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    OMG you guys! I'm geeking out! My Jiren fan art got featured in MasakoX's review! Mine is at 14:04.
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    Could it happen? Likely. Will it happen? Unlikely. Would Sonic Team do it well? Extremely unlikely. I appreciate the idea of remastering Sonic Adventure for the modern age, but I have absolutely no faith that Sonic Team could accomplish it.
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    The nuances of Sonic Adventure's gameplay should be kept if they remake it. This includes the genre roulette that's not even really genre roulette because almost all if it is movement based platforming. The goals are just different to suit their abilities. Just tighten up what's there and stay loyal. Make Knuckles's stages a bit bigger so they aren't a cakewalk. If you really want to unbreak Tails's stages and ruin the fun alter the level design a bit so you have more to interact with in the air. Tweak Amy's top speed a bit. Small changes instead of big ones. Respect the vision of Sonic Adventure and bring the game closer to realizing it. The benefit of this project would be a nice engine that would make Sonic controllable at a lower pace, too. It'd be pushing the series forward at the same time.
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    Tails gets up from his seat. "I'll get the Dreamcast ready! Some of us are gonna need it!" He exclaims, pressing buttons on his DEUS. Sonic stretches as well. "Sure, I could go for a late night mission!" Sayaka raises her hand. "Yeah, so am I!" She shouts with enthusiasm. However, Sonic grabs Sayaka's arm and pushes it down. "Hold it, Sayaka. You need to get some rest. You went on a big scouting mission already, allow me to take things from here, k?" He tells her. Reluctantly, Sayaka nods in agreement. "Considering some Skylanders need to rest, I'll go and help out." Alter-Ego says from his screen before disappearing, uploading himself to the android. Teddie, however gets in a fighting position. "I'll go, too! I'm gonna prove to these pretty ladies that I'm a good guy!" He declares, referring to Futaba and Makoto. Standing, tapping her foot, Hiyoko sighs. "Alright. Count me in or whatever. Duty and shit." She says with a shrug.
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    "Ghost Kid? I guess as a nickname, it's no so bad." Dave said as he waved at Hsien-Ko as a greeting. Dan didn't say anything or even move that much, he seemed to be deep in thought about something. "I-I-It's n-nice to m-m-meet you. M-My name is M-Mikan." She smiled nervously at the jiangshi. Apart from being blue, Hsien-Ko did look healthy. Mikan had gotten used to people from the multiverse though, so she wasn't going to jump to conclusions based on appearance alone. Although those large claws made her nervous a little. Hearing Tron's voice, Mikan shifts her priority over to checking on Tron Bonne's current condition. "E-Excuse m-me? A-Are you sure you're r-ready to be going on a m-mission? How is your vision now?" Mikan speaks softly and with hesitation at first, but gets right down to business. She might react badly if she suspects a lie is being told. Meanwhile Uni was starting to feel nervous. The Skylanders seemed cautious of what might occur. (Well....some of them anyway...) She was still motivated to do something, but self doubt was starting to surface. Bomberman suspected this as he was walking by her. He chose to encourage her by placing his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. We are a cohesive unit. That is our greatest strength." Uni reacts to this by trying to hide her insecurities. "Hmph, I-I'm not scared. Don't be stupid..." Futaba suspected she was being challenged and had no intention of backing down. "Ha! Nanites? Childs play. Nanites are also known as nanomachines which are a mechanical or electromechanical device that is measured in nanometers." She had to think about Nicoles other two questions. Building an A.I is something Futaba never really considered before. She was more focused on finding the truth surrounding what happened to her mother. She also knew about a Digital World, but was it the same one Nicole was talking about? "Well...I'm sure I've got the ability to build my own A.I, it's just something I've never thought about before. But I do know about the Digital World. You're talking about Digimon, right? Have you played the newest game? It's awesome!"
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    Though Silver still had some worries about the situation, Sonic's reassurance helped to boost his confidence. "...Heh, you've got a point there. I guess I'm just a little worried about what Nega could be capable of now..." he said to Sonic and the others. "I mean, do we even know if he has any ties to LOSE?" "Sounds good, you two!" Silver replied. However, Von Schlemmer had a question. "Oh, but... how vould you be able to bring zem all vith us?" he asked Tron and Tails. Overhearing Ragna mentioning the dimension's name, Silver gave him an explanation. Or... at least what he'd heard about it. "I don't know much about it myself, but Blaze once told me that most of the planet is nothing but ocean." Silver then remembered something. "Didn't some of you go there a while back?" the hedgehog asked.
