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    Sonic Forces - Virtual Enemies (Capital City) Pauly B vs @Polkadi Mix (26% complete) The serve is made and it's a new round. I got us up to right before the robotic voice kicks in (and we will find a clip). Had to mix up the drums a little bit, add a fluttery synth (if I hadn't mentioned that yet). There are a lot of things I'm learning about working with another person's style. Rendering up together. I'm loving how it's sounding so far and I'm excited to now see what Polkadi can come up with. However, I'm gonna keep the ball rolling regardless. There's ideas to be put down . . . . after work of course XD
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    Sort of, but it'd have to be more than just the killer robots that run on magic. Like, imagine if the Sheikah slate wasn't ancient, unknown magitechnology, but as common as smart phones are, and the equivalent of Siri or Alexa or whatever was a fairy that lived inside it. Build the kind of world that another game would use as its "ancient superadvanced civilization that was destroyed and left behind all its weird tech", I guess.
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    The missing transitions were one of the biggest gripes about the game, mentioned in most of the reviews and YouTube playthroughs, the fans keep bringing it up, to the creators and Sega. So they know alright, if they don't fix it, I think that would be more shocking than if they did at this point. Sega may not have wanted to green light a patch or fix with refinements when the game was stable and pretty much complete as far as the general oublic knew. But this retail updated version gives them the opportunity to fix all those little nagging issues as well as add the extra content they have been contracted to do. They don't seem like the kind of team that would pass up this opportunity, especially since they will likely be working on transitions for Ray & Mighty anyway.
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    They chose to do that themselves, possibly because the engine was great for making PS2 multiplatform games and was 10 years old at that point and Sega were making a PS360 game.. You don't understand the point of middleware development if you think EA would have held the engine hostage once they bought Criterion. Man, if only the series had continued reaching to the dizzying heights of Shadow the Hedgehog. Oh, you mean pinball physics then. I'm sorry you joined a fanbase that was originally based around games where that was the entire point. Didn't you just try to excuse Sonic Heroes' extensive and widely known problem as "you just don't like it?" Get out of here with this. Sonic Heroes is in the top three of my favorite titles in this entire series. The tone and level design and scope and graphics and overall spectacle are absolute perfection for what I want in a Sonic game; and it was the last time the franchise really was popular without asterisks. It does not play very well. It is not news, out of left field nonsense never before expressed until this thread, that it does not play very well. You complaining that the franchise's foundation games don't control very well (and describing the problems they supposedly have in terms that don't apply) does not make Heroes play very well.
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    One of my favourite LEGO sets that I've built recently
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    1. We don't know, but a modern Sonic property set in modern Sonic's world is the place to explain that, not something clearly intended as a follow-up to Sonic Mania, set in Classic Sonic's world, in which Infinite did not appear. 2. He does not have ties to the Heavies. We were given clear, canon insights into who Infinite is and his connection to the Phantom Ruby through the main story, Episode Shadow, and the prequel comics. There was ample opportunity to establish a connection between them and they didn't, so it is very safe to assume they have no ties to one another other than that they both used the Phantom Ruby to increase their powers within their respective worlds. They are no more related to one another than Chaos, Black Doom or Light Gaia are for making use of the Chaos Emeralds to increase their powers. 3. Silver's presence was explained in the prequel comics: http://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/166573317873/knock-knock-its-issue-2-of-our-sonic-forces
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    Remember that the way Taxman got his foot in the door was to perfectly recreate Sonic CD from the ground up on a mobile device simply as a passion project because he personally wanted to. He then directly pitched his work to SEGA and they were impressed enough to let him finish the project under their wing (or such is my understanding). Everything that lead to Sonic Mania grew from there. Maybe one of the many Sonic Adventure style fangame developers should try a similar thing before we cry foul of SEGA showing favouritism to classic fans somehow.
