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    Woah in Progress.

    Woah in Progress.
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    Trying to tip-toe out of this car crash of a game without anyone noticing.
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    "W-we've got to do something!" said Silver, worried for Jessica's safety. Chi and Omega were preparing to fight the scrap-Monokumas, but they were also getting sick of Nagito's... 'words of wisdom'. "PERMISSION TO ELIMINATE THE WHITE-HAIRED MEATBAG?" Omega sincerely asked. "HE IS CLEARLY UNACCEPTED IN THIS ALLIANCE!" Chi, who already distrusted Nagito, was so tempted to deal with him too... but also knew that they had other priorities. "Unfortunately, he's not the one with the army of time-travelling teddies..." Chi replied. "...So I'm afraid that's a no." He then turned his attention back to the Monokumas, as Cassidy had left. "Wait, what?!" said Silver, who quickly looked around to see if he could help find Voidica. "H-how did she just... disappear?!"
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    Genji had his hand over the katana on his back again, desperate to use it. "You have no honor. You have nothing to be respected for. You must come to an END!" he shouts, preparing to charge at Charn. Nicole, meanwhile, silently follows Charn. She sneaks along, holding her handheld close. // "Why aren't I doing anything?!" she thinks to herself. // "Why aren't I helping anyone?! What am I doing?!"
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    "*cough*Friezaripoff*cough*" Yuta foolishly said, still not really understanding the gravity of the situation. He simply expected Past!Jess to shove off the damage and take on the villain. He wasn't aware of one fact. This isn't anime. And good guys don't always win. "Hahaha, here. we. go!" Crazed!Nagito said, simply awaiting the fireworks to spark.
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    Nicole looks around with interest and curiosity. What is this place, and what secrets does it hold? She creates another analysis to study the place and keep in her ever growing database. She starts wandering off to explore the mystical jungle. Genji just looks around with confusion. "Could we just... You know... Stop teleporting everywhere? I would kindly appreciate that." Shaking it off, he looks to Jessica for suggestions on where to go next.
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    Why 3 custom characters on the resistance side instead of Amy, Vector, Silver, etc.? Guess I'm team Eggman
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    The fact that Hidden Palace got Yuji fucking Naka's approval absolutely blows my mind. That stage was wonderful and knowing that tidbit just makes it even better
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    At this point, Omega and Chi couldn't just stand around and do nothing! "Omega! Guns! NOW!" Chi demanded, as Omega readied his weapons. Chi then scanned Omega's weapons, turning him into an 'Omega' form, equipping himself with missiles and two powerful gatling guns. "Oh... Yeah..." said Chi, feeling a little more confident with these new toys. "Hey, Charn!" he announced, to get the overlord's attention. "You want something to hack?!" Chi's third eye then activated, enhancing his reflexes. "Hack this!" he shouted, firing his weapons around Charn. Despite being worried of getting successfully hacked, the android kept firing. Meanwhile, Silver was unable to move after being struck by Charn's earlier attack on him. Seeing someone approaching, he could only mutter one word, "...R-ray...?"
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    Sayaka looks down, unsure on what to do. "Voidica... I know how you feel. Nobody wants to die. Believe it or not, I died..." She gives a grim chuckle. "Not a pleasant experience..." She sits down, trying to get as much on Voidica's level as possible.
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    Voidica's eyes went wide. Her pupils shrunk, her breathing stopped, her entire world fell silent. "Wh.... no..." Tears started welling up in her eyes. "B...But I don't want to die! I don't want to leave Lumina! I don't want to leave you! I don't want to leave Jessica!" The poor girl collapsed to her knees and completely broke down crying. Lumina didn't even notice her as she fought against their mortal enemy.
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    Sayaka is paralyzed. That's right... Voidica has to die... doesn't she? I was so caught up in trying to find Jess that... I forgot about it. Sayaka takes a deep breath... and nods. "...Yeah... you have to die..." "I-I wish there was another way but... in order to restore time, things have to go back to how they were..."
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    "I'll say," Jessica weakly laughed. "I-I mean, here I am, bleeding and dying on a planet far from Earth because an ancient arcane android wanted to kill me, and now I'm seeing some anime girl trying to heal me... and I'm talking to you like you're real! Hah! I really have gone mad!" "D-Don't say that, Jessica!" Voidica protested. "L-Look, just keep going; do you know there's an Elemental hiding in the Vegetropics?" "Besides the hallucinatory one in front of me, no," Jessica said. She must be dead if she was somehow feeling better after that beating. "Well, you do now!" Voidica said, pointing somewhere. "Just go!"