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    "AGREED!" Omega replied. The E-Series bot was more than happy to just charge in, guns blazing. But then Silver spoke up. "Hold on!" he said to both Knuckles and Omega, with a clear tone of seriousness in his words. "We can't just go rushing into this without thinking! We barely even know what to expect when we get there!" It became obvious that Silver was wary about the situation. "Maybe Blaze can help with..." but as Silver looked around the room, he began to realise that Blaze wasn't there. "...Wait, where IS Blaze? She needs to know about this! ...Unless..." Silver could only assume that Blaze was already aware of the situation. Hopefully... "Trust me, Sonic. You don't want to underestimate him, especially if he has ANY kind of advantage!" Silver told the Blue Blur. Omega gave a quick greeting to Tron Bonne, and acknowledged her inquiry. "INDEED, MISS TRON!" Silver then heard Tron's suggestion about bringing a mode of transportation along. "Right!" the hedgehog said, nodding in agreement. "We're probably gonna need it, if what Blaze has told me about the Sol Zone is any indication."
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    Thanfully for the dynamic duo of sorts, their efforts had not been in vain. For earlier, Shantae had stumbled onto the eating establishment looking for a place to set up a Christmas date with Roxas, as well as presenting him her gift. Imagine her surprise when while hunting for such an establishment, she'd gotten the good news from the penguins present there. And of course, she herself was all too familiar with the "Roxas" in question. "Thank you so much!", she called back as she exited the building! "I appreciate the extension to! I'll make sure to have Roxas back in that time!", she promised. "Heh ha! Everything's coming up Shantae! Owwww! It's only fair after all!", she said massaging her bruised cheek. Back when she'd been converted into NEGA SHantae as a "heel fighter" in the wrestling match, Undyne and Storm had to go all out on her to snap her out of it. "At least that's what Undyne said...as graciously as a blood knight like her would put it", Shantae muttered to herself. "Trouble with the Spear back there Genie Girl?", Tron Bonne asked, startling Shantae as she stepped into the lamp post light in the night. "Gah! Tron!? W-well yeah", Shantae admitted sheepishly. "There I was, getting a carpet ready for a Xmas Carpet ride I had planned for Roxas tonight when suddenly I'm whisked off to a Wrestling channel in a TV Land and I'm NEGA! Though thankfully not as powerful as she normally is! I guess Undyne and Storm had to coax me out of it", she said rolling her eyes. "Aww, ain't that sad!", Tron Bonne teased. " Well it's your lucky day! I got you and your boyfriend a present!", she announced. "Eh? Why for us!?", Shantae began asking Tron. "Gah! Oh my! Look at the time! It's Save The Day O'clock!", Tron Bonne said, saved by the bell. "H-hey! Wait! You can't just leave me hanging like that!", Shantae yelped, chasing after Tron as they entered the room, still nursing her bruises. @DanJ86 "Bad-guy bopping eh?", Sonic recited, smirking as he entered the HQ with Tails tagging along. "I'm not one to doubt a capable fighter if he's vouched for by Star kid....but I think a few sessions with the Master of Quips could be in order", he said jerking his thumb at himself while Tails rolled his eyes at Sonic's demeanor. That is, until he noticed Marco's shadow come to life. "Uh, does that happen often?", he asked nervously. "Heh! Well lookie here! It's the Ghost Kid we rescued earlier! Glad to see you more lively than before!", Hsien Ko greeted Dan while still atop Omega. "Oh! And you must be that new miracle nurse I've been hearing about!", Hsien Ko remarked as Mikan entered. "No need to worry about me! I'm already mostly dead in this form anyway!", Hsien Ko joked, regarding her status as jiangshi while merged with her sister, Mei-Ling who became the ward on her hat. "Yet still lively as ever!", she capped off. Wow! Great minds really do think alike! He;d be the most awesome projectile if he weren't sentient! Maybe someday sis?, Hsien Ko thought as she returned the fist bump. "Xie! Xie! Ready to knock heads in and blow 'em out of the water! Literally I hope!", she replied. "NEGA again!? Oh no! For all Eggman's pride, that crazy descendant of his really creeps me out even more", Tails said nervously. "Don't sweat it Tails! If we could knock the original Doc and WIly down a peg, NEGA should be a snap!", Sonic said, cracking his knuckles. "Yeah! But we don't have the chaos emeralds like we did last time!", Tails reminded. "Improvisation is the name of the game of course! Right guys?", Sonic asked, smiling confidently to his compatriots while Tails mentally groaned at Sonic's insistence that things would be fine. @Polkadi @Ryannumber1gamer "Ugh, Soniiic." Just once, maybe he could act a bit more worried? Especially considering how unpredictable our enemies have been getting lately, Tails thought to himself. "Hmmm, it sounds like there's a storm brewing there", Tron Bonne observed as she entered in as well. "Ah, hello Omega. Upgrades from last time's update treating you well I hope?", Tron said to the hulking bot. "Anyway! Considering how aqua-phobic some of us can be, ahem!", Tron Bonne stepped up the suggestion. "It might be best to bring some means of travel. At least, whoever's got it?", she said, smirking.
