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    Here's my criticism. I hate the level design, is the most linear and automated level design ever in a Sonic game. Is baffling how Kishimoto and his team just got worse in absolutely everything. Next game better be a fully 3D game with more open and alternate paths, with a lot less automation. With that said I'm still really hyped for everything else about Forces and can't wait for the game to come out. Just don't do this type of gameplay ever again, ST. And I know that a lot of people hyped for the game think the same.
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    That was cool. Wish I could understand what was said, but it was cool nonetheless. But once again, that level design is just... well, I think you get it at this point. I think this just about sums up my thoughts on the game right now: If it wasn't for my brother, this would be where I say "I'ma just watch it on YouTube".
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    The thing is, and what a lot of fans have trouble understanding, is that you don't have to have a logical reason to validly enjoy a game. Take me for example. Sonic and the Secret Rings is a game that I have every reason to hate. It contains many of my least favorite game tropes-- forcing you to unlock good controls and attacks when that should be there from the start, no clear direction on where to go after the first few chapters, terrible level design that makes Forces's levels look like SA1's by comparison, no Wiimote/Nunchuck option, etc. And yet... I love playing it. Its really a lot of fun for me. Maybe the waggle is carthatic, maybe I like all the details of the levels even if they're weird. Who knows? And if the intent is just to express excitement and praise at the good parts of the game, then I'd say let 'em do it. Not every little fan remark warrants being ripped to shred and analyzed to death, and very few are saying that they don't know the flaws or that you aren't allowed to hate the game. And I know several people here would not appreciate it if the treatment they're giving to Forces's fans was turned on fans of games they like. Heads would roll if something felt the need to point out a Mania flaw every time somebody got excited about something in Mania. Or if they were told that they had to be stupid and falling for hype if they express a part that they like about SA1 or SA2. So treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Anyway, the trailer seems really good from what I see. Can't wait to see what they do with the American trailer. I wonder who is doing the Avatar's VA. Actually, what is the default Avatar's official name? Is he just "Avatar," or "Rookie," or something else?
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    A piano version of the main theme. It's nice to hear a piano version. It is performed by Koji Igarashi.
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    I agree with the notion people should be critical of stuff they like, but it's not obligatory by any means. And I kinda doubt SEGA (or any company, really) pays little enough attention to things fans say to focus on that specific kind of response and take that as the consensus. It's like when brand accounts on twitter or w/e only share purely positive posts, of course they'd do that, it doesn't mean it's the only comments they see. It's...not that big a deal, guys. Anyway, I think if Metal Sonic being so huge is an intentional reference to anything, it's Metal Sonic Kai.
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    Diogenes I don't even know what you're getting worked up over. If all the shitty reviews every single Sonic game gets aren't enough to send any appropriate messages to Sonic Team, I doubt people reacting to trailers the way you personally want (or not want) them to would either.
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    I slept through the whole night and four pages for this?! Anyway, trailer was awesome no suprise! Can't really say what hasn't already been said so I can pretty much continue my hype for this game! I just woke up so I won't be able to say a lot. As for the arguments? WE GET IT. YES, we want to address the problems. YES, the level design is bad. and YES, we want Sonic Team to improve. But quit acting like people who are actually positive about this are ignoring the issues it has because they're not. Myself have seen a few "blind fanboys" but that's not what we're being right now. What we're doing right now is enjoying for what's good in the game, just because we're not making big deal about the gameplay like you are doesn't mean we don't fully care.
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    My take is that this is that this is a really depressing, and very unhelpful, mindset to see. Straight lines and automation don't make for good gameplay; it's just window dressing to hide the fact that nothing is actually happening. It sounds as though you're settling for something at the same time that you're also admitting it could be a lot better. I want Sonic games to be great, or at least good. I've been around way too long to be satisfied with "ok at best" or "not bad". This trailer looks pretty decent, but once again it seems that the story is all that this game has going for it. The gameplay does not look good at all.
