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    You know, this control scheme is awfully similar to the one you used in Sonic Lost World... And you claim this is from the team that brought you Colours and Generations, despite the fact that none of Generations's developers are present.
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    I looked up "Royal Crumble" on Google Images and got this: Haha!
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    Back from 'Murica!

    Back from 'Murica!
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    Blue Blood

    GUN in Forces

    They're canon. All of '06 is canon and actually happened. You have the entire Sonic timeline up to the cutscene where Elise blows out Solaris' flame, then the entire timeline again except this time '06 is only the final cutscene. In order for time to have been reset, the events needed to have happened. "No longer exists" isn't the same as "non-canon".
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    Pelvic WOO! engine

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    GUN in Forces

    Human World: Unleashed Animal World: Colors (that's the first time Iizuka mentioned it anyway), Generations (the party), Lost World, and Forces (times like these I realize how little games we've had the past decade in comparison to when we got one every year)
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    Have there been that many examples of omission that's isolated to her or smaller than just the entire secondary cast since Generations aside from Forces? Lost World certainly doesn't count as the roster for that was minimal, Boom went with the absolute favourites for a long time and only threw in a deviation near the end of season two of the show, Mario and Sonic had her, as did Runners. The only other omission I guess is its sequel, Runners Adventure.
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    Blue Blood

    GUN in Forces

    Personally speaking, I've next liked GUN and their presence in the series. Humans are absolutely fine, but literally "the army" fighting the "terrorist" Eggman has absolutely nothing to do with what I think Sonic should be. It clashes horribly. Anytime that a Sonic game tries to mature, it comes off as ham fisted. The plots of SA2, ShTH and '06 were all just awful. Forces doesn't have GUN because SEGA don't care for consistency, and in this case they wanted to present a story about a small rag-tag resistance of animals taking back the world from Eggman and Infinite. It doesn't make any sense that GUN were totally MIA, but you've got to accept that there's no enduring plot points in the series anymore. Each game is its own isolated story that may or may not reference anything else. Forces' representation of the world is just six or seven different environments, it makes no mention of the Emeralds or Angel Island and it doesn't even properly tie in to Mania (Classic Sonic from a different dimension and the Phantom Ruby does what?). When Sonic stories have inconsistencies between games these days, you just have to ignore it. The explanation is just that SEGA wanted to do it differently
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    I bet this is going to be a localized version of 25th-anniversary Sonic Channel Comics. For comparison: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/comic/25th/
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    You know those guys who made all those shitty Ice Age sequels? They made The Peanuts Movie and it turned out spectacular because the Schulz estate ruled its production with an iron fist over every facet, right down to its depiction of any and all technology depicted in it. If Nintendo maintains a similar level of creative control over the film, especially after the live-action disaster, it'll probably actually end up being great.
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