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    While the Skylanders worked on making final preparations, Silver took another look at the transmission. Although Chi appeared to put all the blame on himself for ending up in the situation, deep down Silver wondered if he was also to blame. After all, he had told Chi about Eggman Nega, and the danger he could pose on multiple worlds... "...No. I can't doubt myself! Not now!" Silver thought to himself. "We're going to save Blaze's world! We're going to save Chi! And we're going to stop Eggman Nega!" With his mind at ease, he turned to face the other Skylanders. "Okay... are we ready to go save the world?" he asked them, with a noticeable look of confidence.
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    "I don't think we'll need worry about swimming, Ragna. After all, it sounds like we've got plenty of options!" Silver replied, before turning his attention to 2B. "If you can call one in should we need it, then that could be useful!" This then brought up another question from Von Schlemmer. "Hold on, my friend. Are you sure ve should be bringing all of zis vith us? Vat if it catches unvanted attention?" he asked Silver, who soon realised that the professor may have a point. "Oh, right. In that case, perhaps we should only bring them along when it's absolutely necessary..." he replied. Suddenly, Omega spoke up. "MAKE YOUR CHOICE, ALREADY!" he demanded. "THE LONGER WE WAIT, THE LESS TIME WE GET TO DESTROY! ...THE ENEMY, THAT IS."
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    "Hmm... I don't seem to remember..." Ragna kept scratching his head trying to remember the Sol Dimension. "As long as its not a Dimension filled with bad guys I'll live. I'll come with to see for myself but I don't like the thought of having to swim all the way there." 2B got up. "Should I request a Flight Unit? It sounds like we may need some aerial support." 2B seemed ready to support the team any way she can, though its mostly for her to avoid getting wet.
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    "Well that is what we have each other for isn't it Silv?", Sonic suggested as he gave Knuckles a fist bump. He wasn't going to waste one of the few moments Knuckles was in sync with him after all! "Aww c'mon Sal! Knux can vouch for me that we've dealt with Nega enough times to spin his plans right back at him! @Ryannumber1gamer", Sonic said reassurginly. "Just uhh, don't let him turn you into cards. " "Let's see, I could do an inventory, but I do know I've got the Gesellschaft and its Falkers", Tron Bonne recalled. Tails stepped up to list his own contributions. "There are the Tornado planes I've brought too! Stuff like the speed star can turn into boats!" "Say Jess, didn't you and the elementals have a ship too?", Shantae asked the raven haired girl @Spin Attaxx.
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    Someone wasn't happy to hear this brash and reckless thinking, for Sally stood beside Tails, looking at the boys with great annoyance. Placing her hands upon her hips and shaking her head, Sally requested, "Could you two at least pretend to be a little cautious? We're running head first into danger, and you boys are saying that's a good thing. We barely know or understand this version of Eggman, anyways!" But thinking into it, Sally rolled her eyes. This kind of chaos, despite how much she disliked it, was what this blue blur lived for. Oh brother, won't this be fun... Looking away, the princess grumbled, "...Plans are fun too..." "Oh, no, I'm sorry to say that I am not," Nicole answers, smiling at Futaba's curiousity and enthusiasm. "My avatar is more representative of a lynx. But one of my friends is a kitsune, and he's really into engineering!" She points over to the young two-tailed fox, Tails. Picking up her small computer self, Nicole listens to the computer enthusiast's bragging, she decides to cheekily ask, "Is that so? Well then, Oracle... Do you know the computer technology of nanites? Do you have the ability to build an A.I capable of having it's own thoughts and feelings? Or maybe have you heard about the mystical Digital World?"