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    "Who are you?" Charn asked, his voice akin to cold ice running down a person's back. "None of you are registered in any formal registeries." Ibuki spoke up. "I-I'm Ibuki Mioda, I'm the Ul-Ultimate Musician, an-an-" "Ultimate Musician?" Charn interrupted, glaring at her as he chuckled. "Now isn't that a bit egotistical of you? Didn't you know not to proclaim yourself as my superior?" Ibuki barely noticed a crystal-covered spiked fist before Charn furiously punched her across the face with it. "Now I need to make this quick - you strangers are interfering with official business." Charn flicked a wall of fire straight towards the Skylanders, burning everything in its path. Lumina zipped over to Kaede and whispered something to her. "I know this sounds crazy - but on the off chance Jessica's alive, we should try and keep him away from her for as long as possible! I mean, she'll die if we don't, so w-what does us dying here matter?!"
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    Witnessing the Monokumas getting destroyed so quickly, Chi and Omega caught a glimpse of Charn, heading their way. "ANALYSIS INDICATES THIS TO BE A PROBLEM!" Omega noted. "...SHOULD WE EVACUATE?" he asked, an unusual phrase compared to his normally dismissive attitude. "...Y-yeah..." Chi replied, a clear sense of fear coming from his voice. Eventually, Silver also caught on was what happening. "Charn... h-he's... coming right for us!" Silver panicked. "W-what do we do?" he asked.
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    "Go look for her, we'll provide cover!" Sarge bellowed at Lumina. He then opened fire on the monokuma's and scrapbats. Ray finally overcoming his fears let loose on a scrapbat wacking it hard with his staff over and over again leaving huge dents. "Get out of this FOREST!" He yelled wacking a Monokuma hard in the face. Mog kept throwing any bubble bobbles she could summon at the enemies so Lumina could spend more time looking for Voidica.
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    Sayaka couldn't take anymore. She begins to run directly to Charn before feeling a frim grip. Sayaka frantically turns to who was grabbing her. Slowly, her eyes move upwards, seeing Kaede. The pianist shakes her head. "Sayaka, if you go off on your own, you're gonna die." Kaede pulls Sayaka back before turning her attention to Jess. "Please tell me this wasn't fatal, Jess... right?"
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    "I'm being on guard, alright!" Kaede's hands begin crackling with electricity, her ears open to any noises that could come from anywhere. Monokumas or Charn Troopers can spring up when any of the Skylanders least expect it, and Kaede's trying to prepare herself for anything.
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    Jessica looked at the figure. Mostly red, blonde hair, specks of silvery-purple... "Yes, it seems like her!" she said, rushing towards her. Admittedly, she was curious about why her Attack Capsule was nowhere in sight, and why she was acting so casual... "I don't see any Monokumas," Lumina said, racing alongside Jessica and the others. "WICKED!" Ibuki shouted. "This is gonna be an easy arrest!" "But what's so bad about hope?" Voidica asked, looking back at Nagito as he went on his speech. "Sweetie, from him, hope is the last thing you want," Lumina said, barely hiding the contempt she had for him.
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    "Cassidy?! Where?" Sonic gets his sword out, circling around, trying to get a grasp on where to look. Soon, his eyes lock into the direction Voidica's pointing too. "Jess, is that her? I can't tell." Kaede asks, squinting.
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    "Ah, shit." Sarge grunted. Now, there was the Nagito that he wanted nothing to do with! What a pity then he's going to have to muster all of his will power not to put a bullet in the kid's head. "Why is he so creepy?" Mog asked in between bouts of sneezing. "Who Nagito or Charn?" Sarge humoured Mog's question. "Nagito." "The hell if I know or care." Sarge bluntly told her. Ray meanwhile completely ignored Nagito's inane babbling about hope. He already found it right here... looking at this nice big alien hibiscus looking flower.
