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    There better be a cutscene where Knuckles proudly declares to be captain of the resistance much to everyone's skepticism but go along with it.
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    I love Great Gozu

    I love Great Gozu
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    Best Kingdom Hearts video on the internet.
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    there's probably an alternate universe somewhere where a decent Sonic anime came out in the 00's and this was one of the ending themes:
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    Happy birthday, Crow! This is for you! Oh, and of course...
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    Just now I realized If that Infinite theory is correct That means Infinite is basically Asriel from Undertale (And the avatar is Frisk lol) And if he messes up with the game Is just like Flowey Holy crap I deciphered that Sonic Forces is an Undetale mod (Better yet if he is a chinchilla or other adorable animal)
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    well at @Forte-Metallix 's request I've made a sprite of (gamegear) silver sonic. Fear him and his wavy claw of doom!
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    That is not a dog. That is a tiny squeaky toy shaped like a dog XD.
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    Okay so, recently I replayed a bunch of older Sonic games. Had no worries with the 2D games, but I was honestly expecting to not like the Adventure games as much as I used to. Hell, when I booted them up briefly a few months back (it was the first time in a while I had access to a system that could play my GCN games), I remember not having much of a good time. But as it turns out actually sitting down to properly play them was a different experience. The flaws are more noticeable now but when it comes down to it, they're still the same games I remembered. The only place I ever cut corners was with Mad Space and Cannon's Core...and with the latter it was my fault. I accidentally reset the entire thing during one of the later sections and I'm sorry, I actually love Cannon's Core both conceptually and in execution, but--no, I wasn't going to go through the whole thing again that soon. On the other side of the coin, I'm sorry but I don't enjoy Kirby Air Ride much anymore. City Trial is fun but uhhhh, I've noticed I usually lose interest pretty quickly. I've never bothered to unlock everything in it either. If they ever make a follow up (unlikely, but) it'd be nice if they gave us more to do and y'know, made other modes fun..
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