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    "Eggman Nega..? Huh?" Ragna said being baffled somewhat by the name, "what kind of name is that? It just screams a certain kind of edginess..." Ragna however failed to get the irony having the title "Bloodedge." "Anyways are we going to go after him? I mean one of us IS in trouble. I don't know anything about this Sol Dimension though..." 2B entered the Command Room. "I suppose we have another mission. I'll have to go through the details." 2B then pulled out a log of the transmission and read through it carefully. "I see. I never personally met this Chi but if this Chi is a Skylander then I must help them out." 2B then sat down with the others, waiting for a battle plan.
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    Knuckles gave Tails a slight nudge as he decided to speak up. "Hate to say it, but I agree with Spikebrain here, if we could deal with those two, we can deal with bootleg Eggman, don't sweat it Tails" Knuckles said. A rare moment of two rivals in agreement, either a sign of good things or a sign of disaster to strike.
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    "Come on Omega, does it matter who this guy is? One insane Eggman is as much as a villain as any other Eggman. I say we go right there and deal with the problem directly" Knuckles said, leaning against the wall and listening closely to what was going on. Still, he wasn't intrigued by the idea of the Sol Dimension, he hadn't been there before aside from that fight with Blaze, and with all the times she helped protect the Chaos Emeralds, it seemed only right the guardian returned the favour. Well, that and the fact Knuckles likes the idea of a good rumble.
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    "I KNOW THAT NAME..." Omega said to the others. "HE HAS ANTAGONISED BOTH SHADOW AND ROUGE IN THE PAST, THOUGH I AM UNFAMILIAR WITH EGGMAN NEGA MYSELF." Silver, meanwhile, could only look down. "...Why? Why would he...?" he muttered under his breath. Silver's hand then started to clench. Professor Von Schlemmer thought for a moment. For some reason, he could almost swear he'd heard the name 'Eggman Nega' before. But where? ...Regardless, something else was on the professor's mind. "Vas zat... a GIZOID?!" he blurted out. "Since ven did you get a Gizoid?!" Omega began to answer Von Schlemmer's questions. "THAT IS E-121 CHI. MERELY A GIZOID REPLICA CREATED BY DR. EGGMAN. HE IS ALSO A SKYLANDER."
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    "NODONTTOUCHTHAT" Nicole makes a mad dash for the computer through the crowd, then stops infront of Futaba, blocking her access to the computer. "Don't. Touch. Anything," the holo-lynx warns, not wanting her neatly organised work inside the computer ruined. Without the A.I even noticing, hands grab onto her shoulders, Sally appearing beside her. Attempting to quickly defuse the situation, the princess tried to give them both a friendly appearance instead, as she greets with a smile, "Oh, hello, excuse my friend. She just doesn't like her hard work tampered with, that's all..." Wrapping her hands around Nicole's right hand, she continues, "You seem new here, welcome aboard! My name is Sally, Princess of Acorns. And this is my friend, Nicole, who is really into computers! And she's an assistant to AE up there, too." Nicole stares at Sally with widened eyes, lost in the sudden change of topic. Pumping a fist into the air, Sally answers with vigour, "Heck yeah, we are!" Nicole, though, becomes reminded of something... "Sally, you had a Christmas gift for Sonic, right? Better late than never, he could use it for this adventure!" Sally shyly looks away, really not feeling up to it. "...A-after the mission..."
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    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic Forces didn't loosen the mandate on Sonic losing really. The stipulation was that any loss Sonic incurs can't last long (real time, not necessarily in-universe), and it really wasn't long in that game.
