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    That was cool. Wish I could understand what was said, but it was cool nonetheless. But once again, that level design is just... well, I think you get it at this point. I think this just about sums up my thoughts on the game right now: If it wasn't for my brother, this would be where I say "I'ma just watch it on YouTube".
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    I slept through the whole night and four pages for this?! Anyway, trailer was awesome no suprise! Can't really say what hasn't already been said so I can pretty much continue my hype for this game! I just woke up so I won't be able to say a lot. As for the arguments? WE GET IT. YES, we want to address the problems. YES, the level design is bad. and YES, we want Sonic Team to improve. But quit acting like people who are actually positive about this are ignoring the issues it has because they're not. Myself have seen a few "blind fanboys" but that's not what we're being right now. What we're doing right now is enjoying for what's good in the game, just because we're not making big deal about the gameplay like you are doesn't mean we don't fully care.
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    People need to realize that those praising the game for some aspects aren't excusing it of any flaws. Like come on, it seems like every positive post here is met with "but this other part is shit though". We weren't talking about that other part were we? And I am really laughing at the people saying that anyone hyped for the game is "falling for marketing". So when a person likes the game based on what he has been shown, that's falling for marketing, but when someone dislikes the game based on what he has been shown that is a fully legitimate and valid critique? Come on now.
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    At this point I couldn't give a shit if the stages are in straight lines or loops. This looked amazing!
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    >Pay no attention to the Sonic CD Flashback in Sonic Adventure
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    Being Cream is suffering.
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    Man that trailer was great! I can't wait to.... Watch all the cutscenes on YouTube
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    The story, the characters and the music are probably going to be the most interesting part of this game. So for that I can not wait to see a Let's play (hopefully the Gamegrumps) of this. The gameplay on the other hand is for my taste just way to linear. Their are no level gimmicks or any interesting level hazards. It is just a straight line for all of them.
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    Final Rush shows why SA2's rail grind mechanics were dope. There were so many ways to approach that level and make it faster/take shortcuts. Timing tricks at the edges and using the air time to steady yourself to land on the next rail. Switching rails. Jumping off at the right time to fall on a rail in the lower part to take a shortcut. Getting momentum to shoot up those rails that go up at 90 degree angles. I LOVED how much you could do with them. It's not my FAVORITE level though. Twinkle Park's second part comes to mind. You can play the bowling minigames or fuck around in the pools or you can skip a lot of itby hopping fences or holding A on the springs to bonce a little higher. There's a light dash segment where you can choose between charging one up or just running sonic along the tricky slanted rooftop yourself manually and risk falling for time/flow. The level in general is just good vibes all around and has what's probably my favorite track in that game. I just...wish that wack bumper cart part wasn't the first part of it. There's also Speed Highway which is pretty much gold all the time with the wall running and setpieces ending in that really open ended "at dawn" bit to top things off, and final Egg which I think is the best Eggman level in the series. SA1 has a lot of good examples of 3D level design in it. It's hard for me to pick.
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    What @Jango is trying to say (or at least what I got from his words) is that this forum, and any other forum, or social media for that matter, are a mean to pass feedback to the development team. As you guys might have noticed, Aaron stopped by the other day to clarify the 100 rings cap confusion. Aaron's and Sergio's jobs are also about collecting feedback and reporting that to the dev team. I'm pretty sure they check they major fansites quite regularly, those major fansites being Retro/Stadium, and NeoGAF to some extent since it's very populated. So, what he was saying (while sounding pissed off and passive/aggressive lol) is that... well if you think the game should be better, you should clarify it. Everytime you have a chance to do so. 'Cause if you get your voice heard, it counts as feedback, and if enough people speak out against lame gameplay and level design, the next game will be a step in the right direction. It's ok to say "Hey I'm hyped, it looks cool! I can't wait for Nov 7th", those Japanese trailers make the game look good, and I understand the hype! BUT if you have some criticism for the game, mention it, even if you sound like a broken record, say it aloud. That's the only way you can help the next game be in a better shape. That said. The game still looks lame as usual to me... That modern Green Hill footage is disenheartening. It's... a huge hallway, Sonic steers automatically. Why even have all that space in the first place, it's... useless? And yay for the characters standing around and speaking in cutscenes, I can't wait. And didn't anybody notice the eyeliner in the custom character at the top right: One second it's not there Then POOF
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    Those inspirational messages Sonic games had in the 90s were dope
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    Nope, sorry, you don't get to make up bullshit and pretend that it came out of my mouth. You're allowed to like things even if I don't, but if a cool looking trailer makes you ignore how the game actually plays, you are sending a bad message to Sonic Team, and encouraging worse games for all of us.
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    As much as I like Forces, the level design isn't that great. Maybe bring someone new who can try to make more alternate paths. Also, Modern being only 3D again would be great. But they are doing great with the visuals and the story. Modern Green Hill has to be my favourite looking stage.
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    Sonic Forces (2017) ending

    Sonic Forces (2017) ending
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    I second this with all my, well, forces, also, on a side note actually commander Tower already debuted heterochromia in this series a long time ago " - I did it first"
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    We do not know yet, but I honestly think it's more so the latter given what the Ruby did previously
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    Saw this earlier today, but now I give my thoughts: I am excited for this! And I liked seeing Omega there as well. I don't even care if Sonic's gameplay has linear level design, which is not a bad thing, actually, the speed Sonic goes at looks fun! I enjoyed the speed in Unleashed, and I will enjoy the speed in this game as well. Overall, I just can't wait until this game is released, even though it is just a few weeks away.
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    So we're not allowed to like anything about games you don't like because that somehow guarantees Sonic Team will keep making games you don't want? Got it.
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    It's too bad that the story can actually turn out to be very good, but the gameplay is what holding Forces back to be a great Sonic game. What a shame. Still, can't wait to play it.
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    We also want Sonic games to be great as my last post said. Just because we like Forces doesn't mean we don't want improvement, now THAT'S a depressing mindset to have.
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    What does D.Va, Tron Bonne, Mechanica and Jill have in common? They're in this piece of fan art! *rimshot!*
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    Indigo Rush


