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    Indigo Rush

    Chao Resort Island [Fangame]

    So, how many of you have wished the Chao Garden mini game from Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 (and to a lesser extent, the Sonic Advance series) would return? I can't say for sure if I'm one of them, but if you're in the group, I think you may be interested in this fan project that seemingly came out of nowhere: Chao Resort Island is initially an expansion on one of SAGE 2016's more impressive showcases, Sonic vs Darkness. That game is a fine example that the Boost mechanic still has merit in a 2D setup, but what we're focusing on is the Chao mini game here, and I have to say, I'm actually quite impressed. It's not quite as robust as the Adventure games' gardens, but there's plenty of fun to be had if you're a fan of raising Chao. There's a few quality of life improvements that are much appreciated, such as a visible meter for a Chao's hunger, a quick menu to see their stats (you don't have to drag them to see the doctor!) and you can give them a name right off the bat once they hatch. Other neat features that weren't in the original Chao Gardens include a dynamic weather system and realtime season changes, similar to Animal Crossing. Also like Animal Crossing, the garden is laid out in that same rolling pin aesthetic, eliminating any potential camera or perspective issues. All stats are built by feeding your Chao special fruit you can buy from the store, and in addition to fruit, you can buy eggs, toys, and even hats and bowties to dress up your Chao! And since you're spending so much time raising your Chao's stats, there are indeed Chao Races to compete in. All in all, this is an adorable and rather impressive tech demo for a Chao fangame. Folks have been asking for it, so I'm happy to see someone working on such a project. If you're looking to kill time, or are waiting for something to do until Sonic Mania drops, give this a whirl. You might fall in love with raising Chao all over again. Download Link [PC and Mac]: https://nefault1st.wordpress.com/downloads/chao-resort-island/
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    His rants about IDW and the Star Trek rights etc are growing by the day. What I found interesting was this one.. He doesn't believe that they have any copies left, of any documents he signed transferring rights. He doesn't believe they have them still. The wording he uses implies that not only did they exist, he he knows he signed them. This is interesting in respect to Sonic as it opens again the possibility that he did sign paper work for Archie, and knew he had, but again as in this case, is using the loopholes in the law to his advantage. That if they can't produce the documents they can't legally reproduce the material without royalties etc. Perhaps I'm reading it wrong, but to me it's basically admitting he's taking advantage and demanding money for past works that were done "for hire" and under transference contract due to these big companies losing a lot of their paperwork over the years. Deceitful.
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    Yea, it's a goofy topic, but I was not sure where else to put it, and it is a tidbit of info that does not seem to be something well known. The title says it: the "Silver Sonic" version of Mecha Sonic from Genesis Sonic 2 Death Egg Zone has its horizontal rocket propulsion built into its arms (not counting the dramatic float down vertical rockets in its feet)... The rockets are in the large blocks in its forearms, on the part nearest the elbow. Mecha must hold its forearms like Classic Sonic's signature running animation, so they are parallel to the ground, and the forearm rockets race it forward on the wheels on its heels. The unnamed robot "Sonic" in the Sonic Adventure Mystic Ruins base led me to realize this. This unnamed robot is obviously based on Sonic 2 Mecha Sonic and I was trying to figure out what those odd cone-like objects with blue interiors on its forearms are... ...then realized, based on its previous version's dash attack pose, that they are the exhausts for its rockets. Further backing up this theory is the fact that there are only spikes and no other rocket exhaust in the unnamed robot's back (like how Metal Sonic has it jet engine exhaust in its back). Unfortunately, it is true that this entire theory rests on the similarities between 2 different robots - where one appears to be obviously based on the other. But if my theory is not true, then the placement of the original Mecha Sonic's exhaust would have to be its buttocks, based on the placement of the flame. On a side note, it is a little ironic that this is the reverse of the Game Gear Sonic 2 Scrambled Egg Silver Sonic version, which has its horizontal propulsion in its feet and its vertical propulsion in its arms...