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    Vader does learn

    Vader does learn
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    *forces ended the streak of eggman shenanigans at the end of each game that started with unleashed*
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    Mikan steps back, seemingly taking Tron's words as the truth. "Well....if that is true t-then I guess it's okay. I'd hate to have to arrange some kind of accident to keep you safe if I thought you were lying." That was no blind threat that came from Mikan. Not all the Skylanders are aware of that dark scary side hidden under the surface. Seconds later, her blank expression changes back into her usual timid one that everybody was used to. "M-Maybe I sh-should go with you, j-just to be s-safe. I c-can also p-protect Hiyoko too..." Mikan looked over at Hiyoko when she said that, trying to lower her voice so the best friend doesn't hear. But she was also active in the last mission, was it wise for her to go on another one so soon? Alisa was aware of this and had to ask. "Wait, are you sure you can deal with another mission so soon? Don't you need some rest?" "Oh, it's kind of you to w-worry about me, b-but I'm okay. I-I-It's my j-job to k-keep everyone h-healthy, I-I can't n-neglect my d-duties." Mikan smiles back at Alisa. It seemed like her warning fell on deaf ears. Mikan had neglected her own health to care for others once before. It didn't end well... Dante puts his hand on his chin as if he was recalling something. "Hmm, you're right about that. You'd be alright but the others might die if she's left off the leash for too long." He was making a joke about it, but he was slightly worried for the safety of the Skylanders if Tron was at the helm.
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    "Heh! Have you seen the Gesellschaft, Mister?", Tron Bonne remarked with a smile. She didn't even bother boasting about its dynamic speed for something its size.... let alone all the facilities, even a rec room! "She can fit even a few transformers in her bottom section! Besides! Strength in numbers too!", Tron Bonne said as she overheard all the other means of travel fellow Skylanders were choosing to bring. At this point, it was a matter of choosing who you wanted to ride with! "Alright then!", Tron Bonne declared as she got on her intercom to radio to her Servbots. "Alright kids! The time has finally come!", she said excitedly, as she stared out the windos towards the hangar. As she was issuing them instructions, the ship in question was slowly rising out as the servbots were bringing it in for boarding. "Get the engines prepped and ready for launch! Oh and make sure to have the dining area cleared of all that curry rice! You're all on duty now! Wah!?" Tron Bonne suddenly found herself being surrounded by Mikan who as worried for her eye sight. @DanJ86 "Hey Dante", Hsien Ko muttered, elbowing the man in question, having noticed him in the elevator. "She's just as bombastic with that airship as last time, am I right?" "Heh! Not to worry!", Tron Bonne said, struggling to escape Mikan's grasp. "It's been practically a month anyway, thanks to whatever that Control Freak did to time here! In fact, I think my vision is even better than before thanks to your treatment!", Tron Bonne assured, gasping for breath. "*Gack! Y-you can even test me for flight on the Gesellschaft, sure! Now, can I please breath now???", Tron Bonne asked, somewhat sarcastically. Well, as best as she could, given the circumstances.
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    "Well, yeah, we do," Jessica replied. "A small spaceship, but, er-" "Woah, did you say spaceship?" Marco asked, amazed that the Skylanders even had that capability. At that moment, a purple bat-like creature popped out of Marco's shadow, startling the young man. "Hell yeah, she did!" Shade said, smugly crossing his arms. "It's really cool and all! Big, powerful, it's got lasers on it-" Jessica snarled at the Dark Elemental and glared at him so he'd shut up. "Shade, you do realise it's a small one-seater, right? Bringing along these three is going to be a tight fit." "Oh, Ibuki can manage!" Ibuki eagerly retorted. Star was likewise hyped up about getting into any sort of spaceship, and Jessica relented. If she was going back to a world of seemingly-endless water, she'd rather be above it, anyway. "I'll go get the thing," Jessica said, heading up to the elevator. "I only hope Ivorn's made it more of a fighter when I wasn't looking..." Marco stared at Shade awkwardly while everyone waited. "Hang on, didn't I see you in the TV World?" he asked, referring to his little outburst over being mistaken for rye bread (or something). He couldn't believe such a jerk was not only part of the Skylanders, but also apparantly coming with them! "Yeah," the Dark Elemental smugly responded. "Why, d'you want an autograph?"
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    "When am I ever not ready to save a world? Let's rock and roll!" Sonic assures Silver. Tails rubs his hands as the preparations for his ship are complete. "Time to kick some Nega-ass!" He laughs. Teddie gets his claws out. "Let's get grizzly!" He smiles. Alter-Ego goes online as his hand morphs into a gun. "Affirmative! Let's go!" "Lets stop barking catchphrases and let's go!" Hiyoko shouts, annoyed.
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    The Possibility of Sonic Adventure HD

    That sounds like hell to me.
