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    oh my god ahahahahaha
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    Caution: Mania Spoiler down below:

    Caution: Mania Spoiler down below:
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    This just came out on the Sonic Twitter, don't know if it's on youtube already too.
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    Sonic 3 - Ice Cap, Act 3 (4% complete) Beginnings sure are tough. I ended up with some hardcore sounding synth when I was just playing around with a bass feature. This is gonna be a downright dirty techno mix. That's for sure. Something so hard it would . . . Break the ice
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What makes it even more ridiculous to me is that people honestly think there won't be any OCs in this book. Like yeah you can only sustain a plot with the same 15 or so characters for so long before you need to expand the cast. That's not me calling the Sega characters weak or anything that's basic story telling.
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    Ratcicle King

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    I've waited all year to post this

    I've waited all year to post this
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    Nicole heads back to the medbay, and sits around, bored. There wasn't much to do here when Frisk didn't need anything. // "...Oh, what to do, what to do..." // "Hmm... I know." In her boredom, she decides to create two holographic figures, and play. In a deep voice, holding one of them, she says, "We are enemies, I could never bring myself to like you!" Holding the other figure, she says in a lighter voice, "But you can! We could be better than enemies! Because I like you! In fact, I... More than like you!" "You mean...?" "Shadow... I love you!" "I... I... S-Sonic... I love you, too!" "C'mere, ya big hunk!" Nicole clashes the holographic figures together, making kissing noises all the while. There was no shame, Nicole is shipper trash!
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    Wh–––IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN A DAY. Why am I even surprised. EDIT: Tee Lopes you fiend!
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    Interesting..so apparently us the fans were the reason it evolved into a teen drama series, he was only responding to fan outcry. Is it just me or is he laying blame on the fans for pretty much everything that has been brought up lately. From certain story arcs, the evolution of his writing, all the millions of generic characters...its all us guys. He also made a tweet concerning the games and their lack of story again, blaming the general lack of material back in the day for the direction the comics went and why they didn't seem to follow the minor points and flow etc that were present in the games. It will certainly be interesting to see how IDW does considering Sega's current "follow the game world" type philosophy. Especially considering Penders old views on characters NEEDING backstory, parents and large groups of others to interact with to be popular and worthwhile. Ignoring the vast Disney cartoon empire whos characters generally had a select few villains and a small group of friends etc but all became very popular, none of which had parents or intricate backstory leading all the way back to birth with while towns/cities where every person had a name and pages dedicated to them...
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    *listens to one punch man's full theme once*
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    Especially since, of those 15 characters, the only ones with reason to appear regularly are Tails and maybe Amy (and they were already pretty much always around post-reboot, until Amy joined Knuckles right before Worlds Unite). Knuckles has an island to guard, the Chaotix are detectives for hire who can't only run free hero cases with Sonic, Blaze is from another dimension, Silver is from the future, Rouge is a government agent, Shadow is either also an agent or just a villain depending on what the plot requires, and pretty much everyone else like Big, Mighty, and Tikal are in the scrap bin. One of the most common complaints about the cast after 06 was that they were being forced in too much when they didn't belong, which is why we got things like Shadow deciding to become a soldier, or Blaze's whole presence in 06. And that's at a rate of one game every 1-3 years. The whole point of keeping the Freedom Fighters around was so Sonic had a wider cast of characters to regularly interact with than his super bestest buddy forever Tails. On the subject of revamping the Freedom Fighters and turning them into background characters (ex: turning Sally into a fashion designer for some reason)... I've had a couple weeks to come to terms with it, so I'd rather just see them officially scrapped with dignity than being gutted and turned into a cheap fanservice gimmick like the aforementioned 06 Blaze and Shadow. What's the appeal in Bunnie being a hair stylist instead of a living weapon?
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    Fucking love these