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    I'll bet you any amount of money that his hyper-fixation on IDW and Star Trek, and the fact that all of a sudden he really, really cares about it even though in the past he only scantly mentioned IDW, is due to the fact that they have the Sonic license now and he knows he's not gonna get any money off of Archie reprints because thanks to him, the entire pre-reboot continuity is a legal toxic waste dump and is unlikely to be reprinted under IDW anytime soon. That, and so long as Sonic continues to exist in print, it means there's no way for him to capitalize on the absence of a Sonic book to try and boost his own Lara-Su Chronicles work.
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    There is an in-game in-universe explanation for how you get from Zone to Zone. Various members of the dev team have already said it is longer than Generations and shorter than or on par with S3&K in number of Zones. So doing the math thats more than 9 but less than or equal to 14, right? Not spoiling what I've seen, just laying out what was already revealed.
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    Nope, just like with Archie when his old interview was brought up, that one where he admitted knowing he was working with licenced material and had no ownership of it etc. He didnt sign any papers with IDW or Paramount now, he just remembered he didn't sign anything. Isn't that convenient. So he didn't sign any paper work on ONE particular project, but beyond that neither he nor anyone else signed ANY documents. Geez which one is it? Still with the taking advantage that they would have to prove they had said paperwork etc tho. As long as he pretends he never signed them, even when his wording makes it sound like he knows he did, and they can't supply the originals like Archie failed to, then he could force yet another project into a bad place if he decides to start threatening lawsuits.
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    Well, yes, he did sign them, considering he admitted as much a few weeks ago, insisting that what he signed promised him royalties. Also, on the subject of the Star Trek reprints, I did notice something the other day when he was talking about them, namely that he kept going on about IDW's involvement in the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection that appears to be reprinting his stuff. Now, it's one thing for him to protest Eaglemoss or Paramount reprinting his work in the collection, assuming he's correct about them not having the rights to do so. That'd be fine. But this IDW fixation is just baffling, considering that, as far as I can tell, they aren't actually involved in publishing the collection. Their only link is that they contributed some of the material being reprinted, and that they made a press release being all "hey you should check out this thing from Eaglemoss that uses some of our stuff". That's it. If he wants to get upset about Eaglemoss doing this, or upset about IDW actually reprinting something he's done, he's welcome to do so if they really don't have the rights. But blaming IDW for something they don't even appear to be publishing in the first place is pretty uncalled for. Did he even pay attention to the press release, or did he skim it, see IDW's name mentioned, and assume that meant they're making it just because they have the license for printing the modern line of Star Trek comics? I don't understand.
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    >not only there WAS a ninja hbh, his shurikens are asterion badniks from sonic 2 good job
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    "...Whoa." Chi was seemingly stunned at the sight of Rouge Woman. "Call me crazy, but that is one fiiine-looking robo--OW!" Omega smacked Chi in the head, giving him a silent-but-deadly glare, shutting him up in an instant. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS WITH YOUR LIVES, DOCTORS!" Omega swore to the screen.
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    After Rouge says her piece, Wily simply shuts off the camera, having made his point known. ... Except he wasn't so confident when off camera. @Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon @Failinhearts "Oh swell! They got another roboticised master! But Kaos, Eggy! That's alright! Perfectly alright! Because we planned for this right?! Yep! ALL 100% PART OF OUR GENIUS PLAN!" Wily said, placing on a wide-eyed grin of nervousness, trying to keep it together.
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    Suddenly, the screen flickered on and off where Ivorn created it, until a certain villain appeared. "Bahahaha! Hello there "Shadow". Glad to see you back to the land of the living...quite literally!" "I see you're inquiring from your Skylander buddies about our genius. Well, I am a kind man, so I shall allow your comrade to speak to you!" "Oh Rouge Woman!!!!" @Spin Attaxx Wily shouted mockingly as a figure approached the camera.
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    "That's my cue!" Rock shouted, as he ran straight for Shadow Man, grabbing ahold of him, and closing his eyes. "Time to free you from your nightmare Shadow..." Rock said. The same bright flash as before erupted around Shadow Man and Rock, as the Skylanders and Blues were blinded by it. WEAPON GET: CHAOS CANNON "Aw yeah! That makes three new weapons! Even better, a weapon that immoblises but doesn't harm!" Rock said, as the light died down, revealing Rock in red and black armour, with Shadow lying on the ground.