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    Cut out the amiibo chip of the Mario Cereal and registered the nickname. "LooksLkDis" Why?
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    Dante was still by the elevator, raising an eyebrow in regards to what the man that looked a little like him, had just said. Dante enjoys a good scrap but this guy...doesn't? "Huh...is this guy for real?" He didn't mean to say anything, but ended up commenting without thinking. Uni snaps out of her self doubt, accidently pushing Bomberman in the process. "Y-You don't have to worry about that with me in your team. I can fly." Uni figures actions will speak louder than words and transforms. "Ha, I can also shoot too. We're guaranteed to win!" Black Sister proudly finishes. Bomberman, after regaining his balance, adds his thoughts. "Water is little concern for me. You'd think it would be with my weapon being bombs, but I have ways to work around that. So I shall accompany you on this mission to aid your comrade." It seemed Black Sister and Bomberman were keen to join in this mission, but who else? Daniel still hadn't spoken yet. Mikan was fussing over Tron, Kotone had left the room earlier due to her own concerns, Hero Prinny was someplace else and Toko was resting in the Med Bay while Noire was still fast asleep in her igloo. Alisa was thinking things through too. She's never battled on ocean water before, she might lack the experience to be a solid and productive member of the team.
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    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    Roughly a month ago back in December (Dec. 22), Mania was near the bottom of the list of Switch eShop games at #18. As of the end of this week, Dec. 22 (and roughly five months since release), it's now risen to #12. I think it's safe to say by now that Mania's starting to following in the footsteps of other classic Sonic games (in re-releases) of having a long shelf life after release....at least on the eShop, anyway. That in itself is almost ironic to think about, given the failure or non-splash of what's been a long line of Nintendo-exclusive games since 2013. --- On that note, I'll like to take this opportunity to post a somewhat related wall of text. Today I combed through Nintendo Everything to look at their backlog of weekly eShop charts (which goes all the way back to June 2011 for the 3DS). From that I decided to hash together a list of how long other Sonic releases have coasted on the eShop weekly charts (original 3DS releases only, not counting re-releases on the Virtual Console. Though I will say this: Triple Trouble occasionally resurfaced at the bottom of the charts after years of absence for some odd reason, last showing up in summer 2016. The 8-bit GG version of Sonic 1 also resurfaced a few times, but it didn't have as much staying power). Designations of the game's platform (3DS/Wii U/Switch) included. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U). eShop run: 21 consecutive weeks / five consecutive months. Debuted on 11/30/12 at #5 (first Wii U eShop weekly chart!), ended consecutive run / last charted on 4/22/13 at #16. Sonic Lost World (Wii U/3DS). - Wii U eShop run: Three consecutive weeks. Debuted on 11/4/13 at #6, ended consecutive run / last charted on 11/18/13 at #12. - 3DS eShop run: Two consecutive weeks. Debuted on 11/4/13 at #17, ended consecutive run / last charted on the following week, 11/13/13, at #13. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog (3DS). eShop run: Six consecutive weeks / one consecutive month; 13 weeks total. Debuted on 12/11/13 at #6, ended consecutive run on 1/20/14 at #20 (5 weeks). Reappeared in July 2015 for 2 weeks (7/1 - 7/7), in November through December that same year for 3 weeks (11/18 - 12/7), and re-appeared August 2016, July 2017, and November that same year, one week each. Last charted on 11/15/17 at #3. Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games (Wii U). eShop run: Appeared only once in the charts, on 2/17/14 at #16. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U). eShop run: Appeared only once in the charts, on 11/26/14 at #17. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS). eShop run: Never appeared on the charts. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (3DS). eShop run: Four consecutive weeks, 18 total weeks. Debuted on 10/14/15 at #2, ended consecutive run at 11/9/15 #8. It then appeared for only week across three weeks from mid November to early December, and stayed on for six more consecutive weeks. It re-appeared in late July / early August 2016, in late November / early December that same year, late June / early July 2017, and mid-October that same year; two weeks each for all four re-appearances. Last charted on 10/18/17 at #11. Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U/3DS). - 3DS eShop run: Never appeared on the charts. - Wii U eShop run: Nine consecutive weeks / two consecutive months. Debuted on 7/1/16 at #17, ended consecutive run / last charted on 8/26/16 at #18. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (3DS). eShop run: Never appeared on the charts. Sonic Mania (Switch). eShop run: 23 consecutive weeks / five consecutive months...and still counting! First appeared on 8/17/17 at #1. Recently appeared this week (today, 1/20/17) at #12. Sonic Forces (Switch). eShop run: Three consecutive weeks. Debuted on 11/10/17 at #6, ended consecutive run / last charted on 11/24/17 at #18. So to rank the weekly total eShop appearances for Sonic games altogether... 