much about keeping Archie Sonic's fanbase I would think they'd just keep Archie Sonic going. Why end a comic and start again with a new publisher if they didn't think there needed to be some major changes? There's no need to keep the characters "alive" in a comic, they can just revive them whenever they want. It can be detrimental, even, if the comic takes the characters in a different direction from what they want to do with them in the games. I doubt Archie's Chaotix did much to prepare people for detective Vector, ninja Espio, six-year-old Charmy, and no Mighty.
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    @Failinhearts Chi chuckled at Kyubey's remark. "Heh. Can't go wrong with a bit of rock, I'll say." @Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon "Sounds like you two really know your multiverse," Chi said to Phoenix and Maya. "Though I'm still kind of confused by this '4th wall' you keep mentioning."
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    I'm still alive! And I had a great birthday the other day. Here's to hoping we can find a stable place to live soon. Anyway, Infinite the Edgelord is basically my new favorite character. I just drew an awesome pic of him last night~
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    Yeah, the weirdest thing is that he's a technically competent drawer, but he consciously decides to create the most horrifying looking shit. Like seriously most of this stuff his horridly uncanny.
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    Indigo Rush

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm among the crowd that has a deep affection for these characters that were a part of my childhood. I hope they come back in some form. Not necessarily in the exact same way or with the exact same stories, but Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Bunnie and the rest of the Freedom Fighters were a part of the extended universe that I enjoyed from Sonic. I get that it's not how the games did it, but the latest iterations of Archie post-Genesis Wave were some of the best that we ever had, and it managed to remove all of the garbage that people seem to hate about the Freedom Fighters... y'know, without removing the Freedom Fighters, and also including the game cast? Basically what I'm saying is I'm a nostalgic dork who cares about these 23 year old characters. Bite me.
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