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    I've recently come up with a new theory which involves the exit of Classic Sonic from the Modern Sonic canon for good. Infinite has been theorised to have the powers of illusion. With this in mind it could be possible that everything in Sonic Forces isn't actually real. See in the latest trailer we see Infinite fight the heroes with the other villains, but as I'm sure other's have already noted they occasionally have this glitchy flicker motion going on? The same glitchy flicking motion Infinite has. (When he's showering the atmosphere with those dark pink cube things.) Not to mention Infinite's theme song. The lyrics are pretty telling. (Cubes turn a dark red.) When everything you know has come and gone (You are at your lowest, I am rising higher) Only scars remain of who I was (We'll fight in the ashes, you will see the fire) When there's no one left to carry on (This is an illusion, open up your eyes and!) This pain, persists, I can't resist cause that's what it takes to be Infinite! So look around you and tell me what you really see I never end and that's the difference in you and me 'Cause when your time is up and everything is falling down (The illusion?) It's only me and you, who is going to save you now? So look around you and tell me what you really see You live a lie and that's the difference in you and me I have the power, let me show you what it's all about It's only me and you, who is going to save you now? I'm starting to think the ending lyrics are addressed from Infinite to Classic Sonic and how he doesn't belong in the Modern Series. Basically my theory is that Classic Sonic is as much as illusion as the returning villains are. Instead of him being from an another dimension, the twist is going to be that Infinite created this dimension and that killing him means the illusion around them disappears, including Classic Sonic. Classic Sonic will vanish, cease to be outside of the retro games. Reason I think there's weight to this theory is how Eggman emphasises that Classic Sonic is supposedly from another dimension at the start of the game. I reckon this is the same dimension Infinite has created and reason to why Chaos and Zavok are seen to be still alive along with Metal Sonic and Shadow with Shadow being evil again. Nakamura said something about Classic Sonic being an importance to this story and I think this may be what he's referring to. Cause interestingly enough he also reiterated how Classic Sonic is the only Classic Character in Sonic Forces, which by itself makes no sense. What Classic Sonic's firends are not going to try and contact him? Of course though, if this is all true then they probably don't actually exist. Infinite knows this, it's the reason why he referred to Sonic as: 'Blue savior.' Essentially the damage to the Modern Sonic canon thanks to Generations is being completely retconned, so that there's only just one real Sonic again.
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    Gamma is fun.

    Gamma is fun.
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    Welp time to do Amy's story next and beat the rest of the game today.
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    Yeah this is very much a case by case basis thing. Considering many say that the hitbox issues in N Sane Trilogy make the game harder, clearly there is some disparity there. Personally the only remasters to recent memory I can honestly say make the original near-pointless would be The Last of Us and Twilight Princess. Every other remaster I can think of that I've played in the last few years there is at least one thing that makes it hard for me to say it's rendered the original irrelevant. With Wind Waker it was the softening of the visuals. With BioShock 1&2 it was crashing issues and an inelegant replacement for the opening cut-scene and original credits sequences. I do think if developers can, they should always include the original version of the game they are remastering in a remaster (even if just as a secret unlockable) just for preservation's sake, lest the original be "overwritten" by the remaster in the history books.
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    Sonic Mania - Mini Boss Theme

    About time we hear the official thing
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    I have no idea why but from when I woke up I've had more or less the whole day "Living in the City" as an earworm... It's starting to grow a bit annoying, I don't hate earworms and they're usually pretty funny but this just keeps coming back like a zombie!
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    Credit to @PatMac for finding this, but Blaze show up on a DVD cover for Sonic X Now, I know what you're all thinking .... why would anyone want to buy Sonic X on DVD?
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    Just about to do some character animation practise. Starting to make a library of little assets I can use in my films as easter eggs. Managed to sneak a little Classic SEGA in there this time!
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    Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'

    I can't really think of much more I can reasonably ask of Mania. Off the top of my head... A Super Sonic final boss that still uses the main gameplay. Not just flying around in a void, have an actual "level" to run on. Amy and/or Metal Sonic as an unlockable playable character. Unlockable concept art maybe? Mania's already doing so much right that I'm mostly content to just wait and see what it ends up doing rather than coming up with things I wish for the game to have.
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    Sonic is a talking hedgehog

    Perhaps the Japanese didn't take to the MegaDrive as well as other countries did considering the previous console floundered, and subsequently the best games in the franchise had less of a way to gain a cultural foothold. Perhaps Japan is more interested in JRPGs and thus they don't want to buy non-Mario platformers all that much. Perhaps they were smarter than the rest of us and didn't fall for the tryhard 90s shtick. Also, I'm not really trying to disprove anything since I don't think the current idea that Japanese people somehow cannot identify with animal characters or individualistic characters has yet to actually be proven true in the first place. Cherry picking shows and stretching broad cultural ideas about a country everyone here most likely knows diddly-squat about outside of anime, gaming, and clickbait articles isn't a convincing argument.
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