1. Mania - 23 weeks (still going) 2. All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U) - 21 weeks 3. 3D Sonic 2 - 18 weeks 4. 3D Sonic 1 - 13 weeks 5. Rio 2016 (Wii U) - 9 weeks 6. Lost World (Wii U) - 3 weeks 6. Forces - 3 weeks 8. Lost World (3DS) - 2 weeks 9. Sochi 2014 - 1 week 9. Rise of Lyric - 1 week X. Boom: Shattered Crystal; Rio 3DS; Boom: Fire & Ice N/A: London 2012 (3DS); Generations 3DS; All-Stars Racing Transformed (3DS). Seems Sega only started digitally releasing Sonic games on the eShop on their launch day with Lost World. Reportedly some of these games got digital releases after the fact for certain territories, according to the Retro wiki. Bonus fact: The trailers for Lost World and Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 lasted longer on the charts (in the Videos category) than any version of both games (in the Software category), Lost World trailers were still showing up as late as early April 2014, while Rio 2016 was showing up as late as last month, December 2017).
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    Since with each released port, Sonic Adventure is looking worst and less fun, I definitely wouldn't trust Sega on a remaster. Instead hand it over to Bluepoint, those guys are amazing when it comes to remasters.
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    Sounds more like a case of disappointing yourself off of too high expectations to me. Gohan did just fine in today's episode. If anything, what he did was simple yet very smart since Frieza would be the one person who had no qualms in going along with the back-up plan. Everyone was constantly expecting Frieza to do something that would backstab someone. Gohan expected it as well ans rather than wait for him to do it, he made use of the possibility and flat out gave it to him and made it so it would benefit the team instead of hinder it. In Frieza's case, he gets to kill two birds with one stone. Troll Saiyans and last longer in the tourney by taking down an enemy. Gohan got Frieza's full cooperation and managed to take down an enemy without getting blindsided into a shameful loss. As far as I'm concerned, Gohan made all of the right choices. I'm proud of him.
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    If a brand new HD version of SA1 were to happen, I don't want a remaster, but an outright remake. Sonic Team shouldn't be the ones in charge of remaking the game, though; they'd likely mess it up. I'd rather see someone else take a crack at remaking the game. I have fond memories of the game, but it has a lot of issues that could use fixing. Tweaking the controls, and the camera and such would help tremendously. The graphics could also use some improving, but a remake would improve that. I would still try to stick as close as I can to the original, but put in fixes that wpuld improve the overall experience. But I'd at least try to keep the good stuff and fix the bad. For those who prefer the original version, however, I'd see if I could include it somewhere so that those who prefer it can play it. I'd certainly try to make it the best port; based on the Dreamcast version, but make sure the port is as good as it can be, right down to testing it alongside the original to make sure if nothing else, we don't end up leaving any new bugs in there.
  33. 4 points
    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic Rivals 2 pretty much laid it out. When he confronts Rouge in Neon Palace Zone Act 2, she asks if he likes games and his response is "Not really". So him having any sort of gambling problem is very unlikely based off that. And it makes sense; the games have portrayed Espio as being completely no-nonsense with his ninja conduct, with his only underscoring flaw with them being that he can be too corny about it in how serious he takes it. I generally find that Ian had problems grasping Espio's character in general as he came off as too infantile compared to his game counterpart (most fans have that issue with Vector, but Ian was good at balancing that), both pre and post-reboot. And honestly, I can't blame Ian 100% for that as Western writers across the board seem to have issues with writing the characters who are super serious (Omega both in Archie and Chronicles, Shadow in Boom) so it seems that there's a bit of difference in the way different countries write characters in play on top of individual writing styles.
  34. 4 points
    Despite the fact that I have absolutely no faith in Sonic Team to put out a decent remake of SA1, at this point does anyone want more fucking remakes and nostalgia? We've had Sonic 4, Generations, Mania, Forces and whatever else already. No more poorly put together nostalgia please. I want something good and original. And failing that (because this is SEGA we're talking about), at least something original. If you'd asked me this before Generations was announced, I'd have been all over the idea. But since then, the series has done nothing anything except "hey guys remember when Sonic was good?". I definitely don't want it now, but I'd be more interested in it than I was in Forces to be entirely honest. Not likely to happen though.