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    Tomorrow on Sonic Boom... Amy's hammer-- her weapon of choice. Huge, threatening, and smasher of countless Badniks. With it, the pink hedgehog is a force to be reckoned with. As such, when Amy finds the hammer has been stolen, it's kind of a big deal. That hammer has so far been her only means of attack, so without it, she finds herself lost, unable to truly be a meaningful part of Team Sonic now (this sounds strangely familiar). This is obviously a mystery that needs to be solved post-haste. And who better to solve a mystery... than a detective? And what better detective... than our special guest? Called into action by our heroes, Vector the Crocodile makes his Boom debut! He's on the hunt for Amy's hammer, and no matter how long it takes, he'll find it... and the culprit (though not for free, if he's like his mainstream counterpart). Meanwhile, Sticks, with all her experience in crafting weapons, attempts to encourage her BFF that she doesn't need to rely on the hammer and teaches her in the use of other weapons. Here's hoping it doesn't go as badly as it did in the comic (I knew this sounded familiar)... He's a detective you want on your side. "Vector Detector" premieres tomorrow at 6:00 PM ET on Boomerang!
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    "where do you live?" "2358 Ragged Ass"
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    Let's not allow this topic to devolve into a "let's all hate this person topic." Criticizing their fan game is perfectly fine, but what they do with their personal lives on their personal YouTube accounts is not anyone's concern.
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    Umm... I'm not too sure about this, my French is pretty rusty but somehow the text felt a bit more like some kind of speculative train of thought that got some possibly-teasing attached to it rather than anything set in stone. The part just before actually implies the writer pretty much ponders about the game considering the verb choices they have made as far as I can tell. Then again I might get owned by a native French speaker about this but then again... And btw. I suppose "souffler" means in this context more likely something akin to "suggest/imply" than "blow"... Pretty possibly a reason why Mr. Flynn used his wife over Google Translate when it came to French in his scripts for Archie's Sonic comics...
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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's not quite what I expected:
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    Full trailer for Aardman's/Nick Park's Early Man.
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    If that's the case, then I wonder if the enormously positive reception of Tails and Knuckles' long awaited return to being playable in Mania had an effect on Sonic Team. We know they really liked the drop dash and added it to Forces, so anything is possible. Additionally, the avatars are just Modern Sonic without the boost and homing attack. They even all have different abilities. Tails and Knuckles wouldn't be that different, at all.
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    The wall of fire blocked Delta's path, they along with the rest of the skylanders were trapped. The three turned around to see Charn addressing everyone. Mog gulped she felt like death was looking her in the face while Ray clutched his staff, all the color was drained out of his. Sarge was the only one of three that was maintaining composure. Ray then winced as Ibuki got sent flying by one of Charn's fists. Mog gasped before flinching in terror. Sarge just held his Lancer and waited for a miracle.
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes so far everyone! I'll have to back to everyone individually cause I'm tired but I promise I have stuff to say! I'm just tired from work.
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    The french reviewer pretty much said that you will control the "Sonic companions" And Tails and Knuckles are getting a lot of focus. I would wait for TGS to see. And if they really are playable, I would expect Knuckles to be playable in Modern stages and Tails in Classic stages. Not in Tag Team though.
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    If there are other characters "playable", I assume they'll be like in their Generations missions, where they're basically power ups.
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    Sonic Shattered Realities

    While still in an early planning stage, a group of people have started on a fairly ambitious project to make a Sonic RPG. Being developed with the Unity Engine, Sonic Shattered Realities is an upcoming Sonic fangame featuring many characters from many different worlds in the Sonic mythos. They are aiming to have combat similar to the Mario & Luigi RPG series on the GBA, with a whopping 46 playable characters to choose from. The story so far: Dr. Eggman has put all of his resources into developing the Ultimate Battle Mech, but he reluctantly knows he cannot pilot or design the mech on his own. So he uses a special device called the “Reality Chains” made from the last remnants of the Time Eater (and a special metallic liquid) to enlist the help of the other Eggmen beyond just his Classic Counterpart. But after summoning the other Eggmen, the amount of realities being opened overwhelms him and with the amount of realities being connected, the main universe is slowly falling apart. So it's up to Sonic and his friends to stop the Eggmen, the Reality Chains, and save the entire Multiverse. The adventure will span across many worlds, including Mobius, the Sol Dimension, Silver's future, the Boom Universe, the Classic timeline, and Moebius (the Anti-Mobius from the Archie comics). Across each world, the team can do the main quest, complete sidequests, buy items and battle enemies, all leading up to the final battle at the Eggstravagant Emissary. To wrap things up, here's a sample of Eggman's battle theme. The team's Twitter page: https://twitter.com/SonicRPGConcept Sorry, I didn't mean to post this topic twice. You can delete one if you want.