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    It's particularly damning given that not only has he demonstrated a rather shameless willingness to use photographic backgrounds at every corner, which would surely cut back on time, but in the past he has boasted about the his ability to at least pencil things in a relatively short amount of time. Doubly ironic (or rather, hypocritical) is the fact that he's taken a dismissive attitude towards webcomics and the people who make them, claiming he could do a webcomic 'in his sleep', but even one with a poor update schedule has demonstrated more of an ability to deliver the goods than he has, given that they at least HAVE something to show for their efforts.
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    You aren't owed jack. Classic fans got Mania because folks like Tax and Stealth worked insanely hard towards it over the course of years, not because of entitlement from Classic fans.
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    I know damn right the hype for Adventure is pure nostalgia. I'm not going to give you any evidence - but neither did you beyond some daft memes, so that's fine. Right?
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    Not as bad as Heroes but still not worth specifically bringing back. Mania happened because the Genesis Sonics were, overall, polished, well designed, and incredibly fun games and their gameplay style is still solid enough to be valuable. The Adventures, while a good number of people have fond memories of them (myself included), are incredibly dated games. Their gameplay simply isn't up to modern standards, and for reasons deeper than their bugs and lack of polish. And this series needs to do better than just trying to polish dated gameplay because Adventure fans feel like they're owed something. The way the characters move as if they're on ice, careening around wildly, often almost uncontrollably. What in the hell does this even mean? How are you any more in control of the homing attack in Heroes than in the boost games (or any other)? You jump near an enemy, you press the button, and you attack whatever the game decides you're trying to attack. If anything Heroes' homing attack is one of the worst in the series, considering how slow and inaccurate it is, how it was made incredibly weak so the leveling system and the power characters would have a purpose, and how inconsistent your teammates are in matching your attacks. Buddy, going fast simply because you can press forward on the control stick is not much better. "Perfect"? The team system pigeonholes characters so tightly into their roles that none of them are actually any fun to play with and even just trying to switch characters often has them flail wildly around the screen until they can find where they're supposed to be. Even one of the game's most basic "hey you're controlling 3 characters" gimmicks, the 3 parallel loops, barely even work.
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    You ever been to an ice rink? Yeah. That. ...what? What difference would the graphics engine make to the game and story? Eh?
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    As Lindsay says in her section, in terms of Doug and Rob, it's most definitely ego, especially when it comes to the likes of the anniversary specials. People with far too big egos jumping head first into something without the slightest idea of the inner workings of it. It's especially well-documented that a part of the mess is Doug's own passiveness. Rob isn't brought up a lot in this, apart from a few odd mentions, but I've heard a fair bit that Rob and Doug didn't want to handle ownership of the site. Doug is an entertainer, and he wanted to do his stuff in peace, which is how the fucking Nostalgia Critic became an IP that is no longer even owned by Doug anymore. It is absolutely mishandling and total incompetence. Doug's own passiveness especially got rid of probably one of the sheer few pieces he had to help producers. Like it or not, Doug Walker is the face of Channel Awesome, and is brought up so many times in that document over the TBF incident because of how badly it'd impact the viewership of Channel Awesome. If Doug or Rob had the common sense to not give up the rights to their own flagship character, they would have a lot more control than they have now. This Mike guy, the complete scumbag who's in control of Channel Awesome literally owns Nostalgia Critic, and the only thought running through my mind is that if Doug and/or Rob had the guts to step up and defend their fellow producers, and contest this asshole's orders, they could've likely held onto the rights to NC and they'd have the power to fire or order this Mike guy around, or hell, quit Channel Awesome altogether and do something else entirely. Instead, they likely gave up any final control they had because they don't even own the web series or character that makes Channel Awesome so popular in the first place. Obviously, we don't know if Rob/Doug would've done anything to help producers, or fix the absolutely horrifying conditions that was happening in Channel Awesome, but the sheer fact that Doug doesn't even own his flagship character anymore? That speaks to a whole new level of incompetence and on top of that, means the completely disgusting higher ups of Channel Awesome likely can't even be contested. It's insane just how much Doug's own incompetence led to this, led to the horrid effect on the lives of his fellow producers. It's horrifying that him and Rob would even let such people still bully and operate like this. That's had to be one of the most awful things to read in all of this. Absolutely disgusting. IIRC, there was also a controversy back then that JewWario's tribute was monetized so that leads even more evidence to the fact the 'CEO' just wanted fucking ad money and exposure.
