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    Looks great! The boxart is probably a placeholder. It's very similar to Crash's placeholder boxart. Some more screens: Logo
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    http://www.jeuxvideo.com/videos/825852/le-sublime-trailer-de-spyro-reignited-trilogy.htm TRAILER IS OUT
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    A Contra TV show makes sense for Konami as most of the projectiles in the classic games already looked like pachinko balls.
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    Ok, re-read #1. Feels better, now that I lowered my expectations, still think could be better. Two extra thoughts - The first page with all those robots is pretty sweet (only Heroes Boss looks lame). Interesting that they all Modern bosses. No Big Arms, Deah Egg Robot (well, sorta) or ... Great Eggman Robot was it called? I wonder if it's on purpose. - We owe Forces one important thing: Mobians. After 25+ years Sonic Forces is the first game saying "yes, furry-people cities exist in games too". To that point, we still could assume that (Sol Dimension aside) this world is populated by 20 talking animals or less. Even worse for newcomers. Keep in mind that for the last 10 years games took place in space, weird Nostalgia Pocket Dimension or Sonic Boom. Not much of a setting.
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    Press release. And yes, Tom Kenny is back in the role of Spyro.
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    I think this is whatcha call one o' them "day one" purchases. Mmm hmm. I'll be there with bells on. Gimme some o' dat sweet sweet nostalgia.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Here's a new cover! My favorite so far.
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    Didn't Hero's Tail give him an almost autonomically competent facial design? I must admit I'd be interested in how the other characters look in higher polygons. Most of them looked like jagged Muppets compared to Spyro. There was more to compare to with the Crash games since a lot of the original models had actually aged well and were already pretty expressive. Bianca's story might be more compelling now she can convey more than just a perpetual smug look for example.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Independent Oh, so that's where that soundclip came from! :joy:
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    They started appearing in the first game, dragon eggs are a collectable item you get from them.
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I was originally going to keep up what I’d been doing with Archie and be a variant cover collector. The sheer amount of them was already putting me off keeping that promise, but now seeing just how much any version of issue 1 is currently going for on eBay... EDIT: *the Kieren Gates variant is going for around $80 online*
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    Well, look at that. After months of speculation, rumors, and misdirection, we finally have confirmation: The legendary purple dragon is back- not Elijah Wood!Spyro, not Skylanders!Spyro- original Spyro. He's been out of commission since 2005, but now he's ready to remind the world that Crash wasn't the only star of the PS1. After twenty years, I can finally revisit Spyro 1- my very first video game, and Year of the Dragon, as well as finally try out Ripto's Rage. (Assuming this does eventually come to Switch) I feel like a kid again! Let me just say...
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    Looks great! The new art style looks close to perfect to me... is even a tiny bit better of a job at it then the Crash remakes which also looked amazing. I greatly prefer the somewhat more plastic look for cartoon games like this. I dislike overly detailed realistic textures and hair/fur that you see in many games and CGI cartoon movies nowadays, so i'm always happy to see more overall classic cartoon styles like this by comparison..
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Finished reading issue 1. It's alright, a simple plot but with a few neat moments. After the pretty weak role he had in Sonic Forces, it’s pretty nice to see Tails back on the act, assisting Sonic in taking out the badniks and saving the people in Park Avenue. Tails feels sort of balanced here, while helping out using his abilities, he also shows concern for Sonic after what had happened to him in the game, and it was pretty nice to see Sonic assure him that he’ll be careful. While the bromance was pretty nice, I liked how snarky and cocky Sonic was, winking to people who he saved, being casual while dodging the robots and just being cool in general. These panels are my favorite part of the issue, something about those expressions and Tails being not amused was pretty funny. Speaking of the art, it’s pretty good. It’s nice to see Tracy Yardley! drawing Sonic again. Not sure if it’s me but the style looks slightly different this time around. Maybe the penciling/inking might have something to do with that. Sonic’s running and fighting stances were nicely done and the expressions were fitting. Considering the amount of covers for this one, my favorites have to be the ones done by Natalie Fourdraine and Tyson Heese. Heese's Modern Sonic looks pretty cool here and Fourdraine's style is pretty fresh, not to mention those colors look really good, with one more bright and the other looking like it used a color pallete pleasing to the eye. Here's hoping Issue 2 kicks things up a notch!