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    Exactly, later on he agreed that the level design needs work (putting it slightly), and despite that he is hyped for the game.
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    "i'm in control! i'm in control! you haven't seen the last of me!!!!" infinite shrieks as he slowly shrinks and transforms into a chili dog the custom hero eats the chili dog, gets constipation, and retires from the sonic franchise forever classic sonic is drugged and forcibly shoved into a time locker that sends him back to august 2017 modern sonic bellows "it is finished", breathes his last, and faceplants into the ground smash cut to "to be continued in sonic the hedgehog (2006)" credits. 25 bottles of sake, three six-packs of beer, and a rare laserdisc copy of armageddon with japanese subtitles are mentioned in the special thanks section marvel stinger: dr. eggman is revealed to have fabricated forces' script, and is then approached by hollywood executives to produce the live-action sonic movie
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    "Oh that slimeball..." Celes said, remembering what Wily did, "what is even going on lately? It seems like we're not adapting to our opponent that well." 2B used magnetism to elegantly place her sword back in her hands. "If we must destroy it then..." 2B then used her blade to slice the box. "Mission complete."
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    An alternate path in Sonic Forces? What sorcery is this?
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    Going by what's been shown so far and by the achievement, (I'm shooting in the dark here) I think the grand finale may take place about some time after you've restored most of the planet, kind of like in unleashed. Infinite may be defeated halfway through the game but the zavok and chaos bossfights would have to be before that. That could mean eggman could still be the final boss but like after that huge battle or something. idk, I tried.
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    Star Wars

    I mean, I know a lot of films have had some degree of production issues (like someone forgetting to turn something on) but to this extent is really concerning. I'm glad it's not gonna turn into a typical Lord/Miller thing where they'd just have stuff like "I shot first, bitch!" or something like that, but I can't remember the last time Ron Howard helmed a big-budget project like this.
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    Honestly, I think the gameplay looks alright. It could be worse.
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    If they don't care as much about those aspects as you are I, there's nothing to be done. I can see why some don't want to worry about games Sonic Team might make 3 or 5 years from now and just want to enjoy themselves now.
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    This, I could accept Gens as a one off silly what if adventure but now Forces has to go and give it narrative weight and actual attempts at an explanation and what we got was fucking dumb. This isn't TMNT, as far as the games are concerned it's supposed to be ONE continuity
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    By the shore of Penguin Island, White Bomberman walks out of the ocean and on to dry land. "Hmm? What ever was effecting my voice servers seems to have ceased. Perhaps it's my lucky day." He takes a moment to look around and sees ships and buildings in the distance. He must be close to the docks. "That's an interesting looking spaceship." He thinks to himself as he spots a large cargo ship at the docks. "Maybe I could ask the locals to let me borrow one so I can continue my search for my brothers." He starts walking towards the docks, still dripping wet, but unfazed by it. "AAAAHH!!" Elsewhere, at the Medical Bay, checking in on Sayaka, Toko Fukawa suddenly lets out a scream. "That stupid manga I got for Komaru! I forgot to give it to her, I must've left it at the Pizza Parlour!!" Without sticking around to explain her outburst, Toko makes a mad dash for the exit, leaving everybody else confused.
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    Very, very interesting. Very, very intriguing. I really want to see more now.
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    Got my Switch today!!!

    Got my Switch today!!!
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    We're starting the Preshowa Magi Madoka Showica! https://www.rabb.it/CrowtheBOOLET We're going to be watching Madoka related stuff and we'll start Rebellion in an hour!
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    Exactly what I was thinking, no way Iga played that. xD It's a very beautiful cover indeed. Would very much love it to actually make it in the game.
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    Oh, this trailer was just too hype. Everything about it was so awesome!
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    Avatar goodbye/Ending cutscene. Calling it.
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    There is a 100% chance that the Avatar will die in Forces. Based on his trailers, his arc from a timid nervous solider to a strong courageous warrior, having him die would just make so much sense if they want to play this "Hero's Death" motif.
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    Geraint Lewis

    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Yes it is! Beating Sonic X by 22 episodes!
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Also reminder: tomorrow's episode is the 100th episode.
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    And another case of where the Phantom Ruby is altering space but in this situation dragging Sonic towards Infinite. .
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    new forces music tomorrow, btw
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    SSMB Heroes Academy continues its Daily Life! It's the best time to join the RP and have fun with your fellow SSMB Members!
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    Artwork: SpongicX's artwork

    I can not wait for October 27th, and not because it's my birthday, but because Super Mario Odyssey finally comes out! This is the game I've been wanting the most all year. Here is a little tribute fan art I made to celebrate the game's upcoming release. Fire Emblem Warriors comes out tomorrow, and I plan on stopping by Gamestop to get that sometime. It's nice to know I'll have something to keep me busy, before Mario Odyssey comes out. Mario tries rescuing Peach from being forcefully married to Bowser.
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    Love Sonic? Love Sonic Stadium! more like.... Hate Sonic? Love Sonic Stadium!
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