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    It looks pretty nice. An animated series can be a lot of work, so I wish you luck. However... Yeah but...your "modern" Sonic looks exactly like classic Sonic, so how will that work? The classic-modern divide creates enough problems as is, this doesn't exactly help.
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    Not everyone would like it, but they could "fix" every missing zone transition by adding a Phantom Ruby flash, such as the one between Green Hill and Chemical Plant. Sonic and Tails beat Hydrocity Zone, then *RUBY!FLASH* they're flying with Knuckles at Mirage Saloon Zone. Lazy, sure. But believable.
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    As far as green hill musical renditions go...sunset hill's my all time favorite
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    "Phew, what a day! But I'm not done yet! So... I..." "...Huh? Connection's getting fuzzy..." "D-D-Damn it!... zzt... Not... again...! SKYLANDERS!" "..." "...Geez, he just doesn't give up, does he?" "Obviously. Good thing we finally got the upper hand on him this time." "Yup! All thanks to our inside rabbit!" "...I mean, I'm glad I could find out where he was doing the Real World transmission this time, but those chains..." "It's over now, Monomi. Tails and Sonic are already at work with the account restoration process." "Mission accomplished, Skylanders! Let's celebrate with pudding! On the house! Well, on Noire's house, actually!" "Agreed. Let's leave. I'm tired of doing this every year."
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    I will say, that while I love the streams they do every 2 weeks, if we're talking specifically about the memes alone, I'll admit to not finding them funny most of the time, especially if they're repeated too often. I don't go out looking through their twitter for them or anything, but when I come across something super ridiculous that kind of oversteps the boundaries a bit too much for my taste, I do find it a tad annoying. I know it's April Fools and all that but seeing all the Sanic shit on the SEGA Shop today was... just a bit much. Just a bit. I'm not angry but... Just a bit... much...
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    Am I the only one that could easily hear this in SA1
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    And our award for "Looking too deeply at this" goes to... The work of the Western social media department for a Western audience, who're totally separate from SEGA Japan, has nothing to do with SEGA's brand image in Japan or whatever. And the fact that Sonic's still the poster boy for stuff like SEGAFes, several app crossover pushes in SEGA's JP mobile division, and most of their arcades says otherwise anyway.
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    Maybe. But they're still inexcusably bad. And the series is going to need to do more than copy 15 year old mistakes to get itself back on track.
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    I can really only speak for myself on this, but to me, they're two separate things. The series' repeated mistakes and failures to properly address them are terrible regardless of whether anyone involved is poking fun at them. And most of the joking is coming from the PR team, who only have a limited influence on the series in the first place. It's not like stopping them from joking around is going to lead to those problems being fixed, so I may as well laugh along with them.
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    Bit belated in making this thread, I recently started a weekly original humour comic strip! As you can see I'm going for a gag-a-day-but-with-loose-plotlines-between-strips sorta style. I post a new comic every Sunday and of course will do the same here, but you can also follow any of my art places for it, or its dedicated series on tapas.io , which has a dedicated app too for easy subscription and reading on mobile devices.
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    Oh god, I just realized this year is my four year anniversary on SSMB.
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    Another story, actually from someone not on the document, but left recently. Mike J. Mike ended up leaving because he was being treated as a lower class reviewer and as if his content didn't have much value. The higher-ups of Channel Awesome were incredibly secretive and extremely elitist about everything according to Mike. It felt like instead of a team dynamic, Doug, and the other big name contributors were the only ones "worthy" of big information while the other contributors got totally screwed over and treated like shit.
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    Because you watched Power Rangers Time Force... Peppa Pig My Babysister's a Vampire Netflix really likes to generalise, huh?
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    ... ... ... ...FINALLY I can speak normally again! How's everyone?
