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    Today marks my 15 year anniversary at my job. Usually on Saturday nights I work both Customer Service and bookkeeping. I go in the bookkeepers’ office and find this on the counter: I was so surprised and happy to see this gift-especially the socks as I’ve been looking for Sonic socks for a while. The orange cupcake is of significance because orange is my favorite color. I knew right away this was my friend that left this for me as she was the opening bookkeeper this morning and she has bought me Sonic-related gifts several times. So yeah-15 years! It’s been quite a journey with me being a shy 19 year old that had second thoughts about taking this job to a 34 year old that talks too much and enjoys her job. And my coworkers are a huge reason why as they are like family to me.
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    @horridus @QuantumEdge @Ernest-Panda I'm not entirely surprised that Ken has it out for Ian to the point he mistook something Bollers did for Ian's work. I wouldn't be surprised if in his mind, Bollers was only a minor nuisance in the long term since Bollers ultimately left and pursued his own interest, and thus to Ken he is irrelevant outside of moments where he has reason to be angry with him (IE during his time having to work alongside him). IAN on the other hand is more or less what Ken probably wishes HE personally was and wants to be: acclaimed and famed for his work on what he probably perceives as his domain, actually getting to write for television (the one Sonic Boom episode granted, but hey that's still more than Ken ever did) and pen various other comics for pretty big IPs like Megaman, and the fact that he deep down knows that he's a washed up infamous has-been while the "upstart" Ian has more or less "stolen" his thunder after he was hired on when Penders rage-quitted... Yeah he's REEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLY JELLY.
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    And in case anyone still needed more proof that Ken did not care about Karl's work: As a reminder, Lupe (who was roboticized in SSS11, not killed) had her free will restored under Karl's pen in #100, five whole years before Ken left the book. But, of course, it can't end there. Because, as he apparently forgot, Ken himself used Lupe again in #152. Truly a man with deep respect for the series' continuity.
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    There is such a thing as perfection in this world.
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    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Reminder that originally, M2 intended to make *7* 3D Classics titles, spanning Arcade and Mega Drive By the end of the 3D Classics Project, they’d done about *29* titles, spanning Arcade, Mega Drive, Master System, and SG-1000 - all because the titles did so dang well. Plus as time went on, they dipped into the libraries of Treasure, and then straight up bought all of Technosoft’s IP and brought Thunder Force III to 3DS With the Switch being more powerful, I genuinely believe they ain’t bluffing here. I now hope even moreso that these do well.
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    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    http://www.segadriven.com/2018/04/alex-kidd-in-miracle-world-and-gain-ground-join-sega-ages-for-switch-line-up/ Alex Kidd in Miracle World (SMS) and Gain Ground (Arcade) confirmed. Also announced - Sonic 1 will include the rare Mega Play arcade version! Phantasy Star is based on the PS2 collection release, meaning it adds walk/run speed options, an FM/PSG toggle, a difficulty setting, and more.
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    Penders has always operated under the mistaken impression that the Knuckles comics and everything he wrote for it was always some kind of private domain for him rather than a single part of the greater whole. Its telling that the only time he wrote outside events having an impact on things was during the Sonic Adventure adaptation, which he pretty much HAD to write, and even that didn't stop him from trying to bulldoze through with his own plans regardless of how little they had to do with the game, IE the excursion into Pais Mysterioso. In short? Penders refused to accept that he was never playing in his own sandbox or that his plans were never the top priority for the comic, no matter how much he personally prioritized them over everything else. He simultaneously demands a tremendous degree of respect for his 'vision', but won't grant that same respect for other writers- after Bollers left he tried to gloss over and undo the events of Return to Angel Island and continue where he left off. His characters are sacrosanct, but he's free to do whatever he wants with other people's, when he bothers to pay them any mind at all. Its an incredibly weird, entitled attitude for a writer on a licensed book to take, but here we are. There's a difference between a character having a name and being a *name* character. The latter is a major character, and the former? Is decidedly not. All those names you just gave? Cruft. Each and every one of them. That's blatantly untrue. Penders took issue with the storyline and Bollers' claims that 25YL were not the 'true' future- he even went so far as to claim that Bollers was trying to 'undermine' him.
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    Everything about this man is a Goddamn trainwreck.
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    Thank you to everyone who cheered me up last night. I've saw it all and it made my morning so much brighter! Thank you again for being so lovely SSMB!
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    This is a purrito...

    This is a purrito...
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    Gala-Na was killed when Finitevus sabotaged Albion's defenses and led the Eggman Empire to their doorstep. Yanar was never outright confirmed within the book, but given that Albion itself was wiped out, chances are he was gone as well. As I've been saying though, given that Albion vanished off the face of Mobius in the aftermath of the Chaos Knuckles arc and simply added to the bloat of the cast, Penders complaining about that one rings rather hollow given that he himself forgot to do anything of note with them, beyond giving himself ANOTHER hidden high tech city to drool over. Penders' has exactly two writing credits over at DC- a Who's Who book for Star Trek, and a single story in the Star Trek: The NExt Generation Special. This is still pretty spectacular news though, especially since Penders himself has never managed to write for a Big Name superhero, let alone Superman. Here's hoping it leads to bigger and better opportunities for Flynn.