    Fucking love these
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    "Oh come on, leave Nicole alone. She can play with fantasies without judgement" Nagito said, leaning against a wall. "Although if I were her, she should come up with a quick excuse" He snickered.
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    Meanwhile, Alter-Ego sits in the Phoning Facility, watching Kaede make her call to the Future Foundation, telling the rest of Cleaning Crew 53 what went down. He sits next to Shuichi as he simply whittles away the time by moving his arms, listening to the whirring sound that comes from each movement. Shuichi just looks at the program in awe. "Uhhh... why are you staring at me?" "Sorry. I'm just... surprised by how human you look. The resemblence to your creator is striking. Not even Keebo looks this human." "I... I see." "Like, I know K1-B0, the real one was made by a television studio. I suppose their technology, as impressive as they are considering they are able to hold a Killing Game on such a large scale is not enough to replicate a human's exterior? Guess Tails had them beat on all fronts when he made this body for me." "Yeah. It's very advanced and lifelike." "...Although, a little bit creepy." Shuichi whispers very quietly. "My audio receptors picked that up, you know!"
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    Epilogue: Un-Programmable A lone figure walked through the ruins and destruction of the Danganronpa universe, heading towards a new location. A destroyed factory. "What a pity. I had been scouting out this factory for so long and now those fools that killed her had to destroy it". "What a shame. I guess if anything, I might still be able to savage some scrap..." The cloaked figure began digging through the ruins, trying to find something, anything useful. "...Now now...what's this?" The figure said, finding a small file location under debris and destroyed building chunks. Buzz's Case Files 001-500 - Persona Program "Hm...programmed personas...as well as defects edible for experimentation...?" "Very interesting..."
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    I fucking love this. Honestly might be my favourite Dragon Ball OST ever.
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    The right certainly does a great job of protecting at least one minority group. The wealthy! But yeah, typical "freeeedooooom" nonsense. Everyone talks about how Obama destroyed this country but really it seems like not too much changed. There were no massive gun confiscations, no massive crime wave resulting from a gutting of police forces, no breakdown of order as a result of lax marijuana enforcement... we basically just came out of it with healthcare that covers more people if at a higher price for some. Laughing at the idea Trump's a response to Obama as well. No, Trump is a response to Clinton. Clinton had enough baggage and a poor enough campaign strategy (just keep pointing out how awful Trump's views are, and by the way, insult anyone who likes some of his ideas, oh and at the same time, just assume those Rust Belt states he has appeal in will vote Democrat even if you don't spend that much money there) that it tilted a small percentage of people in key states, giving him his victory. Clinton was the popular vote winner (but don't mention that because it turns into gushing about how great the Electoral College is and how it protects small states, when in reality it only protects swing states) and really, had any other moderate Democrat got up there, they would likely have crushed Trump. Comey's October surprise combined with a lack of enthusiasm for Clinton decreasing youth and minority Democratic votes (not to mention voter suppression tactics, but we do a disservice to say the only reason Democrats lose is because Republicans try to stack the deck) came together to give us President Trump. Tell your friend - and anyone passing Trump off as this hero to people oppressed by the Obama administration, really - that 1/4 of Trump's voters would not vote for him again. That while only 4% regret their vote, that 1/4 statistic holds true. It was an anti-Clinton vote, not a pro-Trump vote. Trump's approval is underwater in all but the rural Midwest; even Texas dislikes him more than it likes him. A good Democrat in 2020 will crush him, especially now that he's made it apparent he cares more about destroying healthcare than passing things people really liked about him, like huge infrastructure projects to create jobs. The next Democrat needs to have a mostly clean record, as well as a bold plan on healthcare, infrastructure, and job creation that will look favorable to Trump's trainwreck policies in those areas. If they have those, they're likely to crush him.
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    'More noble' is not stated, but is implied. Rather he is stating that HE was the most passionate and dedicated freelancer working for the book because he was doing it on his son's behalf, and stating this despite the fact that he largely sidelined characters from the games AND show in favor of his own material and even copped to never playing the games, wheras Spaz was an actual fan of the series who went the extra mile to ensure that the Sonic Adventure Adaptation would have a bit of accuracy. Keep in mind that for the SA Adaptation, Penders focused on that stupid 'Cat Country' story arc that had absolutely nothing to do with the game in even the most vague of ways. Yet according to him, HE was the most passionate and dedicated one working on the book. In short, he's pretty much doing his damndest to declare himself the single most important thing to happen to the Sonic comic book franchise, regardless of what anyone else did or much (or rather, how little) effort he actually put into things.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Wow, talk about Toxic & Vile. Guess the rest of us will have to e-mail them every hour to put the FF in the book to balance out the hate. Maybe the two of us we will annoy IDW enough to make them cancel plans for the comic altogether.
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    This is the most interested I've been in the game for a while, lol. I'm always happy to see some love, however small, for classic Sega IP. I don't know that it'll push me to pre-order, though.
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    *Forces day 1 edition* ..."please don't wait until the inevitable price drop for this game like we know you're planning to."
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    Starting project: Sonic 3 - Ice Cap, Act 3 Bit of backstory with this one. One of the cool things about doing stuff like writing music and being a professional wrestler is all the assortment of fans that you meet. Some will be following you your whole life. They get to know you, grow with you, watch you grow. It's a bond like none other. There's been this fan that has been following me since my beginnings in 2006. He's heard everything in my entire catalog and even follows my wrestling career too. A true die-hard fan that I appreciate every step of the way. So he made this request because I did two remixes of this beforehand . . . [01] Sonic 3 - Ice Cap was my first ever publication and first ever remix, in 2006, and [71] Sonic 3 - Ice Cap, Act 2 was made to commemorate my 5th year on Newgrounds in 2010. Times change, and we learn every day. So this time, he wants to hear how much I can make this change . . . and yet keep it somehow the same. Act 2 is just a remix of Act 1, actually, if that makes sense. But I've had a few ideas pop up for this one, so now I'm up for the challenge. Here goes!
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    Ratcicle King