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic Mania Adventures

    I'd rather keep my peas and potatoes separate, thanks.
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    Waluigi Time... is over.

    Waluigi Time... is over.
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    >the finale to Lego City Undercover Definitely the best Lego game, it's a shame about its performance issues, but I think more people need to play it.
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    I think the new Star Wars movies will be remembered a lot better in the future than they're being looked at now. I feel like the spin-off movies will just be considered good filler, but little more.
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    *Is just catching up with 'What SegaNerds did for their April Fools.* Well... that's another site whose owners have lost their minds.
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    It would proooobably actually get me to play a Zelda game. Call me shallow, but I can never really get into things with ancient aesthetics. This is why I've never been a fan of things like Lord of the Rings and yes, even The Legend of Zelda. I have my exceptions, but it's a rarity. So having a Zelda game take place in this kind of setting, well, I might actually get into it.
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    April Fools 2018 Jokes

    Finally, I can be with my robo-bae~
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    I'm hoping they add some of the missing cutscenes but I'm not holding my breath. It hasn't been mentioned at all yet.
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    April Fools 2018 Jokes

    Shadow the hedgehog adventures announced, exclusive to the SEGA channel:
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    Again, Renderware is a graphics engine. Not gameplay. It's like saying Forces sucked because of the Hedgehog Engine. 06's problems lie in far more than just glitches and loading times.
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    A nice Egg related meal for Easter Happy Easter everyone!
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    I'm pretty sure there will be a story, it's one of the advantages of having only Sonic characters, they will likely be divided into teams, hopefully this doesn't exclude more diverse interactions. There will be an obligatory "Why is Sonic in a car?" joke/question. But now I've had another thought: aside from a couple of new characters if they could get their license, a SEGA crossover roster would basically be the same soup we have had for 2 games, same characters except for a few new ones. An all-Sonic roster is something we haven't had since 2010, which I didn't play because Free Riders was an exclusive, so for me the last time was 2008, ten years ago.
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    Tangled Jack

    Your own Sonic Cartoon

    Title: Sonic Mania Universe Plot: After Sonic defeated Eggman in the Special Zone, where he gathered the 7 Chaos Emeralds, these were scattered across Mobius, a.k.a. the classic world, with Dr. Robotnik intended to find them first using his robot forces, Sonic must race with his friends Tails, his buddy sidekick who wants to prove he is a true hero, Knuckles, the guardian who leaves Angel Island when his entire world is at stake, and Amy Rose, Sonic's number one supporter, an energetic girl who has a crush on him, to gather the seven emeralds and stop his evil nemesis once and for all. Description: The series is indeed a hunt for the emeralds, across several zones, each rich of adventures, action, modest lore, allies and enemies, and of course humour (but not the other way around like in Boom where humour prevails) in the same vein as Sonic OVA, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, with a small main cast of characters but an ensemble recurring one. The final arc is set in "The Land of the Darkness" where ancient villains are trapped, a greater evil known from Sonic 1's concept art. There is dialogue in the series, Classic Sonic also talks. Episode Format: 11 minutes for each episode, 26 episodes for first season (less air time because it needs to be perfect, without filler, less time = better quality) Main Cast: Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Knuckles the Echidna Amy Rose Scramble-girl (NOT Eggette because they don't have the rights, but she is Eggman's prot猫g猫e and sidekick) And Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Guest Cast: Metal Sonic (Sonic's toughest rival, his role is similar to Shadow in Boom, appears in major episodes) Vector (plays in Sonic's band and is also Knuckles' ally) Mighty and Ray (Sonic's original friends and allies) Honey the Cat Nack, Bean and Bark (mercenaries who occasionally work for Eggman) Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Eggman's minions/lackeys) Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine and NICOLE (the Freedom Fighters, Sonic's recurring allies) Sara and her father (rulers of Mobius) Old Man Owl The Hard Boiled Heavies (robot elite forces of Eggman's, Egg Robos modified by the Phantom Ruby) Unknown Evil from the Land of the Darkness (???) This is my personal wish, obviously not what I think will happen in a possible Classic Sonic themed cartoon. I also changed my mind on the Chaotix, Espio and Charmy in particular, they fit the Modern branch more, same for Sticks and possibly Tangle, they are better suited for modern stuff. But the Freedom Fighters gathered a lot of interest so I decided to add them. What do you think?