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    Hey guys! Havik her again to ask another question. I know that people now unA4derstand how Robotnik became Eggman and vice versa, but I also hear this floating around. That Yuji Naka, or Takashi Iizuka had an interview saying Dr. Ivo Robotnik is his real name, and many claim it that way in the JP version as well. They even had Generations' line as a call back. People also said that Robotnik was used for Gerald and Maria as well, but here are my problems with this. 1. I don't see shred of evidence for this interview. Just like others, which I'll get into later. 2. Robotnik hasn't once been said in the JP versions of the games; only Eggman. Even Games on JP ver. State not knowing Eggman's real name. 2.Gerald and Maria were referred to as such without a last name. Watching a video from a Youtuber name Blackblur(if I can recall) and he played and translated the JP versions. Searching the dialog(since I study Japanese for years now) or his subtitles for Robotnik, and came up short.. 3. Even Tails' line in Generations JP Version, was not "Dr. Robotnik!", but "There are two Eggmans". With past Eggman replying with, not "Nobody cslls me that anymore.", but "Don't be so surprised." My point here is that Japan hasn't embraced Robotnik, in fact it seems non-existant. Not only this subject. There a bunch of instances where Iizuka-san or Naka-san was supposed to have said somthing with no evidence, or misinterpreted. What can we do to prevent such misinformation from spreading?
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    Welp my eletricity went put thanks to the first weather effects of the hurricane. Talk to you guys later
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    That's the most discussed theory, but I prefer the one from SEGA Scourge which says Infinite simply overwrote reality and now they are on Eggman's side, while the glitches mean Infinite is powering them up.
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    01'03"00 as Sonic on Mirage Saloon Act 2 I could break the minute mark, but I stayed up FAR too late to continue trying. The first half of Mirage Saloon is based on blind jumps, the second half is based on speeding up with much trial and error. Better hope you didn't make a wrong move, you'll fuck over EVERYTHING.
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    Geraint Lewis

    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Oh yeah, that. I remember now. He had no preview on the day of "Three Men and My Baby!" got its info, then a few days later, he eventually released its title card.
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    Okay, I've realised there's something weird about the pattern in the characters seen in Forces so far; there's not really any character designed by Uekawa alone so far. So far, the closest has been Shadow (who I believe was primarily Hoshino but Uekawa assisted) and Chaos (who...I don't know because Uekawa is credited as sole character designer but whether Chaos falls into that or enemy design is unclear). But his usual mainstays (Rouge, Cream, Blaze, Babylon Rogues despite being way less mainstay, Big less so)? Not been seen so far.
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    Indigo Rush

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    That seems like the mindset of someone who never "got" Sonic in the first place...or just took those 90's Ads at face value.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Whether Vector was there or not isn't my concern because I don't watch Boom. But watching the fallout of D-Fekt being the one game character would have been fucking hilarious.
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    My bets are on Mega Man 2 2. A sequel to what apparently is the only Mega Man game ever made
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    Tails and Knuckles sure are getting a lot of focus....
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    If you don't like a game, you don't like a game. That's all there is to it. That being said, nothing I've seen from World has exactly impressed me either, but I'm not really too hard on it because it's a fan game and I typically expect fan games to not be very good. So it's whatever.
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    Yeah, he went 'off the grid' (his words) for the last two weeks, hence the rather uncharacteristic silence. It was nice while it lasted, but alas, all good things must come to an end.
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    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    Well, SEGA is confident. Haven't seem one of these since... Sonic Colors, I think?
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    Cornelius Fudge

    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    Honestly, after seeing fan concepts of Forces including customizing Modern Sonic's attributes and having the team feature include the extensive cast of the Sonic franchise including Knuckles, Tails, Chaotix, etc, I am definitely convinced that having passionate and competent fans included in their game's development would do wonders for them.
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    Greg Ayres as Bean, Will Friedle as Bark, and Kari Wahlgren as Thunderbolt the Chinchilla. They have done a lot of questionable roles but I feel they do well for these characters.
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