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    All I'll say is: whenever I go the official Sonic FB page, I feel like it's the page of a meme loving teenager that I'd rather not have anything to do with, which makes me question why I came to this page again. If that was their goal, then congrats, they nailed it.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I posted a "review" the other day when the issue leaked so I'm basically just repeating myself, but I have to say reading it again properly, yeah, it really is underwhelming. There's nothing much going on here, just mainly a drawn-out, visually unengaging action sequence without anything particularly clever or unique about it. The general premise of "Sonic finds town in trouble, gets help from friend in smashing robots" is simple and could certainly make for a fine little introductory action story on its own, but I dunno, the way it's done here is pretty unremarkable. It makes me ask myself: if this were a new series completely unrelated to Sonic, would I (or anyone, for that matter) be willing to spend four bucks on this? I can't speak for anyone else, but for me at least, I... don't think I would. But as I said before, I'm not writing the comic off completely yet, this is just one issue of a quick Forces follow-up to set up further stories and introduce characters, the mysterious villain could be interesting, etc. So we'll see, hopefully things'll pick up soon.
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    It being Skylanders won't negate the possibility of the remasters. We know they're happening by now, there's no doubt of it. Skylanders continuing to co-exist won't stop that. And honestly I kinda hope that's the case, because Spyro coming back will at least stop people from ranting about how Skylanders ruined Spyro every time the series is brought up.
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    Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    While I appreciate and respect Malcolm's testimony, it's worth a note that he's working directly with Doug and is part of the Nostalgia Critic series, the flagship series of Channel Awesome. The contributors that left and are documenting mistreatment are people that were third-party contributors that aside from the occasional crossover and shared web presence were not attached to a series starring and written by Doug. So of course he's going to be treated differently and have different experiences as a result. That's not to discount the possibility that Channel Awesome as an entity has learned from some of their past mistakes, but neither does it excuse them when their approach to criticism is to attempt to sweep it under the rug. Plus, quite a few of the complaints that were levied (particularly by Linkara) took place after the acquisition of the studio and by extension after Malcolm's hiring as well. I'm glad to hear that Malcolm hasn't been subjected to any of the problems outlined before, and I applaud him for making a more sincere-sounding note that details his own experiences without discounting the anecdotes of others. I'm not trying to say he's wrong, so much as I am pointing out that he is in a very different position than any of the former-producers who have defected as a result of the claims compiled in the document and elsewhere.
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    Looking =/= having the ability to recreate what they're looking at. That takes skill, time and money, and every game has to be made on a budget of these things, which is what leads to decisions like "if we design the game to be linear enough, we can program the camera to be in the perfect position at all times because we know the player can't go anywhere other than these places". A game like Sonic, where you are expected to be able to traverse areas at high speeds, will bring it's own challenges in too. Like, I know it must suck to have your ideas get shot down like this, but it feels like you don't really understand how game design works and how even the simplest things don't come for free. I really hope Sonic Team can get the time and budget to REALLY work on something like what you propose but... they had three years to make Forces and look what came out of it.
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    Shadow is practically a skin. It's not worth being dramatic over. I think it's a missed opportunity he's not playable in more modern games as a bonus like he is in forces.
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    Why Shadow isn't playable more often?

    For the same reason Luigi isn't playable in every Mario game.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    First issue seemed good, about what I expected out of it really, plays it fairly safe and giving due consideration for it potentially being someone's first Sonic comic etc. I like that it's using the game series canon as a starting point too. As someone who's never managed to keep up with Archie, it was pleasant for me to enjoy a Sonic comic without there being a ton of baggage from past storylines that I don't have the full picture of, lol. While I empathise entirely with those who lament the end of Archie (and I'm also slightly there with you since I'm still grossly unsatisfied by Mega Drive's cancellation), for me personally, this reboot is great.
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    I'm mostly just surprised to learn that 4K Media is still in business after that lawsuit brought them down to their last leg. I don't expect these shows will be enough to revitalize the brand. HIT THE LEVER!
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    We've got another returning VA confirmed: Richard Tatum- AKA: Agent 9! (And he says he'll be playing more characters this time)
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    Yes, I actually re-listened to the original, and, pretty much like some songs in the N.Sane Trilogy, it's missing some bass and percussion. This one isn't missing per se actually, but it's much more quiet. The organ is pretty silent, which was very prominent in the original... Still. I have hope. It could've been waaaay worse, imagine if they didn't get the license or whatever needed to remix Copeland's material? And, God forbid, went with a generic orchestrated soundtrack? Ew. It would be damn near impossible to top Copeland anyways, just sayin' :V
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    I played Advance games multiple times (my first 2D Sonic) and I'm certain they aren't even close to Sonic 2-3, Mania. They have few nice ideas, but basic gampaly and level design (what really matter) is simply worse. I mean, partner gimmick, trick systerm, even punch butto were cute additions, but not they didn't innovate the gameplay. Drop Dash is probably bigger and better working addition. I liked the new sprites, but they aren't deal breaker. Honestly, only addition of Amy and Cream was really cool and nothing stops Mania sequels from adding more characters.