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    It's a level that, unfortunately, not a whole lot of people have played. The beta version of Windy Hill Valley (specifically the third section) is by no measure a perfect level, and SA(DX)'s jankiness certainly doesn't help, but the philosophy behind it, most specifically in how it uses slopes/curves and alternate paths, easily beats out anything Sonic Team's attempted since. Just check out these three runs; the tiered, organically interwoven paths and the wall runs in the third one are just beautiful. That wallrun path at 2:10 in the third video, especially, is one of the most perfect examples of good 3D Sonic level design I've ever seen.
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    I think it's important to support aspects of a game you like as well and not just focus on the negatives. I've talked to a lot of fans who say they really enjoy the story part of this game, so it would make sense to support that if that's your jam. I like Mania, but I don't support the lack of story elements/other things about it. Still bought the shit cause it's fun as fuck and hits the mark in many, many, ways for me.
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    People need to realize that those praising the game for some aspects aren't excusing it of any flaws. Like come on, it seems like every positive post here is met with "but this other part is shit though". We weren't talking about that other part were we? And I am really laughing at the people saying that anyone hyped for the game is "falling for marketing". So when a person likes the game based on what he has been shown, that's falling for marketing, but when someone dislikes the game based on what he has been shown that is a fully legitimate and valid critique? Come on now.
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    I think it's a neat little reference to the canceled sonic xtreme for the saturn For those that didn't know metal sonic was planned as a boss for sonic xtreme
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    Right, just to clarify, the above quotes are right. I agree that there is an issue with stage design, whether it be shitty platforming or straight line stages or use/lack of variety of enemies. These points have been made countless times already by people more vocal than myself, so I'm not going to mention it every time we get new footage. This close to release, yeah I am settling for what's coming and I'll enjoy everything else the game has to offer. The trailer was amazing, from hearing a nearly completed version of Fist Bump to seeing some more of the cut scenes and story, and it did its job and got me hyped for Sonic Forces, even though I am fully aware of the issues. If Sonic Forces had sides, I'd be in the middle. At this point I can only apologise for making a comment that unintentionally caused an argument and took away from the discussion of this very well put together trailer.
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    Man, Forces' story is like a giant puzzle piece. -Tails finds Omega, who becomes part of Team Tails/Classic possibly? -Silver tried to fight Infinite at Casino Forest/Aqua Road but failed and had Sonic come save him. -And I can't even tell which is supposed be the final stage, the Death Egg or the Wasteland?
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    Except the title which is a trophy name. In this game.
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    Was it me or was Metal Sonic really huge?
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    At this point I couldn't give a shit if the stages are in straight lines or loops. This looked amazing!
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    Boy oh boy I sure can't wait for a version of this trailer with the english lines crudely edited in from SEGA of America next week
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    And thus those who wanted classic and modern to be the same character had an aneurysm.
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    >Pay no attention to the Sonic CD Flashback in Sonic Adventure
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    Hearing the almost full version of Fist Bump in the trailer and its just amazing
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    Don't do this. Don't intentionally turn the conversation sour. Diogenes didn't say that at all, and I'm pretty sure that you know that. The trailer is well cut, and makes the game look a certain way. However, trailers are supposed to show off games in the best possible light. We've seen a lot more of Forces than just this trailer though. We've seen a lot of raw, unedited gameplay that you may or may not like. Diogenes is asking that you consider everything that we've seen of this game and not just this latest trailer. Look at the game critically. That doesn't mean "I don't like it so you can't like it either" and nor does it mean you can't feel totally positive about it either. It just means don't forget about everything else.
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    Being Cream is suffering.
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    Diogenes is right this time though. The visuals of the stage , while they matter, aren'as important as the gameplay. "This stage looks so great I don't care is automated." isn't the best feedback to give.