  35. 4 points
    You mixed up the R and the D in Demastered https://dreamcastify.wordpress.com Anyway, I sympathize with the desire to get a good upgraded version of Adventure out there. Even if you'd have to contend with Big's fishing and Amy's sslloooooww platforming, it'd still be nice to re-experience the game with more visual polish and without the bugs. Maybe someday. But until then, Sega seems to think the DX version is good enough, and that's just a dang shame. SA1 isn't my favorite, and not the best, but it definitely deserves better.
  36. 4 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There's only ONE mandate that I hope gets loosened: The mandate against character development. I think that instead of OCs the only ones being developed, we should actually focus more and develop our game cast as well. Have consequences for action and such. It doesn't even have to be too drastic, I just want the book to not become stale.
  37. 4 points
    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    SEGA didn't allow Archie to touch Shadow (the game)'s story, nor make any alterations to Shadow's backstory. Bear in mind that this was at the same time the Unleashed and Fighters arcs were given the greenlight, so it's not like they blanket banned any game story changes (they didn't allow changes to Heroes story either, even though they skirted around it by adding guff with Breezie flirting with Metal Sonic that was stupid in context).
  38. 4 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It has to be it's own continuity, to an extent, because otherwise, they would be really limited in what they could technically get away with. You're naturally run into situations where people would ask "Where's Sally, Sonia, Manic, Chris, etc." and where others would this "This character/location/detail wasn't in the games." Heck, for all we know, SEGA might do a game sold on the notion of being the first time, idk, Knuckles and Shadow ever teamed up for a dual adventure. Artistic licensing/liberties, dude.
  39. 3 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    A little more has been revealed here. Any guesses?
  40. 3 points
    You know, this control scheme is awfully similar to the one you used in Sonic Lost World... And you claim this is from the team that brought you Colours and Generations, despite the fact that none of Generations's developers are present.
  41. 3 points
    i'm still waiting for Iizuka to show up at the creator of Sonic Utopia's house like and ask him if he wants to join the mania-vengers
  42. 3 points
    Her fang smile is adorable!!!
  43. 3 points
    I looked up "Royal Crumble" on Google Images and got this: Haha!
  44. 3 points
    made a wallpaper if anyone wants to use it for their computer/tablet/whatever
  45. 3 points
    Steamed hams meme aside, these little recaps were always something I found very unique about Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I've always liked them, it was good way to have the characters express themselves.
  46. 3 points
    To make a remade Sonic Adventure game in 2018 that isn't hopelessly outdated would require a game so dramatically different that it wouldn't really be Sonic Adventure anymore. There are fundamental flaws with the game that the series immediately improved upon (not to say Adventure 2 doesn't have it's own, different problems, mind) that I'd say were really only let go back in 1998/1999 because you could count on one hand the amount of purely 3D platformers that were actually better by that point and OMG DREAMCAST SEGA'S BACK.
  47. 3 points
    Hot take here but I wouldn't even take Big out the game. Just make him an optional thing or a minigame or something if it's that bothersome. It's hard to say what you should add. I'd like for Tails and Knuckles to have more levels but you don't want to throw off the pacing of the story too much. Because of how th game is you'd have to write new stuff in for every level. Maybe there'd just be optional bonus stages that you could find by exploring the presumably bigger hubs? The hubs should be bigger and more interactive even if it's only to hide more emblems or something. The new areas don't have to do anything in the story.
  48. 3 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    He can't lose permanently, i.e. there can be consequences but he still wins at the end of the story. He lost against Eggman in Forces, but of course, has nothing but wins against Eggman after he's saved. He can lose, but he has to win eventually.
  49. 3 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The thing is, they were already doing that, the post-SGW continuity had the rule that every major game (except Unleashed and Lost World) happened, if one aspect of it diverged from the game, then it was shown in the comic, as a flashback (or as a story taking place in the past e.g GoaH) or a simple mention during a dialogue. And i think it will be this way in this new comic, i don't see why not to be this way.
  50. 3 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, about the Sonic x Transformers crossover, y'see...
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