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    You know those action or sci-fi movies where there's a black hole generator or maybe a sun generator, and the heroes destroy the generator, but it's too late because the blackhole/sun has already become large enough that it's self-sustaining? The Classicverse has grown so much that it has become self-sustaining, growing larger even after the Ruby's destruction. (Assuming the Phantom Ruby actually is destroyed.)
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    The English trailer has additional spoken lines from Spyro. And, PlayStation Blog post: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/04/05/its-official-spyro-reignited-trilogy-soars-to-ps4-september-21/
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    WAIT THERE'S NO ONE YEAR EXCLUSIVITY? YES. God damn it Activision take all my money. Thank you for reviving Crash and Spyro. I love you even though you're a bunch of greedy fuckers but you're my greedy fuckers. Lots of hearts. ♥
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    Same, while N Sane Trilogy looked great the more realistic textures and fur were a bit out of place for Crash, I much prefer the Switch look for Crash. Spyro however, looks freaking PERFECT. Cartoony, plastic-y, perfect.
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    Thanks! I was able to pre-order mine!
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    I just had a thought: the roster, if they are willing to take some liberties, has a lot of potential, they could add lots of fanservice from various games, Riders (Jet, Wave and Storm), Forces (cutsomizable Avatar and Infinite), Boom (Sticks), Adventure (Chaos, Chao and Tikal), or even Drift 2 (Classic Sonic with his red car, Nack in his Marvelous Queen), maybe R (Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll) and Mania (classic versions of the main characters plus Mighty and Ray to advertise Mania Plus, and one or some of the Hard Boiled Heavies, like Heavy King, or Heavy Gunner on the elicopter, or Heavy Rider on that motobug). If you want to be a pessimist, it's only gonna be 20 characters, the most predictable, but please let me dream, because "the possibilities are never ending."
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    Visually I’m kinda reminded of Dawn of the Dragon tbh...anyone else get that vibe? Maybe it’s just the lighting.
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    Huh. Looks like it might not be a timed exclusive this time: https://www.amazon.in/Spyro-Reignited-Trilogy-PlayStation-4/dp/B07CDSX3Z5?SubscriptionId=AKIAJHB5UFB6XWM3BXAA&tag=heinetthetect-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07BX4CVXG&th=1
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    I don't fault those people for having that reason, especially if they were Spyro fans tricked by the cover, but I see where you're coming from nonetheless.
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    Finding one guy who likes the games independent of nostalgia doesn't disprove the notion that a lot of the love for the games is rooted in nostalgia. The problems with those games still exist.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It feels nice to say that a new Sonic comic issue has released once more. Also, it seems that issue #1's selling out in some places.
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    Praising a game doesn't mean saying that it has no faults. You're not making any point at all.
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    Pretty much every "bad" Sonic game could be described as "praised by some" so not sure how Advance 2 is relevant here really. Even those who like Advance 2 tend to consider that boss to be a low-point in the game.
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    Restricting online play behind completion of the solo mode seems silly. Unlocking it through completing one tournament would be enough, or not locking it behind anything at all. In this day and age, locking the online portion like that just won't cut it - especially when racers have equal parts online and solo [or at least sharing between them]. Unless the solo mode was made to be the main attraction, but most players these days see the online components as the main modes even with a large solo offering.
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    It more-less goes like this "Nostalgia Putting Green Hill Zones everywhere = bad Going back to Classic 2D style cause it worked and evolving it like Mania = good Ipso Facto People demand Adventure Style back = NOT that they are nostalgic and want Emerald Beach or something People demand Adventure Style back = Adventure style worked and can be evolved."
