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    You know, I'd honestly kill for a low poly 3D style Sonic game. This is pretty poorly drawn but it would be cool to get a Sonic like this
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    This game looks really good. Already looks 10 times better than Mighty No. 9. I'm so glad they didn't stick to the 8-bit aesthetic, but didn't overdo it like Mighty No. 9 either. It still has that classic vibe to it, but with some 3D backgrounds that still mesh well.
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    I'm reaching that point of my Skyrim Switch playthrough where I am *really* missing mods.
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    Playing Xenoblade 2. The auto attacking is really different from what I'm used to.
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    The CG opening for Dissidia NT has been showed, and as usual, it looks amazing:
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    Hero Academia is SO. DAMN. GOOOOD. It’s close to being my second favorite anime! (Sorry fellas, but it won’t beat Dragon Ball which always holds a place in my otaku heart)
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    I made this quick photoshop. Joe Perry the Platypus. A better one is out there, I'm guessing. I didn't search for one.
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    BUMP. After months, here is Sonic ChampionShorts. We live in a Classic obsessed era, have this to hold us until Mania.
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