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    That idea for a Sonic CD track is fantastic; a shame it'd almost certainly be too much work to ever actually happen.
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    Ah, once again...

    It's everyone favorite girl in Nier Automata.
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    There's an option to activate the drop-dash and the insta-shield simultaneously in the modloader for the PC version, and as far as I'm concerned it's the definitive way to play. Tap for an insta-shield, tap and hold for a drop-dash. Easy as pie. If anything, it's a little OP, which is probably why it wasn't the default setup.
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    I haven't paid that much attention to the Sonic social media lately, I don't use social media much in general and I also got a little tired of the Sonic social media. At first it was fun and exciting to have such a humorous focus and all the memes, but once the novelty wore off it wasn't that interesting to me. Yeah, we get it, memes...I like memes in general, but they can become dull or feel try-hard if not used well, and some memes I just find inherently weak, such as Sanic. Still, it's not an inherently bad idea. Just maybe a bit more variety or something would be nice. That being said, I haven't been looking at it lately, so maybe they have improved in that regard for all I know. That being said, I do have a problem with the self-deprecating bent, as it's used by the Sonic social media. It would be a very different situation if the series was actually in a good place of consistent quality right now - I would have no problem with making fun of past mistakes if such was the case. But after Forces came out and was widely considered disappointing or just average, it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. You're mocking yourselves for creating lousy products, then turning around and selling us more lousy products? It's not a good look, at all. Selling a product that you know and perhaps even tacitly admit is bad is very off-putting. Even at least pretending to have some pride in what your company is putting out comes across as better to me. Yes, of course the ones running the social media aren't the same people actually making the games. As a result, I'm inclined to direct my displeasure more towards the people who actually make the games themselves. The thing is, this particular humor style would be completely fine if the new games were actually good! And I can't really say I'm that unhappy with the social media style in and of itself; it's just that Sega's failure to actually make the series better effectively turns what could be something funny and potentially good or at least okay for the brand (acknowledging and making fun of mistakes in the fairly distant past, and in doing so tacitly promising that the future will be brighter) into something that feels uncomfortable and maybe a little desperate. Like, you can only do that stuff if you're actually going to not make the same mistakes in the future.
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    Embracing a bad reputation and attempting to be in on a joke only works if it's part of a step towards actual improvement. Nothing Sonic Team has done since 2011 has indicated that they really care either way. A bunch of PR mocking the bad old days doesn't work if the current situation isn't terribly better; and I certainly don't want the series official reputation to devolve into a post-2006 Family Guy-style of "yeah, it's pretty shit, but we acknowledged it humorously so you can't use it against us!"
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    On that note, I still remember reading pre-release comments about Forces made by people who believed that Sonic Team were trying to make a parody or a satire of the game's bleaker tone, the edginess, and Infinite's presence as the game's new dark villain. I mean, in fairness, it wasn't an exactly wrong guess to take, when you had for recent reference the Boom subseries, the social media handles, and the Pontac/Warren approach to writing for recent ST titles since Colors. They all had some level of snark, self-awareness, and/or self-depreciation to their tone; they certainly weren't games that took themselves seriously (second half of Lost World notwithstanding). There was no way the developers weren't playing this all up for laughs, the writers just had to be in on the joke this entire time! And then people actually sat down and played the game... ...oh.
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    I mean, when you outright include a Sanic T-shirt in your own game, I think that goes far, far beyond simply the PR team's problem. EDIT: Just noticed that this topic is in the SAGE subforum. Moving to regular discussion.
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    This is the exact same list you posted earlier in the thread as "predictions". Did you post your own made-up track list to 4chan to try to legitimize it as a "leak"?
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