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    Why are we feeding this troll again? Nothing is going to change from him -- nothing for the positive, anyway, as he'll just basically "nuh-uh" his way through it, saying it's incorrect or we don't know the whole story or he had bad info or some other excuse. It's just giving him more and more chances to try to control the narrative and, more importantly, remain relevant in an industry and fandom that's all but completely passed him by. Just let him spew his toothless rhetoric and keep a wide berth. I'm pretty sure there is no scenario that involves engaging with him on social media that ends with you* accomplishing anything or feeling satisfied by the outcome. He's an attention vampire, and as long as we keep offering up necks, he continues to feed. Do what you* want, I certainly can't stop you, but this feels like a waste of energy to me by this point. * General "you," not anyone specific.
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    Taxman & Stealth go to White Castle

    Taxman & Stealth go to White Castle
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    ....the heck are you talking about? This shot alone clearly lists the minor-ass Echidna and ants that were lost to the Egg Grape Chambers, and Bollers wrote Echidnapolis getting demolished to begin with. As has been pointed out several times now, Flynn intervened to *save* Remington there, the only character in that lot who could be regarded as 'major'. Albion and its inhabitants getting torched was Flynn's work, but to be perfectly blunt, given that neither Penders or anyone else did squat with Gala-Na and her council of morons after the Chaos Knuckles arc? You reaaallly can't argue that they were major or important characters. Penders' problem lies with the fact that his private playground was no longer untouchable, and that no matter how much he wanted to pretend otherwise, the status-quo he concocted wasn't what the readers wanted. That's the core of it all with him- his wounded pride and inability to accept that the book had moved on from him and his go-nowhere plot points. .
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    [twitter] Huh, that Egypt styled concept actually doesn't look too bad for Infinite.
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    Bumpin for nighttime crowd https://thechaosblue.deviantart.com/art/The-Classic-Era-740369545
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    “Ian didn’t have a handle on Locke and Knuckles’ relationship” Maybe because he actually wanted to do a better-written relationship instead of the piss-poor, borderline abusive one you had a “handle” on.
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    As I'm the one he's talking about I'm not Asexual. But yeah it is totally douchey for him to say that. This is because I said the concept is stupid BTW.
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    You know who else thinks sexuality is a choice? Trump. His hated enemy (Chumpster he calls him). Ironic isn't it? Anyway, his forgetfullness of his own stories, while saying he has done his research is astounding. In my book series, as I am writing it, I am keeping a character profile with notes of everything that happens to the character. This allows me to call back to something later in the series. You'd think a "professional" like Kenneth would do.
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    I'm convinced Zamasu was based on Sensui, too. I get the impression that Super stole a fair amount from Yu Yu Hakusho, lol.
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    But at least everything still counts and fits in, right?
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    Never gets old.

    Never gets old.
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    I say son, I say, this feller is awfully familiar
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    See, but it doesn't count, because it's not the REAL Superman by Siegel and Shuster. Of course, if it was Penders in that spot, he'd do what no one else could and bring value to the character.
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    This about sums up the lighter side of things.
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    We have a guy named Bowser working at Nintendo and we have a politician named Eggman. For reals. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Eggman
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    The first Motobug Reviewer Showcase begins in four hours and 10 minutes with a set of SomeCallMeJohnny's best videos! Be sure to join for some fun!
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    You really can't look at this latter half the same way after the Channel Awesome debacle again
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    Wait was Yanar killed? I remember Gala-Na (So yeah my bad some were) but I don't remember Yanar being declared dead. Oh and just to add to that while Ken did work at DC Ian is going to have the honor of writing freaking Superman. Granted it's a backup in a special but still. He's Writing however briefly one of the Big 3. Pender meanwhile I think did Captain Comet or something.
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    I dreamed this idea up for a fighting game sorta like comic zone. The plot is about a student at a school that drew up this original character and he has to face challenges and fights the other students' original characters (think like net-navis from megaman) on arenas that look like they were sketched out on paper like from comic zone. You have to beat the other fighters until you get to the teacher's original character, then the principal's, then the final boss, the superintendent's. The graphics are also by arcsystem works. What do you think?
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    Yakuza, Virtua Fighter and, yes, Sonic costumes announced: http://www.segadriven.com/2018/04/yakuza-virtua-fighter-and-sonic-costumes-announced-for-persona-3-dancing-moon-night-and-persona-5-dancing-star-night/
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    Sonic Paradox have yet another project coming... Looking forward to it as always.
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    who likes squids (tweet) I like squids and that one octopus
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    84% B on my Psychology exam 2. Kinda bummed out because I got a 90% on exam 1. I mean, the grade is still good and exam 2 covered four modules compared to three modules like exam 1 did, but I wish I just did better on it. Meh... I think my grade is still an A in Psychology.