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    What concerns me is that people see a moderately well cut trailer and seem to instantly lose any sort of critical eye, to the point of not even caring about major aspects of game design because it "looks cool". The message that this is going to send to Sonic Team is that there's no need for them to improve. They can just makes something that looks cool, and people will keep giving them a free pass on never improving.
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    Man that trailer was great! I can't wait to.... Watch all the cutscenes on YouTube
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    Man, this is like with Sonic 06 where I am never allowed to give that game a single compliment without having to add "oh yeah, loading times, princes kiss, blah blah" like a zombie. Sad thing is, I don't think it helps. Pretty sure there was a meeting all the way back in 2010 when Sega of America asked angry fans to share their grievances about Sonic 4, and Webber immediatly wrote "physics" on the blackboard when the meeting started. The internet © complained enough about physics in 2010 for Webber to immediatly know about it, and where did that lead us? Nowhere. Well, them allowing Mania to exist, but I wonder if Iizuka ever understood the appeal of Mania beyond "it has green hill zone" and "Pixels' But regardless, I'll personally write "Linair level design" on a hammer and smash everyone's face to a pulp with it until "bad Sonic forces level design litteraly crushes people's faces" becomes a newspaper headline. Hope that'll inspire Sonic team then.
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    Sonic Forces - Japanese Introduction Trailer

    The story, the characters and the music are probably going to be the most interesting part of this game. So for that I can not wait to see a Let's play (hopefully the Gamegrumps) of this. The gameplay on the other hand is for my taste just way to linear. Their are no level gimmicks or any interesting level hazards. It is just a straight line for all of them.
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    Don't jinx it! BTW, I want to apologize for my behaviour in this and the other thread. I'm sorry. Still not liking Forces, tho' :/
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    Some notable takeaways: - Sonic's Green Hill looks like a giant hallway, but the theming is top notch. We haven't gotten a level that tells a backstory since SA2. - "Crassic Sonikku!" - Those custom Avatar bangs remind me of that candy tails skit from Tim and Eric - Sonic boards a not-x-wing to assault a not-death star and gets blasted to shit like not-Porkins - The friend thing is kind of confirmed now as far as Infinite goes. Avatar tries to give him a fist bump, Infinite says "fuck you, dork." - The second segment of Avatar's Chemical Plant has a noticeably darker sky. Captions needed for more info.
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    This truly is Straight Lines the Game. The story look interesting, but these flat cinematics are ugly... :/
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    He is so damn edgy. I love it
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    Total head-canon here, but if Omega went missing prior to the events of Episode Shadow, then its highly likely he knows something that the rest of the cast does not. Probably something about the Phantom Ruby, or the master plan of Eggman, Infinite or both. Tails fixing up Omega and learning what he knows will likely be the plot point that drives Classic & Tails.
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    So I wonder if Omega will tag along with Tails and CS.
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    Final Rush shows why SA2's rail grind mechanics were dope. There were so many ways to approach that level and make it faster/take shortcuts. Timing tricks at the edges and using the air time to steady yourself to land on the next rail. Switching rails. Jumping off at the right time to fall on a rail in the lower part to take a shortcut. Getting momentum to shoot up those rails that go up at 90 degree angles. I LOVED how much you could do with them. It's not my FAVORITE level though. Twinkle Park's second part comes to mind. You can play the bowling minigames or fuck around in the pools or you can skip a lot of itby hopping fences or holding A on the springs to bonce a little higher. There's a light dash segment where you can choose between charging one up or just running sonic along the tricky slanted rooftop yourself manually and risk falling for time/flow. The level in general is just good vibes all around and has what's probably my favorite track in that game. I just...wish that wack bumper cart part wasn't the first part of it. There's also Speed Highway which is pretty much gold all the time with the wall running and setpieces ending in that really open ended "at dawn" bit to top things off, and final Egg which I think is the best Eggman level in the series. SA1 has a lot of good examples of 3D level design in it. It's hard for me to pick.
