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    it's that time again SSMB's Greatest Hits returns
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    It is kind of frustrating to me that Sega has been humoring the idea that classic and modern are separate identities. Classic and Modern Sonic didn't strike me as something so different that it was non compatible, or at least not much more different than any long running series that's been through growing pains and art shifts. It feels to me like it's close to pandering to the obsession with Sonic's heyday among and not much more, and on SEGA's front it's been that since the start since they went out of the way in Sonic generations to flanderize elements of Classic to make it seem more different than it was. Sonic is mute now, despite being given a voice as soon as the opportunity presented itself across all media in the classic games. The cutesy angle is played up over the attitude he's meant to have. He's waaaay shorter than Modern despite the fact that they're supposed to be similar in age and height etc. There's all sorts of design nuances and shit they had to take on to make you believe Classic was different because it would be near impossible to deny it was just an art shift if they had just been honest with it. I don't really blame the Mania devs for this. They were probably the first to dig in and actually make something that resembles the spirit of the old Sonic games since SEGA first started trying way back with Sonic 4. I just hope the entire Sonic brand learns something from it and builds on it. I don't like the gameplay I love and the world/characters I love being separate entities, and making them separate timelines in-universe just complicates things even further.
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    Indeedy. His legacy within the fandom is one of extreme scorn and mockery, and within the franchise itself? His work was scrubbed completely and is unlikely to be reprinted within his lifetime so long as the legal issues persist, and the outlook for his own project is grim given that in the near seven years that passed since the trial, he has produced nothing of substance and has given no real indicator of if and when his work is coming out. His work is literally without any kind of value to SEGA, and his entire career is now a waste. It'd be sad, if it wasn't his own damn fault.
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    "Sonic isn't the same as when it began" goes without saying and is normal for a long running series.
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    Okay SSMB I'm going to post some dirty pictures. If that disgusts you, feel free not to click on this status okay? Because these are FILTHY.
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    Smol fox, big heart.

    Smol fox, big heart.
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    Never really liked the look of HD, I far prefer sprite based in cases like this. Especially with how beautiful Mania's spriting is, I wouldn't want to give it up for something that just looks so dry in comparison.
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    Or they could take those "dull" characters and make them less dull? Personally, I think it's fantastic that they're revitalizing Mighty and Ray. It gives them a chance to establish their own niche and identity.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Read the first four issues. Can't say I'm all that impressed with it. Ian's knack for characterization and dialogue is as good as it's ever been, and it's certainly a treat to read, since I can't fucking stand the writing in the games anymore. Everyone's interactions are just so perfect and play off of each other in a very natural and fun way. I actually really liked Knuckles in #3, he's a bit of a hotheaded doofus, but he's never treated as the butt of a joke and he bounces off of Sonic's personality so well. It feels like Ian just transplanted the very best of his own work on Archie. It feels so right and I'm glad Ian has a second shot at this series. The artists have been the real stars for these opening issues. Yardley's signature Sonic layouts and fun expressions, coupled with the inking assists from Jim Amash (I nearly cried seeing them back at it) and Bob Smith and Matt Herms's wonderful color work, were a perfect opener to hit the ground running with this series and saved #1 from an otherwise dull script. I loved seeing Sonic and Tails tear through the Egg Hammers. Thomas's art in #2 is brimming with kinetic energy and he illustrates Sonic and Amy's battle beautifully. Hernandez's work in #3 is a bit of a weak link in this collection, her line art feels a little too thick around the characters and the action's a little bland (then again, the issue's story is), but she more than makes up for it with her expressions and character designs, playing up the humor of the issue nicely. Stanley's art in #4 might actually be my favorite in the bunch, though. She strikes such a great balance switching between looser cartoony expression and more detailed artwork and this might be some of the best pages she's produced so far. Stanley's art really sells the banter between Sonic, Blaze, and Tangle and captures the bouncy and acrobatic action of the series. IDW Sonic's first arc, "Fallout!" (the title of the first trade), reads like "Mega Drive," but with modern characters and stretches out the good and bad that came with that; while the characters are charming and the artwork is great, the narrative is pretty boring and repetitive. Sonic runs from town to town, teams up with a different ally, fights Eggman's forces, takes off (though at least he doesn't get a bug up his ass about getting help like he did in "Mega Drive: The Next Level"). Now, for what it's worth, this is fine as a beginning, and I can appreciate the variety of characters getting rotated and their fair time in the spotlight, getting the treatment they deserve after years of nothing in the games, but there's not really a whole lot else to it. I expect a bit more from Ian's plotting having followed his work for the last ten years. I find the current setup dull, and I don't think taking off from a game's narrative I disliked is doing it any favors. The silver lining was the quick release schedule, and it definitely feels like this arc was designed to be read this way and hopefully that signifies when the book starts its monthly schedule, there will be more of an actual plot to hold my interest. I have faith Ian and crew will make something enjoyable, eventually, even if it's not my personal preference. I don't think IDW will ever replace the Archie book in my heart, though. So, yeah, it's good enough, but I don't outright care for it right now. $4/issue seems a bit steep for a book that should have had its footing established, and while I'm glad to see the Archie crew back in action, it's underwhelming for a "new beginning" even for a solid and established creative team. Maybe if you really like game Sonic it's more your speed. I don't, at least not anymore, and I think I'm just burned out on Sonic after everything in the last year, so it's not really for me and I'll probably bow out of this topic after this (beyond what I'm required to do). I'll still keep up with the book for a while just to see what's up with it, but, yeah, that's it, I'm done.