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    "EEK!" The figures disappear, while Nicole could not look any more embarrassed. "ohgoshohgoshohgosh" "Um... I... Can explain..." "I..." "Uh..." Nicole stands there, her whole face red.
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    "And good riddance," Jessica remarked, stretching herself. "So, uh, tell me," Shade slyly said, "does this mean sooner or later there'll be an opening...?" Lumina sighed. "Shade, just stop, the Dark ThunderHellLands are never going to be a thing." "You don't know that!" Shade protested. "Besides, I never even brought it up!" "You did. Ever since we came here. Whenever you're around, I can hear you monologuing silently to yourself constantly." "I-I DON'T DO SUCH A THING! WHAT LUNATIC DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!" Shade turned away. "Stupid sister, once I conquer the Golden Skylands, we'll see who's the smartarse then, yes we will, oh and another thing..."
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    https://www.polygon.com/2017/7/31/16073122/corey-gaspur-bioware-death Yo, news team. you should probably post this on the main site. same with you @SSF1991. Yeah Chronicles was a crappy game but this dude went on to do some really good games, if having Chronicles on my resume meant I would go on to do some really amazing Bioware games then yeah thats fine. I checked his twitter right quick and other then sparse posting about Anthem really nothing about him being sick, his last twitter post was July 18th. so whatever happened must've been sudden, very sad indeed. Hope Anthem will be as great of a game he was designing it to be.
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    Sonic Forces Impressions