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    New music...kind of

    New music...kind of
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    What @Jango is trying to say (or at least what I got from his words) is that this forum, and any other forum, or social media for that matter, are a mean to pass feedback to the development team. As you guys might have noticed, Aaron stopped by the other day to clarify the 100 rings cap confusion. Aaron's and Sergio's jobs are also about collecting feedback and reporting that to the dev team. I'm pretty sure they check they major fansites quite regularly, those major fansites being Retro/Stadium, and NeoGAF to some extent since it's very populated. So, what he was saying (while sounding pissed off and passive/aggressive lol) is that... well if you think the game should be better, you should clarify it. Everytime you have a chance to do so. 'Cause if you get your voice heard, it counts as feedback, and if enough people speak out against lame gameplay and level design, the next game will be a step in the right direction. It's ok to say "Hey I'm hyped, it looks cool! I can't wait for Nov 7th", those Japanese trailers make the game look good, and I understand the hype! BUT if you have some criticism for the game, mention it, even if you sound like a broken record, say it aloud. That's the only way you can help the next game be in a better shape. That said. The game still looks lame as usual to me... That modern Green Hill footage is disenheartening. It's... a huge hallway, Sonic steers automatically. Why even have all that space in the first place, it's... useless? And yay for the characters standing around and speaking in cutscenes, I can't wait. And didn't anybody notice the eyeliner in the custom character at the top right: One second it's not there Then POOF
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    Literally every clip of Modern gameplay here is either a homing-attack chain, a straight line, or just completely automated. There's really no game here.
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    Green Hill Zone appears to have a tag team boss as well as a tag team stage - Sonic and the Avatar versus a Death Egg Robot. Given that Classic already has a Green Hill boss, it looks like each zone can have multiple bosses? On the other hand, that bit where the Avatar is rail-grinding through an avenue of containers looks very similar to the big stacks of containers in the Green Hill Tag Team stage. Am I just forgetting something, or could the Avatar's Green Hill level be longer than we thought? Or maybe there are more acts per zone than we thought? The scene in a mechanical city-like environment where Modern faces Infinite I think is Chemical Plant; the floor when Modern starts running resembles Chemical Plant tubes, and the background has the Egg Fleet again. The hangar Modern and Avatar are in at the end of the trailer appears to be where Sonic got that plane-like vessel he's piloting over the possibly-Death-Egg when he gets shot down.
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    iwillnotletyoudestroymywoooorld aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    "All's well that ends well, right? Sonic?" *fade to black* *credits roll*
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    Poor sales and a reconstruction of Sonic Team
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Neither does Sonic, but we're still stuck with Shadow.
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    Better! MUCH better! Holy shit, that was awesome. The only thing that could make this better is if the comic was included in the game or there was a cutscene version of it somehow. I'm grateful that their hints that they've actually paid attention to the story and provided explanations for the motivations behind the character's actions wasn't just PR speak tailored towards us to calm us down. It seems to be the case with Shadow as it is with Chaos, Knuckles's involvement, and Silver's time traveling. They even added in a few nice touches like the Pachacamac village, the mention of the Master Emerald's denouncement, and Knuckles just coyly mentioning that he loves treasure hunting but prefers the peace and quiet of his island. This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I want to see. I'm not asking for a whole lot more than this. Really, I'm not. I do find it funny how Silver's future works though. Does it just change whenever there's a calamity that's about to happen? Like one morning he's making coffee in his pajamas and all of a sudden the world turns into the apocalypse outside. He rolls his eyes and goes "Here we go again..."
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    @Woun Dude you are a a total credit to the fanbase. Let it be known that you are very much appreciated round these parts. EDIT They referred to the Hedgehog Engine 2 as a Game Engine. I wonder if this a translation thing or if we are going to have to spend the next 5 years slapping down n00bs who com in here like we did with the last Hedgehog engine...
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    "Well, I know what to play the next time I hold a concert!"
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