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    I agree with this guy. Not once have I ever thought "man, it would be so awesome to go through stage x again in a new game". What I always thought was "man, it would be so awesome to experience the thrill and joy of the physics of the classic games again" or "man, it would be so awesome to have a game again with the Sonic Adventure 2 grinding physics". It was the feeling, the experience, the gameplay style that I wanted back. Not the same setting or the exact same music, regardless how good they might have been. Those do NOHTING for me without proper execution, and Sonic 4, Generations wand Forces all were a failed execution for me. All I ever felt while playing Sonic 4 or Generations was "man, I sure wish I was playing the original stages instead of these HD garbages". No matter how pretty they were, I preferred the mechanically more fun and interesting stages. But all SEGA/Sonic Team is capable of is replicating the setting and music, and even those with only a varying level of success (Sonic 4..). They can't replicate the feeling, the experience. Sonic Mania managed that. And before anyone says "it's probably because the art style is the same", Sonic Fan Remix also gave me that same feeling of the classics, even tho the art style is very different in that demo. And I also agree that I want to see the formulas evolve and improve. There's so much more there could be done with both the 2D classic and 3D adventure gameplay styles without the need of going off in the deep end with stupid bolted on crap. Also, don't know how popular or in demand the Adventure formula actually is, but I'll just post this:
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    To be fair, while that's the incredibly short-sighted way NC as a character would see it, I would assume Doug saw it at the time as "I have no nostalgic connection to the majority of products aimed at females, therefore I can't review it". Keeping in mind that back then, he was obsessed with cut-off dates because with a few exceptions like Pokemon, he wanted to have some kind of nostalgic connection to the things he reviewed. I do agree with you, Lindsay is an incredibly talented and informative reviewer and deserves to be recognized far beyond "Nostalgia Critic - but for girls" and shouldn't have her content limited to just products aimed at girls. But in terms of that original logic, you can pinpoint where Doug is coming from because he was so obsessed with ensuring that whatever he reviewed had some kind of nostalgic connection to himself, and with very few exceptions - kept that policy going right up until he came back after Demo Reel. I still think the idea is pretty stupid (Limiting content between reviewers is stupid as fuck), but Doug did have a reason for it beyond "well im a boy and i dont wanna review girl things". I believed he wanted to ensure whoever reviewed stuff aimed at girls had the same nostalgic connection to them that he had to the stuff he reviewed. As if my respect couldn't fall further. You know what actually might've sounded sincere? Having Doug post an actual heartfelt video instead of some bullshit corporate garbage that looks like something spewed up by EA.
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    What if they like used the huge variety of characters demonstrated from the last 2 ASR games (moreso the first one) instead of making another massively situational, one-shot furry Dang, that'd be novel If story is really, somehow your priority, would it not make more sense to just wait for another mainline entry where the concept can likely be done more justice than Sonic Kart, with the structure of past Sumo titles in mind?
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    And Sonic characters have already done that about six times. Plus the main series. And given ASR/ASRT didn't even have a story, I don't see how making it Sonic only suddenly means there'd be a story now anyway - different studio to the likes of Rivals and Riders, innit. But if there is one, surely it'd be better to do something new than more of the same old?
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    Alright. But why does that require it to be a Sonic-only game? Why does the necessitate dropping the SEGA cast? In fact, wouldn't it be better to do something that's not been done in the games - a narrative in which all these different SEGA characters actually interact with one another?
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    Jack at the Cinema

    Your own Sonic Cartoon

    Title: Sonic Mania Universe Plot: After Sonic defeated Eggman in the Special Zone, where he gathered the 7 Chaos Emeralds, these were scattered across Mobius, a.k.a. the classic world, with Dr. Robotnik intended to find them first using his robot forces, Sonic must race with his friends Tails, his buddy sidekick who wants to prove he is a true hero, Knuckles, the guardian who leaves Angel Island when his entire world is at stake, and Amy Rose, Sonic's number one supporter, an energetic girl who has a crush on him, to gather the seven emeralds and stop his evil nemesis once and for all. Description: The series is indeed a hunt for the emeralds, across several zones, each rich of adventures, action, modest lore, allies and enemies, and of course humour (but not the other way around like in Boom where humour prevails) in the same vein as Sonic OVA, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, with a small main cast of characters but an ensemble recurring one. The final arc is set in "The Land of the Darkness" where ancient villains are trapped, a greater evil known from Sonic 1's concept art. There is dialogue in the series, Classic Sonic also talks. Episode Format: 11 minutes for each episode, 26 episodes for first season (less air time because it needs to be perfect, without filler, less time = better quality) Main Cast: Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Knuckles the Echidna Amy Rose Scramble-girl (NOT Eggette because they don't have the rights, but she is Eggman's protègèe and sidekick) And Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Guest Cast: Metal Sonic (Sonic's toughest rival, his role is similar to Shadow in Boom, appears in major episodes) Vector (plays in Sonic's band and is also Knuckles' ally) Mighty and Ray (Sonic's original friends and allies) Honey the Cat Nack, Bean and Bark (mercenaries who occasionally work for Eggman) Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Eggman's minions/lackeys) Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine and NICOLE (the Freedom Fighters, Sonic's recurring allies) Sara and her father (rulers of Mobius) Old Man Owl The Hard Boiled Heavies (robot elite forces of Eggman's, Egg Robos modified by the Phantom Ruby) Unknown Evil from the Land of the Darkness (???) This is my personal wish, obviously not what I think will happen in a possible Classic Sonic themed cartoon. I also changed my mind on the Chaotix, Espio and Charmy in particular, they fit the Modern branch more, same for Sticks and possibly Tangle, they are better suited for modern stuff. But the Freedom Fighters gathered a lot of interest so I decided to add them. What do you think?
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