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    Oh, twitter, huh?
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    that's the exact same fucking sound holy shit they better not do this
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    I do also rather wonder if his sudden increased antipathy towards them has anything to do with IDW saying how they would be contacting people's favourite creators, old and new, about the new comic.... and didn't contact him.
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    Not inherently. It largely depends on a case by case basis. For starters, there's the quality of the remaster/ports. Despite the intention of the porters to make the best possible version of the game, things can go wrong during the development process and things that were perfectly fine in the original version are screwed up in the remaster. The Silent Hill HD Collection is an infamous example of this, with graphical glitches resulting in the game looking unfinished (such as the series' iconic fog being removed), audio clipping and crackling on a regular basis, and framerate issues so bad that it's become pretty common knowledge for Silent Hill newcomers to avoid this collection at all costs. But even games/collections that aren't so bad still have their problems; Sleeping Dogs has a worse framerate on the PS4/XO than the original PS360 version; the Prince of Persia Collection on the PS3 is prone to crashing if connected to the internet;PC re-releases/remasters tend to have issues with mapping the controls to game pads; the list goes on. In addition, there's also changes that could be made to the remaster, due to legal issues, attempts at 'improving' the original, etc, that meddle with things fans actually liked (to be fair, this wanders into the realms of personal preference, which means these aren't automatically bad). I remember playing the Ace Attorney Trilogy and noticing a few lines that were changed from the first game, which was a shame considering how good some of them were (the 'old cheese' bit from Rise from the Ashes doesn't have the quite the same impact in the new version). The music for the Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection had to be completely changed (considering the composer was since found out to have a long history of plagiarism), but that soundtrack defined the game for a lot of people, who would be understandably soured by the change. Even tweaking the visual style, as seen in the director's cut for the first Broken Sword, messes with what made the original great for some folks. I do believe remasters can be great thing; they allow more people to check out a game that might have otherwise passed them by; they can fix up technical errors and maybe even add content to make for the 'true' version of that game; they allow nostalgic players to relive memories without dealing with the expenses/issues that come with trying to find or play old systems/games. But that doesn't automatically invalidate the original release, even if there are improvements. Like I said, it's best to look at the remasters on a case by case basis, taking into account the quality of the remasters, changes made, and one's own personal preferences.
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    "Alright, alright, fine..." Blues said, as he pressed a few buttons on the console, and with that, the Skylanders beamed off. As the group arrived, they saw a massive road made up of coloured piano keys as far as the eye could see. Around them were statues of musical notes, various giant instruments. It was basically a musical lover's paradise.
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    "AND THAT FOOL WILL BE MEGA MA-" "...Oh haha. Eggy! @Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon, why don't you ensure your lackeybots know how to respect genius?!" Wily shouted. "Fine, fine. It won't be that Blue Bumbler. I did tinker around with the concept before after all..." Wily thought back... "It would be rather interesting to redo that particular scheme when those meddlesome original robot masters aren't there to save Little Boy Blue..." "But no...hehehe. I have my eyes set on a much stronger target". Wily said with a chuckle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh hey, you guys are back finally! It's about time! The computer has been buzzing for the last two days! We've already got a new target!" Rhythm said.
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    "That is, if I don't get those prized pretties for you first," Rouge Woman said. Obedient robot though she was, her adoration for gems remained intact.
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    Listen, I get it, you clearly hate SSMB. You know the saying about cursing the darkness vs. lighting one candle? I've noticed your approach seems to be cursing the darkness AND also increasing the darkness yourself with over-the-top unnecessary and inappropriate complaining...and now, even worse, blatant insults. Like, I don't see how you can complain about the forum being negative and nasty when you yourself are clearly not above negativity and nastiness. As a result, you're receiving a strike and suspension. If you do want to stay here (which I imagine you probably don't...), I recommend you improve your contributions here drastically and fast. Remember, if you hate SSMB...don't be a part of the problem. =P
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    A bat-like robot came down from the top of the screen in front of Wily, hanging upside down. "Hi there, Shadow! I see you're looking a little less shiny... and I don't approve of that!" She paused. "Oh, and I see Omega's there with you! I'm sure he gets why being a robot's so much better, don't you? And..." She paused again, looking at the Skylanders. "Uh... I don't really know the rest of you, but whatever!"