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    http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/385128-ousted-house-chaplain-ryan-told-me-to-stay-out-of-politics Separation of church and state issues aside, the GOP just exposed how little it actually gives a damn about the very faith it likes to invoke. Because the House chaplain hinted the GOP should look out for the poor (you know, a pretty strong Christian value) in crafting a tax bill, he was forced out by Ryan. A stark contrast to Speaker Boehner, whose reason for resignation probably had something to do with the fact the Pope outright said Boehner's faith and his politics were at odds. Ryan and the GOP leadership revealed their true colors here. He's not a Christian, he's an Objectivist who plays Christian when convenient, such as you know, not baking cakes for gay people. I guess it should not be surprising that the elites turn the common people on each other as usual. They play believers against secularists, whites against blacks, men against women, etc.
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    Perhaps if Adventure 1 turned out more like this; Still it would be impossible to have all stages on this sort of scale, but at least more attempt towards the sandbox style here. This is one of the few times a 3D Sonic stage actually ideologically resembles Mega Drive Sonic, especially towards 3:42 when multiple levels can be scaled only by different approaches and skills and the various wall running bits that are perfect analogs to 2D Sonic with how the circumstances of them are approached. No it did not. You can see straight at 3:02 how neutered Sonic's responses to different slopes are. Even if the stages were perfect, Sonic would have be tweaked quite a bit to get something on the level of the Mega Drive games. Still, is is sadly the closest thing we have to Mega Drive in 3D officially.
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    Another thing I got today. The Toys R Us Glow In The Dark Sonic Pop figure. All I need is the regular edition, Eggman and the Shadow with a Chao and I have the full set.
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    The thing with that is, whilst the classic universe is getting more plot through Mania, Encore Mode and possibly more games after that, the Adventure games... aren't. There's never gonna be an Adventure 3, so dividing it off into it's own universe just because a section of fans doesn't wanna dare acknowledge anything post-Shadow happened seems utterly pointless. Would a more consistent modern lore that remembers earlier games be great? Absolutely, yeah. But chopping up the already-somewhat-divided canon into even more separate chunks seems like it'd just cause more problems than anything honestly.
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    Dee Dude

    My Hero Academia

    I’m suprised no one else brought up the newest episode as soon I was eventually...
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    It's an incredibly overt display of modern Republican ideals, a chaplain forced to resign by the party of choice for many Christians, just for asking the aforementioned party to think of the poor during their tax bill debate. Clearly Ryan is not, and was never, a man who has had the poor's best interests at heart. Meanwhile, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Jr. at Trump Tower in 2016, has admitted that she's an informant for the Kremlin: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/27/us/natalya-veselnitskaya-trump-tower-russian-prosecutor-general.html Don Jr., meeting with an actual Russian spy (sort of) for dirt on Clinton. Mueller has to be all over this. Collusion doesn't get that much more overt.
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    You know, I'm wondering if SEGA would even greenlight the use of other characters potentially in the character library. I mean, when thinking back, it's really only Mighty, Ray, Fang, Bean and Bark that have been referenced at all for a long time. They were the ones with posters in Generations, they were the ones thrown around as early ideas for characters in Heroes. But the Battle Kukkus? Witchkart and her minions? Heavy and Bomb? Not a peep, the only time you really hear of them is when their games get re-released. Okay, if you look in the 3D space it opens up to Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles (both with designers who worked on the franchise this decade, and one who inexplicably showed up in LEGO Dimensions thanks to the link to the developer), but that's not a whole lot.
