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    Those inspirational messages Sonic games had in the 90s were dope
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    Sonic Forces (2017) ending

    Sonic Forces (2017) ending
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    What does D.Va, Tron Bonne, Mechanica and Jill have in common? They're in this piece of fan art! *rimshot!*
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    "i'm in control! i'm in control! you haven't seen the last of me!!!!" infinite shrieks as he slowly shrinks and transforms into a chili dog the custom hero eats the chili dog, gets constipation, and retires from the sonic franchise forever classic sonic is drugged and forcibly shoved into a time locker that sends him back to august 2017 modern sonic bellows "it is finished", breathes his last, and faceplants into the ground smash cut to "to be continued in sonic the hedgehog (2006)" credits. 25 bottles of sake, three six-packs of beer, and a rare laserdisc copy of armageddon with japanese subtitles are mentioned in the special thanks section marvel stinger: dr. eggman is revealed to have fabricated forces' script, and is then approached by hollywood executives to produce the live-action sonic movie
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    An alternate path in Sonic Forces? What sorcery is this?
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    I would say that at least Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze and maybe Dr. Eggman are still quit popular. The rest I'm not sure. Amy has a lot of fans that love her but she has also a bunch of people who really do not like her. But I would still consider her one of the more popular characters, but not one the same level as the others I already mentioned. Silver, Team Chaotix & Chaos fall into the same category as Amy. The rest is either very hated or people just do not care much for them.
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    SSMB Heroes Academy continues its Daily Life! It's the best time to join the RP and have fun with your fellow SSMB Members!
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    Love Sonic? Love Sonic Stadium! more like.... Hate Sonic? Love Sonic Stadium!
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    We don't know under what circumstances Gerald was able to "complete" Shadow after the ARK incident, but that doesn't mean Shadow could not have existed before then. My interpretation is that, while both were held on Prison Island, GUN decided they could still get use out of them so long as Gerald was working under their direct observation rather than on a space station, and that's when Gerald fucked with his memories.
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