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    Big's story is done. What a complete and total waste of time. Glad I got that out of the way. Now onto Gamma.
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    I've recently come up with a new theory which involves the exit of Classic Sonic from the Modern Sonic canon for good. Infinite has been theorised to have the powers of illusion. With this in mind it could be possible that everything in Sonic Forces isn't actually real. See in the latest trailer we see Infinite fight the heroes with the other villains, but as I'm sure other's have already noted they occasionally have this glitchy flicker motion going on? The same glitchy flicking motion Infinite has. (When he's showering the atmosphere with those dark pink cube things.) Not to mention Infinite's theme song. The lyrics are pretty telling. (Cubes turn a dark red.) When everything you know has come and gone (You are at your lowest, I am rising higher) Only scars remain of who I was (We'll fight in the ashes, you will see the fire) When there's no one left to carry on (This is an illusion, open up your eyes and!) This pain, persists, I can't resist cause that's what it takes to be Infinite! So look around you and tell me what you really see I never end and that's the difference in you and me 'Cause when your time is up and everything is falling down (The illusion?) It's only me and you, who is going to save you now? So look around you and tell me what you really see You live a lie and that's the difference in you and me I have the power, let me show you what it's all about It's only me and you, who is going to save you now? I'm starting to think the ending lyrics are addressed from Infinite to Classic Sonic and how he doesn't belong in the Modern Series. Basically my theory is that Classic Sonic is as much as illusion as the returning villains are. Instead of him being from an another dimension, the twist is going to be that Infinite created this dimension and that killing him means the illusion around them disappears, including Classic Sonic. Classic Sonic will vanish, cease to be outside of the retro games. Reason I think there's weight to this theory is how Eggman emphasises that Classic Sonic is supposedly from another dimension at the start of the game. I reckon this is the same dimension Infinite has created and reason to why Chaos and Zavok are seen to be still alive along with Metal Sonic and Shadow with Shadow being evil again. Nakamura said something about Classic Sonic being an importance to this story and I think this may be what he's referring to. Cause interestingly enough he also reiterated how Classic Sonic is the only Classic Character in Sonic Forces, which by itself makes no sense. What Classic Sonic's firends are not going to try and contact him? Of course though, if this is all true then they probably don't actually exist. Infinite knows this, it's the reason why he referred to Sonic as: 'Blue savior.' Essentially the damage to the Modern Sonic canon thanks to Generations is being completely retconned, so that there's only just one real Sonic again.
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    THE TIDES HAVE TURNED! AKA Hydrocity boss
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    It doesn't affect the tone at all. One character, or one idea, carried between two games. How is that "out of place"? Especially when you don't know what Forces is actually doing with that connection. I'll stop beating around the bush; seems like it's less out of any actual concern for the games' stories and more annoyance that the pure Sonic Mania is "tainted" by that nasty, nasty Sonic Forces. The eye icon on the editor.
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    This is no joke, looking like the best Sonic game, ever.
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    All of this over a single sound effect. I'm glad to see that Iizuka is synonymous with Dinkleberg for many of you. Not really sure if I like the Puyo boss, but that music is 10/10
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    Hear hear. I'm honestly pretty disappointed that they didn't believe in Mania enough to let it stand on its own. Not Taxman's fault, I'm sure. This has Izuka's fingerprints all over it.
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    choose your fighter

    choose your fighter
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    Allright. You got me, guys. I'll try to hide from spoilers. Thanks @Indigo Rush, @OcelotBot and @The Deleter.
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    Danganronpa (Especially 3) in a nutshell:
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    Having played (nearly) the full game, I can say that most are likely not spoiling because a lot of the fun comes in the surprises. I urge people to ignore spoiler reviews and especially those channels, like GameXplain, that try and post the "every easter egg" videos as soon as embargo is lifted. I was debating how much I'd reveal in my review, but after the end of the second zone I decided to not spoil a lot in my review.