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    As much as capacitive screens found on most phones and tablets these days are an improvement over resistive screens found on devices like the old Palm devices, DS, and 3DS, there is one thing I miss about resistive screens. I'm trying out Art Academy on my New 3DS (regular size) for the first time in awhile, and it's stylus is tiny and it sucks, but thanks to the screen working with basically anything, I'm using a regular sized mechanical pencil with the lead retracted as a makeshift stylus and it's comfortable and works well. You can't do this kind of thing with Capacitive screens by comparison.
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    I don't understand why so many people see Lost World's direction as "more faithful to the classics". Lost World made me ashamed for being a Sonic fan. Mania made me proud.
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    *when one of your social media posts is still blowing up after a couple days*
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    While you may certainly argue about the overall quality of the stories and how well it was handled, you can't really deny that when you look at the series from Classic to Adventure 2, there really was a sense of progression in a meta sense when it comes to maturity/perception/growth/etc. Like the Classic Era was straightforward in its morality; Black vs White, Good vs Evil, but as the series grew older and transitioned into stories like SA1, SA2 and Battle to an extent, there were more shades of grey added in, showing how decent people could do evil acts, how villains could be capable of good values and how the world isn't always straightfoward in regards to who is good and who is evil. It's a pity that Heroes to 06 kinda botched things up and even after they kinda got things on track with Unleashed to Black Knight, the poor handling of things led to the current Modern farces we have today. Unless of course you see Colors to now as some kind of mid-life crisis or something.
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    To answer the op, gotta say, no. As much as I hate this whole divided franchise thing they're going for, the only benefit of it is trying to keep things in their respective eras. As much as I'd personally like to see characters like Rouge or Blaze get carried over into a Mania 2, that's simple not what a lot of actual Classic fans want. It's why Ray and Mighty were met with such fanfare. While they've been given no character to speak of over the past two decades, they're simple and live on their gameplay styles. That seems to be the number one thing when it comes to the classic cast. Not to mention that characters like Shadow would be difficult to make in that style because they've often had an important presence beyond gameplay. Traits that don't really translate to the classic style because those games never utilize such things. It's not what people who enjoy the classic games want (from what I've seen) so I think the split is a benefit in that case. Though I am a lot more on the Modern side of things so I could be off base with these observations. Though, on a side note, I'm still going to heavily argue for Amy in Mania 2. Just because she's had a presence past the Classic era doesn't mean she has any less of a right to be in there. Like, she still predates the Saturn. I'm fine with Might and Ray but again... really rather have seen her inclusion instead.
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    Man if you're telling me we could get rid of bad games and reams of fanfiction if Modern Sonic has never existed you're just selling me on the idea more.
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    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    Yesterday Maekawa-san revealed new information on Sonic Heroes' development. Plans to include old characters besides Chaotix were on the table as well as include Metal Sonic, Chaos and Gamma. Looks like Metal Sonic wasn't the villain in this early stage. No mention of Shadow being apart of a team, however, but he does go on to talk about whether he's "dead" or not. This would've been crowded but could've been interesting due to Team Hooligan and potential interesting interactions and mechanics.
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    Changes things for me, because it makes Doug look a lot fucking worse and a lot more to blame.
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    Adventure One has Eggman's Classic design show up in Hedgehog Hammer and even had Classic models for the characters during development. Its plot was more or less an exploring of tangents brought up in Sonic 3's lore. The seperation between Classic and Modern was blurrier (if even there to begin with) back then than now.
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    I'm concerned as well, I think that the existence of Mania and a possible spin-off series of sequels, makes the possibility of having a product similar to the Advance series impossible, and I think it's a bad thing. I don't want the momentum based gameplay and classic-like level design to stay exclusive to the classic universe, it's an huge waste of potential. I know people will eventually get tired of Classic Sonic and its limitations, but this means that for at least 8 or 10 years we will be stuck with Classic Sonic and Boost Sonic as the only alternatives, because you know that it requires time for things to change. All I want is something like the Advance series, something that brings elements from the classics into the modern world, a sort of hybrid of both universes, without stupid limitations such as "that gameplay mechanic can't be in the game because it belongs to the modern games", or "that character can't be in the game because it's a modern character"; I want some good old 2D momentum based Sonic without the constraint of being Classic-only.
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    One species may descend from another, but that doesn't mean they're still compatible. The transition from classic to modern may have been more or less gradual, but I think at some point (it's hard to say exactly when), the Sonic that we were dealing with was no longer the Sonic they started with.