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    The forum page containing it has been lost- it happened some time after he had left Archie, and had characterized the conflict between himself and Bollers as a 'Donnybrook', and claimed that Bollers' writing was a 'hissyfit' and an attempt to undermine his writing on Mobius 25YL. Prior to that though, there was an incident in 2004 where Ken deleted multiple threads on his forum that brought up the fact that Bollers had declared that 25YL was simply one future of many, which was chronicles on SonicHQ. For some reason the SonicHQ forums of old are now exclused from the wayback machine. However, in a rare moment of clarity, I managed to save it, and have a few screencaps for the SonicHQ thread- There was only one page of the thread saved, but it was very telling- filled with instances of Ken deleting threads on his forums, essentially for the crime of bringing up that Karl Bollers had a different take on things than him. Any claim Penders makes about his feud with Bollers being anything but bitter is a lie, and there's no real way he could misremember who did what given the intensity of the incident. As such, Penders claiming Flynn responsible for actions Bollers took can only be construed as being spite on the part of Penders and him turning Flynn into his personal scapegoat... not that we needed to dredge all THIS up to understand that's the case.
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    Here it is

    Here it is
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    If it was something that actually encompassed the Genesis' life, meaning it included a best of selection from the entire system's available library, I would be all over it. It would legitimately be refreshing if Sega acknowledged that even the 32X was not such a miserable failure that there was nothing on it worth ever seeing again, nevermind the Sega CD; or that they were not the only ones who made titles for the platform. Since that is what Nintendo did with the Mini series. Of course, instead I'm sure we can expect the usual suspects and little else. The worst versions of Ecco and Ecco II. The Sonic games sans CD or Chaotix. The Streets of Rage games. Gunstar. Golden Axe games. Columns. Altered Beast. Toe-Jam and Earl and maybe II. Perfectly adequate emulation.
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    Sup peeps! I'm just typing up more paragraphs for my music descriptions. Got about 10 to go. Then I plan to spread out to SoundCloud, YouTube, OCRemix . . . and there's a few others a couple of you mentioned. I'm gonna have to dig through a bunch of my old statuses to find it lol. Unless you all have suggestions. And I apologize if you have to repeat something you already told me XD. I'm hoping that in the end, when everything is up, that I'll be able to expand to different audiences and get a tad closer to achieving the dream. I do remember the representative I spoke to from SEGA did say that I needed more of an online presence. This is step one. And it's taking a while. 90 total paragraphs, one for each song and a quick bio. I started this about four months ago but walked away from it for a while halfway through. I'll probably be posting the links to the songs once they are up. I'll probably do one a day, to not oversaturate the feed here, and it probably gives people time to get a glimpse of my stuff. To think I've already posted 10 songs since my arrival to SSMB less than two years ago. It's cray cray
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    You would think he would remember the Egg Grapes etc being Bollers since he has previously shown disdain at the Return to Angel Island story arc, didn't it cause friction between himself and Bollers even? He's basically retorted the people that have brought up his characters usage before the reboot in response to that tweet with the "that's not <insert character here>, and not how I would have written it, and I know them as they are my creations" thing. As we all guessed he would. So it looks like he did mean "it wasn't my way" rather than "they didn't use them" that he meant.
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    Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    Read a comment thread on Twitter recently that said that the former contributors are just doing it to get attention and are all conspiring against CA. I mean, look, not every complaint in that document is valid (and full disclosure: it says in the opening statement that not all of them are supposed to be), but it must be one hell of a conspiracy if every. single. person. working for you decides to leave.
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    Yeah. It was a Bollers story (Return to Angel Island) that showed that a ton of the Echidnas were stuffed in the Egg Grapes and had most of their life force drained. All Ian did was re-confirm what Bollers already showed us.
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    For real. He even had Remington, arguably an ACTUAL major character, spared from all that by way of Finitevus and ended things with him being the new leader and protector of the Echidna remannt in Albion. His complaint is deeply nonsensical, given that the only 'casualties' were filler characters that Penders never bothered to properly develop or utilize after their introduction.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I just noticed that. Why don't characters' tails waggle much in the actual games is a mystery to me.
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    Again- the Echidna that died off were all put into the Egg Grapes by Bollers to begin with, all of them unimportant cruft characters who barely did anything. And two- Lien-Da got way more focus and development under Flynn than she ever did under Penders. And if he's talking about the Albionites, well guess what buddy boy? You promptly forgot all about them after the Chaos Knuckles arc, so don't go crying about them when they weren't important enough for you to remember in the YEARS after that storyline. The refusal to accept cause and effect here is simply staggering.
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    Finally home from work Time for Wrestlemania 34 It's 4am . . . i need chocolate pudding XD
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    So, since Wave Master International is a thing now, i really hope we'll see other OST's getting international releases in the future. *looks at Blue Blur, Digi-Log Conversation, and Multi-Dimensional.
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    The reason this happens is because the games are built as hybrids - two completely different games glued together as though it somehow makes it better off than a single consistent one. Going as far as to divide a single game on artstyle on top of the existing gameplay rift isn't mending the fanbase, it's driving them further apart. If you want two extremes to like the same game, then you have to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle, not cut the whole fucking game in half and keep them from interacting at all.
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