    1) Mania is a digital-only title, so I don't see how it could be leaked early unless Sega themselves fucked up (e.g. Sonic 4 Episodes 1 & 2). 2) The same could pretty much be applied to every mainline Sonic game since 2010. I'm not seeing how Forces will be any different.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    The Sonic Riders series takes place in an alternate universe. It really doesn't match with the universe we all know and love, so my mind separated them.
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    "Wahoo!" Lumina cheered. "Welcome aboard, Yuta!"
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    How about a mash-up with the Fresh Prince:
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    Man I had so much fun with my live stream tonight! Things always get better with friends.
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    Next week, I would guess. Most companies send out review codes two weeks from release, at least nowadays. If reviewers have the game now, they are most certainly under embargo until review time.
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    Taka's game VA is a blessing
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    Starting up a stream shortly with some Sonic Adventure 2! Come on in if you like. https://www.twitch.tv/bluetidalgamer
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It mostly depends on what they want out of a Sonic comic. Also it's probably because the games stories mostly just focused on Sonic, Tails and Eggman for the past couple of years without really doing much with other characters, they expect it to be that way. For me personally I never really minded the FFs and grew to like em as characters. As long as I got to see Sonic do cool shit and be an asshole once an issue I was happy.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I suppose some of them are against comic characters because they've heard horror stories about "loads of echidna clones" and all that stuff. Some of them seem to also consider the comics as if they existed like they used to till the very end, every issue including some "furry drama" or something. But honestly, I don't know, sometimes I just feel as many game fans don't know/care and the ones shouting are just a very loud minority. A very loud minority. Though I can be loud too so I'm not trying to accuse or anything, some just are louder than the others, I suppose. (In a way, every character is an OC, so let's just pretend the term has no nasty feelings attached to it... everyone would be... eh, nevermind, who am I kidding, others than myself?)
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    "He does that a lot. You'd almost think he's Batman if we didn't already have the Caped Crusader within our own ranks". Phoenix said indicating Batman. "And yet, somehow he seems....nicer about it. I just can't put my finger on it!", Shantae said frustrated. "Hey! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth genie girl! At least he's not driving us needlessly insane....wel most times anyway. It's almost like he's two different people from time to time". "Heh, and I'll give you that. You're a genuine "Faker" for Faker T. Hedgehog there!", Sonic quipped. Well, I'll certainly give her this. When she's in a pinch, Nicole can pull out the stops, he thought to himself as he played along. "Hee, hee. It's like playing Sonic Adventure 2 all over again!", Frisk giggled from his med bed. "Heh, well the kid's sure cheered up. That's something to take away from this", Sonic said grinning on the outside. You can bet we'll talking about that little Sonadow show though!, he directed mentally her way, whether she heard it or not.
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    "You have no idea how much I agree with you....and how much both of those accounts scare me", Phoenix said as he, Undyne and Shantae stood in the doorway, moves agape. "M-my, I must say, you are quite....vivid with your......imagination....ummm", Storm was fumbling for words. All Batman could do was shake his head at the sight. "Well uh, the figurines are nice I guess. And hey, I guess that impression of Shadow gave me a good laugh Nicole, eh heh, eh hehhhhh", Sonic said to the Holo-Lynx. @Polkadi Maybe we can look back on this someday and just laugh it off, the hedgehog silently prayed.
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    The figure finishes reading the note, and proceeding to chuckle. "Well. This is interesting. I'll have to send out my Monokumas soon enough..." "Prepare yourself Skylanders. You'll be seeing me very soon".
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    "The ringing in my ears agrees with you there, kid!", Tron Bonne said, coughing out smoke. "I'm not kidding Tron! You should really get that checked out in the medical bay!", Shantae insisted. "Who asked you, "Mom"!?", Tron retorted as she retreated to go get cleaned up.
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    "H-Hey Makoto, you mind if I talk to you for a sec in private?" Yuta asked.
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    "W-Well, with this evil factory destroyed... I think we all deserve taking a load off. Today's been a lot to take in already, after all."
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    Sonic Headcanons

    re: shadow i feel like the opposite lol like he seems someone who would be very closed off from relationships because of the fear of losing someone he loves again, which is why he doesn't show much affection. for him to date someone they'd have to really delve deep into him and even then, considering his lifestyle, i don't know if he'd get in a relationship either because of that.
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    I plan to stream the game on my Raspberry Pi so I can play it on my CRT TV and Ill play the game using a Sega Saturn Controller.
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