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    If Sega and/or IDW are looking for a new CG artist to replace Rafa Knight:
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    My Hero Academia

    Thoughts on Episode 43 - My Hero along with a word from Horikoshi to clear any confusion! (Manga chapters 74 - 76 covered)
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    *I personally think that the introduction of the spindash took away some of the challenge that existed in Sonic 1 where speed was a reward for players that not only demostrated skill, but understood how the game's momentum mechanic worked. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I always preferred Amy over Sonic and the others in Advance, since it allowed for a more "involved" game experience. *I don't think Tails should follow Sonic 24/7 like Sonic Team has been doing this past decade. If anything, I believe that Tails comming off of that pedestal would be of great benefit not only for the other characters as it would allow them to rotate appearances and have the room needed to do their thing, but also when it comes the turn for Tails to appear, he would play much better parts than what he currently has. *How strong/powerful a character is or how much lore they have behind them should never be reason to automatically give them the focus on stories where different characters group together. Sometimes the more humble characters that lack on those aspects can provide a more humane and interesting perspective. *I often frown at how many people think that for a character to mature, they have to strip them of those quirks that made them entertaining in the first place, and such a move is just as much of an extremist idea as reducing the characters to a one-note gag. *Having played Sonic the Fighters not long ago, I realized just how much charm this franchise lost when ST decided to take things more seriously, particularly with stories like SA2, which given the implied cartoony aspect of the characters' designs, feels so very out of place.
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    Well with Sonic it's been a far bigger issue for ST to put more focus on padding out the length of the game with gimmicks and alternate gameplay. But as for the rest... it's just either lack of vision or incompetence. Or both.
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    That Classic is strongly associated with 2D doesn't mean they aren't going to keep having 2D sections in modern games. Runners Adventure, last year. True as that is, it doesn't make them any less 2D, so I don't see what relevance it has. Mania doesn't have anything to do with that, though. Sonic Team's about as likely to make Advance 4 or Rush 3(4?) and put in a bunch of other characters with or without Mania.
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    Y'know what actually keeps a series alive? Good products, that people actually want to buy. Not continuously embarrassing shovelware. I don't care about the survival of a shambling corpse of a series I used to love. If a series destroys the things I like about it, it's as good as dead to me anyway.
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    You know what classic Sonic did have though? Good games. Still beating Modern there.
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    Yo, what? How could you even reach this conclusion?
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    I'm honestly more disgusted by it than anything, at this point. I consider it an honest attempt that unfortunately failed more than it succeeded. And considering it hasn't been relevant even in the modern dimension for well over a decade (Chaos in Forces doesn't count), I don't feel any need to cling to it. I'm content with it staying in 1999 and the rest of the series moving forward.
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    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    A bit inspired by Mania.
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    It's over! It's done! The crack story has come to an end at long last. Special thanks to @Terriful, @SurrealBrain, @Ryannumber1gamer, @Crow the BOOLET, @Spin Attaxx, @DanJ86, @NegaMetallix, @Polkadi, @Dee Dude, @Jovahexeon Sonic Heroes and @Emperor Robrainiac for allowing their characters to appearing as cameos in my story. Extra special Thanks to @Failinhearts for allowing his characters to be dragged along for the ride through the story. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 FINAL Feels good to get that closure man, despite the nerves playing up. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely day!
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    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    tbh i kinda want to play this bizarro world version of heroes.
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    I want to draw and see how many Classic Characters I can fit into this elevator
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    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    I like that one of their ideas of a team would have essentially been "Sonic who is yellow, Sonic who is red, Sonic who is still blue but is made of metal"
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    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    I wonder if design drafts were made for the characters that never made it. Would have loved to see Modern Fang.
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    "Your ignorance is astonishing" I love how he gets verbally nasty when you really get to him. Also I'll admit I don't know a lot about other cultures but I'm 99% sure nobody sticks gemstones in their throats. Also ha ha fuck you Ken.
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    I'd wait to see whatever response he puts out; Doug and Rob are far from blameless. CEO Mike Michaud may have been the cause of most employee stress, but Doug is complicit in everything, right down to being the reason why Mike is CEO and why he owns the Nostalgia Critic character. Doug's incompetence, passiveness, and at times outright wrongful decisions (such as voting to fire Holly) made it so there was no respite for any contributer on the site. Edit: Wait a minute... this post I wrote doesn't make any sense. I completely misread AVGN as Nostalgia Critic in a fit of what I can only assume is total blindness, possibly brought on by imminent heart failure. But... I guess if you PRETEND that I was responding to something relevant, my point still stands? Umm... apologies to Harkofthewaa. Glad I caught this sooner than later.
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    Character deterioration

    @Ratcicle King Okay, that was incredible man.
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