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    "Yeah yeah, yuk it up. I'll have you know that it's the simplest plans that work everytime. And the best irony?" "One of the Skylanders' own members shall personally hand deliver the emeralds to us". Wily said laughing. "Wheres @Vee Dude Orbot and Cubot, their bumbling antics always bring a laugh to me". Wily said, curious to where the two got to.
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    Shade stared at the screen, stopping as Rouge Woman vanished from sight. "Now that's a minion I could use!" "But she's Shadow's friend!" Star protested. "Plus she's Omega's friend - by the way beore you go, I'msorryIkickedyouinthechestthatwasanaccidentIswear." "We're gonna get her back, too!" Lumina said, striking a confident pose. "We got three of these robo-borgs down already, the rest can't be too bad!"
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    "All right Shadow!" Charmy cheered relieved to see his idol back. "Man you so cool yet so evil as a robot! You were all WHOOSH and PEW PEW! And we were all "OH NO! Shadow is a robot!" and it was all sad when-" Charmy's blabbing ended when he then saw Rouge Woman on screen. "Hey it's Rouge! I didn't she turned into a robot too!"
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    https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?s=6f7ebaeac03969cc0c966aa5c7681391&showtopic=34835&st=0 It is actually from a special one zone game created by Markey Jester; to me something about it feels like the predecessor to Mania and Studiopolis, although Studiopolis may have already existed around the same exact time of this game's release! Please enjoy playing this if you haven't yet, via this link if you don't have time to read the original thread http://mrjester.hapisan.com/01_Public/S1NXL.bin
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    Gamma is fun.

    Gamma is fun.
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    "Has anyone told you you're cute?" Star asked. "Because I find you cute!" "Er, yeah, sure, sorry by the way," Jessica said, prying Star's arms off of Shadow and dragging her away. "So now it's back to base?"
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    Nicole smiles, aplauding. "Welcome back, Shadow. Sorry you had to go through all that, the battle and the displays of your past." She turns to Sonic @Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon with a death stare. He'd know exactly what she'd be refering to.
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    "Yippee! Shadow's a good guy again!" Star rejoiced, hugging the black hedgehog. Wow, she wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to give him a hug after all he'd been through, Jessica observed. "So, you don't seem torn up about losing a potential minion," Lumina said to Shade. "Eh, I didn't want him anyway. I fill any niche he could've filled to an even better degree!" "Even stopping time for enemies?" "...shut up."
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    "Not that I'm one for spoiler, but Lumina's right about the ending. Well, it's not an ending yet is it...Shadow?", Sonic asked the recovering hedgehog. "Ngaaah. That voice. No, both of those voices.....you two again?", Shadow said noticing Sonic and MegaMan. 'What's going on here? Why are we on the ARK? Omega!? @Captain Metallix What are you doing here!? @Vee DudeYou two as well ", Shadow said to Charmy and Tails recognizing them too. "The last thing I truly remember was GUN sending me and Rouge out to aid with the protection of the Master Emerald...and then nothing.....who are you others?", he asked, puzzled by the other Skylanders with them. "Long story there Shadow! Let's just say, robuttnik and his pal Wiles are going all out on us with roboticization!", Sonic said helping Shadow up.
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    "And that's why the Ice Slasher and Spark Shock suuuuucked," Lumina whispered to herself, having played the games during her stay on Earth. "So, does that mean we've got a localised time stopping thing?" Jessica asked. "Sounds neat." "And abuseable," Shade cackled.
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    Omega walked up to the de-roboticised Shadow, and offered him a hand. "SHADOW? ARE YOU FUNCTIONING NORMALLY ONCE MORE?" he asked. @Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon
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    Sayaka snaps her fingers. "Ivorn! Think you can make a flat metal wall for us? That can be the perfect screen!"
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    To be fair knowing the fanbase...
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    If Bubsy is the price we'd need to pay to have Crash, Metroid and Mega Man all in the same year, sign me the fuck up.
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